Install Duramax’s Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Now and Enjoy 20+ Years of Maintenance-Free Living

Vinyl ranch rail fence

If you are considering building a new fence around your horse farm, you might be well acquainted with the options available. However, we advise you to choose Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence. It’s because we have one of the most sought-after fence materials available for horse owners at factory-direct prices.

Our fences are ideal for horse farms as they are low maintenance and can withstand weather extremities without warping, sagging, and rotting. Want to learn more about the vinyl ranch rail fence? Here, we have mentioned the myriad advantages that our top-notch fences bring to the table, or rather, to the farms, which makes them the perfect material among all other alternatives like wood and metal.

The Good Ones

Strength and Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of using Duramax’s vinyl ranch rail fence is the strength and flexibility of the material. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl with thick vinyl sheets. The strong routing and interlocking system make them sturdier, ensuring they never fall apart. Horses are fight-or-flight animals, and having a strong fence is essential for ranchers. Our fences have extraordinary strength and sturdiness and can tolerate blows from farm animals.

Moreover, as vinyl ranch rail fences don’t splinter like wood and come customized, there are fewer animal escape opportunities, no chance of animal injury, and reduced expenses due to replacing broken rail fences. By investing in Duramax Fences, you do not have to worry about repairing or repainting, and you get to enjoy 20+ years of maintenance-free usage.

Low Maintenance: Our fences call for relatively low maintenance requirements. The fences are fade-resistant and can retain their color for many years. This spares you from the cost of frequent painting.

On top of that, vinyl’s molecular structure is such that it makes the fences dirt-resistant. A simple wash occasionally would be enough to clean them and maintain their pristine look. If you find the appearance of mold, add some bleaching powder to the water and gently wipe off the fence.

UV-resistant: In its raw form, the outer layer of vinyl will detonate over time due to prolonged sun exposure. Here, you should note that the damage is only cosmetic, and there is no structural damage. However, we at Duramax Fences have gone to great lengths to solve this problem and have added a protective ingredient to our vinyl ranch rail fence.

We have added UV inhibitors, stabilizers, additives, and titanium dioxide to our fence products. The UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide ensure that our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability compared to other vinyl alternatives available. This also makes the fences fade-resistant and it gets easier to maintain the fence paint. You don’t have to worry about fence yellowing, as Duramax vinyl fences can look pristine and fresh for years with little maintenance. Our supremely engineered DuraResin formulation is specially designed to hold out against the intense southwest sun.

Fire-resistant: Another big advantage of our vinyl fences is that they are fire-resistant. Unlike other plastics, our vinyl won’t catch fire or wreak havoc. In reality, when vinyl catches fire, it produces a gas to extinguish it. The gas has a pungent odor, which passes an alert of a fire breakout.

Electrification-compatible: You might have to electrify your fence to safeguard your animals. However, if you electrify a wooden or metal fence, you must attach special insulators to the fence, serving as attachment points for the hot wire.

However, since our vinyl fences are made of insulating material, you can directly attach the electrified wire to the fence. This makes the installation process much simpler and cuts down on expenses.

Longevity: The mind-boggling longevity of our vinyl ranch rail fence makes it all the more demanding among horse owners. They can maintain their form and strength for decades. So you don’t have to replace them anytime soon post-installation.

It is also argued that the installation cost of vinyl fences is higher than wooden fences. However, the fact is that wooden fences have to be replaced earlier than vinyl fences. So, if you want an economical fence option in the long run, you should go for our state-of-the-art vinyl fences. The overall cost is much lower when compared to other fence materials.

Cribbing-resistant fences: Cribbing can be particularly harmful to horses. You will find horses cribbing in pastures and wooden stall doors when left alone for a long time. However, horses do not crib on vinyl fences. So, installing a vinyl ranch rail fence would help curb this habit at the earliest. Cribbing is detrimental to horse health, and a vinyl fence is a great choice to stop this habit.

Better visibility: Horse fences should be clearly visible so that a horse can see them before running into them. Our fences are brightly colored, thereby ensuring maximum visibility. You should opt for customization to help you with a beautiful vinyl ranch rail fence that adds curb appeal to your property.

