Secure Your Home With Conventional Vinyl Fence

white vinyl fence

Are you looking forward to installing an alternative fence at your home? Are you on the lookout for something unique, such as vinyl fencing? Well, this post will address all of your questions. Installing custom vinyl fencing has various advantages. Plastic base materials shaped out of polyvinyl chloride, generally known as PVC, are available. Unlike hardwood materials, these are relatively low maintenance and do not fracture or splinter. Often, buyers choose a wooden fence, which is not the best option. Before you begin the installation procedure, you must have a plan. The price varies depending on the severity of the weather and the material’s damage.

Vinyl Fencing Specialties

The vinyl fencing comes in numerous shapes and sizes. There are tall privacy fences with slats that are closely attached to block sightlines. You’ll be able to add accents like lattice at the top of the fence, a scalloped top, and other decorative caps to make it look much more fascinating. Duramax designs their vinyl fences most effectively to look like ornament iron fences with rounded or narrow slats. These often have high-pointed tops. These fences are taller and shorter, offering numerous options. A variety of color options like white, tan, brown, grey, and black are made easily available. The styles are made in bold colors like green, red, and blue. It has a faultless texture and noticeable materials of usual wood and stucco.

You can install the vinyl fence anywhere of your choice. You need to install a fence based on the segment of your yard. Likewise, you can choose a tall fence for security purposes. The privacy needs to be around your backyard. You can install traditional vinyl fencing near the swimming pool for safety. You can place small vinyl fences around the garden bed and another part of your residential lawn.

Can The Vinyl Fence Be Protected?

Vinyl fencing is solid and exceptionally effective for offering protection. The fence is stylish and adds a gorgeous look to the fence. It is highly durable and effective in the long run. The best part is the fence does not get sun damage. The rainwater even rolls right off from top to bottom. White Vinyl fence is a perfect addition to your occurrence with the sturdy materials. If the fence ever breaks, which will not happen in 20 years of installation, you can easily replace it. However, the cost of repairing fences is variable and dependent on the damages. Often after long years of using a fence, it starts shaking off from the roots. In those cases, hire a professional to get the best servicing done in no time.

Molds and mildews start growing on the fences. It happens if the fence is near to the sprinkler that is a majorly damp area. You can look into all these on your own. Keep the places clean by washing them off with hose pipe water. Scrub the fences using dish soap. Timely rinse the fence with your hose pipe, and all the stains will be gone in some time. Thus, use the vinyl fencing for the best look of the place.

Installing a vinyl fence panel during the winter season

vinyl fence manufacturers

The festive season is approaching, and this is the time when you should already plan your property renovation. The interior and the exterior are both to be done to make your property look attractive. How about installing a beautiful new fence around your yard? Fences are available in a variety of types and styles. In addition, different materials are used to manufacture fences. Vinyl fences have advantages those other fencing materials do not possess. Mild winter could be the ideal time to install a fence. Read this blog to know more. You can install a vinyl fence panel in any season but do not leave out winter unless the ground is frozen. 

The landscaping and weather conditions

During the winter, most of the plants and trees become dormant. A manicured landscape in your yard makes it convenient for you to install a vinyl fence panel during the colder months. The plants won’t be harmed, for the fences are quickly installed. Vinyl fences remain unchanged even in severe cold weather conditions. 

Duramax uses 100% pure vinyl to manufacture durable vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are waterproof and have an anti-mold coating to protect the fences from humid and extreme conditions. In addition, the fences are resistant to snowfall, intense Southwest sun, high-speed wind and pressure.

Quick installation of vinyl fences during the winters

Once the summer or spring hits, you will feel like relaxing and enjoying the backyard. There is no need to dig the yard during this time and damper the fun. During the springtime, most homeowners are busy installing a vinyl fence. You might end up not finding a desirable fencing contractor. Yes, spring could be the prime time, but you could also install a fence during the mild winters.

You can install a vinyl fence if you have prior experience. Hire a renowned local fence installation contractor from Duramax in the USA. A vinyl fence installation is not a complex process and is not time-taking. A vinyl fencing does not require expensive daily maintenance. Wipe the fences with a damp cloth and soap to keep them dust-free, and you can wash the fences when needed. Vinyl fences do not get dirty or shabby as they have an extremely smooth and crease-free surface. 

