Why Should You Invest in a Semi-Private Vinyl Fence?

semi-private vinyl fence

Semi-privacy vinyl fences have varying degrees of spacing between their boards. If you are looking for a customized semi-private vinyl fence, then at Duramax you can choose between different plank heights and widths for creating the perfect fence for your yard. A semi-private fence offers great security while ensuring adequate room for natural lighting and airflow. Duramax Fences offers customized semi-private vinyl fences that are functional yet decorative.

Not all vinyl is created equal!

You might be disappointed if you are looking for just another ordinary vinyl fence. Not all vinyl is created equal, and an ordinary vinyl fence won’t last as long as you would like. Duramax Fences are engineered to keep durability in mind and last 30 years or longer. Our fences are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and manufactured with top-quality materials to stand the test of time. Duramax Fences are a huge favorite in California as they don’t chip, crack, warp or peel like the conventional wooden fence. In addition, the fences will not pit or corrode and are almost maintenance-free as they are resistant to humid and hot weather and do not corrode in saltwater.

However, if you are looking for a customized semi-privacy vinyl fence, then you will find that the fence has gaps allowing light and airflow. These gaps are usually an inch or less and have the same height as a privacy fence, although they might be shorter since absolute privacy might not be your goal.

How is a semi-private vinyl fence different from a non-private fence design?

A semi-privacy vinyl fence will not offer you 100% privacy, yet they differ from a non-private fence design. For example, some people consider picket fences semi-private, although they are not tall enough to provide enough privacy. However, there are some general things that you need to consider when determining whether a fence provides enough privacy or not. For instance, a ranch rail fence has a completely open style and cannot be considered semi-private as it doesn’t obscure the view. However, the closely placed and tall picket fences block enough visibility and can be counted as a semi-private fence. If you are looking for a custom-made semi-private vinyl fence, consider contacting our experts. Within two weeks, we ship the fences to your address, and the kit comes with all tools at factory-direct prices.

People generally opt for a semi-privacy vinyl fence for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the closed-off design makes the fence ideal for small yards as they feel less stuffed with adequate gaps for allowing airflow and sunlight. Secondly, a semi-private fence will not completely block the sounds and sights like a privacy fence, so the homeowner does not have to deal with complete isolation. However, a semi-privacy fence is unsuitable if you live near a busy street, as it won’t offer complete noise isolation.

The pros and cons of a semi-private fence



Keeps the kids and pets in

Less light through

It doesn’t make small yards feel cramped


Not noise-resistant

Not completely private

The pets and kids are easily distracted by things visible on the other side of the semi-private fence.

What’s the main difference between a privacy fence and a semi-privacy one?

A privacy fence is a board-on-board fence where the boards directly overlap and touch without gaps. Even the backer rails are visible on one side of the fence. On the other side, a semi-private fence is shadowbox fencing with the boards alternating from one side of the rails to the other. This fence design does not have vertical boards touching one another. Instead, there are gaps between the boards, and you can look through them at an angle. The semi-private fence appears similar from either side.

Which fence style is more secure? Privacy fences or semi-privacy ones!

Since the privacy fences have no gaps, they are more secure than semi-privacy fences. A determined individual can use the gaps of a semi-privacy fence to spy on you, like trying to stick their fingers through or trying to open the fence. However, that doesn’t mean a strong semi-privacy vinyl fence can’t keep the intruders out and ensure safety. The gaps are small, and only tiny animals like mice can sneak through the semi-privacy fence. With thorny shrubs and other anti-climbing features, you can make your existing semi-privacy fence a strong and secure barrier. The main features that make the semi-privacy fences more secure are their height, stability, and climbability.


A well-made stable fence won’t fall over. Duramax Fences have a sturdy routing and interlocking system that keeps the fences strong and stable for years. Of course, leaning fences must be repaired, and having the posts firmly rooted in the ground is necessary.


A tall fence is great for ramping up security. Build a tall fence as per the local laws and HOA regulations. Most places allow a 6-foot fence in the backyard and a 4-foot one in the front yard. The taller the fence barrier, the more challenging it is to climb or jump over.


Even if you have a tall fence with a permit, it’s not secure if someone can scale it. Talk with the professionals at Duramax and design a fence that is difficult to climb. Semi-privacy vinyl fences are smooth and don’t give intruders much grip for climbing. Again, pointed and spiky fence tops make the barrier more challenging to cross.

Advantages of vinyl fences

If you plan to invest in Duramax Fences, here are a few benefits of investing in one.


Vinyl fences last for 30 years with minimal upkeep.


Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free and do not require repainting or repairs for a long time.


We offer various styles, colors, and finishes that complement your outdoor décor, home, and landscaping.


Vinyl fences are a one-time investment and an excellent choice for adding resale value to your property and minimizing maintenance costs.

Peace of mind:

All our vinyl fences are easy to maintain and come with a limited lifetime warranty, and you spend more time enjoying the garden and not worrying about the fencing.

Final Note:

Vinyl fences might require an upfront investment, and this expense pays out more than other fence choices. Book a free consultation now. Request a quote.


