A good vinyl fence installation help keep your garden growing and blooming

vinyl fence for sale

Are the stray animals destroying all your plants? Why not opt for affordable vinyl fencing installation to keep away stray animals and naughty kids who might be responsible for plucking the leaves and damaging the plants. The gardener puts in the time and effort to make the flowers blossom and the plants grow. It’s disheartening to see all the plants and flowers gobbled up. Vinyl fence installation can help preserve your plants for years together as they are extremely durable. Duramax fence manufacturers can build a sturdy vinyl gate for you with a fence line to stop people and stray animals from entering your property and accessing the plants.

Determine the fence design and fit for your yard

Although Duramax does offer affordable vinyl fencing installation, but these fences last for a lifetime. The only con about vinyl fences is that you cannot frequently change the design or style. High-quality vinyl fences stay strong for years, giving little scope for change. The durability is an asset, provided you have the right fence design and fit. Therefore, choose the design and style wisely. Remember that smaller animals can wiggle between spaces and dig under the perimeter fences. However, the larger animals can jump over a small fence. Duramax manufacturers provide custom-made fences that cater to your specifications and look great for years. The fences are virtually maintenance-free as they are resistant to staining and fading. Occasionally you would need to clean the fences with a garden hose to ensure their fresh look.

Weather-resistant fences are an asset

A garden with a dilapidating and fading fence would look awful. The entire beauty of the garden would be compromised. That’s the reason why you should invest in premium quality vinyl fence installation. Duramax uses the Duraresin vinyl formulation to build the fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide with powerful UV inhibitors get mixed together to provide you with strong fences that can withstand the heat from the Sun. The waterproof fences can sustain heavy rainfall and do not get warped in heat or crack in freezing temperatures. Duramax fences can withstand thunderstorms and ice storms as they have passed the wind test of 105mph. In addition, Duramax fences have a smooth finishing and retain their color for the longest time. A good fence is like an accessory for your garden, which should not get ignored.

Duragrain – The beautiful wood-grained fence 

Some homeowners love the wooden fences, but have issues with their durability. It’s true that wooden fences rot easily and are high maintenance. The other alternative to wooden fences is the Duragrain one. Duragrain is a wood-grained fence with the look and appeal of real wood, yet it has the cellular structure of raw vinyl. Due to the cell structure of vinyl, the Duragrain fences are waterproof, durable, weather-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, Duragrain fences can easily get customized to offer you varied designs, colors and styles.

Duramax – The one-stop destination for quality fences

Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards of quality as they get manufactured by experts with 100% virgin vinyl material. We offer customized fencing styles. Request a free consultation session. Get a quote now.


Install a Duramax vinyl fence – Choose an affordable vinyl fencing installation

affordable vinyl fencing installation

A new shining fence around your property can look amazing. But, are you sure about choosing the fence material? This is the most important factor if you are looking for a long-lasting fence. Fencing is an old, well-accepted concept in the USA, but the materials and styles have come a long way, and there is still constant research. Vinyl is used to make waterproof and durable fences that require little maintenance. In this fast world, property owners have well-accepted vinyl fences due to plenty of advantages. The biggest challenge is to get in touch with a renowned fence manufacturer and get an affordable vinyl fencing installation.

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Most homeowners are worried because the fences undergo unbearable wear and tear due to aggressive climatic conditions. The Southwest sun is hot, which the fences cannot bear. Vinyl fences are resistant to heat, so your fence does not suffer at all. In addition, vinyl fences are resistant to cold, wind, pressure, impact, and other factors. Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. Our premium fences are water-resistant and mold-proof. We ensure ASTM-certified fences that have a solid routing system and no visible screws. We manufacture vinyl fences of various styles, types because we believe in customization. 

Introducing the DuraGrain range

 Do you have a wooden fence and you have fallen in love with the old one? You have already faced the challenges related to wooden and metal fencing. Wood tends to rot and get affected by termites in humid conditions. They also get discolored upon being exposed to too much heat. Duramax has tried to give you a flavor of wood through our well-designed vinyl fences. This range is called the DuraGrain, where we manufacture beautiful vinyl fences that look similar to wooden fences. You can experience the aesthetics of wood a well as the durability of vinyl. We have great customer feedback from this fence range so you can give it a try. 

