A fence around your property adds charm to it – why vinyl fences are ideal

best vinyl fence

A fence around a home or a farm looks so complete and amazing. It looks simply elegant and adds a lot of security; it is one of the most exciting home exterior improvements you can indulge in. But all the expense you put in should ensure that the fence installed is a long-lasting one. Reinvestment is a big problem; once a fence is put up, homeowners complain of the fences being affected by environmental factors. So, is there a solution to it? It’s time to get out of the thought that only wooden or metal fences go a long way. Modern vinyl fencing is more reliable than any other.

The vinyl material has lots of advantages compared to all other materials.  Vinyl fences are durable; the material is such that it is not affected by any climatic or other factors. Therefore, it has become a popular choice for homeowners, a popular fencing option in the USA. Now, there are so many manufacturers, but it’s still very important to choose an experienced and reputed one. So how do you think Duramax has become reputed? We offer you the best vinyl fence in the USA. We thank our clients for trusting us and our fences. We have been manufacturing fences for so many years now. We have catered to plenty of clients, dealt with various issues, and suggested installing a vinyl fence. 

Virgin vinyl, as its name suggests, is the purest and the best quality available in the market. Not all manufacturers use the same quality vinyl to manufacture vinyl fences. We use virgin vinyl for designing various types of fences. We have our factory in the USA where the fenced are designed. This is another advantage, it is our unit, so the fences are more cost-effective. 

Duramax fences can withstand the Southwest sun; our fences are made of Duraresin formulation. Duramax is made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. The fences are protected from heat and all-weather conditions. Duramax fences do not require heavy cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the fences is easy and hassle-free; the fences have a smooth surface, ensuring that not much dirt and debris stick to the surface. You can use a hose to wash down the dirt, clean the fences with a light detergent.

How about installing a colorful fence? Imagine installing a yellow fence in your garden where red flower blooms and green grass grows. Yes, we manufacture colorful fences that look amazing, add vibrancy to the yard, and make your home look so energetic. Also, design white color fences that are no less popular. White fences look classy, do not require any special maintenance, and do not turn yellow with time.
Duramax fences are beautiful, aesthetic, and have a carefree performance; they also have a traditional touch. We are experts in suggesting the right kind of fences for your yard, pool, or farm. Also, a vinyl fence enhances the value of your property. So, does your yard need a new fence? Have a consultation with our experts; we are offering vinyl fence for sale. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences. Hire a contractor for vinyl fence installation.

Install a vinyl fence around your property – Choose custom vinyl fencing

vinyl fence panel

It is very important to install the right kind of fencing; it can make your property beautiful and secure. But are you looking for a fence that would last longer than a metal fence would have lasted? You can try installing vinyl fences, a durable fencing material of modern times. There are various types of fencing materials available in the market, but vinyl has the maximum benefits. If you still did not install a waterproof fence, it’s time to consider vinyl fencing.

A vinyl fence is a one-time investment that increases the value of your property. We are the most reputed suppliers of affordable fencing in the USA. We manufacture modern fences made from 100% virgin vinyl. We assure you that our fences are of the best quality having excellent resistivity. 

Now it’s easy to shop for fences without even visiting our store. Duramax has a new website, and you can shop for fences online. The new website is user-friendly; you can view, select, compare, and buy fences at your convenience via a secure payment gateway. We manufacture various fences, including privacy fence panels, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, picket fences, pool fences, ranch rail fences, and more. If you have unique ideas, share with us for custom vinyl fencing solutions. 

Quality is the most important thing because our clients have faith in our products. All our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is pretty high when compared to the fencing industry. Also, our products are quality checked before it reaches your doorstep. 

Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory unit in the USA; therefore, they are lower in cost and higher. Vinyl fences are easy to install; there are not many tools or time needed for an installation. Hire a local contractor; most are very comfortable installing our vinyl fences. 

Duramax fences are not affected by weather, climatic or environmental factors. Most of the clients are very much worried about the effects of the Southwest sun. But Duramax fences can withstand all the heat. The fences are coated with the Duraresin formulation; this makes our fences resistant to heat and other turbulent weather conditions. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for weather resistivity and UV stability.

