Get the Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing to Add Aesthetic Beauty to Your Property

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The decorative USA made vinyl fence is durable, strong, waterproof, and weather resistant. The USA made vinyl fencing is easy to clean. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose is the only maintenance required. The fences are non-toxic, chemical-resistant, lead-free, and recyclable. High-quality fences don’t turn yellow, stain, rot, rust, or attract termites.

A fence is an essential part of your property for demarcating the boundary line. The entrance of your property guarded with a fence needs to have the visual appeal to make the place look more delightful and beautiful. The decorative USA made vinyl fence can instantly make your property look like a paradise. However, not all fences get manufactured with care. Some USA made vinyl fencing is better than others. It’s not only the design, color, and style of the fence – it’s also the quality of the material and the manufacturer’s expertise to ensure higher strength and durability. You need to keep in mind a few things before investing in vinyl fences.

Enhance Your Property with Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing

Customize the DuraGrain fence

Are you in love with wooden fences and can’t get over them? The wooden fences might be visually pleasing, but they are so high-maintenance that they would not be a great choice in the long run. Instead, a better alternative for wooden fences is the Duragarin one. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained fencing style that visually looks just like real wood. The only difference about DuraGrain is that its inner cell structure is virgin vinyl making the fences waterproof, weatherproof, and extremely easy to maintain. The DuraGrain fences are so beautiful that it would be difficult to tell them apart from a wooden fence. In addition, the DuraGrain fences don’t rot, stain, or attract termites, making them more precious and long-lasting than wood.

You can customize the DuraGrain fence in any color, design, or style that would complement the look of your property and increase its visual aesthetics. In addition, DuraGrain fences last for many years and don’t lose their color or fade over time, unlike wood.

DuraResin – The weather-resistant formulae

The USA made vinyl fence is weather-resistant, but at times weak fences cannot withstand the sun’s heat. To counteract the problem of intense heat, some fence manufacturers have used the DuraResin formulation. The formulation uses over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture strong fences that don’t warp in the heat and can withstand the sun’s scorching rays without suffering damages or getting depilated. Vinyl fences have passed the wind test of 105mph, which ensures that they can survive wind uplifts and high impacts even though they are lightweight. In addition, the waterproof fences don’t rot or rust during heavy rainfall or thunderstorms. DuraResin’s weather-resistant formulation acts as a magic potion for vinyl fences to make them strong and more durable.

Seamless installation and no external hardware

Although some manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fence line, it’s not good. External hardware causes the fence to weaken over time due to external damages or rusting of the screws. Therefore, USA made vinyl fencing has a strong routing system with interlocked panels that securely hold the fence line together. Vinyl fencing with no external hardware is extremely durable and looks visually pleasing for its seamless appearance.

Deciding on Duramax Fence

Vinyl fencing manufacturers advocate utilizing the DuraResin formulation if you want robust fences resistant to heat and the sun’s searing rays. Duramax makes weather-resistant vinyl fences with over 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. For maintenance, wash them with a garden hose or a sponge now and again. The barriers are designed to endure severe rains and bad weather. The fences are heat resistant and can withstand exceptionally hard climatic conditions thanks to the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Weatherability and UV stability are the highest ratings for Duramax fences.

Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers ensure that you obtain a one-of-a-kind, robust, and sturdy fence. That’s why making vinyl fences with thicker vinyl sheets provides more strength and long-term durability. High-quality fences do not warp, crack, bend, or break in the heat. These fences, unlike wood, are heat and water-resistant, which means they won’t decay, corrode, or attract termites. In addition, Duramax fences are fire and high-impact resistant. The lightweight fences include a sturdy routing system and linked fence panels to keep the fence line. When it comes to the maintenance factor, nothing beats the vinyl fences’ affordability. It is cheaper than any other type of fencing material like iron, wood, or FRP. As a result, it offers additional savings whenever it comes to maintaining the fencing system in your property.