Low maintenance and cleaning

Duramax fences are easy to clean and require low maintenance. Vinyl has a smooth surface that does not attract many impurities or microorganisms. Wipe the fences with a damp cloth and soap. You can wash the fences during any season without caring about moisture absorption. 

Features of Duramax fence

 Duramax is renowned in the USA for manufacturing premium quality fences for more than 20 years. Our fences are recyclable and are not made from any toxic materials. We customize fences within your budget to install a fence that does not cause a hole in your pocket. We use premium-quality thick vinyl sheets that do not warp, bend or crack. The interlocking design of the fences helps in a firm grip, which prevents breaking, sagging, warping, etc. 

Installing a vinyl fence from Duramax

Are you looking for an affordable vinyl fence installation? Many reliable expert contractors in the USA are pretty comfortable with installing a Duramax vinyl fence. You can order a vinyl fence online from the Duramax website. We have a flexible return policy and secure payment gateway. 

Final words

Please discuss your project with our experts and request a quote.

Knock at Duramax for customized, durable, low-maintenance and affordable vinyl fencing installation

vinyl fence for sale

A fence can be the perfect addition to the yard offering aesthetics and security to the property. Weeks of planning go into installing the perfect fence that would last for a long time. Unfortunately, wooden fence owners often complain that even the highest quality of wood isn’t immune to the elements. Rain, wind, sun and snowfall can easily damage wooden fences. Since property owners are on the lookout for a weatherproof fence, the vinyl fence installation has gained much hype. Duramax has been in the news for some time for its high-quality, affordable vinyl fencing installation. Duramax has gone to great lengths for providing good quality vinyl fences that last long. Here are some of the features of Duramax fences:

DuraResin vinyl formulation – DuraMax’s durability secret

Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and weatherability. The credit for such high-quality, weather-resistant fences goes to DuraResin vinyl formulated fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide get utilized along with potent UV inhibitors to provide Duramax fences with the highest rated UV stability. The fences can withstand intense heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. The engineered vinyl fences do not turn yellow and last for a long time due to their weather-resistant features.

The vinyl fence installation is waterproof, making the fences resistant to heavy rainfall, ice storms and snowfall. The fences have cleared the 105mph wind test and do not crack during winters or warp in excess heat. Duramax’s vinyl fences are eco-friendly and recyclable. The fire-resistant vinyl fences are a necessity to protect your property under all circumstances.

Duramax’s thicker fence walls – A trademark of quality brand

One of the key features of Duramax fences is that they provide thicker fence walls. The vinyl fence materials have thicker walls for enhanced durability and outstanding strength. Thicker walls get rid of problems faced by thinner materials, like cracking, sagging and warping. A few ordinary manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws for fence installation, but that’s not good enough, as they cause the fences to crack, break, and fall over time. Duramax fences have invisible hardware. In addition, the fences have a strong routing system as the fence panels interlocked with one another provide great strength and durability.

Duragrain fencing – Duramax fences that look like wood

The charm of the wooden fences made many homeowners yearn for it. Wooden fences are sadly not durable, but Duragrain fences that look and feel like wood are extremely durable. The Duragrain fences have the cellular configuration of vinyl, yet have the appearance of wood. Duramax’s unique custom-made Duragrain fencing is a wood-grained fence with vinyl’s cellular structure, making them waterproof, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Homeowners looking for affordable vinyl fencing installation will prefer wooden fencing as they are low-maintenance as well. Rinsing the fence with the garden hose is enough to keep them looking new and fresh for years.

Duramax fences have a limited lifetime warranty and exceed the ASTM F964 quality standards. In addition, the high-quality fences are impact-resistant and do not rot, stain, or attract termites. Want a custom-made fence for your property? Ask for a quote now!

Having a vinyl fence increases the resale value of your property – Invest in custom vinyl fencing

USA made vinyl fence

Having a fence around you is not only beautiful, but also advantageous. If you ever plan to sell your property, only then do you realize that having a fence along with a well-maintained property increases its resale value by almost 70%. Fencing is a home improvement solution and most homeowners in the USA have one. But the most recent inconvenience is high maintenance costs, and homeowners are looking for ways to curb it. 

So, why not choose a different fencing material other than the old conventional ones? Vinyl is a modern fencing material that many homeowners in the USA are using. It has advantages that no other fencing materials have. This new generation of homeowners is more interested in having a vinyl fence around. 

