Why is USA-Made Vinyl Fencing Highly Recommended?

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To deter stray animals and intruders from entering the area, homeowners prefer to install fences in the backyard. That doesn’t imply you have to tear down your existing wall or stone block on your property and renovate the area. In order to make room for a new fence, one does not need to rebuild the wall pilings. Instead, a fence may readily adapt itself. Fences are altered to fit their surroundings. Wooden fences are a time-honored favorite. The wooden appeal is striking and appears to be sturdy. However, lightweight vinyl is a better choice and five times stronger in practice. Here are a few explanations why using USA-made vinyl fencing is the best option for building a fence that will last for a long period of time.

Choose a DuraGrain vinyl fence over the wooden fence

The wooden fence doesn’t endure very long. Wooden fences tend to rust, discolor, draw termites, and eventually deteriorate. Investing in a vinyl fence is preferable. Wooden fences, however, are preferred by certain property owners. The nostalgic vibes of the traditional appeal prick the heartstrings. However, nothing is lost because DuraGrain is an excellent substitute for timber fences. DuraGrain is a wood-grained vinyl substance with a cellular structure that perfectly replicates genuine wood’s appearance. The DuraGrain fences are weatherproof, easy to maintain, watertight, and long-lasting without attracting termites or discoloration. You can clean the DuraGrain vinyl fence with a hose or sponge. The DuraGrain fence can last more than 20 years with very little maintenance. The USA-made vinyl fences from Duramax can be customized in several different ways. For the appropriate DuraGrain fence to be manufactured, however, your desire, area, size, and other needs must also be taken into account.

Outstanding weather resistance

The scorching heat of the sun could harm the vinyl fence. This is why DuraResin vinyl fence production has started. The DuraResin formulation includes more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to produce weather-resistant fences. The fence can withstand extreme heat from the sun and won’t warp from its harsh rays thanks to the DuraResin formulation. Since vinyl fences are impermeable and have a 105 mph wind resistance, they can withstand thunderstorms, torrential rain, and ice storms. The longest-lasting vinyl fences that won’t shatter, droop, or topple are those made of high-quality vinyl. In the cold, they don’t crack either. The impact-resistant vinyl fences can withstand significant hits without fading or becoming yellow. The fences are strong, so painting won’t be necessary for at least ten years. Cleaning the fence on a regular basis will keep it looking new. When you take into account the expense of continuing upkeep, it is the most economical option for fencing your property. Duramax Fences offers affordable vinyl fencing with a lifetime warranty.

Stronger vinyl sheets are used to manufacture fences

Most companies use very thin vinyl sheets to make vinyl fences, which is why their vinyl fences are very weak. Using thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl, reputable vinyl fencing manufacturers build strong fences that can withstand adverse weather conditions and other circumstances. Thick vinyl guarantees great strength and increased longevity in comparison to thinner vinyl. However, outside hardware used in US-made vinyl fences poses a risk to children and animals. Therefore, it is ideal to have fences with no external brackets or visible screws. Some of the greatest vinyl fencing manufacturers in the US constructed the fences with a durable routing and interlocking system to guarantee that the rails, posts, and pickets don’t break apart.

Choose Duramax Fencing

Invest in virgin vinyl fencing that is high-quality and reasonably priced. The fences provide good seclusion while protecting your property from stray animals and trespassers. The thicker vinyl fence lasts for almost 20 years without fading, rotting, or staining and requires almost no maintenance. The top-notch USA-made vinyl fencing is resistant to adverse weather. The availability of free samples from Duramax for a limited time now makes deciding on a vinyl fence for your property even easier. You can test our product before deciding on the required vinyl fencing design and color. Grab your free sample now. You can also modify your fence to meet your preferences and requirements.

Get a free quote right away for a custom vinyl fence.

Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home by Investing in Perimeter Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

You ought to invest money in a fence made by a dependable and respectable fence maker. Duramax Fences has been a leading supplier of vinyl fencing for over ten years, providing premium fencing options. The company specializes in all types of fences and provides customized services. Vinyl is currently the most popular material because it outperforms all others in terms of durability, weather resistance, and installation simplicity.

Metal, wood, and sturdy vinyl can all be used to create perimeter vinyl fencing. One major reason for installing a fence is to confine your pets. Different types of perimeter fences are put in place for various reasons. There are many types of fences, so it’s best if you are aware of the specifications before making your choice. Planning your fence carefully is essential, so consider both form and function.

Why choose vinyl fencing?

There are various fencing options, but when it comes to product durability, vinyl fencing is incomparable. The most important requirement is security; thus, picking something durable like vinyl is crucial. A vinyl fence manufacturer may offer installation, but there may be additional costs. However, they are simple to install. Originally intended to demarcate property, the concept of fencing is now also being embraced by homeowners for security purposes. Buyers should take in mind the safety of living at home with their close family members. Vinyl fencing is a strong material that is challenging to cut through.Vinyl perimeter fencing that is constructed from thicker vinyl sheets is durable.

Elevate the appeal of beauty

Custom vinyl fencing is renowned for adding elegance and beauty to the exterior of your property. Although vinyl fencing is aesthetically pleasing, it maintains privacy entirely, so its advantages go beyond aesthetics. At no point will strangers or nosy neighbors be able to peer into your personal life. You may have put up this fence to distinguish your property, but as you can see, there are many more advantages down the road. So, it makes sense why US home owners buy perimeter vinyl fencing.

