Privacy Vs. Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence: an in-depth Look

semi-privacy vinyl fences

A perfect balance between privacy and style is of utmost importance when fencing any property. Duramax’s privacy and semi privacy vinyl fence are great for ensuring top-notch security while boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal as well. If you love enjoying the outdoors, our supremely engineered vinyl fences can be a great addition to your property.

But which one should you opt for, a semi-privacy or a privacy vinyl fence? Well, here we will be taking an in-depth look at both these types of fences, which will help you decide the right fit for you. So, let’s start.

What are privacy fences?

Do you want complete security and privacy around your yard? Then, Duramax’s privacy vinyl fences might be your best bet. These fences do not have any divisions or slats, thereby ensuring security that’s on a different level.

Privacy fences are also good for keeping peeping animals and animals at bay. Kids and pets cannot escape your yard while you are busy with other things.

What are the perks of installing privacy fences?

Ensures privacy and clear property boundaries: The biggest benefit of installing our privacy vinyl fences is that they offer privacy like none other. It creates a solid barrier, thereby completely blocking the view of your property from passersby and neighbors. If you have a bathtub or a pool in your backyard, installing privacy fences is a must.

Privacy fences are used for demarcating property boundaries and preventing animals, outsiders, and objects from encroaching on your property.

Our supremely engineered vinyl fences are noninvasive and quick to install, making them the most sought-after among US homeowners. Moreover, it’s not just about security and privacy, but our fences provide shape and consistency to any unstructured space, thus boosting your property’s visual appeal.

Boosts safety and security: Do you have pets or young children in your home? Our supremely designed privacy fences offer no room to escape and thus can keep them safely within your yard. Wild animals or neighbors’ pets also can’t get access to your property, thereby boosting safety and security.

You can also find privacy fences with locked gates. This makes accessing the yard a breeze. The gate can serve as an entrance if you plan to entertain outdoors.

Privacy fences can also act as a roadblock for intruders trying to enter your property.

Weather protection: Privacy fences can act as a good windbreak and thus can protect your outdoor furniture and backyard from strong wind gusts. They can also act as a good shelter for potted plants. Not just that, if you opt for a longer fence, it can provide shade to your patio area as well.

What are the different types of privacy fences?

Lock Board: In this arrangement, the boards are tightly held together in a tongue and groove style. Thus, a solid panel is created that prevents trespassers from peeping in. Lockboard arrangement can block airflow, thereby safeguarding your property from strong wind gusts.

Stockade: Stockade is the most popular fence style. In this arrangement, the vinyl fence panels are placed side-by-side with no gaps between them. You can also add a horizontal rail for a sleek finish.

What are semi-privacy fences?

Do you not like being trapped in your yard and looking for something that would offer partial privacy? Well, Duramax’s semi-privacy vinyl fence fits the bill like none other. The best part about semi-privacy fences is that there are small gaps between the planks, closely resembling conventional fencing.

Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are about 5 to 6 feet tall. You can opt for different plank heights and widths to create mind-boggling designs.

What are the perks of installing semi-privacy fences?

Allow more airflow: Do you want better air circulation in your house? Then, you can go for semi-privacy fences without a second thought. These fences allow you to enjoy the cool breeze on a humid day while relaxing on your patio. Semi-privacy fences can also ensure a more welcoming and inviting feel to your home. These fences allow you to stay in touch with the outside world while valuing your privacy as well.

Allow more sunlight: Do you enjoy gardening? Then, semi-privacy vinyl fences might be your best bet. Flowers, herbs, and shrubs need sunlight, which privacy fences block. Most herbs and plants love thriving in shady areas, which our semi-private fences can particularly ensure.

What are the different types of semi-privacy fences?

Lattice: If you want a decorative privacy fence, you can opt for lattice vinyl fences. In this arrangement, thin slats are installed in a crisscross pattern. This semi-privacy fence type ensures top-notch privacy, adequate airflow, and can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property like none other. All these things play a significant role in increasing its overall value.

Shadowbox: If you want a private backyard, shadow box privacy fences might just be the way to go. In this arrangement, the boards are fixed on opposite sides of the central rail, thereby crafting an alternate positioning. This symmetrical design will look astounding both from your and your neighbor’s sides.

Though the boards are placed near each other, there is still enough space for airflow.

