Duramax’s quality-assured vinyl fences and gates – What all you need to know

affordable vinyl fencing installation

Securing your property line is something that needs to be done on an urgent basis. Fences and patios add a final finished touch to the entire construction process. A beautiful fence around your home looks elegant and increases the value of the property.

There are different materials that are used to make fences and gates. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fences and gates are exposed to the external environment from the very first day. When you invest a good sum in purchasing and installing, you would be interested in a durable material. This is the reason why vinyl is being used to manufacture fences. The material has a high redundancy and is durable than any other.

The durability of vinyl fences and gates

When you install a fence, the gate is the part that you use frequently. A gate makes your property extremely secure and it just cannot fall apart. So, install nothing but gates made of durable pure vinyl. Vinyl fences and gates can endure extreme weather conditions including the Southwest sun, the cold, high speed wind, impact and high pressure.

Certified and quality ensured products

The vinyl home improvement products from Duramax are ASTM-certified. They are environment-friendly and non-toxic in nature which is safe for kids and pets. Customization options are readily available. We have fences and gates that are suitable for all types of budgets and are available at best price. Our products are available at an affordable pricing for the USA property-owners because we have our own factory in the USA.

Vinyl gates are long-lasting – Duraresin and 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide used

Duramax vinyl gates are extremely tough and long-lasting offering you an elegant entryway. We have tools and equipment to ensure exceptional craftsmanship. We use the customized two-point window welding tool to weld gate corners so that it is unbreakable. We guarantee high-quality finished product. Duramax vinyl gates can last for almost 20-25 years with little maintenance. Duramax fences and gates are made of the Duraresin formulation for extra durability. 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to make the gates resistant from the UVA, UVB rays and extreme weather conditions.

Low-maintenance and occasional cleaning

Cleaning a vinyl gate is no hassle because they do not require daily maintenance or any rigorous cleaning. These do not attract mold or bacteria due to humidity. Also, the products do not attract much impurities due to its smooth surface. Cleaning or washing the gates along with the fences occasionally is perfect.

Add hues to your property exterior or choose elegant white

Now Duramax brings to you colorful vinyl gates and fences that can brighten up your property exterior. You do not have to worry about repainting them again. You can also install white gates and never have to worry about those turning yellowish.

Are you interested in a vinyl fence or a vinyl gate?

You can now take a look at all our products on the website and place your order online. Hire a local contractor for a vinyl gate installation that would take only a few hours. Apart from fences and gates, we also have vinyl wall toppers for extending a low boundary wall vertically.

Please book a free online consultation with the Duramax experts and request for a quote.

Install privacy or a semi-privacy fence around your yard

USA made vinyl fence

All fences offer security, beauty, and privacy, but a range of fences offers complete privacy, thus they are categorized as privacy fences. This is a favorite for those who love seclusion from their noisy neighbors or busy roads. Wooden and metal fences are incapable of offering complete privacy. This is why vinyl fences that have soundproofing and weatherproofing qualities can offer privacy according to your requirements. 

Vinyl fences are available in a variety of options, which include semi-privacy fences as well. It is for those who do not like complete seclusion but some air and environment to peep in. These various types of fences can be designed by using vinyl which includes scallop fences, perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, ranch rails, and more. Selecting a fence depends on your budget and requirements.

Vinyl fences are easy to install as they are available in kits but do not try DIY unless you are an expert in it. It is simple to install a vinyl fence. The entire process takes only a few hours if you hire a contractor. 

Choose your favorite fence color or keep it white

Duramax fences are available in a variety of colors so that you can make your yard colorful. You can also install a white color fence in your yard. Most property owners have witnessed white fences turning yellowish, which is a very big concern. You do not have to worry about a white vinyl fence turning yellowish. Vinyl is a material that requires the least maintenance and no repainting. 

Certified and eco-friendly fences from Duramax

Explore the Duramax inventory for a variety of fences and we also customize according to your requirements. Order online from our website and get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences. Duramax fences are made from 100% pure vinyl. The fences are environmentally-friendly. The items are non-toxic so safe for the kids and pets. Duramax fences come with quality seals and our fences are checked for quality before it is shipped to your location. The fences are ASTM-certified and are fireproof.

