A Ranch Rail fence around your farm or yard is a perfect choice

Have you been having a tough time deciding what type of fence to get for your property to mark it or keep the cattle in?

Have you been having a tough time deciding what type of fence to get for your property to mark it or keep the cattle in? A ranch rail fence would be a great choice indeed. This type of fence uses perpendicular posts and horizontal railings. Gone are those days when homeowners would choose fences made of timber and metal. Now PVC fences are extremely popular in the USA. 

The excellent resistivity of modern vinyl fences:

Modern vinyl ranch rail fence can endure the Southwest sun. This is an advantage because most fencing materials deteriorate due to the intensity of the sun. Duramax vinyl fences utilize the Duraresin formulation. This unique formula gives the fences enough resistivity to heat. The fences are composed of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives UV stability and resistivity against harsh weather conditions. Vinyl is a waterproof, durable material whose fences do not bend, rot, or buckle. The products have the highest quality, look traditional and render top-class performance. A vinyl ranch fence can endure high-pressure; it will not crack or split even if a cattle or horse bumps into it. Also, the fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Choose the color you wish to install:

Duraamx can make your yard or garden look attractive by installing a colorful fence? Our beautiful vinyl fences are available in a wide range of attractive colors. The color will not fade or bleed even if the fences are exposed to extreme sunlight or rain. We also design aesthetic and elegant white vinyl fences that do not turn yellowish in years. A vinyl fence will look the same in ten years as it used to do on day one. 

Vinyl Fences are a true beauty: 

A vinyl fence adds aesthetic value to your property, and visitors can have an open view of the area inside the fence. But a fence offers solid security by arresting trespassing. Rail fencing can blend with any design of your property. 

Vinyl fences are a one-time investment. They are economical in the long run. Initially, its prices were higher than wood or metal, but vinyl is longer-lasting when you compare the longevity. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are ASTM certified. Choose the rails-based on your requirements; we suggest opting for the standard 3 rail ranch fence. 

Get customized fences:

A ranch rail fence is customizable and adjustable, where modification of every rail is possible. You can select the height of every post and each post’s width based on the total area that requires fencing. Duramax does not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ concept, hence customization. Vinyl fences are simple to install and uninstall when you hire a trained local contractor. Also, these are low-maintenance fences that do not require regular cleaning. Occasional washing off the dirt with water and light soap is sufficient. 

USA made vinyl fencing: 

Duramax has a manufacturing unit located in the USA. The fences are eco-friendly and free from toxicity. A vinyl fence is a sound investment; connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to buy vinyl fencing—request a quote. 

Read about Stuart’s experience about installing a vinyl fence in USA

Stuart has his farmhouse in the USA and now he wants to decorate his property.

Stuart has his farmhouse in the USA and now he wants to decorate his property. He is now considering fencing as a part of his home improvement. As he was researching the internet for vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA, he got in touch with Duramax fences. He was also looking for various types of fencing solutions in the USA. Duramax is the leader in offering vinyl fencing; vinyl is now considered a very popular fencing option. If you find us over the internet, you would see Duramax ranking high on various search engines. 

Choose the right kind of vinyl fencing:

We suggested the Stuart install a vinyl fence because of the plenty of advantages. Fencing is an expensive home improvement project so that reinvestment can be a financial loss. So, most of the customers are interested in installing a vinyl fence in USA, a durable fencing option. We help you decorate the property exterior by installing various fences, including picket fences, perimeter fencing, privacy fences, semi-private fence, white fences, pool fences, and rail ranches more. 

Stuart chose to have an online consultation with our experts to decide the kind of fences he could consider installing. After knowing about his ideas, he knew that he was looking for customization options. Duramax vinyl fences are made from high-quality virgin vinyl; this ensures durability. Our vinyl fences are available in a variety of shapes, colors, types, and sizes. Our fences are available in various colors that can lift the look and feel of your yard. The colors are not prone to fading, and they do not require repainting. We also design a white vinyl fence in the USA.  Our white color fences are elegant and aesthetic. Duramax fences are very beautiful and offer a carefree performance. 

Order fences online and get limited lifetime warranty:

You can order vinyl fences online from our new website; also, our website consists of all information related to various types of fences. You can know more about the products by reading the specifications, viewing the images, and talking to our fence experts. Now, it’s easier to order online; the payment gateway is very secure, and you can also get a limited lifetime warranty on our products. We are among the most renowned vinyl fencing suppliers in the USA. 

Our fences can withstand the immense heat of the Southwest sun. Many clients are worried about the fences made from various materials getting affected by the Southwest sun. Our fences use the Duraresin formula, which offers UV stability to the fences. The vinyl fences are made from 12 parts Titanium and UV inhibitors, giving resistivity from the sun and other climatic conditions. Stuart’s yard faced towards the Southwest sun, so he was relieved hearing that the fences won’t be affected by the intensity of heat. 