Whatever amount you spend for an installation. Once installed, our fences do not perish. They can last for approximately 25-30 years without maintenance. The surface of the fences is very smooth, so it does not attract any dust and debris. Also, the smoothness does not allow any bacteria or mold to survive on its surface. 

Do you wish to add charm to your yard? Install colorful fences from Duramax; you get fences in various colors that can make your property exterior look vibrant. Also, we manufacture elegant white color fences that look aesthetic. Our fences have a touch of traditionalism and offer a carefree performance. 

Do you have a fencing project to get done? Talk to the Duramax experts to guide you on that, get in touch for a consultation. Get a limited lifetime warranty—request for a quote.

Installing a beautiful vinyl fence around your home in Orange County

vinyl fence in Orange County

A beautiful fence installed around your property looks stunning. There are various types of fences available, made of different materials. Wood and metal have their advantages and disadvantages but have you considered a vinyl fence? Vinyl fences are extremely stylish and a long-lasting option; it’s the best way of decorating your property. 

Are you looking for a vinyl fence in Orange County? Duramax offers vinyl fences that are made from 100% virgin vinyl. Our vinyl fences include a whole range of fences, including picket fences, perimeter fences, privacy fences, pool fences, semi-privacy, and privacy fences. Duramax fences look traditional and offer a carefree performance. A fence adds security and provides a look and feel to your property.

Certified and weather resistant fences 

Duramax offers high-quality fences; we do not compromise quality. All our fences are ASTM F694 certified, which is of the highest standard compared to the rest of the fence manufacturers. Duramax fences are popular in the USA; our fences are checked for quality before delivering to the clients. We are one of the reputed vinyl fencing suppliers in Orange County.

Duramax fences are resistant to heat, impact, storm, cold, wind, pressure, and various climatic conditions. The fences are resistant to the Southwest sun; this is mainly due to the Duraresin formulation. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors; this gives durability, weather-resistivity, and flexibility. Duramax fences have an aesthetic appeal and a traditional performance. 

Contact local builders for permits

Have you planned to install a new fence? You can discuss it with your neighbors and determine the property line. Now, you can interact with the local builders for permits and codes. You can also go through the community guidelines and hire a local fence contractor for installation. 

 Duramax designs colored vinyl fences; this can add vibrancy to your yard. Our fences are available in pastel shades; you can choose a shade that matches your property. Also, you can install a White Vinyl Fence in Orange County that looks simply elegant and mesmerizing. 

Low maintenance fences from Duramax 

The fences do not require repainting or any special maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance is a part of fencing, but this is not true when you consider vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences do not require regular cleaning; the fences are also easier to maintain; it takes less than 5 minutes to wash or wipe away the dirt and debris. You can use soap or detergent to rinse the fences, use a garden hose to remove the debris and dirt. There is no need to incur any additional maintenance costs post installing our fences.

Recyclable genes made in the USA

Duramax fences are affordable; the products are manufactured inside the factory in the USA. Our fences are free from toxic elements, including lead and other particles. Our fences are recyclable and environment-friendly; we cater to all your fencing requirements. Duramax is one of the most experienced companies in the USA. Order fences online, get a limited lifetime warranty.

Beautify your yard or poolside with Duramax vinyl fences

vinyl fence manufacturers

Those who are passionate about beautification wish to enhance their property interior and exterior. There are various types of home improvement activities; fencing is one of them. A fence around a property looks beautiful and also adds security.

Durable and long-lasting fences

If fencing is on your mind, take some time to research various fencing options. Wood or metal is not the only choice now; vinyl is one such fencing material with plenty of advantages. Modern vinyl fences are a sure-shot choice for homeowners. Fencing involves a certain expense, so you would surely want the fences to be long-lasting and durable. So, how would you achieve that? Most of the materials are affected by weather conditions and other external factors, which do not last for many years.

But have you seen vinyl fences perish? You would never see vinyl fences getting affected by external conditions. Also, there are other reasons why vinyl is considered a popular fencing choice. It’s affordable, durable, and long-lasting. Fences, once installed, can last for a lifetime with little maintenance and occasional cleaning. 

There are many vinyl fencing manufacturers, but it’s very important to choose a reputed local company for the best product. All vinyl fences are not manufactured from the same quality vinyl. Duramax is one of the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl, and this ensures the best quality fences. If you search for a fence manufacturer in the USA, you are sure to find us ranking high on search engines. We have a huge number of clients; we have been offering fences for many years now. 