Why choose us?

If you are on the lookout for a top-of-the-line vinyl ranch rail fence, look no further than Duramax Fences. We manufacture top-notch vinyl fence products for commercial spaces, homes, and ranches. We also offer personalization options to ensure that the fence lines sport a unique look and match your property’s aesthetics. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote now.

Is A Vinyl Fence Right For Your Utah Home?

Vinyl privacy fence

Selecting the right fence for your property can be challenging. With so many options in the fencing market, choosing the right one is not easy. Many people attempt to install wooden and iron fences around their property, but several drawbacks exist. Wooden fences attract moisture and might start rotting after some time. Similarly, the strong iron fences rust and might need some amount of maintenance. These reasons are enough to stay away from wooden and iron fences, but there are many other reasons why you should love vinyl privacy fences from Duramax. Not only do our fences have a contemporary appeal, but they are also strong, durable, and cost-effective in the long run. If you plan to install a fence, vinyl should be at the top of the list, especially if you are looking for safety, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

Here are a few reasons why the vinyl privacy fence is the right choice for your property in Utah.

High-quality, durable fences

Duramax vinyl fences are made from raw PVC resin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As a result, our fences are extremely durable and can last years without warping, sagging, or breaking. Made with 100% raw virgin PVC material, Duramax fences can stand the test of time without needing extensive repairs or repainting. In addition, our expert fence manufacturers combine impact modifiers and stabilizers to make the fences resistant to damage and high impacts. As a result, our fences can withstand a great amount of physical duress and enhance your yard’s security.

Duramax Fences have thicker vinyl walls

Did you know while other vinyl fences are strong, they can’t compete with Duramax vinyl privacy fences? This is because our fences have thicker walls compared to other alternatives made with thinner materials. Duramax vinyl fences have thick walls that add strength and durability to the fence product. While fences with thinner materials start to warp, sag and weaken over time, you will never hear Duramax Fences breaking down or falling apart due to weather extremities or aging. Moreover, our fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty, and all our products are engineered for maximum durability.

Easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free

Vinyl fences are super easy to clean as they don’t attract dirt or dust. The smooth surface of vinyl fences does not require any extensive maintenance as they don’t stain, rot, rust, or fade. Duramax Fences are virtually maintenance-free. Just wash the fences with a garden hose; and they are good enough to last a lifetime. Since vinyl is waterproof, it is easier to maintain vinyl privacy fences than clean wooden or iron fences. Moreover, Duramax has a unique patented design. The Dirt Guard privacy fence bottom rail design minimizes dirt build-up and keeps the perimeter of the fence clean and free from grime, dust, waste and debris accumulation.

Duramax Fences are cost-effective

While people think that wooden fences are initially cheap, the recurring expenditure on repairs and maintenance can spike up your expenses, proving that they are overpriced in the long run. On the other hand, while vinyl fences are priced higher than wood, it’s only a one-time investment. Furthermore, vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free and five times stronger than wooden ones. This is because vinyl fences are impact-resistant and won’t wither away under extreme weather conditions, while wooden fences are highly vulnerable to weather extremes.

So in the long run, vinyl fences are highly cost-effective and a long-term investment.

Duramax privacy fences – Enhancing the security and privacy of your property

Private property needs to have greater security, which is why choosing Duramax Fences is ideal. At Duramax, we help you with a customized fence that protects your property and adds to the curb appeal. A tall privacy fence can protect you from trespassers and shield your private space from nosy neighbors. Additionally, a privacy fence reduces noise and can protect from the elements. A vinyl privacy fence is like a windbreaker that can sustain storms and reduce damage to your property. However, if you plan to customize a vinyl fence, keep in mind the HOA rules and regulations, zoning codes, and other guidelines.

Utah people love cedar fencing – But we have a better alternative!

You will find a lot of cedar fencing in Utah, but Duramax has a better alternative. The love for wooden fences is because of their aesthetic appeal, which is why Duramax’s DuraGrain fences are something we recommend. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained material that looks like real wood but has the cell configuration of vinyl. Although DuraGrain fences are visually appealing like wooden fences, they won’t degrade, warp, break, or crack. A DuraGrain fence is as strong as vinyl and resistant to termite infestation, rotting, fading, and discoloration.