Get customization options

There is a huge growth of privacy fence panels and semi-privacy fences in the USA. We have various customers who have shared their reviews about privacy and semi-privacy fences. If you feel that a high and thick privacy fence can make you feel a bit claustrophobic, choose a semi-privacy fence and we shall customize it.

Simple and inexpensive installation process

The installation process is very simple and inexpensive. Hire a local trained contractor for a fencing solution. Do not try DIY unless you are an expert or have prior experience. The fences are durable and can last for almost more than 20-25 years without any heavy maintenance. The fences require only occasional cleaning and upkeep. 

Place your order online

Are you planning to install a vinyl privacy fence? Duramax has been manufacturing fences for the past 20 years and more. We are the experts in designing flawless fences. Talk to our consultants so that you can choose the right fence. Order a fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty—request a quote.

USA-made vinyl fencing from Duramax Fences – Reliability and Durability

white vinyl fence

Most fences break because they cannot endure the intensity of the sunlight and the effects of various environmental conditions. You can well imagine what a fence has to undergo because it is installed in the exterior premises. A fence is an external home improvement accessory that should be made of durable materials.

A lot of factors depend on making a fence long-lasting and not only the toughness of the material. Had it been so, then metal fences could last for a lifetime. Even wood is a popular fencing choice, but it cannot endure the weather conditions for long. After rigorous research, vinyl fences were invented to help homeowners and other commercial property owners eliminate the problem.

Vinyl fences last for about 20-25 years

Installing a USA-made vinyl fence around the property is not an easy affair in terms of expenses. You can manage to have it once and for all but not reinstall or repair it frequently. Also, weaker fences make fragile boundaries. A shabby fence can completely spoil the look and feel of your property. Vinyl is used to make durable fences because this material has certain advantages that no other material has. Yes, a vinyl fence can last for about 20-25 years, which is a pretty long time. No repairs or repainting is needed to keep the fences in great condition. Customers have been looking for such an affordable option and can now own a fence within the budget. 

Vinyl fences are made from Duraresin formulation

Duramax in the USA manufactures various types of modern vinyl fencing. We also customize fences according to your requirements as we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all concept. We try to offer exclusive fences to every property owner. The fences are made of pure 100% virgin vinyl, giving more strength and quality to the fences. The fences are resistant to heat, cold, impact, pressure, and other extremities. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation which gives durability and strength to the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Our vinyl fences are beautiful, sleek, and have a traditional touch. 

Customized vinyl fences – A variety of fences

Duramax fences are available in an array of designs, heights, sizes, and colors. Our fences have a robust routing system and there are no visible screws or any other fitting that can spoil the look of the fences. Our fences have a carefree performance. The fences are available in various colors, and you can also pick a white color fence. Unlike wooden or metal fences, these do not require repainting. The white color fences remain super white even after months and years. Some common types include vinyl picket fences, scallop fences, classic ones, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more.

Affordable USA made vinyl fencing

A lot of customers have relied on our fencing and they are satisfied. We have been manufacturing fences for more than 20 years now. Ask our experts about a fence, and we shall offer you the most suitable deal. Shop online for USA-made vinyl fencing and get good discounts. Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory unit in the USA. This ensures affordability to the customers of the country. 

Request for a quote.

Knock at Duramax for customized, durable, low-maintenance and affordable vinyl fencing installation

vinyl fence for sale

A fence can be the perfect addition to the yard offering aesthetics and security to the property. Weeks of planning go into installing the perfect fence that would last for a long time. Unfortunately, wooden fence owners often complain that even the highest quality of wood isn’t immune to the elements. Rain, wind, sun and snowfall can easily damage wooden fences. Since property owners are on the lookout for a weatherproof fence, the vinyl fence installation has gained much hype. Duramax has been in the news for some time for its high-quality, affordable vinyl fencing installation. Duramax has gone to great lengths for providing good quality vinyl fences that last long. Here are some of the features of Duramax fences:

DuraResin vinyl formulation – DuraMax’s durability secret

Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and weatherability. The credit for such high-quality, weather-resistant fences goes to DuraResin vinyl formulated fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide get utilized along with potent UV inhibitors to provide Duramax fences with the highest rated UV stability. The fences can withstand intense heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. The engineered vinyl fences do not turn yellow and last for a long time due to their weather-resistant features.

