Get a New Fencing For Your Property

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

The tell-tale signs of an old fence are warping, rotting, cracking, and breaking. If your fence shows signs of damage or wear and tear – then it’s time to install a new fence. However, have you decided what kind of fence to install? For example, a picket fence would look good if you have a traditional property. For a modern home, the perimeter fence is ideal. While a clustered neighborhood might require you to buy semi privacy fencing that would enable you to maintain good relations with the neighbors yet ensure a safe distance for maintaining your own private space. Duramax fences are among the finest for their high durability, resilience, and strength. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying fences that last long and cater to your needs.

Transform Your Property with Durable Elegance: Explore the Best Fencing Options

Invest in a more durable fence – Thicker quality vinyl

If you plan to buy a new fence, invest in durable fencing made exclusively by Duramax. The fences get manufactured using thicker vinyl sheets. The thick quality vinyl ensures that the fences are more durable and stronger than ordinary ones. Thicker vinyl eliminates issues like warping, sagging, and breaking of the fence. With that Duramax, fences don’t have external hardware that can spoil the aesthetics and make the fence line weak over time. The high-quality fences have a strong routing system where the fence panels are interlocked, offering outstanding strength and resilience. Duramax fences are impact-resistant and can sustain heavy blows and high impacts.

DuraGrain option

Customize and buy semi-privacy fencing for your property. The DuraGrain fence is a great alternative to wooden fencing. The Duramax fence does not rot, stain, fade or attract termites. The beautiful DuraGrain fence gets customized in various styles, designs, and colors. The waterproof fences are easy to maintain. Just rinse with a garden hose or get a sponge to wipe the fence line. The semi-privacy fence is ideal for homes that want isolation yet need some open space to get a peek at the outside world.

Weather-resistant fencing

If you get a new fence installed in your yard, opt for Duramax Fences’s DuraResin vinyl formulated fences. The beautiful vinyl fences should be resistant to weather, heat, and fire. The DuraResin formulation has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for ensuring optimal resistance against heat and the scorching Sun’s rays. The waterproof fences have 105mph wind resistivity and can withstand heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, etc. In addition, vinyl fences don’t crack in the cold or warp in heat. Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and exceptional weather resistivity. Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours here.


Buy semi-privacy fencing from the leading manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. The fences are recyclable and don’t turn yellow. The vinyl fences offer a lifetime of carefree performance. 

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Install Pool Fencing and Make Your Pool Area a Rejuvenation Spot

Buy vinyl pool fencing

Most houses in the USA come with some open areas. You can use that area as a rejuvenation spot for you and your family members. Decorating your yard with trees or setting up an in-ground pool can be a fascinating idea. An in-ground pool is an excellent way to cool off during a hot summer evening. But being in an open pool can leave you feeling exposed. In-house pools can also pose a risk in your backyard, particularly to small children and pet animals, so some states in the USA require you to have a fence or barrier around your pool.

Although there are numerous fencing options in the market, the best vinyl fence should be visually appealing, weather-resistant, durable, and sturdy. In addition, they should be durable enough to withstand constant water splashes when put around the pool. High-quality vinyl fences serve the purpose better than standard vinyl. Get premium quality custom-made vinyl pool fencing for your property.

Enhance Safety and Serenity: Installing Stylish Pool Fencing for Your Ultimate Relaxation Spot

Vinyl Pool Fencing Provides a Safety Barrier

Although pool fence guidelines differ from state to state and even city to city, their significance cannot be overstated. Swimming pools claim the lives of hundreds of children each year, many of which could have been avoided with a properly installed pool fence. Duramax pool fencing meets industry standards to keep your children and pets safe. Unfortunately, there are larger gaps between posts and pool fencing types, such as ornamental aluminum fences or chain links. However, a vinyl pool fence can be a wise way to add much-needed privacy around the in-ground pool of your house. It will even help create a little getaway in your backyard.

Vinyl fences are sturdy and water-resistant

It would be best if you had strong vinyl pool fencing to ensure good security for your pool. Vinyl made from plastic is lightweight and seems to be delicate. However, vinyl fencing is stronger than wood. Vinyl fences are highly enduring and can withstand climate abuse with negligible maintenance for years. Premium quality vinyl fences made with DuraResin formulation have over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide mixed with UV-inhibitors to ensure high durability. The DuraResin formulated fences are weather-resistant and have the highest UV stability compared to other fencing options. Since the vinyl fences are flexible, they can resist high impacts and occasional accidents without cracking or bending like the wooden or metal fences. You will never come across vinyl fences attracting termites, rotting, rusting, or warping. Rain and winds do not affect vinyl fences that stand together with a strong routing system with interlocked fence panels. Hence, if you are on a search for a durable and strong fence – go for vinyl fencing.