Final Words

A wooden fence has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years, while iron fences last for 25 years. However, vinyl privacy fences not only last for more than 25 to 30 years but are now available at factory-direct prices.

Our vinyl fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability and are super easy to install. Investing in Duramax DIY fences can save 29% on labor and savings. Our USA-made fences are made from commercial-grade materials and are better than products coming from retail and big-box stores. With more than 20 years of experience, Duramax Fences is one of the leading fence manufacturers in the USA. So, if you are looking for strong vinyl fences that exceed ASTM standards across all categories, come to Duramax. Book a free consultation to discuss your project. Get a no-obligation quote now.


Are You Planning To Invest In A Vinyl Fence? Here Are A Few Things You Should Note!

vinyl fencing suppliers

People choose vinyl fencing for color, aesthetics, strength, low-maintenance feature, and durability, but finding the perfect vinyl fence is tricky. You won’t be starved for the selection of vinyl fencing, but that doesn’t make fence shopping any easier. In fact, with so much variety in the market, vinyl fence shopping can be overwhelming. It can be tempting to make a direct decision, but you won’t regret your decision if you spend some time researching the options to make an informed choice. Many vinyl fencing suppliers offer great discounts and great quality material, but Duramax Fences are better than others. Here are a few things you should consider while choosing a vinyl fence and why Duramax ranks as the best among all.

Avoid big-box stores

The big-box stores stock vinyl fences to make the purchase convenient for the customers, as their products are affordable and well-advertised. But we advise you to refrain from buying them as most of the products lack quality. Also, you won’t have an expert guiding you with your fence project. Remember that fencing is a long-term choice; buying a fence cannot be a spur-of-the-moment decision. If you want a quality vinyl fence, consider shopping from Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers. We specialize in high-end vinyl fencing, and our experts can help you figure out high-end fences that fit your budget and needs.

Review the product’s warranty

Vinyl fences are highly durable, but you must review the product’s warranty. If you must repair or replace the fence components after a few years, the warranty will come in handy. A warranty offers peace of mind, which is why Duramax Fences are considered the best. 

At Duramax Fences, all our fence products come with a transferable, limited-lifetime warranty. It warrants that all our fences are free of manufacturing defects and that in the normal course of proper usage, the vinyl fence materials will not peel, flake, rot, blister, corrode, get damaged by termites, or even be subjected to weathering abnormalities as per ASTM F–964 specifications.

Look for virgin vinyl fences – Quality is a priority!

Vinyl is primarily made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. To ensure you receive a strong, professional-grade fence, look for fences made with virgin vinyl material. The alternative is recycled vinyl, which is probably not as great as you think it is.

Did you know recycled vinyl can be sold as new? This is because it’s not manufactured from a single source of raw material but from scraps of vinyl that are leftovers from other products. Therefore, while recycled vinyl is great in many contexts, they are not the best material to manufacture strong, durable fences. Most fencing companies offer ordinary vinyl fences made from recycled vinyl, and the problem is that these structures have a tendency to grow mold and mildew. 

So, if you ever spot vinyl fences with dark spots, it’s likely to be recycled vinyl, not virgin vinyl. On the other hand, if you are looking for a strong, weather-resistant, and beautiful fence that can last for several years, then a commercial-grade vinyl fence from Duramax is ideal. Cheaper vinyl fences are recycled alternatives and not high-quality virgin vinyl. 

Moreover, our vinyl fences are manufactured with PVC resin using special additives to ensure exceptional strength and durability. Duramax Fences are made with a DuraResin vinyl formulation that ensures the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability of the material. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture UV-resistant fences that won’t warp in heat or crack in cold temperatures. All these factors make Duramax one of the leading vinyl fencing suppliers in the US.

Pay attention to thickness and size

One way to choose a high-quality vinyl fence is to check the component size and the thickness of the wall. A low-cost vinyl fence will have thinner walls that can affect the product’s longevity. Vinyl fences with thinner walls often show problems like warping, sagging, or cracking. An inferior fence product won’t be able to withstand strong blows and heavy impacts and turns out to be a bad investment.

However, Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers offer high-quality fences with thicker walls that eliminate problems faced by fences with thinner walls. Our fences are strong, impact resistant, and have passed a wind test of 105 mph. In addition, Duramax Fences can withstand hurricanes and tornadoes as vinyl fences are flexible and don’t get damaged easily. The vinyl fences can bend but won’t break. Therefore, if you want a long-term investment, choose damage-resistant Duramax vinyl fences engineered to last for years.

Vinyl fences come in various styles and designs

Vinyl fences come in a wide variety of designs. However, many homeowners gravitate towards vinyl as they have the ability to mimic a wooden fence. Yes, we are talking about the DuraGrain vinyl fence. This wood-grained fence has the cellular structure of vinyl but looks like a wooden fence. As a result, the DuraGrain fence will never rot, attract termites or start rusting. In addition, you can customize the vinyl fence in different heights, shapes, and sizes.

Here are a few benefits of investing in Duramax vinyl fences:

Vinyl fence installation is the easiest and most affordable. Our vinyl fences come in DIY kits, and you can save 29% on labor and fencing by choosing Duramax over other alternatives.

Our fences come at factory-direct best prices.

We ship the fence kits approximately 2 weeks direct from the factory.

Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the entire fence line together.

Our fences have a unique Dirt Guard bottom rail design. This patented design minimizes the build-up of debris and dirt on the bottom rails of the fence.

We manufacture fences with impact modifiers and stabilizers to enhance the product’s durability and make them strong enough to withstand damage and resist temperature changes.

Final Words

Get your customized vinyl fence now. Request a free quote today. Book a no-cost consultation


Why Should You Invest In Vinyl Privacy Fences And Not Wood?

vinyl privacy fences

When it comes to fencing, wood is a tough competitor to vinyl. Wooden fences have a long history and many virtues, making them a popular choice in the fencing market. However, the dominance of wooden fencing has been challenged by vinyl privacy fences that offer exceptional benefits and are of great value. Vinyl fencing was introduced as early as the 1980s, and it was found that they last longer than wood and are virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, wood’s archenemies like fungus, dry rot, termites, and fire would not destroy vinyl fencing. The only thing of concern is that vinyl fences are more expensive than wood, but again if you are looking for a long-term fencing solution, then vinyl is the best choice.

Here are a few reasons why vinyl privacy fences are better than wood.


When it’s between vinyl and wood, you need to calculate which is stronger, which material can withstand turbulent weather, and which is more durable. And if these are the comparisons you need to make between wood and vinyl, then vinyl wins the match hands-down. Vinyl privacy fencescan withstand harsh weather conditions and not decay or allow fungal growth on their surface. In fact, without much maintenance from your side, vinyl fences can last for several decades. Although a strong wooden fence can last 20 years, it generally starts breaking over time, and you might have to repair or replace the lumber. While some wooden fences are pressure-treated and come with a promise to last longer than others – it’s all a farce. Wood absorbs moisture and cannot withstand heavy storms or rainfall, resulting in decay after a few months.

Moreover, maintaining a wooden fence means you must apply preservative sealants and regularly check for any signs of damage. What a hassle! This is why we recommend investing in a vinyl privacy fence.

Our range of vinyl fences lasts for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance. You will never find our fences rotting, warping, cracking, or falling apart. Duramax vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to withstand the harsh rays of the southwest sun. Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability, which makes them a better alternative to wooden fences. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors are used to manufacture UV-resistant fences that won’t warp in heat. The DuraResin formulation makes our fences exceptionally strong and durable. Maintaining vinyl fences isn’t much of a hassle as they can easily be washed with a pressure washer or garden hose. Vinyl fences do not get dirty easily, as the Dirt Guard patented bottom rail design prohibits dirt and debris from building up. 

