Here is What You Need to Know Before Buying Vinyl Fence

A fence is undoubtedly one of the best investments for protecting domestic and commercial properties. They are multifunctional, as they can protect your kids and pets, improve curb appeal and aesthetics, and bring peace to you and your family. However, choosing the right fence material and manufacturer can be overwhelming. When choosing a fence, you must deal with factors like material cost, whether the company uses a fence calculator for accuracy, warranty, etc.

In such a case, it is better to take the help of the experts. At Duramax Fences, you will come across fence experts who can guide you in choosing the right fence according to your needs. The experts you get here are committed to meeting customer expectations. Therefore, you will find what you’re looking for, whether you want an installation guide or customer service assistance. However, there are a few things that you need to know before you buy a vinyl fence.

Decide the fence you want

Privacy has become a luxury these days. So people look for it, especially when buying houses. However, you don’t want anyone watching you while you enjoy a nice time with your friends, play football with your kids, or relax in the hot tub. In this case you will need a fence, so before you buy it make sure that the manufacturer uses a fencing calculator to get the right measurements.

Potential home buyers will refuse a good deal on a house if there are poorly-designed fences that fail to provide proper security. Even if the house has a stunning look, not having a proper fence will repel potential buyers. Fences offer a heightened level of security. For example, a vinyl fence is a great alternative to chain link fences since it offers maximum security.

Chain link fences are see-through, which means zero privacy. If you have kids or pets, installing a vinyl fence on your property is better to ensure their safety.

Choosing the right materials

If you have made up your mind regarding fencing your house, you should decide on the materials and how they will hold up in different situations. It is a crucial step since every fence is different. For example, if you choose a vinyl fence, you won’t have to worry much about its maintenance. Every fence material comes with its own pros and cons.

Fencing need permits

People need to pay more attention to this step when planning to install fencing. Yes, if you want to install a fence in your property, you will require a permit from the local homeowners association. Therefore, before beginning the installation process, remember to get their approval.

Not only that, there can be local laws which govern the installation process. Therefore, you must learn the rules and guidelines before installing the fences. Otherwise, the investment would turn out to be worthless.

Vinyl vs. Wood

People still need to be made aware that vinyl is the best material when it comes to a fence. Many still prefer installing wooden fences due to their affordability. Although vinyl fences are expensive while installing, it will benefit you in the long run.

Unlike metal or wooden fences, it won’t rot or rust since vinyl fences are made with virgin vinyl. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, vinyl can withstand five times more wind pressure than wood.

Maintenance cost

It is yet another significant thing to consider when buying a fence. If you buy common fencing materials like wood, aluminum, or others, you must invest a lot for maintenance. For example, you must buy paint and stain removers, and keep painting the fence frequently. If the wood rots, you have to replace it.

With a vinyl fence, you won’t have to deal with these issues. Although vinyl fences discolor due to exposure to harsh weather conditions, you can counteract the discoloration using mild bleach or rinsing it frequently. If you diligently follow this process, your fence will keep looking new.

Quality matters

Vinyl fences have different qualities. While some use recycled vinyl, others use pure virgin vinyl. Therefore, you should choose a 100%-virgin-vinyl fence, and Duramax Fences provides just the right thing. Investing in a good fence can be expensive since they have UV inhibitors.

Thus, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. A good and expensive fence comes with warranties and lasts long. Another factor that matters is the thickness of the fence. The thicker the fence, the better the quality.

How to Use Fence Calculators While Installing Vinyl Fence?

Suppose you want to add a fence around a half-acre property. In this situation, you will need to know the measurements for the fence. Once you figure out the measurements, it will be easy to know the budget and the installation time. However, it is only possible to predict the exact measurements based on the acreage.

Therefore, you will need a fencing calculator. Fence footage needs perimeter knowledge and not the area. You can determine the fence you need by getting the linear footage of your property. A fence calculator will determine the length, rails, width, etc, for different fences. You can use this calculator for every fence material.

Final word

Vinyl fencing is a mind-blowing choice for every property. It not only looks great but also reduces the chances of a carbon footprint. Also, it is easy to maintain a vinyl fence as it doesn’t succumb to climate or pest issues. Visit Duramax Fences to get a free quote.

Compelling Reasons to Invest in Vinyl Fencing? Why Take the Help of a Fencing Calculator?

The demand for vinyl fences is increasing as it offers an array of benefits for your property. But it is vital to select the right fence if you want your purposes to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, a lot of people have various misconceptions as well as misinformation regarding vinyl fences. A fencing calculator helps in giving an idea on the height and width of fences before installing.

Vinyl fences are manufactured using low-cost materials, have a great quality, and are durable. Apart from that, vinyl fences are undoubtedly strong due to the use of virgin vinyl. Despite the availability of numerous fence materials in the market, people opt for vinyl due to various reasons.

Hassle-free maintenance

Unlike other metals, vinyl fences do not need regular repainting or repairs throughout the year. On top of that, these fences are resistant to termites and other harmful pests. Besides, they are easy to clean.

Therefore, you won’t have to invest your precious time in cleaning and maintaining the fences. Another thing you need to remember is that you can maintain the condition of the fences for longer periods.


Vinyl fences are extremely environmentally-friendly compared to other available options on the market. These are manufactured using non-toxic ingredients. As a result, the toxic metals are not released into the air. Also, the vinyl fences are recyclable, which is an added benefit.

Therefore, buying vinyl fencing ensures less environmental damage. Not only that, using various eco-friendly techniques helps enhance your property’s overall look. While buying the fencing material, you can get expert guidance by using the fencing calculator.

Quick installation

Compared to other fencing options, vinyl fences can be quickly installed. As a result, you will curb your expenses. On top of that, easy installation techniques ensure that your property will get completed quickly and beautifully. Also, you won’t face any inconvenience, and the fence will last for a long time without investing a lump sum of money for maintenance.

Various color options

The great thing about vinyl fences is that you have multiple options of colors to choose from. As a result, you will be satisfied regardless of your requirements. In addition, using different colors of fencing can give a distinctive look to your property.

Not only that, the curb appeal of your property will automatically improve. Hence, you no longer have to settle for a plain appearance, which is common nowadays. Instead, you can modify the look and create something new according to your expectations.

No fear of rust

Unlike other fencing materials, vinyl fencing is resistant to rusting, which is a good thing. Due to this reason, the yearly repair cost automatically reduces. Apart from that, the maintenance issue automatically reduces. Therefore, you can easily maintain it and control its expenses.

Improves the curb appeal

Installing the vinyl fences in your property enhances the curb appeal of your property. Also, improving the overall look of your property will increase the property’s overall value. These things go a long way in guaranteeing a better return on investments.

Why take the help of a fencing calculator?

While building a fence, using a fencing calculator promises accuracy. Using a fence calculator, you can understand the number of fence sections, posts, post caps, and other things required. Also, by calculating the land required for building the fence, it becomes easy to estimate the materials necessary for the projects.

A fence calculator is the difference between perfect and unsatisfactory fences. Therefore, not taking the proper measurements may lead to a shortage of supplies and materials. As a result, you will notice that the fence is either too small or too big. These things make it necessary to utilize a fencing calculator.

How can you use a fence calculator?

Using a fencing calculator, the first thing that you need to do is take the correct measurements. Hence, you must mark the correct land size and the dimensions required for the materials. But, it is important to remember that different fencing materials differ in terms of sizes and other factors. When it comes to vinyl fences, the calculations are done depending on whether you need gate posts, line posts, end posts, etc.

Therefore, these are a few reasons that you need to keep in mind when investing in vinyl fencing and while using a fence calculator.