Log on to the Duramax Fences website to know more about Duramax vinyl fences. Get a quote! Currently, you can also avail of a free sample from Duramax Fences for a limited period.

3 Benefits of Virgin Vinyl Fencing

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

If you own some land, it is undoubtedly precious. However, the parcel of land may be adjacent to your living space, which must be safeguarded. Landowners have long had to deal with encroachment concerns, and you should be no different. We believe that the best way to protect the land is to demarcate it with a fence. The fence acts as a boundary wall, separating the piece of land you own. One can gain more advantages by installing a fence, and you seriously need to give this idea some thought.

As you explore various fencing options, we would like to state that there is just no match to virgin vinyl fencing these days. The concept of fencing began with the need to demarcate a property, but of late, it is for security needs that homeowners are looking to install a fence. This is why we insist on the necessity to select virgin vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is composed of durable vinyl material, and it is tough to break it. 

Unveiling the Advantages: Why Choose Virgin Vinyl Fencing?

Hassle-free option

The need to maintain a fence is perhaps already at the back of your mind. However, when you buy vinyl fencing, it leaves you with very little to worry about. Let us now discuss an extreme condition, and you will get a clear idea. You may have installed a plain white vinyl fence, and surely they give out an aesthetic look. Now, there will be rainy days and storms in the USA. Then you might have to face a situation where your white fences get intense mud stains and gather too much dirt. It definitely will not look good to the eye of the onlookers, and you will be eager to remove it. However, you don’t need to worry much. You can remove the mud stains using simple soap and water. The best you can do is spray it with a garden hose after applying soap. So, one can say that USA vinyl fencing leaves you with little maintenance hassle. 

Beauty and style

Duramax vinyl fencing themes give out beauty and style for your home exteriors. However, the benefits are more as we say that this fencing form will ensure that privacy is completely braced. The outsiders will, at no cost, get a peek into your private life. Hence, you can see that it is for property demarcation that one may have installed USA vinyl fencing, but over a period of time, there are more benefits to gain. Therefore, you can feel why homeowners worldwide select vinyl as a fencing theme. Now you can get a free sample of Duramax fences by just filling out this form on the website.

These fences are hard to break

The USA vinyl fences made of pure vinyl make them durable, and it will be tough to break them. It also prevents trespassing; illegal break-ins by the mischievous elements are also significantly lower. There is always a fear of dogs and wild horses running into your property. It is basically to keep the animals and trespassers away from your premises. 

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Choose Duramax Fences for Your Fencing Needs in The USA

Low Maintenance Fencing

Are you willing to make your home get an elegant touch? If so, let us wish you all the best. It is your house & you have all the rights to apply the Midas touch over it. But we would like to add something more to your list. To keep your property safe & secure, all you can do is get in touch with a professional vinyl fencing manufacturer in the USA. 

Proper fencing around the property increases the aesthetic appeal, and the amount of security also increases. Of course, applying chromatic paint and putting up alluring décor is always appreciated, but never forget to install affordable vinyl fences all across your property.

Why Duramax Fences Are the Ideal Choice for Your USA Fencing Requirements

Duramax is one of the most reputed vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Over the years, it has been a prowess to have delivered top-notch services, which are already well appreciated. The fencing experts working with us are experienced and are ready to take up stiff challenges.

They are active & agile, ensuring that you receive the best service in town. We have never compromised with our quality & we make sure that all our products are tested before it reaches the customer. Let us now examine the advantages you are supposed to get from us. 

Read it on & learn more :

Our Fences Are Easy To Install & Clean – If you are looking for a hassle-free option, you can always have trust & patience with us. Our fences are easy to install as it does not require any screws or brackets. At the same time, the cleaning procedure is easy as well. Just a simple mop with a piece of cloth is more than enough. The vinyl that is being applied is thick and is tailored to keep the fences clean. As a result, the fence remains smooth, and there are no chances of termites and bacteria getting accumulated in the base of the panel.

