Why Are Vinyl Fences a Better Alternative to Wooden Fences?

Vinyl fence manufacturer

Are you looking for fence options? Then, you might be looking for ways to keep your pets and kids safe or want more privacy from your neighbors. Or, maybe you are looking for a fence to boost your home’s curb appeal and take it to the next level. Whatever the reason, you would want to have a reliable, sturdy fence that would look exquisite and suit your budget. 

Wood and vinyl fences are the two most popular fence options. But which one would be the right fit for you? Duramax is a leading vinyl fencing wholesale supplier in the US, and our fences are five times stronger than conventional wooden fences. Well, there are certain other parameters upon which you can decide the right fence for you. So, let’s look at the parameters and find the perfect fence option for you. 

The parameters:


This is one of the main factors we must consider. Duramax’s vinyl fences do not call for much maintenance. A pressure washing once or twice a year would just be enough. On the flip side, wooden fences require sealer coats, and you also need to stain them every few months to maintain their pristine look. Wooden fences rot over time, and thus, staining becomes a must. There is nothing as time-consuming for our waterproof and weather-resistant vinyl fences. Thus, it can be safely said that our vinyl fences are a virtually maintenance-free product. 

Customization options:

Wood fence manufacturers will claim that their fence products are available in different types of woods like redwood, pine, cedar, fir, and spruce. However, all that glitters is not gold. Despite the myriad customization options that wooden fences bring to the table, the fact of the matter is that they absorb moisture and lose their sturdiness very soon. This is why wood fences are not the go-to material for homeowners. 

But there should be a solution to this nagging issue. There is, and Duramax, a reputed vinyl fence manufacturer in the US came up with their supremely-engineered DuraGrain vinyl fences to help overcome this roadblock. This was nothing less than revolutionary in the fencing industry. While wood may offer various customization options, our vinyl fences are much more versatile. You can ask us to custom-tailor them in different shapes, textures, and shades.

Additionally, our DuraGrain fencing resembles the wooden look but has vinyl cell configuration. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence that looks and feels like wood but has the cell structure of vinyl, which means these fences won’t rot, splinter, or degrade and are easy to maintain. So, if you love the wood look but want to avoid its tedious maintenance, this might be the way to go. 

Ease of installation:

Wooden fences have to be cut precisely before installation, which would consume a lot of time. On the other hand, we offer our vinyl fences in DIY kits, making the installation a breeze. You can follow the instruction manual and install the vinyl fences with a local handyman or gardener.


Are you looking for a fence that can hold out against the outdoor elements? Then, things can’t get better than our supremely engineered vinyl fences. Wooden fences would warp and fade under the intense southwest sun. On the other hand, our vinyl fences are engineered for the intense southwest sun and would never warp, rot, fade, or chip. So regarding durability, it should be no surprise that vinyl fences procured from reputed Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers are of unmatched quality. A vinyl fence is expected to last 30 years, while a wooden fence can only survive for 10 years maximum.

Ease of repair:

Vinyl and wood fences would require repair over time. For wooden fences, you might have to replace a single board of wood. And for vinyl fences, you might have to snap back a vinyl piece into place. Repairing a vinyl fence is easy and more like a DIY job, but you would need a professional to repair a wooden one. Moreover, wooden fences are more susceptible to weather damage, and this would require more repairs over time. 

The cost factor:

Wooden fences are initially cheaper than a vinyl fences. However, that’s not the full picture. Considering the maintenance and repairs that go into a wooden fence, the overall expenditure is much higher than you anticipated. Although vinyl fences might look pricey initially, they are durable, low-maintenance, and do not need much repairing or repainting, making them cost-effective in the long run. In addition, a vinyl fence is a one-time investment, while wooden fences are a recurring expense. 

Why choose Duramax Fences?