How does the cost differ for privacy and semi-privacy fences?

The cost of semi-privacy or privacy fences mainly depends on the size of the area that you plan to fence. However, semi-privacy fences are a bit cheaper than privacy fences.

You can get premium-quality vinyl privacy fences from us for nearly 159$. On the other hand, you can get semi-privacy fences at only $141.21.

Final Take:

So, you see, both privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fences bring their own set of advantages to the table. So, the one you opt for would depend on your specific purposes. We offer high-end privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fences at highly competitive prices. Check out our products page for the different fence options available and choose one that suits you best.

Limited Time Offer: Save on Your Vinyl Fence and Keep Your Pets Safe

semi-privacy vinyl fence

Are you looking for a fence to keep your pets safe? We suggest you get a semi-privacy vinyl fence from us. At Duramax, we can provide you with a fully customized fence with a limited lifetime warranty that is designed keeping longevity in mind.

A pet is a beloved family member, and to keep the animal safe, you should invest in a secure and durable outdoor fence. Duramax can design the perfect semi-privacy vinyl fence to ensure your pets don’t venture outside. However, here we will also discuss the many benefits of investing in a vinyl fence and also things you must consider before taking a final call with regard to the fence project.

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Consider the kind of pet you have

Before you decide on having a particular fence on your property, you need to consider the kind of pet you own. Not all fences will cater to your requirements. Here are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a perfect pet fence:

  1. Consider the breed of the pet (especially dogs)
  2. Consider how large your pet will grow (fencing is a long-term investment)
  3. Does your dog bark a lot? Then, a privacy fence would be ideal for cutting out distractions
  4. Consider the weather of that region
  5. Discuss with the experts about the aesthetics and how much you are willing to pay

Customize a tall fence to keep your pets fenced-in

Small and medium-sized dogs need a fence that’s ideally 4 feet high, but if you have a large breed, then you might need a taller fence. A large dog may jump over a 6-foot fence, so you should consider investing in a tall fence to keep your pet fenced in. However, a tall fence might need a permit, which is why you need to check with the local authorities before taking a call.

Can your pet climb over the fence?

Did you know some pets can climb over the fence to venture outside? In fact, some pets can even squeeze their way through small gaps and openings or go under the fence bottom. Due to this reason, it is a great choice to invest in a customized semi-privacy vinyl fence to stop the animals from venturing outside the property.

Consider how much privacy is necessary

Some dogs are extremely aggressive and get overly anxious by seeing strangers passing by the street. They start barking and creating an unnecessary ruckus, which is why a semi-privacy vinyl fence can be a good choice. An open-weave fence style is a big no-no if you have large, aggressive dogs. Vinyl fences with partial privacy are ideal for blocking disturbing scenarios from your hypersensitive pets.

Check property boundary lines

Before starting with your fence project, check out the property boundary lines, where exactly you plan to install the fence. Some communities have precise regulations you must adhere to when planning to invest in a fence and install the structure.

Check local codes

This brings us to the next point. Before you make the final call to invest in a fence, check the local laws as they vary from one state to another. If a fence is more than 4 feet, a permit might be necessary for some areas, so it’s best to check with the local authorities to avoid property tax penalties and unexpected fines. You also need to check local codes to ensure you don’t get into neighbor disputes. Putting a fence up and getting into trouble with the neighbors should be avoided at all costs, which is why a permit is necessary in advance. Also, ensure the fence isn’t too close or over the property line.

Most fences don’t require permits, but it’s always better to check before installing a tall fence rather than learning the hard way.

Decide how much upkeep and maintenance you are willing to do

Wooden and metal fences require heavy-duty maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. A vinyl fence is a one-time investment; you don’t have to spend hours staining, cleaning, or painting the fence line. The smooth vinyl fence requires occasional wash with a hose and stays clean, retaining its sheen for numerous years. If your pets have a tendency to scratch or chew the fences, then vinyl fences are ideal. The vinyl material is scratch-resistant and won’t crack, break, or fall over, even after heavy blows and high impacts. While the wooden fences start splintering and can hurt the animals, the smooth vinyl fence surface is a safer choice to keep the pets fenced in.

Why choose vinyl fences for pets?

