How Do I Increase the Privacy of My Home?

privacy fence panel

Just because you’re friends with your neighbors doesn’t mean you want them watching every moment of your daily life. Unfortunately, most homes have not been designed with privacy in mind, so, commonly, some privacy updates need to be taken care of. But, whether you need a little privacy while you relax in the backyard or don’t want your nosy neighbors to stare at you through a window, there are many easy ways to increase your home’s privacy.

Let’s take a look at these 3 ways that can help you to maintain privacy –

Add curtains, blinds, and shutters

Installing curtains and blinds inside your home is probably the simplest and cheapest way to increase your privacy. If you have lived without them for a while, your neighbors will thank you for finally putting them up. It is completely up to you whether to use curtains or blinds. You can choose the appropriate fabric or material for your windows based on how much light you want to block out. Consider installing shutters if you don’t like the look of curtains or blinds (which is why you waited so long to cover your windows). Shutters are another great option for concealing what’s going on inside while still allowing light and air into your home. 


Windows are a great way for brightening up our homes during the day, but they can make you feel exposed and vulnerable at night. In addition, some of your windows could be awkwardly placed, so blinds and curtains might not be the perfect solution for you. While you can’t really alter the placement of your windows without undertaking a major renovation, some updates can be made to the current ones. Frosting and glazing are the options that allow light to enter your room while removing visibility into the interiors. Applying a tint to your windows can be fairly inexpensive and is a great solution for any window you want privacy.

Install a wall topper

Wall toppers are great for borders, but they also help conceal what’s on the other side. A privacy wall topper is a perfect option to keep your neighbors’ eyes off your backyard activities. Be it relaxing in your hot tub on a summer afternoon or simply gardening at your leisure, and privacy fence panels let you carry out your activities in private. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that complements your décor and provides you with a little more privacy. Please see this article for some of our favorite styles. Also, consult a fence expert about specific height requirements to ensure that your fence is tall enough to keep prying eyes out.

Many property owners appreciate the wall topper’s exquisite traditional style. If your property already has a stone block or a wall surrounding it, a wall topper can readily adapt to it, saving you the trouble of rebuilding the wall footings. Wooden wall toppers have been popular in the past, but if you’re looking for something more lasting, the Duramax vinyl wall topper is a great option. A vinyl wall topper is a decorative component mounted on top of a fence or wall to add elegance to an otherwise plain wall while boosting your property’s seclusion. Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers can personalize your wall topper to meet your needs. In addition, you can choose from a varied range of styles that toppers come in so wide that you can find the type that fits into your project easily.

Install a Trellis

While a privacy fence and shrubs may be ideal for some homeowners, others may not have the necessary space. Not everything is lost if you have limited options or space. You can install a trellis that takes up very little space while still providing privacy. It will also add natural beauty to an outdoor space, especially if you add some climbing plants to grow along with the structure. This will also help increase privacy and decrease the amount of watching your neighbors do.

Increasing your home’s privacy will give you peace of mind that your neighbors aren’t watching your every move. In addition, you’ll be able to carry out your daily activities in the privacy of your own home.

Duramax vinyl wall topper specialties

Most vinyl wall toppers are manufactured with thin vinyl sheets that can lead to cracking, sagging, and breaking of the fences. Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets when manufacturing wall toppers that are much more durable, sturdy, and resistant to cracking, sagging, and falling over. To sustain extreme weather, Duramax Fences makes a vinyl wall topper with the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide mixed with UV inhibitors make strong wall toppers that stand the test of time. Duramax wall toppers are sturdy, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding the harsh UV rays from the southwest sun in the USA. The vinyl wall toppers do not develop cracks in the cold or sag or warp in heat. They don’t fade over time, keeping the color intact for the longest time without the need for any repainting.

Vinyl wall toppers are much more durable than wooden wall toppers. Vinyl’s ease of maintenance is a plus point it gets from people while buying. Unlike wooden wall toppers, vinyl toppers do not fade easily and can maintain a fresh appearance for a long time. The vinyl wall toppers from Duramax Fences have withstood a 105mph wind test, and it takes a lot of struggle to break or destroy a vinyl wall topper made of pure, virgin vinyl. Duramax uses non-toxic, lead-free, and pet-friendly vinyl for manufacturing its wall toppers and fences. The wall toppers meet or exceed ASTM quality standards and are considered the highest quality and design.

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How to Save Your Land From Trespassing with Vinyl Fencing?

ranch rail fence

Do you need the fence for a residence or an animal farm? If you’re looking into animal farm fencing options, you should concentrate on specialization. Like our homes, offices, and school grounds, Farmland requires fencing for protection and safety. In addition, fencing is required to keep animals out of certain areas and mark the boundaries of rural land. Agricultural fencing had been used by humans for many years, dating back to the 17th century, when the first fences were built with a simple stone structure. Cattle and other animals were often allowed to roam freely before this time. Nowadays, fencing can be made from various materials, depending on terrain, location, and space requiring confinement. So, to highlight these alternatives and make your fencing choice easier, here’s our guide to vinyl fencing.

Traditional fencing

The most traditional and old type of agricultural fencing is simple post and rail fencing. You can either install pointed fence posts into the ground or secure your fence panels in holes with post concrete which is recommended during summer months when soil is dry and loose. We insist you install the 3 rail ranch fence, the exact version for a livestock farm. It is an excellent way to secure your animal farm. The vinyl fences come in a variety of styles, and if you must choose, we strongly advise you to go with vinyl fencing. Let me go over the reasons in detail.

Post and rail fencing usually contains smaller animals and can be combined with barbed wire for additional protection/deterrence. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install and traditional-looking fence for your rural land, post and rail fencing is probably the option for you.

