The Dos and Don’ts of Best Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

Installing a perimeter vinyl fencing yourself can provide much-needed privacy, keep the family dog contained, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home for many years. You might even save money if you follow the proper installation procedures. However, consider the most common pitfalls before diving into an unprepared project. Building regulations that are overlooked, poorly set posts, and insufficient prep work can quickly eat into those savings and shorten the life of your fence. If you want your best vinyl fence project to be a lasting testament to your DIY abilities, you’ll need to follow some do’s and don’ts.


Prepare the yard – Digging without knowing what’s below is dangerous. Likewise, hitting a utility line with a shovel can result in serious injury or death. If you plan to erect the perimeter vinyl fence along the yard’s edge, verify the property line by checking your property papers. Once you have located the utility lines, you can establish your property line, marking the perimeter of your fencing with brightly colored spray paint.

Start from a corner – Accurately aligning the posts is critical to a successful vinyl fence installation. Given how difficult it can be to install posts, you wouldn’t want to dig out a post and reinstall it because you didn’t align it correctly with the other posts. Install the end and corner posts first to eliminate guesswork. Stretch a string line between the posts once they’re in place, ensuring the line is taut. Then, use that string line as a guide for all of the posts in the middle. Before the concrete is set, check that the post is plumb by placing a level on two adjacent sides or using a post level. Use a string line level to ensure accuracy and adjust the post heights where needed.

One at a time – In comparison to the time-consuming process of installing posts, installing vinyl panels is relatively simple. It usually entails snapping pieces together by hand with no tools required. While this process may remind you of those snap-together model kits you built as a child, don’t be fooled into thinking you can rush through this part of the perimeter vinyl fencing installation. Install one fence panel at a time, and keep your level close by. Once installed, ensure that each panel is leveled. If your best vinyl fence panels are in individual pieces, make sure the top and bottom rails are levels as you connect them. Level the panel as needed by lowering the high post before the cement hardens.

Check local regulations – Nothing is worse than finishing a large fence project only to receive a letter a few weeks later demanding that you remove it because you violated local zoning laws or the covenants of your homeowner’s association. So, do yourself a favor and double-check all local regulations before beginning your project. This may entail submitting your plans to the authority for approval or researching local zoning laws to ensure the new fence is following city regulations—this could save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.


Install posts too close

Vinyl fencing can bend without breaking and withstand high winds and impacts. However, this flexibility depends on the best vinyl fence installation. Install the fence posts too close together. The panels will fit so tightly that they become rigid, limiting the vinyl’s ability to bend and increasing the possibility that high winds or an errant object will damage your fence. You can avoid this by spacing the posts a full panel’s width apart and avoiding having to cut panels to smaller sizes wherever possible. Also, remember that, like wood, vinyl also expands and contracts. If you fit your fence panels too tightly between the posts, there will be no room to accommodate any expansion, resulting in warping or buckling.

Dig shallow holes

Your traditional vinyl fencing is as strong as the posts that hold it up, so secure each post in the ground, especially if you live in an area with high winds or soft soil. In extreme weather, posts with shallow holes are more likely to lean under the weight of the fence or even blow over completely. So, how far apart should fence posts be? Although depth requirements vary according to soil conditions and climate, a third of the post length should be in the ground. You should also allow for an additional 6 inches of gravel as a base to help drain water away from the post. So, if you want to set a post 3 feet deep, you’ll need to dig a 3 feet 6 inches deep hole to account for the gravel layer.

Buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax

At Duramax Fences, we do not compromise the quality. All our products are quality checked before delivery. Our fences are made of superior quality virgin vinyl, and the fences are all manufactured in our manufacturing unit. The Duramax manufacturing team uses the DuraResin formulation to enhance the quality, and we do constant research to improve quality. Vinyl initially may seem a little on the expensive side, but no other material can be a lifetime solution. Your house improvement involves a lot of money, and you cannot afford to do it again and again. Duramax perimeter vinyl fencing is very easy to install. You do not need to be trained for this; you can do it alone. Unlike wood and metal fences, vinyl does not demand strict maintenance, but you can wipe it with a dry cloth. Duramax Fences is one of the most reputed vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. For more information about fencing, connect with Duramax Fences; please visit our website and call us to get a free sample for a limited period.