A vinyl fence is an excellent choice as a pet fence. The DIY vinyl fence is easy to install and almost maintenance-free. Duramax vinyl fences have thicker walls that don’t sag, warp, or break, which is excellent for larger and heavier pets like dogs. Moreover, a vinyl pet fence doesn’t rust and is moisture-repellent, and customizing the fence style can ensure they block the view, ensuring complete privacy to keep the pets safe from the outside world. 

Final thoughts for choosing a pet fence

  • Get a fence gate for further protection and security
  • Be considerate of the neighbors
  • Check if there are any local fence restrictions or HOA rules

Did you know you can save almost 30% on labor and fencing by choosing Duramax pet fence? Our DIY fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and keep your pets fenced-in and safe. Book a no-cost consultation now. Request a quote now.

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Why Should You Invest in a Semi-Private Vinyl Fence?

semi-private vinyl fence

Semi-privacy vinyl fences have varying degrees of spacing between their boards. If you are looking for a customized semi-private vinyl fence, then at Duramax you can choose between different plank heights and widths for creating the perfect fence for your yard. A semi-private fence offers great security while ensuring adequate room for natural lighting and airflow. Duramax Fences offers customized semi-private vinyl fences that are functional yet decorative.

Not all vinyl is created equal!

You might be disappointed if you are looking for just another ordinary vinyl fence. Not all vinyl is created equal, and an ordinary vinyl fence won’t last as long as you would like. Duramax Fences are engineered to keep durability in mind and last 30 years or longer. Our fences are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and manufactured with top-quality materials to stand the test of time. Duramax Fences are a huge favorite in California as they don’t chip, crack, warp or peel like the conventional wooden fence. In addition, the fences will not pit or corrode and are almost maintenance-free as they are resistant to humid and hot weather and do not corrode in saltwater.

However, if you are looking for a customized semi-privacy vinyl fence, then you will find that the fence has gaps allowing light and airflow. These gaps are usually an inch or less and have the same height as a privacy fence, although they might be shorter since absolute privacy might not be your goal.

How is a semi-private vinyl fence different from a non-private fence design?

A semi-privacy vinyl fence will not offer you 100% privacy, yet they differ from a non-private fence design. For example, some people consider picket fences semi-private, although they are not tall enough to provide enough privacy. However, there are some general things that you need to consider when determining whether a fence provides enough privacy or not. For instance, a ranch rail fence has a completely open style and cannot be considered semi-private as it doesn’t obscure the view. However, the closely placed and tall picket fences block enough visibility and can be counted as a semi-private fence. If you are looking for a custom-made semi-private vinyl fence, consider contacting our experts. Within two weeks, we ship the fences to your address, and the kit comes with all tools at factory-direct prices.

People generally opt for a semi-privacy vinyl fence for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the closed-off design makes the fence ideal for small yards as they feel less stuffed with adequate gaps for allowing airflow and sunlight. Secondly, a semi-private fence will not completely block the sounds and sights like a privacy fence, so the homeowner does not have to deal with complete isolation. However, a semi-privacy fence is unsuitable if you live near a busy street, as it won’t offer complete noise isolation.

The pros and cons of a semi-private fence



Keeps the kids and pets in

Less light through

It doesn’t make small yards feel cramped


Not noise-resistant

Not completely private

The pets and kids are easily distracted by things visible on the other side of the semi-private fence.

What’s the main difference between a privacy fence and a semi-privacy one?

A privacy fence is a board-on-board fence where the boards directly overlap and touch without gaps. Even the backer rails are visible on one side of the fence. On the other side, a semi-private fence is shadowbox fencing with the boards alternating from one side of the rails to the other. This fence design does not have vertical boards touching one another. Instead, there are gaps between the boards, and you can look through them at an angle. The semi-private fence appears similar from either side.

Which fence style is more secure? Privacy fences or semi-privacy ones!

Since the privacy fences have no gaps, they are more secure than semi-privacy fences. A determined individual can use the gaps of a semi-privacy fence to spy on you, like trying to stick their fingers through or trying to open the fence. However, that doesn’t mean a strong semi-privacy vinyl fence can’t keep the intruders out and ensure safety. The gaps are small, and only tiny animals like mice can sneak through the semi-privacy fence. With thorny shrubs and other anti-climbing features, you can make your existing semi-privacy fence a strong and secure barrier. The main features that make the semi-privacy fences more secure are their height, stability, and climbability.