Certified vinyl fences

A variety of qualities are present in vinyl as a material. Most vinyl fences are constructed from thin vinyl sheets, which over time causes the material to sag and degrade. However, Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets that are more durable and impervious to breaking, drooping, and cracking to create fences and wall tops. Duramax Perimeter Vinyl Fences are built with DuraResin vinyl to endure harsh weather conditions. UV inhibitors and more than 12 parts of titanium-dioxide are utilized to create vinyl wall toppers that will last for years. Duramax Perimeter Vinyl Fences can survive the intense heat from the southwest sun and are incredibly robust, resilient, and weather-resistant. The fences don’t fade over time, bend in the heat, or get cracked in the winter. Additionally, they don’t turn yellow and can maintain their color for a long period of time without repainting.

Customized fences

The fences may deteriorate due to harsh weather conditions. The DuraResin vinyl formulation, however, allows Duramax Fences to produce high-quality vinyl fences that are impervious to damage. Heat and the scorching sun do not affect Duramax Fencing. Because of this, their vinyl fences are long-lasting and don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. The Duramax Vinyl Fence manufacturer offers customized perimeter vinyl fencing for your property, allowing you to pick the fence based on your preferences and aesthetics. Additionally, Duramax provides you with a range of options because they are a premier manufacturer of vinyl fencing. So, without worrying about your home’s security, renovate it exactly as you choose.

Duramax Vinyl Fencing is environment-friendly

Vinyl is a sustainable material that doesn’t react to chemicals and doesn’t have any potentially dangerous elements. The durable vinyl perimeter fences are flame-resistant. They do not gradually turn yellow. Your vinyl fence panels can be recycled if any of them break. Even during rainy weather, they won’t attract termites or other insects. Duramax Fences is offering free samples now with every order with a limited warranty. Call Duramax right away to take advantage of this deal.


Knowing that the house has a perimeter fence makes you and your family feel secure. If you can exercise, working out some brilliant color combinations can result in the appropriate décor for the exterior of your home. You can check online for the best vinyl fence manufacturer to buy perimeter vinyl fencing.

Is it Necessary to Invest in Vinyl Pool Fencing?

Buy vinyl pool fencing

With backyard pools, our kids and their friends can enjoy themselves with just a change of clothes. However, I always put safety first as a good parent and pool owner. Every parent wants their kids to be as safe and have as much fun as they can. Although there are many options regarding pool safety features, we believe that after reviewing just a few of their benefits, you will agree that these 6 pool safety fence benefits take the cake.


When it is a matter of your pool, safety should always come first in your mind. The risks are too great to disregard while wishing for the best. Therefore, it is crucial to install a pool safety fence around your pool. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anytime, and our worst nightmare as parents might come true before we realize our children are in danger.

Limit access

Kids, dogs, and other people that need to be supervised while vinyl pool fences keep swimming out. Your pool’s physical barrier makes it simple for you to use it whenever you’re ready and keeps it secure when you’re not.

Easily affordable

You might think enclosing your pool with a fence will be expensive. However, most people don’t realize how much sense it makes. There are pool fencing options available at every price range. The price is influenced by the type of fence you choose, the size of your pool, and the location. Contacting a pool safety expert is the best place to start when considering your family’s safety. We can help you decide which safety feature is ideal for your home. Our primary goal is your family’s safety, and we’ll advise you on the best solutions so you can be calm and enjoy yourself.

Easy to use

Another fantastic benefit of vinyl pool fencing is its ease of use. Unlike other physical barriers, pool gates don’t need to be set up or taken down every time kids want to go for a little swim. A fence is an easy decision for pool owners who intend to use their pool frequently. Additionally, these fences have self-latching gates, so your pool will already be closed when you hear that gentle click at the end of the day.

Peace of mind

The culmination of all these advantages of a pool safety fence is peace of mind. Being a parent, you have a lot to think about every day. Why are the kids acting so reserved? Is it necessary to re-paint the walls? Am I feeding them nutrient-dense meals? Pool safety fencing may help to ease one of your concerns. Of course, competent supervision is the greatest method to prevent pool accidents. However, a pool safety fence gives you the extra security you require so that you may go about your daily activities and take care of all of the other parent-related duties.

A good time

It takes tons of responsibility to own a pool. A pool at home could make some parents nervous. But if you take the proper pool safety measures, you may enjoy all the benefits of a nice pool while still being a good parent. Let us assist you in gaining this added sense of security all year long. Afterward, go back outside and watch your kids make memories they will never forget.

It can be customized

Unattractive pool safety features include netting and other pool covers. Additionally, even though pool safety fences might be useful when used properly, they don’t offer the same variety. These fences are available in various designs, from a straightforward mesh option to a glass fence that would go with even the most modern homes. Don’t think that the safety of your pool requires you to forsake your lovely landscaping and pool.


Duramax is a reputable fence manufacturer that manufactures best-selling vinyl fences that exceed everyone’s expectations. Since the beginning, we have been quite clear about where we stand. We never skimp on quality and ensure that each of our items has been thoroughly tested before it is sent to the customer. For a limited time, Duramax is giving you free samples so that you can try the product out before purchasing.