Our fences are easy and simple to clean and require no specific maintenance. Duramax fences are low maintenance; you can clean using water and a light detergent. The fences do not attract much dirt, grime, bacteria, or microorganisms. 

Our fences are ASTM F964 certified; order your fence online. Request for a quote.  

Picking the Right Fence for Your Property

Still not sure of what kind of fence to install on your property?

Picking the Right Fence for Your Property

Still not sure of what kind of fence to install on your property? We’re here to help you decide and come up with a choice that you will never regret.

Photo of Wood Fencing Here

You can’t help but compare, and that’s perfectly fine. You might come across a material you find in a big box store, thinking that you can DIY or improvise. That too is okay but wait a minute, and think of the money you’ll save now versus the money you’ll spend maintaining that DIY fence made from wood or metal without sacrificing quality.

Photo of Aluminum Fences Here

Unlike any other fences, PVC Vinyl Fencing has so many advantages than disadvantages for your property. Read more about it here.

Picking the right fence entails a bit of research, a good taste for aesthetics and practicality. If you’re to buy a fence that does not fit the look or purpose you want to achieve, think again. If you think the material is a waste of money in the long run because of upkeep, hang on.

Photo of PVC Vinyl Fences Here

Our team at Duramax offers PVC Vinyl Fences that are low maintenance, durable, and is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Our PVC Vinyl Fences are long-lasting. Our fences will last for years without a major repair, repainting, or revarnishing like a wooden one with proper care and annual checking. PVC fences are also rust-proof and rot-proof. Leave them wet, dry, or damp, and it will only make itself stronger than any other material you can find in the market. A lot of our clients and even contractors attest to this characteristic.

Photo of PVC Vinyl Fences Here

Fences should be able to protect you and your property from unwanted instances. As compared to metal fences, PVC Vinyl Fences provide better security and privacy as their style does not expose you and your activities from the inside. By choosing Duramax PVC Vinyl fences over other materials, you are also saving yourself from unwanted headaches and worries, of course.

Photo of PVC Vinyl Fences Here

Take good care of your fences! Here is a guide on how you maintain your vinyl fences in good condition:

Talk to our fencing experts and get to know Duramax Vinyl Fences now! You can also request a quote or sample from our live chat agents for FREE! Visit our website or call 323-861-3606. You may also email us at info@duramaxbp.com for your inquiries.

Installing a perimeter fencing from Duramax – Our fences are low maintenance and simple to install

Are you worried and tired of maintaining your fences, but they no longer shine? This is the first sign that your fences need replacement. Wooden and metal fences cannot retain their original condition.

Are you worried and tired of maintaining your fences, but they no longer shine? This is the first sign that your fences need replacement. Wooden and metal fences cannot retain their original condition. Hence, it needs quick replacement to ensure your property looks fresh. So, is there an alternative you can install? Vinyl is now a very popular fencing material that requires the least maintenance and is extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Duramax – Best vinyl fence for residential use

If you are choosing a vinyl fence manufacturer, choose Duramax in the USA. You can buy vinyl fencing from our online store. We have an improved website from where you can order premium fences. Our fences are made from top quality virgin vinyl, which ensures our fences have strength and quality. Duramax fence is the best for residential use; vinyl can endure all weather conditions and exterior conditions. We manufacture fences that include perimeter fencing, picket fences, privacy, and semi-privacy fences, rail ranches, and more. 

Many clients are worried about the Southwest sun, the scorching sun harms the fences, and they lose their shine. Our vinyl fences can endure the Southwest sun because the fences are made using Duraresin formulation. Duramax fences use 12 parts of Titanium and UV inhibitors that offer UV stability and weather ability. Vinyl fences are a practical and affordable home improvement solution. 

Duramax fences do not require daily maintenance

Duramax fences do not attract any mold or mildew, and this is the best part. Vinyl fences are waterproof. This protects the fences from all dampness. Cleaning the fences is very easy and simple. The fences do not need regular maintenance; you need to wipe off the debris with a soft cloth. So, you do not have to hire anyone or spend unlimited time getting your fences cleaned. 

Duramax vinyl fences can last for many years without any maintenance.

Our fences are available in various colors. We design innovative fences that can make your yard look vibrant and beautiful. Our fences are elegant and also have a traditional touch. You can choose your color depending on the color of your home and what your family prefers…etc. If you do not prefer color, you can install a white vinyl fence that looks sober and classy. We manufacture what you prefer; our clients are most important to us. 

Are you looking for the ultimate protection of your property? 