You will be even more excited to know that you can now get a free sample of our product. Yes, we are currently offering a freebie for you to try our products. So contact us today or walk into our store to avail this free sample for a limited time.

The Final Words

Choose Duramax, the only vinyl fence service supplier you can trust. Installing a beautifully designed vinyl panel in your home will not only improve the look and feel of your architectural structure but will also provide a new sense of life. Whether it’s for your home or company, the high-rated vinyl fences will provide you with the best beauty and durability that no other fencing material can match. If you want a custom-made fence for your property that’s decorative and chic looking, then contact Duramax manufacturers. The high-quality fence has a limited lifetime warranty and is fire resistant too. Book a free consultation with the Duramax experts today—request a quotation.

Installing a Vinyl Fence In the USA? Keep The Following Points In Mind


Proper demarcation was always required, and the presence of a boundary wall prevented encroachments. You can communicate to the world that this bit of land is rightfully yours. In this modern era, there is another need to install a fence: home security. You cannot allow mischievous elements to come close to living space. It invites a major security lapse, and this is one more reason to install a fence right at the outer areas of the property.

The fence must be strong and durable

Through a fence installation, you are eager to prevent unauthorized entry, and hence the product must be strong and durable. The best solution here will be to explore the range presented under the USA made vinyl fencing. Unfortunately, today, there is yet to be any fencing idea that can beat vinyl in terms of strength and durability.

Vinyl beats wood on multiple factors

The USA made vinyl fence beats wood on multiple factors and one can start with the costs. As you seek a quote from a manufacturer, one will feel that wood is the cheaper version. Initially, wooden fences are cheaper to install, but you must consider the replacement costs. One must note that vinyl will not need replacement in your lifetime. However, the wooden fences will require a replacement a few years later. Once you consider the multiple replacement costs, one will feel that it is vinyl, which is cheaper. It is better to install a fence, which you need not have to look back on for a lifespan. Vinyl fences are just a variety, and it is not a surprise that manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty.

There is no need to worry about vinyl fences

Vinyl fencing is a unique fencing type that does not require much maintenance.  When you choose vinyl fences, you need not worry about staining. Cleaning the fence with a hose is enough to clean any stain. You can even install a traditional white vinyl fence without worrying about its maintenance. Duramax vinyl fence is made of thicker fences that do not break or sag or crack. Years will pass, but there will be no rotting or decaying of the fence. It will remain in the same condition as it was at the installation time. In addition, when you buy a fence from Duramax, you also get a limited lifetime warranty.

Specialties Of Duramax Fences

Duramax vinyl fences are made in the USA from high-quality virgin vinyl. Duramax Fences uses DuraResin formulation making them strong enough to bear the intense Southwest sun. The fences have over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors and the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. Their fences are heat, cold, water, and fire-resistant, which means the fences won’t crack or break under extreme temperatures. Duramax exceeds ASTM F964 standards, while the fencing industry only meets minimum requirements. The fences do not crack, break or sag under extreme weather conditions. They may bend a little under high wind pressure but will return to their normal state as the wind stops.

Talk to our experts to know more of our vinyl fence range and ask for a quote now.

Duramax USA made vinyl fencing for your yard – durability, quality, beauty and so much more!

affordable vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences are indeed the most durable and that’s why it’s a hot favorite in America. However, presenting such an impressive resume about theUSA made vinyl fencing is nothing new. You need to know the intrinsic details of the USA made vinyl fence and what makes them the most desirable fencing option in America. In this blog, we are not going to talk about the general things about vinyl fences. Instead, we would focus on Duramax vinyl fences that are much more than just durable, beautiful and of good quality. Enough of the fairytale vinyl fence. It’s time to get real and look at facts that make vinyl fences – the most ideal fencing solution for every property in the USA.