Our Fences Are ASTM-tested – Our fences are tested before reaching the customers. We ensure that all our fences are ASTM F964 tested. We never compromise with our quality parameters, and we aim to keep up our reputation in the market. You can trust it in a blindfolded manner, & we would not disappoint you going further.

Our Fences Are Perfectly Engineered – Our fences are engineered for the hot southward sun. The DuraResin vinyl formulation is designed to withstand the hot sun. With the 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and the UV inhibitors, Duramax has the highest weather ability. Do not worry about the fence turning yellow, as the fences will remain in position at least for a couple of decades or more. So you will not have to spend anything extra on painting in the days to come. 

Currently, we are offering free samples for you to test our product before you buy fencing. Avail it today.

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Advantages of Vinyl Perimeter Fencing From Duramax

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

Trespassers will always be drawn to a property with adjacent land, and they may approach the living space with ill intent. If there is undeveloped land near your home, the key will be to erect a fence around it. This way, you can keep intruders out of your living space. As you consider fencing themes to separate your property from the street, the best option is to buy affordable vinyl fencing from a reputed fence manufacturer like Duramax Fences in the USA.

Harnessing the Benefits of Vinyl Perimeter Fencing with Duramax

Duramax strong vinyl fence panels

If you are looking for fencing material in the United States today, vinyl is the most popular. Individual homeowners and commercial properties are both looking to buy vinyl perimeter fencing. Vinyl fences come with several advantages to offer. The advantage they offer makes them superior to the other fencing alternatives available in the market. Our vinyl fences last longer, and they are stronger and more attractive than the other options. So what say, would you like to go for them? You have time to decide, but first, go through the benefits of using our vinyl fences.

Now, you can get a free sample of Duramax Fences for a limited time. So avail your freebie and enjoy it while you decide on the design and type of vinyl fencing you want to buy.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other varieties of fences available in the market, our fences can be easily maintained. They do not require repainting or staining and manage to look brand new even after several years of installation and use. The only thing you need to do to keep our fences in prime condition is occasional clean-up with water and soap. Our fences do not rust, mold, mildew, discolor, or stain. Therefore, they do not require any maintenance to keep them looking new as the day when they were first installed.

Low Cost

Vinyl fence comes as a boon for the buyers on a tight fence-buying budget. Yes, you heard it right! Despite being of superior quality and easy to maintain, our vinyl fences are reasonably priced. Of course, they might be a bit more expensive than wooden fences, but they do not require any maintenance for years to go. So, this automatically helps the user save a huge amount of money.

Do not require repairs

Also, vinyl fences do not require many repairs and can easily last for more than 20 years. So, as a homeowner, there is no need for you to worry about putting in your money in replacing the fences very often. So, if you want your property to stand out in the neighborhood, but without spending much, you must go for Duramax’s vinyl fences. They will give you services worth the money spent. Additionally, if a vinyl fence panel gets damaged due to any extreme adverse situation, you can always replace that particular fence panel without affecting the rest of the fence.

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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Semi-Privacy Fencing

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

You may be considering installing a fence for privacy and security. However, there has recently been a decorative aspect to these objects using vinyl fencing material. Purchase semi-privacy fencing and install the appropriate fencing material around your home. A beautiful customized fence can send the perfect style message.

Unlocking Tranquility: Discover the Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Semi-Privacy Fencing

Keep a boundary with the outside world

Trespassers are deterred by strong USA vinyl fencing made of 100 percent virgin vinyl. The impact-resistant fences are 5 times stronger than wood, and they do not rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. In addition, the fade-resistant fences do not require whitewashing and can look new for an extended period. Duramax fences outperform ASTM standards and are among the strongest and most durable. Duramax fences are made from thicker vinyl sheets and will not easily warp, sag, break, or crack. Duramax fences are exceptionally strong because they lack unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences are constructed using an efficient routing system, and the fence panels are interlocked.

You can keep your privacy without feeling suffocated

Friendly neighbors aren’t necessarily bad, but keeping them at a safe distance to protect your privacy is. As a result, privacy fences that provide complete isolation are not recommended. Instead, invest in semi-private fencing that will give you privacy while not completely isolating you from your neighbor. Vinyl fences are inexpensive to maintain. A rinsing with a garden hose is required to keep the fences looking new. However, you can use a sponge to remove debris and dirt from the surface of the stain-resistant fences. The fence does not warp, crack, or break down when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The Duramax vinyl fences are extremely durable and can withstand intense heat, cold, and heavy rainfall, as they are made with DuraResin vinyl formulation.

