Mind Blowing Benefits to Expect from Duramax Vinyl Fencing Manufacturer

Vinyl manufacturer

Gone are the days of wooden fencing when you had to worry about maintaining it throughout the year. The thought of termites and paint chipping often used to worry homeowners. As a result, people started looking for a substitute that would work in protecting the house surroundings and look aesthetic. Vinyl fencing is one such outstanding option that is new on the market.

People believe that custom vinyl fencing manufacturers design some of the best vinyl fencing, perfect for maintaining privacy as well as security. Besides, vinyl fencing needs minimal maintenance and is more expensive than wood. Thus, making it a perfect choice for all US citizens.

Spending money on vinyl gates can help in maximizing the benefits. You will notice that installing a vinyl fencing gate in your driveway will give tight security around your house. When driving through both commercial and residential areas, you will notice that most residences use vinyl fences.

Besides, Duramax Vinyl Fence is popular due to its unmatched strength, durability, and longevity. It can resist wind speeds up to 100 mph. These finished products have a fusion of aesthetically pleasing looks and a reasonable price. Also, you can get them in different colors.

Key benefits of Duramax Vinyl Fences

It is crucial to choose the best custom vinyl gates for your property, which will not only meet your functional needs but also will look aesthetically pleasing. Fences from a reputable company like Duramax are no doubt a great choice for homeowners as well as businesses. Here are the benefits that you can expect to get from Duramax Vinyl Fences.

  • Strength and durability

Since fences are a big investment and a crucial decision, it is best to choose something that will last a long time. Vinyl fences are undoubtedly strong as well as durable. In fact, compared to wood or other fencing materials, it is quite compact and sturdy. it is five times stronger than other vinyl and matches the durability of aluminum and steel.

It is crucial, especially if you live in a region where the problem of harsh climate is common. Also, vinyl fences are resistant to rust and swelling due to moisture, which means you won’t have to worry about heavy downpours.

Vinyl retains its shine and color for years. Therefore, no worries about staining, sealing or even repainting. In fact, you will get damage free with a vinyl fence without the hassle of thorough cleaning every year.

  • Lasts long

Unlike other fencing options, vinyl fencing requires less to no maintenance. Therefore, you can expect the fence to last for decades. Besides, vinyl fences are a mind-blowing option, especially if you consider that you won’t have to replace them since they won’t deteriorate. Also, the vinyl fence manufacturers provide a warranty with every product. Therefore, post-installation, you will get the benefit of a warranty so that you can fix the product without any hassle. Even if you face any problems, you can get experts to fix the problem.

  • Hassle-free maintenance

The best part of vinyl fences is they are easy to maintain, and due to their practical design, you won’t have to worry about taking care of them. Besides, the vinyl fences do not scratch, and you won’t have to worry about sealing or painting them to give them a new look. Even if you have kids or pets at your house, it is no doubt a great choice.

These fences don’t get splinters, which is a common scenario with wooden fences. Also, vinyl does not have pores, which means it is easy to clean. Even if the fence gets extremely dirty, you can just spray some cleaner and clean the entire surface.

However, if the fence is near any damp space or sprinkler, mold, algae, and mildew might start growing. Therefore, the easiest cleaning process is to use a hose pipe for cleaning and scrub away any excess dirt using sudsy water.

  • Available in different styles

You must be aware of the fact that vinyl fences are available in different styles as well as colors. Hence, you can find the perfect one that will complement the look of your property. You can choose the tall privacy fence for better security or picket fences for a nostalgic style. The traditional fences are spaced out. Besides, you can add accents like a lattice on the fence.

Moreover, the custom vinyl fence is easy to install anywhere. All you need is to enclose a certain portion of your yard. For example, in your backyard, you have to use a tall fence for extra security as well as privacy. If you have a pool on your property, you can install one around the pool for extra protection.  

  • Expect a durable finish

Wooden fences have to be painted as well as stained every year to maintain their quality. However, with the vinyl fences, you won’t have to worry about chipping or fading. With the advantage of minimal maintenance, you won’t have to worry about repainting the fences every year.

  • Supports privacy

According to custom vinyl fencing manufacturers, vinyl fencing provides complete privacy. You can get one-piece panels, which help in removing any unwanted space. Thus, making it perfect for the backyards, perimeter fences, etc.