The vinyl fence installation is waterproof, making the fences resistant to heavy rainfall, ice storms and snowfall. The fences have cleared the 105mph wind test and do not crack during winters or warp in excess heat. Duramax’s vinyl fences are eco-friendly and recyclable. The fire-resistant vinyl fences are a necessity to protect your property under all circumstances.

Duramax’s thicker fence walls – A trademark of quality brand

One of the key features of Duramax fences is that they provide thicker fence walls. The vinyl fence materials have thicker walls for enhanced durability and outstanding strength. Thicker walls get rid of problems faced by thinner materials, like cracking, sagging and warping. A few ordinary manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws for fence installation, but that’s not good enough, as they cause the fences to crack, break, and fall over time. Duramax fences have invisible hardware. In addition, the fences have a strong routing system as the fence panels interlocked with one another provide great strength and durability.

Duragrain fencing – Duramax fences that look like wood

The charm of the wooden fences made many homeowners yearn for it. Wooden fences are sadly not durable, but Duragrain fences that look and feel like wood are extremely durable. The Duragrain fences have the cellular configuration of vinyl, yet have the appearance of wood. Duramax’s unique custom-made Duragrain fencing is a wood-grained fence with vinyl’s cellular structure, making them waterproof, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Homeowners looking for affordable vinyl fencing installation will prefer wooden fencing as they are low-maintenance as well. Rinsing the fence with the garden hose is enough to keep them looking new and fresh for years.

Duramax fences have a limited lifetime warranty and exceed the ASTM F964 quality standards. In addition, the high-quality fences are impact-resistant and do not rot, stain, or attract termites. Want a custom-made fence for your property? Ask for a quote now!

Installing a custom vinyl fencing can be a unique idea – Consult Duramax

vinyl fences

All fences do not look alike; this is where custom vinyl fencing plays a major role. Imagine every home in your neighborhood having different fences around. Duramax in the USA is working towards making your fencing dreams come true. The value of your property increases after installing a vinyl fence. There are various types of fencing materials available in the market. You should choose the material according to your requirements. The very common requirement of fencing is a fence that can endure all weather conditions. A fence is installed outside the property and the investment is no less. So, there could be a material that can make extremely durable fences within your budget.

Choose vinyl over any other fencing material

This is the reason why metal and wooden fences are now taking a backseat. Vinyl fences are ruling the market now because of various advantages. All fencing material other than vinyl gets damaged very easily within a short period. For instance, wooden fences look appealing but they can get damaged due to rotting and termites. Metal fences are prone to rust and discoloration. Many have a passion for wooden fences. Duramax brings a solution for those who wish to install wooden fences but are looking for durability. Invest in the DuraGrain range, where we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wood in terms of look and appeal. 

Why should you install a vinyl fence?

The Duramax fence can endure the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made from Duraresin formulation, which gives resistivity to the fences. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives ample resistivity to the fences against heat, cold, impact and pressure. We have been manufacturing fences for the past 20 years that are ASTM-certified. We are offering premium quality custom vinyl fencing in the USA. Vinyl is a modern fencing material that helps to overcome the drawbacks of any other material. Our fences are available in various styles, types, and colors. We are leaders in designing privacy fences, scallop fences, pool fences, perimeter, picket fences, and rail ranch fences…etc. 

Duramax vinyl fences are simple to maintain and easy to install. One expert contractor can install the fence in a few hours. Choose a vinyl fence of any color and let your yard look vibrant. 

Eco-friendly fences from Duramax

Duramax vinyl fences are recyclable and free from any toxic elements during the manufacturing process. This makes the fences safe to touch for kids and pets. It also does not matter if they lick the fences by any chance. Duramax contributes to making the environment greener by manufacturing recyclable fences. 

Shop online from Duramax

Please visit the Duramax website for an online shopping experience. Buy custom vinyl Fencing online from Duramax by sitting at home or from anywhere else. We have a seamless website and a secure payment gateway. It is good to make informed decisions and not repent later after investing a lot of money. Book a free consultation with us. You can ask our experts if you cannot decide what fence to install. Request for a quote.