Beautifying Your House’s Exterior

Vinyl fencing is strong and durable, so vinyl fence manufacturers like Duramax Fences offer a lifetime warranty on their products. If you can select these fences strategically, they can boost up the exterior home decorations. We spoke to experts, and they had to say that by installing a semi privacy fence, you can add a bit of personal touch to your home exterior. Are you bothered about mud stains dampening the color of your fence on a rainy day? We want to say that basic soap and water can remove the darkest of such stains. If you carefully select such fences, the home exteriors are safe, and simultaneously, the property looks beautiful. Duramax Fences is also offering free samples now. Contact today to claim yours.

Easy Installation

No brackets and screws are required on these white vinyl fences as they can be installed easily. It is to be noted that these fences are heat resistant and impact-resistant, and after the installation, there are no chances of falling apart. Even during strong winds or rough weather conditions, you can remain assured that your fences will remain in perfect position. Being ASTM F964 tested, our fences reach the minimum required for installation.  

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Give Your Pool a New Look This Summer With Duramax Fences

Buy vinyl pool fencing

Summer is around the corner, making it the perfect time for your pool parties or quiet poolside romantic dinner. This is the perfect time to get your pool ready for summer.

Most houses in the USA come with some open space. You can easily use that space as a rejuvenation spot for you and your family. Decorating your backyard or setting up an in-ground pool can be a fantastic idea. An in-ground pool can prove to be a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer evening. But you may feel exposed to outsiders by this. In-ground pools can also pose a hazard in your backyard, particularly to little children and animals, which is why some states demand you to have a fence around your pool. Buy vinyl pool fencing that will ease all your pain points in this matter. Our vinyl pool fencing, each fence section is pre-routed for quick, on-site assembly. Plus, our pool fence gates come with reliable, self-closing hinges so that you can trust your family will be safe around the pool this summer.

Elevate Your Poolside Paradise with Durable and Stylish Duramax Pool Fences

White fencing looks elegant

Vinyl fencing is strong and effective when it comes to providing security. The fence is attractive and adds to the overall appearance of the fence. In the long run, it is extremely durable and effective. The finest thing is that the fence is not affected by the sun. The rainwater even rolls right off from top to bottom. A white vinyl fence is an excellent addition to your event with its sturdy materials. You can easily replace the fence if it ever cracks, which will not happen after 20 years of installation. The cost of mending fences, on the other hand, is varied and based on the extent of the damage. After many years of use, a fence will often begin to shake from the roots. If this is the case, you should engage a professional to provide the greatest service.

Vinyl fences are sturdy and water-resistant

To maintain appropriate security for your home, it would be preferable if you had a robust vinyl fence panel. Plastic-based vinyl is lightweight and appears to be delicate. On the other hand, Vinyl is more durable than wood. Vinyl fences are extremely durable and require very little maintenance to withstand years of exposure to the elements. Vinyl fences constructed with the DuraResin composition feature over 12 parts Titanium Dioxide combined with UV-inhibitors to ensure long-term durability. Compared to other fencing solutions, DuraResin formulated fences are weather-resistant and have the highest UV stability. In addition, vinyl fences, unlike wooden or metal fences, are flexible and can withstand high impacts and occasional accidents without breaking or bending. Duramax Fences is offering free samples now for you to test our vinyl and decide upon what to order.

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Semi Privacy Fencing Offers Privacy and Security

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

A full privacy fence may be too much for some households. It’s too tall, cuts out too much light, and makes a strong message to the neighbors. The semi privacy fence shines in this situation! All of the fences featured here offer the bulk of the advantages of a privacy fence without requiring a complete commitment to the type.

Buy semi private vinyl fences which will provide a modern, sleek look that goes with practically any home. Furthermore, like other vinyl fences, these survive for decades and only need to be washed with soap and water now and again to maintain their appearance. Clients frequently request quotes for both a regular privacy option and a semi private vinyl fence option at the same time. This choice provides a similar square profile to our privacy alternatives, making it one of the best all-around semi private vinyl fences. On the other hand, the panels have little slots and are generally shorter. Therefore, this picket fence isn’t like the others. When utilizing pickets for a semi privacy fence, make sure the pickets are close enough together. The semi privacy fencing offers just the right amount of seclusion, yet they are visually appealing on both sides. They are visually appealing and ensure more privacy and security to your business or home. Husker Vinyl has many options, and you will be sure to find one that is perfect for you!