Why Do You Need a Fencing Calculator for Your Fence Project?

fencing calculator

If you are looking to install DIY fences, then a fencing calculator is an essential need. The calculator can accurately estimate the fencing materials needed for the fence project. Using a fence calculator, you can estimate what materials to buy and how much is necessary for the project. The fence calculator determines the cost of a vinyl fence and is necessary before any large-scale project. Even if you have a small project, a fencing calculator ensures that you can stick to your budget and not go overboard. Duramax’s fencing calculator is easy to use, offers accuracy, and is faster than other conventional methods for determining the cost of a fence.

How to use a fencing calculator?

It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool. However, it might appear a bit sophisticated at first, but if you follow the set of instructions, then the tool used is pretty simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. Here are instructions to help you use the calculator for an accurate estimate.

Firstly, decide the length of the vinyl fence and then consider how much space must be kept between the posts. Based on your preference, the post space can be between 2 and 5 meters or 6 and 8 feet. After this, one needs to put the fence length and have spacing between the posts in the first section of the fencing calculator. This will help ascertain the number of posts one needs to purchase. The number of sections defined by the posts is evaluated later.

The second step will be to set the fence height to determine the post length; and based on this, you need to buy the materials. This is important as every post must be buried at least by ½ in the ground and securely positioned with concrete.

The third step will be to put horizontal rails per fence section. Based on the fence style, one must determine the number of rails required per section. Generally, there are two rails per section, but one can add more if necessary. This estimate will provide the total number of rails one needs to purchase, as one rail is a similar length per section of the fence.

The fourth step would be to put the width of the singular picket and check how much space is required between the pickets in the third section of the fencing calculator. This will help determine the number of pickets needed.

Lastly, every post must be well-secured to ensure the fence line does not fall over. One needs to ensure that the posts are put into the holes filled with concrete. To calculate the volume of concrete needed, one needs to input the thickness and width of the posts for the cuboid post and the diameter of the post for the cylindrical ones.

An important piece of advice that not every fence manufacturer will tell you is to purchase at least 10 to 15% extra materials for the project. Extra materials are much better than facing a lack, as you don’t have to rush to the store to correct mistakes. And even if you get extra materials, you can use them for future maintenance.

Why have a fence around your property?

If you are wondering why you need for a fence around your property, then here are a few reasons why a fence is a great idea:

Privacy: A fence is a great investment if you want privacy for relaxing in your garden without having to worry about strangers, trespassers, and prying eyes.

Protection: A fence keeps pets and kids inside your property and helps keep stray animals outside the periphery. A fence is also a great windbreaker helping you enjoy your me-time outside without stressing about the chilly winds.

Decoration: A fence adds to the curb appeal. It can enrich your space’s look and make it look more beautiful than ever. Duramax experts can beautify your garden as much as possible by calculating the plant spacing and mulch per your needs.

Noise isolation: If you are living near a busy street, a fence is necessary to protect your property from noise pollution. A customized fence from Duramax is a great choice to control noise pollution.

Tradition: While this might not be a good reason, an aesthetic white fence around your garden signifies realizing the American dream.

Why build a vinyl fence on your property?

If you are planning to invest in a durable and strong fence, then Duramax is the correct choice. Here are the two main reasons why Duramax Fences are better than traditional alternatives like metal and wood.

It’s cheaper: The vinyl fence might be initially costly, but the durable material is cost-effective in the long run. While other fencing materials like wood might last ten years, vinyl can last 30 years or longer with minimal maintenance. Even the metal fences must be maintained to guard against rust and corrosion, but vinyl is relatively maintenance-free and designed to last for years without needing repairs or repainting.

It’s durable and low maintenance: As mentioned above, vinyl fences are more durable and easier to maintain than metal or wooden fences. Made with 100% virgin vinyl, the high-quality vinyl fences are engineered to stand the test of time. Just wash the fence with a garden hose to maintain the pristine sheen for the longest time.

Final Words

Get the Duramax Fences at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. A fencing calculator can give you the correct estimate of the vinyl fence cost. Request a quote now.


Why Should You Consider Investing in a Semi-Private Vinyl Fence?

semi-private vinyl fence

semi-private vinyl fence is ideal for your property border, wind protection, and privacy. This fence looks the same on both sides. The semi-private fence comprises two parallel lines, and the slates are attached to the same rails and posts. Investing in Duramax semi-private vinyl fence gives you advantages like better security, better wind protection, and an enhanced look from both sides. Homeowners living in New Mexico prefer to invest in a customized fence from Duramax Fences for multiple reasons. We have been the industry leader for the last 25 years and provide high-end vinyl fences that last long and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of Duramax’s semi-private vinyl fence.

A border to keep the curious neighbors away

We suggest you get a semi-private vinyl fence if you need to keep the neighbors away from your property. In addition, the fence adds a touch of security to your yard without completely blocking the sight. You can get various styles, designs, and colors of semi-private fences from Duramax. We customize the fence per your requirements to bring you exquisite-looking fences that last for years and won’t fade, turn yellow, or get discolored.

Add privacy

semi-private vinyl fence is a great choice to keep prying eyes away from your business. Putting a fence around the pool area or the patio can protect your space and ensure your family gets the much-needed privacy and can relax while enjoying themselves in the yard. If you live near a busy street, a semi-private vinyl fence offers good privacy without obstructing airflow, sunlight, sights, and sounds like a privacy fence. At Duramax, we provide custom-made vinyl fences that are designed to offer you the best of both worlds.