Duramax’s USA made vinyl fencing lasts longer and looks better

affordable vinyl fencing

Traditionally fences kept properties safe and secure. Fences were aesthetically pleasing as well, lending the place visual appeal. Even today, many homeowners look for fences to protect their property and beautify their space. The USA made vinyl fencing is the most coveted fence in contemporary times. Although property owners still prefer to buy traditional vinyl fencing for their ancestral homes, but it’s always advisable to look for custom-made fences rather than going for fixed traditional styles. Duramax is one of the leading front yard and backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Duramax manufacturers provide custom-made fences that look perfect, last long, are low-maintenance and add visual freshness. However, there are several other reasons to purchase Duramax fences.

Weather-resistant fences

Duramax uses the DuraResin vinyl formulation to make weather-resistant fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and powerful UV inhibitors get used for making highly weather-resistant fences that would last for a long time. Duramax fences have the highest rated UV stability and outstanding weatherability. The USA made vinyl fencing can easily withstand the intense heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. Heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms and strong winds cannot bring down a vinyl fence. The high-quality fences do not warp under intense heat or crack in cold temperatures. Duramax manufacturers provide fences that have passed the wind test of 105 mph and exceed the ASTM quality standards. The waterproof fences are heat-resistant, impact-resistant and also resistant to fire, molds and toxic chemicals.

Vinyl fences, yet they look like wood

Some property owners love the look of wooden fences. However, the wooden fences rot and often break as they are not resistant to the weather. Switch wooden fences and buy traditional vinyl fencing. Among all other customized fences, the Duragrain fencing is the most fancied fencing option that is modern yet lends a traditional appeal. Duragrain fences look and feel like wood and this quality makes them a big favorite among traditional fences. The Duragrain fences might appear like wood, but have the cellular configuration of vinyl, making them durable, stronger and easier to maintain. Duramax offers various styles and designs of Duragrain fences to upgrade the beauty of your space. If you like traditional fences and wood is your choice, then don’t miss out on the durable Duragrain fence. These fences stay for years and require very little maintenance.

Duramax & Durability – Go Hand in Hand

Duramax is one of the top-notch backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers because the fences all have thicker walls for enhanced strength and outstanding durability. The thicker materials eliminate the issues faced with thinner walls like cracking, warping, sagging, and breaking of the fences. Duramax manufactures the products to ensure that they stay strong for years together, requiring no repairs or replacements. There are other manufacturers using external brackets and unsightly screws to build the fences, but Duramax does not use any external hardware. Duramax fences have no visible hardware. The high-quality, customized vinyl fences have a strong routing system and the fence panels have a robust interlocking pattern keeping them together.

Looking for a better fence – Come for a free consultation at Duramax

You will get the finest quality and most beautifully designed fences at Duramax. Reach out to us for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote. Our experts would be delighted to help you! Get connected today.

Vinyl fences are a unique creation in the world of fencing and home improvement

vinyl fence for sale

You still have not installed a fence around your house? If you are reading this blog so that you can decide better, then it’s a must-read. You might be overwhelmed because there are so many types of fencing materials available in the market. Do you see old and broken fences around? Wooden and metal fences were popular for many years. Both of these are common fencing materials, but they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But soon, there won’t be any dilapidated fences around because everybody will replace the old ones with vinyl fencing. Fencing was a popular choice for many years, and it is here to stay.

Vinyl fencing and its popularity in the USA

With modernism and advancement, fencing has also gone to a new level. Have you heard of unbreakable fences? Try our vinyl fencing, and you will never have to replace it. Invest a little more initially and remain stress-free. Vinyl fences look aesthetic and beautiful yet have a traditional look and feel. Vinyl is a durable and waterproof material that is used to manufacture fences and panels in the USA. You can choose the material, fence type, color, style, and measurement. In all, vinyl fences are easily customizable; we cater to client requirements. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which ensures premium-quality fences. The fences are waterproof and keep moisture away from its body.

Why are vinyl fences ideal?

Vinyl fences are durable and have high resistivity. It is grabbing the market faster than any material could. But do you still fancy wooden fences and feel like choosing vinyl for all the advantages? Duramax cares for the clients, and we have come up with the DuraGrain range where we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wooden ones. The fences have the same rusticity, similar appeal but will never rot or break. Metal fences were once a very durable choice but rusting and fading are drawbacks. This is why you need to invest in USA-made vinyl fencing.