Enhancing Privacy and Security with Semi-Privacy Fencing

Duramax semi privacy fences

Duramax Fences vinyl semi privacy fence has the perfect option for providing an abundance of privacy and a great deal of airflow! Semi privacy vinyl fencing products from Duramax Fences feature several styles that allow airflow yet provide the perfect seclusion. Our semi privacy vinyl fences are available in white colors and different heights. With various semi privacy vinyl fencing styles, home and business owners will find an option that meets their needs.

Because vinyl fences are made of polyvinyl chloride, they last a long period. Vinyl is tough and long-lasting by nature. It has five times the tensile strength of wood and is five times more flexible. Vinyl fencing is frequently mixed with other materials to create a low-maintenance product that will last for years. On the other hand, extreme weather conditions may cause the fences to deteriorate. On the other hand, Duramax manufactures high-quality vinyl fences that are not harmed by the DuraResin formulation.

Furthermore, it contains more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, ensuring that the vinyl fence panels are resistant to heat, cold, and the sun’s searing rays. As a result, vinyl fences are extremely durable and don’t rot, get rust, stain, or attract termites. You can also go for customized semi privacy vinyl fencing for your house, as you can get a fence according to your taste and style. When you buy a fence from a top-notch vinyl fencing manufacturer, Duramax Fences, they offer you various options. So, do up your home the way you want to without worrying about your house’s security. 

You will be glad to know that now you can get a free fence sample from us. So, hurry up and get in touch with us today to claim your free sample.

Keep your kids safe

Duramax Fences vinyl semi privacy fencing is undoubtedly one of the most durable, virtually maintenance-free, and available economic fencing options. One of the most advantageous reasons to purchase a vinyl semi privacy fence is that it is extremely easy to take care of and is virtually maintenance-free. It will not warp, blister, rot, split, rust, decay, or chip like an aluminum or wooden semi privacy fence. As a result, vinyl semi privacy fences are appropriate for residential properties and commercial applications.

Duramax Fences receives requests for semi privacy fencing for various reasons, including the increasing curbside appeal of a residential or commercial property, creating a visual property line between you and your neighbor, adding privacy to your home or office, and providing protection. Furthermore, young children and pets are frequently unaware of the dangers outside of their yards. You won’t have to worry about your children wandering off and coming into contact with unwanted dangers if you install a semi private fence.

DuraGrain appeal

Some homeowners prefer wooden fences but have apprehensions as wood is not as durable as vinyl. That’s the reason why Duramax Fences has come up with their unique Duragrain fence. It is a wood-grained fence style that looks like wood and feels the same, but differently. The Duragrain fence has the cell structure of vinyl, which makes them durable, waterproof, strong, and easy to maintain. In addition, these fences don’t rot, stain or attract termites. Duramax’s Duragrain fences easily get customized in different colors, styles, and designs to look visually appealing and also serve its purpose of providing security and privacy.

Keep it moderately private

Friendly neighbors are not a bad thing, but keeping them at a distance to protect your privacy is a good idea. That is why privacy fences that provide complete isolation are not advised. Instead, buy semi private fencing that will provide you with privacy while not completely isolating you from your neighbor. The upkeep of vinyl fences is not expensive. A simple rinsing with a garden hose is all that is required to keep the fences looking new. However, you can clean up debris and dirt from the surface of the stain-resistant fences with a sponge. Duramax fences are also extremely weather-resistant. They do not warp, crack, or break down when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The fences are extremely sturdy, durable, and can withstand intense heat, cold. temperatures, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and the like because they are made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation.

Why Choose Duramax Ranch Rail Fences Made of Virgin Vinyl

ranch rail fence

You go to great lengths to safeguard your horses. But you know they’re safe when you’re not around because the 3 rail ranch fence you installed keeps them safe from unforeseen dangers.

But will it be the right type of vinyl? To answer this, you need to keep in mind that going for good quality material is always better as it will serve you for more time. It will also take less of your time on its care and maintenance.

Read on to find the points you need to remember before choosing virgin vinyl fencing to keep your horses safe.

The Advantages of DuraMax Ranch Rail Fences Crafted from Virgin Vinyl

What is Virgin Vinyl Fencing?