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Customize Your Vinyl Fencing in Accordance to Your Taste and House Exteriors

Low Maintenance Fencing

Almost every house in the USA comes with some open space which you can use for various purposes. But, for that, it is essential to secure your yard with good vinyl fencing. And what better way to your fence than using a custom fence manufacturer? Trust a professional fence manufacturing company like Duramax Fences for your custom fence. 

Here are a few reasons you should choose custom fencing:

You need to fence an irregularly shaped areaCustom vinyl fencing is the only way if you want to fence an irregular space or shape in your yard. This way, you will be able to customize your vinyl fence’s size, length, and shape, giving you the freedom of fencing what you need. So, it is not too big or too small for what you are trying to accomplish. In addition, custom fences are flexible to accommodate your space, including existing structures, sewage systems, and other concerns.

You need an aesthetically pleasing fence – Who doesn’t want to make their house and property look nice for their neighbors and visitors? Working with a professional fence installer allows you to select from a wide range of beautiful materials. Furthermore, you can select and install a fence that will blend in with your surroundings.

There are innumerable options for vinyl – As we mentioned above, there are numerous choices you can make regarding how your vinyl fence looks. A custom vinyl fence installer allows you to choose what you want regarding the design and material of your fence. By the time the fence is installed, it truly feels like your fence.

Customized fence increases your property valueWhen you purchase a custom fence, you are investing in your home. If you decide to relocate and sell your home to another family, the custom fence increases the value of your property. In addition, your asking price and appraisal can be higher because the fence adds curb appeal and functionality to the home.

A Quality Custom Fence Provides Protection – A custom fence allows you to keep out unwanted guests, whether you are protecting your home from would-be burglars or the garden in your backyard from animals. You can protect your prized possessions with that custom fence and feel more secure at home by selecting aluminum or vinyl/PVC, two popular protection-based fence materials.

A custom fence provides privacyDo you want to improve your home’s and property’s privacy? You can enjoy your home and backyard without worrying about trespassers looking over your shoulder with custom fences. In addition, using vinyl materials for your custom fence allows you to block out neighbors and bypassers, giving you your slice of western North Carolina.

Right custom fence installer holds expertise – When installing a custom fence, it’s important to see what the installation means. A custom fence should provide the protection and privacy you are searching for. But, they will also consider permits, restrictions, city regulations, and more. The fencing team also understands you have a budget and will definitely help you get the most done for your buck with your custom fence.

Duramax Vinyl Fence Specialities

Duramax vinyl fence consists of quality material for any application and conforms to industry standards. Resistance to the southwest sun is essential, and over 12% of Titanium Dioxide used in the fences protects them from harmful UV rays in the southwest sun rays. Also known for the strength to withstand 105 mph wind gusts, the Duramax vinyl fence is incredibly strong and unrivaled in durability. A Duramax vinyl fence made with virgin vinyl may bend due to heavy wind but will never break down. It will get back to its original state once the storm or wind stops. .Available in various colors to tone in with the existing decor, the fencing is a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, with a competitive price based on excellent results.

What is a DuraGrain fence?

DuraGrain is 100% cellular vinyl that works like wood but does not have headaches. DuraGrain will never rot and is low maintenance. It will perform for years in high moisture or humid environments. Like wood, DuraGrain can be cut, nailed, and painted but is free of the natural defects and surface blemishes found in wood. When it comes to conserving energy, not only for cost purposes but also for environmental reasons, DuraGrain insulates 70% better than wood and 1600% better than aluminum. DuraGrain is specified for cost-effectiveness, low environmental impact, low maintenance, proven performance, and reliability.

These fences are wood-grained to look and feel like wood. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence with a vinyl cell structure that has the appearance and feel of real wood. The DuraGrain fence is not prone to rot, rust, staining, or attracting termites. The fencing is waterproof, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and extremely simple to care for. The DuraGrain fencing can last for years and still look new because it does not need to be repaired or repainted. Vinyl fencing manufacturers can customize beautiful DuraGrain fences to offer you designs, styles, and colors that complement your property. Install DuraGrain privacy fencing around your property to give your fences a wooden appearance while eliminating the need for wood maintenance. DuraGrain is a specially formulated product by Duramax Fences that gives vinyl fences the appearance of wood.