Duramax has design experts who can turn your yard, poolside, or property exterior into a dream. You can find fences at our online store, including privacy fences, semi-private fences, perimeter fences, pool fences, picket fences, rail ranches, and more. So, now you do not have to worry about shopping for fences offline; we have an improved website for you for a flawless online shopping experience. We bring you a brand-new user-friendly eCommerce website. You can order from the fence website, look at the various fences, read the specifications, and place the order. Duramax believes in modern fencing ideas; we manufacture stylish fences within your budget.

Quality is something we believe in; we do not compromise on that. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified; this is considered much higher than what other fence manufacturers offer. The products are checked for quality via an automated process before it is delivered to the clients. Duramax fences are available in various textures, types, shapes, colors, and designs.

Duramax fences are beautiful, offer a traditional touch and a carefree performance. Order fences online, get offers and discounts, also get a limited lifetime warranty.

Talk to us if you are planning for a new fence around, consult with our experts. Have you already installed a Duramax vinyl fence panel? Do write in your reviews and feedback.

Should I Upgrade to a Vinyl Fence?

A lot of fencing options are offered in the market today, varying in form, color and style – specifications a lot of property owners are looking at when upgrading their fences at home.

Most people see wood as the best material for their fences albeit its diminishing quality in the long run. However, if you are talking about “upgrading” your fences, you want to, of course, level up on the quality, and its design, while acquiring them at a reasonable price – vinyl fence is something you are looking for.

Vinyl fence has many benefits over standard wood fencing. Not sure whether vinyl is right for your property? Let’s check out some of the basic things you need to know about vinyl fences:

Fresh Appearance

Choosing vinyl over the traditional wood fence for your home and property updates the look and feel of your space that won’t go away over time. Vinyl is a modern-day fencing material, durable and easy to clean. On the other hand, using wood as fence might even cost you more as it will weather and rot over time.

Less Maintenance

The old-school wood fence your neighbors might be suggesting you requires a lot of maintaining – painting, staining and wiping of chemical to stand outside conditions. Vinyl Fences doesn’t. It is virtually maintenance-free – meaning, no staining every year, no sealing, or any special upkeeping to maintain its quality. Definitely, it will last longer that any wood fence.

Longer Lifespan

Installing a vinyl fence would mean installing a fence that will last. It can literally last as long as the home it surrounds. Why? Because vinyl doesn’t rot, doesn’t become brittle, or break down over time. Now, it’s possible to get a fence that you’ll never need to replace.


Along with being the most durable type of fence, vinyl fences are also stronger in enduring damage and abuse compared to wood fence. Vinyl’s natural flexibility helps it shrug off impacts and pressure that would damage a wooden fence. Vinyl is also lighter and more temperature-stable than wood. Meaning, it won’t sag, lean, or swell and contract with temperature changes outside your doors.


When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

Still wondering how to tell when you should upgrade from your old fences to a vinyl one?

Generally, standard wood fences last about a decade with cedar lasting a little longer than pine and other softwoods. If yours is getting close to that age, you should consider upgrading to a new fence. You don’t want to wait until it needs repair or worst, rots and degrades in your backyard, right?

If you currently have wood fences, you might notice signs of damage such as bent, sagging, or rot even before the usual decade is up. When you repair large sections of your fence you’re just prolonging the inevitable. You also could end up with a fence that looks half-new and half-weathered, which is never a good look. Repairing wood fences is possible, but choosing to upgrade might be a better option.

If you are planning to sell your property, considering fence upgrade can also be a good way to increase its value and curb appeal. It will improve the overall look of your home, and you can use vinyl’s advantages as selling points to help your home stand out. Contact our Duramax Fence Experts today for a consultation. Call us at 844-965-0164 or visit www.duramaxfences.com.


Most often than not, customers reach out to us at Duramax Vinyl Fences because they want privacy from their neighbors and passers-by. In the process, the supposed concern to be solved can be more problematic if not properly coordinated with the right channels. You need not worry because there’s always a way, and we hope to help you map-out the things you need to do at a neighborhood level.