Get a semi-privacy fence for the summer months

Dining outside in your yard during the hot summer months is a delight, but if it gets windy, the joy is lost. So why not invest in a wind-resistant semi-private vinyl fence from Duramax? Our fences have passed the wind test of 105 mph and can effectively keep the wind at bay while you enjoy your space. If you are worried about stormy weather and other calamities, then vinyl fences from Duramax can stand the test of time and offer a lifetime of carefree performance.

Semi-private vinyl fences are excellent for pets and kids

Fencing is an excellent way to keep your pets inside the property. Generally, pets consider escaping the yard by jumping or climbing the fence; sometimes, they squeeze themselves out through the gaps. In addition, some pets consider digging or wriggling to get outside the property. Instead of installing a wooden fence that would start splintering and injuring the animals, invest in a vinyl semi-private fence from Duramax.

Vinyl fences are strong, durable, and don’t splinter. The vinyl fences break off cleanly, if at all. Vinyl fences are flexible and five times stronger than wood, making them an excellent choice for families with pets and kids. The vinyl fence from Duramax is non-toxic, lead-free, and resistant to most chemicals, which means your pets are safe even if they have the habit of chewing the fence panels and wreaking havoc in the garden. A tall vinyl fence can keep the kids inside the property and is impact resistant, which ensures your fences won’t break, crack or sag from high impacts or heavy blows.

Don’t just settle for any semi-private vinyl fence!

Vinyl fences aren’t just about privacy and safety but also add curb appeal to your property. While other ordinary fences might last 10 to 15 years, Duramax vinyl fences can easily last for more than 30 years without extensive maintenance. Duramax vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. You do not have to repair or repaint a vinyl fence for years to come. Duramax vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl have thicker sheets that eliminate issues faced by thinner fence materials.

Moreover, our vinyl fences are resistant to weather elements. Unlike ordinary vinyl, you won’t find Duramax vinyl fences warping in heat or cracking in cold temperatures. Our fences are made with DuraResin vinyl formulation and can withstand the harsh rays of the southwest sun. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and powerful UV inhibitors are used to manufacture Duramax Fences. Our fences have the highest rated UV stability and

DuraGrain – A vinyl fence that looks similar to wood

Weatherability and come engineered for maximum durability.When one talks about fences, a wooden fence is something that strikes the mind. Although wooden fences are becoming obsolete considering their high susceptibility to weather elements, Duramax has a great alternative for you. Check out our wood-grained DuraGrain Fence that looks and feels like real wood, but has the cell configuration of vinyl. This means that although DuraGrain will look like a wooden fence and feel the same, the material won’t rot, warp, splinter or disintegrate under weather extremities. DuraGrain fences are waterproof, weather resistant and UV resistant just like a regular vinyl fence. 

Final Words

If you live in New Mexico and want a durable and low-maintenance semi-private vinyl fence at an affordable rate, come to Duramax. We offer fences at factory-direct rates that are shipped within 2 weeks approximately. Request a quote now. Book your free consultation today.



All You Need To Know Before Investing in a Vinyl Privacy Fence in California

white vinyl privacy fence

In case you have a new home or already own a house for several years, installing a fence is necessary to protect and secure your property from intruders. A fence not only gives you more privacy, but it also increases property valuation. If you want to invest in a vinyl privacy fence, order a customized one from Duramax. However, before purchasing a white vinyl privacy fence that’s a huge favorite among Californians, you need to know about the laws and permits related to fencing. The location of your property, the fence height, and where to build the fence are some things that determine whether a permit is important. Applying for a permit at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) is highly recommended before starting with the fence project, as you don’t have to worry about the fence getting pulled down for not being at par with the building codes.

However, it’s not challenging to build a fence in California, and this article will tell you about the fence laws and permits that Californians need to put up with when they plan to add a vinyl fence.

Do you need a fence permit?

If you live in California, then you need to abide by the laws on building a fence on your property, and as a property owner, you might need a permit. However, not all fences require a special permission for the construction. Three factors determine whether you need a permit for the fence or not.

  • Location
  • Fence height
  • Where on the land do you intend to install the fence

For example, if you stay in a highly populated area in California, then getting a permit might be important. On the other hand, in a rural location, you might not need a permit to build a new fence. In that event, adding a small vinyl privacy fence less than 6 feet in height is ideal, as you can easily build the fence without needing to obtain any permit. 

As per Crest Real Estate, if you consider the California Building Codes, then fences lower than 6 feet in height don’t require a permit. Additionally, before installing a fence, you need to read through the homeowner’s association guidelines or the local laws. In most cases, the front yard fence shouldn’t be more than 4 feet, and the fence in the backyard can’t be more than 6 feet tall. However, you need to remember that local laws do not surpass state laws regarding fence construction procedures.

If you are aware of the fencing laws in California, you don’t have to worry about the building inspectors shutting down the fence project. However, the professionals at Duramax can guide you with your fence project and ensure you don’t get into trouble with the authorities.

