No additional maintenance required upon installing a simple backyard vinyl fence or any other style you prefer

Installing a fence around your yard is an excellent idea but be careful as not all fences are equal. Who would want to have additional property maintenance when there is already so much to do?

Installing a fence around your yard is an excellent idea but be careful as not all fences are equal. Who would want to have additional property maintenance when there is already so much to do? Wooden and metal fences existed for ages, but vinyl could be a suitable modern fencing material. Modern vinyl fencing has many advantages as compared to other fencing materials. 

The vinyl fence revolution is altering the way the USA considers fencing. This is especially ostensible when you view a yard enclosed with a beautiful white backyard vinyl fence. An elegant picket fence is the smartest accessory for the front yard again. The rear and side yard do not remain bare; most prefer installing a stylish privacy fence. 

Duramax fences use the Duraresin formulation

There was a time when vinyl fences were meant only for the wealthy. Duramax is among those companies that played a role in making vinyl fences affordable. In the last few years, USA-made vinyl fencing has gained immense popularity. When homeowners look for a vinyl fence, they want a clean and classic look with functionality and easy maintenance. Our fences are specially made using the Duraresin formulation that helps the fences endure the Southwest sun’s intense heat. The 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors give the fences UV stability and weatherability. 

Vinyl fences are available in various colors

Duramax USA-made vinyl fences are manufactured in various color shades. Choose a shade that matches the rest of the property and your choice. You can also choose colors like light tan, dark tan, and elegant white. 

Hire a local contractor for installation

Duramax is one of the most renowned and experienced backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. We say that a low-maintenance vinyl fence installation costs almost the same as a wooden fence that needs regular upkeep. Hire a local contractor, and they would be comfortable installing a Duramax fence of any style. Post-installation, the fences would not attract a lot of dirt or bacteria due to the smooth surface. Clean the fences occasionally with water and a light soap for a shinier look. 

Toxin free vinyl fence

Duramax fences are manufactured in our factory located in the USA. The fences are affordable for USA homeowners, which is indeed a relief. The fences are eco-friendly and recyclable, free from odor or toxic elements like lead and other chemicals. This is why it is safe for pets and kids. 

Vinyl fencing is gaining popularity

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for rural stables where horses chew wooden fences. Installing a vinyl split rail fencing can help do away with yearly whitewashing. Duramax vinyl pool fences are a great alternative to steel rails installed around swimming pools. Explore the Duramax inventory, and you will be spoilt for choices. 

Invest in USA made vinyl fence

Are you planning to install a USA-made vinyl fence? Customize your vinyl fence today, book a free consultation. Duramax is an e-commerce website, place your order here and get a limited lifetime warranty. Request for a quote.

Choose Duramax for a backyard vinyl fence or a wall topper

Do you have a backyard that needs more security or visual enhancement?

Do you have a backyard that needs more security or visual enhancement? You can explore the various types of fencing options available before you settle for one. Metal and wooden fencing always existed, but if you are looking for an alternative, vinyl could be the answer. Almost all homeowners are interested in installing a vinyl fence in the USA. Vinyl is the most modern choice and one of the popular fencing materials that have too many advantages. 

Fences made of Duraresin formula:

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic-based material that does not crack, rot, fade, or splinter. The Southwest sun is very intense, which can gradually ruin the fences made of any other material apart from vinyl. Duramax PVC fences are made from the Duraresin formula, which gives more strength. The fences are made from virgin vinyl, which is 100% pure and durable. Our fences are composed of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This adds to durability. Thus, the fences can endure UVA, UVB rays, and all-weather conditions. Duramax fences are resistant against heat, cold, snow, pressure, storm, etc. We are among the most reliable backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. 

Get a colored fence or a white vinyl fence:

Vinyl fences are available in several colors. Choose a shade that matches the overall color of your house and your preference. Our colored fences are vibrant, beautiful, and do not fade due to any environmental conditions. White fences are still very much in fashion, and we have a huge demand for elegant white fences. Install a white fence, and do not worry about it turning yellowish. Also, the fences are available in various styles, from tall privacy fences to short picket fences, attractive pool fences to 2, 3, or 4 ranch rails. We can also add a wood-like texture to the vinyl fences as there is scope for customization.  