  • Our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability
  • Our DIY fence installation can save you 29% on fencing and labor compared to others
  • Our fences do not get discolored or turn yellowish
  • Our fences are non-toxic, lead-free and pet-friendly
  • Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together
  • Duramax Fences are made with 100% virgin vinyl and have thicker walls compared to thinner fence materials

Final Take: 

So, if you are looking for maintenance-free, easy-to-install vinyl fences, then Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers might be the best fit. You can maintain their pristine look with a simple pressure washing every six months. If you are in the vinyl fences market, consider checking out Duramax Fences. Unlike the conventional wooden fence, the top-notch fences purchased from us would never chip, crack, or attract termites. Get a glimpse of the wide array of vinyl fences, like privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, fence gates, picket fences, ranch rail fences, and more. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation.

Answering the Most Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences!

Vinyl fences are a huge favorite among residential and commercial property owners. It’s because the fences are easy to maintain, durable, eco-friendly, and engineered to withstand the harsh summer heat of southern California. In addition, the beauty of the vinyl fence has no competition, and the ease of installation is another factor that makes them a preferred choice among Americans. However, here are a few most-asked questions about vinyl fences that we can answer.

What is the cost of a good vinyl fence?

The cost of a vinyl fence varies based on the design, the material used, the permits required, and plenty of other factors. However, Duramax Fences come direct from the factory and are competitively priced. By installing Duramax Fences over other alternatives, you save 29% on fencing and labor, making vinyl a cost-effective choice for the long haul.

Is a wooden fence a cheaper alternative to vinyl?

A wooden fence might be cheaper to build, but the long-term maintenance costs will make you spend more than you have estimated. The wooden fences are prone to rotting, degrading, and termite infestation. Treating wood with chemicals can curtail the problem to a certain extent, but the maintenance costs are still huge. Moreover, a wooden fence lasts hardly for five years, after which they need to be replaced with a new one. On the other hand, vinyl fences are durable and do not rot, crack, break, or splinter, unlike a wooden fence. In addition, a vinyl fence made from 100% virgin PVC resin will not attract termites and will last long with minimal maintenance. That’s why although a wooden fence will cost less upfront, the vinyl fence is the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Are vinyl fences available wholesale?

Many fence suppliers do offer vinyl fences wholesale at an affordable price. Duramax Fences is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl fence at wholesalerates. We manufacture the fences in large quantities in our factory and customize them as required. Our fences arrive in DIY kits approximately 2 weeks direct from the factory.

Can you install a vinyl fence without concrete?

If you don’t want concrete, foundations like gravel would be ideal for vinyl fence installation. However, concrete is ideal for vinyl fence installation as it is more durable and stronger. But expanding foam is also a great alternative for fence foundations.

What is the minimum standard for a vinyl fence post?

A 2 foot depth is the minimum standard for a vinyl fence post. It’s recommended to dig ½ the height of the fence post. However, the deeper the hole, the stronger the fence post and the sturdier the fence line.

What is the distance between the vinyl fence posts?

The recommended distance for the vinyl fence posts is between 6 to 8 ft. However, it might not work everywhere, which is why you can ask the HOA and local authorities about exceptions so you can customize the fence that’s ideally suitable for your property.

How to maintain a new vinyl fence?

One of the special reasons vinyl fences are an asset is that they are super easy to maintain. Wooden fences require pesticide treatment, whereas metal fences need to be guarded against rusting. However, vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free. To maintain a vinyl fence, you can wash the panels with a garden hose to remove dirt, debris, and dead leaves. If there are mildew patches over the fence, then a solution of warm water, detergent, and bleach in a 12:1:1 ratio should be used to clean the fence. This solution eliminates mildew and prevents its regrowth. Lastly, you must regularly inspect the fence line to ensure its stability and sturdiness. Regular inspection can prevent costly repairs and enhance the longevity of the fence line.

How long does a vinyl fence last? 

A well-maintained vinyl fence can last for decades. Vinyl fences have more longevity than traditional wood fences and ideally last 30 years without needing repairs or replacements.

Do I need consent from the neighbor before fence installation?

Building a fence with consent from the neighbor is important but not mandatory. However, you need to ensure that the fence meets all the county’s building codes and considerations. That’s why you should talk to your neighbor and the local authorities before installing the fence. It’s important to know your property boundary and not annoy the neighbors.