We’ve put together some tips for a problem-free fence installation

Check the Property Lines

It is important that property lines are properly checked before you proceed with the installation of your new fences. Your old fences might not be an accurate reference for this. We suggest that you hire a surveyor so you can plan the fence location. Installing the vinyl fence within the property line can also be an option, and it’s safer in the long run. You’ll never have to worry about a neighbor running after you, because you unintentionally stepped in on their property.

Obey Fencing Regulations

Not knowing what the local rules are isn’t an excuse for a wrong fence installation. Our team at Duramax Vinyl Fences can help you out on this but always remember to double check on your town or city’s local code and fencing regulations. You don’t want to end up being forced to tear it all down, redo it, and pay the fine to your local authorities. Additionally, non-conforming fences can also affect your neighbor’s property value too!

Share Fencing Intents Beforehand

One good idea that will help smooth over any potential fencing disputes is to let them know about your plans to install a new fence before you begin the installation. You don’t necessarily have to show them your plans – the fence is on your property, after all – but it can help if you think your neighbor might be interested in paying for part of it. However, you should show them where you intend to place the fence and let them know if there are any property line problems you discovered when you ordered the survey.

Respect Your Homeowners Association (HOA)

Apart from the local fencing regulations, you also need to check on your neighborhood if there are existing HOA rules that you need to consider. You’ll need to either provide the HOA with plans or run the design with them to ensure it fits within their statutes. It’s much easier to get the proper clearance first than to deal with all the headaches after due to non-compliance. In addition, there are a few other things you can do that, while not strictly required, are definitely nice gestures to your neighbors and to your community.

Ensure Your Fence Doesn’t Stand Out

We all want a stand-out design, of course! But if you install a fence that looks out-of-place that might be a problem. Ask us why? While the main goal is to provide security and a touch of aesthetics in your property or backyard, it might be serving the opposite outside your fences. It pays to strike a balance between the design you want and the style of the houses in your area to keep the neighborhood looking good. Using Vinyl fences is a great way to keep your property looking nice season after season since they don’t break down or rot over time. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to match the look of any neighborhood.

Install it the Right Way

Apart from choosing a fence design that matches the look of your neighborhood, you should also install your fence so that the fence rail (if your design includes one) is on the inside. One benefit of vinyl fencing is that the panels often look the same on both sides, making it easy to get a neat look on both the inside and outside of your fence. With vinyl fences, there’s no “bad side” to worry about – every side is perfectly nice!

Maintain your Fence

It is your duty to take care of your fences, and make it look good. After all, it forms part of your property, your home. When you install a fence, make sure to choose a material that is low on maintenance, something that doesn’t need heavy cleaning or staining time after time.

Apart from building a fence, you also want to make sure that you observe the right neighborhood etiquette before deciding to put-up one. After all, your property belongs to a bigger picture – the community where your house is situated. Doing the right thing doesn’t cause any harm, it can even help you avoid unwanted instances if done properly.

Schedule a consultation with our Duramax Fence Experts now! Call us at 844-965-0164 or visit www.duramaxfences.com. We would love to provide you with more information and help you decide the best fence for you.

Aluminum Fence Installation: ALUMAX Aluminum Fences For You!

ALUMAX Aluminum Fence

If you are looking to install a fence around your property line, you probably came across different fencing options like vinyl fences, wood fences, chain links, and a whole lot more.

We at Duramax offers PVC Vinyl Fences at a very reasonable price considering the high-quality material used, its durability, and maintenance. Another option that we suggest to make your home stand out in its gorgeous bold look is our Alumax Aluminum Fences.

Most homeowners opt for our fences because of its distinctly modern style. It also has a lot of benefits that we will discuss more in this article.

Let’s get started.


Aluminum Fence is the most attractive type of perimeter fencing you can add to your home. It adds an admirable look to your home or property and increases your its curb appeal. It is the type of fencing that will add the most value when you sell your property.

Don’t you worry if your property or home is traditional, contemporary, or modern. Alumax Aluminum Fence will definitely match any architectural design!


A lot of fencing companies offer a lot of fences but have limited design options. With Alumax Aluminum Fences, you can choose from spear or flat picket caps, and a variety of fence designs. Parts come standard with a pre-painted black finish while bronze or white paint is also available for large projects.


One of the top reasons why home and property owners opt for fences: SECURITY. Alumax Aluminum Fences keep you safe and secured without the need to hide your home away from the world. It is strong and high enough to discourage potential intruders.