A well-made stable fence won’t fall over. Duramax Fences have a sturdy routing and interlocking system that keeps the fences strong and stable for years. Of course, leaning fences must be repaired, and having the posts firmly rooted in the ground is necessary.


A tall fence is great for ramping up security. Build a tall fence as per the local laws and HOA regulations. Most places allow a 6-foot fence in the backyard and a 4-foot one in the front yard. The taller the fence barrier, the more challenging it is to climb or jump over.


Even if you have a tall fence with a permit, it’s not secure if someone can scale it. Talk with the professionals at Duramax and design a fence that is difficult to climb. Semi-privacy vinyl fences are smooth and don’t give intruders much grip for climbing. Again, pointed and spiky fence tops make the barrier more challenging to cross.

Advantages of vinyl fences

If you plan to invest in Duramax Fences, here are a few benefits of investing in one.


Vinyl fences last for 30 years with minimal upkeep.


Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free and do not require repainting or repairs for a long time.


We offer various styles, colors, and finishes that complement your outdoor décor, home, and landscaping.


Vinyl fences are a one-time investment and an excellent choice for adding resale value to your property and minimizing maintenance costs.

Peace of mind:

All our vinyl fences are easy to maintain and come with a limited lifetime warranty, and you spend more time enjoying the garden and not worrying about the fencing.

Final Note:

Vinyl fences might require an upfront investment, and this expense pays out more than other fence choices. Book a free consultation now. Request a quote.


What Is the Actual Cost of a Vinyl Fence?

buy vinyl fencing

Plentiful options are available in the market when you are looking for a fence. Some fencing choices are budget-friendly, while others can dig a deep hole in your pockets. Every American’s dream is a clean white semi-privacy vinyl fence as it is low maintenance, durable, and fairly priced. Vinyl fences are growing in popularity and slowly replacing wooden and metal ones. The traditional fencing options might still be a rage, but the vinyl fence is slowly catching up. However, when buying a fence, many factors come to mind, and above everything else, we think about the price. While many claim that vinyl fences are expensive, it’s also a one-time investment as they last for numerous years and are extremely easy to maintain.

Vinyl fences

A vinyl fence is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These fences are quite popular for their durability, affordability, and low maintenance characteristics. There are a multitude of vinyl fence styles that can help you find the perfect fence that matches the aesthetics of your estate. As per the LawnStarter, the vinyl fence costs between $2,181 to $6,089, and the national average price is around $4,135. However, the cost of a vinyl fence doesn’t just end there. The price is affected by the fence color, design, gate, terrain, and permits.

Cost estimate by fence size

Most fence suppliers charge for a fence installation by the linear foot, which is why the size of your vinyl fence is the deciding factor of the final cost. Homeowners around the US pay $17 to $38 per linear foot. Here at Duramax Fences, we use the fencing calculator. After an on-site consultation, we provide you with an accurate estimate to help you figure out the accurate price of the project. Some contractors charge not only by linear foot yet also by the count of preassembled fence panels and by the hour required for the installation. By choosing Duramax Fences, you can save 29% on labor and fencing during installation.

Other factors affecting the cost of a vinyl fence

Depending on the objective for fence installation, the aesthetics, the features, and the terrain, the overall cost of a vinyl fence can be lower or higher than the average. Here are a few other factors that can affect the cost of a vinyl fence.

Design of the fence

A semi-privacy vinyl fence comes in versatile designs and styles that can accentuate the aesthetics of the lawn. However, picket, standard privacy, and lattice-top fence lines featuring decorative styles and designs are more costlier than plain split rail fencing. Design is a huge deciding factor about the cost of the fence, and intrinsic styles require more customization, which can spike up the prices.

Color of the fence

Vinyl fence comes in varied colors, and you don’t have to repaint the fence. The most familiar vinyl fence colors are solid black, solid white, and wood-grained styles that replicate the regal appeal of wood. The plain white vinyl fence doesn’t only look good, but it also costs much less than other colored vinyl fences. Looking at the price range, the white vinyl fence is the cheapest, and the black ones are the most pricey. The wood-grained Duragrain fence is reasonably priced and costs somehwere in the middle. You can, however, find many different designs of fences in varied finishes and colors, but then there is a great deal of matching and mixing you have to do before deciding the aesthetics you want.