Why install a Duramax vinyl fence?

Duramax is one of the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. We have been designing vinyl fences for the last 20 years or more. The fence styles include scallop fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, pool and various other types of fences. Vinyl fences are beautiful, functional, and offer carefree performance. The fences are ASTM-certified, and our experts ensure that quality checked fences are shipped to your site.

Vinyl fences have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on their surface. Therefore, there is no need to worry about repainting when you install a colorful fence. A colorful fence can be a great addition to your property. The colors do not fade, and no repainting is required. Explore our white vinyl fences that never turn yellowish as time passes by. 

Final words

Beat the crowd by installing a fence in your yard during the winter season. We have fences in our inventory that suit every budget. First, reach the Duramax team for a customized vinyl fencing solution. Then, order online to buy durable vinyl fencing and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Get to know about the timeless appeal of the American vinyl fence panel

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Americans love vinyl fences. Many prefer the wooden ones, but the hype around vinyl is increasing day by day. It’s because wooden fences are not durable and are known for being extremely high-maintenance. Americans seek beautiful fences that require less time and effort to maintain. The vinyl fence panel is aesthetically pleasing, but they get customized easily and are virtually maintenance-free. Duramax manufacturers customize fences for Americans in various styles, designs, colors and sizes. While long-term customers seek white picket fences, some newbies look for ‘a bit American’ fence style that’s classic with the subtle contemporary touch.

Some clients are crystal clear with their fence dreams of customization and want the classic perimeter fence but personalized and made to look better. What sets Duramax fences apart from all others? Here are a few things that might interest you.

Duraresin vinyl formulation – The magic potion of weather-resistant fences 

Not all vinyl fences will offer you the same efficiency, strength and durability. What’s the use of a beautiful fence that’s not durable? The Sun is the biggest enemy of the fence line. The UV radiation can weaken the fences to make them warp, sag and break down. However, Duramax fences don’t warp as the fence panels get manufactured with the unique Duraresin vinyl formulation.

Potent UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide get used to manufacture high-quality fences with exceptional weather resistivity. These fences can withstand intense heat and the scorching rays of the Sun without warping, sagging, breaking, cracking, or falling over. Duraresin formulation acts as a magic potion to strengthen the lightweight plastic fences into magnificently strong and sturdy ones. The engineered fences don’t turn yellowish or fade over time. Duramax fences don’t need repainting or whitewashing for at least ten years or even more.

Thicker vinyl sheets – Outstanding strength and everlasting durability 

Vinyl is an excellent fencing option for its durability. The vinyl fences don’t rust, rot, stain, or attract termites. However, Duramax takes the durability quotient a notch higher. The Duramax fences get manufactured using thicker vinyl fence panels that promise greater strength and durability. Thicker vinyl sheets ensure that the fences get enhanced sturdiness and don’t start breaking down, warping, or dilapidating over time. Duramax manufacturers don’t use external brackets and unsightly screws that might weaken the fences.

The high-quality fence line has a strong routing system that locks each panel together with one another for increased strength and sturdiness. The vinyl fence panel has no external hardware and the smooth surface ensures that no dirt, debris, or residue hides at the corners. The fences are non-toxic, chemical-resistant, lead-free, fire-resistant and extremely pet-friendly.

Duragrain – The deadly wood-vinyl combo 

If you haven’t fallen in love with the vinyl fence panel, you should check out the Duragrain fencing. It’s a wood-grained fence that has the cell structure of vinyl. These fences look like real wood, but are durable, waterproof, weather-resistant and low maintenance like vinyl. Duragrain fences are a deadly combination of the visual aesthetics of wood and the durability of vinyl.
Book a free consultation today to get your customized vinyl fence panel. Request a no-obligation quote.

