Why Vinyl Fence Slats The Ideal Fencing Material For Hot Summer?

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While summertime allows property owners to enjoy their backyards and outdoors, the same summer weather can ruin and wreak havoc on your fencing due to extreme heat, bugs, and humidity. Repairing and replacing fences often involves a heavy investment in time and money. Not all fencing materials are well suited for the summer season as they vary in durability and resistance. Vinyl fence slats are one of the ideal fencing materials for the summer season, as they are resistant to pests and heat.

The popularity of vinyl fences has been rapidly increasing among property owners due to the numerous advantages they provide all year round. From offering exceptional durability to requiring minimal maintenance and their resistance to wear and tear, vinyl fences are an ideal choice for property owners. These fences are highly resistant to heat and UV radiation, which helps them retain their color and shape even in high temperatures. Many vinyl fence manufacturers in the United States offer high-quality vinyl fences, and Duramax is one of the trusted manufacturers. In this blog, we will highlight the reasons that make vinyl fences an ideal choice for the hot summer season. Read on to know more.

Reasons That Make Vinyl Fences an Ideal Choice


Vinyl is Moisture Resistant

Humidity frequently rises in the summer season. For humans, it means stickiness, sweat, and air conditioning. However, humidity can have two consequences for building materials and fences: increased weathering and moisture retention. Moisture retention can occur when porous materials like wood absorb moisture from the air. This can cause the material to expand, resulting in a change in shape. Moisture also works as a catalyst in breaking down organic materials like wood and speeds up the process of rotting, discoloration, and breakdown.

Increased weathering accelerates rust for metal fencing, especially iron. Rust is the process of oxidation by which oxygen reacts with metal atoms, causing discoloration and flaking. Moistures trigger this reaction, meaning high humidity can cause more rust.

Vinyl fence slats are less porous than wooden fences and do not contain any elements that can cause rust. They are also the strongest-performing material in highly humid regions. Due to extreme summer heat and humidity, vinyl does not discolor or disfigure.

Vinyl Fences Are Resistant to Pests

Summer is the season when pests thrive. The humidity and heat attract swarms of hungry termites, carpenter ants, and mosquitos. Few of these insects feed on fencing material like wood. Wood fencing is the favorite snack of termites, carpenter ants, bees, beetles, and wasps. Carpenter ants use wooden fences to build their nests, whereas beetles can drill holes into wood and scatter sawdust in their paths. Increased humidity attracts these insects and makes wood vulnerable to such pests.

Vinyl fencing is impenetrable to insects. Its low porosity, which helps defend it from moisture, also keeps pests from making their home inside the fences. The strength of vinyl fences makes it difficult for pests to use the material to build their nests. As a vinyl fence owner, you can relax as termites, carpenter ants, and beetles crawl and swarm during the summertime.

Vinyl Fences Do Not Fade or Warp

Exposure to UV rays and heat can alter the shape or discolor many fences. Wood warping can happen when fences are exposed to moisture and heat, resulting in uneven expansion and drying of wood fibers. More moisture and heat means more expansion, while less can cause shrinkage. These changes can lead to warping and deformation of the fences. Intense sunlight can cause a breakdown of the color of the fences over time, whether painted, stained or natural wood itself. This can lead to fading, making the fences look weathered, which requires restaining or repainting. These repainting and restaining projects can cost time and money, and once the process is completed, the fading process begins again.

Vinyl fencing is resistant to fading and warping. Due to its exceptional strength and durability, it retains its shape and rebuffs shrinkage and expansion. Vinyl fences do not require painting or staining, as the coloring happens during the creation process and is blended into the material itself.

Final Words

If you are looking for a fencing material ideal for the summer season, then opt for vinyl fence slats from Duramax. Duramax is one of the trusted vinyl fence manufacturers in the United States. We offer high-quality, 100% virgin vinyl fences with exceptional strength and durability. To know more about Duramax, request a free consultation today.


Here Are A Few Things To Consider Before Buying A Vinyl Fence

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Are you planning to buy a fence for your house? Then, choose a vinyl fence. Purchasing a fence is a huge investment and should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Your fence should offer you privacy and security and add to your property’s aesthetics. While many fence products are on the market, and you will find plenty of cheaper options in retail and big box stores, investing in a high-quality customized fence is wise. Duramax Fences is a great choice for a high-end fence that can stand the test of time. However, before you decide on vinyl fences, here are a few things worth considering.

Regrind vinyl

Did you know not all vinyl fences are created equal? There are a few vinyl fences that are made with regrind. Yes, regrind is second-grade vinyl, and this material is recycled vinyl. While this might look like an eco-friendly solution, recycled vinyl has a shorter lifespan and is a low-quality vinyl fence. At Duramax, we manufacture high-quality vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin. Our vinyl fences are highly durable, strong, and can withstand weather extremities.

Longevity of fences

Vinyl fences are indeed long-lasting, but not all of them. Unlike other ordinary fences, Duramax vinyl fences can last for 25 to 30 years without showing signs of damage or aging. Our fences are engineered keeping longevity in mind and come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty. Duramax Fences have the highest UV stability and weatherability, again a big factor behind its popularity. Since Duramax Fences have a longer lifespan, they are also considered stronger and more economical than other fences.