DuraResin Vinyl Formulation – Good fences get manufactured with advanced technologies and innovative formulation

While vinyl is weather-resistant, it has to do with its manufacturing process. Unfortunately, not all vinyl fences get created with forethought. Some good fences have the DuraResin vinyl formulation to withstand the intense heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun. DuraResin formulation has a composition of over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and strong UV inhibitors. The formulation provides the Duramax fences with the highest rated UV stability and weatherability. Due to its weather-resistivity, the fences do not warp in heat or crack in the cold. Duramax fences have passed the wind test of 105mph and are waterproof. These fences are immune to strong winds, heavy rainfall, ice storms, snowfall, and other weather disturbances. No matter how much the weather torments the fence, Duramax’s USA made vinyl fence stand tall for years together without getting ravaged.

Dirt and debris buildup – Why no one talks about it?

No matter how well you get the fences cleaned, the dirt and debris buildup on the fence rails, right at the bottom, makes them dirty. Even if no one talks about it, Duramax manufacturers ensure to address the problem. We have a unique DirtGaurdTM privacy fence with a patent design to minimize the buildup of debris and dirt at the bottom rails across the total perimeter of the fence. The bottom rail gets designed by our expert professionals for easy maintenance of the fence. Cleaning the fence with a garden hose is easy, but removing the dirt and debris from the fence rails gets easier with our unique DirtGaurdTM Proprietary Bottom Rail Design.

Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards

The USA made vinyl fencing is non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant, fire-resistant and pet-friendly. The recyclable heat-resistant fences do not fade or turn yellow even after 10 years or even more. Duramax fences made with thicker vinyl material have a strong routing system interlocking each panel with one another. At Duramax, we offer custom-made fences to suit your preferences with a limited lifetime warranty.

Final thoughts

A vinyl fence is the last fence you would ever buy. Virtually maintenance-free, the fences are tough as nails and five times stronger than wood. The only odd thing about the vinyl fences is that they would serve you a lifetime and it would be the last fence you will ever buy. Are you ready to get the forever fence for your property? Get in touch with us! Request a quote.

USA-made vinyl fencing from Duramax Fences – Reliability and Durability

white vinyl fence

Most fences break because they cannot endure the intensity of the sunlight and the effects of various environmental conditions. You can well imagine what a fence has to undergo because it is installed in the exterior premises. A fence is an external home improvement accessory that should be made of durable materials.

A lot of factors depend on making a fence long-lasting and not only the toughness of the material. Had it been so, then metal fences could last for a lifetime. Even wood is a popular fencing choice, but it cannot endure the weather conditions for long. After rigorous research, vinyl fences were invented to help homeowners and other commercial property owners eliminate the problem.

Vinyl fences last for about 20-25 years

Installing a USA-made vinyl fence around the property is not an easy affair in terms of expenses. You can manage to have it once and for all but not reinstall or repair it frequently. Also, weaker fences make fragile boundaries. A shabby fence can completely spoil the look and feel of your property. Vinyl is used to make durable fences because this material has certain advantages that no other material has. Yes, a vinyl fence can last for about 20-25 years, which is a pretty long time. No repairs or repainting is needed to keep the fences in great condition. Customers have been looking for such an affordable option and can now own a fence within the budget. 

Vinyl fences are made from Duraresin formulation

Duramax in the USA manufactures various types of modern vinyl fencing. We also customize fences according to your requirements as we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all concept. We try to offer exclusive fences to every property owner. The fences are made of pure 100% virgin vinyl, giving more strength and quality to the fences. The fences are resistant to heat, cold, impact, pressure, and other extremities. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation which gives durability and strength to the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Our vinyl fences are beautiful, sleek, and have a traditional touch. 

Customized vinyl fences – A variety of fences

Duramax fences are available in an array of designs, heights, sizes, and colors. Our fences have a robust routing system and there are no visible screws or any other fitting that can spoil the look of the fences. Our fences have a carefree performance. The fences are available in various colors, and you can also pick a white color fence. Unlike wooden or metal fences, these do not require repainting. The white color fences remain super white even after months and years. Some common types include vinyl picket fences, scallop fences, classic ones, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more.