Fences with gates

When you plan to add a fence gate, there is additional security, and the costs also spike up. In addition, the fence gate needs hardware and additional labor for installation, which can significantly increase the cost of the standard fence panels. A fence gate comes in different sizes and shapes. The variations include single or double fence gates, manual or automatic vinyl gates, and, most importantly, ornately designed gates. The single manual gates cost lower, while the customized automatic driveway gates are at the higher end.

Fence height

Generally, a backyard fence is six feet tall, but you need to customize and choose a proper height that fits your requirements. The homeowners association (HOA) or the municipality can help you to find the exact height that adheres to the rules and regulations. The higher the fence height, the larger the panels, which increases the cost of the vinyl fence by leaps and bounds.

Terrain (slope of land)

Installing any kind of fence on an incline will cost you more as the installation is more laborious. Based on the terrain’s steepness and the fence’s positioning, the contractor prepares the land for proper fence installation. 


You might not need the typical building permit to build a fence in some places. However, before making any assumptions, it’s important to contact a local fence manufacturer and get to know the rules and regulations of the county. The permit’s cost depends on the fence’s size, and shelling out a few dollars is worth it.

Vinyl fence installation costs

When calculating the total cost of a semi-privacy vinyl fence installation, you need to evaluate certain factors:

Labor – Duramax Fences get installed within four days with the help of 2 laborers only, which does reduce labor costs to a great extent. For example, a local fence supplier will charge you $4,000, but by choosing vinyl fences from Duramax, the labor charges will decrease significantly, and you might have to pay only $2,240.

Materials – Fencing materials cost only $223.96 when you decide to install Duramax Fences. For other fencing alternatives, the material costs go up to $248.84.

Permits – You must check with your local building department and the homeowners association to determine if permits are required. Most contractors will be able to tell you about the compliance issues and can handle the process. However, with Duramax Fences, you do not need any local contractor. Our commercial-grade fences easily obtain permits as they are customized to suit your needs and comply with local laws.

Install the semi-privacy vinyl fence to save thousands of dollars on fencing and labor. Request a free quote now.

The Ideal Fence for Families With Young Children

buy semi privacy fencing

A home is a place where the child should feel the safest. A secured backyard is essential to ensure fun and safety when raising kids. Filling holes in lawn ruts and holes and removing thorny plants like rose bushes is important, but more essential is selecting the right fence for the backyard. Implementing a fence that protects your child and restricts them from wandering outside is a great idea. A semi privacy vinyl fence is highly recommended for households with small children. Duramax Fences are aesthetically pleasing and can increase your home’s curb appeal. If your kids are adventurous and exploratory, then a good fence can make the backyard a safe haven for the child. 

Install the right fence

Keeping the child safe is not only about preventing accidents, but you also need to take into consideration prying eyes from passers-by. Stranger abductions are common worldwide, and without a strong semi privacy vinyl fence, the kids might start wandering, exploring, and inviting danger. Child abduction is widespread, and sometimes it happens even in the safety of your own front or backyard. This is something no parent wants to experience, which is why the need for the right fencing is essential. A good fence offers the kids a secure, confined space and prevents intruders from entering your private space. A semi-privacy fence is a perfect balance between airflow and privacy. This kind of fence is ideal when you have kids around as they provide seclusion to homeowners needing privacy. However, the semi-privacy fence will not make you feel completely isolated. This fence offers minimal visibility yet at the same time creates a space for openness and comfort. 

Playing and staying safe inside the garden

As a parent, you keep chemicals and toxins away from the kids, but what about fences? Washing the fences with chemicals and detergents is a strict no-no. Some toxins stay behind, and if you have small mischievous kids running around and chewing the fences, then the contaminants can dangerously affect their health. That’s the reason why a vinyl fence is most recommended. A vinyl fence is virtually low maintenance and fade-resistant. Unlike wooden or metal fences, vinyl fences need not be treated with chemicals to retain their shine and luster. Just wash the vinyl fence with a garden hose to remove the dirt and debris. 

