Installing a vinyl picket fence for beautification – Explore the benefits of Duramax Fences

vinyl picket fence

Building a fence can be expensive and take time, so the fencing material you choose plays a big role. How about installing a fence that would never require replacing? Vinyl is now a very popular fencing material as it has numerous benefits. Fencing is an age-old concept, but now it has undergone a sea change due to advancements in technology and style. Vinyl fences were invented to help the fence owners overcome the challenges of metal and wooden fencing. 

Vinyl fences – a replacement for wood and metal fences 

There are various vinyl fences, including privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, scallop fences, vinyl picket fences, pool fences, perimeter fences, ranch rails, and more. Fencing is a very demanding home improvement solution in the USA. Most homes in the country are secured with fences. There are also many fence manufacturing companies among Duramax Fences that hold an unparalleled reputation. 

ASTM-certified fences from Duramax

The company has been designing modern fencing solutions for over 20 years now. The fences are made from 100% pure premium vinyl, giving quality and durability to the end product. In addition, the fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. Our fences are available in various styles, textures, colors, and sizes.

 Explore the DuraGrain range

We also know many clients who reach us for a vinyl fence but do not feel like compromising with the look and feel of wood. Since vinyl fences grabbed the market, wooden fences took a backseat. But the Duramax team has come up with something innovative. How about having a vinyl fence that looks similar to wood? Explore the DuraGrain range of vinyl fences that look so similar to wood. We have received a huge amount of positive responses on this range. 

Try the classic vinyl picket fence

Are you looking for a fence that beautifies your property without adding strict privacy? Installing a vinyl picket fence is a classic choice that offers great looks and maximum visibility. Picket fences are usually lower to the ground because, here, security is not the primary factor. 

Recyclable and low maintenance fences

Duramax designs recyclable and environment-friendly fences that have no toxic elements. Our fences are affordable mainly to the USA residents because we have a manufacturing unit here. We are one of the most experienced vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Our fences have resistivity against all weather conditions and have no strict maintenance regime. 

Long-lasting and simple to install

A vinyl picket fence is easy to install with no complexities involved. We would not recommend a DIY project unless you have prior experience or have someone to help you. Hire a local contractor within your budget for a proper and quick fence installation. The fences do not require any routine cleaning procedure. Occasional wiping or washing is a good idea. Finally, the fences are long-lasting; they can last for 20-25 years or even more. 

Order a fence online from the Duramax website

Are you worried that you do not have adequate time to visit our store? Now you can order fences online, make a comparison, and we have a secure payment gateway. We also have an easy return policy for genuine reasons of replacing a fence. Talk to our team for a consultation and learn more about fences and which one to install. 

Request for a quote.

Reasons for choosing a vinyl fence for sale from Duramax

vinyl fence for sale

Now that the pandemic has subsided to an extent, you can make plans to renovate your property. Of course, the owners give a lot of importance to the property interior, but what about the exterior? Home improvement is also about adding beauty and security to your property exterior. A beautiful vinyl fence for sale installed around your property can be a great idea. There are various types of fences available in the market; there are numerous fence styles, types, colors, and sizes. 

Most residential or commercial property owners complain that the fences get damaged by various weather conditions. Generally, fences made of wood or metal were popular before vinyl fences took away the market. Wooden fences are rustic, elegant while metal fences are stylish but they are not durable. Wood tends to rot and metal fences rust mainly due to humidity. Also, the fences fade due to the heat and break due to excess pressure of the wind. Vinyl fences are now the most preferred fencing material due to several advantages. Now, homeowners benefit hugely by installing one. 

Vinyl fences and its types 

So, if you have a fencing project to complete, settle for vinyl. Keep reading this blog to know the goodness of the Duramax vinyl fence for sale. There are many companies in the USA that manufacture vinyl fencing. But the quality of the fence differs based on the quality of vinyl used during the manufacturing process. Duramax fence uses premium quality pure vinyl to design various types of fences. Our fences include scallop fences, privacy and semi-privacy fences, pool, picket, perimeter fencing, ranch rails, and more. In addition, Duramax fences are resistant to heat, cold, wind, and impact. 

Knowing Duramax Fences

Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturing company in the USA operating for more than 20 years. We are renowned for designing modern fences that look beautiful and have a traditional touch. Our fences have a solid routing system, and there are no visible screws so that the fences look flawless. 

Simple installation and easy upkeep 

Vinyl fences require limited time to install as it is not at all a complex process. One contractor can install a fence in a few hours and the process is inexpensive. You can also install a DIY fence, but we would only suggest that you have prior experience.

