Jane chose to install a custom fence around her property and by the poolside

vinyl fence manufacturers

Jane is planning to renovate her old house, both the interior and exterior. She is ready to invest in installing a new fence. She searched the internet for various types of fencing and gathered more information. Like Jane, a lot of customers reach us who take interests in vinyl fencing. So, there must be something unique about this material. It is also not enough to just look for fences; choosing the right manufacturer plays a crucial role. 

Affordable vinyl fencing 

Are you looking for vinyl fences in the USA? Trust Duramax if you are looking for affordable vinyl fencing manufacturers. We design beautiful fences that look amazing and can make your property stand out while adding security. Want to know more about Duramax? We have a very user-friendly e-commerce website where you can get a lot of information about the various fence types and place your order online. Different fencing materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but vinyl mostly has a lot of pros. Duramax has manufactured fences for over forty years. We are the experts in offering affordable and custom vinyl fencing.

Consult with the Duramax experts

Duramax suggested Jane come over for a consultation because she was unsure about her options. We have fences available in various styles, textures, colors, and styles. For a simple fencing solution, we suggested a vinyl perimeter fence. We further suggested a vinyl pool fence for beautification and safety around her pool area. Post-installation, Jane shared an image of her property and how amazing it looked. You can also come to us for a consultation; it could be online or offline. 

Fences that have excellent resistivity

Jane’s yard gets a lot of sunlight, so she was worried about the fences’ durability. In case you have the same concerns, we have good news for you. Our fences can ensure the intensity of the Southwest sun. They are made of the Duraresin formulation, and the fences gain resistivity. The Duramax fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which offers maximum UV stability and weather ability. 

Choose a colorful fence or a white one

Jane was looking for a facelift, so we suggested she install colorful vinyl fencing. Duramax fences are available in various shades; choose according to your requirements. You can also order a white vinyl fence. Our white fences are elegant, beautiful, and available in various designs. 

ASTM certified fences

Now, are you planning to install a new fence in your backyard? We bring you a whole range of fences that are traditional and carefree performance. The fences are free from toxins and are recyclable. Duramax is among the renowned fence manufacturers in the USA. Our fences are ASTM certified. Place your order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are on the lookout for the best vinyl fence – choose Duramax Vinyl Fences

buy perimeter vinyl fencing

A fence can make your property beautiful and extremely secure. A lot of homeowners in the USA take an interest in installing a fence around the property. There are so many fencing material types, but this blog discusses why you should choose a vinyl fence? Wood and metal fencing existed for ages, but they come with certain drawbacks that vinyl can overcome. Homeowners have installed vinyl and can trust this fencing material. Read the blog to know more about the benefits of vinyl panels. 

Install a vinyl fence

Why do you think people are trying to discard any other fencing material and choose vinyl? Home-improvement is an expensive affair. When you install a fence, you expect it to last for a pretty long time. This makes you feel that the investment is worth it. Vinyl does not let you down; it can live up to the expectations. Vinyl is extremely long-lasting; it’s not prone to rotting, rusting, getting affected by dampness, etc. 

The types of fences we design

Now that you have decided to choose are the best vinyl fence. It is very important to look for a trusted manufacturer. There are many fence companies in the USA. All vinyl fences do not have the same quality. Duramax is a trusted vinyl fence manufacturer offering the best vinyl fence. We have been designing various types of vinyl fences for many years now. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures superior quality as we use the purest vinyl. Our fences include picket fences, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more. 

Vinyl fences have a smooth surface

Investing in the vinyl fence is worth it as it can last for many years. The fences are not affected by climatic or environmental conditions. They have a very smooth surface that does not attract dirt, dust, or debris. Also, the fences do not attract dirt, dust, or bacteria. The fences can remain in very good condition with very little maintenance. 

NO daily cleaning and maintenance required

Vinyl fences do not require daily cleaning or regular maintenance. This ensures cost and time saving and very least headache post-installation. Also, the fences are simple to install. You require hiring only one local contractor for an affordable vinyl fence installation

Flawless fences

The fences have a strong routing system and a secure locking mechanism. There are no visible screws, as we keep in mind not to spoil the fences’ look and feel. The fences offer a carefree performance having a traditional look. 

Do you love to make your backyard or poolside colorful? 