California Good Neighbor Fence Law

If you are living in California and contemplating installing a white vinyl privacy fence, you must be acquainted with the California Good Neighbor Act detailed in California Civil Code 841. This fence law talks about the rights and responsibilities of the people when they share a fence located at the property’s boundary line. Any person who wants to get a part of the shared fence replaced or perform general fence maintenance will need to notify the neighboring property owners of the work taking place within 30 days. In other words, your neighbors need to be informed whenever you repair or perform fence maintenance. You should inform your neighbors beforehand because they are equally responsible for construction costs and possible replacements of the shared fence. Even if the fence needs maintenance, the costs should be shared between you and the neighbor.

Furthermore, when you build a new shared fence or restore an old one with a new vinyl privacy fence, you should send an official letter to the affected homeowners. This is a good neighbor fence letter and needs to be prepared with the following:

  • A comprehensive explanation to replace, fix or build a fence
  • A explanation with details on why the fence will correct the existing issue
  • An assessed timeline for the replacement, repair, or fence installation
  • A blank space for the signature to be made

What if you need a fence permit?

If you are planning to build a very tall fence on your property, then you might need a fence permit. You can obtain the permit after applying to the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). However, before the installation begins, there are a few things to note:

  • Firstly, ask the local city hall or LADBS if a fence permit is at all needed for the installation (not all fences need permits)
  • Pay for the fees when you submit the application
  • Consider drafting a fence plan
  • Get written formal consent from the neighbors and pictures of the construction zone and submit them to the LADBS
  • Get a surveyor to have a look at the property to decide the boundary lines

Before you start digging holes for the fence installation, identify the underground power, water, and gas lines

Even if the application gets accepted by LADBS, certain municipalities will ask you to conduct more inspections during construction. Even after the work is finished, a final inspection takes place, and subsequently you will obtain a ‘seal of approval’ which states that the fence complies to local building codes and meets the necessary guidelines.

Why invest in Duramax Fences?

If you have already decided to install a fence to protect your property, then invest in DIY Duramax vinyl fences. Our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to withstand the intense heat of the southwest sun. Our DIY fences come at factory-direct rates and are shipped within two weeks. Duramax Fences is a one-time investment lasting 30 to 40 years with minimal upkeep. To learn more, book a free consultation now. Request a no-obligation quote now.


How To Estimate the Cost of Your New White Vinyl Privacy Fence?

white vinyl privacy fence

Investing in a white vinyl privacy fence around your property is a great idea when you wish to increase the sense of isolation while adding aesthetic appeal to your property. It’s a win-win situation to invest in a privacy fence around the property as it’s an extra layer of protection and, at the same time, adds privacy from your curious neighbors and peeping toms. Moreover, a fence is an important investment to keep your kids and pets inside the property. However, if you want to determine the cost of a white vinyl privacy fence, here are a few things worth considering. These factors are essential regardless of whether you plan to install a DIY fence or get professional help for the deed. Duramax Fences is an excellent choice if you are looking for long-lasting, strong fences with a limited lifetime warranty.

That said, the listed factors can help you estimate the correct cost of a privacy fence. It will also help you avoid making mistakes leading to costly repairs and unprecedented expenditures.

Check out the local zoning laws

Before you randomly purchase a fence, you need to check whether the structure meets the requirements of the local county. In addition, you need to take permission when you intend to build a fence, as this would avoid unnecessary expenditure at a later stage and other complications. To begin with, first, know your property lines before committing your time and money to install a fence. Check out the zoning laws of your area, and based on where you live, you might find height restrictions and boundary limits for fencing in your community. 

You also need to check with the local HOA (Homeowner’s Association) after confirming the zoning regulations to ensure the accuracy of the structure. Your county might have stringent rules for fences like colors and materials used to construct the fence on the property. It’s advantageous to build a fence that complies with the zoning rules, and it’s better to get permission first rather than wait to make changes later.

Cross off the utilities before you plan for a privacy fence

When building a privacy fence, you will need to mark the locations of the utility lines, especially when you do not have a fence enclosing your property. This idea of checking off the utilities might look like a no-brainer, but if you skip this, you can be in for an unpleasant surprise while installing a fence. Many homeowners accidentally damaged pipes and hit wires buried underneath during the fence installation, leading to more work and off-the-record expenditure. 

You will not want the top of the white vinyl privacy fence directly located on top of any utility wiring. However, suppose you ignore this and your county undertakes some maintenance work, then the fence needs to be removed from the ground, and you will have to begin building a new fence again from scratch. Therefore, it’s important to cross off the utilities and then proceed to plan your fence installation.

Establish the land area and the terrain

You need to determine exactly where you will put up your fence, and after you have established the exact location, outline the area where utilities are located and get permission from the authorities to build your white vinyl privacy fence. If you live in a subdivision or townhome community, you might already have a plat, which is a detailed illustration of your land divisions drawn to scale. This document is called a subdivision map, but when you don’t have access to this, then a measurement wheel can help determine the number of fence materials needed for fence construction.

Reasons to Install a vinyl fence on your property

Vinyl is one of the most recommended fence materials in contemporary times. This is because vinyl fences are durable, sturdy, and engineered to last for years without rotting and rusting. Although you will find numerous fences in the market, vinyl is the most coveted type. Learn why to invest in Duramax vinyl fencing on your property.