Vinyl fences have impressive resistivity and endurance

USA-made affordable vinyl fencing is an extremely durable choice. Vinyl is a very rigid material that has extreme resistance. Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. Our fences can endure extreme impact, pressure, heat, and cold. The fences can tolerate the intensity of the Southwest and the Northwest sun. Our fences use the unique Duraresin formulation, which improves the durability and resistivity of the fences. Our engineers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to make the fences weather-resistant and resistant against the UVA and UVB rays. 

Duramax Fences in the USA

Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for the past 20 years. We have an experienced research and development team that implements the most modern technology. We manufacture various types of vinyl fences that include privacy fences, semi-privacy, scallop, perimeter, picket, and ranch rail fences. 

Wooden and metal fencing was once a very popular choice but not after vinyl fences gained popularity. Vinyl fences are like a savior to get rid of the high maintenance costs.

Passion for wooden fences ? Buy vinyl fences that have a wooden appeal

If you have a passion for wooden fences but would like to install more durable fences, vinyl is the choice. We have the DuraGrain range, where we offer vinyl fences that look so similar to wooden ones. But our’s do not require anti-termite or won’t rot due to excess moisture. This range is a superhit from Duramax. The buyers are relieved that the fences have a rustic appeal and are yet long-lasting. Duramax fences are long-lasting. Our fences last for about 25-30 years without having to undergo any repairs. This is surely a lot more compared to wooden and metal fencing. Investing in a vinyl fence is like a lifetime investment. Connect with us for custom vinyl fencing solutions.

Low on maintenance yet long-lasting vinyl fences

Cleaning the vinyl fences is not a hassle at all. Even these do not require daily cleaning and a lot of maintenance. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface that does not attract impurities. Occasional cleaning or washing the fences is a good idea.

Request for a quote – Discuss your requirements

Please visit the Duramax Fence website for information about various vinyl fences and an online shopping experience. Buy traditional Vinyl Fencing online from the Duramax website and feel the difference. Hire a local contractor for a hassle-free affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Install a vinyl fence and secure your front yard and install a wall topper over your boundary walls

affordable vinyl fencing

Are you planning to install traditional fencing around your yard? A lot of homeowners in the USA are fond of traditionalism. Recently, conventional fences come with a touch of modernism. There are various types of fencing materials available in the market. Wooden and metal fences are very common for many years. These two materials were popular, but with technological advancements came vinyl. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, an extremely durable fencing material. Read further if you wish to buy traditional Vinyl Fencing.

Do you know why vinyl is used for manufacturing fences?

According to experts, vinyl is 5 times more durable than wood or metal. It is a flexible material that can endure all weather conditions, including stormy winds, rain, heat and snow. Duramax vinyl fences have been tried and tested for this. Our fences can withstand the intensity of the Southwest sun. We use a unique formula named ‘Duraresin’ which gives extra rigidity to the fences. Our vinyl fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which offer resistance from the UV rays and endure all weather conditions. 

Vinyl has a unique functioning mechanism

Fences made from vinyl expand and contract according to temperature fluctuations. This unique flexibility adds life to the material. Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturing company in the USA. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA. We offer affordable fencing solutions to our USA clients and have been manufacturing for more than 20 years. We have a team of experts offering customized vinyl fencing solutions. Our fences are traditional and have a carefree performance. We have a team of experts continuously working on modern vinyl fencing styles and newer techniques to manufacture beautiful fences. Some of the styles of conventional vinyl fences that are worth trying are scallop spade fence, spade picket fence, and straight dog ear picket fence…etc.

Vinyl fences require little maintenance

Fences are installed outside the property, so homeowners are worried about it getting dusty. But vinyl fences have a smooth surface that attracts the least impurities. The fences require very little maintenance and no much cleaning. You can wash the fences every fortnight with a damp cloth and some light detergent or wash down the minimal impurities with a hose. 

Vinyl is extremely long-lasting

The fences can last for more than 25-30 years. If you pay once for purchasing and installation, you can be assured for a lifetime. An affordable vinyl fencing installation takes a few hours, and the process is very simple. The fences have a strong routing system and a secure locking mechanism.

Duramax wall toppers

After you install a vinyl fence, think of securing the boundary walls. Our wall toppers last in severe weather conditions and can endure the Southwest sun. The colorful toppers do not fade or warp easily. Wall toppers are also simple to install so that you can hire a local contractor for a fence or topper installation.

