Don’t settle for less – Choose the Functional and Aesthetic Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence from Duramax

semi privacy vinyl fence

A vinyl fence is a perfect backdrop for your lush garden and lively backyard. The semi privacy vinyl fence can increase the curb appeal and protect your home from curious strangers and trespassers. Fencing is a beautiful addition to your space to create a boundary and decorate the periphery of the property. We understand that a vinyl fence is an important investment, which is why we recommend not settling for just any other ‘vinyl fence’ but choosing a high-quality material that looks stylish and can last for years with minimal upkeep. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality vinyl fences that is easy to assemble, durable and low maintenance. In addition, our brand of premium quality fences has outstanding performance features which can easily surpass other competitive products.

Durable and affordable vinyl fencing

Selecting a semi-privacy vinyl fence from Duramax guarantees, you will get what you pay for! Undoubtedly, vinyl fences are long-lasting and can retain their sheen and visual appeal for years to come. However, Duramax Vinyl Fences last for 30 years with minimal repairs and repainting. Our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and are engineered keeping longevity in mind. While other manufacturers will offer you vinyl fences with thin walls, these materials are highly susceptible to damage and might warp, sag, crack or break after some time. Duramax Fences have thicker walls assuring strength and durability. Thick walls eliminate issues like warping, sagging, and cracking of the material, thereby increasing the longevity of the fence line. Duramax Fences are a one-time investment that can last 50 years if maintained with care. While vinyl fences might be costlier than wood, they are more durable and cost-effective in the long run. At Duramax, you can order high-quality vinyl fences at factory-direct prices. Our fences are customized and shipped within 2 weeks approximately.

DIY fence installation

The Duramax Fence kits come with an installation guide, making the setup easy and hassle-free. Instead of using external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fences, we build high-quality fences with a strong routing and interlocking system. The routed and interlocked fence panels are strong and keep the fencing parts together. As a result, you can install Duramax Fences in just 4 days by hiring 2 people to do the job. Moreover, Duramax Fence installation is cost-effective as you save thousands on labor and fencing. Compared to installing a fence from the local supplier, Duramax Fence installation ensures you save at least 29% on labor and fencing. This is because Duramax Fence installation is tax-free, a DIY project requiring lesser materials.

Unparalleled strength – Duramax Vinyl Fences

Duramax Vinyl Fences are resistant to harsh weather conditions. The fences stand strong during hail storms and wind gusts and do not warp or crack due to excess heat or extremely cold temperatures. In addition, the limited lifetime warranty ensures that the fences won’t rot, chip, crack or lose their luster due to discoloration.

UV resistant fences

Vinyl has a bad reputation for not being UV resistant. Most vinyl fences will fade and get discolored within a few months of sun exposure. However, we decided to change that. At Duramax, you will get fade-resistant UV-guard fences that can withstand harsh UV rays without showing signs of damage. Although UV radiation can age everything around, Duramax Fences are an exception. It’s because we use the proprietary DuraResinTM vinyl formulation to withstand the southwest sun. Over 12 parts of (TiO2) titanium dioxide and extremely potent UV inhibitors are used to manufacture the premium grade fences of Duramax that have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Our perfect line of vinyl products is designed to last for decades and meet the region’s acute weather conditions, which makes our fences a sought-after choice in the US.

Low maintenance

Maintenance has never been a hassle with vinyl fences. The waterproof vinyl fences are washable and can be cleaned with a garden hose without hassles. The fences have a smooth, sleek finish and seldom get stained. However, Duramax has gone a step ahead. We also look into things like heat warpage, impact resistance, yellowing, cold temperature breakage and cracks, and other durability factors during manufacturing to reduce maintenance hassles. In addition, our patented DirtGaurd Proprietary Bottom Rail Design minimizes the accumulation of dirt and debris, which ensures more cleanliness and minimal maintenance.

Final Words

At Duramax, we understand that the topography and layout of every yard are different. So instead of taking a shortcut, we discuss the fence project in detail before giving an estimate. Book a free consultation today. Request a quote now.

Why Should You Install a Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence?

buy semi privacy fencing

Do you wish to make your yard more private and secure, yet you are not comfortable completely blocking the outside view? Then, you need to invest in a semi-privacy vinyl fence. The semi-privacy fence stands true to its name and offers significant privacy but doesn’t completely block the view like a privacy fence. The semi privacy vinyl fence has slender spaced panels that allow some natural light in yet creates adequate privacy to guard your personal space against prying eyes. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl fences. If you want to buy semi-privacy fencing that complements the aesthetics of your property and has all features of functionality, then Duramax is the one-stop destination in the US. We install a wide range of vinyl fences to solve your problems related to safety, security, and privacy. Our fences enhance the aesthetics of the space as we customize the style to fit your requirements.