Affordable USA made vinyl fencing

A lot of customers have relied on our fencing and they are satisfied. We have been manufacturing fences for more than 20 years now. Ask our experts about a fence, and we shall offer you the most suitable deal. Shop online for USA-made vinyl fencing and get good discounts. Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory unit in the USA. This ensures affordability to the customers of the country. 

Request for a quote.

Duramax’s USA made vinyl fencing lasts longer and looks better

affordable vinyl fencing

Traditionally fences kept properties safe and secure. Fences were aesthetically pleasing as well, lending the place visual appeal. Even today, many homeowners look for fences to protect their property and beautify their space. The USA made vinyl fencing is the most coveted fence in contemporary times. Although property owners still prefer to buy traditional vinyl fencing for their ancestral homes, but it’s always advisable to look for custom-made fences rather than going for fixed traditional styles. Duramax is one of the leading front yard and backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Duramax manufacturers provide custom-made fences that look perfect, last long, are low-maintenance and add visual freshness. However, there are several other reasons to purchase Duramax fences.

Weather-resistant fences

Duramax uses the DuraResin vinyl formulation to make weather-resistant fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and powerful UV inhibitors get used for making highly weather-resistant fences that would last for a long time. Duramax fences have the highest rated UV stability and outstanding weatherability. The USA made vinyl fencing can easily withstand the intense heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. Heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms and strong winds cannot bring down a vinyl fence. The high-quality fences do not warp under intense heat or crack in cold temperatures. Duramax manufacturers provide fences that have passed the wind test of 105 mph and exceed the ASTM quality standards. The waterproof fences are heat-resistant, impact-resistant and also resistant to fire, molds and toxic chemicals.

Vinyl fences, yet they look like wood

Some property owners love the look of wooden fences. However, the wooden fences rot and often break as they are not resistant to the weather. Switch wooden fences and buy traditional vinyl fencing. Among all other customized fences, the Duragrain fencing is the most fancied fencing option that is modern yet lends a traditional appeal. Duragrain fences look and feel like wood and this quality makes them a big favorite among traditional fences. The Duragrain fences might appear like wood, but have the cellular configuration of vinyl, making them durable, stronger and easier to maintain. Duramax offers various styles and designs of Duragrain fences to upgrade the beauty of your space. If you like traditional fences and wood is your choice, then don’t miss out on the durable Duragrain fence. These fences stay for years and require very little maintenance.

Duramax & Durability – Go Hand in Hand

Duramax is one of the top-notch backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers because the fences all have thicker walls for enhanced strength and outstanding durability. The thicker materials eliminate the issues faced with thinner walls like cracking, warping, sagging, and breaking of the fences. Duramax manufactures the products to ensure that they stay strong for years together, requiring no repairs or replacements. There are other manufacturers using external brackets and unsightly screws to build the fences, but Duramax does not use any external hardware. Duramax fences have no visible hardware. The high-quality, customized vinyl fences have a strong routing system and the fence panels have a robust interlocking pattern keeping them together.

Looking for a better fence – Come for a free consultation at Duramax

You will get the finest quality and most beautifully designed fences at Duramax. Reach out to us for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote. Our experts would be delighted to help you! Get connected today.

Duramax fulfilling your home exterior improvement needs – Installing fences and toppers

USA made vinyl fence

If you are planning to add more security to your property, it’s important to take care of your backyard. Most homeowners ignore the backyard unless they experience trespassing or theft. Does your backyard have a common boundary? Is there an old broken fence or no fence at all around the backyard? Whatever be your requirements, Duramax has got you covered. We are one of the leading home improvement manufacturers in the USA. We have a whole range of vinyl toppers and fences in our inventory. We manufacture stylish and beautiful fences with customization options. 