Installation requirements

Generally, most fencing manufacturers will advise you to get professional help to install a fence. However, such isn’t the case with Duramax. Our vinyl fences come in DIY kits with an installation guide. You can get Duramax Fence installed with the help of a local handyman or your gardener. The DIY fences are strong yet economical. By choosing to install Duramax Fences, you save 29% on labor and fencing as compared to other alternatives. 

Post Thickness

You should consider post thickness before buying a fence. If you live in a place susceptible to strong winds and the fence has to deal with weather extremities, thicker posts will be most suitable. At Duramax, we consider your location and customize the fence posts to make them thicker to enhance their durability. Posts are the main structure of a fence, and making them thicker ensures greater strength for the fence to stand up to extreme weather conditions. Many manufacturers produce vinyl fences using thinner materials, and these fences tend to warp, sag, and crack. That’s why Duramax Fences are higher in demand. We manufacture fences using thicker sheets of vinyl that will eliminate the issues you are facing with a thin vinyl fence. Our vinyl fences have thick walls and are made with special additives and stabilizers that make them strong, resilient, and long-lasting.

Style and design

While your fence might be functional, you should also consider aesthetics. The fence should complement the architecture of your house, and one must consider the outdoor features and landscaping while selecting a design or style for your fence. You should choose the style or design that will enhance your property’s overall appeal. At Duramax, we customize the fences as per your preferences, keeping in mind all the factors that make a great fence.

Privacy levels

If you want a privacy fence that will last for years, consider installing a vinyl privacy fence. It is because metal fences do not offer complete privacy, and wooden fences start rotting, splintering, and developing gaps and holes within a few months. Wooden fences are not completely weatherproof and show signs of damage within a few months. However, if you are not completely comfortable with a solid privacy fence, ask for a decorative semi-privacy fence that will partially secure your home without total isolation. Consider vinyl fencing from Duramax to completely block the views; in such a case, picket or lattice fences are a great option.

Titanium Dioxide for fences

Did you know the chemical compound titanium dioxide used for your sunscreen can also help the fences retain their color and stay strong under the sun’s harsh rays? However, not all vinyl fences have the same amount of titanium dioxide, which is why some fences fade easily while others last for years without any sign of aging. A higher concentration of titanium dioxide is needed to extend the lifespan of your fence and protect against discoloration. At Duramax, we manufacture fences with over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors. Our fences do not warp in the summer heat and never fade, turn yellow, or lose their color. Our DuraResin vinyl formulation keeps Duramax Fences looking strong and new and protects against sun damage. Our fences can withstand the scorching rays of the Californian sun and last for decades without any repairs or replacements.

Non-toxic and pet-friendly fences 

If you are a pet parent and want to have a fence installed in your yard to keep the animals contained and safe, then Duramax Fences is the answer. Our fences are lead-free, non-toxic, chemical-resistant, and don’t splinter. Vinyl fences have no rough points and do not break with sharp edges, so your pets won’t be exposed to danger while playing in the yard. Our fences are impact-resistant and won’t break easily, even after heavy blows or high impacts.

Final Words

Investing in a fence is not a small decision; and you should not take things lightly. You should book a consultation with the experts to discuss your project in detail and then weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision. A fence should be a lifetime investment, and factors like kind of material, post thickness, design and style, titanium dioxide amount, warranty, and pet-friendliness should be considered. You can now book a free consultation session with the experts at Duramax or ask for a no-obligation quote. Connect today!

Maintenance-Free Fences – Is There A Thing Like That?

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One of the most common tasks for home improvement is the installation of a fence. Getting a new fence from retail and other big box stores might look easy and simple, but the durability and strength are questionable. You need to invest in proper maintenance to ensure your fence lasts long and is strong enough. While a wooden fence looks great, you must stain them every year and ensure the fence line doesn’t rot, splinter, or crack due to weather extremities and heavy blows.

While it’s true that no such fence is completely maintenance-free, some incredible low-maintenance fences do not need to be stained or repainted yet remain pristine and clean for years to come. People are interested in a no-maintenance fence as they save costs and are more durable than other high-maintenance alternatives. Duramax vinyl fence is the right choice if you are looking for a virtually maintenance-free fence.

Why are people choosing a low-maintenance fence?

While most buy a fence to ensure optimal privacy, others invest in a fence as a part of yard décor. However, vinyl fences fit the bill as they are low maintenance and come with innumerable benefits.

Vinyl fence installation is easier and more affordable

If you are fretting about fence installation, then choose Duramax Fences. Our DIY fences are the easiest to install. You do not require an expert to install DIY vinyl fences. Just follow the handy DIY installation guide, and the work will be done with the help of a local handyman or gardener. Our DIY kits come with guidelines for assembling and post-digging instructions. Moreover, installing Duramax Fences rather than any other alternatives saves 29% on labor and fencing.

Have a busy schedule? Duramax’s easy-to-clean fences are ideal

Between work and personal life, there is little time left. At this point, cleaning up the fence to maintain its appeal should be the last thing on your mind. Why waste hours cleaning up the fence, and why spend an exorbitant sum of money to hire professionals to clean up the fence line? We suggest you invest in Duramax vinyl fences. Our range of fences is virtually maintenance-free and does not attract dirt or dust. You can clean the vinyl fence with a water hose or use a cleaning cloth to remove the stains, oil, and grime.

Fence maintenance time or fun time?