Duramax colorful fences are amazing. Choose your shade, and do not worry about the colors fading out in years. We have a whole range of white vinyl fences that do not turn yellow even after being exposed to the weather. 

Beat the heat with Duramax 

Sun is the best friend, and now the fences do not fear the heat of the Southwest sun. Duramax’s Duraresin formula helps the fences to bear the heat. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives UV stability and weatherability to the fences. The fences are ASTM certified and tested for quality.

Choose us 
Are you looking for a vinyl fence for sale? Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Installing a 3 rail ranch fence from Duramax – It’s a popular fencing choice in the USA

ranch rail fence

What are ranch rail fences? If you love to install a traditional fence style, then a rail ranch is ideal. These are even now seen very commonly on horse ranches, posts, and rails. But who wants a wooden ranch fence now that will rot or get affected by termite within a few years? Vinyl is a very popular fencing choice. It is getting more and more popular in the USA due to the various advantages. Most of the time, you would see a rail ranch fence installed along the field’s perimeter that has horses. 

Duraresin gives UV stability 

A ranch rail fence is exposed to extreme temperatures, especially the Southwest sun. The wood becomes cold and warm in an alternating manner. Thus, the nails fixed become loose and might fall out. This directly affects the security of your fence. Also, the nails could cause injury to the horses. You do not have to worry if you install a vinyl fence. The fences are designed with the Duraresin formula, which helps to endure and withstand the Southwest sun. The fences are made with 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, giving the fences UV stability and weatherability. 

Modern vinyl fences in the USA

You can explore the website for attractive vinyl fences. You would find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. We have been catering to clients for many years, and now we manufacture modern fences in the USA. Duramax is renowned for manufacturing the most durable fencing. Our vinyl fences would make your property stand out from the rest. 

We customize fences for you

You can choose the total number of rails. It could be 2, 3, or 4. If you ask our experts, we generally recommend installing a 3-rail ranch fence. The fences can endure tremendous heat, cold, storm, and many other climatic conditions. We ensure that our fences won’t shake or break if it is affected by wind or storm. The fences are tested by blowing wind at a very high speed, almost at a speed of 105 mph. 

Knowing the different types of fencing

Now that we have supplied various types of fences, we have many clients. Our rain ranch fences are extremely popular, and we are getting so many inquiries about them. Duramax has a team of experts that can craft magic for your backyard or any property exterior. Our fences include Perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fencing, privacy fence, semi-privacy fence, and more. Please share your ideas with us, and we offer customization services. 

Quality assured vinyl fences

Quality is the most important factor. Our fences are tested for quality via an automated process and then safely shipped to your site. The installation process is very simple. Hire a local fence installation expert for a flawless set-up. The fences are ASTM F964 certified and quality-assured. 

Colorful or a white fence? 

Are you looking for a colorful vinyl fence panel? The fences are available in various colors so that you can choose your desired shade. A colorful fence can lift the look and feel of your property. The colors do not fade away with time. Also, you can choose to install a white fence that would never turn yellow with time. You can order a 3-rail ranch fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty on all our products.

Install a vinyl fence panel to make your property secure and beautiful

buy traditional fences

A fence is a modern home improvement accessory. It is mainly installed for two main purposes: security and beautification. A fence can be made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Fences have been available for a long time, but have improved throughout the years. Previously, fences were mostly made of wood or metal. But both the materials are durable yet cannot retain their look and feel for a longer period. As advancements took place, vinyl fencing started gaining popularity. 

Forget repairs and replacements with vinyl fences

Duramax experts suggest installing a vinyl fence. Vinyl is a very long-lasting material, ideal for outdoor installations. You can imagine a fence installed outside has to endure the harshest weather and environmental conditions. Also, installing a fence is an expensive project. A vinyl fence can help you get rid of repairs and replacements early. We have a team of experts to offer online or offline consultation. 

Beautiful and have a traditional appearance

Duramax is one of the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. We rank high on various search engines. Our fences are made from virgin vinyl, ensuring that the products are durable and 100% water-resistant. Our fences are perfect for your outdoors. They look traditional and render a carefree performance. Post-installation, the fences can last for many years. This relieves homeowners from the stress of spending excess money on repairs. This is why a vinyl fence panel is affordable in the long run. It is worth spending a little more money while investing in a vinyl fence. 