Duramax brings to you a whole range of modern and traditional vinyl fence panel

vinyl Fencing Calculator

Showcase your love for modern fences and traditional fencing by exploring the range of Duramax fences. Duramax manufactures premium quality vinyl fences for all types of properties. Some of our fences include scallop fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, pool and various other types of fences. Duramax promotes traditional fences that have a class of their own. We have introduced a whole range of vinyl fences that suits every budget. Vinyl is now being used to manufacture fences because of the advantages. The material is suitable for internal and external use specially where moisture is a dominant factor. Decide the type of vinyl fence panel you desire to install.

ASTM certified vinyl panels

Duramax is now one of the most renowned vinyl fence panel manufacturers in the USA. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which gives durability and sheer resistivity. The products are ASTM-certified that ensures quality. The fences can bear the intensity of the Southwest sun. Our fences are made by using the unique Duraresin formulation which provides durability. Our engineers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which offer resistivity to the fences. We have fences that have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on its surface. Our fences are beautiful and have aesthetic beauty.

Choose the fence color of your choice

Duramax fences offer solid performance and are available in a wide range of colors. A colorful fence can lift up the mood of your yard and add life to your property and immediate surroundings. You can add any fence color of your choice but if you are unable to decide the shade, we have a team of experts to help you. We have a whole range of white color fences that can add elegance and serenity. Duramax fences are easy to maintain and the fences do not require any repainting. The white vinyl fences do not turn yellow whereas any other fence material would look shabby within a few months.

No heavy maintenance required

Vinyl fences require nominal maintenance which is not expensive at all. Wipe the fences with a damp cloth and soap to keep it dust free and you can wash the fences when needed. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface which does not attract a lot of dirt and impurities. A vinyl fence panel can initially cost a little higher but it is worth the price you pay. The fence panels can last for almost 20-25 years which is pretty many years. Duramax fences are environment friendly and made in the USA inside our factory unit. This makes the fences affordable to the clients in the USA.

 Shop for fences online

Are you planning a vinyl fence panel installation? Get an affordable vinyl fencing installation for your yard. There are local contractors who can install a fence at a nominal charge. In case you have prior experience, you can choose the DIY option as well. Duramax fences are available online which relieves the hassle of visiting the store. Come to Duramax and make your best choice. Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

Peter is satisfied installing a vinyl fence panel from the DuraGrain range from Duramax

vinyl fence

Many people love wooden fences for the rich and rustic look, but maintaining the fences is the biggest challenge. We have many clients who have a soft corner for wooden fences. During the last week of July, we had an interaction with a client from Denver. This man named Peter is an interior designer. While interacting, we could well understand that he possesses a great sense of style. He shared a few pictures of his home with us, along with an old wooden fence. We want to share this story with our readers. He has invested a lot in his home which is beautiful inside out. Peter is unhappy about the wooden fence, which has lost its shine and a part of it got infected by termites last monsoon. He was desperately looking for a solution. He was now interested in installing a vinyl fence panel replacing the old wooden fence.

Explore the Duragrain range of fences

This pandemic was very challenging for him because he honestly shared that he survived pay cuts. Now when the world is healing and things are looking positive, he wishes to invest a little in beautifying the exterior where fencing is a part. Peter is a high-spirited man who believes in top-notch solutions. A few of his colleagues spoke to him about Duramax and our DuraGrain fences. Peter is now looking for a worthy investment. Our team assured him that we would be offering vinyl fences that look entirely like wooden fences and have a rustic feel. The client was amazed to see our range of DuraGrain fences and he surely selected one. This range brings vinyl fences for wood lovers.

The extreme resistivity of wooden fences

While having a close interaction with the client, we realized that the wooden fences were also not able to bear the intense sunlight. Are you worried about your fence getting damaged by the Southwest or Northwest sun? A vinyl fence panel can endure the intense sun rays. Our engineers use a mix of Duraresin to give durability and resistivity to the fences. Duramax fences are made by combining 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This makes the fences stable and offers a lot of resistance. The fences are resistant against heat, fire, cold, storm, shocks and more. Peter was convinced that we could fulfill his requirements.

Low maintenance and easy installation

Peter was spending a lot of money on maintaining the wooden fences. Duramax promised him that we would lower the cost as he could never imagine. Vinyl fences have a simple maintenance schedule that can be followed once a fortnight. The fences have a smooth surface where impurities do not accumulate and bacteria cannot survive. Wipe the fences with a damp cloth and some soap and you can wash those sometimes. The installation is also not a very complex process. One contractor can complete it within a few hours. We recommend DIY installation only if you have prior experience which saves more cost.