Is a permit necessary?

Yes, you might need a permit for the fence installation, but not in all cases. Again, for a permit, you need to pay a certain fee which can add up to the costs. However, you only need permits when you plan to set up a fence higher than the general recommendation or build the fence line on steep slopes or places close to a greenbelt.

Can a vinyl fence increase property value?

If your fence is strong, durable, and adds curb appeal, a potential buyer might be interested in paying more for the property. However, while a wooden fence might look visually appealing, vinyl fences are soon catching up. Duramax has developed DuraGrain fences, a wood-grained material that is an ideal replacement for a wooden fence. The DuraGrain fence looks like wood but is durable, low maintenance, and strong like vinyl.

Book a free consultation today if you have more questions about vinyl fences. Request a no-obligation quote.

Here’s Why Constructing a Fence Around Your Pool Is Paramount

pool fence

Have a pool at home? If so, of course safety should be the priority with little kids and pets around the place. As a parent, you have always aspired to do your best to make your home a safer and better place to live in. And a critical part of that safety plan is a pool fence. You can easily source these fences from Duramax, a reputed vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer in the US. 

Whether you are preparing to install a new pool or relocating to a home with a pre-installed pool, getting Duramax’spool fence is paramount. We offer various designs and styles to cater to every taste. 

Here we will be looking at why you should install a pool fence around your property and how doing so can take privacy to the next level. 

The law makes installing vinyl fences essential:

The laws governing private inground pools differ from state to state. Some cities even have their own set of rules. So, before you get started, you must acquaint yourself with the local government’s regulations. 

Common in-ground pool regulations:

Private dormitory pools have specific barrier specifications that the government may choose to adopt and execute. The IRC rules that come under these regulations include:

Fences must be at least 4 feet high above the pool sides. 

Gaps in the fence cannot be more than 4 inches. 

The fence bottom can be 2 inches off the ground. 

The gates should feature self-latching or locking. 

There are even more specifications that you need to adhere to. However, if you are considering whether you should purchase a pool fence from a vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer or not, you should focus on the four things mentioned above. 

And even if you find no specific laws regarding a barrier, you should also consider installing our pool fences around your property. Install our fences and ensure better privacy for yourself and your family members. 

Gain better privacy: 

Installing a vinyl fence is a great way to boost privacy near your pool. Besides ensuring privacy, you will also feel safe once you know that you are keeping away unwanted strangers. These unwanted strangers may cause damage to your pool, and you might have to burn a hole in your pocket to repair it. A vinyl fence can also keep animals and pets from strolling into your pool area without you knowing about it. Some of the many benefits Duramax’s pool fences bring to the table are enhancing privacy and preventing damage. There are other safety implications, too, that make installing a vinyl pool fence an enticing proposition. 

Cost-effective Duramax pool fences: 

An average-sized inground swimming pool will cost you around $35,000 minimally. This cost does not consider add-ons like a free-standing pergola or pool deck chairs. However, by choosing Duramax Fences, you can cut down on 29% of the costs as you save thousands on fencing and labor. Moreover, our fences are available at factory-direct rates and are economical.

Secure the backyard:

 It is no secret that private pools are incredibly relaxing and a place to have fun. However, the matter of the fact is that they can be downright dangerous. As a swimming pool owner, you are expected to go that extra mile to ensure the safety of those who might come to have the time of their life in your private pool. You will be dumbfounded to learn that, as per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), children aged between 1 to 4 die from drowning more than any other disease. Drowning injuries can result in brain damage and even long-term disability. Inability to swim, missing or ineffective fencing, and lack of supervision are the main causes of such fatal accidents.

You can play your part in reducing these accidents by procuring a vinyl fence pool fence fromDuramax, a leading vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer in the US. It is also advisable to install a vinyl fence gate, thereby ensuring that the kids cannot break in.