The ranch rail fence made of pure, virgin vinyl is hard to break, offering two major benefits. For instance, this is a scenario where you can keep animals from wandering off the route and being lost. These are animals who aren’t aware of their surroundings. There will be attempts to dismantle it and walk along the side of the road. This is, however, a strong material that will be difficult to break. Such fences are also constructed to deter trespassing, but in the case of a livestock farm, the number of illegal break-ins is substantially fewer. Of course, there’s always the possibility of colliding with dogs or wild horses. Durable fences are mostly required to keep animals inside the confines of the farm.

Vinyl fences will not decay 

A fence is installed in the open space, and hence it has to face the wrath of nature. Sometimes it has to battle the sun’s heat and rainwater, and there will be moments when rain waterfalls on it. A normal fence is sure to face and decay due to adverse situations, but that should not be the case for your ranch rail fence made from pure vinyl. These days, manufacturers of vinyl fences include special ingredients that prevent these fences from facing decay. The manufacturers’ confidence level of this product is that some will not hesitate to offer a lifetime warranty. Even if you do not get a lifetime warranty, most fence manufacturers offering vinyl-based products will easily offer a two decades warranty. Therefore, one can say that it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Choosing The Right fencing

To keep your land safe & secure, all you can do is get in touch with any professional vinyl fencing manufacturer and supplier. Proper fencing around the property increases the aesthetic appeal and security. Applying chromatic paints and putting up some alluring décor is always appreciated, but you should never forget to install durable fencing all across your property.

Wooden fences may rot in a year, and metal fences rust quickly as well. Only vinyl fencing is more durable and stays in good condition for the longest period. Unless intentionally damaged, vinyl fences do not require repairs or replacement. Duramax vinyl fences’ DuraResin formulation ensures that they are weather-resistant and withstand weather torment. Because of the UV inhibitors, the fences are ideal for withstanding the scorching heat of the southwest sun. The vinyl fence will not be damaged by heat, cold, storms, or heavy rain.

The vinyl walls are durable and long-lasting, and the installation is flawless. There are no external brackets or unsightly screws required for installation, and the vinyl fence panels are interlocked using a fantastic routing system.

Avail varied designs in vinyl

Vinyl fences come in many designs. You can get tall, compact privacy fences with slats close together to block sightlines. There are also various types of picket types with slats that are more spaced out. Also, you will be able to add accents, such as a lattice at the top of your fence, a scalloped top, or decorative post caps. Even vinyl fences are designed to look like ornamental iron fences with narrow, rounded slats with pointed tops. Most people opt for a ranch rail fence in the 3 rail version, though they generally are taller and shorter options available. Before planning your project, check for local restrictions, as residential fencing regulations are common. Vinyl fencing generally comes in several color choices. You can find neutrals, such as white, black, tan, brown, and gray, and some designs come in bolder colors, such as green, blue, and red. In addition, the vinyl can often be textured to look like other materials, including natural wood and stucco.

Contact Duramax for fencing needs

If you need any help with your fencing needs, Duramax Fences is here to help. With quick dispatch and delivery and a range of high-quality fencing products, precisely you’ll get what you need.

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Connect With Top Vinyl Fence Manufacturers for Installing an Affordable Vinyl Fencing

Buy Vinyl Fence

Did you know that vinyl fences are one of the favorite fencing materials used in America? The premium quality vinyl fences have gained huge acceptance due to the innumerable benefits that come along. Duramax is one of the leading vinyl fence manufacturers with years of experience to provide American homes, yards, and farms with high-quality, visually appealing fences and excellently serve as a protective shield for the property.

Vinyl is widely used as fencing material, made from the same plastic used in white plastic plumbing pipes. Some vinyl fence manufacturers and suppliers now stock affordable vinyl fencing components and pre-assembled fence panels in a limited range of colors and designs. The first PVC fences were just white panels with shiny surfaces—not very natural looking—but now additional colors are available, including brown wooden tones. Some vinyl fencing is now even textured to resemble wood. Nowadays, nearly any fencing style can be constructed in PVC. The material ranges from ranch-style rails to New England pickets or tall solid-panel privacy fences.

Here are a few of the reasons you need to invest in vinyl fencing:

Durability is the biggest reason

Vinyl fences are extremely durable, and it’s very evident for their waterproof nature. However, Duramax fences are better than ordinary vinyl fences. It’s because Duramax Fences manufacture the fence-line with thicker vinyl sheets. Thicker vinyl eliminates the problems of vinyl sagging, warping, cracking, and breaking. While other manufacturers build the fences with external brackets and unsightly screws, Duramax vinyl fences have a strong routing and interlocking system to hold the fence panels together in a fixed position. In addition, Duramax manufacturers do not use external hardware, which also helps maintain the visual aesthetics of the fences. Vinyl fences are easy to maintain. No deep cleaning is necessary to maintain the color of the fences. Just washing the fences with a garden hose and sponge is good enough to make the stain-resistant fences last long.

Easier to keep clean

A periodic rinse with a garden hose is all it takes to banish dirt from a vinyl fence panel. Wood fences will likely need power washing and possibly cleaners more frequently as their porous nature makes them more sensitive to mold and mildew. But, on the other hand, vinyl fence panels do not accumulate dirt and mold that much. It will take less of your time on its cleaning and maintenance. You must also keep the color in mind. White shows dirt more, so vinyl may be your best bet if you want white.

Weather resistivity is an added asset

Vinyl fences are resistant to the weather. Duramax vinyl fencing manufacturers give the fences an extra punch by investing in the DuraResin vinyl formulation. The formulation makes the fences stronger with the highest rated UV stability and weatherability. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and strongly potent UV inhibitors get used to manufacture strong fences that can withstand the intense heat from the sun. Duramax fences have passed the wind test of 105mph and can sustain heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunderstorms, and ice-storms. The impact-resistant vinyl fences are the ideal choice for your property.