The different types of fences we offer

Do you want to explore the various fence types and styles we offer? Our inventory includes privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, vinyl picket fences, perimeter fences, classic fences, ranch rails, colored and white fences, etc. Do not worry about quality when you shop for Duramax vinyl fences. We use sturdy vinyl sheets; the fences have strong routing systems and secure locks. Our engineers have also taken care of the look and feel. There are no visible screws or joints that can spoil the beauty of the fences. Our products are ASTM F964 certified.

No daily cleaning or maintenance

A vinyl fence panel does not require daily cleaning or expensive maintenance. Vinyl does not attract dirt, dust, debris, or bacteria. Clean the fences with light detergent and water occasionally to keep them clean. 

Vinyl fences have extreme resistivity

Duramax fences can withstand high pressure; they are resistant to heat, cold weather, fire, and impact. The fences are exposed to a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Duramax vinyl fences in the USA can withstand the Southwest sun’s intensity, which most fencing material fails to endure. 

Give your yard the color it needs 

Duramax vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, etc. We have fences of different vibrant or lighter colors that do not fade away due to external factors. We also have white color fences that are elegant and soothing to look at. The white fences do not turn yellow with years. 

Shop online today

Shop for Duramax fences online from our user-friendly website. We give you a chance to gather a lot of information from our website, explore the various fences available and customize as per your requirements. The fences are eco-friendly and have no toxic elements. We have our manufacturing-unit set-up in the USA. This makes our fences very affordable compared to other manufacturers. 

Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

Duramax is your solution to custom vinyl fencing in the USA

Eager to give a facelift to your property? A fence around your property can look amazing and also add security to it. Do you have a new house that needs accessory or an existing property that needs a renovation? A fence is a perfect fit for any property exterior. But there are various types of fences available in the market, so you need to talk to a fencing expert who can help you choose the right kind of fence for your property. 

Vinyl fences that can endure all weather conditions

Duramax vinyl fences are available in various colors. A colorful fence can lift your property and make it look vibrant. Now you have to worry about the fences getting fading out because they remain the same for years, unaffected by weather conditions. You can also choose to install a white vinyl fence that looks classy, elegant and the white never turns yellow with time. But our white vinyl fence is exquisite and adds poise to your garden.

Are you looking for an excessively durable fencing material? Vinyl is the most modern fencing material that is available in the market. Vinyl fences come with a lot of benefits. A vinyl fence around the property can last for many years, and this is just one of the reasons why it’s now the most preferred choice in the USA. We take time to listen to your requirements so that you can avail custom vinyl fencing at your doorstep. Duramax fences are traditional, beautiful and give a carefree performance. 

Fences made from 100% virgin vinyl

Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. Our fences include privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, and rail ranches…etc. The fences are coated with Duraresin formulation. This helps the fences to withstand the Southwest sun. The fences are passed through a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph and tested for longevity. 

Simple to install fences

Our fences are simple and quick to install. You can hire an expert contractor for the installation. The fences have a rigid routing system and a reliable locking facility. The fences look perfect, as there are no visible brackets or screws.

Long lasting fences with little maintenance

Are you interested in installing a new fence around your home? Vinyl fences can last for many years with simple and little maintenance. The fences are easy to clean, there is no regular upkeep required. Vinyl fences do not attract dust, dirt, and debris. The surface of the vinyl repels impurities and is highly waterproof. 

Call us for a consultation

If you wish to talk to the Duramax experts, choose to have an online or visit our store for a consultation. We have a team of consultants who can guide you about buying the right kind of fence. You can always throw away your old fence and get a new one. We can create magic.  Your yard can get a brand-new look.

Install a beautiful vinyl fence

This season you can order a new fence and get offers and discounts. Did you go through the new Duramax website? This is an improved website with a better user interface. You can look at the products and order online. Are you interested in a vinyl fence for sale? Get a limited warranty on our products.

Why should you get a perimeter vinyl fence from Duramax Fences in the USA?

buy perimeter Vinyl Fencing

Are you looking for a perfect fence to mark the boundaries between two properties along with security? You can think of installing a perimeter fence. This fence type is excellent in offering internal security, and sometimes it can be more than that. There are various types of perimeter fences; only a fence expert can help you choose the ap test one for your property. 

