Installing a traditional vinyl fencing around your front yard and wall toppers to extend a low stone wall

best vinyl fence

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional wooden or metal fencing? A vinyl fence is a perfect choice when you are looking for an alternative. Wooden fences are beautiful, while metal fences are tough, but both have their drawbacks. A vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride, which is a very durable material with many advantages. Vinyl fences are elegant, stylish and offer a modern touch to your yard.

The types of vinyl fences

A lot of homeowners still love to install a traditional fence around their yard. Traditional fences have a rustic and elegant look and feel, which vinyl fences can still offer. This is why you need to get in touch with a renowned and experienced fence manufacturer. Duramax is a top-class fence manufacturer in the USA. We have been designing fences for the past 20 years or even more. We design various types and sizes of vinyl fences, including privacy fences, semi-private, pool fences, picket, perimeter fences, scallop, ranch rails, and more. 

Our DuraGrain range of fences

There is good news for homeowners who love wooden fences but fear installing them due to heavy maintenance. Duramax has its DuraGrain product line that designs vinyl fences looking similar to wooden ones. The designs and the texture look so similar that it is very difficult to determine the material. Vinyl fences that look like wood are heavy-duty fences that do not rot or get infested by termites. Buy traditional Vinyl Fencing and you get the look of wooden fences are a much more durable option. 

Vinyl fences and toppers are very simple to maintain as they do not require staining or painting. Vinyl fences are not prone to scratches; they are non-porous and impermeable. The fences do not require daily cleaning. Wash the fences occasionally without fearing dampness. A vinyl fence is ideal for your pets and kids because you do not have to worry about splinters like in a wooden fence. Also, Duramax fences are free from toxic elements, making them safe to touch or lick for pets and kids.

Install vinyl wall toppers

Now you have a low wall in your backyard and wish to add more security? Now you do not have to rebuild; rather, install a wall topper. Duramax has introduced vinyl wall toppers that can endure the intense Southwest and Northwest sun, and other extreme weather conditions. You do not need to pay any extra fees for adding the rows of block walls. Installing wall toppers is a very unique and efficient procedure. The toppers look flawless as there are no visible screws or brackets on the body. It is all there internally like our vinyl fences. The toppers are protected from water stains, cracking, chipping, peeling, rotting and termites. Duramax Wall Toppers are usually 2’ in height and 8’ in width, but we customize them according to your requirements.

Final words

Buy Vinyl Fencing and toppers online from our online portal. Reach Duramax for affordable vinyl fencing solutions. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our products.

An occasional fence cleaning spree with your family – Know more about vinyl fencing

custom vinyl fencing

A nicely maintained fence around your property can look beautiful and increase its value. Wooden and metal fences are famous for their rigorous maintenance. Homeowners take a lot of effort and a good sum for preserving the fences. There was a time when people could hardly think of an alternative, but it is not the same anymore. It is time to give up shabby fences and install a new one that would remain in fantastic condition for years.

Fencing was popular even in the ’60s but there has been a lot of technological advancement over the years, which is how vinyl fencing was born. A vinyl fence is extremely popular for being a low-maintenance fencing option. Vinyl is a very durable material and has plenty of advantages. This is the reason why the fencing experts are using vinyl to make various types of fences. It has been quite a few years since vinyl fences have gained popularity. Most homeowners in the USA now prefer to install a vinyl fence. If you are planning a custom vinyl fencing project soon, reading the blog will help you decide.

The fences do not require cleaning

How would you like to enjoy a fence cleaning session with your kids suddenly on any weekend? Well, cleaning using a garden hose is fun when it is not a chore. This is exactly what you can do after installing a vinyl fence. They do not require regular cleaning, which saves effort and time. Vinyl is a smooth material that does not attract dust and impurities. So, the fences remain clean even after being exposed to the environment. Vinyl fences require occasional washing or wiping with a damp cloth and soap.

