Improving Privacy and Security at Home with Duramax PVC Fences

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Improving Privacy and Security at Home with Duramax PVC Fences

“I love the sense of privacy and security these (Duramax PVC Vinyl) fences are giving me. With the new fences installed in my property, I am certain that the risk of encountering unwanted scenarios like a thief, security threats, etc., is low.”

Property and home aesthetics enthusiasts are now enjoying one of the most requested buildings and construction materials called Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences.

Its outstanding features have paved its way to be noticed by many industry players in construction and building, and it surely will be part of your renovation projects moving forward.

One of the best-selling varieties of Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences includes Privacy and Semi-Privacy Fences.

Duramax PVC Vinyl Privacy Fences is designed to be a wall-like partition because there are no gaps between its solid panels so clients can enjoy privacy inside their backyards. This style is perfect for communities in which homes are closely built to each other and have minimal spacing. Privacy Fences also promotes safe space for children and pets inside the fences. Your clients will never have to worry about neighbors and outsiders peeking through their fences. Read more here:

On the other hand, PVC Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fences, also a product of Duramax, creates a balance between airflow and privacy. This is highly recommended for your clients who want to be secluded but not completely isolated. Some may not be comfortable with the Privacy Fences and may think it is not good for people with ‘claustrophobia.’ Thus, Semi-Privacy Fences are their way to go.

Home and properties can look good and secured at the same time. Check out this link to know more:

Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences require less maintenance — and this is something prospective clients are looking at nowadays because if you’re up to buying cheaper fencing materials like wood or even metal, think of the upkeep cost per year, and do the math. Expensive, right? Most clients still go to the cost-efficient material such as Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences because it is practical.

Talk to Duramax Fencing Experts today! Call 323-861-3606 now to inquire about the products and services they can offer.

Want to have an idea of the cost? Request a quote through this link: and they provide you one for FREE!

You may also visit their website: for more details.

Choosing a custom vinyl fence from Duramax for your property

custom vinyl fencing

A beautiful fence around your home can make your neighbor envious. A fence is an accessory that adds security to your property. There was a time when wooden and metal fences were popular. Soon people discovered that they needed a more durable fence. Gradually after research and development, vinyl fencing was invented. Homeowners discovered that vinyl has many advantages compared to other types of fencing material. Vinyl fences have also undergone more advancements as the manufacturers are trying their best. Vinyl is giving a tough competition to all other types of fences. 

Duramax is an experienced manufacturer in the USA

Vinyl fencing is an extremely popular choice in the USA. Many companies manufacture various types of modern vinyl fences. Are you looking for the best vinyl fence in the USA? Reliability is a big factor when looking for fence manufacturers. Duramax is renowned for offering vinyl fences for the past 20 years to USA homeowners. We have a team of expert designers, engineers and customer care executives. Duramax fences stand out because our products have certain salient features. 

Does your yard get a lot of sunlight? 

The Southwest sun is very intense, which can ruin the fences terribly. So how would you choose a durable fencing choice? Duramax vinyl fences to endure the Southwest sun. Its fences are made of a unique Duraresin formulation, making the fences stronger and more robust. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors. This gives UV stability and weather ability to the fences. 

ASTM certified vinyl fences

Duramax fences are ASTM-F964 certified which is quite high compared to the rest of the fencing industry. We manufacture various fences, including privacy fence panels, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, picket fences, pool fences, ranch rail fences, and more.

Our fences last for many years 

A vinyl fence is simple to install. It takes only a few hours to complete the installation in a few hours. Hire a local contractor for a successful vinyl fence installation.  Our fences are extremely long-lasting with little maintenance. The fence panels can last for almost 20-25 years without any repairs and maintenance. 

No daily cleaning and maintenance is required 

The fences do not require daily cleaning. This saves your time and effort. Wash the panels with a garden hose to keep the panels clean. You can use a damp cloth and some soap to clean the fences. Clean the fences every fortnight with mild soap and water to keep the fences shining for the next 15 days.