Virgin vinyl is 100% pure vinyl. It is a synthetic artificial plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. This material is inexpensive to make, so most vinyl products are more affordable than similar products made from different materials. The two compounds come together to create ethylene dichloride, which is then heated and turned into a gas called vinyl chloride monomer.

The flame-retardant feature of this chloride molecule makes it unique. This quality is carried down from the start of the vinyl manufacturing process, making it difficult for your vinyl fence to catch fire. 

When the chloride monomer is treated through polymerization, the vinyl-making process continues. This method converts vinyl chloride monomer to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, which is pure vinyl and the world’s second most used plastic. The adaptability of vinyl is one of the reasons for its popularity. It can be made into a hard, synthetic surface, such as a fence, or it can be used as a substrate for latex, which can be used to make rubber for your boots or inflatables, such as the pool your kids used to swim in. Horse fencing made with virgin vinyl is the end product of the vinyl manufacturing process. It is also great for other fencing styles and outdoor amenities like privacy fencing, white picket fencing, vinyl wall toppers, and vinyl gate.      

Is virgin vinyl better than recycled vinyl? 

According to the Vinyl Institute, 1 billion pounds of pre-and post-consumer vinyl is recycled every year. While this is great for the environment, you shouldn’t use recycled vinyl for your horse fence. Scraps from other vinyl goods are used to make recycled vinyl fences. Vinyl is broken down into a resin and molded into a new product when recycled. The issue is that some recycled vinyl products contain significant quantities of Phthalates. Certain vinyl items, such as flooring or furniture fabric, are more flexible because of this chemical. Phthalates are found in the body of nearly everyone. With the ubiquitous usage of plastic in today’s culture, it’s nearly inescapable.

Excessive amounts of phthalates can cause dangerous effects on you and your horse’s health. What makes virgin vinyl fencing material different is that it is manufactured so that it does not need any excessive additives like phthalates to make the material softer and more flexible. So, you should always choose to recycle your virgin vinyl horse fence. So, buy 3 ranch rail fences made with virgin vinyl to safeguard your stable.

Virgin vinyl horse fencing for your horses

Besides the potential threat of recycled vinyl, other considerations make virgin vinyl fencing better for your horse. While phthalates make vinyl elastic, virgin vinyl is flexible enough on its own to cushion the blow if your horse runs into or falls through your fence. The vinyl will shatter neatly if the weight is too great to bear. That means there will be no dangerous fence shards to injure your horse. Also, virgin vinyl does not warp. Brittle recycled vinyl can be damaged by high winds, hot temperatures, and other extreme weather. A recycled vinyl fence may also lose its bright white appearance and quickly turn yellow. When you’re ready to remove your fence for any reason, you can recycle first-generation vinyl. It won’t be as strong as before, but it won’t end up in the ocean or wind up in a landfill. So, if you’re looking for top-quality virgin vinyl fencing for your horse stable or commercial ranch, contact a vinyl fence manufacturer in the USA who can customize your fence according to your preference and style. 

Duramax is one of the top-notch vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA, providing fencing made with the DuraResin formulation. The formulation ensures that the fences are resistant to weather water and don’t warp, sag, or attract termites. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture weather-resistant fencing that can withstand intense heat without showing signs of damage. Duramax fences don’t fade, turn yellow, and stand tall for the longest time. The fences are waterproof, strong, and impact-resistant. Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and are a big favorite among Americans for their low maintenance qualities. For the upkeep of the Duramax fences, wash the fencing with a garden hose or a sponge. The hassle-free maintenance is an added asset for the installation of the fence.

Duramax uses virgin vinyl for fences

The reputed vinyl fencing manufacturers always use 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture high-quality fences. Made with thicker vinyl sheets, the fences are durable and have exceptional strength. Vinyl fencing is five times stronger than traditional wood. Duramax fences are far stronger than ordinary fencing because they have a strong route-and-lock system without external hardware. Unsightly screws and external brackets weaken the fences over time, and that’s why the invisible hardware of Duramax fences works better to protect your property.

Currently, Duramax Fences is offering a free sample of their product for you to test and then buy it. So contact us today and claim your freebie.

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Get the Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing to Add Aesthetic Beauty to Your Property

Buy Vinyl Fence

The decorative USA made vinyl fence is durable, strong, waterproof, and weather resistant. The USA made vinyl fencing is easy to clean. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose is the only maintenance required. The fences are non-toxic, chemical-resistant, lead-free, and recyclable. High-quality fences don’t turn yellow, stain, rot, rust, or attract termites.