Goodbye to wooden and metal fences

We have come across so many homeowners who are interested in vinyl fencing. The advantages are plenty compared to any other fencing material. Wooden and metal fencing once existed heavily but is now becoming a thing of the past. We have interacted with clients interested in vinyl fences but cannot think beyond the beauty of wooden fences. Duramax Vinyl Fences can make your dreams come true. We have the Duragrain range, where you get vinyl fences that have wood-like texture and feel.

Are you looking for a USA-made vinyl fence? Our fences are available in various types and designs that can turn your yard into a beauty. We manufacture affordable vinyl fences in the USA. Metal fences also have their own challenges as they tend to rust over time. Gone are those days when metal fences were considered durable. Metal fences tend to rust and discolor within a short period. Vinyl fences are 5 times more durable compared to metal fences and do not rust over time.

Durable fences from Duramax

The Duramax unique DruaResinTM vinyl formulation is used to make durable fences that have ample resistivity. The fences can’t endure the heat of the Southwest and the Northwest sun. We use this formulation to design fences and vinyl toppers. Duramax fences have the highest rated UV stability as the fence formulation uses over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic fences and toppers

Duramax is among the renowned backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Our fences are eco-friendly and free from toxic elements. The fences are made inside our factory in the USA, making it affordable to the USA clients.

Simple to install and easy to clean

What if you have a short backyard wall that is hampering your privacy? Install a vinyl wall topper that is an addition to the backyard wall. Duramax vinyl fences and toppers are low-maintenance and simple to clean. Clean the fences with water and light detergent once every fortnight and that is called enough maintenance. Also, the fences are easy to install. A vinyl fence or a topper takes only a few hours to install by an expert contractor.

Final words – request for a quote

Duramax fences and toppers exceed the ASTM F964 standards and offer a limited lifetime warranty for all products. The experts offer free consultation along with exclusive discounts. You can get in touch with us if you want to upgrade to an old one. Request a quote today to order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Why you should install a traditional rail ranch fence in the USA

USA made vinyl fence

Are you fond of traditional ranch rail fences? These fences are very popular in the USA. These are installed around horse ranches and farms. Fences are exposed not only to the sunlight but all-weather conditions. Installing a fence involves a high cost so that any homeowner would settle for a long-lasting fence. There was a time when the choice of materials was limited. But now you can choose between vinyl, wood or metal. After installing wooden and metal fencing for centuries, homeowners have realized that both the materials require repairs or replacement. Vinyl fencing is again an extremely popular choice because of the advantages.

A vinyl ranch rail fence is mostly installed around the perimeter of the field that has horses inside. A vinyl ranch rail fence uses horizontal railing and perpendicular posts. A vinyl fence can stand the intensity of the Northwest and Southwest sun. Duramax vinyl fences are made using the Duraresin formulation. This offers durability and strength. Also, the fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors. This ensures UV stability and protection against all weather conditions.

USA-made vinyl fencing from Duramax

Are you looking for a USA-made vinyl fence? Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for almost 25 years. The Duramax website brings to you an online shopping experience. Duramax ranks on the top of search engines. Our website brings various types of fences under one roof. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl making the fences waterproof. Vinyl fences are not prone to rotting, warping or bending. Our fences are modern and offer a carefree performance. The fences are so durable that they can endure extreme pressure. The fences do not split or crack if any livestock barges into the fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph.

Get customized vinyl fences

Duramax offers adjustable and customized fences. It is easy to modify every rail as per your requirements. You can also choose the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing. Duramax does not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ concept, hence customization. It is simple to install and uninstall the fences. A local contractor can complete the installation process in a few hours. Choose the number of rails according to your requirements. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 ranch rail fences. We would recommend a 3-rail ranch fence. Choose an affordable vinyl fencing solution from Duramax.

Vinyl fences have a smooth performance

Vinyl fences have a very smooth surface that does not attract a lot of dust or bacteria. The fences are easy to clean and do not require daily maintenance. Wash the fences occasionally with water and detergent to keep them clean.