If you invest in a wooden fence, you must find time for regular maintenance. As mentioned above, wooden fences require regular stains or paint jobs to retain the original new look. This means you must make time for fence maintenance and this becomes a part of your regular routine. On the other hand, vinyl fences requiring occasional washes are easier to maintain. Duramax vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and do not fade, get discolored or lose their luster. You will never find Duramax Fences yellowing and losing its appeal. That’s why investing in Duramax Fences is a good decision if you want to skip the routine fence maintenance chore and spend more fun time with friends and family.

Duramax offers a classy fence style that has a durable design

Our range of vinyl fences comes in various designs and styles, including ranch rail, privacy, and semi-privacy fences. We also provide you with customized fences that suit your preferences. This means you can choose vinyl fencing and don’t have to abandon the cherished décor style or alter the planned yard space. The experts at Duramax can help you customize the fence style and design to compliment the aesthetics of your home. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin, making them exceptionally strong, durable, and impact resistant. Therefore, while our fences are easy to maintain and clean, they are strong enough to stand the test of time.

Why choose vinyl fences over metal?

Those who want to mark a property line often choose a metal fence, but unfortunately, they don’t offer the same charm as a vinyl fence. Metal fences might be cheaper than vinyl, but they offer no privacy and are not ideal for many residents. Additionally, metal is lighter than vinyl and does not provide much security against intruders. Our range of vinyl fences is made with thicker sheets of PVC and has additional stabilizers and additives that make them exceptionally robust and powerful. Vinyl fences are a one-time investment and won’t rust like metal fences. 

Why choose vinyl fences over wooden fencing?

We know deciding between wooden and vinyl fencing is a tough choice. But vinyl fence has an advantage over wood when you are seeking a low-maintenance fence. Wooden fences might be the cheapest, but within a few months, they start rotting, develop splinters, and degrade within a year. You need to spend a lot of money to maintain a wooden fence.

However, many hopeless lovers of wooden fences simply love the look and feel of wood. That’s when we suggest you invest in DuraGrain Fence. This is a wood-grained fence that looks and feels exactly like real wood but has the cell configuration of vinyl. You will never find DuraGrain Fence rotting, warping, attracting termites, or splintering like a wooden fence. This kind of fence lasts 30 years and is virtually maintenance-free – just like vinyl in character and similar to wood in its physical features!

Tom Sawyer whitewashing a wooden fence, not a vinyl one

Everyone knows the story of Tom Sawyer whitewashing his fence, but did you know that it was a wooden fence that required several coats of paint to look as bright as new? It might sound fun, but regular fence painting will cost time and money. A better alternative would be investing in a vinyl fence that won’t require staining or painting. Paints tend to chip and need to be reapplied. Duramax fences are NEVER painted. Our fences have the highest UV stability and weatherability and can withstand the scorching heat of the southwest sun for decades.

Final Words

Building a fence is not an end but a beginning of a new journey. While no fence is completely maintenance-free, proper care can extend its longevity. Investing in a low-maintenance fence like vinyl can be a good decision if you are a busy professional or lack time due to other life commitments. Request a quote now. Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation session.


Why Should You Choose Vinyl Fencing?

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Do you have a dilapidating fence or an unfenced yard that needs security? If you plan to convert the yard into a private space, now is the perfect time to consider installing a fence. While there are several fencing options in the market, vinyl is the most popular choice among residents who are interested in low-maintenance and durable fences. Wood, iron, and chain-link fences are very common, but nothing supersedes the durability of vinyl. Duramax Fences come in various colors, designs, and styles – from lattice top to pasture; a vinyl fence design caters to the preferences of one and all.

Duramax vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl ensures maximum strength, durability, and UV resistance. Our vinyl fences are 5x times stronger than wood and 4x times more flexible. Even better, our range of customized vinyl fences is backed with a limited lifetime warranty, and this is transferable to the next property owner if you plan to sell the estate. This means vinyl fences are a great investment to protect your space and increase property valuation.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Duramax vinyl fences and how our fence products stand apart from other ordinary ones:

Our fences can withstand weather extremities

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of vinyl fences is that they are long-lasting and strong. Vinyl fences are weather resistant and heavy-duty – perfect for places that are susceptible to heavy rainfall and high winds. Our fences have passed a wind test of 105 mph and can stand tall for years without breaking, cracking, warping, or sagging. Our fences are resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and fading. You will never find Duramax Fences warping in summers or cracking in winters. Our vinyl fences have looked great for years and can stand the test of time.

Vinyl fences need little maintenance 

You need to stain or paint the wooden fence every now and then. However, such is not the case when you invest in a vinyl fence. Duramax vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free, don’t require staining or regular painting, and are resistant to pests. However, you should occasionally use a mild detergent or hose it down if you wish to keep the vinyl fence looking pristine and new for years. A soft scrub or baking soda can work wonders for tough stains on the surface of the fence.

Vinyl fences are cost-effective

The vinyl fence might initially look like a costly investment, but it’s a long-term asset. Wood and chain link fences are much cheaper than vinyl but are high maintenance and not as durable. You need to stain the wood fence every three years; even the highest quality wooden fence would need to be replaced after ten years. On the other hand, a vinyl fence can last 25 to 30 years without needing repainting, staining, or extensive professional maintenance. Therefore, we can confidently claim that a vinyl fence is much cheaper than a wood or chain-link fence in the long run.

Are vinyl fences graffiti-proof?

While vinyl fences are not classified as graffiti-proof, they are easy to clean, and most paint can be removed with minimum effort. If paint or stain is stubborn, then the specific pieces and parts of the fence get replaced rather than you having to purchase an entire section of fencing.