The versatility of Duramax semi privacy fence

The high-quality semi-privacy vinyl fence comes in various versatile clean designs to match any home. The semi-privacy fencing style is a perfect balance between airflow and privacy. The semi-privacy fences offer you privacy without complete isolation. Duramax Semi-Privacy Fences provide the right amount of seclusion and are ideal for those who find privacy fences suffocating. This kind of fence has approximately ½ inch spacing between the pickets for allowing light and air to enter the property while at the same time offering the right amount of seclusion and privacy. The limited visibility of a semi-privacy fence creates a feeling of comfort and openness. The semi-privacy fences look similar from both sides and are made up of 2 fence lines running parallel to one another, and the slats are attached to the same posts and rails, making them a neighbor-friendly fencing choice. Duramax Semi-Privacy Fences come in the standard size of 3ft to 6ft high x 8ft wide, but you can now opt for customization and choose various styles, sizes, and colors to add security, privacy, and aesthetics.

The real reasons why Americans prefer to buy Duramax Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

A vinyl fence does more than add safety and security to your home. It’s a long-lasting choice that adds beauty to your space. Duramax Vinyl Fences are ideal if you need to install the fence for your yard, pool, acreage, or farm. Here are a few reasons why people buy semi-privacy vinyl fencing rather than other alternatives.

Highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Ordinary vinyl fences often come with complaints of yellowing and fading. In addition, these fences are not UV resistant and highly susceptible to heat warpage. Duramax has addressed all these problems and offers a highly durable fencing solution. At Duramax, we have perfected our line of fencing products to meet extreme weather conditions and withstand the intense heat of the southwest and northwest sun. At Duramax, we use the proprietary DuraResinTM vinyl formulation that’s designed to withstand the southwest sun and protect the fence from warping and fading. In addition, highly-perfected UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of titanium dioxide are used to make the Duramax Fences UV resistant and weatherproof than any other vinyl available today.

Low maintenance

Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. The smooth vinyl surface prevents dirt or debris from sticking or building up over the rails. Vinyl is a waterproof material that makes cleaning easier with a damp mop and soap. You can also use a garden hose to wash the fence panels clean. While all vinyl fences are easy to clean, Duramax looks into greater details like impact resistance, yellowing, heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, and other durability factors during the manufacturing process to ease any maintenance problems. Duramax Fences are a one-time investment and can last for 25 to 30 years without much repairing.

DuraGrain Fences – The unmissable wooden appeal

Vinyl fences look great but are you missing out on the appeal of wooden fencing? You can now get the best of both worlds. Duramax has come up with the DuraGrain fencing that offers the virtues of both wood and vinyl. The Duragrain fence looks and feels like real wood but has a cell configuration of vinyl, which makes the fencing line durable, low maintenance, termite-resistant, rot-free, mold-free and strong.

Install Duramax Fences and save 29% on fencing and labor

Duramax Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence comes at factory-direct prices and is shipped within 2 weeks. The hassle-free DIY installation can save you thousands on fencing and labor. In addition, Duramax Fences are affordable and tax-free, and the 4-day installation requires only two people for the job. Overall, while your local fence supplier can charge you $9,474.48 to install a 160 ft Fence Project, Duramax charges only $7,176.92 for the same. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation.

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Vinyl Fence

affordable vinyl fencing

Vinyl fence is taking over the fence market due to their multiple advantages. However, many are skeptical about investing in a vinyl fence because of common misconceptions. It’s time these fallacies need to be debunked.

Choosing a vinyl fence means you get a beautiful enclosure that is strong, durable, and resistant to weathering. In addition, you will get different vinyl fences in the market that suit your budget. Vinyl fences have many advantages, but there are many naysayers. These naysayers purport myths to dissuade individuals from purchasing a vinyl fence. We understand your apprehensions, and that’s why Duramax Fences has decided to debunk the myths associated with vinyl fences. For over 25 years, Duramax has been one of the leading front yard and backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the US. In this article, we talk about the myths related to vinyl fences to enlighten you about the virtues of affordable vinyl fencing.

Myth 1 – Vinyl fades with time

One of the most common misconceptions about affordable vinyl fencing is that it fades with time due to aging. It only happens if you buy low-quality vinyl fences. With time, the inferior-quality fence panels will turn yellowish. However, Duramax Vinyl Fencing manufacturers provide premium-quality vinyl fence materials that do not get discolored easily. We only use DuraResin formulation to manufacture vinyl fencing. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to guard against the sun’s intense heat, which prevents the panels from turning yellow. Not only that, we provide a lifetime limited warranty on each product, which ensures optimal strength and durability of the material.