Order a vinyl fence or a wall topper online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Installing a vinyl fence around your house – A solution for 30 years or more

vinyl picket fence

Having a fence can increase the safety, privacy and curb appeal of your property. There are fences to demarcate between two homes simply. Some fences add layers of security which is very useful these days. Fences are used to keep pets and kids contained. Also, some fences add a lot of privacy separating your home from the outside world. Apart from beautification, there are so many use offenses. The challenge is to decide which fence is suitable for your property. You already know that various types of fences are made from different materials like chain link fences, vinyl, wooden, metal, and electric fences. Most homeowners are aware of the advantages that vinyl fencing offers.

Why install Duramax vinyl fences?

Choose to install a premium weather-resistant vinyl fence panel around your yard. Waterproof vinyl fencing is now very popular in the USA. But it is very important to choose a renowned manufacturer. How would you go about it when there are so many companies in the USA? Quality is the most important factor. A durable vinyl fence is made from 100% virgin vinyl. Duramax in the USA is one of the most renowned fence manufacturers for more than 25 years. Our fences are ASTM-F964 certified and fire-resistant. The fences are checked for quality before it is shipped to your site.

The durability of vinyl fences

Our vinyl fences are extremely durable, and here are the reasons for the extreme sturdiness. Duramax vinyl panels have a thickness that is incomparable to most others. The fences have a strong routing system and lock with every member. The fences do not require brackets and the screws are not visible.

Customize a vinyl fence of your choice

Our fences can last for more than 20-30 years without severe maintenance. A vinyl fence panel does not rot, warp, rust or fade away. We also have various styles of fences available in an array of colors. You can also choose elegant shades like beige, tan and white. 

A lot of homeowners love wooden fences, but wooden fences do not last for many years. Duramax designs vinyl fences that have a rich look similar to grain wood. You get a fence that has a wooden look but does not have to spend on maintenance. Duramax fences offer a lifetime carefree performance and traditional beauty.

Non-toxic and wind-speed tested fences

Duramax vinyl fences are free from toxins like lead. The durability of the fences is tested by passing them through a high-speed wind blowing at a speed of 105 mph. Our products are recyclable and made in the USA. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA. This is why our fences are available at a lower price for USA residents. Hire a contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Talk to our experts

If you have a fencing project to complete, talk to our experts. Choose a desirable fence style from our online portal and place your order. The Duramax experts can help you to choose the best vinyl fence according to your requirements. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

The various advantages of vinyl fences that makes them the most popular in the USA

best vinyl fence

Do you want to make your property more secure? Homeowners in the USA take an interest in installing a fence around the property to beautify it. Many people wish to install a new fence because the old fences look dilapidated and worn out. Most of the homeowners are confused about which fencing material to choose. Fences are made of wood, metal, and vinyl, but which one should you choose? Vinyl is a very common type of fencing material that is recently very popular. Wood and metal fences were there for ages, but what if vinyl can overcome the drawbacks of both? Yes, wooden and metal fences cannot stand tall for years as they are affected by various exterior conditions. But vinyl is a material of substance. 

Why choose vinyl fences?

Home improvement has many aspects, and fencing is one. But any home improvement project involves higher expenses. So, no one would not like to save money in the long term. A high-quality vinyl fence panel can live up to your expectations. Firstly, it is important to look for a renowned manufacturer in your locality. This would ensure fences made from premium quality 100% virgin vinyl. Such fences are long-lasting, water-resistant, and do not attract mold. Homeowners are discarding old fences due to the popularity of vinyl ones. The fences are superior compared to other materials as it is not prone to rust, rotting, and discoloring…etc.

Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturer

There are many fence manufacturers in the USA, but all vinyl fences are not made of premium quality vinyl. So, take time to research to get the best vinyl fence from a renowned manufacturer. Duramax is into manufacturing fences for more than 20 years. Duramax is a trusted manufacturer in the USA designing a variety of vinyl fences. Our fences include picket fences, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more.

Vinyl fences need little maintenance

A vinyl fence remains unaffected by moisture because it has a very smooth surface. They do not attract dirt or bacteria also due to the crease-free surface. The fences do not need daily maintenance, which includes cleaning as well. Wipe the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and water or wash with a garden hose. It is great if you can clean the fences once every fortnight. Doing this would help the fences to last longer. A vinyl fence can easily last without showing any signs of damage for over 20 years. 