Choose variety of vinyl fences from Duramax

Duramax vinyl fences come in various styles and colors, and it’s easy to choose a design that fits your personal style and enhances the property’s appeal. Whether you want something modern or traditional with a sleek design, vinyl fencing is the best option that can work wonders for increasing curb appeal.

Vinyl lattice top to enhance the beauty

Consider vinyl lattice top fences to decorate the property’s perimeter. This style is a huge favorite amongst homeowners who desire to maintain privacy while ensuring sophistication. The biggest advantage of this lattice fence top is that it enhances the property’s aesthetic value. These fences are extremely durable as the lattice top is locked directly inside the post to enhance the strength. While the lattice top works well with a solid privacy fence, you can combine the lattice with a semi-privacy vinyl fence for open air and more wind movement.

Vinyl pasture rail fencing – Ensuring lasting durability

Whether you name it a field fence, spilled-rail fence, or cattle fence – the vinyl pasture rail fence provides a tranquil style that can make your property feel like home. This fence is a low-maintenance utility fence that’s impact resistant with a classic ranch design. While vinyl pasture rail fencing is aesthetically appealing and long-lasting, it is also popular to contain horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and other livestock within the property’s boundaries. 

Vinyl picket fences – The timeless beauty

Minimal and classic vinyl picket fences provide a timeless appeal; you do not need to stain or paint individual pickets yearly. It is highly affordable and easy to enhance your property’s yard, making a great enclosure for entry paths and small gardens. The picket fence looks inviting and increases the curb appeal of your home. We also offer scalloped and traditional vinyl picket fence options in variable heights. Consider adding post-cap accents to add a unique flair to the fence line.

For better security, consider a vinyl privacy fence

Vinyl privacy fences are the right choice for creating a private outdoor space. The fence has a solid style and is the most popular and traditional style, adding strength and durability. The privacy fence panels have no gaps, and the yard looks like an oasis as the street sights and sounds are blocked. The privacy fence is a popular choice for pool enclosures and child safety. 

Choose vinyl semi-privacy fences for seclusion with a view

Customization can become challenging if you want a privacy fence that compliments the yard’s appearance. However, Duramax can design and customize a semi-privacy fence that is perfect for home security and doesn’t compromise the yard’s view. The semi-privacy fence features fence boards set in rails, and between each panel, there are fixed gaps that allow airflow and partial visibility. The semi-privacy fences are an ideal choice for front yards and places where high winds are a major issue.

Are you planning to get started?

If you want a durable, stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance vinyl fence, contact Duramax Fences for a free estimate. Book a consultation to learn why we have been trusted throughout the US for over 20 years.

Vinyl Fences – Give Your Children The Playground They Deserve

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Are you planning to invest in a vinyl fence? This fencing is increasingly popular as families prefer a vinyl fence to keep their property safe and secure – especially if they have pets and kids! While vinyl fences might look more expensive upfront, they are long-lasting, strong, and designed to withstand weather elements with minimum or zero maintenance. Vinyl fences are not only easy to maintain, but installation is extremely quick, which makes them a great choice among others. Vinyl fences add value to your home and provide long-lasting protection from high impacts and heavy blows. Duramax vinyl fences are an excellent choice and offer innumerable benefits. If you are planning to invest in a vinyl fence, the good news is that these fences are pet-friendly and ideal for families with small kids. Read on to learn the multiple benefits of a vinyl fence to make an informed decision.

Invest in a vinyl fence for your peace of mind

A vinyl fence can offer you peace of mind when you have pets and kids around. They are easy to install and strong enough to withstand heavy blows from large pets. A vinyl fence can be customized to ensure your pets don’t escape and your kids do not sneak outside. If you have a large dog or even a small kitten, a vinyl fence can be customized to ensure no gaps in between that can allow escape. We manufacture tall, strong fences to prevent pets from jumping over a fence line into the busy street.

When you talk about fences, wooden fencing is the first thing that comes to mind—however, the splintering wooden fences are not a great choice in the long run. Wooden fences with splinters can injure your pets and small kids. The sharp edges and splintering sections of a wooden fence can be detrimental to your pets and kids, which is why choosing vinyl is a better alternative.

Vinyl fences have a smooth surface and do not splinter. The vinyl fence is difficult to break or climb. Moreover, the vinyl fence is extremely durable and won’t rot or attract mold or mildew. The 100% virgin vinyl fence available at Duramax does not absorb moisture and can be free from mold and mildew. The maintenance of a vinyl fence is minimal, and an occasional wash with a pressure washer is just enough for regular upkeep. The best part about Duramax vinyl fences is that our products have a transferable limited lifetime warranty and do not need repainting or staining. Duramax Fences can last 30 years with no repairs, and the fence line stands strong without needing replacement.

Investing in a vinyl fence allows your pets and kids to run freely around the yard. With vinyl fences, there is no risk of sharp edges or splinters, ensuring your pet or kid won’t injure themselves while playing in the yard. Moreover, the strong and durable vinyl material makes it difficult for pets to claw or chew the fence line.

Vinyl fences are a safer choice than other traditional fencing materials

When you are investing in a fence, safety is a major factor that you need to make a note of. Wooden fences are safe, but its extensive maintenance requires toxic chemical treatments which can prove to be harmful for pets and kids. You must invest in high-toxic chemicals to treat wooden fences for maintenance. This makes the wooden fence a wrong choice when you have pets chewing the fence line and kids touching it. Likewise, metal fences also require chemical treatments for their upkeep. As metal fences tend to rust, you need to maintain them with electrochemical solutions, which isn’t great if you have pets and kids around.

