How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

When you plan to install a new fence, you need to make a lot of considerations before making a decision. However, the main thing that tops the list is the material you choose. The new fence’s price, quality, and longevity depend on the material you choose. The right material for your fence will help you strike a balance between your different needs and wants. Although wooden fences are a favorite in California, vinyl is soon catching up as they are low maintenance and can be customized to suit your preferences. If you are wondering about the longevity of a vinyl fence, then remember that they usually last for 30 to 40 years with minimal care and upkeep. However, with adequate maintenance, a vinyl fence can last 50 years or even longer. The lifespan of a vinyl fence panel depends on several factors, like soil conditions, climate, and maintenance. You should get high-quality fences from leading vinyl fencing suppliers like Duramax. If you think whether Duramax vinyl fences are right for you, then this guide will help you make an informed decision.

What is a vinyl fence?

A vinyl fence is an excellent choice if you are looking for aesthetics and durability. Vinyl is a human-made plastic material from ethylene found in crude oil, chlorine, and regular salt. Vinyl is not a natural substance, yet the fences are strong as they are made from PVC resin which enhances the strength and durability of the material. Vinyl was found to be more durable, cheaper, and widely available. Since the winters in California are cool and long, and the summers are arid and warm, installing a vinyl fence is more than ideal.

More about the vinyl material

The vinyl material has numerous benefits that make it perfect. Firstly, vinyl is resistant to humidity and moisture, which makes it resistant to most elements, and the heat and rain of California will not adversely affect the fence over time. Durable vinyl fencing is exceptionally strong, meaning insects, bugs and pests won’t ruin the fence by biting or gnawing. Vinyl fences are washable, meaning the fence will stay white and bright even years after installation. Although white is not the only color for vinyl fencing, it’s the most preferred. However, if you are looking for a variety of colors that give versatility, opt for custom-made Duramax vinyl fencing. We offer a wide range of fences completely customized directly from the factory.

Vinyl fences have many upsides, and while being a human-made material, they are still eco-friendly, which makes them more ideal. Firstly, you can recycle vinyl fences, which helps preserve environmental resources. The vinyl material is made from common salt, a renewable substance. Again, vinyl is easy to manufacture and requires little energy to assemble into a strong fence.

How long does a vinyl fence last?

Although the metal and wooden fences might look sturdier, they don’t last long enough. A wooden fence will hardly last for five years, whereas a vinyl fence can last for 30 years without rotting, warping, splitting, or cracking. Vinyl fences have a longer lifespan than metal fences as they don’t rust or develop stains, and they remain pristine for years. Metal fences are more prone to wear and tear from elements than vinyl fences. While wooden and metal fences might not last as long as vinyl, they are high-maintenance and need extensive treatments or repairs for enhanced longevity. On the other hand, a vinyl fence is expected to last for years with minimal maintenance, and they don’t need to be retouched or painted for years. In addition, high-quality vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty that ensures that the product can last as long as you want and maybe even longer.

If you are a first-time fence buyer, choose vinyl instead of a wooden fence. Vinyl fences look great, last longer, and are virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, a vinyl fence is recyclable and environmentally sound, which makes it a great choice over wood or any other material. Duramax vinyl fences are a great investment for your property as they are designed to last for years.

What is Titanium Dioxide, and why do vinyl fences have them?

The scorching heat of the summer months in California can damage wooden fences and cause them to warp. Duramax gets you vinyl fences with potent UV inhibitors and titanium dioxide. If titanium dioxide doesn’t ring a bell in your head, then let us remind you that it’s an active ingredient used in sunscreens and offers built-in sun protection like no other. Titanium dioxide in vinyl fences offers phenomenal stability and protects the fencing from degradation, sun damage, and turning yellow over time. Because of titanium dioxide, the vinyl fence is non-toxic and highly durable too. Duramax uses over 12 parts of titanium dioxide to build high-end fences that can withstand the scorching heat of the southwest sun without warping, fading, or any severe damage. 