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When we talk about cleaning a fence, maintenance is a huge topic that must be addressed. Vinyl fences are easier to maintain as they won’t rot or rust and are easy to clean. A garden hose is enough to remove dirt build-up easily, and sometimes the rain can perform this chore! However, a wooden fence needs abundant work if you wish to keep your fencing looking presentable and clean. A wooden fence should be cleaned regularly and stained every year to maintain its aesthetics. However, staining a wooden fence can take time and effort. Not to forget, the wood starts rotting as years go by, which might mean replacing a wooden fence is inevitable.

Duramax vinyl fences are easy to maintain as the smooth vinyl surface prevents dirt or debris from sticking to it. Dirt usually glides down the fence as you wash them with a hose. Our vinyl fences do not turn yellowish or get discolored for years, making them a great alternative to wood.


At the onset, vinyl privacy fences might look more expensive than wood. But it’s a one-time initial investment that you need to make! After purchasing a vinyl fence, you do not need to make extra expenditures for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. On the other hand, a wooden fence might look like a cheaper alternative, but in the long run, you need to pay a lot more to maintain and repair a wooden fence line. A wooden fence might require frequent staining and other treatments to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, wooden fences do not last as long as vinyl, and when you plan to live in your home for longer than ten years, consider investing in a more durable fence like vinyl.

When considering wood or vinyl fences, also consider the project’s size. For example, if you have a large yard and cannot afford regular maintenance, vinyl would be a better option than wood, although the initial investment might be high. 

Wood might cost less upfront, but vinyl offers better value and is ideal for the long run.


Most people prefer the look of a wooden fence. It offers an all-American appeal, but the problem is that a wooden fence breaks down quickly. This is the reason why Duramax has a solution for you. We manufacture wood-grained vinyl fences – DuraGrain. Our DuraGrain fences look like real wood but have the cell configuration of vinyl. Once you install the DuraGrain fence, you don’t have to deal with a termite infestation, rotting, or decaying that you might face with a wooden fence.

Final Words

If you want to discuss this further, then request a free consultation. Our professionals will guide you in detail with your fence project. Get a no-obligation quotation now.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space this summer with our exciting Summer Kickoff Sale at Duramax Fences. Whether you’re looking to enhance the privacy, security, or aesthetics of your property, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of high-quality fences.

Are You Planning To Invest in Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels? This Is a Must-Read!

vinyl privacy fence panels

Investing in a fence is an excellent choice to protect your property and also enhance a sense of seclusion and isolation in the backyard sanctuary. Don’t forget, the vinyl privacy fence panels add value to your home and enhance curb appeal. A fence around the property is a win-win situation as it provides extra protection and stops trespassers and strangers from entering the property. Moreover, you can keep the nosy neighbors at bay and discourage them from peeping into your property.

A vinyl fence is a great investment for a homeowner as it’s beneficial for the property and ideal for families with pets and young children. However, when you are planning to buy vinyl privacy fence panels, a few things need to be considered before kick starting the project.

Make sure you adhere to the fencing laws

Before making any purchases from a local fence dealer, you need confirmation that the fence complies with the requirements of the local county and that you have permission to install a fence in your yard. You don’t necessarily need a permit to install a fence, but a good understanding of the boundary line of your property is essential. If you are unsure about something, our experts can help you. With over 20 years of experience, Duramax is one of the leaders in the fencing industry and can provide you with high-quality fences that adhere to the requirements of the local county. However, depending on your location, there might be height restrictions and standards for fence boundaries that you need to adhere to.

It’s a good idea to check with the local Homeowners Association (HOA). Some places have strict rules and regulations about the types of fences as well as colors and materials allowed for construction on your property. It is always better to ensure that the fence complies with the criterion and you have permission for fence construction rather than waiting for later.

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Mark off the locations of the utility lines

If you don’t have a fence enclosing your yard, you need to mark the exact locations of any utility lines before installing a fence on your property. This is important because if you fail to mark off the utility lines while installing a fence, you can accidentally hit pipes and wirings buried beneath the ground. Additionally, it is not advisable to have a fence directly installed on top of any utility wiring because if the county undertakes any maintenance work, the new privacy fence might need to be uninstalled again, and you will have to build a new fence right from scratch

Determine the grade of terrain and land area

Now that you have delineated the location of the utility lines, established the property line area, and received the green light to construct a fence, it’s time to decide exactly where you want to install the fence on the land. Townhome communities prefer you to have illustrations of the land divisions drawn to scale. After mapping the land, with the help of a fencing calculator, you can determine the number of fencing materials necessary to construct a fence.