These are the reasons why you should consider investing in Duramax vinyl fences. Our range of vinyl fences is non-toxic, lead-free, and resistant to toxic chemicals. Moreover, vinyl fences do not need any chemical treatments for their maintenance. Our fences are ASTM-certified and meet safety standards. We customize the fence at Duramax, ensuring no sharp edges and protruding nails. 

Your vinyl fence should be securely fastened, and the gate needs to close properly. There should be no broken or loose components; and if any, then replace the fence line to ensure safety. The good news is that Duramax Fences have no external brackets or unsightly screws. Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together and ensures exceptional durability and resilience. Vinyl fence gates come customized to suit your fence line, ensuring optimal strength and safety for the family.

Invest in a pool fence (if you have kids and pets at home)

If you have pets, kids, and a pool area on your property, then without delay, invest in a pool fence. Again, wooden and metal fences won’t be a great choice. Due to moisture, wooden fences start rotting, but metal ones can be prone to rusting. A vinyl pool fence is waterproof and therefore the best choice. Our range of vinyl fences can be firmly set on the ground with no weak spots or gaps. Duramax vinyl fences have thicker walls, eliminating problems like fences sagging, warping, and breaking. 

Final Words

The points above prove that a vinyl fence is a great choice for families with pets and children. However, Duramax vinyl fences are better than other ordinary vinyl materials. Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. Our range of vinyl fence products can withstand the intense heat of the southwest sun. The fences do not warp in heat or crack in cold temperatures. Duramax Fences have passed a wind test of 105 mph and are resistant to strong winds, rain, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. Once you have installed a vinyl fence, you do not have to fret over your property’s fencing for years. 

By choosing to install Duramax Fences, you save 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives. Therefore, invest in a vinyl fence and choose Duramax. We manufacture high-quality 100% virgin vinyl fences at factory-direct rates.

Request a quote now. Book a free consultation.

Vinyl Is The Perfect Material For Long-Term Fencing

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As per data, the U.S. fencing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2022 to 2030. An increase in housing construction has accelerated the growth. However, wood and iron are the most common materials used for fencing. The only problem is that they are not a great choice for the long haul. Wooden fences tend to rot, and iron is susceptible to rusting. Both wooden and iron fences are not completely weather resistant and need extensive maintenance for their upkeep. Thanks to modern technology, we can now find contemporary materials that can be used to build strong, durable, and weather-resistant fences. Yes, we are talking about vinyl fences.

Vinyl is a popular fencing material and a favorite among Americans. Not only is vinyl fencing an attractive choice, but it’s durable and a great investment for the long haul. A vinyl fence can offer great protection and beautify your outdoor space at the same time. Vinyl fences can be customized and increase the curb appeal of your property. Investing in a vinyl fence can increase your home valuation and offer appropriate privacy and security. Our fences offer a myriad of benefits and are the best option for the long term. Read on to discover why people are flocking toward vinyl fences and altering their existing wooden and iron fences.

Low maintenance

Vinyl is the only material that can stand up to the elements and yet is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl fences do not require staining or repainting for years. Our range of vinyl fence products will never warp, rot, rust, fade or break. Vinyl fences can withstand weather extremities and remain unaffected by extreme cold or heat. Made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation and 100% virgin vinyl, our fences can withstand the scorching heat of the southwest sun. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture high-end vinyl fences that can withstand extreme temperatures. Again, vinyl fences are resistant to termites, insects, and other pests and can stand strong for years without requiring extensive maintenance treatments.

The only maintenance needed by a vinyl fence is a quick rinse with a garden hose or light scrubbing with a sponge or brush to keep the fence looking its best. Vinyl fencing is a great choice for busy homeowners who do not have the time and cannot afford to put in the effort to constantly maintain a fence.


Vinyl fences are costly is the biggest myth of all. If you want a fence for the long haul, then vinyl is the best material. Vinyl fences are a one-time purchase. They are extremely durable and can last 30 years with little or no maintenance. You will never need to repaint or repair a vinyl fence for at least 25 years. On the other hand, wood or iron fences might be initially cheap, but the exorbitant maintenance costs will drill a hole in your pocket. Additionally, wooden and iron fences do not last as long as vinyl as they are not 100% weather resistant and start showing signs of damage early on. 


Vinyl fences come in varied styles, including curved angles, lines, and colors, from classic white to more contemporary shades. Vinyl fences can be tailored with different patterns, designs, and textures. Moreover, you will find different styles of vinyl fencing based on whether you value isolation or beauty. For example, tall vinyl fences with minimum spacing between individual slats ensure greater safety and privacy, while picket vinyl fences with spaced slats are more aesthetically pleasing. Duramax can customize your fence to fit your requirements and complement the property’s architecture. 

It’s also important to note that vinyl privacy fences are ideal to provide you with maximum privacy and security. Not only are such fences ideal to keep unwanted visitors out, but they can also help reduce noise pollution if your property is located near a busy street. Duramax can customize the privacy fence to complement your property. However, our semi-privacy vinyl fence can be a great alternative if you are not looking for complete isolation.