Myth 2 – A vinyl fence can’t be customized

People believe that all vinyl fences are the same, but it is not true. One of the best features of a quality vinyl fence is its versatility. You will get them in unique colors and styles to suit any property. While most people opt for white fences, Duramax Fences use the DuraGrain technology to manufacture wood-lookalike fences. The wood-grained DuraGrain Fence has the cellular configuration of vinyl but looks and feels like real wood. The DuraGrain vinyl fence comes in 3 brilliant grained colors tan, adobe, and white. The DuraGrain fence is water-resistant and doesn’t rot, rust, or fade. Moreover, the DuraGrain fence is low maintenance and an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t result in a landfill. The natural wood-grained look of the DuraGrain vinyl fence is ideal for enhancing the appeal of the property.

Myth 3 – Vinyl fence is harmful to the environment

Vinyl fences are not eco-friendly is yet another misconception that needs to be busted. People think vinyl is a plastic toxic to the environment. However, vinyl fences from Duramax are made with 100% recyclable materials and don’t leave behind any scraps that react with the environment. Not only that, minimal energy is used to manufacture the vinyl panels. These reasons made vinyl fencing a popular choice in modern fencing.

Myth 4 – Vinyl fences are weak

People believe that vinyl fences are fragile and aren’t strong enough to tolerate the weather extremities. This is definitely not the case with commercial-grade vinyl fences. A good quality vinyl fence can withstand strong winds, heavy rain, or snowstorm and doesn’t rot or rust, unlike wood or iron. It makes a vinyl fence one of the most durable barriers that won’t collapse due to the slightest force. At Duramax, we manufacture fences that are impact resistant and look into things like heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, yellowing, and other durability features. Our fences meet and exceed ASTM F964 industry standards and are designed keeping longevity in mind.

Myth 5 – A vinyl fence needs frequent upkeep

A vinyl fence is virtually maintenance-free. You can clean the fence with a garden hose and wash it thoroughly. Additionally, washing the fence with a damp mop and soap is ideal for removing tough stains and debris. Duramax backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers have gone a step forward. We have introduced the patented Dirt Guard Proprietary Bottom Rail Design that addresses the problem of dirt and debris build-up along the bottom rails of the fencing line. The bottom rail design minimizes the accumulation of dirt and waste along the bottom rails of the entire fence perimeter. Your Duramax Fence can last 25 to 30 years and requires minimal upkeep.

Why choose Duramax Fences?

Did you know Duramax Fences are stronger and more durable than ordinary vinyl fences? Our fencing materials have thicker walls that eliminate issues like warping, sagging, and cracking of the fence panels. With a strong routing and interlocking system, Duramax Fences are sturdy and never fall apart. In addition, we specialize in the customization of fences to offer our clients a wide range of colors, styles, and design options. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation today

Few Notable Facts About Duramax Vinyl Fencing

buy perimeter vinyl fencing

We have seen many fence renovation projects where the traditional fence is in critical condition. The time and expense involved in maintaining the fence system are huge. The weather-worn perimeter fences made from wood are often riddled with termite tunnels, and the chipped paint with blemished surface is visually unappealing. The average fence manufactured from wood or wrought iron starts rotting and rusting and shows signs of aging within a few years. If your fences are begging for an overhaul, why not replace them with Duramax Vinyl Fences?

No fence is immortal, but vinyl is a highly durable and low-maintenance fence material that comes in various colors and styles. Duramax Fences have a lot to offer remodelers and are an excellent replacement material. Here are a few notable reasons to buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax rather than spending a fortune on repairing the old fence.

All about perimeter fences – The rustic charm

When you buy perimeter vinyl fencing, don’t expect intrinsic customization. The fences have evenly spaced vertical panels horizontally attached to the rails. It’s an all-American-styled fence for front yard decor. As the name suggests, the perimeter fence does exactly what they say – the fencing designates the perimeter of the property. These fences are ideal when your goal is to outline the boundary in an attractive and cost-effective manner. The perimeter fence is useful for containing horses, livestock, and large animals. However, this fencing doesn’t help much in keeping small pets like stray cats and dogs off your property. If you are looking for perimeter fencing, then vinyl is an excellent choice over metal or wood. Duramax Vinyl Fences are more durable and easier to maintain than other alternatives. Vinyl fences don’t age and keep looking new for years to come. Our vinyl fences meet and exceed the industry quality standards of ASTM F964. Let’s check out a few additional features of Duramax Vinyl Fences.

Be mindful of what vinyl you purchase!

Not all vinyl fences are created equal. Cheap vinyl fences are made with low-quality PVC resin and need to get replaced after some time. You need to be mindful before buying a perimeter fence. Many manufacturers sell thin vinyl fences that warp, crack and break easily. Duramax manufacturers avoid such problems as all our products feature thicker walls that stand strong for years and eliminate problems like sagging, warping, and cracking. The longevity of the Duramax Fences is higher than most vinyl fencings in the market.  