Installing a perimeter fence around your house:

The fencing material is not to be overlooked because everyone looks for a durable and high-quality solution. Vinyl is a suitable material for modern fencing. This material has more advantages than any other fencing material like wood or metal. Vinyl is not affected by external or weather conditions, which is the biggest advantage. Most homeowners fear that the fence would perish under harsh weather conditions. People who have already installed wooden and metal fences are aware of the challenges. The USA made vinyl fencing can help you to overcome the challenge. 

Vinyl fences are a very popular home improvement solution in the USA. But all fencing companies do not offer similar quality fences. The next step is to choose among many manufacturers. Duramax is a reputable vinyl fence manufacturer in the USA. Our website ranks high on search engines, so it is easy to find us while you are shortlisting. 

The unique Duraresin formulation:

The sun is not a fence’s best friend when the fencing material is anything but not vinyl. Vinyl fences can magically endure the heat of the Southwest sun. Duramax engineering ensures that the fences use the Duraresin formula for adequate resistivity. The 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors render UV stability and the power to stand tall under all weather conditions.  Buy perimeter Vinyl Fencing and let the sunshine bright. Also, the fences are resistant to heat, cold, wind, and pressure. 

A colorful or a white fence can add to the look and feel 

A fence not only offers security but also gives a refreshed look to your property. Duramax designs colorful vinyl fences that add freshness and vibrancy to your garden, yard, poolside, farm, etc. Select the color that matches the overall exterior of your property. You can also choose softer or lighter tones to white color fences that add a touch of elegance.

Shine with little maintenance

A vinyl fence is perfect if you are looking for a long-lasting fence within your budget. A vinyl fence can last for many years with little maintenance and occasional cleaning. The surface is very smooth, so it does not allow dirt, grime, or bacteria to settle. Occasional cleaning with water and light soap is perfect for keeping the fence surface shiny and clean. 

Invest in a fence for a lifetime 

A vinyl fencing is a one-time investment; initially, the price might seem a little higher than a metal or wooden fence. But there are no extra costs involved other than the expense of buying the fence from the supplier. Duramax fences are comparatively affordable as we deliver USA made vinyl fences from our manufacturing unit located in the USA.

A vinyl perimeter fence is safe for kids and pets as no toxic elements are used while manufacturing. Also, no harm is done to the environment. 

Order a vinyl fence online 

Order a vinyl fence of your choice online on our website, get it delivered to your doorstep along with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Install a trendy 3 ranch rail vinyl fence around your garden or farm from Duramax

ranch rail fence

If you have a nice garden attached to your beautiful property, you can plan to improve its look and feel, and also add sufficient security. If home improvement is on your mind, you can consider installing a fence around it. But if you are not completely sure about a durable vinyl fencing option, you can take the internet’s help or ask your acquaintances about the trend. You have seen wooden, fencing, and metal fences a lot more, and you have probably heard recently about vinyl fencing. Every material has its own set of pros and cons, but vinyl is one such modern fencing option with plenty of advantages compared to all other materials.

100% virgin vinyl fences

Researching the internet, you can find a lot of information on vinyl fences. It’s very important to look for fencing companies. All manufacturers do not offer the same quality fences. Duramax in the USA ranks high on search engines; we are among the top fence manufacturers in the country. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl, making sure that the fences are durable and long-lasting. The fences can endure all weather conditions, including the Southwest sun, hail, storm, cold, fire, etc. We manufacture various types of fences, and they have customization options. Our fences include picket fences, perimeter fences, private and semi-private fences, ranch rail fences, classic vinyl fences, and more. 

Fences made of Duraresin formulation

If you plan to install a fence around the garden or a farm, you can install a ranch rail fence. You can choose the number of rails to install, but usually, we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence in your yard. Vinyl fences are made from the best quality vinyl; they can endure the Southwest sun. Our engineers use the Duraresin formulation to protect the fences from the unbearable heat. The fences use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives a high UV strength and weather ability measure. Installing our fences can help your property stand out from the rest. 

Colorful vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are available in various colors, textures, and types; our fences can make your yard look appealing. You can also install white vinyl fences that are elegant and can make your property stand out. You can choose the color according to your requirements. Our fences do not require repainting, and the white vinyl fences do not turn yellowish with time. 