Shop online for a vinyl fence panel

Peter was aware that vinyl fences are advantageous compared to wood or any other. He shopped online for a beautiful picket vinyl fence panel from Duramax. Get in touch with the Duramax team if you are looking for a similar customized solution. Ask for a free quote.

Why repair an old fence when you can install a durable vinyl fence panel?

affordable vinyl fencing installation

In 2021, there is no repairing your old broken fence because there is a fencing material that will never break again. So gather the courage to reinstall a new vinyl fence. This would be a choice that is worth the investment you make. A fence has to go through a lot because it absorbs the sun, snow, wind, pressure and impact. Vinyl fences are the most modern invention of the era.

Vinyl is a durable fencing material that does not absorb humidity and is waterproof. Vinyl fencing is a very popular solution in the USA. Recently most homes in the USA are equipped with vinyl fences. We would let you know more about a vinyl fence panel to make an informed decision. 

The  resistivity of vinyl fences

The Northwest sun and the Southwest sun have the harshest rays that can wear out the fences gradually. Most homeowners are scared of that. Here vinyl fences can act as a savior by not caring about the sun’s rays. Duramax fences are super durable; they are made of the Duraresin formulation for absolute toughness. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for better weather resistivity and safeguarding the fences from the sun’s rays. The fences stand tall in freezing temperatures and even in the monsoon without worrying about dampness due to humidity. A vinyl fence panel has a smooth surface that does not attract bacteria and microorganisms.

Do you know that even a vinyl fence can have the rusticity of wood?

Duramax has a unique range of fences under the brand name Duragrain. Here we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wood in terms of rusticity and feel. Many property owners interested in wooden fences are taking an interest in these vinyl ones. Unlike wooden fences, these are not prone to discoloration or getting affected by termites. Also, wooden fences do not last long even after repainting, but vinyl fences can last for a lifetime. So, vinyl fences are a little more expensive compared to wood and it is worth investing.

No excessive maintenance costs

Vinyl fences can save cleaning costs and hassle because the smooth fence surface does not attract many impurities. Clean the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and water. You can also wash the fences with soap and water occasionally.  

Vinyl fences can last for more than 25-30 years, so it is almost a one-time investment. Vinyl fences are available in various colors, and you can also install a beautiful and subtle white vinyl fence panel.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic fences

Duramax fences are recyclable and eco-friendly; there are no toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets in case they touch or lick the fences. We have our manufacturing unit in the USA so our fences are available at a reasonable cost to the USA customers. Order fences online from our new website.

Book a free consultation and request a quote.

Duramax ranch rail fence – It is a mix of traditional and modern fencing

Ranch Rail fence

If you are in love with traditional fencing, a ranch rail fence is ideal for you. Modern fence manufacturers have also kept in mind that many people still prefer not panels but rails. Homeowners say that traditional fences are easy to install but modern fence panels are not complex. It is important to design fences based on the taste of the homeowners.

A rail ranch is a traditional style fence

Duramax brings to you traditional and modern fences that have a carefree performance. It has been over 20 years that we are catering to the fencing market. We have seen people accepting vinyl fences because of the advantages that metal and wood do not have. But we have also seen how homeowners are fond of wooden fences, their rich look and style. For instance, we would never let you down. We bring to you the Duragrain range which is vinyl fencing that looks akin to wood.

Install a ranch rail fence if you want to introduce a traditional touch to your property, be it a farm or a country home. Ranch rails are very commonly installed around horse stables. These fences usually run around the perimeter of the field. You can install the number of rails as per your requirements. We can install 2, 3 or 4 rails, but we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. 

A vinyl fence panel is beautiful and durable

They can withstand extreme pressure and impact. The fences do not split or crack if any cattle barge into the fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Our fences can also endure the intensity of the Northwest and Southwest sun.