Weatherproof and UV-resistant fences

People complain that vinyl fences fade and lose their luster due to constant sun exposure. This isn’t 100% true. Duramax Fences do not fade or get discolored. Duramax manufactures the most durable, fade-resistant fences on the market. With over 25 years of experience, we have perfected our line of vinyl products to sustain extreme weather conditions. Our fences can last for decades without fading or warping under the intense heat of the southwest and northwest sun. Duramax has the proprietary DuraResin vinyl formulation designed to withstand the hot southwest sun. We use over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and strong UV inhibitors to design our fences that have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. Since we use a high percentage of titanium dioxide, Duramax Fences do not turn yellow or fade over time. All our products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty and are engineered to offer maximum durability. Duramax products are designed keeping longevity in mind and can last for 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance.

Vinyl fences are low-maintenance

All vinyl fences are indeed easy to maintain. The smooth surface of the vinyl fence does not allow dirt, grime, or debris to stick to it. You must wash the vinyl fences with a garden hose or clean up the stains with a damp mop and cloth. However, Duramax Vinyl Fences go a step forward and manufacture strong products that do not need repairing or repainting. We look into things like heat warpage, impact resistance, yellowing of the fences, cold temperature cracking, and other durability features during the manufacturing process. As a result, we ensure that our products have minimal maintenance problems and are a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Duramax Fences are virtually maintenance-free – DirtGuard Proprietary Bottom Rail Design

The DirtGuard Proprietary Bottom Rail Design is our patented design to minimize dirt build-up at the bottom rails of the fences. The bottom rails across the perimeter of the fence are susceptible to dirt and debris build-up, but this design keeps the fencing line cleaner, making the maintenance easier.

Final Words

Vinyl fences manufactured at Duramax are quick and easy to install. The fencing kit comes with DIY installation instructions that make the setup affordable and sturdy. Unlike some manufacturers, we do not use external brackets or unsightly screws. Duramax Vinyl Fencing has a strong routing and interlocking system that keeps the fencing parts together and ensures the fence panels don’t fall apart. For more information, book a free consultation. Request a quote.

Quintessential Things to Know About the Vinyl Fences

traditional vinyl fencing

Are you concerned about trespassers entering your property and creating havoc? Why not install a fence to protect the property from strangers? Instead of installing a wood or iron fence, choose vinyl fencing for your property. A vinyl fence provides a barrier from the surroundings and adds aesthetics to your property. In addition, the panels have a solid infill that maximizes your privacy, so there are no gaps between slats or holes, unlike a chain-link fence.

Duramax Fence is a leading manufacturer of vinyl fences in the US. We manufacture and sell robust vinyl fences that last for decades. You can buy traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax, as we offer low-maintenance and durable fencing solutions. Before installing high-quality fences on your property, here are a few things to know.

Not all vinyl fences are equal

Not all vinyl fences are strong, durable, and weatherproof. Many manufacturers offer low-quality vinyl fences that dent easily, warp, and lack durability. These fences are made with thinner vinyl walls that are more susceptible to warping, sagging, and cracking. 

At Duramax Fences, we manufacture products using 100% virgin vinyl that meets the ASTM F964 standards. It contains stabilizers and meets quality standards. Our DuraResin vinyl formulation uses over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors, which makes the fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. 

Minimum maintenance is required

Duramax Fences are virtually maintenance-free. Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy due to the smooth surface. However, Duramax Fences have a special DirtGuard fence bottom rail design. It minimizes the dirt and debris buildup across the perimeter of the fence. Even if you notice some dirt patches, cleaning the fence panels with a garden hose at least once a week is enough to retain the pristine sheen. 

Quick installation

Unlike other fence metals, installing a vinyl fence is quick and hassle-free. The Duramax Fences offer a DIY installation and come with a handy installation guide to simplify the job. In addition, the fences manufactured at Duramax don’t need brackets or unsightly screws to attach the panels. Instead, we use a routing and interlocking system so that you can snap the panels together. That’s why when you buy traditional vinyl fencing, choose Duramax rather than buying a cheaper alternative that might have questionable durability. 


Who doesn’t love having pets? But the thought of a dog or cat chewing on the fence panels is scary. Rest assured; the fences manufactured at Duramax are pet-friendly. First, it is resistant to the pet-damage like scratching or jumping. Second, we use 100% virgin vinyl that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, keeping your four-legged friend safe from toxicity. Lastly, the fence panels have no external brackets or unsightly screws that might injure the animals. The strong routing and interlocking system keep the fence panels together, and the seamless installation prevents the pets from getting injured while they play along the fence line. 