Hire a local contractor

Duramax vinyl fences are hassle-free to install and do not involve any additional expenses. Invest a little sum in hiring an expert local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation. We do not recommend DIY installation unless you are an expert in it. 

Beautiful fences from Duramax

Duramax ensures beautiful and traditional vinyl fences. The fences have a sturdy routing system and a safety locking system. The fences have a flawless look with no visible screws and marks. We are proud to manufacture fences that offer carefree performance.

Get customized vinyl fences

Customized vinyl fences are designed as per your requirements. Choose your favorite color, or you can opt for white, beige, or tan shades. Duramax has revamped its website for a better online experience. Order fences online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

A Detailed Introduction To Vinyl Fencing

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

If your fence is made up of traditionally used material, then after a few years, it will start showing the signs of damage. Because of this, the fence might have to undergo a serious overhaul. In some situations, you might have to consider completely replacing it too. Even though fences are not immortal, some materials are more long-lasting than others. The remarkable characteristics of vinyl have made it a popular replacement fencing material among remodelers.

The Speciality Of Vinyl

People prefer vinyl as it is visually appealing and is durable to perform well in decking, railing, fencing, and other outdoor applications. Additionally, it is an engineered product that performs consistently.

Vinyl comes in various popular colors and styles that are not merely painted on but are incorporated in the manufacturing process itself. Unlike painted metal and wood fence, scratches do not show on vinyl as the color is consistent throughout the piece. Other modifiers and additives from the manufacturing process offer durability, protection from UV (ultraviolet) rays, and impact resistance to vinyl fences.

Many people buy vinyl fencing for their property as it stands strong against extreme weather conditions where traditional fencing materials usually falter. Vinyl does not discolor, or splinter requires only occasional cleaning and is resistant to termite. Also, it is less susceptible to crimping or denting and does not corrode or rust. As there is no exposed hardware, the chances of a passerby getting injured by the fence are low.


Measures and Tests

Even though vinyl fences’ installation cost is higher than other kinds of fences, people buy traditional vinyl fencing as it requires less maintenance. The higher up-front price of the fence will even out over the years. Even though vinyl is largely weather-resistant, it is not ideal for places that frequently experience below-freezing temperatures. In such weather, the vinyl fence would become brittle and crack.

However, you can minimize the issues with vinyl fences if you do thorough manufacturer-specific product research. High-quality vinyl will perform well in most environments. People who specify products for fencing projects and landscape architects can rate the vinyl’s quality.

You can contact Duramax if you are looking for affordable vinyl fencing installation services. Their vinyl fences are made of virgin vinyl and are ASTM F964 certified. These fences have secure locking mechanisms, possess a robust routing system, and are quite durable.


Getting A Wall Topper

You should get a wall topper if you wish to add height to existing stepped walls, block walls, and between pillars or pilasters. Wall toppers will help you increase the security and privacy around your business or home. By adding vinyl wall toppers, you will not have to rebuild block wall footings, and hence, you can avoid paying extra engineering fees.

Duramax can get your vinyl wall extensions installed quickly and efficiently. These wall toppers adapt to your existing wall without requiring a post base. All the brackets and screws are internal, and hence, invisible. Get in touch with us if you would like to have a consultation with our experts.

Install a vinyl fence to enhance the security of your property – Hire a local contractor for a vinyl fence installation

buy perimeter Vinyl Fencing

Do you have kids or pets at home and wish to enhance the security around your property? Adding a fence is a popular solution among homeowners in the USA. There are various types of fencing material available in the market, so do a proper study before you dive into investing in one.

Fences are exposed to external weather conditions, and this is why you need to be wise while choosing fencing material. Fences existed since the 60,’ but now there has been a lot of modernization. You get fences made of other materials apart from wood or metal. Vinyl is the most recent material that is becoming extremely widespread due to the plenty of advantages.

Duramax is a reliable fence manufacturer

Plenty of clients have relied on Duramax vinyl fences for the past 20 years for modern fencing solutions. We manufacture high-quality design fences and help you by offering free consultation. The Duramax fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. We use the purest form of vinyl, and this makes our fences waterproof and extremely durable. The fences are recyclable and free from toxic elements. Our vinyl fences are budget-friendly for the USA customers mainly because we have our factory in the USA.