Simple hassle-free cleaning

The fences have a strong routing system and there are no visible screws that can mar the look of the fences. A vinyl fence panel has a very smooth surface. Vinyl is not prone to accumulating impurities and bacteria. You do not have to clean the fences regularly; occasional cleaning is good. You can wipe the rails or panels with a damp cloth and detergent or wash the fences every month.

Installing a vinyl fence is a very simple procedure that can be completed within a few hours. One experienced contractor is sufficient to complete the installation in a few hours.

Install a beautiful vinyl fence

Are you planning to install a vinyl fence around your property? Duramax offers adjustable and customized fences. It is easy to modify every rail of a ranch rail fence as per your requirements. You can also choose the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets because they tend to touch or lick anytime. Duramax fences are affordable to USA residents. We have a manufacturing unit in the USA where we can design solutions at a lower cost. Connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to invest in vinyl fencing—request a quote.

Vinyl fences are extremely popular among homeowners in the USA

vinyl picket fence

Are you still deciding whether you need a fence or not? Proper fencing not only increases the security of your property but also heightens the value of your home. It is an external accessory that is installed in the front and the backyard. Fences are not simply designed for keeping animals and trespassers out, but they also keep kids and pets inside. If you have great fencing, you have more peace of mind.

What is a great fence?

You are ready to invest a good sum in installing a fence that should possess endurance and be long-lasting. Wood and metal are both extremely tough materials which is a good choice but not great. These materials do not stand the test of time as they have drawbacks like rotting, termites, rusting, fading, and even breaking. After much research, vinyl fences were invented. Vinyl is a very durable material that can endure all external conditions, and does not fade or break. Vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which makes the fences highly redundant.

Vinyl is a low-maintenance material

Fencing is a very common home improvement accessory in the USA. Most homes have fences but no one loves to have a dilapidated fence around. Most homeowners have shifted to vinyl fencing, which looks new for many years. Also, many try installing a white color elegant vinyl fence without fearing it would turn yellow with time. Also, a vinyl fence has a smooth, crease-free surface which does not attract a lot of impurities. 

A vinyl fence requires the least maintenance, which gives you more time to focus on other stuff. Occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or washing the fences with water is good. The fences repel moisture and keep away mold and bacteria. Washing the fences is no hassle or worry because it would only clean the outer part instead of harming. 

Duramax customizes vinyl fences

There are many vinyl fencing manufacturers, but the challenge is to find an experienced one. Duramax manufactures and designs customized fencing solutions and wall toppers for the last 20 years. Our fence type and styles include privacy fencing, vinyl Picket Fence, pool fences, perimeter fencing, scallop fences, ranch rails and more. Duramax fences are beautiful, traditional and offer a carefree performance. The fences have a severe routing system and a flawless look with no extra screws visible on their surface.

Install a fence of any color

Why only install white, tan or beige color fences? Duramax brings colorful fences that can make your property look exciting and stand out. Choose a shade of your choice and install a fence color that matches the rest of your property. 

Consult with the Duramax experts

Do you wish to install a vinyl fence panel around your front/back yard? Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory in the USA, which makes our fences affordable. The fences are free from toxins and are recyclable. Choose to have a consultation with the Duramax experts. Choose from the range of fences, place your order online, and avail attractive offers and discounts. Get a limited lifetime warranty on all our products.

Installing a vinyl fence around your house – A solution for 30 years or more

vinyl picket fence

Having a fence can increase the safety, privacy and curb appeal of your property. There are fences to demarcate between two homes simply. Some fences add layers of security which is very useful these days. Fences are used to keep pets and kids contained. Also, some fences add a lot of privacy separating your home from the outside world. Apart from beautification, there are so many use offenses. The challenge is to decide which fence is suitable for your property. You already know that various types of fences are made from different materials like chain link fences, vinyl, wooden, metal, and electric fences. Most homeowners are aware of the advantages that vinyl fencing offers.

Why install Duramax vinyl fences?

Choose to install a premium weather-resistant vinyl fence panel around your yard. Waterproof vinyl fencing is now very popular in the USA. But it is very important to choose a renowned manufacturer. How would you go about it when there are so many companies in the USA? Quality is the most important factor. A durable vinyl fence is made from 100% virgin vinyl. Duramax in the USA is one of the most renowned fence manufacturers for more than 25 years. Our fences are ASTM-F964 certified and fire-resistant. The fences are checked for quality before it is shipped to your site.