Choose a fence of your favorite color

You also have the liberty to install a fence of any color shade. A white fence made from any other material tends to turn yellow due to oxidation. But a white color vinyl fence stunningly remains white even if years pass by. Check and clean it only if little dust accumulates, which is a very natural phenomenon. When you install coloring fences, there is no fear that the color will fade out due to sunlight, rain, or other conditions. Some of the elegant colors are tan and beige, which are worth trying out as well. 

Buy vinyl fencing online

The renowned manufacturers choose vinyl over any other material to design fences. It is very important to buy vinyl fencing in the USA from a renowned manufacturer to experience the difference. Duramax is one of the leading fence manufacturers in the USA. Our fence designs include picket fences, perimeter fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, scallop fences, and pool fences…etc. 

There is no need to visit our store, and we know how bad the pandemic has been for homeowners and our business. Duramax has its website, a super smooth and secure online portal from which to order fences. You can explore an inventory full of a variety of fences. Hire a local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Consult with the Duramax fence experts

Ask for a free sample, have a consultation with the Duramax experts. Order fences online and get a limited lifetime warranty. If you choose to install a Duramax fence in your yard, the Duramax team can help you. Talk to a Fence Expert today at 800-483-4674.

Are our vinyl fences worth investing in? Hear what Duramax says

affordable vinyl fencing

Here is an answer to the question of why vinyl rail ranch fences are popular in the USA. An American-made, modern ranch rail fence is made from the highest-quality vinyl and offers top-class service for years. The fence will not crack or split under any pressure or impact. Fences made of other materials might wear out or break if livestock bumps against the railing but a vinyl fence can stand tall. 

Are our vinyl ranch rail fences long-lasting? Are they better than wood or metal and do the same job? These are some of the common questions we get from our clients. Reading this blog will be an answer to all your queries.

Duramax fences and its endurance

A vinyl ranch rail fence can endure the external weather conditions which include the intense Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made by formulating Duraresin which helps in making the products durable and resistant. Our engineers also use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and a unique range of UV inhibitors that protect the fences from UVA and UVB rays and external weather conditions.

We customize with your budget

Duramax specializes in manufacturing various types of vinyl fences, and we believe in offering customized solutions. Duramax fences include perimeter fencing, picket fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, and scallop fences…etc. If you cannot decide which style fence to install, talk and consult with our experts. Talk to us regarding your choices, requirements and budget. If you are looking for a fence around your farm or stable, we recommend a 3 rail ranch fence.

DuraGrain – Vinyl fences having a wooden look

Our products and client reviews speak louder about the quality we deliver. We are into manufacturing the finest fences for the past 20-30 years in the USA. By now, we have seen so many homeowners choose vinyl fences to replace old wooden or metal ones. We have also dealt with a client who is fond of wooden fences and cannot make an easy decision. We care for your passion and emotions because a fence is a home improvement solution. A beautiful fence installed around your property or farm makes you happy and secure. Duramax has the DuraGrain range of products where we design vinyl fences that look similar to wood. These fences guarantee no rotting, no termites, no painting, and extreme durability, 3 times more than timber. 

Affordability is one of our USP

Duramax fences are checked for quality and manufacturing defects before it is shipped to your location. The fences are ASTM-certified and have a fire rating. It is your destination for low-maintenance and affordable vinyl fencing.

The cost factor depends on the design, the number of rails, the style and the craftsmanship. Shell out a little more in installing a vinyl fence which can last for 20 years or more. Duramax vinyl fences have a secure routing system and a flawless look with no visible brackets or screws. One contractor is enough for an affordable vinyl fence installation.

Duramax – top-class vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality PVC fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. We are among the top-class vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. Reach us for a consultation and request a quote.

Do’s and Dont’s of DIY Vinyl Fence Installation

vinyl fencing manufacturers

The benefits of installing vinyl fencing include the advantage of privacy, an increase in your property value, and an aesthetic design. A lot of homeowners are interested in getting a nice vinyl fence but are looking for a more affordable vinyl fencing installation out there. Many never had the idea to buy traditional vinyl fencing and install it yourself.