Additionally, the backyard of a house or the front lawn is filled with poisonous plants, which we often don’t realize. Unfortunately, we realize the poisonous nature of the colorful plants around us until it’s too late. Either remove these plants or install a small fence to keep the kids away from them. Keeping an eye on the child while exploring the garden is not always possible, but investing in a good quality, non-toxic, lead-free fence from Duramax is worth it! 

Get flat rail fences

A flat rail fence is a better alternative to a speared fence for protecting your child from the outside world and securing your property. The speared fences give the property a vintage and noble look, but the kids might injure themselves by attempting a jump and trying to touch the spikes or by climbing the fence playfully. Therefore, it is wise to install a vinyl flat rail fence that accentuates the property’s individuality and keeps the kids safe.

Invest in a latching fence

Keeping the fence gate closed is an essential tip we miss. The closed gate will keep your child safe inside the property, as kids usually try running out of the house into the busy streets. If you want to know the exact place to have the fence gate, then talking to the experts might help you decide on the aesthetics as well as the alignment that will protect the property. Moreover, investing in a latch is a great way to prevent the kids from randomly opening and closing the gate. Placing the latch high up is ideal for making the lock system unreachable for the kids. If you want to increase the security further, implement two latches on the fence or get a key lock, which makes the fence line sturdy and safe and keeps the trespassers away. 

Get a semi-privacy fence

A vinyl fence is ideal as it’s difficult for the kids to climb it as there is no foothold to gain leverage. Install fences that are 6 feet tall, as they guarantee your child’s safety and ensure your peace of mind when you have to leave the kids unattended in the backyard. Semi-privacy fences are perfect to ensure your child is safe and additionally there are fewer distractions from the busy streets. A semi-privacy vinyl fence keeps your child inside and strangers, stray animals, and intruders out.

Splinter-free material

Wooden fences are a dream come true for Americans, but they aren’t great if you have kids around. Wooden fences break, and the splinters can cause severe injuries. Installing a wooden fence in the backyard is detrimental as they have exposed screws that might hurt your kids. Rather choose vinyl fences from Duramax. We have fences with a strong routing and interlocking system that offers a sturdy and strong fence line. The routed and interlocked members of the fence panels keep the fencing parts from falling apart. Duramax Fences will hold up for years, while fence lines with external brackets and unsightly screws tend to warp, crack and sag within a few months. 

Why love Duramax Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl fences are pet-friendly, toxin-free, lead-free, chemical-resistant, and the strongest outdoor fences for families with kids. The vinyl fences do not need costly repairs or heavy-duty maintenance, and you can expect them to last for a lifetime. The vinyl fences from Duramax have a limited lifetime warranty and can be customized to compliment the property’s aesthetics. Vinyl fences are ideal outdoor fences as they increase curb appeal without the pocket pinch. Duramax Fences get installed within 4 days with the help of 2 laborers. The DIY fence installation saves you 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives. Our high-quality, customized fences come at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation with our fence experts.

Don’t settle for less – Choose the Functional and Aesthetic Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence from Duramax

semi privacy vinyl fence

A vinyl fence is a perfect backdrop for your lush garden and lively backyard. The semi privacy vinyl fence can increase the curb appeal and protect your home from curious strangers and trespassers. Fencing is a beautiful addition to your space to create a boundary and decorate the periphery of the property. We understand that a vinyl fence is an important investment, which is why we recommend not settling for just any other ‘vinyl fence’ but choosing a high-quality material that looks stylish and can last for years with minimal upkeep. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality vinyl fences that is easy to assemble, durable and low maintenance. In addition, our brand of premium quality fences has outstanding performance features which can easily surpass other competitive products.

Durable and affordable vinyl fencing

Selecting a semi-privacy vinyl fence from Duramax guarantees, you will get what you pay for! Undoubtedly, vinyl fences are long-lasting and can retain their sheen and visual appeal for years to come. However, Duramax Vinyl Fences last for 30 years with minimal repairs and repainting. Our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and are engineered keeping longevity in mind. While other manufacturers will offer you vinyl fences with thin walls, these materials are highly susceptible to damage and might warp, sag, crack or break after some time. Duramax Fences have thicker walls assuring strength and durability. Thick walls eliminate issues like warping, sagging, and cracking of the material, thereby increasing the longevity of the fence line. Duramax Fences are a one-time investment that can last 50 years if maintained with care. While vinyl fences might be costlier than wood, they are more durable and cost-effective in the long run. At Duramax, you can order high-quality vinyl fences at factory-direct prices. Our fences are customized and shipped within 2 weeks approximately.