Duramax manufacturers can help you get a customized vinyl fence that suits your preferences. You can get a perimeter fence, pool fence, post-rail fence, semi-privacy fence, traditional fence, or even wall toppers for your property. Our commercial-grade fences are engineered for maximum durability and come at factory-direct rates.

Why choose vinyl?

When you talk about a fence, the most common choice is a wooden fence. Although wood has immense popularity, it is now becoming obsolete. This is because a traditional wooden fence starts rotting and attracting moisture, which makes them a high-maintenance choice in the long run. In addition, wooden fences start splintering, rotting, and developing cracks after a few months. We all know that a wooden fence is not a durable one, as it is vulnerable to weather and needs extensive repairs and maintenance to retain its pristine appearance.

However, if you still love a wooden fence, we have an alternative.

Choose a DuraGrain fence! This is a wood-grained vinyl fence that looks like real wood but has the cell configuration of vinyl. This fence will not rot, rust, fade or get discolored. Our DuraGrain fence is weather resistant and waterproof. They are easy to clean and can stand the test of time. Ideally, a wooden fence will require regular cleaning, staining, and maintenance, but a DuraGrain fence can be occasionally cleaned with a garden hose, and it stays clean and fresh for a long time. Moreover, Duramax experts can help you customize your fence in different styles, designs, and colors to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Why are Duramax Fences better than others?

Save almost 30% on labor and fencing by choosing Duramax Fences

Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Our fences are weather-resistant and made with DuraResin vinyl formulation

Our DirtGuard bottom rail patented design minimizes dirt build-up and keeps the fences clean

Our fences have thicker walls that eliminate problems like sagging, warping, and cracking

Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that helps to hold the panels together, ensuring longevity and peace of mind

Made with raw PVC resin and 100% virgin vinyl, Duramax Fences are resistant to damage and can withstand weather extremities

Our DIY fences are quick to install and are low maintenance


Choosing a fence for your property is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, and you need to research a bit before making the final call. Duramax is one of the most trusted fencing manufacturers in the US and offers high-quality fences that can withstand extremes of temperatures without warping, cracking, or breaking. Our fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and are extremely durable. You can expect a Duramax fence to last 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance, whereas ordinary vinyl fences only last for 10 to 15 years. Book a free consultation with our experts now for more information on this. Request a no-obligation quotation.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space this summer with our exciting Summer Kickoff Sale at Duramax Fences. Whether you’re looking to enhance the privacy, security, or aesthetics of your property, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of high-quality fences.

Limited Time Offer: Save on Your Vinyl Fence and Keep Your Pets Safe

semi-privacy vinyl fence

Are you looking for a fence to keep your pets safe? We suggest you get a semi-privacy vinyl fence from us. At Duramax, we can provide you with a fully customized fence with a limited lifetime warranty that is designed keeping longevity in mind.

A pet is a beloved family member, and to keep the animal safe, you should invest in a secure and durable outdoor fence. Duramax can design the perfect semi-privacy vinyl fence to ensure your pets don’t venture outside. However, here we will also discuss the many benefits of investing in a vinyl fence and also things you must consider before taking a final call with regard to the fence project.

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Consider the kind of pet you have

Before you decide on having a particular fence on your property, you need to consider the kind of pet you own. Not all fences will cater to your requirements. Here are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a perfect pet fence:

  1. Consider the breed of the pet (especially dogs)
  2. Consider how large your pet will grow (fencing is a long-term investment)
  3. Does your dog bark a lot? Then, a privacy fence would be ideal for cutting out distractions
  4. Consider the weather of that region
  5. Discuss with the experts about the aesthetics and how much you are willing to pay

Customize a tall fence to keep your pets fenced-in

Small and medium-sized dogs need a fence that’s ideally 4 feet high, but if you have a large breed, then you might need a taller fence. A large dog may jump over a 6-foot fence, so you should consider investing in a tall fence to keep your pet fenced in. However, a tall fence might need a permit, which is why you need to check with the local authorities before taking a call.