As stated above, when you choose to buy traditional vinyl fencing and seek a means of affordable vinyl fencing installation, the cheapest means is that of doing the job yourself. You will assuredly save money in the long run—but only if you make sure to follow the proper procedures for installation.

Unlike traditional fencing of the past, you will not have to deal with difficult brackets and screws on each post. However, it will best serve you to take a look at the job in its entirety before beginning and make yourself aware of some of the most common pitfalls that such an endeavor may have.

If you want your hard work to turn out the best it can, there are a few dos and don’ts that you will want to follow to make sure that the process runs smoothly and ends successfully.

Prepare the Yard

Before any construction begins, make sure to dial 811 and have your underground utilities marked for safety. Jumping in and digging without knowing what you are digging into is not only unsafe, it can prove to be costly if any mistakes are made.


Space the posts appropriately

Proper installation of vinyl fencing will determine how long it lasts and how well it holds up to the elements. Vinyl fencing is constructed to stand up to high winds and minor impacts because it has the ability to bend without breaking. If you install your posts too closely together, the vinyl fencing panels will become too rigid, which will hamper the panel’s ability to bend and give. This rigidness, in turn, could cause damage to the panels during times of high winds or stress.

Vinyl fencing panels will also expand during the hotter days of the summer. If the posts are set too closely together, there will be room available for the panels to expand adequately—which could possibly cause buckling and warping.


No shallow holes

The most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that your fencing is only as strong and durable as the posts that are supporting it. This factor is why it is vital not to dig your post holes too shallow and to set the posts firmly. If you are in an area that is prone to high winds or has loose soil, this is an even more vital step to remember.

Finding affordable vinyl fencing installation can seem like an arduous task. But, it doesn’t have to if you consider taking the step to installing the fencing yourself. Buy traditional vinyl fencing for the best prices at!

Duramax has seen a growing trend in demand for privacy and semi-privacy fences

custom vinyl fencing

Privacy fences are mainly for those who are looking for some extra seclusion from their neighbors. These fences can also help to decorate the yard. Fences are made of different materials like metal, wood, vinyl, and there are masonry fences. Choose a fence depending on your budget, requirements and time. Vinyl fences have advantages that other fencing materials do not offer. Vinyl privacy fence panels are available in kits from the fence manufacturers or home and garden centers. Vinyl fences are lightweight, they can be taller than stone and wooden fences and are available in a wide variety.

Homeowners prefer installing vinyl fences

Simple fences that have existed since the 60’s probably or even before, and homeowners love to install fences even now. The fencing industry has undergone immense development, and various types of fences have been designed. Most homes in the USA are equipped with fences, and most are planning to invest in a new one. Homeowners who are eager to install fences prefer installing vinyl fences. Do you know why people plan to invest in the best vinyl fence while they already have one installed? 

Install a vinyl white color fence

Fences made from any other material other than vinyl that can perish after a few years. Metal fences can rust white wooden fences can rot, but vinyl fences can stand time. What are your experiences with a white color fence? Duramax has connected and interacted with clients who have concerns with white fences. Most of them have complained the fences are turning yellow very quickly. But Duramax vinyl fences that are painted white do not turn yellowish with time. Vinyl is a material that requires the least maintenance and no repainting. If you require installing a privacy vinyl fence, choose from a variety of colors we offer. 

ASTM-certified low maintenance vinyl fences

If you feel that a privacy fence might make you feel claustrophobic, choose a semi-privacy fence from Duramax. We also manufacture perimeter fencing, vinyl picket fence, pool fences, ranch rail fences, scallop fences and more. Duramax fences are ASTM-F964 certified, which is considered higher in the fencing industry. Duramax fences are extremely long-lasting. The fences remain in superb condition for about 20-25 years despite being exposed to all weather and environmental conditions. Vinyl fences do not require daily or rigorous cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning the fences once every fortnight. Vinyl fences have a very smooth finish, so the surface does not attract dirt or bacteria.