Wood-grained fencing

Some Americans still love wooden fences. The charm of a wooden fence on your property is breathtaking. However, the problem lies that the wooden fences are not durable enough to serve you for the longest time. Wooden fences attract termites and are biodegradable. The good news is that Duramax has an alternative. Duramax has developed unique DuraGrain fences that look and feel like wood yet have cellular vinyl. The cell structure of vinyl makes the DuraGrain fences more durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain – just like vinyl. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence that comes in various colors with the rich look of wood. These fences require very little maintenance and last for years without fading, warping, or sagging issues. DuraGrain fence is a beautiful traditional fence serving a lifetime of carefree performance. This wood-grained fence has the cellular configuration of vinyl, making them waterproof, durable, and weather-resistant, unlike real wood. The saddest part of wooden fences is that they are high maintenance and do not last long. If you still like the appeal of wood, then it would be a great call to switch to DuraGrain fences. The easy-to-maintain DuraGrain fence is ideal for traditional homes.

Reasons to choose Duramax

Many property owners do not wish to invest in a new fence for monetary issues. However, they seldom forget that a fence does not only look good but adds value and security. Any fence structure encloses the property and offers privacy to the owner. A good gate structure might also do the same job, but a fence line demarcates the boundary you should not cross. However, if you are worried about the expenditure, it’s time to check out the vinyl fences at Duramax. Good quality vinyl fences are not cheap, but they are extremely durable, low maintenance, and come at an affordable rate – this offer should not be missed. Here are a few reasons why you should make most of the sale.

The vinyl fence is lucrative as the fencing line lasts for more than a decade. Duramax fences have a strong routing and interlocking fence system. No external hardware is used to build the fence. Forget external brackets and unsightly screws as Duramax emphasizes strong fences that are visually appealing. Moreover, Duramax fences get manufactured with thick vinyl sheets to eliminate breaking, warping, and sagging problems.

Why Duramax?

Want a good fence within your budget? Then, don’t miss out on the vinyl fence from Duramax Fences. Duramax fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. In addition, the high-quality fences get customized to suit your property and preferences.

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Wood vs Vinyl Fence : the Right Fence for You?

Vinyl Fence

Want some privacy around your house? If your answer is ‘yes’ to these questions, we believe you are in dire need of a vinyl privacy fence. Unfortunately, choosing a fence isn’t an easy task either. With so many alternatives available, it can be overwhelming for you to decide. Vinyl and wood fences come with their advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl fencing offers priceless properties, whereas wood fences excel in other categories.

So, let’s consider some essential properties to compare our two fencing options based on these categories.

  1. Durability

Vinyl fencing, in general, lasts almost twice as long or even longer as the wooden fence does. In addition, many vinyl fences often come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can expect vinyl fences to last for 100 years if well maintained if you want numbers. In comparison, wooden fences have a shorter lifespan and last for 15-20 years with regular maintenance and repairs.

The major culprit behind the low durability of wooden fences is moisture. Unfortunately, wood is susceptible to moisture damage. Fences made of wood sag and decay in the worst-case situation. Similarly, not all types of wood fencing are resistant to insects and termites. On the other hand, paints and preservative sealants can help avoid certain types of wood damage. But it might need repairing every few years. On the other hand, a vinyl fence has no issue with moisture and pests. As a result, they do not rot or decay, and this fact alone boosts their lifespan by decades.

  1. Aesthetics

Well, both the vinyl and wood fences do a brilliant job in aesthetics. But, as we all know, wood has a rustic classic appearance that many homeowners seem to prefer. The unique grain on each picket and wood’s natural texture and warmth surely look fantastic on fences. You can choose your wooden fence to be of any color. Wood fences also come in many designs, from scalloped picket-style fences to full-privacy vertical board fences. Vinyl fences also give stiff wood competition in this criteria. If you think that installing a vinyl fence on your property meant installing a plain white boring fence, well, you’re wrong! These days, the vinyl category offers a variety of patterns such as DuraGrain and stone to imitate the natural look.

  1. Property Value

As long as your fences are clean, durable, and well-maintained, both wood and vinyl fences help improve your property value. Of course, you have to make sure that the wood fence should be rotten or decayed if you have one. In the case of vinyl, ensure the fence is clean and doesn’t need any major repairs. However, remember that many buyers prefer the traditional wooden appearance on the fences.

  1. Cleaning And Maintenance

Since the home’s upkeep is already draining, we often don’t have time and energy to clean the outdoors, including the fence. So, it’s natural to be inclined to the fencing system that requires less maintenance and is easy to clean. Well, the good news is that vinyl fencing is incredibly low maintenance. A period rinse with a garden hose is enough.

On the other hand, wood is susceptible to moisture, mold, and mildew. To clean them, you will need to scrub them using cleaners. Wooden fences also need repainting and resealing with preservatives every once and then. This refinishing cost makes the overall maintenance cost for wood fences costly compared to vinyl fences.

  1. Repairs And Replacement

Both vinyl and wood fences need occasional repairs. Repairing vinyl fences is fairly easy, and most homeowners can do it independently. Moreover, as these fences are moisture and weather resistant, you don’t have to worry about once sagging or decaying. However, as vinyl fence often come as prefabricated privacy fence panels, damage to one or two pickets might require you to replace the entire panel. But in case of repairs and replacements in wood fences, you can easily replace only the damaged part, which will cost you much less. However, if not experienced in woodworking, you will have to seek costly professional help for the purpose.

  1. Cost

Vinyl and wood fences come at various styles and prices, depending on the style and quality. On the other hand, Vinyl fences are often more expensive than wood fences. However, because you can install it yourself and because vinyl fences are low-maintenance and long-lasting, they are unquestionably the most cost-effective fencing option in the long run. On the other hand, untreated pine wood fences are the least expensive, and the price range rises as the quality of the wood improves, i.e., tropical hardwood fences are more expensive.