Therefore, these are some of the benefits that you can get from the vinyl fences for your property. Duramax manufactures aesthetically pleasing and functional vinyl gates, which require less maintenance. Also, they have outstanding longevity as well as great strength.

Benefits of Getting Vinyl Fencing at Your Home

Vinyl Fence

Time and age have made vinyl fencing the most popular in the contemporary situation. There are plenty of advantages to choosing vinyl fencing. The wooden fence is not enough to offer optimal protection, but vinyl fences can do the security job well. Go for custom vinyl fencing if you want fencing to reflect your stylishness. It will also allow you to add a personal touch when choosing the fencing style for your home.

Discover the Advantages of Incorporating Vinyl Fencing into Your Home with Duramax

Why choose the USA-made vinyl fencing?

Duramax vinyl fences are the most durable fences that are locally made with high-quality thicker vinyl sheets. The wooden fences will rot within a year, and metal fences rust pretty easily. Only the vinyl fences are durable and stay in good shape for the longest time. When you buy good quality vinyl fences, it needs no repairing and replacement unless intentional damage is caused to the fencing. The special DuraResin formulation of the Duramax vinyl fences ensures that the fences have a higher degree of weather-resistivity and can endure torments. The high UV resistance makes them ideal for surviving the scorching heat from the sun rays Southwest Sun. Vinyl fence is weather-resistant as well and can survive extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl fencing does not need any external brackets and unsightly screws for installation. The fence has an excellent routing system with interlocking fence panels for increased strength and durability. One of the supreme qualities of a USA vinyl fence is that it’s 100% waterproof and does not rot even if it rains heavily or comes in contact with water. The Duramax vinyl fences are made with 100% virgin vinyl, ensuring that it does not rot, fade, break, crack, or delaminate easily. 


The Duramax vinyl fences are durable as the vinyl walls are thick, and the installation procedure is perfect. Vinyl fences stand strong under any circumstance. They won’t rot, blister, or allow fungus growth, and you will not have to worry about them cracking due to weather or getting old. Even excessive heat, cold, strong winds, storms, and heavy rainfall will not be able to break these weather-resistant fences. In addition, vinyl fences are fire-resistant and impenetrable to pests. The fences are fixed deep in the ground. So, you need not take the stress of the fence getting uprooted. Even in storms, the fences may bend slightly, but they will return to their original state once the wind stops.


Installing vinyl fencing is a long-term fencing solution for your property. Installation quotes for vinyl fencing might seem just a tag higher, but there are many benefits to gain. Now, after debating the durability or strength of vinyl as a fencing material, you can comprehend why these fences hardly encounter rust or decay. The manufacturers of vinyl fences include DuraResin vinyl formulation that prevents decay even in extreme weather. This is why plenty of manufacturers of vinyl fences can offer lifetime warranties. Furthermore, it is a fencing product that requires very little maintenance, and one need not have to spend hours behind it. There is hardly much to do after the installation.

Attractive Appearance

Although a fence’s primary function is to provide a barrier, there’s no shame in admitting that an attractive barrier complements the surrounding structures would be preferable. Vinyl fence is available in several colors, including white, tan, and grey, which don’t need to be painted. In addition, vinyl fence manufacturers offer a wide range of styles with decorative caps to match. Duramax vinyl fencing is also available with a simulated wood grain look known as DuraGrain vinyl fence. It gives you the look of wood without all the extra maintenance cost of it.


The ASTM certification applies to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) exterior profiles used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The only material used in the external profiles of the fences is the rigid polyvinyl chloride compounds in a single homogeneous extrusion or two PVC compounds coextrusion in different layers. The materials must undergo dimensional tolerances, extrusion quality, and weatherability to meet the physical property standards. The ASTM methods for exterior testing include impact resistance, dimensional stability, warp, and impact testing on weathered specimens.

Duramax, a reputed vinyl fence manufacturer manufactures fences out of high-quality vinyl. To maintain their quality, they go through several processes. One of them is the ASTM certification. Apart from the installation charges, Duramax fencing does not need maintenance except a cleaning once a fortnight or a month. By choosing Duramax fences, you will also get a limited lifetime warranty.

The Vinyl Being Applied Is Thick

The types of vinyl being applied are very thick. The thick vinyl is ideal for making the panels last longer. We ensure that the panels remain durable for a long period without getting exposed to major damages. We cater to the best vinyl fences in the USA, and we can assure you that you will not have to spend anything extra in the days to come.  