We suggest installing a perimeter fence from Duramax, an ideal fence for all types of properties. Our fences are affordable so buy perimeter vinyl fencing that is environment-friendly and is free from all toxic elements. Hire a local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Order fences online 

Duramax helps to find the best solution for your project. Our fences are affordable as they are made inside our own factory in the USA. Ask for a free sample, have a consultation with the Duramax experts. Order fences online and get a limited lifetime warranty. If you choose to install a Duramax fence in your backyard, the Duramax team can assist you. Talk to a Fence Expert today at 800-483-4674.

Comparing Wood, Aluminum & PVC Vinyl Fences Reviewed

How sure are you of the quality of your preferred fencing material?

Comparing Wood, Aluminum & PVC
Vinyl Fences Reviewed

How sure are you of the quality of your preferred fencing material? Let’s weigh your options and see the difference in each item we have on the plate.

Here are 3 of the top picks of contractors and homeowners regarding fencing: wood, aluminum, and PVC vinyl fences. Let’s try comparing them and see what works best for landscaping needs.

Photo of Wood Fencing Here

Wood fences are the classic ones you can find in big box stores. If not the oldest, this probably is the most used material before the technologically-advanced ones came. You probably might have one on your lawn right now, as most homeowners used this type before switching to our fences. However, wood does not jive well with time and weather as it naturally losses its quality over time through rot formation, and worst, decay. This type of fence is high maintenance as it requires annual repainting, revarnishing, and restaining.

Photo of Aluminum Fences Here

You might come across Aluminum fences while browsing the net, doing your research for the best fencing material for your home. You find this somehow an “ideal” one because it appears like wrought iron, and its durability is like steel but w-wait! Go back to your purpose. If privacy and security are one of them, then think twice. While this material is aesthetically-pleasing too, and maintenance is minimal, it does create much covering. We don’t want passersby and people from the outside checking out of us now and then.

Photo of PVC Vinyl Fences Here

Our team has come up with a PVC Vinyl Fences with ticks your checklist on durability, resistance, and quality. Made with 100% virgin vinyl, it is surely one of the most sought-after materials for fencing. It is resistant to all weather conditions, easy to maintain, and can last a lifetime with proper care. You care read more about how amazing Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences are in this link. You may also download our brochure here to choose your desired style.

We provide sample products and quotations for FREE! You may also reach out to us via our Live Chat Agents thru our website or call 323-861-3606. Our friendly staff is willing to assist you with your fencing needs right now!

Installing a vinyl fence from Duramax can be a perfect property renovation idea

Changing the fences can be extremely decisive if you are renovating your property.

Changing the fences can be extremely decisive if you are renovating your property. Getting a new fence can give a facelift to the property. Home improvement is an investment and it should not be a recurring expenditure. Hence, durable and low-maintenance items are the best you can do for your property. There are so many types of fences available within your budget, but not all are long-lasting. Fences are installed outside, and exposure to extreme temperatures and external conditions is very much affected and does not last long. When you invest in a fence, you would expect it to be long lasting. 

Waterproof vinyl fences  by Duramax

Vinyl has water-proof qualities and is not affected by the weather outside. All manufacturers are not the same; all vinyl fences do not have equal quality. Various vinyl fencing manufacturers use different quality vinyl to manufacture the fences. If you are close to narrowing down your research, you would surely find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. We have made it there because our clients are satisfied with our fences. If you intend to install the best quality fencing, choose Duramax fences. Our fences are made from virgin vinyl to ensure the best quality. We are the most renowned backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

Environment friendly fences

PVC fences can be recycled, thus our fences are eco-friendly. Bring your fences for recycling. We gladly contribute to a greener environment. You save trees when you install PVC fences apart from wood; we again contribute to the environment. Install a durable fence that can last for the longest time; our fence is not affected by weather conditions. Our fences look fresh, traditional, and new after installation. We are among the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA.

Duramax fences are available in a variety of colors

Duramax vinyl fences are available in various colors. This can lift the look and feel of your fences. Also, we manufacture white color vinyl fences that look exclusive and elegant.  

Our fences are made inside our own factory; we have our own unit in the USA. This is why our fences are affordable and free from toxic elements. Duramax USA made vinyl fencing is certified and quality tested before it is sent to your doorstep.

Certified fences from Duramax

The renowned associations recognize Duramax vinyl fences, including the American Fence Association and the US Chamber of Commerce. Our fences adhere to the highest standards; we are one of the renowned fences in the United States. 

Now, are you looking for an addition to your boundary wall? 

Duramax vinyl wall toppers are an excellent addition to make your boundary wall more secure. Now you do not have to worry about a low boundary wall outside your property. Our wall toppers are durable, secure, and made of the finest quality vinyl. 

Final words 

Vinyl fences have plenty of advantages; this is why contractors love installing vinyl fences. Please read our website to know more about the goodness of vinyl fences, why you should Duramax. Check the website, choose free consultation, and ask for a free sample. Reach us at 800-483-4674 to know more about Duramax products.