  • Vinyl fences at factory-direct rates
  • Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance free
  • Vinyl fences come in many designs and colors
  • Vinyl fences are easy to install and setup
  • Vinyl fences are highly sturdy yet greatly flexible
  • Vinyl fences are made from the DuraResin formulation and don’t warp, crack, fade, or get discolored
  • Duramax vinyl fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability
  • The DuraGrain vinyl fence looks and feels similar to wood but is durable, low maintenance, and strong as vinyl
  • Duramax has the patented Dirt Guard bottom rail design that minimizes the build-up of debris and dirt


Estimating the cost of a white vinyl privacy fence is daunting, but with these few tips in mind and research work, you evaluate the exact price. However, Duramax uses a fencing calculator to provide you with an accurate estimate. To learn more, book a free consultation today. Request a no-obligation quotation now.

The Benefits of the Beautiful Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence

vinyl ranch rail fence

In the past, the main purpose of a fence in America was to mark the boundary of one’s property rather than to secure it. To distinguish the boundaries and save finances, the ranchers and farmers opted for ranch rail fences that acted as a barrier for their simple and economical design. The ranch rail fences have long rails with spacious gaps, making the panels require less lumber and are easy to construct without any professional assistance. The vinyl ranch rail fence is easy to install, making this fencing a common choice at ranches, farms, country homes, and cabins. Railed fence barriers are ideal for fencing the livestock as the farm animals can be easily contained, and even if they try to escape, they won’t have their foot stuck in the vinyl fence panels, which might be a cause of concern if you have any other kind of fence installed, (like a chain-link fence).

However, wood is a common choice as a ranch rail fence, but nowadays, ranchers and farmers are slowly switching over to vinyl fence products. We recommend a vinyl ranch rail fence as we can provide the same eye-catching aesthetics, and our fences are known to perform better than wood. In addition, vinyl ranch rail fences are ideal for their longevity and structural integrity.

Looking for a ranch rail fence? Vinyl or wood, which is the better choice?

The wooden fences have a good history of demarcating the property, so vinyl being a new product, is often discarded. However, wooden ranch rail fences have many drawbacks that have led ranchers to reconsider their decision and invest in vinyl fence products. 

Duramax vinyl ranch rail fence has a proven track record of lasting longer and is resilient to factors that result in the wooden material to warp, rot, and deteriorate. Although wooden fences are less expensive, vinyl is more cost-effective in the long haul.

Vinyl is 100% resistant to moisture damage

The biggest drawbacks of a wooden fence are the unsightly deformations due to prolonged exposure to moisture. When the wooden fence gets drenched in rain or melting snow, the moisture is absorbed by the wooden material, and it starts expanding and contracting inside according to temperature changes. In winter, the trapped liquids inside the wooden fence freeze up and starts pushing apart the internal foundation of a wooden fence. As time passes, the wooden fences crack, bulge out, and even start having split boards. If you want to avoid this, then regular painting and staining of a wooden fence is mandatory, but in the long haul, the expenditure adds up.

If you want an alternative to a wooden fence, vinyl is a great choice. Vinyl fences are 100% waterproof and won’t absorb moisture at all. The liquids glide down the smooth surface of a vinyl fence, and the non-porous exterior prevents absorption. Rain, snow, and even a wash with a garden hose will not weaken avinyl ranch rail fence. Vinyl fences are a one-time investment and can last 30 years or longer due to their moisture-resistant capacity.

Vinyl is five times stronger than wood

Even if the main goal of installing a fence is to demarcate property boundaries and safeguard the area, you will want a fence material that’s durable, strong and can stand the test of time. Repairing fence panels is an added expense that ranchers want to avoid. In such a case, the vinyl ranch rail fence wins the battle against the wood. A good-quality vinyl fence panel is five times stronger than its wooden counterpart, implying superior strength and resilience to daily impacts. This is also one of the main reasons why cattle farms prefer vinyl fences, as even if the livestock brushes against these smooth textured rails and posts, they remain strong and stay in place.

The vinyl fence remains strong even with considerable temperature changes. Duramax vinyl ranch rail fence can withstand the hot southwest sun without warping like ordinary fences. We manufacture the fences with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. This DuraResin formulation makes the fences strong, weatherproof, and perfect for ranches and farms. Even in winter, you won’t find Duramax vinyl fences cracking, breaking, or falling over. Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together, enhancing their strength a notch higher.

Long-lasting beauty

Vinyl ranch rail fence is in demand for its magnificent aesthetics. The vinyl fence can retain its natural charm for a longer time than wood. The vinyl fences are resistant to cracking or chipping, which makes the fence retain its natural color for a long time. On the other hand, the wooden fence needs painting and staining every now and then. Duramax vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free and retain their sheen for numerous years. You won’t find vinyl fences fading, getting discolored, or turning yellow. You don’t need to repaint or repair the vinyl fence for years which again reduces the costs in the long run. Moreover, Duramax customizes the vinyl fence per your requirements and manufactured with the finest materials; the fences enhance the curb appeal.