A sturdy fence will surround your property. Keep in mind that a high-quality fence enhances your property’s security and appearance. Therefore, get in touch with us to buy vinyl pool fencing.

Why Should You Invest in Duramax Perimeter Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

Fencing can be an interesting method to modernize your property in addition to boosting protection. Even though decay and rotting are common, they are unpleasant. Metal is not bad, but rust can make it appear outdated. The three basic types of fences are vinyl, metal, and wood.

Metal fences rust easily

You can notice rusting metal fences on some of the homes in your area if you drive by. Metal has the drawback of beginning strong but deteriorating over time. A home’s value can drop due to rust, making a fence appear unattractive. Corrosion could also be increased by moisture from a pool in the backyard. In the long term, vinyl might replace metal. Because they are thicker vinyl sheets, vinyl fences require very little maintenance and always seem new. Buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax because it gives ideal security, privacy, and a modern design.

Wooden fence with cracks

The type that requires the most maintenance is wood fencing. Wood has long been a favorite among homeowners, and some still choose it only for its beauty. The issue is that wooden fences need numerous coats of paint and protection. Additionally, termites or extremely hot temperatures can dry up the material. Therefore, wood fences need regular maintenance. A nice alternative to wood would be our DuraGrain product. DuraGrain is a vinyl fence that looks like wood but is constructed of hard vinyl. In essence, you can have attractive looks without doing any maintenance.

Would you like vinyl fencing installed?

Vinyl fencing is favored since it won’t obscure your view of the outside environment and allows a nice breeze to circulate through your yard. All of its customers can rely on Duramax for quality and longevity. Duramax developed their ground-breaking vinyl fencing in the US when people searched for an alternative. Consider buying perimeter vinyl fencing for its timeless, American apparel. It has a sophisticated appearance, adds style, and guards your property against wandering animals and idling people. Naturally, not all vinyl fences are good enough. The lifespan of some varies. On the other hand, Duramax has a sterling reputation for producing fences of the finest quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s look at what sets Duramax Fences apart from the competition right now

Easy to clean and stain-resistant

Stains are avoided by the Duramax Vinyl Fences’ 100% virgin vinyl construction. The fence’s smooth surface keeps contaminants from sticking to it or accumulating at the corners. The fences enable easy removal of dirt and debris without leaving behind stains that are challenging to clean. The fences require little maintenance as a result. Use a sponge to clean the fence or water it to keep it in good condition. Neither meticulous cleaning nor professional maintenance techniques are necessary with Duramax Fencing.

Duramax Fences do not fade or turn yellow

US citizens love white fences a lot. However, they are hesitant to put up white fences because of the upkeep. What happens if, after a few washes, the white perimeter fences begin to yellow or fade? They seem timeless and extra-terrestrial. For this reason, only buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax. In weather-resistant fences, the DuraResin composition keeps them from yellowing, fading, and losing their shine for the longest time. Unfortunately, the weather has the potential to damage fences. The heat of the sun and the frequent rain may fade the color of the fence line. The problem is fixed with Duramax’s DuraResin vinyl composition, which renders the fencing damage- and severe weather-resistant.

Sturdy and resilient for years

Did you know Duramax Fences can be used for over 20 years without losing strength? It is so because Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets to stop the fences from warping, sagging, fracturing, and cracking. Thinner material is not recommended for use in fencing—high-quality fences made from thicker sheets of 100% virgin vinyl last for years without toppling. Duramax Fencing has a strong routing component. The fences don’t have any unsightly brackets or screws. An interlocking design holds the panels together for further rigidity along the fence line. There are Duramax Fences that are flexible, sturdy, and long-lasting.


Vinyl fencing that looks good and fits in with the landscape is a popular choice among homeowners. According to your tastes and requirements, you can customize your Duramax Fences. In addition, the premium vinyl fences are pet-friendly and satisfy ASTM standards.

Vinyl fences from Duramax

To make your yard more colorful, choose from a range of colors for our vinyl fences. We manufacture vinyl fences in a variety of styles and heights to satisfy your outdoor requirements. Many customers utilize our stunning white vinyl fences around their swimming pools. PVC comprises most of our fences, UV inhibitors, stabilizers, and other components. Our fences are lovely, and we install tops and caps as clients ask. Utilizing vinyl brings you closer to protecting the environment because it is safe and environmentally beneficial. We promise that the color won’t fade, the paint won’t chip, and we don’t produce any dangerous VOCs when we sell colored fences.

Last words

We are known as one of the top manufacturers of vinyl fencing due to the superior quality of our vinyl fences. No matter what the situation, our fences remain intact. Buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax and enhance the beauty of your property. Trust Duramax; we’ll refund your money if you’re unhappy with your purchase. Request a free sample when you get in touch with Duramax for all your fencing needs.

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Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Fencing Over Wood Fencing

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There are advantages and disadvantages of both vinyl and wood gates. Wooden gates thrive in some areas, while vinyl fencing gives priceless qualities. Based on these criteria, let’s contrast our two fencing options. Let’s get going!


Vinyl gates are at least twice as durable as wooden gates. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is frequently included with vinyl gates. While vinyl fences built using DuraResin vinyl formulations last for decades, wooden gates have a limited lifespan and can only be repaired frequently for roughly 20 years. Duramax is one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers in the US.