Choose vinyl wall topper ro extend boundary wall

Do you have a low boundary wall and now looking to extend it? Nothing would be better than a vinyl wall topper that is easy to install. Our wall topper is like the fences by nature; they can endure the Southwest and Northwest sun. They have a smooth surface so they do not attract mold and bacteria. They are simple to install and can be handled by local contractors who can install fences. Both the fences and toppers are easy to clean. You can wash them occasionally without worrying about moisture seepage. Duramax creates long-lasting solutions which are worth the investment. 

Get in touch with Duramax

Have a consultation with the Duramax experts for fences and wall toppers. We are designing solutions for over 20-25 years and now we are renowned in the country. You can visit our store but now you can shop at ease from our website.
We have created a flawless online experience, and we also offer a flexible policy. We have deals and discounts for the customers. Order and get a limited lifetime warranty. Buy Vinyl Fencing from Duramax and request a quote.

Having a vinyl fence increases the resale value of your property – Invest in custom vinyl fencing

USA made vinyl fence

Having a fence around you is not only beautiful, but also advantageous. If you ever plan to sell your property, only then do you realize that having a fence along with a well-maintained property increases its resale value by almost 70%. Fencing is a home improvement solution and most homeowners in the USA have one. But the most recent inconvenience is high maintenance costs, and homeowners are looking for ways to curb it. 

So, why not choose a different fencing material other than the old conventional ones? Vinyl is a modern fencing material that many homeowners in the USA are using. It has advantages that no other fencing materials have. This new generation of homeowners is more interested in having a vinyl fence around. 

Vinyl fences have impressive resistivity and endurance

USA-made affordable vinyl fencing is an extremely durable choice. Vinyl is a very rigid material that has extreme resistance. Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. Our fences can endure extreme impact, pressure, heat, and cold. The fences can tolerate the intensity of the Southwest and the Northwest sun. Our fences use the unique Duraresin formulation, which improves the durability and resistivity of the fences. Our engineers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to make the fences weather-resistant and resistant against the UVA and UVB rays. 

Duramax Fences in the USA

Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for the past 20 years. We have an experienced research and development team that implements the most modern technology. We manufacture various types of vinyl fences that include privacy fences, semi-privacy, scallop, perimeter, picket, and ranch rail fences. 

Wooden and metal fencing was once a very popular choice but not after vinyl fences gained popularity. Vinyl fences are like a savior to get rid of the high maintenance costs.

Passion for wooden fences ? Buy vinyl fences that have a wooden appeal

If you have a passion for wooden fences but would like to install more durable fences, vinyl is the choice. We have the DuraGrain range, where we offer vinyl fences that look so similar to wooden ones. But our’s do not require anti-termite or won’t rot due to excess moisture. This range is a superhit from Duramax. The buyers are relieved that the fences have a rustic appeal and are yet long-lasting. Duramax fences are long-lasting. Our fences last for about 25-30 years without having to undergo any repairs. This is surely a lot more compared to wooden and metal fencing. Investing in a vinyl fence is like a lifetime investment. Connect with us for custom vinyl fencing solutions.

Low on maintenance yet long-lasting vinyl fences

Cleaning the vinyl fences is not a hassle at all. Even these do not require daily cleaning and a lot of maintenance. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface that does not attract impurities. Occasional cleaning or washing the fences is a good idea.

Request for a quote – Discuss your requirements

Please visit the Duramax Fence website for information about various vinyl fences and an online shopping experience. Buy traditional Vinyl Fencing online from the Duramax website and feel the difference. Hire a local contractor for a hassle-free affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Everything you need to know about installing a ranch rail fence

Ranch Rail fence

A ranch rail fence is commonly seen around farms, fields, and horse stables. A rail ranch fence offers a stylish and clean look which adds charm and sophistication to the enclosed space. This is a reasonable fencing solution in the USA and is mainly used for securing agricultural areas. There are different fencing materials, but vinyl is the most durable among those. A lot of people complain of broken rail ranch fences which calls for reinvestment. Wooden fences seem to crack and metal fences suffer dent if any livestock barges into the fences. Vinyl fences are extremely durable so it is now one of the most popular fencing materials in the USA.