Fences Are Tested Before It Reaches Our Customers

Our fences are quality certified and ideal to withstand high-pressure situations. Duramax fences are high in demand by homeowners as they are heat and impact resistant. If you still have any doubt regarding our product or services, you are always welcome to call us up or drop in at our physical location.

How Duramax makes the best custom vinyl fences in the USA

Are you eager to increase the security of your property? If so, get in touch with us. We are a professional fence manufacturer ready to help you out as and when required. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of fence manufacturing, and we ensure to create durable structures that will last at least a couple of decades. Before you go ahead and buy custom vinyl fences from Duramax, let us discuss some advantages that you can avail yourself of from us. Read it on and learn about the benefits you will get from us.

Contact us for a quote today.

Install Vinyl Fencing Around Your Property to Keep it Dirt-free

privacy fence panel

Are you finding your garden dirty every morning? Now, that can be quite disheartening. The place which beautifies your home needs utmost care, which is why you need to put a vinyl privacy fence around your property. Investing in fencing every year is not a feasible option. Instead, go for vinyl privacy fence panels made of thicker vinyl to make them last longer.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Choose high-quality vinyl fence panels

Duramax makes vinyl from the DuraResin formula, which can withstand heat and wind. Our vinyl fences pass through a 105 mph wind Test. In the USA, homes are very close, so a fence around the house and garden becomes essential in the USA. In addition, the Duramax fence has the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today.

There are numerous fencing options, both in terms of material and design. In the coming years, you can choose Duramax privacy fence panels made of vinyl material for hassle-free and low-maintenance fencing. Vinyl privacy fences are a good investment because they are recyclable and have a lifetime limited warranty. Duramax fences are heat, cold, and water-resistant, making them suitable for all seasons. Furthermore, Duramax vinyl fences are high quality and do not yellow over time. Finally, cleaning vinyl fences is a breeze. You’re good to go if you clean with a damp cloth every two weeks.

Why should you go for Duramax fences?

Vinyl privacy fences are completely valued for money as the fence panels are recyclable and come with a lifetime limited warranty. Duramax Fences has proved its worth over the years by supplying high-quality products to its customers. This 20-year-old company is renowned for manufacturing low-maintenance, durable fences. The Duramax fences have thicker walls ensuring that the fences will not break, deform, or fall off over time and also have a strong routing system to interlock the fence panels together. Moreover, Duramax fences are resistant to heat, cold, and rain making them suitable for all seasons around the year. In addition, Duramax vinyl fences become yellow with time, and cleaning the fences is extremely easy. A good cleaning with a garden hose is enough, and you are good to go.

Duramax fences have the strongest UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl fences on the market today. The added benefit is the 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which protect the fences from UV rays. Although the fencing industry only meets the basic requirements, our Duramax fences exceed ASTM-standards. In addition, when you buy a Duramax vinyl fence, you get a limited-time warranty!

Final Words

Are you finding it difficult to understand what will suit your purpose? Then, we are here to help!

Our team of fencing experts can help you with customized vinyl privacy fences after going through your fencing needs and criteria. You can check our website and choose from a wide range of fences. To get hold of your Duramax vinyl fence, book an appointment today.

Why should you install a custom vinyl fenceing around your yard?

custom vinyl fencing

The experts say that vinyl is the second largest produced material in the world with nearly 76% of the vinyl used in the construction industry. Vinyl is a synthetic material made from chlorine and ethylene. These substances together form polyvinyl chloride. This material is used to manufacture beautiful and long-lasting fences. Most homeowners in the USA like to install a fence around their homes. There are different fencing materials available that include wood, metal, chain link and vinyl. PVC custom vinyl fencingare becoming extremely popular because of the advantages that other materials do not offer. However, installing a fence is not enough because maintenance plays a major role. This blog discusses the benefits of installing a top-quality vinyl fence. 

Vinyl fences are available in various styles and sizes

Invest in custom vinyl fencing if you wish to have a fence that is worth envying. Search among the top custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. They are easy to maintain and are not affected by external weather or environmental conditions. The fences can endure the heat of the Southwest sun for years. The secret is the unique Duraresin formulation that offers immense resistivity and durability. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors that shield the fences from UVA and UVB rays. As a result, the fences are not affected by extreme heat, severe cold, snowfall, violent storms, heavy impact or pressure. 