Fences do not have any toxic elements:

When you choose to install a vinyl fence, you can be assured that you do not have to spend a lot of time or money on repairs or maintenance. Vinyl fences demand simple maintenance as they do not require staining or painting. Also, the surface is smooth and not prone to scratching. The fences do not attract dirt and grime. Hence, occasional cleaning with detergent and water is sufficient. It is safe for the kids and pets as the fences are not made up of any toxic elements. Also, there are no splinters like wooden fences. The fences do not absorb moisture or dampness, which is another great feature. Rinse with a light soap to get rid of the stains and get back the shine again. 

Choose a style and order a topper:

If you already have a stone wall that is not very tall, add a wall topper. The installation process is unique and efficient; the toppers can adapt easily to an existing wall. Choose your style and order for one. 

Get Duramax products online:
Are you looking for a vinyl fence for sale or a wall topper in the USA? Have a consultation with the Duramax experts and order a vinyl fence online. Get a limited lifetime warranty.

Jonas chose to install a Duramax ranch rail fence around his farm

Jonas has a beautiful little farm attached to his countryside home. Staying for weeks in the city, he takes days off to visit his farm house. He has grown crops and flower plants and now wishes to secure and beautify the area. He mainly wanted to install a fence because the livestock would get into his farm/garden and ruin the crops. He is one of our old clients who also installed a fence in his city home. He was planning to install a USA-made vinyl fence, but he was unsure which style to choose. 

He called up Duramax for a consultation. Similar to Jonas, we interact with many clients who are not aware of the various fence styles or types. We suggested he install a sturdy ranch rail fence. These are durable vinyl fences designed for farms and gardens.Jonas already knew about the benefits of installing a vinyl fence. If you have similar plans, find a renowned local manufacturer.. Duramax is renowned for offering class-apart vinyl fences within your budget for almost 20 years. If you need to discuss with our experts about the various fence styles, book a free consultation. 

Stylish and modern vinyl fences

Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl; they are stylish and durable. Talking about ranch rail fences, choose the number of rails you desire to install. Generally, we suggest installing a stunning 3-ranch rail fence. These fences have used horizontal railings and perpendicular posts. Vinyl fences are available in various styles, types, and designs. More and more property-owners are choosing to install vinyl fences, and this shows the growing popularity. 

100% virgin virgin fences

Duramax affordable vinyl fencing uses the Duraresin formulation, which possesses unique properties. Duraresin helps the fences to endure the intense sun rays. Also, the fences use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for greater UV strength and weatherability. Jonas’s farm gets ample sunlight all day long, and now he did not have to worry anymore. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which makes the product durable. The fences do not get damaged due to any external conditions. This makes sure the fences go a long way without repairs and replacement. 

Traditional fences having a high-class performance

The vinyl fences are waterproof; they do not rot, bend, or buckle. They look traditional and have a high-class performance. The fences can tolerate high pressure; they do not split or crack if any livestock bangs against it. Our engineers test the fences against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph.

Budget and affordable vinyl fencing 

Duramax affordable vinyl fencing is adjustable and customizable. Instead of offering fences of one size and type, we design according to your choice, and budget. You can modify every rail, choose the height and the width of each post. Vinyl fences are hassle-free to install and uninstall; all you need is an expert local contractor. 

ASTM certified and recyclable fences

The fences are free from toxic elements and recyclable. They are extremely long-lasting, and ASTM certified. The price is a bit on the higher side when compared to wood or metal. Vinyl fencing is a one-time investment; it can last for many years with little maintenance or occasional cleaning. 

Final words 
Like Jonas, you can also choose Duramax for affordable vinyl fencing. Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty—request for a quote.

Duramax is the one-stop destination to buy traditional vinyl fencing

Want to give your space a nostalgic look, then you need to buy traditional vinyl fencing for your front-yard. Although these days, the houses have a modern look and appeal.