Quality is our priority

Quality is our priority; all the fences are checked for quality before distributing to the clients. All the fences are tested for quality and are ASTM F964 certified. The fences can withstand wind at a fast speed. Our fences have been tested by wind blowing at a 105-mph speed. 

Duramax vinyl fences do not contain any toxic elements like lead; our fences are recyclable and non-flammable. The fences are tough and low-maintenance. Are you looking for a custom vinyl fence for sale? Order the fences online, also get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

Expert Advice: Fence Installation

Expert Advice: Fence Installation

With our extensive experience in fencing, Duramax has established itself to be one of the sought-after companies by many contractors and homeowners with fencing requirements. Duramax Fences is always ready to help you with your projects, that’s for sure.

Here are some pieces of advice from our excellent Duramax Fence Experts.

Let’s get into it one by one.

Know your land or property area

If you are uncertain about your old fences’ location, it’s now your time to confirm and validate. Who knows you might be stepping on your neighbor’s property? Onboarding a land surveyor, although it might incur a bit of cost on your end, makes the task easy. Suppose you are surveying hectares of land you are not yet familiar with the area. In that case, the land surveyor will also help you identify the existence of slopes, drainages, among many others, if there are any.

Hiring a land surveyor would cost around $250 – $1,000, depending on the property’s size. Whether or not there are existing fences around your area, these experts ensure that your fences are built within your property, thus preventing you from future disputes involving you and your neighbor.

Never underestimate the power of Land Surveying! It guarantees that it will provide you a description of the exact boundaries of where your property starts and ends. Also, note that whatever is provided to you by the land surveyor is professionally certified, verifiable, and is certified professionally.

If you do not know any land surveyor in town, you may ask your contractor for their recommendations. They, for sure, have partnered with one before in their existing projects.

Comply with the community and local authority requirements

We know you have the freedom to do whatever you want on your property because you are the owner. While you enjoy such benefits, you also should not forget that your property is part of a larger community — the village where it is located and the local government unit where it is also situated.

With that being said, you and your property are bound by certain village or community rules and local ordinances you need to comply with materializing your project. As this is a structure, you might need to secure a building permit, among other requirements.

Consulting your neighbors and community leaders about your intent to build your fences pays a lot too! It is a humble and respectful gesture from you to maintain a good relationship with your community.

Identify the type of fence to use

As a property owner, you are particular about the type of fence you will use. You can choose from chainlinks, wood, aluminum, or even bricks, but our recommendation ends your search for the best material to use: PVC Vinyl Fences.

Duramax Fences have maximum durability. You can never go wrong by installing Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences! It is suitable for any external conditions — this means whether you are in a sunny, rainy, or snowy part of the US, Duramax Vinyl Fences works perfectly without warping or cracking. As it is resistant to moisture, rotting and forming molds like your old wooden one will never be an issue.

Duramax Vinyl Fences are probably the easiest to maintain among other fencing materials sold in the market as it does not require frequent cleaning — low in maintenance. Take note that not all vinyl fences you see in the market are of equal quality! Here’s a really good read to help you pick the right one: https://founterior.com/not-all-vinyl-fences-are-created-equal/

Not convinced enough? Try requesting a sample and quotation for FREE by calling 323-861-3606. You can also visit our website to know more about our products and connect to our live chat agents for expert fencing advice.

Installing a vinyl fence to beautify your home and add security to it

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

A fence offers beauty and security to your house, most of the homeowners love to install a fence around your property. There are so many types of fences available in the market but if you are tired of fences that do not last long, install a vinyl fence. A vinyl fence panel is the most long-lasting material available in the market. These fences have waterproof properties, extremely durable and made from the best quality virgin vinyl. A fence is a home improvement and it involves a lot of expenses so you definitely wish to choose a solution that is worth the investment so that you can avoid early repairs and reinvestment.

The unique Duraresin formulation

Duramax fences are elegant and can endure all weather conditions. Most of the clients complain that fences made from other materials like wood, metal get easily damaged by the rays of the Southwest sun. But PVC fences can endure the Southwest sun. The fences are made with the unique Duraresin formulation which offers ultimate protection. Duramax is made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Hence, the fences are protected from all climatic conditions and the UV rays.

