If you want your neighbors to envy your property install a beautiful vinyl fence in your yard similar to Kevin’s

Kevin called up Duramax customer service for a vinyl fencing solution because he wanted to beautify and make his property secure by installing a vinyl fence in his yard. He researched the internet, spoke to his friends and came to a solution that vinyl fences are durable and could be ideal for residential fencing. While searching for a fencing company in California he came across Duramax and he went through the website to discover the products we offer and what clients have to say about us. Quite impressed with everything, he chose Duramax.


While Kevin was worried about how long the fence would last because his yard gets ample sunlight and the Southwest sun is pretty scorching. We assured him that the fences we manufacture are engineered to endure the intense sunlight. We showed him images of other clients who have installed vinyl fences that get a lot of sunlight and still look new after months of installation. We could do this because we have so many clients who send us pictures of how their fences look a few months after installation. The secret to such durable fences is the DuraResin formulation used to withstand the Southwest sun. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors which gives UV ability and weather ability to the fences.


Kevin was very excited knowing that vinyl fences are available in an array of colors. If you wish to add color to your yard, we have colorful fences to lift up your mood by making your property stand out. We also have a lot of clients who are interested in soothing yet much appealing white vinyl fences. White fences made of any other material can turn yellow with time so to get rid of this a white vinyl fence is ideal because these remain white with passage of time.


Now it’s easy to choose vinyl fences sitting at home, we have a website where you can browse through so many products, choose and order. It’s very simple; you select, order and hire any of the well-regarded fencing contractors to install. Most of the top contractors are expert in installing Duramax fences. These fences have gained so much popularity because of the outstanding features including heat and impact resistance, resistant to fire, lead-free construction; the fences also do not show any signs of cracking in cold temperatures. In case you are worried about the effect of turbulent and stormy weather on the fences; you must know that these products have passed the 105 mph wind-test. Vinyl fences are durable; we use thick vinyl without having to fit any screws or brackets. The products also have a very strong routing system with proper locking technology.


Kevin wanted to ensure that the fences are certified, and most of the clients find this very important. We are very cautious about the quality of our products, the fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards and this is very high when compared to the rest of the fencing products from other manufacturers.


Kevin was very happy after installing; he shared images with us of how beautiful his yard was looking. Our products offer traditional beauty and a lifetime performance. All the fences are made in the USA, the products are affordable and environment friendly. Order today and get a limited lifetime warranty.


Joe and Ruby thanked Duramax for offering them a semi-privacy fence for their property

This is the story of Joe and Ruby, a very jovial couple who came to our store for semi-private vinyl fencing.

This is the story of Joe and Ruby, a very jovial couple who came to our store for semi-private vinyl fencing. Semi-private fences are for those who need absolute seclusion from the neighborhood but also need some in-flow of light and air. Offering them semi-private fences, we received very positive feedback from their end. Gradually vinyl private and semi-private fences are becoming very popular among homeowners. If you are looking for the same then you can always explore our range of semi-privacy fences.


Post-installation they could enjoy the privacy, also their property looked so appealing after a fence installation. They were assured that their pet dog would roam about in the yard freely and would be safe from the outside world. These fences offer a touch of elegance and a sense of security to your outdoor space. A semi-private fence is a robust solution to safeguard your yard from intruders and harsh weather, also to keep your kids and pet safe inside. Vinyl fencing can offer the much-needed beauty and sophistication to your home, and also helps in increasing the value of your property.


There was one thing that Joe was worried about, it’s the hot sun rays that hit his yard for long hours. He invested a good amount of money in the installation and he was also fond of the vinyl fence. He turned to the Duramax team for a solution; we assured him that the fences won’t be affected at all by the hot Southwest Sun. We use the special and the effective DuraResin formulation which helps the fences to endure high heat. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which offer high UV stability and weather ability.


The fences are available in a variety of colors; you can choose the color that suits your home and your taste. You can also explore the range of white vinyl fences that we have for you, it’s very popular these days. Your fence could be of any color; you do not need to repaint and the color won’t fade or wash away ever. If you are fond of white fences like this couple, you can be assured that your fences would remain white for years and will never turn yellow.


Joe and Ruby went through the Duramax website, read testimonials, and read the several benefits of vinyl fences. They saw clients praising us for offering such low-maintenance fences. After they installed a semi-private fence, they realized that no hard work was needed to maintain the fences. The fences are so easy to clean, they use a simple hose to rinse or wipe it with a cloth.


The vinyl sheets used to manufacture fences are thick, have a solid routing system, a proper locking mechanism, and no screws or brackets are visible. Quality is a very essential factor; we assure that our fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards. Our fences offer beauty and lifetime performance.
Joe and Ruby were worried about vinyl fence installations; we advised them to hire a reputed fence installation expert. We suggest all our customers locate and hire their nearest vinyl fence installers in the area. Choose fences from Duramax that are made in the USA and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Miss Belinda is passionate about residential farming so she chose to install a 3 rail ranch fence from Duramax on her farm

Miss Belinda is very passionate about residential farming and while looking for the ultimate fencing, she called Duramax for a solution.

Miss Belinda is very passionate about residential farming and while looking for the ultimate fencing, she called Duramax for a solution. Firstly, she did not have a clear idea about which fencing to choose, she relied on our advice of installing a 3 rail ranch fence in Colorado which would be ideal for a residential farm. Vinyl fencing is now a very popular choice; it is very durable, thus a long-lasting solution. 

As per our advice, she agreed to install a ranch rail fence in Colorado but she also shared her concerns with us. She thought that heat could be a big enemy for her fences but Duramax assured her that the products are specially engineered to endure the intense Southwest sun. We use the DuraResin formulation which helps the fences to retain its quality after taking in intense sunlight for years. The fence is constructed using 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors giving it a high UV stability and weather ability. 


Now that residential farming is becoming so popular, we are getting queries from many who are showing their interest in our range of vinyl fences. A rail ranch fence is ideal to keep grazing animals away from your fence. Now, Miss Belinda chose to install a beige color vinyl fence, it’s a lighter shade and she expressed her concerns about discoloration. When you install a white or beige rail fence, you do not have to worry about discoloration or the fences turning yellow, the fences will not lose their original color even after years of installation. We not only manufacture 3 rail fences but 2 or 4 rail fences. We manufacture various other types of fences available in an array of colors and no paining will be needed.

These vinyl fences can endure heat, fire, impact resistant and do not show cracks in very cold temperatures. The fences can endure high-speed wind; all our products are 105 mph wind-test passed. If you already have a fence installed, we have a team that specially offers custom routing, this done with care to ensure that the new fence matches with the existing one. We have seen that if residential farming is the purpose, most of the clients prefer installing a 3 rail ranch fence, it looks amazing. Miss Belinda was very happy with the new fence and she shared the pictures with us and thanked us for the services. When she wanted to know about the quality assurance, we immediately showed her the ASTM F964 certification and this standard that we maintain is higher than any vinyl fence in the market. 

Belinda was very satisfied with the rail ranches, she liked the thick vinyl that has been used for fencing. Not only that but we also use a very strong routing system and a strong locking facility. The fences look perfect with no visible screws or brackets. 


Once installed the vinyl fences offer traditional beauty and lifetime performance. She did not clean her fences regularly, she cleaned the fences with a hose occasionally to clean off the dust, still the fences have retained the color. The fences do not have lead; it’s non-toxic and environment-friendly. Order a fence and get a limited lifetime warranty.