Duramax fences are available in different colors which do not fade away. In addition, we have white fences that do not turn yellow with time. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface and vinyl is known for not attracting impurities. The fences are easy to clean as there is no strict maintenance regime. Wash or wipe the fences sometimes to retain their shine and looks.

Visit the Duramax website for custom vinyl fencing
We have a huge base of  clients who are satisfied with our fences. Shop from the Duramax website for the right kind of fencing. You can look at the products and order online. So, there is no keeping your old fence because you can order online sitting at home or office. Do you wish to consult with the Duramax experts? Order a new vinyl fence for sale and get offers and discounts. Get a limited warranty on our products.

Having a beautiful fence around your home is an excellent idea

vinyl fencing

A home with a fence can increase the resale value of your property by 70%. Recently, most homes in the USA are equipped with vinyl fences. A lot of homes had wooden or metal fences around which looked shabby. Wooden and metal fencing was once a very popular choice but not after vinyl fences gained popularity. This calls for a fence replacement which involves high expenses. A vinyl fence installation can save homeowners and can help you from recurring expenditure. Pure vinyl is now used to make various types of fences. Vinyl fences have a lot of advantages so more and more homeowners are choosing vinyl fences. 

The various fence types from Duramax

The fence manufacturing companies in the USA design stylish fences made from vinyl. Now, homeowners are more interested in installing vinyl fences, including privacy fences, semi-privacy, scallop, perimeter, picket, and ranch rail fences. Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for the past 20 years or even more in the USA. We have an experienced research and development team that implements the most modern technology. Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. As a result, our fences can endure extreme impact, pressure, heat, and cold.

The DuraGrain range from Duramax

Many love wooden fences because of their rustic appeal. But wooden fences cannot stand all weather conditions and it becomes expensive to maintain the wooden fences. In addition, wooden fences are prone to get infected by termites and require repainting. Duramax has designed the DuraGrain range of fences that are made of vinyl and look like wood. The vinyl fences have the same rustic appeal and unlike wood it requires no maintenance. 

Vinyl fences do not require daily hassle and maintenance

The fences have a smooth surface so it does not attract a lot of impurities or bacteria. Hence, the fences require occasional cleaning or you can wash down the fences once every fortnight. 

Duramax fences are recyclable and eco-friendly; they are not made from any toxic elements. We offer vinyl fences at affordable pricing mainly because we have a manufacturing unit in the USA itself. Choose Duramax for a successful vinyl fence installation by the local experts.  

Simple and quick installation process

Please visit the Duramax Fence website for information about various vinyl fences and an online shopping experience. First, buy our fences online from the Duramax website and feel the difference. Then, hire a local contractor for a hassle-free successful vinyl fence installation. It takes a few hours to complete the fence installation. 

Long-lasting vinyl fences

Duramax fences are pretty long-lasting. They can last for almost 25-30 years without any repairs or additional maintenance. The fences have a better shelf-life compared to metal and wood. Investing in a vinyl fence is like a lifetime investment. 

Vinyl is a modern fencing material preferred by the homeowners of the USA. This material has many advantages compared to any other material. Vinyl fences help you get rid of recurring maintenance costs. 

Request for a quote
Choose Duramax for custom vinyl fencing solutions and reach us for an affordable vinyl fencing installation. In addition, we offer consultation related to vinyl fences— please request for a quote.

Install a vinyl fence and get rid of high maintenance or frequent repairs

buy traditional Vinyl Fencing

Is your yard looking empty or does it have an old fence around your yard? If yes, then you should consider installing a new fence around your yard. Fences in the USA are made from various materials like wood, metal, and vinyl. USA homeowners love to install stylish and modern fences around the yard. But does your wooden or metal fence last for many years? Many homeowners complain that they invest in fences but regret that they do not last long and require high maintenance. 

Wooden and metal fences are the two popular choices that are slowly getting replaced by vinyl fencing. Wooden fences tend to rot when exposed to moisture and get affected by termites. Metal fences are very much prone to rusting and require frequent painting. Slowly, the fences corrode and look old and shabby.

Durable vinyl fencing from Duramax 

Vinyl is an extremely durable material used to make fences in the USA. PVC is polyvinyl chloride which is made from 100% pure vinyl. Recently, most homes in the country have shifted to vinyl fencing due to the advantages. Experts say vinyl is 5 times more durable compared to metal or wood. Vinyl fences are available in different shapes, sizes, and types. 