Can your pet climb over the fence?

Did you know some pets can climb over the fence to venture outside? In fact, some pets can even squeeze their way through small gaps and openings or go under the fence bottom. Due to this reason, it is a great choice to invest in a customized semi-privacy vinyl fence to stop the animals from venturing outside the property.

Consider how much privacy is necessary

Some dogs are extremely aggressive and get overly anxious by seeing strangers passing by the street. They start barking and creating an unnecessary ruckus, which is why a semi-privacy vinyl fence can be a good choice. An open-weave fence style is a big no-no if you have large, aggressive dogs. Vinyl fences with partial privacy are ideal for blocking disturbing scenarios from your hypersensitive pets.

Check property boundary lines

Before starting with your fence project, check out the property boundary lines, where exactly you plan to install the fence. Some communities have precise regulations you must adhere to when planning to invest in a fence and install the structure.

Check local codes

This brings us to the next point. Before you make the final call to invest in a fence, check the local laws as they vary from one state to another. If a fence is more than 4 feet, a permit might be necessary for some areas, so it’s best to check with the local authorities to avoid property tax penalties and unexpected fines. You also need to check local codes to ensure you don’t get into neighbor disputes. Putting a fence up and getting into trouble with the neighbors should be avoided at all costs, which is why a permit is necessary in advance. Also, ensure the fence isn’t too close or over the property line.

Most fences don’t require permits, but it’s always better to check before installing a tall fence rather than learning the hard way.

Decide how much upkeep and maintenance you are willing to do

Wooden and metal fences require heavy-duty maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. A vinyl fence is a one-time investment; you don’t have to spend hours staining, cleaning, or painting the fence line. The smooth vinyl fence requires occasional wash with a hose and stays clean, retaining its sheen for numerous years. If your pets have a tendency to scratch or chew the fences, then vinyl fences are ideal. The vinyl material is scratch-resistant and won’t crack, break, or fall over, even after heavy blows and high impacts. While the wooden fences start splintering and can hurt the animals, the smooth vinyl fence surface is a safer choice to keep the pets fenced in.

Why choose vinyl fences for pets?

A vinyl fence is an excellent choice as a pet fence. The DIY vinyl fence is easy to install and almost maintenance-free. Duramax vinyl fences have thicker walls that don’t sag, warp, or break, which is excellent for larger and heavier pets like dogs. Moreover, a vinyl pet fence doesn’t rust and is moisture-repellent, and customizing the fence style can ensure they block the view, ensuring complete privacy to keep the pets safe from the outside world. 

Final thoughts for choosing a pet fence

Get a fence gate for further protection and security

Be considerate of the neighbors

Check if there are any local fence restrictions or HOA rules

Did you know you can save almost 30% on labor and fencing by choosing Duramax pet fence? Our DIY fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and keep your pets fenced-in and safe. Book a no-cost consultation now. Request a quote now.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space this summer with our exciting Summer Kickoff Sale at Duramax Fences. Whether you’re looking to enhance the privacy, security, or aesthetics of your property, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of high-quality fences.


Install a Vinyl Fence and Reduce Noise Pollution

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Does a vinyl fence block noise and sound? This is the most asked question we get from customers. The answer is yes. Vinyl fences can help reduce street noise. Our fences have a proven track record of being the best acoustic fencing in the US. If you reside near a noisy street, the horn-blaring vehicles can be extremely disturbing, especially if you are sensitive to loud noise. Although your house cannot be entirely soundproofed, it is possible to reduce noise transmission by investing in a well-constructed acoustic vinyl fence that covers the property’s perimeter. Out of different sound-barrier fences, our vinyl fence is the chosen best. As per data, a good quality vinyl fence can dampen sound and block the noise up to 75%. A fence can be a well-performing sound barrier when you consider its height, weight, and structure. That’s why Duramax manufacturers use a fencing calculator to build a durable fence that keeps the unwanted noise and ruckus of neighbors and traffic at bay.