The appeal of the wood-grained DuraGrain Fence

While some people still prefer having a wooden fence instead of vinyl, they face problems related to rotting, warping, and sagging of the material. Wood is not durable for fencing as it absorbs moisture and starts rotting within a few months. Therefore, your wooden fence might need special treatments and maintenance to last for only ten years. Instead, replace the wooden fence with Duramax DuraGrain Fence. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained fence that looks and feels like real wood but has the cell structure of vinyl. While the DuraGrain fence adds to the visual appeal because of its rustic wooden appearance, it behaves like vinyl and has exceptional durability, resilience, and strength. Your DuraGrain fence will never rot or rust and is a low-maintenance choice, lasting 25 to 30 years without warping or sagging. 

Duramax Fences- The one-stop destination for high-quality fencing

If you are planning to buy traditional vinyl fencing, Duramax Fences is undoubtedly the right place. We manufacture fencing products for homes, ranch, and commercial spaces. Our customizing options ensure the fence lines look unique and match the aesthetics of the building. Contact us to get FREE estimates!

Why Choose Duramax Vinyl Fences Over Other Products?

Installation of USA-made vinyl fencing is one of the largest investments to enhance the aesthetics and valuation of your property. While you will find several less expensive options in the market, it’s worth considering whether you are getting value for your money. Duramax Fences, is one of the leading vinyl fencing manufacturers offering high-quality fence materials at competitive prices. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Duramax fences over other ordinary vinyl fence panels in the market.

High-quality materials – DuraResin vinyl formulation

As one of the leading vinyl fencing manufacturers, Duramax uses proprietary DuraResin vinyl formulation to design the fences. Our fences are designed keeping in mind strength, durability, and maximum resilience. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors are used to ensure the fences have high-rated UV resistivity and can stand strong for years. The vinyl fences manufactured by Duramax are made from 100% virgin vinyl and offer exceptional weatherability. Our line of vinyl fence materials can withstand extreme weather conditions and lasts for years without fading under the intense heat of the southwest and northwest sun. The high-quality product is consistent from panel to panel and designed for enhancing long-term performance. While ordinary vinyl fences have less TiO2 because of added expense, Duramax uses a high percentage of TiO2 (titanium dioxide), a critical additive for protecting the fences from harmful UV rays.

Durable construction – Preventing breakage, warping, and sagging

USA-made vinyl fencing manufactured by Duramax has thicker walls to offer greater strength and durability. While some fence manufacturers use thin vinyl walls, they don’t last long enough. Duramax Fences have thicker walls that eliminate issues like warping and cracking fence panels. The thicker walls enhance the longevity of the fences, and your Duramax products can last for decades without requiring extensive repairs or regular repainting. In addition, Duramax products are stronger and more rigid and can effectively reduce the chances of bowing and sagging.

Routed rails and fence posts

While some fence manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws for the installation, they crack, break, get discolored and fall over time. On the other hand, Duramax Fences has a sturdy routing and interlocking system that keeps the fencing parts together. The vinyl fence systems have precision-routed rails offering a secure and safe picket attachment and easy assembling. The routed fence posts offer a secure connection and ensure thermal expansion from season to season. When you buy high-quality Duramax Fences, you can expect maximum durability and peace of mind. 

Low-maintenance fence panels

Maintaining a fence can be challenging, but not a vinyl fence manufactured by Duramax. Vinyl fences are impact resistant and can survive heavy blows and high impacts. The vinyl fences do not wrap in heat, crack in cold temperatures or turn yellow after heavy rainfall. In addition, the vinyl fences are generally stain-free, as they don’t allow dirt or debris to settle on them. However, if the fence panels get dirty, you should wash the waterproof fences with a garden hose or use a wet soapy sponge to clean off the stains. 

Concealed fasteners make the fences pet-friendly

Duramax Vinyl Fences have concealed fasteners that offer a sleek and clean finish. As a result, the fences are pet-friendly and safe for the kids. It’s because the pickets installed without unsightly screws, brackets, and glue have a smooth finish and do not accidentally injure the kids and pets. 

Building Code Compliant

Duramax Vinyl Fences are tested to deliver the highest level of performance. In addition, our fences are ASTM-certified and ideal for use around swimming pools with high wind conditions. 

Innovative fence colors, styles, and textures

Duramax vinyl fences come in different colors, styles, and textures. The fences get customized to match the aesthetics of your property. Before selecting a fencing style, talk with the experts at Duramax to know whether the design will work for you and enhance the aesthetic appeal. We offer a free consultation to all our potential clients. Moreover, Duramax Fences do not fade, as we use acrylic formulation to offer superior protection to the fence colors. 

Fence with a limited lifetime warranty protection

Duramax Vinyl Fences are backed with a limited lifetime transferable warranty and engineered to last for a long time. In addition, the fences can resist temperature changes and not get damaged by solar radiation. 