The durability of vinyl fences

Our vinyl fences are extremely durable, and here are the reasons for the extreme sturdiness. Duramax vinyl panels have a thickness that is incomparable to most others. The fences have a strong routing system and lock with every member. The fences do not require brackets and the screws are not visible.

Customize a vinyl fence of your choice

Our fences can last for more than 20-30 years without severe maintenance. A vinyl fence panel does not rot, warp, rust or fade away. We also have various styles of fences available in an array of colors. You can also choose elegant shades like beige, tan and white. 

A lot of homeowners love wooden fences, but wooden fences do not last for many years. Duramax designs vinyl fences that have a rich look similar to grain wood. You get a fence that has a wooden look but does not have to spend on maintenance. Duramax fences offer a lifetime carefree performance and traditional beauty.

Non-toxic and wind-speed tested fences

Duramax vinyl fences are free from toxins like lead. The durability of the fences is tested by passing them through a high-speed wind blowing at a speed of 105 mph. Our products are recyclable and made in the USA. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA. This is why our fences are available at a lower price for USA residents. Hire a contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Talk to our experts

If you have a fencing project to complete, talk to our experts. Choose a desirable fence style from our online portal and place your order. The Duramax experts can help you to choose the best vinyl fence according to your requirements. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

The various advantages of vinyl fences that makes them the most popular in the USA

best vinyl fence

Do you want to make your property more secure? Homeowners in the USA take an interest in installing a fence around the property to beautify it. Many people wish to install a new fence because the old fences look dilapidated and worn out. Most of the homeowners are confused about which fencing material to choose. Fences are made of wood, metal, and vinyl, but which one should you choose? Vinyl is a very common type of fencing material that is recently very popular. Wood and metal fences were there for ages, but what if vinyl can overcome the drawbacks of both? Yes, wooden and metal fences cannot stand tall for years as they are affected by various exterior conditions. But vinyl is a material of substance. 

Why choose vinyl fences?

Home improvement has many aspects, and fencing is one. But any home improvement project involves higher expenses. So, no one would not like to save money in the long term. A high-quality vinyl fence panel can live up to your expectations. Firstly, it is important to look for a renowned manufacturer in your locality. This would ensure fences made from premium quality 100% virgin vinyl. Such fences are long-lasting, water-resistant, and do not attract mold. Homeowners are discarding old fences due to the popularity of vinyl ones. The fences are superior compared to other materials as it is not prone to rust, rotting, and discoloring…etc.

Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturer

There are many fence manufacturers in the USA, but all vinyl fences are not made of premium quality vinyl. So, take time to research to get the best vinyl fence from a renowned manufacturer. Duramax is into manufacturing fences for more than 20 years. Duramax is a trusted manufacturer in the USA designing a variety of vinyl fences. Our fences include picket fences, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more.

Vinyl fences need little maintenance

A vinyl fence remains unaffected by moisture because it has a very smooth surface. They do not attract dirt or bacteria also due to the crease-free surface. The fences do not need daily maintenance, which includes cleaning as well. Wipe the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and water or wash with a garden hose. It is great if you can clean the fences once every fortnight. Doing this would help the fences to last longer. A vinyl fence can easily last without showing any signs of damage for over 20 years. 

Hire a local contractor

Duramax vinyl fences are hassle-free to install and do not involve any additional expenses. Invest a little sum in hiring an expert local contractor for affordable vinyl fencing installation. We do not recommend DIY installation unless you are an expert in it. 

Beautiful fences from Duramax

Duramax ensures beautiful and traditional vinyl fences. The fences have a sturdy routing system and a safety locking system. The fences have a flawless look with no visible screws and marks. We are proud to manufacture fences that offer carefree performance.

Get customized vinyl fences

Customized vinyl fences are designed as per your requirements. Choose your favorite color, or you can opt for white, beige, or tan shades. Duramax has revamped its website for a better online experience. Order fences online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

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