Resistant to insect damage

Another probable hazard wooden fence owners face the damage done to the fence by carpenter ants, termites, and insects. Wooden fences are highly prone to insect damage, so farms and ranchers prefer vinyl ranch rail fences. Vinyl is not on the menu list for the pesty wood munchers, which is why vinyl fences last for years and are 100% resistant to insect damage.

Final Words

Any DIY homeowner can assemble vinyl ranch rail fences. When you hire an experienced professional, the fences are assembled within days and sometimes in a matter of hours. Duramax vinyl ranch rail fences are now available at factory-direct rates and shipped within approximately two weeks. 

Don’t settle for the low-quality stock offered at big box stores. You can now connect with the fencing manufacturers at Duramax to order high-quality fences at affordable prices. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation today.

Know Why Californians Love Vinyl Fencing

buy perimeter vinyl fencing

If you have a house in Southern California, investing in a fence is a great way to enhance the curb appeal and add much-needed privacy to your yard. However, the neighbors and passers-by can be a pain, and to keep your home secure from trespassing and intruders, buy perimeter vinyl fencing. Although vinyl is a great material to use as fencing, many homeowners are still hesitant about it. However, some people find vinyl perimeter fencing a great alternative to traditional fences. Vinyl fences are versatile and affordable and come in various textures, styles, and colors to match the aesthetics of your property. Your new vinyl fence will shine for years, and buying from Duramax is a great decision. Here are a few reasons Californians prefer Duramax vinyl fences over investing in conventional fence products.

Low maintenance fences

Fence maintenance is a huge hassle when installing wooden or metal fencing. Californians prefer installing a low-maintenance fence that won’t fade, rot, rust, or get discolored. That’s why investing in vinyl perimeter fencing is a great choice. Vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin do not fade, turn yellow, or get discolored easily. In addition, a vinyl fence is waterproof, hence washable. You can clean the vinyl fence with a garden hose and maintain its shine for months. With the Dirt Guard bottom rail patented design, Duramax vinyl fences do not allow dirt or debris to build up across the perimeter of the fence. By investing in Duramax Fences, you can expect the fencing to last for years with minimal upkeep. No repairs and repainting are required for years to come, which makes Californians buy perimeter vinyl fencing from Duramax.

Durable fencing

Longevity is a big factor when choosing a fence for your property. Fencing is a one-time investment, and you must make a well-informed decision. While wooden fences last for ten years at the maximum, a vinyl fence can last for 30 to 40 years at a stretch. Metal fences rust and might need to get replaced when the material severely starts corroding. However, a vinyl fence is recyclable and requires no repair or replacement for at least 30 years. Duramax Fences are stronger than other ordinary vinyl products in the market as our fences have thicker walls and will never sag, break, crack, or warp. We manufacture our fences with the DuraResin vinyl formulation to ensure the structures can withstand the intense heat from the southwest sun without warping or fading. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors go into manufacturing Duramax Fences with the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. All these factors add up to the durability of a vinyl fence.

Ease of installation 

Installation of a vinyl fence is super easy. You don’t have to spend days and hire extra labor to install Duramax Fences. Our DIY fence installation does not require skilled labor for the installation. A gardener or a local handyperson can easily install the DIY fences within a couple of days by following the DIY guidelines in the instruction manual. Duramax Fence installation can save you 29% on fencing and labor compared to standard fence installation. Moreover, we ship the products directly to your address within two weeks of placing the order, making Duramax Fences a favorite among Californians. 

Pet-friendly and non-toxic

If you are a pet parent, then stay away from wooden and chain link fences. A vinyl fence is your ideal choice. A vinyl fence is non-toxic, lead-free, and doesn’t break or crack. Although no fence is eternal, a vinyl fence won’t have splinters, unlike a wooden one. The vinyl fence has a smooth surface but is strong enough to keep the pets contained inside. In addition, impact-resistant fences can withstand high impacts and heavy blows without breaking or falling over.

Better than the traditional wooden fence

A wooden fence is a traditional favorite, but vinyl is soon catching up. People now know that a wooden fence is susceptible to weather extremities and won’t last long unless maintained with utmost expert care. On the other hand, a vinyl fence is virtually maintenance-free and termite resistant, unlike wood. In addition, the vinyl fence is five times stronger than wood and is engineered to last for decades. 

However, if you still love wooden fences, check out our DuraGrain range. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence that looks like wood but is similar to vinyl as they are water resistant, weatherproof, and do not rot, rust, warp, fade or sag. It’s time to let go of the misconceptions about a vinyl fence and invest in quality fencing that can revamp the entire look of your property.

Final Words

When we design and build customized vinyl fences for our clients, we use high-quality materials and employ the finest workmanship to manufacture a structure that will keep you satisfied for decades. As a result, our fences are a worthy investment in home improvement and are reasonably priced. Initially, vinyl fences might look pricey, but Duramax Fences come at factory-direct prices and maximizes the value of ownership for the long run due to their low maintenance and cleaning requirements.

If you want to buy perimeter vinyl fencing to enhance your California home, come to Duramax Fences. Our fences are one-of-a-kind structures and come customized to suit all your needs and requirements. We customize your fence design to ensure the final product meets and exceeds all structural and aesthetic needs of your residential property. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation today.