Ease of Installation

Both wood and vinyl fencing typically come out better when a professional fence company is installed. But if you are a DIYer, vinyl fencing is easier to work with than wood because the vinyl panels are considerably lighter than wooden panels. In addition, many PVC fence products are designed for easy assembly, with posts that are notched to accept rails and matching panel brackets available.

Why go for Duramax Fences?

Vinyl fences are extremely cost-effective because the panels are recyclable and come with a lifetime warranty. Duramax Fences has proven its worth by providing high-quality items to its consumers throughout the years. This 20-year-old business is known for producing low-maintenance, long-lasting fences. Duramax fences have thicker walls to prevent them from breaking, deforming, or falling off over time, as well as a powerful routing system to link the fence panels together. Duramax fences are also heat, cold, and rain resistant, making them perfect for all seasons throughout the year. Furthermore, Duramax vinyl fences turn yellow over time, although they are quite easy to clean. All you need is a good cleaning with a garden hose, and you’re done.

Duramax vinyl fences have the strongest UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl fences today. The added benefit is over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which protect the fences from UV rays. Although the vinyl fencing industry only meets the basic requirements, our Duramax fences exceed ASTM standards. You get a limited-time warranty when you buy a Duramax vinyl fence!

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The Most suitable Fencing Material for Your Backyard Fence

Vinyl Fence Panels Worth Your Money

The backyard is the most neglected area of your entire property. The place is not always taken care of, but it can be the perfect area for trespassers, stray animals, intruders, and strangers. In addition, malicious people usually take advantage of a backyard to enter your property. As a result, security can be a concern, especially if children and older adults stay with you. Good fencing is a great solution to tackle such problems. Backyard fencing manufacturers can get you strong and durable fences to protect your property and keep unwanted strangers at bay for good.

Material Selection

Fences come in various styles and materials, the most popular being wood. While wooden fencing is common, it may not be the best material for your needs. In addition, wood requires upkeep and annual maintenance to ensure it remains in peak condition, so it is worth considering alternatives.

Vinyl is an excellent material choice for homeowners who want their privacy to be intact building a fence. This plastic-based material can be sprayed with a garden hose to keep it pristine, and the paneling can be molded to give a wooden look.

If you are not fond of either wood or vinyl, you have other options. For example, you can go for metal chain links or wrought iron, bamboo, or a combination of materials.

Customization available in vinyl

But if you are looking for a vinyl fence that would be ideal for your property with an exclusive look and feel, you need custom vinyl fencing. There are many fences in the market, and all of them look similar in one way or the other. Fences with similar designs might protect your property, but the unique and exclusive feature can only be achieved if you get them manufactured by custom vinyl fencing manufacturers. Customized fences are visually appealing, but they can also be manufactured with other prerequisites to ensure that they are more durable and serve you better.

Strong weather-resistant fences

The backyard vinyl fence manufacturers will provide you with a strong and weather-resistant fence. The climate can be challenging at times, and many fences will warp, crack and break down due to the harsh effect of rains, Sun, winds, etc. But Duramax fences made with DuraResin formulation can easily withstand the scorching rays of the Sun without warping. The waterproof fences can easily survive heavy rainfall thunderstorms without breaking down. High-quality fences are impact-resistant and don’t rot easily, attract termites or turn yellow.

Enhanced durability

Not all vinyl fences are built alike. Some fences are stronger than the rest. The manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets to make the fences strong and more resilient. Thicker sheets eliminate issues like warping, sagging, breaking, and cracking. However, thinner vinyl material is not good for fences, as fencing is not long-lasting. The ordinary fences have external brackets and unsightly screws that hold the fences together. The external hardware might play a role in breaking the fences and are not visually appealing. However, reputed manufacturers build the fences using a strong routing system, and the fence panels are interlocked with one another. Fences with no external hardware give greater strength and a seamless appearance, truly a visual delight. Did you know the Duramax fences have greater durability than most vinyl fences? Duramax high-quality fences made with 100% pure virgin vinyl are stronger and thicker vinyl sheets as it gets rid of problems like fences warping, sagging, cracking, and breaking down. Not only that, while other manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws to build the fences, it’s Duramax that have a strong routed fence and interlocked panels holding the fencing line together firmly. No wonder for quality fencing, Americans always prefer Duramax.

Customization is the current trend

Some homeowners already have a fence and want to go in for customization to revamp the property’s look. That’s the time when custom vinyl fencing manufacturers enter the scene. The high-quality fence made with 100% virgin vinyl and the DuraResin vinyl formulation makes the fencing stronger and more weather resistant. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors make the formulation strong and the fences more resilient to extreme weather conditions. Some customized fences are so durable and sturdy that they can withstand the intense heat from the Sun without warping, sagging, or breaking. After clearing the wind test of 105mph and being waterproof, the vinyl fences are resistant to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, ice storms, and harsh weather. Vinyl fences made from good quality raw vinyl don’t crack in cold and fall over. In addition, the lightweight fences are resistant to fire and heavy impacts, which makes them ideal for the property.

DuraGrain fences

Some fence lovers prefer wooden fencing. It appeals to it because of its traditional charm. That is why Duramax created DuraGrain fences, which have the look and feel of wood but the durability of vinyl. It’s because DuraGrain fencing, like vinyl fences, has a cellular structure that makes it more robust, sturdy, weather-resistant, and waterproof. Even though DuraGrain fences resemble wood, they do not attract termites, stain, or rot, as do wooden fences. DuraGrain fences are also the most simple to maintain. You should only wash them with a garden hose to keep them looking fresh and new for as long as possible. Maintaining the vinyl fence does not necessitate any major cleaning.

Prevent Trespassing

One of the most important advantages of putting up a fence in the yard is increased security. Fences deter intruders, and goods are kept safe inside and outside the residence. Unfortunately, backyard incursions are more common in some neighborhoods than others. For example, infringements are more likely to occur in homes with no safety barrier around their swimming pool. In addition, a fence hides recreational equipment from view, which may dissuade children from injuring themselves while playing on it without adult supervision.