Duramax fences are stain, heat, and water-resistant and have a limited lifetime warranty. In addition, they are ASTM-certified, and the fence panels are recyclable. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Get yours today so that you can try our fencing before you buy a vinyl fencing of your choice from us. With free local estimates, you can be sure you’re getting the right fence installed – a customized fence for you. 

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6 Benefits of Investing in a Vinyl Pool Fencing

Buy vinyl pool fencing

Backyard pools mean that our children and their friends can have fun with just a change of clothes. However, safety is always a priority as a responsible parent and pool owner. As parents, everybody wants their children to have as much fun as possible while remaining safe. Although there are a lot of choices on pool safety features, we think you will agree that these 6 pool safety fence benefits take the cake after reading through just a few of their benefits.

  1. Safety – As with everything, safety always comes first with pools. The dangers are far too big to ignore while hoping for the best. So it is most important to have a pool safety fence around your pool. Accidents happen fast, and any parent’s worst nightmare can end in tragedy before realizing our children’s lives are in danger.
  2. Limit access – Vinyl pool fences keep children, pets, and anyone else who should be supervised while swimming out. This physical barrier ensures that you can enjoy your pool when you are ready to use it and keep it secure when you’re not. 
  3. Affordable – You may think installing a fence around your pool will be expensive. However, it is more reasonable than most people think. There are pool fencing options available for all budgets. The cost varies greatly on the type of fence you want, the size of your pool, and the location. Contacting a pool safety specialist will be the best way to get started when looking out for your family’s safety. We will help you decide which safety feature is ideal for your home. Our number one priority is your family’s safety and will guide you to the best options to keep you stress-free and having fun. 
  4. Easy to use – Another huge benefit of buying vinyl pool fencing is how easy they are. Unlike other physical barriers, Pool fences require no additional effort to set up and take down every time your children want to go for a quick swim. For those who intend to use their pool on a regular basis, a fence is an obvious choice. Furthermore, these fences have self-latching gates, which means that when you’re done for the day, your pool will be secure as soon as you hear that little click behind you. 
  5. Ease of mind – All of these pool safety fence advantages add up to one thing. As a parent, you have a lot to think about every day. What’s the deal with the kids being so quiet? Is it time to start coloring on the walls again? Is the food I’m giving them nutritious? Pool safety fences allow you to cross one of those concerns off your list. Of course, nothing prevents pool accidents like proper supervision. Still, a pool safety fence provides the extra security you need to enjoy your life while juggling all of the other aspects of parenthood. 
  6. Having fun – Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility. This can scare some parents from having a pool at their home. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful pool while still being a responsible parent with the right precautions. Allow us to assist you in creating this added sense of security for you all year. Then return to the sun and watch your children make memories that will last a lifetime. 

You can customize it

Many pool safety features are unsightly, such as netting or other pool covers. Although these can be effective when used correctly, they lack the variety of styles that pool safety fences provide. These fences range from a simple mesh option to a glass fence that will complement even the most modern homes. However, don’t think that pool safety necessitates the sacrifice of your lovely pool and landscaping. Allow us to demonstrate some options that will complement your pool and lifestyle.

Avail vinyl pool fencing from Duramax

You can get in touch with us if you are looking for a hassle-free option to buy vinyl pool fencing. Our fences are simple to erect and do not require brackets or screws. Our fences can withstand high-pressure situations because they are impact and heat-resistant. At the same time, the fences are simple to clean, and there is no risk of bacteria and termites accumulating at the base. A simple cleaning with a garden hose is all that is required. If you are still confused about availing the fences from us, give us a call and let us know your requirements. We are here to help you out and let you know the advantages in detail. Our fencing experts ensure that the vinyl fences are ASTM F964 tested. Our DuraResinformulation is made to withstand the hot southerly sun. Duramax has the highest UV stability, with over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. There is no risk of the fence turning yellow, and you will not have to spend any extra money on painting the best vinyl fence. The professionals working with us are experienced, and they are ready to put their best foot forward as and when required. They are aware of making things simple and doing all the appropriate things to make fences durable.