Duramax – designing USA made vinyl fences

Are you looking for a USA-made vinyl fence? Now you do not need to visit the store, rather shop online. We have a plethora of 100% virgin vinyl fences in our inventory. Talk to our consultants, and we can help you choose the right kind of fence. We have seen a growing demand for privacy and semi-privacy fences in recent times. You can trust Duramax’s quality seal as all the fences are tested for quality before it is shipped to your site. Order a fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty—request a quote.

Reduce maintenance costs by installing a vinyl fence around your property

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Why do we install a fence around our home? The two main reasons for having a fence are security and decorative purpose. Installing a fence is a serious investment so homeowners try to reduce the maintenance costs. A fence is installed outside the house so it should be able to stand the unpredictable environmental conditions and situation. There are different types of materials used to manufacture fences, wood, metal and plastic. Wood and metal fences existed since the ’60s or even before that. It took many years of research to design a material that is now even more popular than any other fencing material.

Knowing the pros of a vinyl fence

Yes, if you guessed vinyl, then you are right. By now, you might have also installed a vinyl fence around your yard. If you are looking for further improvement, you can add accessories to your fence or customize further. But there are still many who are still looking for durable fencing material. Try installing a vinyl fence around your front or back yard.

Vinyl fences are extremely durable because vinyl can endure heat, cold, strong wind, high pressure and impact. The fences are made of 100% virgin vinyl which makes the fences water and bacteria resistant. Due to the advent of vinyl fences, many homeowners are replacing their old fences with new ones. Vinyl has a set of advantages that most other materials do not have.

Are you already planning to install a vinyl fence around your property?

 The installation process is very simple and requires no additional expenses. Hire a local fence contractor in your area for a seamless installation. You can choose a DIY installation only if you are an expert in it. Vinyl fences are not prone to rust, rotting and discoloration. 

Beautiful fences that offer carefree performance

Get beautiful and modern fences from Duramax that have traditional performance. The fences have a sturdy routing system and a safety locking mechanism. We design flawless fences that do not have any visible screws on its body. Customized Duramax fences have a carefree performance. 

Are you looking for a fence company in the USA?

Duramax has been manufacturing fences for over 20 years. Duramax is a trusted manufacturer in the USA designing a variety of vinyl fences. Our fences include vinyl picket fence, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more.

The sun rays cannot penetrate

Duramax vinyl fences are protected against the extreme northwest and southwest sun. The fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which offer weather and UV resistivity. Duramax uses the special Duraresin coating which gives strength and rigidity to the fences. A vinyl fence can easily last without showing any signs of damage for more than 20-30 years.

Duramax – Get a customized solution

It is time to choose your favorite vinyl fence color shade. Yes, you heard it right. Choose pastel shades or you can opt for white, beige, or tan shades. Duramax is among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Duramax has an interactive website where you can place your order online. The fences come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Duramax ranch rail fence – It is a mix of traditional and modern fencing

Ranch Rail fence

If you are in love with traditional fencing, a ranch rail fence is ideal for you. Modern fence manufacturers have also kept in mind that many people still prefer not panels but rails. Homeowners say that traditional fences are easy to install but modern fence panels are not complex. It is important to design fences based on the taste of the homeowners.

A rail ranch is a traditional style fence

Duramax brings to you traditional and modern fences that have a carefree performance. It has been over 20 years that we are catering to the fencing market. We have seen people accepting vinyl fences because of the advantages that metal and wood do not have. But we have also seen how homeowners are fond of wooden fences, their rich look and style. For instance, we would never let you down. We bring to you the Duragrain range which is vinyl fencing that looks akin to wood.

Install a ranch rail fence if you want to introduce a traditional touch to your property, be it a farm or a country home. Ranch rails are very commonly installed around horse stables. These fences usually run around the perimeter of the field. You can install the number of rails as per your requirements. We can install 2, 3 or 4 rails, but we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. 

A vinyl fence panel is beautiful and durable

They can withstand extreme pressure and impact. The fences do not split or crack if any cattle barge into the fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Our fences can also endure the intensity of the Northwest and Southwest sun.