Are you looking for a privacy fence panel? 

Privacy fences are becoming extremely popular to segregate one property from another. There are various types of privacy fences and if you feel claustrophobic, then choose a semi-privacy fence. Duramax can customize a fence according to your requirement. You can choose the height of the fence and other actors according to your preferences. 

Request for a quote
Are you already planning to complete your fencing project? Talk to the Duramax experts for a vinyl fence for sale, get in touch for a consultation. Shop for vinyl fences online and place your order. Get a limited lifetime warranty—request a quote.

Install a custom vinyl fence and increase the value of your property

affordable vinyl fencing

The resale value of your house could increase by almost 65% to 70% if you have a beautiful fence installed around it. A fence is a big investment, so homeowners are eager to install fences that last long.

Decide what material you wish to choose and then look for fence manufacturers. For years, homeowners have installed wooden or metal fences. They had no other choices like they have today. Vinyl is a modern fencing material that helps to overcome the drawbacks of any other material. This is the reason why the popularity of affordable vinyl fencing in the USA never ceases.

Choose a renowned manufacturer

The next thing is to choose among fence manufacturing companies. Reputation, experience, and affordability are the three most important things you need to consider. Homeowners in the USA choose Duramax vinyl fencing. We are catering to customers for more than 25 years. We have rich expertise in offering custom vinyl fencing in the USA. Our fences are available in various styles, types and colors. A lot of homeowners have installed fences by Duramax and are satisfied with it. You can ask our experts if you cannot decide what fence to install. We tell our customers to stick to vinyl fencing for its numerous advantages. We have expertise in designing privacy fences, scallop fences, pool fences, perimeter, picket fences and rail ranch fences, etc.

Do you know why vinyl fences are affordable?

Some clients ask us about the price of vinyl fencing. We explain it so that it is easier to compare and decide. Pay a little more to grab a vinyl fence of your choice and forget spending on repairs. You pay once for purchasing a vinyl fence and installation. Duramax vinyl fences are manufactured inside our manufacturing unit in the USA. This makes the fences more affordable to the clients in the USA.

Our fences can last for about 25-30 years, which is more than metal or wood. A vinyl fence does not rot, warp, rust, or fade. It is capable of standing tall under all weather conditions. Vinyl fencing demands simple cleaning occasionally. Use a wet cloth and soap to wipe the fences. You can also use a garden hose to wash the fences once every fortnight.

Install colorful vinyl fences or a white one

Get colorful fences at the Duramax store that can add vibrancy to your yard. Choose the shade by considering factors that include your property’s color, which color your family prefers, and we can also suggest a shade. You can also prefer installing a subtle white, tan or beige color fence. 

The fences are recyclable and free from toxic elements during the manufacturing process. This makes the fences safe to touch for kids and pets. It also does not matter if they lick the fences by any chance. Duramax contributes to making the environment greener by manufacturing recyclable fences. 

Order Duramax fences online

Please visit the Duramax Fence website for information about various vinyl fences and an online shopping experience. Buy Vinyl Fencing online from Duramax by sitting at home or from anywhere else. Request for a quote.

Why you should install a traditional rail ranch fence in the USA

USA made vinyl fence

Are you fond of traditional ranch rail fences? These fences are very popular in the USA. These are installed around horse ranches and farms. Fences are exposed not only to the sunlight but all-weather conditions. Installing a fence involves a high cost so that any homeowner would settle for a long-lasting fence. There was a time when the choice of materials was limited. But now you can choose between vinyl, wood or metal. After installing wooden and metal fencing for centuries, homeowners have realized that both the materials require repairs or replacement. Vinyl fencing is again an extremely popular choice because of the advantages.