Moisture is the main reason why wooden gates are less durable. Sadly, wood is vulnerable to deterioration from moisture. In the worst situation, this causes wooden gates to absorb water, sag, and rot. Similarly, not all types of wooden fencing are resistant to termites and insects. To stop wood from deteriorating, you can use paints or preservation sealants. It might, however, require refinishing every few years. On the other hand, vinyl gates are resistant to high moisture and pests. As a result, they do not undergo decay or deteriorate, increasing their longevity by decades.


Both vinyl and wood gates function admirably in terms of appearance. Gates appear beautiful because of the distinct grain on each picket and the warm, natural texture of the wood. Additionally, you can choose any color you like to have painted on your wooden gate. Wood gates come in various designs, from scalloped picket gates to full-privacy vertical board gates. Wood and vinyl gates both compete in this market. You are mistaken if you believe that installing a vinyl gate on your property meant installing a conventional, dull gate in white. Vinyl gates are now available in a variety of designs that resemble wood and stone. You can also choose DuraGrain fence gates from Duramax Fences, one of the leading producers of vinyl gates, which feature a vinyl cell structure yet appear like wood. DuraGrain fences can resemble wood without the maintenance required.

Property value

Both wood and vinyl gates can increase the value of your home as long as they are kept clean and well-maintained. However, if you have a wooden gate, you must ensure that it is not rotten or decayed.

Make sure the vinyl gate is clean and in good working order. Many buyers prefer the traditional wooden appearance of gates, especially in their ancestral homes. But if you think about it all in the long run, then buy the best-selling vinyl fence from Duramax.

Maintaining and cleaning

Nobody typically has the time or energy to regularly clean the outdoor area, including the gate, as maintaining the house is already stressful. Therefore, it makes sense that most individuals would go toward a fencing system that needs less maintenance and is simple to clean. The good news is that vinyl gates require remarkably little maintenance. And an occasional rinse with a garden hose accomplishes the task brilliantly. On the other hand, cleaning a wooden gate could be more difficult. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining your wooden gates home because wood is prone to moisture and mold. In addition, to clean the wooden gates, you might need to scrub them using cleaning agents.

Additionally, wood gates require periodic repainting and resealing with preservatives. In comparison to vinyl gates, the overall maintenance cost for wood gates is more expensive due to this refinishing expense. Although a white vinyl gate will look stunning, you should know that it will get dirty much more quickly than a wooden fence will. It might therefore require more frequent cleaning. Additionally, choose a vinyl gate in another color or pattern if you want to prevent this issue.

Replacement and repair

Both the wood and vinyl gates require occasional repair. For instance, vinyl fencing may break under extreme pressure, and wood gates may require board replacement after damage. But the majority of people can repair vinyl fence gates themselves because they are generally simple to do so. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about sagging or decaying pickets because these gates are pest and moisture-resistant. However, because vinyl gates are typically made of prefabricated panels, if a few pockets are damaged, the entire panel needs to be replaced, which can be expensive. If you need to replace a wood gate, you can easily do so by just replacing the damaged portion, which will be considerably less expensive. However, if the homeowner lacks carpentry expertise, they will have to pay an expensive professional.

Installation simplicity

Typically, homeowners can construct a wooden gate rather than pre-made panels. Prefabricated wood panels can now be installed. After that, you can use brackets and nails to attach them to posts. However, if you choose to construct one but lack the required equipment and knowledge, you will need to employ professionals, which is costly.

However, vinyl gates are simpler to install because most of them are prefabricated panels. If the posts don’t have notches to secure the panels, brackets can be used to attach the panels. Therefore, installing a vinyl gate is relatively simple, and with the right instructions and tools, homeowners can easily install these gates themselves.

Last words

Wood gates are wonderful if you want a wooden look for your gates and don’t mind routine maintenance. However, choose Duramax Vinyl Fences if you don’t want to make an effort for such demanding maintenance. Duramax is one of the topmost vinyl gate manufacturers in the US. Free samples are presently available from Duramax Fences. Claim yours right away and test the vinyl fencing material before choosing the style and design for your property.

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What Should You Know Before Buying Vinyl Wall Toppers?

Install Vinyl Perimeter Fence

You need to maintain your fence on a regular basis. The majority of the time, homeowners replace their fences with a new one. However, since replacing a fence with a new one can be costly and time-consuming, you should invest in Duramax Fences which would last for decades. The use of vinyl wall toppers is vital for updating your fence on a budget.

Consider these points while you plan to buy vinyl wall toppers

Fence Appearance

You must first think about the appearance of your fence. Consider whether you want to keep the current appearance or change it. This decision must be made because it will assist you in selecting the best wall topper design. If you want to continue with the same appearance, you must buy a wall topper that is identical to your current fence’s style and design. On the other hand, you can get an entirely new wall topper if you want to alter the appearance of your fence.

Usability and Robustness

Before making a purchase, you must consider the wall topper’s practicality and longevity. Purchase a long-lasting product. It must be able to survive the elements and have a long lifespan. The wall topper should also be simple to install and easy to take down as needed. Reading online reviews is the best possible approach to finding out how well-made and long-lasting a product is.