Duramax fences are recyclable

Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fence is safe for kids to touch and pets to lick. Choose Duramax for affordable vinyl fencing. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA, so the fences are affordable to USA homeowners. Connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to buy vinyl fencing—request a quote.

Add a Duramax vinyl fence in the USA around your new property or old house

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Do you have an old house that needs adding accessory or a new property that still does not have a fence? It adds security and makes your home exterior look beautiful. Fences are still popular in the USA. Now with technological advancements, there has been a lot of changes in the world of fencing. The fences have a modern touch. Now homeowners have more customization scope, which includes choosing the material, fence type, style, and measurements.

The latest addition to the fencing material is vinyl. Vinyl is a durable material that offers extreme resistivity. Vinyl has plenty of advantages compared to other fencing materials. Metal and wood both are popular fencing materials. But vinyl is gradually taking over. If you prefer the rusticity of wood, then install a vinyl fence with a wood-like finish. You do not have to deal with issues like termites, repainting, and rot. Metal fences were once a very durable choice but rusting and fading are drawbacks. A USA-made Vinyl fence can retain its look even after years of installation.

No expensive daily maintenance

Vinyl fences do not require any expensive or daily maintenance. You can clean the fences once every fortnight or when needed with a wet cloth and soap. You can wash down the little amount of dirt using a garden hose. You would be amused to see only very little dirt sticking to your fence even after being exposed to external conditions. The vinyl fences have a very smooth surface that does not attract any impurities or bacteria.

We have our own manufacturing unit

Duramax fences are manufactured inside our own manufacturing unit in the USA. This is a reason why the fences are affordable to USA customers. Our fences are eco-friendly and free from toxins. The fences are available in different colors, sizes, designs, and heights.

The types of Duramax vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are water-resistant and can also resist heat, cold, impact, and high pressure. The popular vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA use premium quality virgin vinyl to manufacture the fences. The products are ASTM-certified and quality-checked before it is shipped to client sites. Duramax is a renowned vinyl fence manufacturer in the USA for more than 20 years. We are glad that we have a huge client base. We design vinyl picket fence, scallop fences, classic, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more.

The unique Duraresin formulation

Duramax vinyl fences are ideal for your backyard. The fences can endure the Southwest sun rays. Our engineers apply the Duraresin formula while designing the fences. This acts as a layer barring the UVA and UVB rays from corroding the fences. The fences use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which gives UV stability and weather ability. This is why we are among the renowned backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. 

Get limited lifetime warranty

Talk to the Duramax experts if your backyard needs new fencing. You can visit our store in person or choose to shop online. The Duramax website is user-friendly, so even a non-specialist can navigate and choose products. Select from the range of fences and place your order, avail the offers and discounts going on. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our products—request a quote.

Introducing Vinyl Fencing: The Basics You Need to Know

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

Many people opt for vinyl fencing instead of traditional wood fencing for their homes. These fences are generally low-maintenance as they are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which does not splinter or crack like wood. Homeowners tend to choose vinyl fencing as it does not require refinishing and does not rot. From tall privacy fences to short picket fences, they also come in various styles and colors. Backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers can give your fence a wood-like appearance. However, extreme weather can damage the material or warp your vinyl fence. Its initial installation could also be costly for you. Yet, many feel that the advantages of USA-made vinyl fencing outweigh its disadvantages.

Cost Of Average Vinyl Fencing

According to The Spruce, on average, it costs $3,600 for a USA-made vinyl fence. A linear square foot vinyl picket fence and a taller privacy vinyl fence will cost you approximately $20 and $40, respectively. You will have to spend an additional $35-$50 per hour on labor. On the other hand, a wood fence will cost you $2,800, and the additional labor costs will be $15-$45 per linear foot.