Buying a fence is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, and you should know every aspect of the fencing before taking a call. Below is a detailed study to clarify your doubts. 

Understanding the benefits of vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences are synthetic building materials made from ethylene and chlorine, commonly known as Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. The PVC resin and additional special ingredients make our fences extremely durable, strong, and weatherable to extreme weather conditions. Made with 100% virgin vinyl, Duramax Fences are resistant to humidity, moisture, and fire and help to add years to the fence line.

Before you reach out to your family and try convincing them to invest in a vinyl fence, you need to know how beneficial and effective the fence is for reducing noise transmission. Duramax vinyl fence is a plastic-based fence offering many benefits not found in other popular alternatives. Vinyl fences are one of the most notable fence types and are apt for homeowners who have to deal with noise issues.

STC (Sound Transmission Class)

You must know about the Sound Transmission Class (STC) to know how a vinyl fence can block sound. With this measurement, you can assess how efficiently the fence can block the passage of sound waves.

STC ratings range from zero to 100, and the higher the rating it indicates, the greater the sound-blocking capacity. The rating is a scale that helps to measure the ability of the material to obstruct sound waves, and as per data, vinyl fences have STC ratings between 25 to 30 (dB). However, a lot depends on the vinyl fence’s density, height, and thickness, which is why a fencing calculator is necessary. STC rating is not the only factor that can determine the ability of the fence to block noise and sound, so read on to know more!

So, what other factors determine the material’s ability to block noise?

Thick fence walls – Duramax vinyl fences have thicker walls than other alternatives. The thick fence walls can block sound more effectively than thinner materials, as sound waves have difficulty surpassing the thick vinyl fence walls. However, these thick fence walls might be slightly costlier, but if noise control is your goal, then it’s worth investing. Again, the other benefit of having a thicker fence wall is that the fence line won’t warp or sag and will remain sturdy for numerous years without cracking, breaking, or falling over.

Height of the fence – The fence height plays a vital role in its capacity to block sounds and noises. Taller fences work better to soundproof your property than shorter ones. This is because when you install a tall fence, the sound waves diffuse and weaken, traveling far away from their origin. The higher your fence, the more the sound waves get deflected. If reduction of noise pollution is your goal, choose to invest in a tall fence that is minimally 8 feet tall. However, you should consider the fence laws and then make a decision. If you need a fence permit to install a tall fence, get approval from HOA or connect with a professional fence manufacturer like Duramax to customize your fence project.

Type of vinyl fence – The kind of fence you chose can affect the capacity to block sound. A solid fence style is more effective in blocking noise than a hollow vinyl fence. The reason is that the solid fence has less space, and the sound waves cannot surpass easily, which makes this style effective enough to block noise. On the other end, a hollow fence might not be ideal, but you can still enhance its sound-blocking abilities by adding MLV (mass-loaded vinyl) to the hollow space of the fence. The MLV is a material that blocks sound waves and can work well in reducing noise pollution.

Installation quality – How effectively your fence will block the sound is based on the quality of the installation. If you don’t install the fence properly and it has gaps or openings, then sound waves can easily pass through – that’s why installing a privacy fence is ideal. Duramax vinyl fences come in DIY kits, and the installation is like a breeze. By choosing to install a Duramax fence, you save thousands on fencing and labor. Ideally, you can cut back 29% on costs by opting for Duramax vinyl fences.

Type of noise – The quality of noise can also determine the efficiency of the fence. Low-frequency sounds, like those coming from heavy machinery and traffic, are more difficult to block than high-frequency sounds like human speech and music. Combining the fence with additional sound-blocking materials like stone walls and concrete can help if you want to block the low-frequency noises. A thick vinyl fence is enough to block high-frequency noises effectively.

Final Thoughts on fences with soundproofing qualities

Our vinyl fences are great for blocking traffic noise and neighbors’ conversations. However, the ability of the fence to block the sound waves is determined by various factors like height, design, thickness, density, location, and installation.

If you want a fence to block out noises, choose a vinyl fence manufactured by Duramax. Book a free consultation now. Request a quote.


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