In love with the wooden fence? Check out DuraGrain fences

If you love the rustic appeal of wooden fences, check out the DuraGrain Fence. Our high-quality DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained material with the cellular configuration of vinyl. The DuraGrain fences look like wood and feel the same but are as durable, water-resistant, and weatherproof as vinyl. Although these fences are much costlier in the market, Duramax provides them at factory-direct rates. 

Final Words

While vinyl fences are much costlier than wood and other alternative fencing materials, they outlast and outperform all others. Our premium features surpass other ordinary vinyl fences and last a long time. Request a quote now

Vinyl Fences- What Makes It Suitable for Colder Climates?

vinyl privacy fences

Residing in a colder climate means dealing with snow, sleet, and fluctuations in temperature. You generally take precautions like insulation and cover the entrances to protect the interiors of your house from the cold weather. What about the exteriors, especially the privacy system of your house? Are you overlooking the fencing system?

Did you know the vinyl fence can withstand weather extremities? Yes, the hype of vinyl fences is increasing among Americans due to their durability and ability to withstand extreme heat or cold. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be customized in unique styles and designs. 

While some search for the traditional fence, others prefer stylish vinyl privacy fences with a hint of timeless design. Duramax Fences is one of the leading fencing solutions where you will get unique and customized fences suitable for the US climates.

No frequent paint jobs

If you need a low-maintenance fencing solution, nothing can beat a vinyl fence. Unlike wood, vinyl fences from Duramax are waterproof and won’t peel, fade, or chip. Even after years, the vinyl fence looks as good as new and does not turn yellow or show signs of aging. External factors like hailstorms, rain, and snowfall can’t damage the appearance of the fence. These things make vinyl privacy fence panels a perfect alternative to wood or wrought iron fencing. This, in turn, saves money on repainting and repairing the fence. 


Vinyl fences from Duramax are extremely weather-resistant, enhancing the material’s longevity. Duramax uses 100% virgin vinyl material that offers fence strength and makes the fence panels more resilient. Other materials like wood, steel, and wrought iron decay or rust when they come in contact with moisture, while vinyl stands scratch-free. Duramax Fences are UV resistant because of the unique DuraResin formulation. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used in the formulation, which makes the fence UV resistant and weatherproof. The weather-resistant fences offer peace of mind to homeowners.

DuraGrain fence – Vinyl fence with the wooden appeal

Americans love the classic wooden and rustic feel when it comes to fencing. At Duramax Fences, we understand that sentiment, and that’s why we manufacture DuraGrain fencing. The wood-grained Duragrain Fence has the cell structure of vinyl. The mind-blowing combination of wooden aesthetics combined with vinyl’s durability has made Duramax Fences a favorite for Americans. 

The Duragrain fence is durable, sturdy, and low maintenance. Duragrain has all the virtues of vinyl and wood, which makes them an ideal alternative for wooden fences. Our Duragrain fences are available in brilliant colors like tan, white, and cedar. Therefore, you can flex your creative muscles to get a suitable design that aligns with your personal preference and your home’s architecture. 

Duramax uses thicker vinyl material – Exceptional strength and durability

Just like most plastics, vinyl is flexible. Unless any catastrophic event or unusual heavyweight drops on the panels, it won’t break. Duramax Fences use thicker vinyl sheets that make the fences durable. While ordinary vinyl fences fall short and warp easily, Duramax Fences are better. The thicker walls of the fence panels eliminate any weaknesses and ensure that the product lasts for years. 

Vinyl fences – One-time investment

Compared to wood or iron fences, vinyl privacy fence panels are easy to maintain. They don’t need frequent chemical treatment to keep their shine and appearance intact. All you need is soap and water to clean the tough stains, which makes it an affordable choice. Moreover, the vinyl fences are waterproof and will never rot, warp, crack or sag. The vinyl fences are highly durable and last for 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run. 

Pet-friendly, non-toxic, and lead-free

Vinyl is pet-friendly, which means that even if your pets have the habit of licking the fence, it won’t cause any harm. Vinyl fences have a high-tensile strength and are resistant to scratches. Vinyl is more flexible and stronger than wood, making it difficult to break. The chemical-resistant fences are non-toxic, lead-free, and have no external brackets or screws – which means the pets are completely safe from any external injuries and toxicity. 

Easy to install

Installing Duramax Fence is a hassle-free job. The DIY installation is easy and comes with a handy installation guide. The fences are engineered to last for years and are resistant to damage. The impact-resistant Duramax Fences come with a fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty and are easy to clean. You can now wash the fences with a garden hose; the high-quality material doesn’t rot or get discolored easily. 