Want to give your space a nostalgic look, then you need to buy traditional vinyl fencing for your front-yard. Although these days, the houses have a modern look and appeal. Many owners who have traditional houses are still fond of the vintage style and want the old-world appeal to remain intact. For them, a traditional fence is the best choice. When you choose to buy a traditional fence, go for the spade picket fence, scallop spade fence, straight dog ear picket fence and so on.

These fences are a great choice for the front yard, while for the backyard people usually look for the wall topper.

So, let’s have a look at the most common and preferred traditional fence styles that people buy and install:

Spaced Picket Fence

These fences are widely paced and waist-high in length with a straight looking horizontal top. It provides the front yard with a classic and aesthetic appeal. The look and the feel are clean and the fence provides a beautiful backdrop for the eye-catching landscape architecture.

Scalloped Fence

For a curved fence look, the scalloped fence is the best choice. It’s unique as the top of the fence has a curved design shape and all the pickets of the fences are of different heights. The basic design of this kind of fence is ‘successive descending pickets from the center to the ends’. It’s a very elegant and decorative design that cannot be ignored.

Straight dog ear picket fences

This old-world feel of the fence is popular as its low maintenance and lasts for a long time. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. With a good neighbor routed design, this fence can get you to enjoy the beautiful scenic view from any side. Since it’s made from vinyl material, it lasts for a long time to come. Without any edges or external caps, the look is clean and sober.

Spade Picket Fence

Just like any other traditional fence, the pickets are spaced evenly, but are thicker than others. The pickets are strong, thick and beautiful. The fence has a spade-shaped cap and that’s why it’s named Spade Picket Fence.

Why buy traditional vinyl fencing instead of wooden fences? 

Although wooden fences look great, the vinyl fences are no less. Also, Duramax vinyl fences can look similar to a wooden fence. We have expert engineers who customize according to your requirements. There are plenty of advantages of vinyl fencing that you won’t find in any other.

  • Vinyl material is long-lasting, but wooden fences are not
  • Vinyl fences don’t get damp and don’t absorb moisture and rot, unlike wooden ones.
  • Vinyl is less expensive and easily transferable than wooden fences.
  • Vinyl fences are easy to install and easier to maintain, unlike the wooden ones
  • Vinyl is strong enough to resist high winds, heavy rainfall and animal attacks. Wooden fences can get damaged easily.
  • Vinyl fences can be visually appealing as they can be painted and decorated in various hues, styles and designs. Wooden fences have their limitations.
  • Vinyl is for the long haul and doesn’t need to be replaced, unlike wood.

Get an affordable vinyl fencing installation for your yard! Come to Duramax and make your best choice. Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

What all you need to know about quality vinyl fencing in the USA

Vinyl fencing is a plastic -based alternative used for fencing instead of chain-link or wooden fences. Vinyl has proved to be valuable material for various construction needs. According to experts, vinyl is 5 times stronger than timber. The flexibility of this material makes it a great choice in the parts of the USA where the Southwest sun shines bright.

Duramax has been designing stylish and high-quality vinyl fences in the USA for more than 20 years. Vinyl fencing is available in three or pre-assembled styles. You can choose from privacy and semi-privacy fences, picket fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, and more. Also, gates are manufactured to match the type of fence you prefer to install. You can also choose ranch rail fencing that follows a different installation procedure. 

Privacy fences

Privacy fences offer solid protection, acting as a barrier. These are usually used in-between property lines and around pools. These are also used to screen hideous areas or to cover roadways. Generally, the fences are 4 feet to 6 feet tall and might include decorative covering. If you look for lesser privacy and wish some air and sunlight to peep in, the semi-privacy fences are ideal. 

Picket fences

You can keep children and pets safe by installing a vinyl picket fence. The fences have an aesthetic appeal and the decoration depends on your taste. These fences are shorter in size, usually 4 feet or even less than that. So, the fence does not block the surrounding view. 