Related Cost

Another factor that can be taken into consideration is the wall topper’s price. The price is typically influenced by the type of material, the size, and the design. You have to make a purchase that is within your budget. Keep in mind, though, that being less expensive isn’t always better. You could find an affordable wall topper of excellent quality by doing a lot of research.

The Privacy of Your Property

You should be able to have privacy with the wall topper you purchase. This is especially crucial if you live in a neighborhood with nearer homes. You must get a wall topper that is high enough to block people’s views into your home. The interesting news is that there are a lot of privacy fence toppers on the market. Finding one that satisfies your unique requirements and preferences is key.

Think about your pet’s safety

When choosing a wall topper, you should also consider your pet’s safety. This is because some animals are known to jump fences. If you own a pet like this, you should get a wall topper that is tall enough to keep it from jumping over. Additionally, the wall topper should be made of pet-friendly materials.

Why Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers?

Without totally reinstalling your wall topper or spending a lot of money on a new one, you can use wall toppers as a great method to boost its height. Since many of these toppers are made of vinyl, you may paint them to match your current fencing, and they will be quite strong and long-lasting. Vinyl wall toppers are a great option to increase your wall’s height without worrying about how you will pay for a brand-new wall topper. In addition, vinyl toppers may help you quickly increase the overall privacy in your yard so that you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or onlookers seeing you. They are quick, effective, and attractive. Meanwhile, you can relax in your outdoor space. The correct wall toppers can significantly increase your garden’s privacy and match or complement your current wall toppers.

Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers are certified and need minimal maintenance

Duramax manufactures vinyl fencing, including picket wall toppers, pool wall toppers, privacy and semi-privacy wall toppers, perimeter fencing, rail ranch fences, and more. Our wall toppers are ASTM F964 approved, carefully made, and of uncompromised quality. Vinyl wall toppers from Duramax are claimed to be extremely low maintenance. It doesn’t take long to clean the wall toppers. We are pioneers in providing the highest-quality vinyl wall topper in the US.

12 parts of titanium dioxide composition in Duramax Vinyl Toppers

Are you concerned that the vinyl wall toppers would be negatively impacted by the southern sun, as it formerly did with any other fencing? There is nothing to be stressed about since our vinyl wall toppers are made with DuraResin to withstand the harsh southwest sun. The wall toppers are made up of 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors, giving them a significant amount of UV stability, durability, and weather resistance. The wall toppers can also withstand high pressure, cold, wind, hail, and other climatic and environmental circumstances. They also are impact-resistant, high heat-resistant, and fire-resistant.

Vinyl wall toppers can be customized

Undoubtedly, not all vinyl wall toppers are created equal; the manufacturer determines the quality of each one. Our wall toppers are composed of sturdy, virgin vinyl sheets. Duramax offers ASTM F964 certified wall toppers that have been quality assured before delivery because we never compromise on quality. Clients love us because our wall toppers can be customized. There are many different textures, styles, designs, colors, and shapes of Duramax Wall Toppers.

Our wall toppers are incredibly eye-catching and vivid, and they do not lose their appeal over time owing to environmental factors, particularly sunlight. Since the wall toppers don’t require painting, there are no associated fees or hassles. Your wall toppers would still seem brand new years after installation because vinyl is not damaged by weather.

100% virgin vinyl sheets – a guarantee of quality

Duramax Wall Toppers don’t need much cleaning; washing them will remove the dirt. Our wall toppers are created entirely from virgin vinyl. In addition, we make use of premium vinyl sheets. The wall toppers have a strong locking system and a great routing system.

Bright wall toppers can raise the value of your home

Many customers seek bright wall toppers but worry they might lose their color. Duramax Wall Toppers are guaranteed to retain their color and brightness. Due to their attractiveness and lively appearance, many customers purchase our colorful wall toppers. However, if you love white, we don’t mind because we have a wide selection of gorgeous white color vinyl wall toppers. You need not be concerned because your white wall toppers won’t turn yellow over time. Vinyl wall toppers retain their color even after years of installation since external factors do not cause them to fade.

Non-toxic vinyl wall toppers from Duramax

Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers have a pretty long lifespan. Our wall toppers are also devoid of lead and other toxic materials. They are therefore completely recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Duramax Fences is now giving away free samples. Get yours right now.

Why is Duramax Vinyl Fencing Better Than Any Other Fencing?

USA vinyl fencing

There are a variety of fencing choices on the market. Despite having a good fan base, wooden fences are waning in popularity due to their demanding maintenance and short lifespan. As a result, Americans go to vinyl fence manufacturers looking for high-quality fences that need little upkeep and endure for many years with little problem. Here are a few reasons why you ought to customize your fence line with reputed backyard vinyl fence manufacturers.

Do you know about the DuraResin formula?

Duramax Backyard Vinyl Fencing manufacturer offers premium quality vinyl fences made of DuraResin formulation. More than 12 titanium dioxide and active UV inhibitors are combined to create weather-resistant fences. These vinyl fences can resist the scorching heat from the southern sun and have greater UV stability. Even after being exposed to scorching heat for many years, Duramax Fences do not degrade. The weather-resistant fences are durable, powerful, and resistant to rainstorms, thunderstorms, etc. Duramax Fences are waterproof and have passed wind tests of 100 mph.

summer sale

Stronger than other fences

Did you know that Duramax Backyard Vinyl Fencing manufacturers claim their fences are the toughest? It’s because thicker vinyl sheets made entirely of virgin vinyl are used to build the fence line. The fences don’t easily warp, sag, or split since the thicker vinyl is more sturdy and durable. Because no external hardware is used during the manufacturing process, Duramax Fences are incredibly durable. External brackets and unattractive screws are not used in Duramax Fences. The fences seem seamless and are held securely together by a robust routing system and linked fence panels.