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Brief Guide on Finding The Right Vinyl Gate for Your USA Home

Vinyl Fence

Today, vinyl is the second largest-selling plastic globally, and the industry employs more than 100,000 people in the United States alone. Vinyl’s low maintenance cost, versatility, and performance make it the material of preference for dozens of industries. Opt for vinyl gates from a reputable vinyl gate manufacturer if you want the best for your house. Read on to know why it is considered the best.

Let’s take a precise look at the material vinyl

Vinyl is the world’s most versatile plastic to make everything from food wrap to auto body parts. Vinyl comprises two simple building blocks: chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, from crude oil. The resulting compound, ethylene dichloride, is converted to vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) gas at very high temperatures. Through the chemical reaction known as polymerization, VCM becomes a chemically durable powder, polyvinyl chloride resin. Vinyl is the second best-selling plastic and the most versatile one. Vinyl is used in hundreds of consumable industrial products. More than 10 billion pounds of vinyl are made annually in America. Even after a useful lifespan of decades, vinyl products can be recycled into new applications lasting decades more.

Checklist for choosing vinyl fencing

Vinyl gates are quite popular in the USA. It’s because these gates are extremely durable and strong. The vinyl gate at Duramax is the ideal solution for your property among all the other fencing options. The main reason is that Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing that does not pinch your pocket, yet the gates aptly serve the purpose. A good fence adds value and beauty to the property. Before you jump into making the purchase, why not check out the list of factors to consider for making the final pick.

Why buy vinyl gates?

Vinyl is a more durable material than wood or aluminum gates. It does not come with any recurring yearly costs. Duramax gates are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are thicker than most other vinyl available in the market. Duramax vinyl has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors and has the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. Duramax vinyl gates are non-toxic and pet-friendly, making them completely safe for your kids and furry babies. The routing system is strong and locks with each member. The vinyl fencing does not require brackets and screws that are unsightly.


Go for a vinyl fencing facility that assures you high durability. Duramax vinyl gates made with 100% pure virgin vinyl are extremely durable. It’sIt’s because these gates get manufactured with thick vinyl sheets that eliminate issues like sagging, cracking, breaking, and warping. In addition, Duramax gates are strongly built with an effective routing and interlocking system. Unlike other manufacturers, Duramax manufacturers do not use external brackets or unsightly screws to build the gates. Instead, Duramax gates have invisible hardware that not only holds the fence panels firmly together but also gives a seamless, beautiful look.

Vinyl gates are weather-resistant, but Duramax adds an extra edge to their high-quality fencing line. Duramax uses the DuraResin vinyl formulation that makes the fence resistant to extreme weather conditions. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and highly strong UV inhibitors get used to manufacture good quality gates that don’t warp in heat or crack in the cold. Passing the wind test of 105mph, the gates are also good enough to sustain heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and ice storms. In addition, the waterproof gates are easy to clean, and using the garden hose is enough for adequate cleaning and maintenance.

Affordability is a crucial factor

Are you looking for affordable vinyl fencing? Then, it’s essential to get Duramax gates that are durable, cost-effective, and strong enough to stand tall for years. Unfortunately, not all vinyl gates are good enough to perform their function. Some gates crack in the cold and warp in the heat. Duramax makes sure that you don’t face any problems with their fade-resistant gates for the longest time. An average Duramax fence can last for 20 years without any complaints. The high durability and longevity of the gates without constant repairs and repainting make the vinyl gates extremely affordable.

Duramax vinyl gates are ASTM-certified

The ASTM-certification covers the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) exterior profiles used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The only material employed in these external profiles is the rigid polyvinyl chloride which compounds in a single homogeneous coextrusion of two or more PVC components in different layers. Therefore, the materials must undergo tests to meet the material and physical property standards, such as dimensional tolerations, extrusion quality, and weatherability. The ASTM methods for testing and identifying exterior profile also provide impact resistance, dimensional stability, warp, and impact test on weathered specimens.

Duramax vinyl gates are made of high-quality vinyl. To maintain their quality, they go through a number of procedures. The ASTM accreditation is one of them. Duramax’s ASTM-certified vinyl gates keep your property safe. Aside from the installation costs, Duramax fencing will not cost you anything else in the future. They don’t require any care other than a cleaning every two to four weeks or once a month. You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty if you choose Duramax fencing.

Final words 

It will not be wrong to conclude that vinyl is the best material for building durable gates that can protect your home as well as make its exterior look appealing. Choose vinyl gates from reputed vinyl gate manufacturers for long-term uses without much maintenance. In addition, you can get them customized at a competitive rate from Duramax. The experts would advise you on the gates’ design, color, and style.

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An Insight into Vinyl Fence and Its Uses

Vinyl fencing

What is a Vinyl Fence?

One of the most popular fence manufacturing materials on the market, vinyl fencing, is a sturdy and long-lasting material constructed from polyvinyl chloride. The modern answer for smart home and business owners, PVC vinyl fences have the beauty of wood and decorative fencing styles but with excellent strength and durability.

Vinyl Fencing Styles

In addition to its durability and fuss-free maintenance privacy fence panel  comes in different styles and colors –

Vinyl Fence Colors

Vinyl fencing also offers a variety of color selections that include: White, Gray, Tan, Cedar, Black. With the combinations of designs and colors, it’s easy to see that vinyl fencing can complement any architecture or landscape property.

Vinyl privacy fencing can be customized in different ways to suit the purpose of your fencing. There are different styles for commercial vinyl fencing, industrial vinyl fencing, and agricultural vinyl fencing.

Commercial Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular commercial fencing option since it is durable, sturdy, and nearly maintenance-free. As a result, it is utilized in a variety of applications, including restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, amusement parks, and more.

Industrial Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing creates a beautiful, low-maintenance barrier to hide unsightly trash or storage areas. In addition, vinyl can surround staff picnic areas or provide architectural flair to an industrial complex’s office building.