With global warming becoming a cause of concern, you must be worried about the use of plastic fencing. The truth is vinyl fences are an eco-friendly choice. This is because vinyl is more durable than wooden fences; and additionally, you don’t have to cut trees to install a fence line. Moreover, vinyl fences are recyclable and have a lower carbon footprint than wooden fences. 

Vinyl fences are easy to install

Duramax Fences offer a DIY installation process. Our range of vinyl fences is super easy to install. These fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together. Our fences come in DIY kits with an installation guide. You only need to install the fence with the help of a local handyman or a gardener— there is no need to hire a skilled professional to install Duramax Fences. Moreover, by choosing Duramax Fences, you save 29% on fencing and labor compared to other fencing alternatives – an added advantage.

Why Duramax Fences?

If you plan to invest in a commercial-grade, ASTM-certified fence with the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability, come to Duramax. Our fences are available at factory-direct rates and engineered for maximum durability. Our fences are backed with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and are resistant to fading, discoloration, and peeling.

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Duramax’s Vinyl Fences FAQ – Get All Your Questions Answered Here

vinyl fences

Vinyl has become the most popular material for fencing in the U.S. and with good reasons. Duramax’s vinyl fences can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property like never before, sport exceptional durability, and are easy to maintain. While some might complain that the upfront cost is higher than other fencing materials available on the market, the easy maintenance and exceptional longevity our supremely engineered vinyl fences bring to the table balance the cost in the long term. 

Here, we have curated a list of the most trending questions people have in their minds before buying vinyl fences. Let’s take a look at them. 

What are vinyl fences, and how are they different from other fencing materials? 

Duramax’s top-notch vinyl fences are made from PVC, expanded as polyvinyl chloride, and are known for being weather-resistant, fade-resistant, low maintenance, and exceptional durability. On top of that, our vinyl fences do not require regular sealing, painting, or staining and are less prone to rusting, warping, or rotting. The above mentioned features make our fences a far better alternative to metal or wooden fences. 

Here, we have mentioned some key points of differences on how vinyl fences differ from other fencing materials: 

Low Maintenance: Duramax’s vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require sealing, staining, or painting. So far as maintenance is concerned, an occasional wash with soap water would be enough. This makes our fences a good fit for commercial property owners or busy homeowners who cannot invest adequate time in fence maintenance. 

Durability: Our fences are known for their durability and UV- and weather-resistant. All credit goes to the UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide used to manufacture our fences. Our fences would not fade, rust, or rot over time, making them a good choice over metal or wooden fences. They are also designed to be insect and pest-resistant, which is a nightmare for other fencing materials. 

Cost: Some might complain that our vinyl fences are more expensive than chain-link or wooden ones. However, our fences do not require heavy maintenance and can last longer than other fencing materials, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run. Also, the fact that we ship directly from the factory all over the US at factory-direct prices reduces the overall cost to a great extent. 

What are the different designs and styles of Duramax fencing available? 

Our top-notch vinyl fencing is available in a wide plethora of designs and styles, including picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, ranch rail fences, pool fences, wall toppers, and more. Each style brings its own dynamics to the table and has various design options such as height, finishing, and variations. 

Here, we have mentioned the most popular types and styles of vinyl fences that are in vogue in 2023:  

Privacy Fencing: This is one of the most popular PVC fencing types that offers an exquisite and seamless finish while ensuring top-notch security and privacy of your property. 

 Semi-Privacy Fencing: This intuitive fencing option offers partial visibility while ensuring the necessary security and privacy of your property. 

Rail and Post Fencing: If you have a large property like a game reserve or a farm, rail and post fencing can be useful. This type of fencing is widely used for demarcating property lines while adding a rustic aesthetic. 

Picket Fencing: Picket fencing can be considered a timeless classic perfect for adding charm and character to your property. This type of fencing also ensures a low level of security. 

 Pool Fencing: Our vinyl pool fences adhere to all necessary safety regulations while being the most durable and enchanting option for any pool area. 

What are some of the most effective vinyl fence maintenance tips? 

As aforementioned, one of the most sought-after benefits of Duramax’s vinyl fences is that it requires very little maintenance compared to metal or wooden fences. Occasional cleaning with soap and water would remove all debris and dirt from it. 

Here are some maintenance tips for vinyl fences: 

 Cleaning: A periodic cleaning with soap and water would remove grime, dirt, and other debris from vinyl fencing. You can use a brush, soft cloth, and mild detergent. 

Inspections: It is advisable to inspect vinyl fences periodically and look for potential signs of damage, like chips or cracks. Should you find anything as such, repair it immediately to prevent further damage. 

Repairs: If any part of the vinyl fence is damaged, it can be easily repaired with a PVC adhesive or other similar materials. However, doing this as soon as possible is advisable to avoid further damage. 

How much would it cost to buy Duramax vinyl fences? 

The cost of vinyl fencing depends on several factors, like the installation style, length, height, and terrain of the site. For your reference, you can get our most sought-after DuraGrain privacy fences for as low as $194.47

Do Duramax’s Vinyl Fences come with a warranty? 

We offer a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty on all our vinyl fencing products. You can rest assured that with proper maintenance, our fences can last for as long as 20 to 30 years. 

Can you paint or customize your vinyl fences? 

Yes, you can paint our vinyl fences in any color you choose. All you need to do is sand the fence down with an 800 to 1000 grit water sandpaper post, which you can apply 3x acrylic roof paint. There is no need to apply multiple layers of paint or use expensive plastic primers. 