Excellent for homes with animals and pets

Wooden fences are brittle and often break, leaving sharp edges that can hurt pets and young children. Even though metal fences are sturdy, they are dangerous for kids and pets. However, the lightweight vinyl fences are flexible, non-toxic, lead-free, chemically resistant, and pet-friendly. Strong fences can withstand heavy blows and impacts. These vinyl fences can last for many years and are not readily broken. Duramax Fences are among the best on the market and surpass ASTM quality standards. The fences are termite-resistant and don’t rust, decay, discolor, or fade. Since Duramax Fences can maintain their color for the longest period without fading or turning yellow, they don’t need to be whitewashed.

Customize your vinyl fence

Your property would benefit greatly from a custom fence. It gives the place a distinctive aesthetic and distinguishes it from other places. Custom-made DIY fences from Duramax are incredibly simple to install. In addition, the fences are recyclable and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Select Duramax Fencing

Invest in high-quality and reasonably priced virgin vinyl fencing. The fences shield your property from stray animals and intruders while offering good privacy. The thicker vinyl fence requires almost little maintenance and lasts for over 20 years without fading, decaying, or staining. The high-quality vinyl fences are also resistant to harsh weather. Duramax now makes choosing a vinyl fence for your home even simpler by providing free samples for a limited time. While choosing the required vinyl fencing design and color, you can test our product. Get your free sample right away. Additionally, you can alter your fence to suit your preferences and needs.

Stronger vinyl sheets are used to make Duramax Fences

Due to the thin material used to make the fences, some vinyl fences are weak. Reputable backyard vinyl fence manufacturers like Duramax create durable fences that can survive harsh weather conditions and other factors by using thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl. Compared to thinner vinyl, thicker vinyl ensures exceptional strength and improved longevity. However, vinyl fences built in the US have exterior hardware that could harm kids and pets. Fences without visible screws or external brackets are therefore preferable. In order to ensure that the rails, posts, and pickets don’t come apart, some of the best backyard vinyl fence manufacturers in the US developed the fences with a sturdy routing and interlocking system.

Outstanding weather resistance

The vinyl fence may become damaged by the southern sun’s intense heat.To create weather-resistant fences, the DuraResin formulation contains more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. Because of the DuraResin formulation, the fence can endure excessive heat from the sun and won’t distort from its harsh rays. Vinyl fences are resistant to thunderstorms, heavy rain, and ice storms since they are watertight and have a wind resistance of 105 mph. High-quality vinyl fences may stand tall and proud for the longest period without breaking, drooping, or toppling. They also don’t crack in the winter. Heavy impacts can be taken on the impact-resistant vinyl fences without fading or turning yellow. Since the fences are durable, it won’t be necessary to paint them for at least 10 years. To keep the fence looking brand-new, periodically clean it. It is the most cost-effective choice for fencing your property when considering ongoing maintenance costs. With a guaranteed lifetime warranty, Duramax Fences manufactures vinyl fencing that is reasonably priced.


There are several different styles of Duramax Vinyl Fences. There are high privacy fences with closely spaced slats to obstruct sightlines. Additionally, there are many picket designs with wider slat spacing. You can add accents like ornate post caps, lattice on top of the vinyl fence, or a scalloped top. Even vinyl fences have narrow, rounded slats and pointy tops, giving them the appearance of beautiful iron fencing. Though there are options for fences that are both taller and shorter, most people settle for something in the 4- to 6-foot range. Check for local laws before starting your project because residential fencing rules are frequently enforced.

Additionally, vinyl can frequently be textured to mimic other materials, such as real wood. You can install vinyl fencing wherever you need to divide a space in your yard. For instance, a high fence might offer solitude and security in your garden. Alternatively, you might put one by a pool to ensure safety. Temporary vinyl fencing can also be used to accent garden beds or other lawn areas. Buy affordable vinyl fences from reputable backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers like Duramax.

6 Advantages You Can Look At When You Buy Vinyl Pool Fencing From Duramax in The US

pool fence

Kids and their friends can have fun with backyard pools with just a change of clothes. However, it goes without saying that all parents want the best safety and enjoyment for their children. Accidents can happen quickly, and our worst nightmare as parents might come true before we realize our children are in danger.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of options for pool safety features, we think you’ll agree that these six pool safety fence benefits top the list after reading a few of their benefits.

Limited access

Duramax Vinyl Pool Fences keep off anyone who needs to be watched while swimming, including kids, dogs, and other people. When you’re ready to utilize your pool, you can do so easily, thanks to its physical barrier, which also keeps it safe when you’re not.

Easily affordable

You might believe putting a fence around your pool would be costly. Even so, it makes more sense than most people realize. For every budget, there are pool fencing choices available. Your choice of fence, the size of your pool, and the location significantly impact the price. The greatest place to start when thinking about your family’s safety is by getting in touch with a pool safety expert. We can suggest the best safety feature for your house. Your family’s safety is our top priority, and we’ll point you in the direction of the greatest solutions to keep you relaxed and have fun.