If you are looking for durable vinyl fences – then Duramax is the right choice

At Duramax, you will find plenty of vinyl fence designs that can complement the aesthetics of your property. We can customize the fence and make the vinyl fence indistinguishable from wood. Duramax vinyl fencing suppliers offer DuraGrain fences that look like wood but are durable, low-maintenance, and strong, much unlike the wooden fences. The vinyl fences from Duramax are fireproof, chemical resistant, and safe for pets and kids. The temperature-tolerant vinyl fences do not warp, sag or break. The fence material wins for longevity and is a one-time investment. Duramax vinyl fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability and come with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. With the unique DirtGuard bottom rail design, the fence is a low-maintenance choice as it’s easy to clean. The patented design also minimizes dirt build-up and keeps the entire perimeter clean. 

Final Take

While vinyl fences are easy to clean, the installation is far simpler. Although vinyl fence installation might come across as a costly investment, by choosing Duramax Fences, you save 29% on fencing and labor during installation. Get high-quality vinyl fences at factory-direct rates. In addition, our fences come customized in different colors, designs, and styles. Get a no-cost consultation now. Request a free quote.

Your property can stand out if you install a vinyl fence around it – Invest in a colorful or a white color fence

Fences are exposed to outside weather conditions, so we all expect those to be as durable as possible. Fencing is an expensive home improvement solution, and you would expect those to last for a long time to avoid re-investment. People have installed various fences, but most cannot stand external conditions for a long time. How about a material that could endure it all?

Fences are exposed to outside weather conditions, so we all expect those to be as durable as possible. Fencing is an expensive home improvement solution, and you would expect those to last for a long time to avoid re-investment. People have installed various fences, but most cannot stand external conditions for a long time. How about a material that could endure it all? 


Duramax – one of the reputed fencing suppliers

Vinyl fencing is the new and the most modern kind that proved to be 5 times more long-lasting than any other materials. Duramax is the leader in offering vinyl fencing solutions; we are among the most well-known vinyl fencing suppliers in Orange County. Our fences include pool fences, picket fences, semi-privacy fences, privacy fences, perimeter and pool fences, etc. The fences are made of 100% virgin vinyl sheets. All our fences have a secure routing system and a suitable locking mechanism. 


Low maintenance fences from Duramax

Vinyl fences are low-cost solutions, also having low maintenance costs. Our fences do not require regular maintenance and do not need a lot of time to clean. Rinse off the dirt and debris with a hose, and your fences would shine again. These vinyl fences do not lose their shine or color even after years of usage; you do not need repainting. Our fences are resistant to heat, cold, fire, and impact.  


Our fences can endure it all

A lot of buyers worry about various climatic conditions affecting the fences, mainly the Southwest sun. But Duramax fences are not affected by sunlight, whereas all other fencing material is. Our fences are made of Duraresin formulation that aids the fences withstand the scorching Southwest sun. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and active UV inhibitors; this gives the fences the highest stability and weatherability. 


Unparalleled quality – Duramax fences 

Quality plays an important role, and we have a vast base of satisfied clients. All our products exceed the ASTM F964 standards, it’s pretty high when compared to the fencing industry. The fences can be customized according to your choice; there are also no added brackets and screws so that the fences’ look is retained. 


Colorful or white color? Choose yours

 Duramax manufactures colorful fences that can lift the mood of your property. The fences are available in various designs, and the colors look fantastic when installed on your property. Our fences are known for offering lifetime performance and immense beauty and aesthetics. We also manufacture white color fences that are simply elegant and peaceful to look at. Many clients prefer the white color, but they fear that the white won’t last long like other fences. But our vinyl fences remain in good condition, and the white fences do not show any signs of becoming yellow when exposed to the outside weather. 


Buy vinyl fence online All Duramax fences are extremely affordable; the fences are made in the USA in our factory. All our fences are recyclable, which means the products are environment friendly. You can choose the fences online from the Duramax website. All products are shipped on time; the products come with a limited lifetime warranty. We are among the most experienced and reputed vinyl fence manufacturers in Orange County. Order fences today; you can also book a consultation. Request for a quote.