DIY fence installation

The Duramax Fence kits come with an installation guide, making the setup easy and hassle-free. Instead of using external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fences, we build high-quality fences with a strong routing and interlocking system. The routed and interlocked fence panels are strong and keep the fencing parts together. As a result, you can install Duramax Fences in just 4 days by hiring 2 people to do the job. Moreover, Duramax Fence installation is cost-effective as you save thousands on labor and fencing. Compared to installing a fence from the local supplier, Duramax Fence installation ensures you save at least 29% on labor and fencing. This is because Duramax Fence installation is tax-free, a DIY project requiring lesser materials.

Unparalleled strength – Duramax Vinyl Fences

Duramax Vinyl Fences are resistant to harsh weather conditions. The fences stand strong during hail storms and wind gusts and do not warp or crack due to excess heat or extremely cold temperatures. In addition, the limited lifetime warranty ensures that the fences won’t rot, chip, crack or lose their luster due to discoloration.

UV resistant fences

Vinyl has a bad reputation for not being UV resistant. Most vinyl fences will fade and get discolored within a few months of sun exposure. However, we decided to change that. At Duramax, you will get fade-resistant UV-guard fences that can withstand harsh UV rays without showing signs of damage. Although UV radiation can age everything around, Duramax Fences are an exception. It’s because we use the proprietary DuraResinTM vinyl formulation to withstand the southwest sun. Over 12 parts of (TiO2) titanium dioxide and extremely potent UV inhibitors are used to manufacture the premium grade fences of Duramax that have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Our perfect line of vinyl products is designed to last for decades and meet the region’s acute weather conditions, which makes our fences a sought-after choice in the US.

Low maintenance

Maintenance has never been a hassle with vinyl fences. The waterproof vinyl fences are washable and can be cleaned with a garden hose without hassles. The fences have a smooth, sleek finish and seldom get stained. However, Duramax has gone a step ahead. We also look into things like heat warpage, impact resistance, yellowing, cold temperature breakage and cracks, and other durability factors during manufacturing to reduce maintenance hassles. In addition, our patented DirtGaurd Proprietary Bottom Rail Design minimizes the accumulation of dirt and debris, which ensures more cleanliness and minimal maintenance.

Final Words

At Duramax, we understand that the topography and layout of every yard are different. So instead of taking a shortcut, we discuss the fence project in detail before giving an estimate. Book a free consultation today. Request a quote now.

Get Your Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence Ready for the Winters Using These Tips from Duramax

semi-privacy vinyl fence

Homeowners choose vinyl fences for their houses for different reasons. Whether you have privacy issues or want to mark boundaries, a semi privacy vinyl fence is definitely useful. Vinyl fences are undoubtedly useful and versatile since they are cheap and more durable than other materials.

According to one report, the plastic fencing market size will grow at a CAGR rate of 7.8% between 2019 and 2026. Vinyl fencing is leading the plastic fencing market and will dominate due to its abundant availability, strength, mechanical properties, and other reasons.

Although vinyl fences are easy to install, maintaining them can be difficult. Winters are fun but are tough on a semi-privacy vinyl fence. Here are a few tips to make your fence winter-ready.

Trim the hanging tree branches near the fence

To begin with, remove the chances of impact damage to your fence due to winter. With winter around the corner, you must deal with falling leaves and branches. Therefore, assessing the fence line and trimming the overhanging branches is better. After all, you don’t want to regret something that could have been done long ago. Before anything bad happens, it is better to be prepared.

Make your fence visible

If your semi-privacy vinyl fence is installed near the driveway, ensure people can see it. Snow buildup during winter often makes it tough for people to see where your fence is installed, especially during a snowstorm. On top of that, if your fence is light-colored, it won’t be easy to locate. Therefore, you can place reflectors on the top of the fence. If the snow buildup gets too deep, use extenders for the reflectors and increase the height of your fence.

Winter is the perfect time to fix your fence

The fall season is perfect for fixing any damages on your semi-privacy vinyl fence. Therefore, walk around the fence and look for cracks in railings or loose boards. Then, make the simple repairs before winter arrives. Although vinyl is extremely durable, sometimes too much moisture in problematic areas can lead to further problems. Once everything is fixed, your fence will be ready for the winter.