Get the unique DirtGuardTM Proprietary Bottom Rail Designed Fence

The vinyl fence is the easiest to maintain, but Duramax has simplified things. Firstly, the smooth surface of the vinyl fences does not allow dirt, debris, or dust particles to reside on them. Secondly, Duramax has a patented DirtGuardTM Proprietary Bottom Rail design that minimizes dirt build-up and doesn’t let debris accumulate at the bottom rails. If you want this design for your privacy fence, ask for customized vinyl fences from the manufacturers. 

Duramax Fences – Customized privacy fences at factory-direct costs

Vinyl fences have numerous benefits and are a huge asset to the property. The lightweight fences get customized to enhance the aesthetics of the property. With a sturdy route and lock system, the fences stand strong for years and have outstanding durability and strength. With over 25 years of experience, the experienced manufacturers at Duramax provide premium-grade fences for both residential and commercial spaces. The long-lasting fences are shipped in 2 weeks. Save thousands on fencing and labor by installing a Duramax Fence. In addition, you can cut down on 29% of the costs by choosing Duramax Fence over other ordinary ones. To learn more about Duramax Vinyl Fence, book a free consultation today. Request a quote now.

Is a Vinyl Pool Fence a Good Investment?

buy vinyl pool fencing

A swimming pool is the ultimate amenity. It’s the greatest compliment to a home and the main focus of the outdoor landscape. You get to host pool parties and let your kids go for a swim after a long day. A pool is a wonderful feature and a way to unwind and stay after a hot sultry day. However, it’s recommended to buy vinyl pool fencing to keep your guests and family safe, particularly small children and older adults. Pool fencing regulates access to the swimming pool, which means the kids can enjoy the pool but not without supervision. In addition, the pool fence can ward off pets and other animals from the swimming pool. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Duramax Fences provides customized pool fences designed to act as a safety barrier.

Why install a pool fence?

The primary reason to install a pool fence is security. However, you should also consider the legal and insurance requirements before installing a pool fence. Many municipalities are very precise about pool fences and have strict requirements that must be met. That’s why Duramax Fences come customized and fit every requirement. Additionally, homeowners are also required to have a pool fence installed before asking for liability coverage from insurance companies. Many insurance companies consider checking the safety requirements of the new pool before any confirmation. Moreover, a pool fence offers adequate privacy and is more convenient than pool nets and covers. 

Why is a vinyl pool fence ideal?

Now that you have understood the reason to install a pool fence, now comes the material choice. If you want to reduce costs, then consider buying vinyl pool fencing. Although wooden fences are common, vinyl is an excellent alternative. The versatile vinyl pool fence lasts 4 times longer than wood and is 5 times stronger. As a result, Americans prefer to install high-quality Duramax vinyl pool fences rather than spending a fortune on thinner fencing materials. 

High security

The wooden and metal fences are ornamental fence panels, as the posts have larger gaps and offer minimal privacy and security. On the other hand, a vinyl pool fence can be customized to provide privacy from curious strangers and nosy neighbors. Duramax Fences are stronger than ordinary fence materials as they are made from thicker vinyl sheets. The thick fence walls eliminate problems faced by thinner materials like sagging, warping, cracking, and rotting. Duramax Fences stand strong for years and are built to last for at least 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance. 

Low maintenance

Vinyl pool fences are virtually maintenance-free. These fences don’t get discolored or turn yellow. The fences do not stain or attract dirt and debris. The smooth vinyl fences might require occasional cleaning with a garden hose. The waterproof fences are a great financial investment and require no repainting or extensive repair work for at least 10 years after installation. The vinyl pool fences are impact-resistant and can withstand climatic extremes without warping or falling apart. 


Duramax Vinyl Fences are extremely durable and weather resistant. The pool fences have a limited lifetime warranty and last for decades without requiring extensive maintenance. Made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, the high-quality pool fences can withstand intense heat from the Southwest Sun without fading or warping. With over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, the fences have high-rated UV stability and weatherability to withstand the summer heat. Duramax Vinyl Fences do not crack or fall over time, even in cold temperatures. In addition, the weather-resistant vinyl fences stand strong against winds, hail storms, rain, and extreme climatic conditions. 


Pool fences must be durable and bear a lot of abuse. We hang wet towels on fences, splash them with water, and open and shut the pool gates a dozen times. Vinyl is the perfect material for a pool fence as they are waterproof, almost indestructible, and not vulnerable to elements. Duramax vinyl pool fences can withstand high-pressure situations and keeps the pool safe. While the wooden and metal fences are susceptible to moisture, the vinyl fence stands strong as moisture drips down the surface without seeping into the fence panels to cause damage. Vinyl pool fences have unchallenged durability and come customized in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. 

Customizable designs – aesthetically appealing

Duramax Vinyl Fences are made of standard high-quality materials and come in different styles and sizes. The fences can upgrade and beautify the pool area and create the look you want. If you are still in love with wooden fencing, then Duragrain is a great choice. Duragrain is a wood-grained fence that looks and feels exactly like real wood. This fence has the cellular configuration of vinyl and doesn’t rot, rust, or warp like wood. The Duragrain fence looks like wood but behaves like vinyl. 