A fence is an essential part of your property for demarcating the boundary line. The entrance of your property guarded with a fence needs to have the visual appeal to make the place look more delightful and beautiful. The decorative USA made vinyl fence can instantly make your property look like a paradise. However, not all fences get manufactured with care. Some USA made vinyl fencing is better than others. It’s not only the design, color, and style of the fence – it’s also the quality of the material and the manufacturer’s expertise to ensure higher strength and durability. You need to keep in mind a few things before investing in vinyl fences.

Enhance Your Property with Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing

Customize the DuraGrain fence

Are you in love with wooden fences and can’t get over them? The wooden fences might be visually pleasing, but they are so high-maintenance that they would not be a great choice in the long run. Instead, a better alternative for wooden fences is the Duragarin one. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained fencing style that visually looks just like real wood. The only difference about DuraGrain is that its inner cell structure is virgin vinyl making the fences waterproof, weatherproof, and extremely easy to maintain. The DuraGrain fences are so beautiful that it would be difficult to tell them apart from a wooden fence. In addition, the DuraGrain fences don’t rot, stain, or attract termites, making them more precious and long-lasting than wood.

You can customize the DuraGrain fence in any color, design, or style that would complement the look of your property and increase its visual aesthetics. In addition, DuraGrain fences last for many years and don’t lose their color or fade over time, unlike wood.

DuraResin – The weather-resistant formulae

The USA made vinyl fence is weather-resistant, but at times weak fences cannot withstand the sun’s heat. To counteract the problem of intense heat, some fence manufacturers have used the DuraResin formulation. The formulation uses over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture strong fences that don’t warp in the heat and can withstand the sun’s scorching rays without suffering damages or getting depilated. Vinyl fences have passed the wind test of 105mph, which ensures that they can survive wind uplifts and high impacts even though they are lightweight. In addition, the waterproof fences don’t rot or rust during heavy rainfall or thunderstorms. DuraResin’s weather-resistant formulation acts as a magic potion for vinyl fences to make them strong and more durable.

Seamless installation and no external hardware

Although some manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fence line, it’s not good. External hardware causes the fence to weaken over time due to external damages or rusting of the screws. Therefore, USA made vinyl fencing has a strong routing system with interlocked panels that securely hold the fence line together. Vinyl fencing with no external hardware is extremely durable and looks visually pleasing for its seamless appearance.

Deciding on Duramax Fence

Vinyl fencing manufacturers advocate utilizing the DuraResin formulation if you want robust fences resistant to heat and the sun’s searing rays. Duramax makes weather-resistant vinyl fences with over 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. For maintenance, wash them with a garden hose or a sponge now and again. The barriers are designed to endure severe rains and bad weather. The fences are heat resistant and can withstand exceptionally hard climatic conditions thanks to the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Weatherability and UV stability are the highest ratings for Duramax fences.

Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers ensure that you obtain a one-of-a-kind, robust, and sturdy fence. That’s why making vinyl fences with thicker vinyl sheets provides more strength and long-term durability. High-quality fences do not warp, crack, bend, or break in the heat. These fences, unlike wood, are heat and water-resistant, which means they won’t decay, corrode, or attract termites. In addition, Duramax fences are fire and high-impact resistant. The lightweight fences include a sturdy routing system and linked fence panels to keep the fence line. When it comes to the maintenance factor, nothing beats the vinyl fences’ affordability. It is cheaper than any other type of fencing material like iron, wood, or FRP. As a result, it offers additional savings whenever it comes to maintaining the fencing system in your property.

You will be even more excited to know that you can now get a free sample of our product. Yes, we are currently offering a freebie for you to try our products. So contact us today or walk into our store to avail this free sample for a limited time.

The Final Words

Choose Duramax, the only vinyl fence service supplier you can trust. Installing a beautifully designed vinyl panel in your home will not only improve the look and feel of your architectural structure but will also provide a new sense of life. Whether it’s for your home or company, the high-rated vinyl fences will provide you with the best beauty and durability that no other fencing material can match. If you want a custom-made fence for your property that’s decorative and chic looking, then contact Duramax manufacturers. The high-quality fence has a limited lifetime warranty and is fire resistant too. Book a free consultation with the Duramax experts today—request a quotation.

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