Final Take: 

We hope the aforementioned FAQs have given you a fairly good idea of the various nitty-gritty of Duramax’s vinyl fences. If you are looking for state-of-the-art vinyl fences in the US at pocket-friendly rates, look no further than Duramax. We offer different styles and designs of vinyl fences at highly competitive rates.

Choose a fence option that suits your needs and preferences in the best way possible. Ask for a free quotation now


When Should You Get The Wooden Fence Replaced?

A good quality wooden fence that’s well maintained can last only for 10 to 15 years. However, as most fences are not manufactured from 100% treated lumber, the material might wear out and need to be replaced earlier than expected. Most wooden fences last up to 10 years and begin to show signs of needing repairs and replacements that need to be addressed. Here are a few real-life stories where the wooden fences needed to get replaced, and repairing didn’t suffice.

The fence started to rot badly

“My wooden fence has started to rot; it’s not what I brought a year ago.”

This is probably the most common thing that happens to a wooden fence. One entrepreneur came to us and complained that he needed a more durable and rot-resistant fence for his commercial space. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl fences, and we suggested he replaces the wooden fence with a vinyl one.

The wooden fence is not weather- resistant and will start to rot within a few months. The rot occurs in places where the fence is closer to the ground. The boards experience severe moisture absorption in these areas and start rotting. One can apply a preservative to prevent the wooden fence from rotting, but eventually, nature takes its course, and rotting is inevitable. If you find your wooden fence rotting, consider replacing it with a new vinyl fence rather than spending money on preservatives and other moisture repellents or sealants.

Vinyl fences are 100% rot-resistant and can last over 20 years without rusting, rotting, warping, or breaking. Being a waterproof material, the vinyl fence can be cleaned with a garden hose. Once installed, you will never need to maintain a vinyl fence. No repainting or staining is necessary to keep the fence looking new and fresh for years. Our line of vinyl fences does not fade, turn yellow, and maintain its pristine look for years.

vinyl fence

Sagging fence

“My neighbor complains that our fence line is leaning towards their property.”

Good fences make good neighbors, and if you have a sagging fence, then it becomes a huge problem in maintaining good neighborly relations. If you repeatedly repair a sagging and leaning wooden fence, it’s time to replace it. We suggested that the homeowner to replace the wooden fence with a vinyl one. However, unlike the regular vinyl fence, Duramax Fences have thicker walls that won’t break, crack, sag, or fall over. Extreme heat, gusty winds, hurricanes, and tornados can topple over the lightweight wooden and thin vinyl fences, not the thick-walled Duramax Fence. Moreover, our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the fence panels in place and ensures that the fence line is not sagging or leaning and breaking into someone else’s property.

Termite infestation

“No matter what I do, termites wreak havoc with my fence.”

This is another great concern, and property owners often come to us with this problem. Termites can damage fences by creating holes and destroying the structural strength of the fence line. There can be many termites eating away the wooden fence, and if that’s so, then calling for professional help might be the only way out. However, termite infestation is quite common, and instead of using chemicals to keep the pests at bay, we suggested replacing the wooden fence with a chemical-resistant vinyl material. 

Duramax’s vinyl fences are chemical- resistant and great for families with pets and kids. Moreover, the vinyl fences do not attract termites and are lead-free and non-toxic. Termite-infested wooden fences eventually need to be replaced, so we suggest choosing a vinyl fence rather than inviting the same troublesome pests again and again.

Split or missing boards

“My cat escaped through the missing board.”

The split or missing boards of the fence can be repaired, but if there are lots of splits and missing boards, then it might be time to replace the entire fence. Since wooden fences are vulnerable to rain and sun, they begin to crack and split within a few years. We told the homeowner that if she is considering replacing the split board, she should know that split-warped boards perform poorly, cause structural problems, and might ruin the aesthetic appeal.

That’s the reason why it’s recommended to replace the wooden fence with a vinyl one, which has great structural strength and can withstand weather extremities without deforming and falling apart. Duramax Fences have a limited lifetime warranty and are engineered to ensure maximum durability.

The cost of repairing a wooden fence is high

“I compared the recurring repairs and overall expenditure and decided to get the high-maintenance wooden fence replaced with a vinyl one.”

Vinyl fences are a one-time investment. Initially, the cost might be high, but once installed, you do not need to get the vinyl fence repainted, and there are absolutely no repairs needed. This realization dawned upon one of our customers, who considered replacing the wooden fence with our DuraGrain one.

The DuraGrain vinyl fence is a wood-grained material that does not rot, attract termites, sag, warp, or break easily. The DuraGrain fence looks like a wooden fence but behaves like a vinyl one. This wood-grained fence has vinyl’s cell structure, making the material waterproof, weather resistant, termite resistant, and more. You get all the benefits of vinyl in a DuraGrain fence that looks like wood.

If you want to learn more about vinyl fences and why they are a better alternative to a wooden fence, book your no-cost consultation now—request a free quote.

Duramax Vinyl Fences are Robust Enough to Last a Lifetime

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

Fencing is very modern, and vinyl fencing is gaining popularity among different types of fencing materials. Vinyl fences are extremely durable and can last for 25-30 years in good condition without much maintenance. If you are searching for one of the most reliable backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA, explore the Duramax Fences website for a wonderful range of premium fences. 