Easy to use

This is another great advantage of buying the best-selling vinyl pool fence from Duramax. Unlike other physical barriers, pool gates don’t need to be put up or taken down every time your kids want to go for a quick swim. A fence is an obvious choice for pool owners who plan to use their pool frequently. Additionally, because these fences include self-latching gates, your pool will be locked up after you’re done for the day as soon as you hear that subtle click.

Peace of mind

All these benefits of a pool safety fence add up to one thing: peace of mind. You have a lot to consider every day as a parent. Why are the children being so quiet? Is it time to paint the walls once more? Are they receiving nutrient-rich meals from me? You may eliminate one of those worries by using pool safety fencing. Of course, good supervision is the best way to avoid pool mishaps. However, a pool safety fence gives you the added security you need so that you can live your life and manage all of the other responsibilities of being a parent.

Spending a good time in the pool

Pool ownership entails a great deal of responsibility. Some parents might be scared to have a pool in their house. But, with the right safety guidelines, you can take advantage of all the advantages of a lovely pool while still being a good parent. Let us help you build this extra sense of security throughout the year. Afterward, return to the sun and watch your kids create lifelong memories.

It can be modified

Many pool safety elements, such as netting or other pool covers, are unattractive. In addition, they lack the range of types that pool safety fences offer, even though these can be beneficial when utilized properly. These fences come in various styles, from a basic mesh option to a glass fence that will match even the most contemporary residences. Do not believe that your beautiful pool and landscape must be sacrificed in the name of pool safety. Please let us present a few ideas that will go well with your pool and way of life.

Get Duramax’s vinyl pool fencing

Contact us if you want to buy the best-selling vinyl pool fence without any hassle. Our fences are easy to assemble without the use of brackets or screws. Due to their resistance to heat and impact, our fences can sustain intense strain. Additionally, bacteria and termites cannot accumulate at the base of the fences, and they are easy to clean. All that is needed is a quick garden hose cleaning. Give us a call and let us know your needs if you are still uncertain about using our fences. We are available to assist you and explain the benefits in more detail. Our fencing specialists make sure the vinyl fences have passed ASTM F964 testing. We developed our DuraResin composition to endure the intense southerly sun. The strongest UV stability is found in Duramax, which contains over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. There is minimal chance of the fence turning yellow, and painting the best vinyl fence won’t cost you any extra money. The professionals who work with us are skilled and prepared to perform at their highest level as needed. They are aware that keeping things straightforward and taking the proper precautions will ensure the durability of fences.

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Perks of Investing on 3 Rail Ranch Fence from Duramax


Since 3 rail ranch fences are exposed to extreme weather, you may anticipate that they would last a long time. High-quality vinyl fences from Duramax are available with two, three, or four rails.

The benefits you get when you buy 3 ranch rail fences

The vinyl used to make Duramax Fences is premium, virgin vinyl. The fences are reasonably priced and durable; vinyl can be very effective. These fences offer a wonderful balance of design, creativity, and toughness. Your home will stand out thanks to our fences, which offer much-needed security. We make sure that our fences have a contemporary look and feel. Installing these fences is popular among clients who keep pet horses in stables.

summer offer

A colored or white vinyl fence is your option

If you’re looking for colorful fences, there is just one place to look: the Duramax collection. We create vibrant fences that may brighten up and improve your yard. You don’t need to be frightened because the fences won’t fade or change color. You won’t have to keep spending money on painting as a result. In addition, our fences may be built to order and are maintenance-free once installed.

In addition to producing multicolored fences, we also create white fences since they are stunning, alluring, and visually pleasant. Our fences are unaffected by environmental factors; white fences don’t turn yellow and keep their bright white hue.

Duramax’s ASTM- certified Fences

Duramax’s key priorities are its customers and the quality of its products. We don’t cut corners regarding quality; all of our fences are ASTM F964 approved and go through quality and operational testing before being supplied to customers. Purchase Duramax’s 3 Rail Ranch Fences, which have a reliable locking system and routing system. The beauty of the fences is not compromised by using screws or brackets. Our barriers resist wind, rain, blizzards, and scorching heat.

Easily maintained fences

If you invest in Duramax Fences, you won’t have to worry about maintenance because they need little effort. Our fences take extremely little maintenance and don’t require frequent cleaning. The fences will stay clean and shiny if you wash the dirt and debris off of them instead. Cleaning is easy, and many of our clients like spending their weekends doing it with their families and kids. The fence’s surface is also incredibly smooth, meaning little dirt sticks to it. Your fences would still look brand-new years after they were installed since vinyl is not affected by the weather. Demand for white fences is at an all-time high, and many customers desire to construct sophisticated fences.

Are you worried about maintaining the vinyl fence? Vinyl fences don’t require frequent cleaning or daily maintenance. This saves time and money because maintaining the fences only needs sporadic cleaning operations.

Obtain a lifetime limited warranty

High-quality 3 rail ranch fences from Duramax have a timeless aesthetic and long-lasting performance. Most customers choose to install three-rail ranch fences because they are popular. Furthermore, we can promise that the prices of our fences are fair because every single one is constructed in the US. In addition, you may purchase factory-direct fences from Duramax with a limited lifetime warranty and have them shipped out in 3–4 days.