Agricultural Vinyl Fencing

The equine sector was one of vinyl fencing’s earliest applications since it protects horses while requiring no typical upkeep.

If a horse falls or leaps on it, a vinyl fence is more likely to kink than a splinter, whereas other fences may break into sharp shards that can damage the animal. Furthermore, most PVC vinyl horse fences are white, which prevents horses from clashing with them at night, though other colors are also available. Horses are also less prone to crib on vinyl fences or be injured by rubbing against the smooth surface.

Railings and Decks

Vinyl is suitable for a variety of complementary outdoor uses, including railing and decking, in addition to fencing. A fence with matching decking and railing could be part of a comprehensive outdoor vinyl makeover.

Maintenance-free PVC vinyl fences, railings, and decks provide attractive, long-lasting outdoor structures that complement any architecture.

Factors to keep in mind before installing a vinyl fence in your home

It is nice to hear that you are already thinking of fencing to protect your property. It is surely a security aspect, and you cannot leave your property at the mercy of trespassers. Do you have children or pets at home? I want to say that a fence installation is of utmost importance. The last thing you would want is the little one running onto the road and inviting danger. Therefore, a fence installation is of utmost importance, and I would again like to congratulate you on selecting vinyl.

Today, the vinyl fence is the most sought after, and you are sure to feel it once you travel on the roads. It is a long-term fencing solution, and this is the reason for me to suggest accordingly. You will be surprised to know that certain manufacturers are ready to offer a lifetime warranty on the product. Such is the quality of vinyl as a fencing solution. It is a strong, durable end product, and this is just the reason horse farm owners rely upon this form of fencing. A horse with all its strength cannot break it, and you can feel that your home is secure.

The vinyl as a fence option will require very little maintenance, and it is easy to remove mud stains on rainy days. With a little bit of soap and water, there is scope to remove tons of mud. I would insist on selecting the privacy fence panels a bit carefully. A fence also offers privacy so that outsiders cannot peek into your private life. I would insist on selecting the panels carefully to maintain your privacy.

I want to sum it up by saying that fencing is an important aspect of home investment, and you have made the correct choice by selecting vinyl. There are plenty of manufacturers ready to offer installation at your residence, and it should be hassle-free.

Duramax vinyl fences

When you are planning to buy fences, check the Duramax Fences website, where you can buy affordable vinyl fencing at reasonable prices. DuraResin vinyl formulation makes Duramax vinyl fences strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and the hot southwest sun. With over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, Duramax Fences has the highest rated UV resilience and weatherability of any vinyl today.

Duramax vinyl fences do not turn yellowish with time, and you can clean them effortlessly. In addition, our Duramax vinyl fences exceed ASTM F964 standards while the fencing industry reaches only the minimum requirements.

It is fuss-free when you choose to buy a vinyl fence panel. Duramax designs colorful fences that look gorgeous and vibrant. White vinyl fences are also very much in style, and people have accepted them for ages. The color white adds elegance and appeal that no other color can. A vinyl privacy fence painted white will not turn yellow with time. Duramax Fences has fences of varied colors, textures, and sizes.

Are you ready to revamp your home by installing vinyl fencing? Then visit the Duramax Fences website to choose from a wide range of fences. Book a consultation call now.

Want a Low Maintenance Fencing? Choose Vinyl Fencing

Low Maintenance Fencing

Vinyl fences are easy to clean and maintain. Your low maintenance vinyl fence will practically take care of itself! You don’t need a power washer to keep a vinyl fence looking new. Occasional rain or basic soap-water cleaning is usually enough to rinse any dirt or debris. Plain water will remove whatever dirt and grime appear on the fence. If there’s a build-up, you can clear it by spraying your fence with a garden hose.

Vinyl fences do not deteriorate

Old fence issues include rust, erosion, oxidation, and termites. These issues can be avoided by using modern vinyl fencing solutions. Because vinyl does not absorb water, it is ideal for securing a pool with a vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are also great for areas with a lot of moisture and harsh winters because they don’t blister or peel. Wooden fences are prone to termites and water damage, whereas vinyl fences are built to last. It is critical to consider weather conditions in your area when shopping for fences to protect your property. Vinyl fences are good for areas prone to strong winds and harsh weather. However, strong precipitation and long winters could make fence maintenance difficult.

Because of their strength and water-resistant nature, vinyl fences are ideal for withstanding wind and water. Even if you live near a coastal region, the durability of vinyl fencing is one of the most sought-after characteristics for fence buyers.

No repainting required

Unlike wooden fences that need painting and staining several times throughout their lifespan, your vinyl fences will never fade or chip. Good quality vinyl fences maintain the same color throughout, so no repainting is unnecessary.


Vinyl fencing is typically less expensive than metal fencing materials, but it is more expensive than wooden fencing and low-grade plastics. However, vinyl fences are the most cost-effective option in the long run. Because vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, you won’t have to spend money on cleaning supplies, paints, stains, or new hardware. In addition, vinyl fencing is so long-lasting that you will never have to pay for fence repairs or replacement parts. As a result, vinyl fences have a much lower long-term cost of ownership than any other fencing material.

Installation is easy

Vinyl fencing is one of the simplest types to install. Vinyl fences are designed to be installed by the homeowner or business owners effortlessly with the help of the guidance provided by the fence supplier. Self-installing a vinyl fence is very easy and simple. First, set up the posts, followed by sliding on the premade panel.

It is a long term solution

We want to say that the custom vinyl fence is a long-term solution to your home protection needs. This is a product that should stay for a long time once installed. It is easy to run into vinyl fence manufacturers offering warranties in the range of 20 to 25 years. There are even some manufacturers who offer limited lifetime warranties. So, one can see that after the installation, there is no such need to look back at the product soon. The vinyl fencing might cost a bit more than any other fencing category but it does not come with a recurring cost of repainting or fixing. One can select the white vinyl fencing, which gives a touch of style elegance to your home exterior. One must realize that the beauty of the home exteriors gives out an impression of your style to the onlookers.