If you have an unattractive pool area, you can choose to add some life to it by installing a vinyl pool fence. Are our fences acceptable for all weather situations, but do you have any concerns about the health of the fences when exposed to direct sunlight? Our fences are built to withstand the extreme heat of the Southwest sun. Our fence professionals employ the DuraResin composition, which shields the fences from harsh sun rays. Made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and special UV inhibitors, the fences are dependable and give a high resistance level.

When looking for vinyl fences, remember that quality is really important. Duramax Fences never compromises quality; we use thick vinyl sheets, and the fences have a robust routing system and a proper locking mechanism. In addition, all our vinyl products are certified, and the fences exceed the ASTMF964 standards, ensuring that quality is not compromised.

These fences are available in various sizes, heights, and colors. We create trendy fences in various colors that look lively and don’t require painting. The colors do not fade over time, so your fences will always seem new. Have you considered putting up a white fence? Years ago, white fences were fashionable; they appear quite stylish and may make your property stand out. Many consumers have recently expressed an interest in having white fences installed. Our fences have a beautiful appearance and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. All of our fences are built in the United States. We have our manufacturing facility, which allows us to keep our prices low. They are also very easy to clean and do not need serious maintenance. Affordable vinyl fencing can last for a lifetime without any repairs or replacement. You can wipe the fence with a clean wet cloth or give a power wash with a garden hose to take off all the dirt. 

Vinyl fences are hugely low maintenance yet enduring 

Vinyl fences are simple to maintain and require little upkeep. The fences are designed to endure a lifetime without needing to be repaired or replaced. To remove the filth, wipe it away or wash it thoroughly. As a result, vinyl fences are exceptionally long-lasting and waterproof, as evidenced by their appearance. On the other hand, Duramax fences are superior to standard vinyl fences. It’s because Duramax’s vinyl fence makers employ thicker vinyl sheets in their production. Sagging, warping, cracking, and breaking vinyl are all problems that thicker vinyl solves. In addition, Duramax vinyl fences have a powerful routing and interlocking mechanism to hold the fence panels together in a fixed position, unlike other manufacturers’ fences, which use external brackets and unattractive fasteners.

Furthermore, Duramax manufacturers do not use external hardware, which also helps maintain the visual aesthetics of the fences.

Vinyl fences are weather-resistant. Duramax gives their fences an extra punch by implanting the DuraResin vinyl formulation to strengthen the fences with the highest rated UV stability and weatherability. Titanium Dioxide and strongly powerful UV inhibitors used to manufacture the fences keep them strong enough to withstand the intense heat from the southwest sun. Duramax vinyl fences have passed the wind test of 105mph and can sustain heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunderstorms, and ice storms. The impact-resistant vinyl fences are the ideal choice for your property.

Why choose Duramax?

Our fences can endure extremely high pressure; these are resistant to heat, fire-proof, not affected by the impact, and do not show cracks in freezing temperatures. The fences also remain safe if there is a storm blowing, we assure because the fences are tested by a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Your search for backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers ends at Duramax. Choose us for your next project, discuss your requirements with us, and book a consultation. Then, order online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

Where To Buy Vinyl Fences?

Custom Vinyl Fence

The ancestral property would look beautiful with a strong fence. A durable fence is a great choice for old properties that must be well-protected against all odds. Buy vinyl fencing as it is long-lasting and adds the perfect sophistication to ancestral properties. Wooden and metal fences might seem a great choice, but they don’t stand the test of time. The vinyl fence is a long-term investment for durability, flexibility, and strength. Vinyl fences might require an upfront investment, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run. The affordable vinyl fencing is low maintenance and can last for more than 20 years without needing repairs, whitewashing, and other expensive treatments.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Vinyl Fences

Which form of fencing is best for the property?

As you explore various fence options, we would like to state that there is just no match to vinyl fencing these days. The concept of fencing started with the need to demarcate a property, but lately, it is for security needs that homeowners are also looking to install a fence. You would love to live securely within the home with near, dear ones. Vinyl fence is composed of durable material, and it is tough to break in. You can speak to homeowners with vinyl fences installed, and most will say that there is no need to worry about a burglary or even basic trespassing. It is without your permission no one can step in.

This form of fencing offers very little hassle

When buying a fence, one thing that bothers the buyer is the yearly maintenance cost of their fences. When choosing custom vinyl fencing for your home, you need not worry about recurring costs. The fences last well for around 20 years with minimal maintenance. If you have opted for a white-colored vinyl fence, we would like to say that it is very easy to clean. Cleaning with a hose once in a fortnight will be great to keep the fence panels shining as newly bought.

Vinyl is a fencing material, which is strong, durable, and leaves very little maintenance hassle. In addition, vinyl is an eco-friendly material, and your vinyl fences are recyclable. So when you install a vinyl fence around your home, you step towards sustainable living. So it is not at all a surprise that such forms of fences are today very popular right across the United States.

Privacy Fencing

Vinyl fencing is known to give out beauty and style for your home exteriors. The benefits are more as we say that this fencing form will ensure that privacy is completely maintained. The outsiders will at no stage get a peek into your private life.

Weather-resistant Fences

The weather can adversely affect the fences. The manufacturers have developed the DuraResin vinyl formulation to manufacture high-quality fences that would easily withstand the intense heat and scorching rays from the sun. Unfortunately, the sunny weather adversely affects vinyl fences, which start warping and sagging. The DuraResin formulation uses over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide with UV inhibitors to ensure the sturdy fences are heat resistant with the highest rated UV stability.

Book your consultation call now and buy a vinyl fence.

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