A vinyl ranch rail fence is mostly installed around the perimeter of the field that has horses inside. A vinyl ranch rail fence uses horizontal railing and perpendicular posts. A vinyl fence can stand the intensity of the Northwest and Southwest sun. Duramax vinyl fences are made using the Duraresin formulation. This offers durability and strength. Also, the fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors. This ensures UV stability and protection against all weather conditions.

USA-made vinyl fencing from Duramax

Are you looking for a USA-made vinyl fence? Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for almost 25 years. The Duramax website brings to you an online shopping experience. Duramax ranks on the top of search engines. Our website brings various types of fences under one roof. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl making the fences waterproof. Vinyl fences are not prone to rotting, warping or bending. Our fences are modern and offer a carefree performance. The fences are so durable that they can endure extreme pressure. The fences do not split or crack if any livestock barges into the fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph.

Get customized vinyl fences

Duramax offers adjustable and customized fences. It is easy to modify every rail as per your requirements. You can also choose the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing. Duramax does not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ concept, hence customization. It is simple to install and uninstall the fences. A local contractor can complete the installation process in a few hours. Choose the number of rails according to your requirements. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 ranch rail fences. We would recommend a 3-rail ranch fence. Choose an affordable vinyl fencing solution from Duramax.

Vinyl fences have a smooth performance

Vinyl fences have a very smooth surface that does not attract a lot of dust or bacteria. The fences are easy to clean and do not require daily maintenance. Wash the fences occasionally with water and detergent to keep them clean.

Duramax fences are recyclable

Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fence is safe for kids to touch and pets to lick. Choose Duramax for affordable vinyl fencing. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA, so the fences are affordable to USA homeowners. Connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to buy vinyl fencing—request a quote.

Best-selling Fences for Homes & Properties

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

Best-selling Fences for Homes & Properties

Ever wonder what makes homes beautiful inside and out?

Apart from the structural design of your house, your fences contribute a lot to your property’s overall look.

By making sure you have the fence in town, you are one step away from that “house feature” in one of the magazines. No, we’re not kidding!

Let me tell you how.

More and more contractors and even property owners are using Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences. This, probably, is one of the hottest fencing materials the US Market has, exceeding our expectations. But of course, a prospective client or contractor should first identify the purpose of installing fences around the property to waste time, resources, and effort.

Are our vinyl fences new to you? Read more here:

Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences are something you should look for when choosing the fences for your lovely abode and even your projects. Ask us why? Well, it certainly has standards your old choice of fences don’t have. Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences are made from advanced DuraResin Formulation, allowing the fences to endure the sun’s extreme heat, especially during hot summer days. Its manufacturing team employs leading UV inhibitors and 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide, making their fences durable more than ever.

Choose from any of its designs depending on your purpose. They have Duragrain Privacy, Privacy, Semi-Privacy, Post & Rail, Perimeter, Pool, Traditional, and even wall toppers. Name it. They have it!

Not only that! The color, style, and even texture of your chosen PVC Vinyl Fences should be part of your consideration too. One of the best-selling fences includes the natural wood grain texture, which creates a pseudo-wood look and feels on your fencing. You can also opt to mix and match the colors to match your preference and the house’s color. Need not worry about discoloration because Duramax has a color protection guarantee.

Need more details? Check out this link to know:

Are you ready for your background makeover project? Call Duramax Fencing Experts now at 323-861-3606 and ask about the products and services they can offer.

You can also learn more about Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences by visiting their website and talking to our LiveChat agents.

Duramax vinyl fence panel is becoming more popular in the USA – Know the reasons behind it!

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

An ordinary vinyl fence panel can instantly change the look and feel of the front yard. Why not add an extra edge by purchasing a well-designed vinyl picket fence from Duramax? The fence does not only add security to your yard. The fence is also responsible to add beauty to the otherwise dull space. The picket fences are traditional fences suited for old homes. The vinyl picket fence adds the traditional old-world charm. However, if you are fond of privacy and want to protect your yard from unwanted observances, then the Duramax vinyl privacy fence should be your ideal choice. With the option for customization, homeowners can now choose the fence style, type, size, shape and color.