Fences Are Perfectly Engineered

The DuraResin vinyl formulation is tailored to withstand the hot southward sun. With over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, Duramax Fences has the highest rated UV stability and weather ability. With our vinyl fence, you will not have to worry as the fences will not turn yellow in the days to come. Our fences are ASTM F 964 tested, and you can trust us in a blindfolded manner. We never compromise with our quality relating to affordable vinyl fencing, and we put our client’s priority right at first.

Why Choose Duramax Fences low maintenance vinyl fence?

Most vinyl walls guarantee strength; however, this is frequently not the case. Some vinyl walls are more resistant to wear and tear than others. Duramax manufacturers use thick vinyl sheets and 100 percent pure virgin vinyl to make excellent fence boards. As a result, the vinyl wall is stable and does not twist, break, or hang when pressed. While other manufacturers use outer sections and unsightly screws, Duramax provides long-lasting walls with a solid steering framework and interlocked boards that hold the fence line together. If you want to buy solid vinyl fencing, come to Duramax for a wall that will last for over 20 years without the need for repairing, repainting, replacing, or investing in other fencing medicines.

The low maintenance vinyl fence is lightweight and easy to install. The fences come in a DIY kit with a user-friendly installation manual, and it takes hardly a day to install a vinyl fence. The fences do not require deep cleaning. You would need a sponge or a garden hose to wash the fences occasionally to get a fresh new look. The vinyl fences don’t need repainting and don’t turn yellowish at all. These fences look new for the longest time and don’t stain, rot or attract termites.

Duramax vinyl fences are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. It’s because of the DuraResin vinyl formulation. The UV inhibitors with over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide make the fences exceptionally strong and durable. These fences can easily withstand the harsh rays of the Southwest and Northwest Sun without cracking, warping, breaking, or sagging. In addition, the waterproof fences have cleared a wind test of 105mph and can survive heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms, and the like. Duramax vinyl fences have the highest rated UV stability and weather resistance, making them the standard fencing choice among Americans.

Request a free quote today.

Choose Vinyl Gates over Wood for Maximum Benefits

vinyl fence manufacturers

Vinyl is the most popular gate manufacturing material now. Because of its monetary benefits and resistance to the deteriorating impacts of weather, we consider vinyl the best material to use for gates. Wooden fences and gates are available in various warm colors and design options. Add in the organic texture and distinct grain of each board, and it’s easy to see why so many people adore a wood fence. But, on the other hand, vinyl is giving wood a run for its money these days. This super-durable material, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), was introduced as fencing in the 1980s, but the early versions appeared plastic-y and cheap. However, because of the improved composition, PVC fences now look more natural and are stronger and tougher than ever.

The type of gates you select will be determined by your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in, among other factors. You can contact vinyl gate manufacturers near you to know details of the vinyl gate and its prices well. Duramax, a reputed vinyl gate manufacturer, makes gates from thicker vinyl sheets, making the gates strong and durable.

Vinyl costs more upfront, but maintaining wood makes it pricier over time

Wood fencing typically costs less, but a wooded gate will require maintenance, such as repainting or replacing as they rot. Vinyl, which runs at a little higher price, is almost maintenance-free. Vinyl will typically outlast wood gates, sensitive to weather, rot, insects, and other debilitating factors. However, it won’t warp or fade. Therefore, it should look the same as when you install the gates. Vinyl gates require less maintenance than wooden and metal gates. Metal gates rust too easily, whereas wooden gates attract termites, rot, and deteriorate over time. A vinyl gate can last for more than ten years without needing to be repaired or replaced. The color of the gates lasts for a long time and never needs to be repainted. A vinyl gate does not need to be cleaned thoroughly. Regularly cleaning the gate with a sponge and garden hose is sufficient to keep the waterproof gates looking new for as long as possible. Vinyl gates are excellent for concealing scratches and dents. Non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant gates are ideal for homes with children and pets. Vinyl is a sturdy and durable material that can remain in good condition for years. Therefore, you can easily save on repairing and repainting costs when installing vinyl gates.

Quality of Vinyl Matters

When choosing vinyl as the material to build your gates, making sure the vinyl is of high quality is step one. Only virgin vinyl should be used to make top-quality fences. Duramax Fences builds high-quality vinyl gates that do not get damaged easily due to the DuraResin formulation. In addition, it has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which ensures that the vinyl gates remain resistant to heat, cold, and scorching sun rays. You can go for a customized vinyl gate for your home, as you can choose a fence according to your taste and style.

Vinyl fences are easier to keep clean

An occasional rinse with a garden hose is pretty much all it takes to banish dirt from a vinyl gate. Wood gates will likely need a power washing and possibly detergents more frequently as their porous nature makes them sensitive to mold and mildew. But, on the other hand, vinyl does not accumulate dirt that much; it will take less of your valuable time on its cleaning and maintenance. You should also keep the color in mind. White shows dirt more, so vinyl may be your best bet if you want white.

Privacy concern

Gate designs can vary depending on the design and need. Whatever style you choose, make sure your gate matches the style of your fence or wall. Vinyl gates are available in varied sizes and structures. They can be custom-built in the gate manufacturing factory to meet your accurate specifications.

Pet friendly

The non-toxic, eco-friendly, and chemical-resistant gates are great for your homes, especially if you have small children and pets who might run here and there. The vinyl gates do not need screws for installation. In addition, they have interlocking panels which will not harm your pet.

Vinyl is Fire-resistant

When it comes to gates, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it gets. As a result, vinyl gates are an exceptionally versatile and high-performing alternative for exteriors, which is why it is the most common wall material used in today’s new home construction. In addition, the vinyl gate is more difficult than many other construction materials to ignite as it is composed mainly of PVC, which is naturally flammable due to its chlorine base. In addition, PVC has one of the lowest flame spread ratings, meaning that it won’t contribute to the spread of a fire.