Alumax Aluminum Fences have significant value as compared to both wrought iron and pre-assembled aluminum fencing products. It gives you a high-end look without the price tag that comes with wrought iron fencing that usually costs $30 to $45 per foot. Alumax Aluminum Fences are more affordable and looks great! You may view our rates here:


Not only do Alumax Aluminum Fences cost less than wrought iron fences, they will also save you on maintenance costs. Steel and wrought iron fences typically rust and lose their finish. In fact they need to be refinished every few years. On the other hand, Alumax Aluminum Fence does not rust and maintains its finish for a lifetime.

You don’t need to worry about time-consuming tasks like scraping, sanding, repainting with Alumax Aluminum Fences! It will not rust and carries a durable coating that meets American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards.

Our durable coating has stronger resistance to extreme weather conditions, giving it a long life when compared to other metal alternatives.

Aluminum Fence


Steel, iron, and aluminum are earth-friendly materials but of the three, aluminum is the one that is 100% recyclable, you can even recycle it multiple times!

There may come a time that you wanted to replace your Alumax Aluminum Fence with a different style to match your renovations. By then, you simply break down your fence and take the posts to your local scrap metal recycling center and even get money back for recycling your aluminum fence!

Our Alumax Aluminum Fence cause no harm to humans and pets as there are no harmful chemicals used in its production making it the most environment- friendly fence in the market.


Alumax Aluminum Fences have eliminated the use of screws to hold the pickets into the rails. This gives a clean look of a high-end, welded wrought iron fence. Alumax is made with a patent-pending Lock Bar technology that completely eliminates the need to screw or weld the pickets into the rails. Rails are slid into the notched pickets and held into place with an interlocking Lock Bar.

This Lock Bar technology cuts your labor costs and eliminates the unsightly screws.

Alumax Aluminum Fence Product Features:


We are here to make sure you get the highest quality fence for your home and property. Call us today at 844-965-0164 or chat with us at www.duramaxfences.com! We’d love to provide you with more information and help you decide the best fence for you.

Mark and Marcella’s new home – They chose to install a rail ranch and a pool fence

ranch rail fence

Mark and Marcella have a new home; they finished decorating the interiors and planning to do the exterior. They also have a wonderful garden and a pool attached to the property. Their friends and close ones suggested they install fences around the garden and poolside.

We are sure that the next thing the couple did was to research the various fencing options. If you research the internet for fences in the USA, you are sure to find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. They found us and called for a consultation.

There are various types of fencing material available in the market. If affordability and durability are what you are looking for, install vinyl fencing around your property. Duramax fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl; it ensures higher quality and better durability. We also offer custom vinyl fencing; we help you choose desirable fencing and customize it according to your needs and budget.

Duramax has a team of experts to offer you consultation; now, you can book it for free and book it online. We manufacture various types of fences, including picket fences, rail ranches, perimeter, privacy, semi-privacy, pool fences, etc. They were looking for something different, so we suggested installing a ranch rail fence; choosing the number of rails is your decision. The fences are available in 2, 3, or 4 rails. Mark shared pictures of their property, and we noticed that the poolside is beautiful. Our consultants immediately suggested they install a beautiful pool fence around the poolside as well. It would also be safe to keep the pool fenced because they have a pet and a kid at home.

The unique Duraresin formulation:

Duramax uses the unique Duraresin formulation, which helps the fences withstand all weather and environmental conditions, including the Southwest sun’s heat. Quality is our priority; we never compromise on that. All fences are quality-checked before they are delivered to the clients. Duramax fences are ASTM F964 certified; it is considered quite high compared to the rest of the fencing industry. The fences are known for their beauty, elegance, aesthetics, and functionality.

Proper routing system and a locking mechanism:

Duramax fences are made of thick vinyl sheets, and they also have a proper routing system and secure locking mechanism. The fences also look flawless because there are no visible brackets or screws. We also shared our success story with the couple, showed them so many client messages, testimonials. We have an excellent client base; they are satisfied with our fences.

We also manufacture colorful fences that are not prone to fading or cracking. Colorful fences can add vibrancy to the yard, but we also manufactured white vinyl fences that are simply elegant. Mark and Marcella chose to install a colorful pool fence and a white 3-rail ranch fence.