Maintain your privacy with a vinyl privacy fence

Privacy is a priority and that’s the reason why fences are so popular. The vinyl privacy fence can be customized as per your specifications. There are plenty of fencing designs available at Duramax. The lattice fence, the dog-eared fence, the convex fence, the shadowbox fence and the list goes on. Have a design in mind, then talk to the Duramax experts to fix a customized design that would complement the look of your property and at the same time offer you complete privacy. Duramax offers privacy fencing in all customized styles for upgrading and beautifying your property.

Picket fences – Designs galore at Duramax

The traditional vinyl picket fence comes in a variety of design. Surf the Duramax website and pick the design of your choice. The white vinyl picket fence has a classic appeal. The Duramax white fences are popular as they don’t lose their color for years. No need to repainting the fence and no staining makes Duramax white fences a top favorite. Easy to install, waterproof and corrosion-free, vinyl fences have become America’s favorite.

Get the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Duramax fences are famous for their durability. The vinyl fences are formulated from DruaResinTM vinyl that’s designed to withstand the scorching Southwest sun. The vinyl fence panel gets its durability feature as it’s manufactured with 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Duramax has been manufacturing fences for 25 years in Southern California. The line of vinyl products manufactured by Duramax can sustain extreme weather conditions and last for decades battling the scorching heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun.

Fond of wooden fences – Check out the Duragrain fencing from Duramax

The wooden fences have a traditional appeal. The only problem is that wooden fences are not durable and high-maintenance. Shift to the vinyl fence panel to get durability and more resistance against weather damage. Duramax offers the Duragrain fencing option. The Duragrain fences are unique and an ideal alternative to the wooden fence. The Duragrain fence is a vinyl fence that looks and feels like wooden fences. Although the Duragrain fence appears like wood, the strength, resistivity and durability are of vinyl.

Buy directly from the manufacturer 

Save on money by directly buying from the manufacturer. Duramax is the manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vinyl fence panels. To get the best value for your money, contact the experts today. Ask for a quote and request a free consultation.

Install PVC Vinyl Fences this Summer

buy traditional fences

Install PVC Vinyl Fences this Summer

Summertime is coming!

It’s time to hype up your sales and make the most out of the season.

Contractors find this time the best time to start pitching and sending proposals to companies and property owners. Now is also the perfect time for most establishments to do some structural improvements and renovations. Not many people will be distracted by the installation because mobility is limited due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Your search for quality fencing material is over! We found material not available from most of your suppliers and big box stores that will surely make your project worth your client’s investment.

Take this time to know more about Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences. Here are some basic facts you should know.

It is durable

Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences is true to its mantra, “Engineered for maximum durability,” and many of our partner contractors and even clients can attest to that. Check out some of the feedback here: As compared to wood and metal fences, Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences can withstand extreme temperature and moisture outdoors. It is resistant to wear and tear, too, and doesn’t require restaining or painting annually. Check out this review to know more:

It is quality-oriented

Don’t be captivated only by words. Stick to the actual quality of the fences you will use for your project because your company’s reputation is trying to maintain at the end of the day. You want to get a good review from your clients and even get referred to their connections. Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences is really your way to go. Ask us why? Well, its certifications and memberships from organizations like American Fence Association (AFA), the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and Better Business Bureau (BBB) can speak for themselves.

It is built to last

Don’t worry much about the repair, especially if the fences are already aging. Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences has a limited lifetime, transferable, and non prorated warranty, so your client’s fences are for sure covered. Amazing, isn’t it?