Reduce snow buildup

As soon as the winter hits, you have to start plowing and removing snow from your semi-privacy fence. If the fence is close to the driveway, avoid too much snow piling up against the fence. It can lead to serious issues like warping, sagging, or causing the fence to completely fall over. Also, be careful not to knock over the fence while plowing.

Shifting soil is yet another biggest trouble

Temperature change and precipitation are common during winter. It can lead to a shift in the soil. As the fence posts are installed in the soil, it can shift the posts if they are not installed deep enough. Therefore, it is important to follow the installation process properly. Alternatively, it is better to get help from the installation experts to get the best result.

Final word

With the fall coming to a close, it is crucial to winterize. Duramax is one of the top-notch manufacturers where you will get semi-private vinyl fences. Also, you will get expert tips on maintaining and installing them. For more information, make sure to connect with the experts at Duramax.

Mind-Blowing Tips to Maintain the Look and Quality of Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence


People these days are becoming more concerned about decorating their houses, especially when it comes to privacy. Therefore, you will get various options in the market in terms of fencing materials. Some common fencing materials you will get are aluminum, wood, and other metals. However, one of the options that is easiest to maintain is vinyl fences.

Unlike wood, the semi-privacy vinyl fence does not need frequent painting. Also, vinyl fences do not get stained or infested with termites. As a result, you can save hours of hassle from frequently cleaning them. However, everything needs a little care for maintenance.

Although vinyl is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, it will get dirty after some time. Therefore, you will need to follow some easy tips to help make the fences look fresh and new. Here are a few maintenance tips for semi-privacy vinyl fences.

Using a garden hose for washing

One of the quickest ways of taking care of a semi-privacy vinyl fence is using a garden hose. Every house these days has garden hose pipes for watering the plants. All you need is a spray nozzle. You just have to attach it to the pipe, and you will be good to go. Using a hose, your semi-privacy vinyl fence will get a good bath. Ensure that you are washing the vinyl fence every two months.

Do not let the dirt cake on the surface of the fence. Otherwise, it will become extremely difficult to clean properly. Instead, make sure to focus on the dirt spots and hard-to-reach areas for better cleaning. You can even use simple soap water to clean any tough stain.

Use gentle bleach cleaner

Your fence will automatically catch dirt when exposed to extreme weather conditions like extreme heat, cold, or rain. As a result, it will become difficult for you to clean the semi-privacy vinyl fence. In this case, you will require more than a hose to remove the stubborn stains effectively.

Therefore, you will need mild bleach to remove all the stains. Using a soft bristle brush, you can remove any tough stains. Ignore any stiff brush, which will cause scratches on the vinyl fence. Also, before using the liquid on the fence directly, make sure to test it on any other surface.

Take care of any significant damage

Make a habit of walking around the fence monthly to check for any significant damage on the semi-privacy vinyl fence. Do not forget to bring your toolbox so that you can fix the damages as soon as you notice. If you notice any loose panels or even rails, make sure to fix them.

Also, if you notice any posts coming off, do not forget to give them a good shake. This way, you will be able to check them thoroughly. Also, if you have pets at your house, you might need to check the fences frequently. It is better not to wait for the next storm to check the damage.

Remove any mildew growth

Exposing the semi-privacy vinyl fence to extreme weather conditions will lead to damage to a certain extent. For example, you will notice mildew growth in the corners, where the sun rays cannot reach. Not removing the mildew growth leaves stubborn stains. The longer you leave them, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

In this case, mix laundry soap, mild bleach, and warm water and wash the fence properly. While washing it, keep your kids and pets away. Use a soft cloth and make sure to rub off any unwanted stains. Once you clean the mildew stains, use the garden hose to get that sparkling look.

Frequent brushing

It might sound obvious that many people still forget to brush their fences regularly. However, ignoring the brushing part might bring bigger problems. Get a stiff brush and remove any leaves, grass cutting, and paper bits. Exposing it to the sun or wind will dry on any debris. Therefore, you must make this a weekly habit, and your fence will remain clean.

Hence, these are some of the common maintenance tips for semi-privacy vinyl fences that one must follow regularly.

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