Takeaways: Duramax – The King of High-Quality Pool Fences

All pool fences are not created equal, and investing in durable, superior quality, and weatherproof material is ideal for safety and security. Duramax Fences offers great quality pool fences at factory-direct prices. The products are shipped within 2 weeks. To learn more, book a free consultation. Request a quote now.

Why Is the 3-Rail Ranch Vinyl Fence Better Than Wood?

3 rail ranch fence

Are vinyl ranch rail fences better than wood? Can vinyl fences do the same job as wood ranch rails? These are the most asked questions we hear from our clients. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we can proudly say that our 3 rail ranch fence made from virgin vinyl is not only as good as wood but, in some cases, even better. Although many ranchers love wooden fences, they know that wood is biodegradable and highly susceptible to rotting and warping due to harsh climatic conditions. In this article, we decided to explain why you should consider to buy 3 ranch rail fence from Duramax rather than installing the short-lived wooden ranch rails.

Duramax ranch rail fences are 25% more durable

While wooden fences are highly susceptible to damage and start rotting, breaking, and warping, Duramax fences are durable, strong, and weather-resistant. Our 3-rail ranch fence made from high-quality vinyl is stronger and better than ordinary vinyl fences. The manufacturers use DuraResin vinyl formulation to ensure our fences have 25% more durability against the scorching southwest sun. In addition, we use over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture premium-quality UV-resistant and weatherproof fences that don’t break, rot, warp, and can withstand extreme weather conditions without falling apart.

Moreover, Duramax has gone a notch higher, and we manufacture the fences using thicker vinyl sheets to eliminate problems like sagging, warping, and accidental breakages. Our fences have a strong routing system with superior interlocking panels, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. Once you buy 3 ranch rail fence from Duramax, you are sorted for years.

Low-maintenance fences that last for years

One of the biggest problems with wooden fences is the maintenance issue. However, such is not the case with a vinyl ranch rail fence. Unlike the wooden ranch rail, the vinyl product doesn’t rot, buckle or suffer from termite infestation. The vinyl fences are waterproof and washable. They don’t stain or turn yellowish and retain the color for the longest time. Even after extreme weather conditions, the strength of the color will remain the same without fading, chalking, and bleeding. Sun, wind, rain, snow, and hailstorms – nothing affects the color of vinyl rail ranch fences. The color remains the same even after ten years, which makes vinyl rail ranch fence a sought-after popular choice for Americans. Occasionally rinsing the rail ranch fence with a garden hose will keep the Duramax product looking fresh and new. Fewer maintenance hassles definitely make the rancher happier.


Many ranchers love the look and feel of the real wood ranch rail. However, this material breaks very quickly and gets discolored easily. Duramax Fences retain this all-American look and appeal of a traditional wooden fence. The Duramax Duragrain fence is a wood-grained material that’s low maintenance, durable, and looks just like real wood. The Duragrain fence is a great alternative to wood and has a regal appearance and appeal. Although the Duragrain fence looks similar to real traditional wood, the cellular composition is different, which makes them better. The Duragrain rail ranch fence is waterproof, weather resistant, and has all vinyl features, even though they look exactly like a wooden fence. These rail ranch fences come in brilliant-grained hues like tan, white, and adobe. Duragrain insulates 70% better than wood and is quite cost-effective as they last longer and require minimal maintenance.

Cost – A worthy long-term investment

The vinyl ranch rail fence might look like a costly purchase, but it’s a one-time investment for the long haul. Wooden fences are initially cheaper, but the maintenance costs will eventually make you spend more. Vinyl fences are strong, and once purchased from a good manufacturer like Duramax, you don’t have to worry about repairs and repainting for years to come. On the other hand, wooden fences require frequent treatments and need repairing and repainting every few months. Calculating the initial purchase and the maintenance costs, you will find vinyl is far more cost-effective than traditional wood and offers you ‘peace of mind.’ Moreover, wooden fences are not as long-lasting as vinyl and need to get replaced after 10 years, no matter how much you spend on maintenance. However, Duramax vinyl fences can last 25 to 30 years with minimal upkeep.

Final Thoughts

Duramax Fences are engineered to last for a lifetime and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The fences are easy to install, lead-free, non-toxic, and pet-friendly. Our fences have exceeded ASTM quality parameters and offer exceptional durability and strength. We offer a free consultation to discuss the fence that’s perfect for you. Within 2 weeks, the fence gets shipped directly from the factory. Our fence products are affordable and can easily be installed by a local handyman or gardener. Choose Duramax Fencing and save 29% on fencing and labor. Request a quote now.

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