Low maintenance and simple cleaning

Vinyl fences are ideal for those who are looking for long-lasting yet low-maintenance fences. Vinyl fences do not absorb moisture like humidity or dew, so they are damaged due to dampness. Also, the fences are resistant to heat, cold, impact, pressure, and high-speed wind. Regular cleaning is not mandatory as vinyl fences do not attract much dirt. Wipe off the fences once in 15 days with light soap and water. Our fences can last for a lifetime; they can remain in great condition for many years.

Solid routing system and secure locking system

The fences have a solid routing system and a secure locking system. There are no visible screws, so the fence remains flawless and beautiful. Our fences are available in various attractive colors; choose a fence color that matches your property’s shade. But you can also order white color fences that look classy and elegant. We also have colors like tan, beige that look beautiful when installed around your garden, yard, or poolside. Our fences do not fade, do not turn yellowish, also do not rot, warp or bend due to any external conditions.

Shop for fences online

You can refer to the Duramax website for shopping fences online. You can take a look at the images, specifications and place your order online. The payment gateway is very secure so that you do not have to worry about safety.

Simple and hassle free installation

Installing a vinyl fence is the least time-consuming and inexpensive. Hire a local fence contractor for a successful vinyl fence installation. Most installation experts find it easy to install a Duramax fence. Do market research before you hire an installation contractor for an affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Explore our inventory

Duramax fences offer you an inventory full of vinyl fences. Our fences are available in various colors, textures, types, and styles. We are the experts in manufacturing perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, rail ranches, etc. The fences are beautiful and offer a carefree performance. Our vinyl fences are all quality-tested and then shipped to your location.

Request for a quote, get a limited lifetime warranty.

A vinyl fence is never affected by The Southwest sun – Order yours from Duramax

vinyl fence manufacturers

Do you want to install a new fence in your yard and you are worried about the Southwest sun affecting it? Many customers are worried about the same. Wood and metal fences are affected by the weather conditions and do not last as long as vinyl. When you spend money on fencing, you expect it to stand strong and tall. When all other materials fail, vinyl proves itself. You can install affordable vinyl fencing in your yard, and it will be an investment for a lifetime.

Fences made of 100% virgin vinyl

Duramax has consistently designed vinyl fences for more than 20 years. Choose to have a consultation with us if you are looking for a USA-made vinyl fence. Duramax manufactures vinyl fences made from 100% pure vinyl. Our fences look beautiful and have a traditional feel. We design various fences, including picket fences, scallop fences, vinyl privacy fences, perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, and more.  

The fences can resist the Southwest sun

Duramax fences are long-lasting. They remain in good condition for many years post-installation. Our fences do not fall prey to the Southwest sun. They are made using the unique Duraresin formulation, which gives the fences ample resistivity. The fences are made using 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, ensuring UV stability and weather ability. Duramax fences are ASTM certified and quality-assured before it is shipped to your address. The fences are resistant to heat, cold, pressure, impact, and storm. 

Colorful vinyl fences that do not fade

Installing colorful fences can make your yard vibrant and appealing. Duramax fences are available in a wide range of colors; you can talk to our experts while selecting yours. Being tan and white are some of the universal shades that are available at our online store. Light color fences also look elegant, and they do not fade or turn yellowish with time. Duramax vinyl fences boast of offering a carefree performance. 

Low maintenance vinyl fences

Duramax vinyl fences are low maintenance. They take about 5-10 minutes to be cleaned occasionally. Follow a simple process to keep the fences free from dust. Wipe clean with a light detergent and water. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface that does not attract much dirt and does not let bacteria grow. You can enjoy a cleaning session with your family or friends and not spend any money by hiring labor. 

Easy installation process

We are among the most renowned fence manufacturers. Installing a vinyl fence is very simple; hire a local contractor for an affordable vinyl fencing installation. Contractors find it easy to install a vinyl fence from Duramax. 

Visit the Duramax website to choose the fence you require putting up. Our website is extremely user-friendly so that any layman can take a look at our products and place an order. We offer you fences at an affordable price range. 

Eco-friendly vinyl fences

We have our manufacturing unit in the USA. This is why our fences are affordable for customers in the USA. The fences are free from toxic ingredients, its kids and pets safe. Also, the fences are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.

Order vinyl fences online, get a limited lifetime warranty.

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