Why Are Vinyl Privacy Fences a Common Choice in Washington?

vinyl privacy fence panels

The weather pattern in the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington is diverse. The climate is mild and moist on the west side of Cascade Mountain Range, and on the eastern side, it’s dry with hot summers and snowy winters. Investing in a wooden fence in such a place would mean extensive maintenance, and you might have to replace the fence every now and then. Wooden fences might initially look affordable, but it warps in heat, rots when in contact with moisture, and is not 100% weatherproof. Extreme weather conditions can damage the wooden fence, so switch to vinyl privacy fence panels. The climate in Washington varies considerably, especially regarding precipitation and wind, which is why investing in vinyl privacy fences is ideal. Duramax vinyl fences are ideal for residential and commercial properties as they are long-term investments that last for years and are highly affordable. 

Find everlasting durability with vinyl fences

You need to inspect the wooden fence every now and then to check for damages. The wooden fence is vulnerable to weather elements and is not a good long-term investment. Even the best quality wooden fence that’s well maintained will last for ten years at the maximum, after which you need to get the fence line replaced. A wooden fence is chewed by animals, infested by termites, and highly prone to sun damage. That’s why replace wood with vinyl privacy fence panels.

The vinyl privacy fences can last 30 to 40 years without requiring major repairs or replacement. Vinyl is a recyclable material, making them an eco-friendly choice. Made from 100% virgin vinyl and the DuraResin vinyl formulation, Duramax Fences have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Initially, the vinyl fences might look pricey, but it’s a one-time investment lasting for numerous years without fading, warping, cracking, or breaking. A vinyl fence is resistant to termites and is 100% weatherproof. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture the Duramax Fence for withstanding the intense rays of the southwest sun. You will never find Duramax vinyl fences warping in summer or cracking in the snowy winters of Washington. With a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, Duramax Fences is a great long-term investment.

Low-maintenance vinyl fences

Maintenance is a huge problem with a wooden fence, but when you invest in a vinyl fence – you do not have to deal with expensive maintenance treatments. A vinyl fence is 100% waterproof and washable. The smooth vinyl fence doesn’t stain or collect dirt or debris on its surface. The Dirt Guard bottom rail design is a Duramax patent and minimizes dirt build-up across the perimeter of the fence. All these features make maintaining a vinyl fence a breeze. You can wash the vinyl fence with a garden hose to use a sponge to scrub off any stains.

Moreover, Duramax vinyl fences do not get discolored, fade or turn yellowish, again a boon for residents living in Washington. This is because Washington has four distinct seasons. The different humidity levels in wet and dry months and freezing temperatures during winters call for vinyl fences rather than the traditional wooden fence.

We are not completely dismissing the wooden fence. But real wood won’t last long enough. Moreover, to maintain a wooden fence, you must go for staining, pressure washing, painting, and sealing to ensure proper upkeep. So why not replace the wooden fence with Duramax’s DuraGrain vinyl fence?

What is a DuraGrain Fence?

DuraGrain is a complete wood-grained vinyl fence that feels and even appears like a traditional wooden fence, but it’s low maintenance and durable because of Duramax’s vinyl-formulated material. 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin are used during the manufacturing process of the DuraGrain fence. Unlike wood, the DuraGrain vinyl fence will not attract termites, rot, or pit and is highly resistant to UV rays, preventing discoloration and fading. At Duramax, you will get three brilliant shades of DuraGrain fence that is adobe, tan and white, which can enhance the look of your yard and home. In addition, our experts can help you further customize the fence by allowing you to choose different accent colors for the rails and posts. The wood-grained fences look natural and are highly durable and low maintenance. DuraGrain fence is a great alternative to the wooden fence as it is easy to clean, looks similar to wood, enhances aesthetics, and increases your property’s value. Backed with a warranty, the DuraGrain fence ensures years of trouble-free satisfaction.

Vinyl fences are more expensive yet a one-time investment

If you want a long-term fence investment, then vinyl fences are not expensive. Vinyl fences are costlier than wood, but it’s a one-time investment. In the long run, you will realize that the cost savings makes a vinyl fence much more coveted than a wooden one. Firstly, vinyl privacy fencesare highly durable and don’t require much upkeep, which again means you do not have to worry about getting the fence replaced anytime soon. However, on the other end, a wooden fence is high maintenance and not as long-lasting as a vinyl fence. Investing in a vinyl fence saves time and money as you don’t have to replace or refinish the fence line continuously. 

Ease of installation 

Save thousands of dollars by investing in DIY Duramax Fences rather than spending money on other alternatives. The vinyl fences manufactured at Duramax are stronger than any other fencing. Our fences do not have external brackets or unsightly screws that can break, crack, discolor, or weaken the fence line over time. Our high-quality fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together and ensures exceptional strength and sturdiness. Moreover, you save 29% on fencing and labor by installing DIY fences. On the other hand, installing a wooden fence is a cumbersome task and requires more labor and cost than you have anticipated.

Final Words

The long-term expenses of vinyl privacy fence panels are minimal compared to wood. The vinyl privacy fences, being resistant to elements, can maintain a beautiful sheen throughout their lifetime, making them a better choice for the long run. To learn more about vinyl fences, book a free consultation session now. Request a no-obligation quote.