Say goodbye to liability and risk

Are you aware of the fact that you can still face trouble with the law if someone accidentally hurts themselves in your pool, even if they happen to be intruders? Protect yourself from these types of charges by installing Duramax’s vinyl pool fence today. Our fences come at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. Request a quote now.


Tips for First-Time Fence Buyers

First-Time Fence Buyers

Are you planning to install a fence in your yard? A fence is a long-term investment, but if you are doing this for the very first time, then you need to be aware of the many variables of fencing. Although wooden and metal fences are common because of their affordability, vinyl fences are cost-effective in the long run. When you decide to put up a fence on your property, you can opt for vinyl fences at wholesale prices from Duramax. Here are a few tips that can help you make an informed decision.

Why do you need a fence?

Before buying a fence, consider why you need one in the first place. For example, a durable privacy fence is ideal if you are seeking privacy from neighbors. However, if you have pets at home and want to allow the animals to explore your yard freely, then installing a non-toxic, lead-free, and chemical-resistant fence can ensure your peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about losing track of your pet. On the other hand, people want a fence to increase curb appeal, which again is a good idea as it can enhance the aesthetics of the place and increase property valuation. Whatever your call, the ‘why’ behind installing a fence can help you decide on other variables.

Match the fence with your maintenance tolerance

A fence is a long-term investment. A well-maintained fence can last for years. The only catch is that you must ensure proper upkeep of the fences and make sure the to-do maintenance list isn’t pricey. A fence can be a one-time investment, but the maintenance costs increase over the years. For example, wooden fences are initially cheap, but over the years, the maintenance costs are double the initial price. In addition, the wooden fence rots, attracts termites, and is highly vulnerable to rough weather conditions. Rather than investing in a wooden fence, you can opt for the low-maintenance vinyl material. Vinyl fences are low-maintenance, and washing the material with a garden hose is good enough for general upkeep. Furthermore, the vinyl fence requires no repainting and looks as good as new for years. If your maintenance tolerance is low, then the fade-resistant Duramax Vinyl Fences are ideal.

Consider the property lines

You should consider the property lines before installing a fence. Find the property line and discuss your fence plans with your neighbor before starting the project. Otherwise, you can also check your municipality’s local building codes and regulations before deciding on the fence installation. HOAs are at times a roadblock, and if you live anywhere with a homeowner’s association, then there may be material, height, and color restrictions, making fence installation a real challenge. Rules vary everywhere, and a reputed fencing manufacturer and supplier like Duramax Fences can give you sound advice on the legal aspect.

When is the time ideal for fence installation?

Typically, people install fences during summer or spring. However, many times, building a fence off-season isn’t a bad idea. Building a fence in winter might seem counterintuitive, but this is an excellent time for fence installation as prices are more competitive, and some manufacturers offer lucrative discounts. Moreover, professionals are less busy during winter, and you can schedule the installation sooner. If your fence requires a permit, winters can offer a faster turnaround time as government employees and fence installation teams are less busy and can dedicate more time to your project. Vinyl fences made from 100% virgin PVC material are great for winter. Duramax Vinyl Fences have thicker vinyl walls that won’t crack in cold temperatures and last for years without sagging, warping, or breaking. Our fences are weather-resistant and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Why is a vinyl fence better than other materials?

When you picture a fence, you might immediately think of a wooden fence. It’s a classic choice but has some disadvantages too. The wooden fence is less durable and requires heavy-duty maintenance compared to vinyl. The wooden fence ages faster than vinyl and isn’t a cost-effective choice in the long run. Consider installing vinyl fences from Duramax. Our fences are eco-friendly, recyclable, and have a limited lifetime warranty. If you are looking for vinyl fences at wholesale rates, then Duramax is the right choice. The fences are engineered for longevity and exceed ASTM F964 standards across every category. Our UV-resistant and waterproof vinyl fences can last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance. We offer a variety of designs, colors, and style options to alleviate the aesthetics of your property. Request a quote now. Get the high-grade Duramax Vinyl Fences shipped within 2 weeks at factory-direct rates. Book a free consultation with our fence experts. Installing Duramax Fences helps you save 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives.

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