Some add-ons like gates, lattice effects, texturing, and fence post caps will increase the price further. The thickness of the material will also affect the price. Cheap vinyl fences can easily get damaged or dented as they are thin. With thicker vinyl, you can have a stable fence that will need less maintenance over time. Instead of going for a lower-quality material, select a simple design if you wish to save money.

Repair And Maintenance for Vinyl Fences

You can easily maintain your vinyl fences. They do not ever need staining or painting; you can clean them easily and their surface will not scratch quickly. As vinyl is a nonporous substance, you can clean its surface with a hose whenever it gets dirty. These fences are also kids and pets friendly, as they do not splinter. If the fence is near a sprinkler, then mildew, mold, or algae may occasionally grow on it due to the dampness of the surrounding area. You can clean most of the stain by hosing the fence and then scrubbing it down with a dish soap and water solution.

It is a bit tricky to repair a vinyl fence because of its sturdy material. You may have to replace your entire vinyl fence panel if a part of it breaks to ensure that the pieces fit together. In contrast, replacing one broken post or board is sufficient when fixing a wood fence.


There are various designs of vinyl fences to choose from. If you wish to block sightlines, you can opt for tall privacy vinyl fences with slats close together. For more spaced-out slats, you can check out other kinds of picket styles. Vinyl fencing also comes in many color choices such as black, gray, tan, brown, and white. If you like bolder colors, you can also opt for red, blue, or green fences. Duramax Fence can offer you low maintenance, durable, and attractive fencing solutions.

No additional maintenance required upon installing a simple backyard vinyl fence or any other style you prefer

buy traditional fences

Installing a fence around your yard is an excellent idea but be careful as not all fences are equal. Who would want to have additional property maintenance when there is already so much to do? Wooden and metal fences existed for ages, but vinyl could be a suitable modern fencing material. Modern vinyl fencing has many advantages as compared to other fencing materials.

The vinyl fence revolution is altering the way the USA considers fencing. This is especially ostensible when you view a yard enclosed with a beautiful white backyard vinyl fence. An elegant picket fence is the smartest accessory for the front yard again. The rear and side yard do not remain bare; most prefer installing a stylish privacy fence.

Duramax fences use the Duraresin formulation

There was a time when vinyl fences were meant only for the wealthy. Duramax is among those companies that played a role in making vinyl fences affordable. In the last few years, USA-made vinyl fencing has gained immense popularity. When homeowners look for a vinyl fence, they want a clean and classic look with functionality and easy maintenance. Our fences are specially made using the Duraresin formulation that helps the fences endure the Southwest sun’s intense heat. The 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors give the fences UV stability and weatherability. 

Vinyl fences are available in various colors

Duramax USA-made vinyl fences are manufactured in various color shades. Choose a shade that matches the rest of the property and your choice. You can also choose colors like light tan, dark tan, and elegant white. 

Hire a local contractor for installation

Duramax is one of the most renowned and experienced backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. We say that a low-maintenance vinyl fence installation costs almost the same as a wooden fence that needs regular upkeep. Hire a local contractor, and they would be comfortable installing a Duramax fence of any style. Post-installation, the fences would not attract a lot of dirt or bacteria due to the smooth surface. Clean the fences occasionally with water and a light soap for a shinier look. 

Toxin free vinyl fence

Duramax fences are manufactured in our factory located in the USA. The fences are affordable for USA homeowners, which is indeed a relief. The fences are eco-friendly and recyclable, free from odor or toxic elements like lead and other chemicals. This is why it is safe for pets and kids. 

Vinyl fencing is gaining popularity

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for rural stables where horses chew wooden fences. Installing a vinyl split rail fencing can help do away with yearly whitewashing. Duramax vinyl pool fences are a great alternative to steel rails installed around swimming pools. Explore the Duramax inventory, and you will be spoilt for choices. 

Invest in USA made vinyl fence

Are you planning to install a USA-made vinyl fence? Customize your vinyl fence today, book a free consultation. Duramax is an e-commerce website, place your order here and get a limited lifetime warranty. Request for a quote.

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