Duramax fences – endures the extremities

Most USA homeowners install ranch rail fences for long-lasting fencing for a durable fencing solution. A fence is a pretty expensive home improvement accessory. Frequent repairs and reinvestment are a sheer headache. This is where vinyl ranch rail fences play the most important role. Duramax fences have extreme resistivity; they are designed to battle the Southwest and the Northwest sun. The fences have DuraResin formulation which gives great toughness and redundancy to the fences. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which give resistivity against extreme weather conditions and sun rays.

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Vinyl fences have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on the fence body. The fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. Our fences are made from premium quality virgin vinyl. The fences are waterproof and have a very smooth surface that does not attract mold and bacteria. You cannot question the toughness because the fences are tested against a very high-seed gust of wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Easy-to-customize vinyl fences in the USA

Our ranch rail fences are beautiful, stylish yet have a traditional touch. The fences are usually installed around the perimeter of the fields. You can customize according to your requirement and choose the number of rails. It could be 2, 3 or 4 rail fences, anything of your choice. But, if you take our suggestions, we generally recommend installing a 3-rail ranch fence. Duramax fences are adjustable and customizable. We have experts that modify fences according to your requirements. You can select the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Our fences are extremely long-lasting

The fences are exposed to exterior weather conditions, yet they can last for 20-25 years without any maintenance or frequent repairs. Also, the vinyl fences do not require daily cleaning, which includes wiping or washing. Wash the fences with water and detergent without worrying about humidity. 

Request for a quote

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality ranch rail fences. We are among the most experienced vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements, hence safe for kids and pets. Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing solutions because we have our factory in the country.

Are you interested in a custom vinyl fencing solution from Duramax?

traditional vinyl fence

Why do we install a fence around our property? There are plenty of reasons and the most common ones are for purposes of security, privacy, and beautification. Are you fed up with noisy neighbors? It is time to install a new fence around your property. Do you have an old fence that has lost its magic? So, it is time for you to invest in a new fence to replace your old one. 

Durable vinyl fencing – a modern invention

Well, fencing is not a new concept. It has existed since ancient times. No fencing material could last very long unless vinyl was discovered. Wooden and metal fences were popular, but both had their drawbacks. Fences are exposed entirely to external weather conditions, so homeowners took extra care. Buy wooden and metal ones that have a shelf life. They need repairs and frequent maintenance, which is a recurring expenditure. Vinyl is one material that excels when it comes to fencing. Vinyl is a durable material that is used to make fences in the USA. Wooden fences are beautiful, but vinyl fences are even more. Many homeowners have a fetish for wooden fences. Duramax manufactures USA-made vinyl fencing that looks the same as wooden fences available under the brand DuraGrain. The fences have a rustic appeal but are low on maintenance, and won’t get rotten or infested by termites.

ASTM-certified custom vinyl fencing

Duramax offers custom vinyl fencing solutions to the clients. We manufacture various design types of fences that come in different sizes. You can customize by talking to our experts, choose any color that synchronizes with your taste and existing property color. Duramax has fences of different colors, and they look beautiful upon installation. White is a favorite color of many, but most have a pathetic experience by installing a white fence. But a white vinyl fence is exclusive and will never lose its shine, and won’t turn yellowish. A little maintenance can go a long way. 

Duramax in the USA has been designing perfect and stylish fences for almost more than 20 years. Our fences are ASTM-certified and tested for quality before it is shipped to your site. Our fences are eco-friendly and non-toxic, which makes the fences safe for kids and pets. Our fences are affordable because they are made in the USA itself. The fences have a robust routing system and do not have any visible screws on the body. They are ASTM certified and have higher resistivity against all weather conditions. 

We care for our clients – get in touch

Reach Duramax Fences in the USA for discounts and interesting deals. There is no need to visit our store because you can Buy Vinyl Fencing online. We have a secure payment gateway for smooth and safe transactions. Our policies (buyer-pro) are flexible as well. Hire a local expert contractor for an inexpensive vinyl fence installation. Do not try DIY unless you are a pro in it—request for a quote. 

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