Low maintenance vinyl fences

Most homeowners fear about maintaining a fence because wood and metal ones require special upkeep. Vinyl fences are free from daily and expensive maintenance. The fences require occasional cleaning that includes wiping the fence panels with a damp cloth and soap. Wash the vinyl fences occasionally to keep them in good condition. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface that does not attract dirt, bacteria or other microorganisms. Wooden and metal fences require special maintenance. These are affected by termites or tend to rust easily. Vinyl fences do not rot or get discolored under any condition.

Why invest in Duramax fences?

Duramax is one of the many custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. It has been 20 years since we have been manufacturing premium and colorful vinyl fences. They are made of 10% virgin vinyl. The fences are waterproof, mold-resistant, and can be recycled. In addition, the fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. 

Duramax fences have a secure routing system and no visible screws on its body. The installation is a simple process that involves only one fencing contractor. The installation process can be completed within a few hours. You can try installing a fence yourself in case you have prior experience. 

Are you facing difficulty in choosing a vinyl fence?

We are one of the most renowned PVC fencing manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are available online, visit our website and explore our vast inventory. In addition, we have an easy return policy and a secure payment gateway. 

Final words

Consult with our experts, and we will help you have a customized fence around your yard. Book a free consultation to discuss your project and request a quote.

Duramax is one of the renowned custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Vinyl is a synthetic material made from two natural substances, chlorine and ethylene. These two substances are combined together to form PVC or poly vinyl chloride. Statistics say that vinyl is the second largest produced and sold in the world where almost 76% vinyl is used in the construction and building industry and Duramax is one of the most renowned custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA.

Fencing is a popular industry in the USA as majority property owners either have an existing fence or desire to install one. Various materials are used to make fences and vinyl is one among those that is worth mentioning. 

How important is it to choose a renowned fence manufacturer? 

Not all vinyl fences are similar because the top manufacturers customize according to your requirements. There are many vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA, but it is very important to select the right one. All vinyl fences are not of similar quality because all are not made from high-quality vinyl. The kind of vinyl used, the craftsmanship and technology used are the important factors to consider while looking for a fence company. Read this blog to understand what a top-quality fence should have. Find a renowned fence manufacturer in the USA for top quality fences. 

Vinyl fences are waterproof 

Vinyl has natural weather-proofing qualities and is 100% waterproof. These fence panels have an anti-mold coating and this keeps microbes and bacteria away even in terribly damp conditions. For instance, here is a little comparison of vinyl wooden and metal fences. The monsoon weather is very damp and fences made from wood tend to rot or get infested by termites. Metal fences rust and lose their shine in humid conditions but vinyl fences are not affected by any dampness. Rather, the fences can endure all extreme weather conditions. 

The fences are coated with Duraresin formulation

A vinyl fence from Duramax endures the Southwest and Northwest sun and stands tall for years. The fences are coated with the Duraresin formulation, which gives strength and durability. The products are manufactured using 12 parts of Titanium and UV inhibitors. This gives immense resistivity to the fences to stand tall unaffected by heat, cold, wind, storm, pressure and impact. 

Inexpensive fence installation

A beautiful fence from Duramax has a secure routing system and no visible screws on its body. The installation is a simple and inexpensive process. Installing a fence takes only one expert to complete the entire process within a few hours. You can try a DIY installation in case you have prior experience. 

Explore the DuraGrain range

Many have a passion for wooden fences, and they have to deal with the drawbacks as well. Duramax brings you the DuraGrain range of fences, a unique style offense. These fences are made of vinyl but have the style and appeal of wood. We have many clients who have explored this range and we have received a positive response. 

Install Duramax custom vinyl fencing 

Duramax is one of the most renowned custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. We have been manufacturing premium fences for more than 20 years. Our fences are made from virgin vinyl which means the purest vinyl. Our products are ASTM-certified and come with a quality assurance seal. Duramax fences are made from recyclable material and are free from non-toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets. 

Get in touch with us – request for a quote

We have a team of consultants who can help you choose a fence that is a perfect fit for your property. Duramax fences are available online, so there is no hassle in visiting the store. We have made your shopping experience simple, and you can avail yourself of lucrative discounts by shopping fences online with an easy return policy and a secure payment gateway. We are among the top custom vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. 

Book a free consultation to discuss your project and request a quote.

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