Low on maintenance vinyl fences

Our fences are resistant to freezing cold, heat, impact, wind, storm and fire. Our fences are extremely long-lasting, vinyl can be a lifetime solution. Vinyl fences are most suitable for outdoors, they do not attract dust, dirt or grime. The fences remain in great condition for many years without getting damaged at all. Duramax vinyl fences are extremely low maintenance. The fences do not require any routine cleaning or heavy-duty maintenance. To keep the fences in great condition and clean, wash those with a light detergent and water.

The types of fencing we offer

Duramax vinyl fence panel boasts of superior quality vinyl sheets, dense and durable polyvinyl chloride homopolymer compounds along with titanium dioxide pigments in excess. Duramax designs various types of fences that includes privacy fence, semi-privacy fence, vinyl picket fence, perimeter fencing, pool fencing, rail ranches, classic fences and more.

ASTM certified vinyl fences

Duramax is synonymous to quality. We give a lot of importance to the quality of fence we manufacture and client satisfaction. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, the fences exceed the quality when compared to all other fence manufacturers. The fences have a strong routing system and a very secure locking facility. The fences look clean and flawless with no visible screws.

Simple to install vinyl fences

Duramax fences are extremely affordable and very simple to install. You do not require investing in any additional material for the installation.  Also, the installation takes only a few hours, one contractor is sufficient for setting up a fence. You do not require spending any extra money or time on the process. Our fences are beautiful, traditional and offer a carefree performance.

Duramax fences are available in an array of colors

Duramax fences are available in a variety of colors, you can choose the shade according to your preference. The fences do not fade away so the color remains intact. You can also order a white vinyl fence that looks amazing and elegant. The fences remain super white with little maintenance, they are not prone to fading or turning yellow with time.

Final wordsTrust Duramax, we are among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Place your order via online, get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

Install the Duramax USA made vinyl fence in your backyard, which is worth envying

USA made vinyl fencing

A fence installed around your home not only makes it beautiful but also secure from threats. If you plan to improve your home, consider fencing around the exterior. If you have an old fence that needs to be replaced, try vinyl fences. There are no other materials like vinyl because all other fencing material gets damaged within a few years, but vinyl is the most durable solution. Fencing is a huge investment, so reinvestment is a hassle. Vinyl is a modern fencing solution, an alternative to wood or metal. 

USA made vinyl fencing from Duramax:

Vinyl is advantageous when compared to all other types of fencing material. Vinyl fences are durable and are not affected by any environmental factors. Modern vinyl fencing is a popular choice in the USA. The most important task is to look for a renowned fencing company. If you perform research over the internet, you can find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. We are reputed in the USA for offering the best quality vinyl fencing. If you are looking for the USA made vinyl fence, trust Duramax. We have catered to plenty of clients, dealt with various issues, and suggested installing a vinyl fence. It’s been so many years that we are manufacturing vinyl fencing, and we are glad that our clients have trusted us. 

Install a colorful or a white color fence:

Do you need a backyard fence for your property? We are the backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. The fences are made of virgin vinyl; this ensures quality. All manufacturers are not the same; this is why it’s important to choose a renowned company. 

Now, do you wish to make your yard more vibrant? Duramax manufactures colorful vinyl fences that compliment your property. Choose the colors according to your preferences; colorful fences can make your property look so interesting. The fences do not fade away; they do not require repainting. White fences look classy, do not require any special maintenance, and do not turn yellow with time.

Traditional and beautiful vinyl fences:

Duramax fences are traditional, beautiful, and give a carefree performance. We manufacture various types of fences, talk to us about customization options. Our fences can increase the value of your property. We have a team of experts to suggest the right kind of fencing for your property. 

Vinyl fences have a smooth surface. They do not require much cleaning or maintenance. Wash off the fences with a light detergent and water to keep them clean. Our fences do not attract any bacteria or microorganisms. 

Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty:

If you require a new fence for your yard, talk to our experts. We offer USA made vinyl fencing, we have our factory in the USA, making the products affordable. Are you interested in installing wall toppers made of vinyl? We have wall toppers that you can add to your backyard wall. Now that we have an improved website, it is more user-friendly.

You have access to so many types of fences; order online and get a limited lifetime warranty. 

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