Some of the common types are scallop fences, perimeter vinyl fencing, picket fences, privacy and semi-privacy fences, pool fences, ranch rail fencing and more. 

Vinyl fences that can endure the Southwest sun

The fences can withstand the intensity of the Southwest sun. We use a unique formula named ‘Duraresin’, which gives extra rigidity to the fences. In addition, our vinyl fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer UV rays resistance and endure all weather conditions. 

Low maintenance vinyl fences

Vinyl fences require low maintenance, which is a strong competitive advantage. The fences have a smooth surface that attracts the least impurities. The fences do not get dusty frequently; hence daily cleaning is not needed. Instead, clean the fences with a damp cloth or wash the fences with a hose and light detergent. 

Hire a local contractor

But perimeter vinyl fencing would last for almost 20-25 years with little maintenance. The fences have a strong routing system and a secure locking mechanism. A vinyl fencing installation is a very simple procedure that takes a few hours. We do not recommend a DIY installation unless you have prior experience, or else you can hire an experienced contractor for a successful fence installation. 

Affordable and beautiful vinyl fence

Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturing company designing fences for more than 20 years. We have a team of experts offering customized and affordable vinyl fencing solutions. Vinyl fences are flexible, they expand and contract according to temperature fluctuations. Our fences are made from pure vinyl, which gives long life to the fences. The fences are traditional and offer a carefree performance. We have a team of experts that constantly work towards researching modern fence styles. They implement new techniques in manufacturing affordable yet beautiful vinyl fences. 

Shop Duramax online

Are you planning to buy perimeter Vinyl Fencing? Duramax vinyl fences are extremely affordable because we have our manufacturing unit in the USA. In addition, the fences are eco-friendly and do not contain toxic elements. 

Duramax fences are available online. Shop for stylish fences from our website. Order vinyl fences now sitting at home or from your office. Discuss your fencing requirements with our experts, and we would offer customized solutions—request for a quote.

The popularity of vinyl fences in the USA – Install yours soon

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Vinyl fences are extremely popular in the USA because property owners are constantly looking for long-lasting fences. Unfortunately, wooden fences and metal fences are easily damaged by the effects of moisture and extreme weather conditions. A fence endures all weather conditions which demands timely maintenance. But still, wooden fences tend to rot easily, and metal fences rust with moisture. 

After rigorous research, the fence industry introduced vinyl fences which are gradually replacing wooden and metal fences. Will a wooden fence last for 20 years in great condition? You need to spend a huge chunk on maintenance and repairs. Vinyl fences are a huge relief for homeowners who are looking for beautiful and affordable fences. Get a customized vinyl fence from one of the well-known vinyl fence manufacturers in your locality. 

Vinyl  certified fences in the USA

Duramax ranks on the top among the vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. We have been designing modern fences for more than 20 years. We are renowned for manufacturing premium quality fences in the USA. Vinyl fences are made from 100% pure vinyl which makes the fences more durable and resistant. The fences are ASTM-certified and allow quick installation. Duramax fences are non-toxic and eco-friendly. All the fences are sent for quality-check before it is shipped to your website. 

Add colorful fences and add life to your property

Duramax fences are super affordable. They are manufactured inside our manufacturing unit in the USA. Moreover, the fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic ingredients. Hence, the fences are safe for kids and pets. 

Duramax vinyl fences are available in different interesting color shades. Adding colors makes your yard look interesting and lifts the mood. The fences require no repainting, so there are no fearing recurring expenses. Also, a white picket fence is archetypal and looks aesthetic. Install a white fence from Duramax, one of the top vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA, and it will never turn yellowish. 

Vinyl fences that look like wooden ones – A favorite

Vinyl is used to design fences of various sizes, shapes, types, and colors. According to fence experts, a vinyl fence is 5 times durable and long-lasting than wood or any other material. But many clients have a fetish for wooden fences because of the rustic look and feel. Duramax brings the DuraGrain range where we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wood in all aspects. As a result, we have a huge customer base for this fence type. 

Simple fence maintenance

The fences have a smooth surface that does not attract moisture or impurities. Vinyl fences do not require rigorous cleaning and daily maintenance. Wipe the fences or wash down with water occasionally. 

Find a local contractor for installation

A vinyl fence installation is a simple and inexpensive procedure. Many companies in the USA perform vinyl fence installation, and most of the renowned contractors find installing a Duramax fence very simple. We are among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. 