Duramax is a professional fence manufacturing company that lives up to the expectation of all. Right from the inception, we have made our stand very clear. We never compromise on quality, and we make certain that our products have been tried and tested before they reach the customer. Duramax is currently offering free samples so that you can test the product once before you buy.

A strong fence will surround your property. Remember that a quality fence improves both the aesthetics and the security of your property. So get in touch with us and install a vinyl pool fence that acts as a shield for your property.

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Vinyl Fence Manufacturers Can Customize Fence to Add Beauty and Serve Your Purpose

USA vinyl fencing

A beautiful new fence around your property can instantly change the ambiance. The only thing that you need to note is the material you select. Fences are forever and if you think that wooden fencing might be more appealing and strong, think again? Wooden fences are high maintenance and need extensive treatments for longevity. Still, a wooden fence might rot easily, attract termites, stain, and lose its luster. Vinyl fence manufacturers have introduced a great alternative to wooden fencing. It’s Duramax’s DuraGrain fence. Here are a few questions about the DuraGrain fence that are answered. However, ensure you get them from custom vinyl fencing manufacturers at Duramax for enhanced durability and premium quality.

Get DuraGrain fence from custom vinyl fencing manufacturers

Customize your choice

There are plenty of fence designs and styles to choose from, but you need to align the style with your property. The perimeter fences are elegant and ideal for modern homes. The ancestral property would glow with DuraGrain picket fences or a wall topper. The privacy fences are great for isolation, while semi-privacy fencing has the right blend of privacy, security, and beauty.

Custom vinyl fencing is when the fence is styled to add appeal to your property. For example, if you have a traditional home, a perimeter fence can look out of place. Instead, a good picket fence would appear more beautiful and add a touch of elegance to the old estate. Customizing your fence is a great way to make the entire property look beautiful overnight without doing much. Duramax custom vinyl fence manufacturers customize the fence line and ensure you get strong and durable fencing for your estate. Here are a few reasons to invest in Duramax fences and choose customization.

What is a DuraGrain fence?

When one talks about custom vinyl fencing, how can DuraGrain fencing be missed? These fences are wood-grained to look like wood and feel the same. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence with vinyl cell structure but looks and feels like real wood. The DuraGrain fence does not rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. The fencing is waterproof, weather-resistant, durable, and extremely easy to maintain. The DuraGrain fence can last for years and look new, as they don’t need repairing or repainting. The vinyl fencing manufacturers can customize the beautiful DuraGrain material to offer you designs, styles, and colors to complement your property.

Quality-checked fencing

The DuraGrain fence is not just an ordinary one. Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers provide quality-checked fencing. The high-quality DuraGrain fence exceeds the ASTM standards and can be one of the strongest fencing lines. The cellular structure of vinyl makes the fences five times stronger than wood and highly flexible. The vinyl fences are pet-friendly, chemical-resistant, lead-free, and non-toxic. The non-wired fences have no external hardware that would cause injuries to kids and pets. The Duragarin fences have a strong routed system with interlocked panels to ensure greater strength and rigidity. The fire-resistant fences prevent the outbreak of fire and ensure a safe environment for your property.

Enhanced durability

Duramax fences have exceptional durability. The fences made with 100% virgin vinyl are of a thicker and stronger material. The thicker vinyl sheets strengthen the fences so they don’t break, sag, crack or warp under extreme external forces. Thinner materials can cause the fences to get weak over time, but with thicker vinyl, they don’t turn yellow or lose their color. Vinyl fences can retain their hue and luster for at least ten years.

Enhanced weather-resistivity

Did you know that the DuraGrain fences are extremely resistant to weather? Although it’s a wood-grained fence, DuraResin vinyl formulation ensures that the fences don’t warp in heat or crack in the cold. DuraGrain is a waterproof fence and can withstand heavy rainfall and thunderstorms without rotting or losing its radiant beauty. The impact-resistant fences are recyclable and look regal with their wood-grained look.

Choose Duramax

Duramax offers a DuraGrain fence with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. The traditional beauty of DuraGrain with a lifetime of carefree performance is exceptional. Get in touch with the vinyl fence manufacturers today to get your beautiful DuraGrain fencing. Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours today to test the product and then buy.

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