Shadowbox vinyl fences use alternating panels across the front and back. This gives an even look at the fences on both sides. These fences are ideal for installing around the neighborhood. These fences have a height of almost around 6 feet. These look similar to privacy fences but allow air circulation. 

The strong Duraresin formulation

Duramax fences have immense resistivity to the Southwest sun, which no other fencing material has. The fences use the Duraresin formulation, which is responsible for rendering the UV resistivity. Also, the fences use 12 pieces of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for UV stability and weatherability. The fences are impervious to warm, fire, frosty temperatures. There is no breaking, blurring, or staining. 

Colored vinyl fences that do not fade

Duramax manufactures colorful and bright color fences that look vibrant. Select the shade considering your house’s color, where you wish to install the fence, and your taste. The fences do not require any repainting; this saves cost. How about a white vinyl fence that would never turn yellowish? A white fence around your property is worth envying.

ASTM certified and environment friendly vinyl fences

All fences are ASTM-certified and quality-tested before they are shipped to your site. Hire a fencing contractor in your locality for a quick installation. Before initiating the project, discuss building regulations, set the posts properly, and make sure the preparation work is done flawlessly. Duramax fences are non-toxic and environment-friendly. The fences are manufactured inside our factory in the USA. This is why our fences are affordable. We also manufacture easy-to-install vinyl wall toppers. 
We are among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Request for a quote.

Susanne was looking for USA made vinyl fencing -She installed a backyard fence from Duramax

Susanne had her new property and she was now planning to add more life to it. She was excited about her new home, and now she is busy doing the interiors and exteriors.

Susanne had her new property and she was now planning to add more life to it. She was excited about her new home, and now she is busy doing the interiors and exteriors. While she did spend a lot of money doing the interiors. Now she is planning to do the exteriors. Fencing is a home improvement solution, and Susane was eager to invest in a new fence. 

She did her research about the various types of fences available in the market. There are different fencing materials, including vinyl fences. Vinyl is the most modern fencing material that comes with many advantages. She looked into the internet for various options and vinyl fence manufacturing companies. Finally, after shortlisting and going deeper into the research, she took an interest in Duramax fences. 

Consult with our experts 

When Susanne shared her property’s picture with us, we noticed that she has a beautiful yard. Our experts suggested she invest in a beautiful vinyl fence. Duramax is among the leaders in modern fencing solutions. Our engineers design so many types of fences: picket fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, and more. 

We encourage our clients to come for a consultation so that we understand your requirements better. We have a team of experts to offer customized vinyl fencing solutions. Susanne was impressed by the user-friendly fencing website, the amount of information our website has, and the easy online ordering procedure. 

Susanne chose a backyard vinyl fence

Susanne chose to install a backyard vinyl fence from Duramax. Being one of the most renowned backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers, we have many clients who trust our products. The fences are made from Duraresin formulation. This safeguards the fences from external and climatic conditions. The fences are made of 12 pieces of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This offers UV stability and weatherability to the fences. Our fences are designed to endure the Southwest sun. The fences are resistant to cold, heat, storm, fire, and other climatic conditions.

ASTM certified vinyl fences 

Duramax fences are made of thicker vinyl sheets and have a sturdy routing system and a safety locking mechanism. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is comparatively higher than the rest of the fencing companies. Also, vinyl fences do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl does not attract dirt, debris, impurities, and bacteria. The fences take very little time to clean. You can wash the fences with water and light detergent. 

Install wall toppers

Susanne was also complaining about the low boundary wall and security. We recommended she install a vinyl wall topper from Duramax. We manufacture toppers made from high-quality vinyl, which helps keep the boundary walls safe and secure. The installation process is fast, unique, and efficient. We ensure that the toppers would not be affected by termites and water-stains, cracking or chipping, peeling or rotting. The toppers add height and ample privacy to your backyard. 

Final words 
Vinyl fences are simple to install; hire a reputed fence contractor in your locality. Duramax is the USA leader made vinyl fencing; book a fence now and get a limited lifetime guarantee.