Reach us for a customized vinyl fencing solution

We manufacture stylish fences, including privacy and semi-privacy fences, scallop fences, picket fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, ranch rail, and more. It is time to indulge in home improvement activity, invest in vinyl fences, and not repent. Discuss your fencing project requirements with us. Book a free consultation and request a quote. 

Demarcate your property line and make neighbors enviable with custom vinyl fencing

vinyl fencing

It is worth installing a beautiful fence around your property that will make your neighbors envious. Why install similar and usual fences when you can customize your own? Custom vinyl fencing is a very common home improvement activity in the USA. There are many fence manufacturing companies here, and homeowners choose different materials according to the requirements. What can we expect out of a fence around our property? It offers both security and privacy. But durability is also another very important factor that we should keep in mind. Installing a fence involves certain expenses and if your fences do not last for long, the investment goes in vain. 

Durability and resistivity – the two features of vinyl fencing 

Fences are exposed to natural weather conditions continuously for months and years. Custom vinyl fencing also requires weather-proofing, and this is why vinyl fences are becoming extremely popular. Vinyl is a waterproof material that is used to make tough and unbreakable fences. Vinyl has natural weather-proofing qualities that other fencing materials do not possess. Vinyl fences are not affected by humidity and repel the growth of mold and bacteria on their surface. The Duramax fence can tolerate the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made from Duraresin formulation, which gives resistivity and durability. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives ample resistivity to the fences against heat, cold, impact and pressure.

Duramax – designing customized fences 

Duramax in the USA is a renowned vinyl fence panel manufacturer. We have been manufacturing a stylish array of fences for the past 20 years. Some of the fence types include privacy fences, scallop fences, pool fences, perimeter, picket fences, rail ranch fences…etc. We design modern customized fences so that it stands out from the rest. They are available in different types, styles, and colors. Duramax custom vinyl fencing is ASTM-certified and has a quality seal.  

Low maintenance vinyl fences

Our colorful range of fences looks beautiful and never needs repainting. The routing system is extremely tough, and there are no visible screws or any other fitting on the fence body. You can also choose to install a white fence that will never turn yellowish. Vinyl fences require occasional cleaning and maintenance. 

Shop online and save big 

Now the most interesting announcement is that you can avail discounts by shopping online. This is an interactive website where all fences are displayed along with images and information. Now, this makes your shopping experience easy and simple. We have an easy return policy and a secure payment gateway and everything that is pro-buyers. 

Explore our DuraGrain range 

Many have a passion for wooden fences but have taken an interest in vinyl for all the advantages. First, we have the DuraGrain range, where the fences are made of vinyl but have a rustic look similar to wood. Next, you can try out this segment of Duramax. 

Simple installation – request for quote

The installation process is very simple and takes only a few hours. However, you can only try DIY if you have prior experience or hire a local contractor for a successful custom vinyl fencing installation. We have a team of consultants who can help you in choosing a fence that is a perfect fit for your property. Book a free consultation to discuss your project and request a quote. 

Key features of the best vinyl fence that no one will tell you

privacy fence panel

There are valid reasons why Americans prefer vinyl fences amongst all others. Not everyone will tell you the key features of a good quality vinyl fence that makes them the finest amongst all. Duramax provides the best vinyl fence in the USA as they are weather-resistant, durable, strong and extremely resilient to heavy blows and impacts. Unfortunately, not all vinyl fences have the same qualities and that’s the reason why you need to choose reputed fence manufacturers to build the customized and long-lasting fence for your property.

Exceptional durability 

Vinyl fences are exceptionally durable as they can last for years with almost no repairs and no need for replacements. Duramax fences offer fantastic durability, shelflife and have a reputation for lasting for beyond 20 years. Duramax uses thick vinyl sheets to manufacture high-quality fences that do not warp, bend, crack or break down. Another important factor that adds to the durability quotient of Duramax fences is that they have no visible hardware. Instead, the vinyl fences made with a strong routing system have interlocked fence panels that firmly hold the fence together and prohibits them from breaking, cracking, sagging and warping over time.

Increased weather-resistivity 

Weather-resistivity is another quality of vinyl fences that’s worth a mention. However, some fences are more resistant to extreme weather conditions than others. Duramax’s DuraResin vinyl formulation blends with 100% virgin vinyl ensuring you get the best vinyl fence with extraordinary weather-resistivity. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and extremely potent UV inhibitors get used for manufacturing weather-resistant fences. These fences can withstand the intense heat from the scorching Northwest and Southwest Sun. In addition, the waterproof fences, having passed the wind test of 105mph, can sustain ice-storms, heavy thunderstorms and strong winds without getting damaged. Weather-resistant fences are ideal as they last long to protect your property for years.