100% recyclable fences:

Vinyl fences can last for almost 25-30 years without much cleaning and maintenance. Duramax fences are free from toxic elements; our fences are 100% recyclable. If you have a fencing project to complete, consult with our experts. Now you can order fences online, sit at home, and get your fence delivered at the doorstep. Get a limited lifetime warranty on all products.

Want to install the best vinyl fence in the USA? Duramax has a solution for you

best vinyl fence

A fence acts as a barrier to people and animals; it can also limit access or control movement to a property or an area. Various materials can be used to set up such a barrier so keep reading the blog to know more. A fence installed around a property looks amazing, elegant, and so beautiful. But a fence also adds enough security to the property, so it’s considered an important installation. 

There are various types of fencing materials available in the market; each has its advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl is one such very popular fencing material available in the market. Duramax is the leader in designing vinyl fencing solutions. Our fences include privacy fences, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, pool fences, rail ranches, and more. 

Quality is the main concern because everyone cares about investment and its worth. Duramax offers high-quality fences made of 100% virgin vinyl; the fences are waterproof, not prone to attracting mold, bacteria, and a durable solution. If you feel that you have a tight budget, fencing around your property is important, talk to us. We are there to offer customized solutions keeping in mind your budget and requirements. Vinyl stands out from the rest in terms of quality, durability, and affordability. 

Vinyl fences are simple to install; there are no additional materials or tools required for the installation. The fences are also low maintenance; once installed, they do not need regular cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, you can save time and cleaning costs. We have a huge client base; we have many satisfied clients, and they have posted images of our fences post-installation. 

Duramax vinyl fences have excellent resistivity; the vinyl fences are coated with unique Duraresin formulation; this can withstand the Southwest sun’s intensity. The manufacturers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors so that the fences gain UV stability and weather resistivity. The fences can withstand cold, heat, light, storm, and all other turbulent weather conditions. We supply the best vinyl fence in the USA.

Duramax vinyl fences are made of thicker vinyl sheets; the fences have a robust routing system and a secure locking mechanism. We stress enough on quality; we have a team of experts offering quality solutions and testing the quality. The fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is very high compared to the fencing industry. The fences are tested for toughness at 105-mph wind speed.

Duramax fences are environment-friendly, 100% recyclable, and come with a lifetime limited warranty. Vinyl fences are not treated with a chemical, paint, or toxic substances for termite or insect resistance. Now we have an improved website, and it’s more user-friendly and easier to order fences online. Have you already planned to install a vinyl fence? Hire a local contractor for a vinyl fence installation.

Call Duramax and request a quote.

Presenting DuraMax Types of Fences for All Types of applications and customers needs

Aluminum Fencing

One of the most basic fence styles is aluminum thanks to its durable and low maintenance characteristic. A perfect alternative to wrought iron or steel fencing, DuraMax aluminum fences are easy to install. DuraMax aluminum fences are perfect for perimeter fencing applications for residential and commercial applications.

DuraMax patented aluminum fencing, although simple-looking, has the same wrought iron architectural design that is both elegant and pleasing to the eyes.

The cost to professionally install an aluminum fencing usually ranges from $23 per linear foot. The cost to install is more expensive than the national average since it does require proper installation, but the trade-off is its little-to-no maintenance.


Ranch Rail Fencing

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DuraMax Ranch Rail fencing is available in 2, 3, and 4 rail design in traditional. White and is also available in other colors and textures. This fence design is most popular and cost effective for larger properties, estates, city green belt areas, golf courses, Hoa’s and many other applications. This popular fence is used for equestrian applications all across the US and withstands harsh climate environments.


Shop Now

DuraMax offers a large range of quality vinyl fences. Duramax vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood. In addition, it is low-maintenance and resistant to paint, where stains or graffiti can be removed.

Installing a DuraMax vinyl fence typically has a higher initial installation cost per linier foot, but given its low maintenance costs and quality, vinyl fencing is a product that within a short period of time will be a cost savings investment compared to wood. DuraMax vinyl fence, is made to be resistant to all types of elements and weather conditions which will provide years of cost savings.

Insist on getting the best vinyl fence product in the market for your property! Get in touch with Duramax for custom vinyl fencing. Call us now at 844-961-1453.

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