Duramax Vinyl Gates

Adding a vinyl gate to the property is important to create a unique look for your home and provide an extra layer of privacy and safety. Duramax gates can be an important part of installing a new fence that wraps the entire landscape and home. The vinyl gates get the most wear and tear out of the fence, and they can endure more abuse than any other part of the fence. It is essential that whatever fencing style you choose, the gate portion must be made of the same high-grade materials and hardware.

Final Words

Are you planning to get a new gate for your property? First, book a custom-made one from Duramax. Then, request a quote to connect with the vinyl gate manufacturers today.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fencing

affordable vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing has several pros and cons. This polyvinyl chloride-based material is low maintenance and won’t crack or splinter like wood. Buyers choose it because wood doesn’t decay, attract insects, or require refinishing. It’s also available in various colors and styles, ranging from short picket fences to tall privacy fences. It can even be textured to make it look like wood. However, initial installation costs can be considerable, and harsh weather might cause the material to distort or otherwise be damaged. Nonetheless, for many people, the benefits of the best vinyl fence outweigh the disadvantages.

Pros Vinyl Fencing

Thicker vinyl sheets – If you want to buy durable vinyl fencing, then choose Duramax. The high-quality fences are manufactured with thicker vinyl sheets that eradicate warping, sagging, and breaking problems. Thicker vinyl sheets ensure greater durability and added strength to the fences. While some manufacturers build the fences with external brackets and unsightly screws, Duramax fence panels have a strong routing system. The Duramax fences have interlocked fence panels to hold the fencing line firmly in place. Duramax fences don’t turn yellow and are fade-resistant. The fire-resistant fences ensure the outbreak of fire to a large extent.

Durability You Can Trust – The fences are durable because of the thick vinyl walls, and the installation process is perfect. Vinyl fences do not need external brackets and unsightly screws for installation. They have an excellent routing system that interlocks the fence panels for increased strength and durability. The vinyl fences are made with 100% pure virgin vinyl, ensuring that they do not fade, break, crack, or delaminate easily. You also don’t need to purchase additional vinyl sealants, unlike wood products that must be pressure treated or preserved with a sealant. Finally, vinyl fencing will never splinter, making it child-friendly.

Low maintenance – Wooden and metal fences demand a lot of care and maintenance. Wood rots, and the metal fences corrode easily. The vinyl fences are far more durable and extremely easy to maintain. You don’t have to invest in repairs or replacements for vinyl fences. The vinyl fences do not stain, fade, rot, or rust easily. Occasional cleaning with a garden hose is enough to make the fences look new and fresh. However, the white vinyl fence is long-lasting and the most coveted one. The white fences made from vinyl material do not fade as they attach to the acrylic colors and ensure the paints do not fade or peel off easily.

Attractive Appearance: Although a fence’s primary function is to provide a barrier, there’s no shame in admitting that an attractive barrier complements the surrounding structures would be preferable. Vinyl comes in various classic colors, including white, tan, and gray, and it does not require painting. Furthermore, manufacturers provide a variety of styles and decorative post caps and vinyl gates to match. Vinyl is even available with simulated wood grain, giving you the look of wood without the hassle.

Vinyl Fencing Cost: The initial installation process of vinyl fence is higher than any other type of fencing. But once you install the fence, you need not worry about its recurring maintenance costs like wood fencing. These vinyl fences need minimum maintenance to stay in good condition for years. Therefore, you can save up to a lot on its annual maintenance costs. The average cost of vinyl fence installation in the USA varies and is dependent on size, height, and a lot more. Some add-ons that might raise the price include fence post caps, texturing, and gates. In addition, the thickness of the material will also affect the price. Therefore, it is worth splurging on a thicker vinyl sheet for a sturdy fence that requires less maintenance over time.

Design: Vinyl fences come in various designs. You can get towering privacy fences with the slats closed together to block sightlines. There are also various picket styles with slats that are more spaced out. Vinyl fencing comes in several color choices. You can find neutrals, such as white, tan, gray, and black. And also in bolder colors, such as green, blue, and red. In addition, they can often be textured to look like natural wood.

Cons Vinyl Fencing

The benefits of vinyl fencing far outweigh the drawbacks. Still, as with any major home investment, you should consider vinyl fencing from every angle before deciding. One issue with vinyl is material expansion. Vinyl expands and contracts as temperatures change, making the material brittle over time. On the other hand, vinyl is one of the most durable fencing materials on the market.

It’s also worth noting that vinyl fencing necessitates a larger initial investment. However, you will save money in the long run. Vinyl fencing requires much less maintenance than wood fencing, saving you both time and money.

Choose Duramax

When you check out the vinyl fence, opt for fencing resistant to terrible weather conditions. Bad weather is one of the major reasons fences don’t last long. That’s why Duramax has come up with its unique DuraResin formulation, which makes them extremely resistant to heat. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors get mixed to manufacture weather-resistant fencing to ensure optimal heat resistivity. Good weather resistivity ensures that the fences don’t warp in the heat, crack in the cold, break during heavy thunderstorms or start sagging due to the harsh weather all year round. The vinyl fences are extremely pet-friendly for non-toxic, lead-free, and chemical-resistant characteristics. Duramax fences have exceeded the ASTM quality standards due to their extensive durability and outstanding resilience. The professionals at Duramax can customize the fence to suit your preferences and enhance the aesthetics of the place. The impact-resistant fences are flexible and have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Summing Up

After a detailed analysis, it is easy to conclude that no other fencing material is more versatile than vinyl. It might seem a little costly during installation, but you will save a lot more on the maintenance cost.

To choose vinyl fencing for your home, talk to our fencing experts. Book a consultation call now.

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