The beauty of the wood-grained vinyl fence 

Wooden fences still have a fan following. If you are a die-hard fan of wooden fences, then why not get the durable and weather-resistant DuraGrain fence for your property. DuraGrain fence looks and feels like real wood, but has the durability and weather-resistivity of vinyl. The wood-grained fence has the cellular structure of vinyl, making them durable, waterproof, weather-proof and stainproof. These fences do not rot, degrade, attract termites or peel off easily. It takes a great deal of effort to bring down the traditional DuraGrain fence. The beautiful DuraGrain fence offers traditional beauty to your yard with a lifetime of carefree performance. Enjoy the rich look of grained wood that’s virtually maintenance-free. An added advantage is that Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards of quality – making them one of a kind fence line.

Book a free consultation session 
Everyone is looking for the ‘best vinyl fence’ for their property. The fence should be visually appealing and serve its purpose with perfection. Want professional assistance? Why not book a free consultation session with Duramax? Talk to the professional manufacturers about your choices and preferences to get expert advice. Get connected. Request a free quote.

Duramax vinyl gate manufacturers get you long-lasting, easy maintenance weatherproof gates

custom vinyl fencing

The vinyl driveway gates can look incredibly beautiful and provide good security to your property at the same time. However, you need to get high-quality gates installed to ensure durability and weather resistance. Duramax is one of the leading vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA. With years of experience and expertise, the Duramax manufacturers can transform your property with a sleek-looking front and back gate that balances your demands and meshes well with your property. Here are a few reasons why you need to contact the leading gate and fence manufacturers.

No rusting, fading and rotting 

Unlike metal and wooden gates, the vinyl gates don’t rust, rot, or attract termites. The vinyl gates made with 100% virgin vinyl are lead-free, fire-resistant and highly recyclable. The vinyl gates and fences are easy to maintain. You need to wash them with a garden hose or a sponge and it comes out looking new. The rust proof vinyl gates do not need routine maintenance, but an occasional cleaning is necessary for maintaining aesthetics. You can accent the gate by choosing various colors and the high-quality gates don’t lose their color, fade, peel off, or turn yellowish.

Exceptional weather-resistivity 

Vinyl gates are engineered to withstand the intense heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun. The gates are manufactured with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, where over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and strong UV inhibitors get mixed together for enhanced weather resistivity. The DuraResin formulation ensures that the gates have the highest rated UV stability, durability and weatherability. Duramax vinyl gate manufacturers offer waterproof vinyl gates that have passed the wind test of 105mph, ensuring that they can sustain heavy rainfall, stormy weather, snowfall and ice storms. The vinyl gates do not warp in excess heat or develop cracks in excessive cold temperatures. Duramax’s vinyl gates are impact-resistant and of the highest quality as they exceed the ASTM standards of quality and excellence.

Customize the gate 

There are several types of gates that look good and are functional too. However, make sure the gates work well with your fence style. For example, you can invest in a ‘single walk gate’, if you have a picket fence and lack driveway space. Again, a swing gate would look great if you have enough driveway space. The sliding gate is a great alternative when you are looking for protection with a traditional touch of elegance. But, before planning and ordering the gate of your choice. Contact a professional to inspect and access the property to determine the most appropriate gate option.

Why come to Duramax? 
Duramax stands apart amongst all the vinyl gate manufacturers as they provide a limited lifetime warranty and customized gates for the property. The chemical-resistant, non-toxic and sturdy vinyl gates are pet-friendly and highly durable. Duramax gates last for years and require no repairs or replacements. The vinyl gates made with thick vinyl sheets ensure greater durability and outstanding strength. The low-maintenance gates do not stain and do not allow dirt, debris, or residue to accumulate at the corners or the edges. With no external hardware used, the vinyl gates from Duramax are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Request a quote now! Book a free consultation session with our professionals today.

Why repair an old fence when you can install a durable vinyl fence panel?

affordable vinyl fencing installation

In 2021, there is no repairing your old broken fence because there is a fencing material that will never break again. So gather the courage to reinstall a new vinyl fence. This would be a choice that is worth the investment you make. A fence has to go through a lot because it absorbs the sun, snow, wind, pressure and impact. Vinyl fences are the most modern invention of the era. 