As contractors, knowing how to maintain fences after installation is a must. This goes to show how well you know your project. More about PVC Vinyl Fence maintenance here:

Enquire now about Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences at 323-861-3606, and tell them about your projects. You may check out their products on their website:

And hey! If you are a contractor, you can also request a quotation for FREE! Simply fill out this form:

How about installing traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax?

white vinyl fence

Do you love to install a traditional fence around your front yard? Many homeowners love traditionalism. Most homes are modern and installing a conventional fence around them could look mesmerizing. It is about combining traditionalism with modernism. 

Vinyl styles are elegant, and their accuracy depends on the craftsmanship. Are you planning to buy traditional vinyl fencing in the USA? Duramax manufactures various types of vinyl fences in the USA. Our fences are traditional and have a modern touch. They also offer a carefree performance. We are aware of the various fencing styles as we are manufacturing fences for the last 20 years. A lot of customers buy traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax. 

Choose your vinyl fence style

Some of the styles of conventional vinyl fences that are worth trying are scallop spade fence, spade picket fence, straight dog ear picket fence etc. We are catering to customers and customizing fences for a long time. By now we know what homeowners are interested in. We try to keep ourselves updated about various fence types, styles and requirements. 

What is special about a Duramax fence?

The fences are made using Duraresin formulation. This gives durability to the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. The fences offer UV stability and weatherability. The vinyl fences have extreme resistivity towards heat, cold, wind, impact, and pressure. This material is not prone to rotting, rusting, or crumbling. Our fence styles include privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, picket fences, perimeter fences, pool fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, scallop fences, rail ranches, and more.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

The fences are easy to clean and simple to maintain. Vinyl fences do not attract a lot of impurities, so cleaning is not a hassle. Regular cleaning is not necessary. Wash the fences with a hose or wipe with a damp cloth and detergent once every fortnight. 

Our fences last for 20-25 years

Installing a fence is an expensive home improvement option. Homeowners with their fences last longer. Vinyl is a modern material that is used to design durable fences. Vinyl fences have a very long shelf life. Despite the fences enduring external weather conditions, they can last for 20-25 years which is excellent. Installing a vinyl fence can save you from the hands of reinvestment. 

Hassle free installation

Duramax fences are simple to install. The fences have a strong routing system and a secure locking mechanism. Hire a local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation. 

Do you have a wall that needs extension in terms of height? You can install a vinyl wall topper and get a wall extension in no time. Our fences and toppers are made in the USA. The products are free from all toxic elements and can be recycled. 

Install vinyl wall toppers

Our toppers last in severe weather conditions and can endure the Southwest sun. The colorful toppers do not fade or warp easily. Duramax also manufactures concealed fences that offer necessary privacy to your yard or lawn. Our fences and accessories are superior in all aspects compared to our competitors. Now you can shop for fences online and get lifetime warranties.

Installing a vinyl fence is like installing your favorite accessory around your property

custom vinyl fencing

A fence installed around a home is like installing an accessory. Fences were used as a styling element since ancient times. Homeowners use various types of fences to make their property secure. There are various types of fences available in the market. Wooden and metal fences always existed but now vinyl is the most modern fencing material. Homeowners in the USA have accepted vinyl fencing because of its numerous advantages. Installing a fence involves certain expenses. Hence, homeowners are generally looking for an affordable yet long-lasting option. 

Duramax fences are made of Duraresin formulation

Usually fences cannot endure extreme weather conditions consistently for many years, demanding a re-investment which is not worth it. Vinyl fences have helped homeowners overcome this problem. A vinyl fence panel is resistant to water, heat, cold and other extreme weather conditions. Most homeowners are worried due to the intense Southwest sun. Feel the difference by installing a vinyl picket fence around your yard for security and beauty. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation which gives durability and strength to the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives UV and weather- resistivity to the fences. This is the specialty of Duramax fences. This acts as a layer barring the UVA and UVB rays from harming the fences.