Simple hassle-free cleaning

The fences have a strong routing system and there are no visible screws that can mar the look of the fences. A vinyl fence panel has a very smooth surface. Vinyl is not prone to accumulating impurities and bacteria. You do not have to clean the fences regularly; occasional cleaning is good. You can wipe the rails or panels with a damp cloth and detergent or wash the fences every month.

Installing a vinyl fence is a very simple procedure that can be completed within a few hours. One experienced contractor is sufficient to complete the installation in a few hours.

Install a beautiful vinyl fence

Are you planning to install a vinyl fence around your property? Duramax offers adjustable and customized fences. It is easy to modify every rail of a ranch rail fence as per your requirements. You can also choose the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets because they tend to touch or lick anytime. Duramax fences are affordable to USA residents. We have a manufacturing unit in the USA where we can design solutions at a lower cost. Connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to invest in vinyl fencing—request a quote.

Duramax Fencing—When You Demand The Best

vinyl fencing manufacturers

One question that many individuals ask is—are all vinyl fences the same? In many ways, they are, but there are many ways in which they differ. Duramax fences, a USA-made vinyl fencing, is held to a much stricter level of quality than that of most other backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers.

The next question that comes up is if PVC fencing and vinyl fencing are the same—in one way, they are, but there are differences in other ways. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a typical compound formulation used in manufacturing USA-made vinyl fencing.


You have probably heard of PVC before when referencing plumbing, electrical insulation, and several other construction areas. PVC offers a multitude of various benefits, including a somewhat high ratio of strength-to-weight, carries a low cost to produce, and offers a long lifespan.

Backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers use PVC as the main compound in the construction of vinyl fencing. This PVC is the main component used; however, some manufacturers combine the PVC with such formulations of vinyl compounds as polyvinyl acetate (used in the creation of wood glue), and polyacrylonitrile (a commonly used acrylic fiber).


Including these compounds has led many backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers to use and interchange the terms of “vinyl” and “PVC”. However, in actuality, referring to a vinyl fence in the same terms as a PVC is somewhat of an inaccuracy, in that USA-made vinyl fencing contains much more than just the compounds of PVC.

Many consumers assume that being that USA-made vinyl fence and fences have the same basic chemical makeup, that they are all basically the same product, only referred to by different brand names. This belief, on the contrary, is far from the truth. With USA-made vinyl fencing in specific, vinyl fencing can and does widely vary in terms of their overall quality—even more so than the traditional wood fencing of old.


It all boils down to one thing—if you want the long-lasting quality of a fence you can rely on, you need to make sure that the backyard vinyl fencing manufacturer you are purchasing from is not only reliable but one that you can trust—such as here at Duramax fences.

Over the years, many of the “big box” and those home improvement stores have only served to give vinyl fencing a lousy reputation and name. These types of companies lean towards selling fences of a cheaper grade which the fence posts and panels have proven to not stand up to the test of time.


On the other hand, here at Duramax fences, we offer USA-made vinyl fencing that is specially constructed to provide the best performance over the most extended length of time—and at the best prices on the market today. Our fences also offer the special additives of both UV inhibitors and high-quality, long-lasting dyes and colors.

If you find yourself looking to build a fence, make sure you contact one of the best backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the business—Duramax fencing. You will be glad you did.


Vinyl fences are extremely popular among homeowners in the USA

vinyl picket fence

Are you still deciding whether you need a fence or not? Proper fencing not only increases the security of your property but also heightens the value of your home. It is an external accessory that is installed in the front and the backyard. Fences are not simply designed for keeping animals and trespassers out, but they also keep kids and pets inside. If you have great fencing, you have more peace of mind.

What is a great fence?

You are ready to invest a good sum in installing a fence that should possess endurance and be long-lasting. Wood and metal are both extremely tough materials which is a good choice but not great. These materials do not stand the test of time as they have drawbacks like rotting, termites, rusting, fading, and even breaking. After much research, vinyl fences were invented. Vinyl is a very durable material that can endure all external conditions, and does not fade or break. Vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which makes the fences highly redundant.