Vinyl is a durable fencing material that does not absorb humidity and is waterproof. Vinyl fencing is a very popular solution in the USA. Recently most homes in the USA are equipped with vinyl fences. We would let you know more about a vinyl fence panel to make an informed decision. 

The  resistivity of vinyl fences 

The Northwest sun and the Southwest sun have the harshest rays that can wear out the fences gradually. Most homeowners are scared of that. Here vinyl fences can act as a savior by not caring about the sun’s rays. Duramax fences are super durable; they are made of the Duraresin formulation for absolute toughness. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for better weather resistivity and safeguarding the fences from the sun’s rays. The fences stand tall in freezing temperatures and even in the monsoon without worrying about dampness due to humidity. A vinyl fence panel has a smooth surface that does not attract bacteria and microorganisms.  

Do you know that even a vinyl fence can have the rusticity of wood? 

Duramax has a unique range of fences under the brand name Duragrain. Here we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wood in terms of rusticity and feel. Many property owners interested in wooden fences are taking an interest in these vinyl ones. Unlike wooden fences, these are not prone to discoloration or getting affected by termites. Also, wooden fences do not last long even after repainting, but vinyl fences can last for a lifetime. So, vinyl fences are a little more expensive compared to wood and it is worth investing. 

No excessive maintenance costs 

Vinyl fences can save cleaning costs and hassle because the smooth fence surface does not attract many impurities. Clean the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and water. You can also wash the fences with soap and water occasionally.  

Vinyl fences can last for more than 25-30 years, so it is almost a one-time investment. Vinyl fences are available in various colors, and you can also install a beautiful and subtle white vinyl fence panel

Eco-friendly and non-toxic fences 

Duramax fences are recyclable and eco-friendly; there are no toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets in case they touch or lick the fences. We have our manufacturing unit in the USA so our fences are available at a reasonable cost to the USA customers. Order fences online from our new website. 

Book a free consultation and request a quote.

Everything you need to know about Duramax’s privacy fence panels

privacy fence panel

A fence not only offers security but privacy as well. Recently the lookout for privacy fences has increased to stay at peace from noisy roads and excessively interested neighbors. Your reason for owning a privacy fence panel could be anything. There are so many types of fences, great designs and various fence manufacturing materials. If you care for your investment and are looking for the most durable fencing material, choose vinyl. 

Privacy fences are solid, not allowing any outside environment to come inside. Many are looking for privacy to the fullest extent or even beyond that. But there are still property owners who feel that privacy fences offer a little sense of claustrophobia. In that case, we have semi-privacy fences for you. 

Wooden and metal were the two common fencing materials until vinyl emerged in the market. Vinyl is a super durable material used to manufacture fences. This material is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about mold and bacterial growth on its surface, especially during the monsoons. Vinyl fences are resistant to cold, heat, microorganisms, pressure and impact. But wood is prone to termites and rotting, especially due to the effects of moisture. Metal fences get affected by rust due to excessive moisture. Therefore, vinyl is the most suitable material to design a functional and sturdy privacy fence panel

Wood is a royal material and a lot of people like it despite knowing the drawbacks. Despite vinyl, a lot of customers have a love for wooden fences due to the rustic appeal. Now there is no worrying anymore. Duramax is one of the top fence manufacturing companies in the USA. We manufacture a whole range of fences that are available within the budget. Our fences are beautiful and ASTM-certified to ensure quality. 

A vinyl privacy fence panel will never look old; the fences can last for 25-30 years if you offer minimal maintenance. They are not prone to fading, chipping, breaking or discoloration. As a result, vinyl fences require the least cleaning and occasional maintenance. Wash the fences anytime as vinyl does not soak in water. Also, the fence panels do not get dusty frequently as vinyl repels impurities and microorganisms. 

Duramax’s privacy fences are 4-6 feet tall, and there are no holes between the fences for extreme protection, so the sky isn’t visible, and you don’t feel the external air. Installing these fences, it is very easy to isolate the yard, the pool area from the rest of the property. The fences can also keep the children and pets in your home safe and intruders out. 

Affordability is the key mainly because Duramax has its manufacturing unit in the USA. The fences are environmentally friendly, hence not harmful for kids and pets. The installation process is very simple. You can do the installation yourself if you have prior experience. Hire an experienced local contractor for a privacy fence panel installation. 

Get customized fences from Duramax, and now you can shop online. Refer to our website for different types of fences. Duramax has been manufacturing fences in the USA for more than 20 years and we have many clients.

Get a lifetime limited warranty on our fences. 

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