Things You Need To Know Before Installing a Residential Fence

vinyl perimeter fencing

Having a fence around the property is an integral part of creating security and privacy, but many homeowners make mistakes while installing a vinyl perimeter fence which can lead to legal issues or costly repairs. Understanding the mistakes of installing a residential fence is important for any homeowner as it ensures the job is done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Know about the legal restrictions

Although you are free to install a fence around your property to add security to the space, it’s also very important to know the local laws and regulations of the place. You need to adhere to the law governing your property line, as proper knowledge will help you not get into any legal trouble by installing a fence, as you do not violate the ordinances. At times, getting a permit for the fence is also necessary before you begin the installation process. A permit ensures that the fence complies with all the local rules and regulations, and it also avoids legal issues down the road.

Take an accurate measurement of the fence

Installing vinyl perimeter fencing is a challenging task. You need to consider many factors before installing a fence, and one aspect is accurately measuring a fence. An inaccurate fence measurement means you will end up with fencing that is either too large or too small for your property. If you want to avoid such mistakes, ensure the laborers use a fencing calculator to take accurate measurements before beginning the installation process. Accurate measurements ensure the fence is perfect for the property and will last for years without falling over or breaking down.

Use high-quality material for the fence

You need to look into the fencing material before installing the fence. Although wood and wrought iron fences are common choices, vinyl is more durable, low maintenance, and easy to install. The vinyl perimeter fencing made from 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin lasts 30 years and requires minimal upkeep. The vinyl fence is waterproof, weather-resistant, and does not crack, warp, rot, or break easily. It’s best to consider the climatic conditions of the area and the kind of soil present before deciding on the purchase. If it’s a wet region, the vinyl fences will fair excellently. Even if you stay in a cold climate, the thick walls of the Duramax vinyl fence won’t sag, break, or crack in cold temperatures.

Moreover, vinyl fences made from the DuraResin vinyl formulation are ideal as they can withstand the intense heat of the southwest sun without warping or turning yellowish, unlike cheaper quality materials. Duramax uses over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture UV-resistant vinyl fences with the highest-rated weatherability. Our fences are engineered for durability and can last for a lifetime.

Maintenance of the fence is crucial

Just purchasing a fence is not enough. You need to give adequate attention to the maintenance aspect as well. A poorly maintained fence will not last long enough. On the other hand, wooden and wrought iron fences are high maintenance and not a great choice if you want a long-term sustainable option. That’s why it’s ideal for installing vinyl fences, as they are virtually maintenance-free and can keep looking their best for years to come. However, here are a few tips to keep the fence looking well-kept for years.

Inspect the fence regularly – Look for signs of damage and deterioration, such as broken posts or boards, and address them immediately.

Clean the fence – Use a garden hose to clean vinyl perimeter fencing regularly. A pressure washer helps a lot in cleaning the fence panels that are hard to reach. Duramax has the DirtGuard patent design that minimizes the build-up of dirt and debris across the entire perimeter of the fence.

Trim any overgrowth – The shrubs and trees growing near the fence must be trimmed and kept in place. Trimming the shrubs and trees can prevent the branches from rubbing against the fence and causing damage. 

Do you need to replace your old fence?

Many times, people are not aware that a fence needs to get replaced. Repairing can look like a cost-effective alternative, but replacing the fence is sometimes a better choice if the repair work is a recurring phenomenon. Here are a few signs that your fence is crying for help and might need to get replaced.

Warped posts, broken boards, and large cracks are the signs of damage that calls for a replacement. You can choose to get the fence repaired, but such visible damages might need repeated repairs.

The posts are no longer secure when you have a fence leaning on one side. This can be because of weather conditions, shifting soil, or vandalism. If the leaning is severe, then consider getting the fence replaced.

Rotting wooden fences are an eyesore for many. Due to exposure to the elements, a wooden fence can start rotting. If you find any discoloration or splintering of wood, it’s better to replace the fence than fix the decayed material.

Metal fences are strong but prone to rusting. If the rusting is minor, then repairing will work, but severe rust means the fence needs to be replaced.

Replace your old fence with Duramax vinyl fences

Residential fencing is a crucial home element, and choosing one needs careful consideration. New homeowners should take the necessary steps and avoid making mistakes while making a decision. Again, a low-maintenance vinyl fence is a great choice as the maintenance cost is minimal, and cleaning it is not a hassle. Although vinyl fences can look expensive, the reality is quite different. Vinyl fences are a one-time investment, and when you purchase from Duramax, you get high-quality material at factory-direct prices. Our fences come in DIY kits, and the easy installation is affordable too. You save 29% on fencing and labor by installing Duramax Fences over other local alternatives. If you are considering replacing your old residential fence with a low-maintenance choice that can survive weather extremities without needing repairs, then Duramax is the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Installing a fence is not easy, but a large-scale complex project that needs professional expertise. Duramax manufacturers have the experience, tools, and skills to install your fence effectively and quickly. In addition, we advise on fence style and designs and offer customized ideas to our customers. Place the orders now, and we will ship the fence within two weeks to your address. Request a free quote. Book your no-cost consultation today.

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