Vinyl is a low-maintenance material

Fencing is a very common home improvement accessory in the USA. Most homes have fences but no one loves to have a dilapidated fence around. Most homeowners have shifted to vinyl fencing, which looks new for many years. Also, many try installing a white color elegant vinyl fence without fearing it would turn yellow with time. Also, a vinyl fence has a smooth, crease-free surface which does not attract a lot of impurities. 

A vinyl fence requires the least maintenance, which gives you more time to focus on other stuff. Occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or washing the fences with water is good. The fences repel moisture and keep away mold and bacteria. Washing the fences is no hassle or worry because it would only clean the outer part instead of harming. 

Duramax customizes vinyl fences

There are many vinyl fencing manufacturers, but the challenge is to find an experienced one. Duramax manufactures and designs customized fencing solutions and wall toppers for the last 20 years. Our fence type and styles include privacy fencing, vinyl Picket Fence, pool fences, perimeter fencing, scallop fences, ranch rails and more. Duramax fences are beautiful, traditional and offer a carefree performance. The fences have a severe routing system and a flawless look with no extra screws visible on their surface.

Install a fence of any color

Why only install white, tan or beige color fences? Duramax brings colorful fences that can make your property look exciting and stand out. Choose a shade of your choice and install a fence color that matches the rest of your property. 

Consult with the Duramax experts

Do you wish to install a vinyl fence panel around your front/back yard? Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory in the USA, which makes our fences affordable. The fences are free from toxins and are recyclable. Choose to have a consultation with the Duramax experts. Choose from the range of fences, place your order online, and avail attractive offers and discounts. Get a limited lifetime warranty on all our products.

Why should you choose to install USA-made vinyl fencing?

vinyl perimeter fences

Security and beautification are the top two reasons for fence installation. Most homes in the USA are equipped with fences. Wood and metal were once the two most common fencing materials you would see around. But slowly, you will see more vinyl fences that have replaced wood and metal ones. Are you confused about which fence material to choose while planning to buy a perimeter vinyl fencing?

Why do you think people are more interested in USA-made vinyl fences? The fences made of vinyl are more advantageous than fences made of any other material. Vinyl is an extremely durable material that is not made from 100% virgin vinyl. Vinyl fences do not break or bend; they can endure impact and extreme weather conditions. If you love the rich look of wooden fences, there are options for you. Duramax Duragrain fences are vinyl ones that look similar to wooden fences. You do not have to worry about rotting and termites.

Fencing is an important aspect of home improvement, so you are ready to invest a good sum. But you would also wish for a long-lasting solution. Vinyl fences can last for at least 20-30 years with very little maintenance. Fences are installed outside so it needs occasional cleaning and washing. Vinyl fences have a very smooth surface that does not attract moisture or impurities. Clean the fences sometimes with a damp cloth using a light detergent. Do not worry because the fences are chemical-resistant. You can also wash the fences with water without worrying about the fences soaking water.

Are you interested in installing USA-made vinyl fencing? Reach Duramax Fences in the USA for some interesting deals. We manufacture various types of fences that come in a variety of styles and colors. Our fences are ASTM-certified and tested for quality before it is shipped to your site. Our fences are eco-friendly and non-toxic, which makes the fences safe for kids and pets.

Duramax has been designing fences for more than 20 years and has gained a lot of experience in modern fencing and consumer choices. We have a manufacturing unit in the USA, so our fences are affordable for USA homeowners.

You have the liberty to shop for fences without stepping out of your home. Browse through our online catalog, and you can also place your order online. We offer seasonal discounts and sales. Get a limited lifetime warranty.

The fences are simple to install without investing in any additional tools and parts. The fences have an excellent routing system, and there are no visible screws on the sleek fence bodies. Duramax fences have a traditional look and offer a carefree performance.
Duramax vinyl fences are hassle-free to install and do not involve any additional expenses. Invest a little sum in hiring an expert local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation. We do not recommend DIY installation unless you are an expert in it.

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