Customized fences that look good

Duramax doesn’t skimp on quality; our fences are manufactured of recognizable 100% virgin vinyl. We are the only fencing company with ASTM F964 certification for all of our panels. Duramax Fences may be tailored to your needs and are colorful and attractive. Before being shipped to customers, every fence is submitted to a quality inspection and is quality assured. Different styles, textures, colors, shapes, and patterns are available for our fences.

Duramax Fencing is resistant to the southern sun

Vinyl is the only type of fencing that can survive the scorching heat of the southwest sun. Duramax Vinyl Fences are shielded from UV rays by the material DuraResin. Our fences are also built with UV blockers and 12 parts of titanium dioxide for weather resistance and UV stability. Additionally, Duramax Fences provides free samples for a limited time. Get yours right now.

Durable Ranch Rail Fencing

Did you know that the vinyl 3 rail ranch fence from Duramax may be customized to have a wooden appearance? The unique vinyl fencing from Duramax is called DuraGrain. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fencing material with the cell structure of vinyl but the appearance of real wood. DuraGrain fences don’t decay, rust, stain, fade, or draw termites. DuraGrain is a fence that is waterproof and simple to maintain by rinsing with a garden hose. Ranchers who enjoy the aesthetics of hardwood fencing will adore DuraGrain fences. The DuraGrain fence has vinyl’s cellular arrangement, making it tougher, more resilient, and requires minimal maintenance.

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Enhance the Beauty of Your Yard with Traditional Vinyl Fencing from Duramax

buy traditional vinyl fencing

These vinyl fences also don’t absorb water, so there’s no risk of blistering, peeling, or other damage. Traditional fences have existed since the 1960s, whereas modern fencing is currently required. In addition, fencing has experienced a lot of development, specifically numerous styles and material changes. Duramax manufactures vinyl fences from the best vinyl sheets available.

Isn’t it wonderful to enhance your property with lovely fences? Offering your home’s exterior a rustic touch in every crevice makes the experience even more enjoyable. As a result, it improves the aesthetics and safety of your home. You should choose excellent DuraGrain vinyl fencing from one of the best vinyl fencing manufacturers if you’re looking for a type of vinyl fencing that gives your house a traditional appearance and feel. It is considered entirely wood-grained vinyl fencing that adds a lovely, classic touch to your home. Buy traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax and make your yard and house look better. The following main points highlight the value of purchasing DuraGrain vinyl fences of the finest quality.

Extremely robust and guaranteed to provide years of unwavering satisfaction

You can count on lifetime excellence when you choose sturdy DuraGrain vinyl fences from one of the leading vinyl fencing manufacturers. The best quality vinyl is used to create DuraGrain vinyl fences, giving them an exceptional level of thickness and durability. Due to the DuraResin vinyl formulation, these fences are resistant to the scorching southwest sun. They don’t draw termites and they won’t flake off, rust, or turn discolored with time. Titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are combined in 12 parts, giving vinyl fences exceptional UV stability and weather resistance.

DuraGrain Vinyl Fences are Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly

Fences made with DuraGrain vinyl are aesthetically attractive. However, they can merely improve your property’s worth and appearance. Additionally, they are environmentally beneficial. They are devoid of hazardous ingredients, making them safe for children and animals. Additionally, they are excellent recyclable vinyl fences that support a safe and healthy environment.

Need Little to No Maintenance

DuraGrain vinyl fences continue to be perfect for a very long time. These fences are particularly sturdy over the long term because of their strong resistance to high-speed wind, fire, and cold temperatures. Therefore, there are no painting, replacement, or repair problems. In addition, fences made of DuraGrain can be cleaned with a hose.

Vinyl is different from other fencing materials, which all require care. Vinyl fences are incredibly low maintenance and don’t need to be cleaned frequently. Fences tend not to acquire dirt because of their smooth surface and simplicity of washing. Washing the fences with mild soap and water once every two weeks is a good idea. Cleaning our vinyl fences only takes a few minutes, and you don’t need to do it frequently. Using a hose, you can quickly wipe or wash the fences clean. Our fences are incredibly beautiful and operate incredibly well. Our fences don’t need to be repaired or replaced after they’re built.

For Exceptionally Good DuraGrain vinyl fences, Visit Duramax Fences

One of the well-known vinyl fence producers in the US is Duramax Fences. We offer you stylish vinyl fences in a variety of eye-catching hues like red, tan, white, and more. We are renowned for creating a wide variety of vinyl fences, including post and rail, privacy, and perimeter fences. Duramax Fences, one of the most reputable vinyl fence producers, works hard to give you superior DuraGrain vinyl fencing that has passed the ASTM F964 criteria. We provide the most durable and low-maintenance DuraGrain vinyl fencing for your project design. You may order vinyl fences that can be customized with various colors and sizes online.

Last words

Visit Duramax and go through our selection of fences if you’re seeking something appealing. You can browse our fence options, review the details, and place an online order. We are one of the most skilled vinyl fence suppliers in the US, meeting the fencing needs of numerous customers. You can schedule a consultation to go over your needs. Once you’ve decided to buy traditional vinyl fencing, contact Duramax for a consultation. Get a limited lifetime warranty.

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