100% pure vinyl fences

Duramax in the USA is dedicated to manufacturing vinyl fences from 100% pure vinyl. A lot of customers have relied on our fencing and they are satisfied. We have been manufacturing fences for more than 20 years now. Our vinyl fences are beautiful, sleek, and have a traditional touch. Duramax manufactures fences of various styles, and they have a carefree performance. Some common vinyl fence types include vinyl picket fence, scallop fences, classic ones, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more. Get customized solutions if you have planned to install a fence.

Non-toxic fences that need regular cleaning

Duramax fences have a solid routing system, and there are no screws visible on the fence body. Our engineers take care to ensure that the fences retain their beauty. The fences can ensure pressure and impact. They are tested by exposing the fences to a wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Vinyl fences do not attract dirt or impurities. The fences have a very smooth surface which does not allow bacteria to thrive on them. Also, the fences are not made of any toxic elements. Duramax vinyl fences do not need regular cleaning and rigorous maintenance. Wipe with a damp cloth and soap once every fortnight to keep the fences clean. You can also wash the fences with water and mild detergent to keep them clean. 

Install a colorful vinyl fence or a white fence

Install a colorful vinyl fence from Duramax and make your neighbors envious. You can also choose colors like white, tan and beige. Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory in the USA. This ensures affordability. The fences are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, designs, and heights. The fences do not require repairs or repainting.  

Are you planning a fencing project soon?
Choose to have a consultation with the Duramax experts. We are among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Shop from the Duramax online store and get good discounts. Request for a quote.

The salient features of vinyl fencing that makes it the most popular choice

custom vinyl fencing

Are you planning to renovate the exterior of your property? A beautiful fence around your property can offer an ideal facelift. A great fence adds security to your property. So how would you install a beautiful yet long-lasting fence? There are various styles of fences available and also different types of fencing material. Most people complain of a fence getting damaged by various weather conditions. After much research vinyl fences came into the market claiming that it is durable and extremely long-lasting. In recent years vinyl fences have delivered excellent results. Now it is one of the most preferred fencing materials.

A good-performance vinyl fencing is made of 100% virgin vinyl. The fences are water, heat and cold resistant, can endure pressure, and do not crack under any impact. Duramax in the USA is dedicated to manufacturing superior quality vinyl fencing for the past 20 years. We are renowned for designing a wide range of styles, including scallop fences, privacy and semi-privacy fences, pool, picket, perimeter fencing, ranch rails, and more. The fences look beautiful and have a solid performance. 

Unique Duraresin formulation

Duramax fences are exclusive because they are made of the unique Duraresin formulation. This adds strength and durability to the fences that no other material can offer. The engineers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to make the fences Ultra Violet ray (UVA, UVB) and weather resistant. Now there is no fearing that the Southwest sun might ruin your fence. The fences are passed through a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph and tested for longevity. 

How about installing a colorful fence around your yard?

Duramax designs vibrant color fences which make your property stand out. Choose the color that matches your property. Please do not bother about the fences fading out because vinyl does not lose its color. You can also choose some subtle shades like tan, beige and white. You can also install an elegant white vinyl fence. Homeowners have experienced white fences getting dirty or turning yellow since a fence is installed outside the property. But vinyl white fences remain as it is with little maintenance. They do not ever turn yellow with time. 

Simple cleaning and quick installation

Clean the fences occasionally to get rid of the dust accumulating on the surface. Wash or wipe the fences sometimes to retain their shine and looks. Vinyl having a smooth surface does not attract a lot of impurities. 

Our fences are simple and quick to install. You can hire an expert contractor for the installation. The fences have a rigid routing system and a reliable locking facility. The fences look perfect, as there are no visible brackets or screws.

Consult with the Duramax experts

You can visit the Duramax website for custom vinyl fencing. We try to give you an exclusive fencing experience. Shop from the Duramax website for the right kind of fencing. You can look at the products and order online. It is time to throw away your old fence and install a new one. Do you wish to consult with the Duramax experts? Order a new fence and get offers and discounts. Get a limited warranty on our products.

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