Here’s Why Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels Might Be a Boon for You

Vinyl privacy fence panels

Since time immemorial, fences have been widely used to protect people from wild animals and to protect gardens from outsiders as well. Thus, they can be said to be a great security tool. US homeowners, especially from rural and suburban areas, have considered Duramax Fencesvinyl privacy fence panels an essential part of their home. Urban citizens are no exception, and in urban areas, fences are often seen in properties with ample space. So, it can be safely said that fencing has now grown to become an integral part of home renovation or construction needs.

But here is a catch. Many people are often faced with the dilemma as to which fence material they should opt for and which would be the best fit for their property. Here, we will be taking a look at what makes Duramax vinyl fences a good option for all your home requirements. So, let’s start.

The Good Ones

Vinyl Fences Stay White: Our vinyl fences will never turn yellow and are fade-resistant. Thus, they can retain their white color for many years. White privacy vinyl fences can offer a rustic finish to your entire property. Moreover, our vinyl fences do not call for a lot of maintenance and can be cleaned easily with mild detergent and water.

Vinyl Fences Stay Strong: Our vinyl fences are much stronger than wooden fences in more ways than one. Wooden fences absorb moisture and thus allow the growth and multiplication of mold and mildew, which can destroy them from the inside. These fences also dry and chip over time, thereby hindering their structural integrity. On the other hand, our supremely engineered vinyl fences are 100% waterproof and thus do not allow moisture seepage inside them.

Vinyl fences are Flexible: One of the most important things to be considered while choosing a fence material is its flexibility quotient. The proprietary DuraResin vinyl formulation ascertains that our fences can hold up against harsh weather conditions, especially in the intense southwest sun, and ensures a longevity of 25 to 30 years. Also, the smooth, seamless surface ensures no animals get hurt or injured if they accidentally run into the fences. This becomes especially important if you have pets on your property. Our vinyl privacy fence panels have exceptional flexibility, making it the one to go for animal owners.

Vinyl Fences Look Exquisite: Vinyl is a fencing material that allows fence manufacturers to innovate and experiment with unique styles. Besides boosting the security of your property, our vinyl privacy fence panels can augment your landscape like none other. If you want to sell your property after some years, keep in mind that the fences will create the first impression in the minds of potential buyers. The good thing about our fences is that you can customize them to suit your tastes and preferences in the best way possible.

Vinyl Fences Are Economical: Vinyl fences are a lot cheaper when compared to their contemporaries. The upfront cost might seem to be a bit higher. However, the fact there is no maintenance cost involved balances out the cost in the long term. You can also ask for a free quotation for our fences before placing your order.

Vinyl Fences are Easy to Install: We offer vinyl fences as DIY kits that can be installed effortlessly. This not only saves you the labor cost but can be installed in no time as well.

Vinyl Fences Boost Privacy: Our vinyl privacy fence panels are so designed that there are not many gaps between the panels. You can reduce the space between the two panels. This ensures the highest degree of privacy in your property, making vinyl privacy fences the right way to go.

A Wide Array of Fence Designs and Styles: You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to vinyl fence styling options. You can opt for our vertical or horizontal privacy fence, our ranch rail fence, or even our traditional white picket fence. Whether you want to create a perimeter around your property or fence your pool or yard, we offer different fence styles to cater to your purposes in the best way possible.

Final Take:

So, you see, the aforementioned factors clearly advocate the fact as to what made our fences take the US by storm over the last few years. If you are looking for ways to boost privacy around your property, Duramax Fences’ vinyl privacy fence panels might just be the thing for you. The good thing is that we offer our fences at factory-direct rates, making them much more affordable. The experts here will address all your queries and doubts in the best way possible. Book a free consultation now.

How to Augment Your Landscape with Duramax Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels?

Vinyl privacy fence panels

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence panels can add to the security and beauty of a home’s landscape like none other. Whether you want to add a personal touch to your garden area or enhance your house’s privacy, our supremely engineered fence panels can fit the bill like none other.

Here, we will be discussing the myriad advantages that you can reap by installing our vinyl fence panels and how to choose a fence panel that would fit your home in the best way possible. So, let’s start.

What are Vinyl Fence Panels?

Vinyl fences are made from a synthetic material known as Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. Duramax vinyl privacy fences are highly durable and do not call for heavy maintenance. Our fences are available in a wide array of styles and come in white. However, you can paint the fences in any color of your choice. So, our fences can prove to be a boon when it comes to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Our supremely engineered vinyl fences are extremely strong, and the DuraResin vinyl formulation ensures that the fences can withstand the intense southwest Sun. Also, UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide ensure that our fences have the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability of any vinyl available on the market. Our fences would never corrode or rust like other fencing materials. We offer fences in different designs that would suit your requirements in the best way possible.

Tips to Boost Landscape Aesthetics with Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fence panels can take your landscape aesthetics to an entirely new level. Here are some useful tips to amplify your landscape with our fence panels. Let’s take a look at them. 

Opt for a color and design that best complements your style aesthetic and home: Our vinyl fences are white. However, one can paint them to any color of their choice. We offer vinyl fences in different lengths, widths, and styles, allowing you to pick one that goes best with your house’s existing décor.

Add ornamental accents: You can decorate our vinyl fences with different types of accents, like balusters, post caps, finials, and more. These accents not just add a touch of uniqueness to the fence but give it an exquisite look as well.

Install a gate:  Besides offering a secure entrance to your house, a vinyl fence gate adds an enchanting touch to the fences as well. Gates with remote control or keypad can ensure convenience and top-notch security.

Install lights: Lights in vinyl fences can add a touch of elegance to your yard, especially at night, making them a must-install.

Why Install Duramax Vinyl Fences?

Duramax vinyl privacy fences bring myriad advantages to the table, which makes it worth investing. Here’s why you should choose our supremely engineered fences over wooden fencing materials.

Durability: Our privacy vinyl fences are engineered for the intense southwest Sun. The DuraResin vinyl formulation ensures that the fences can hold out against the intense southwest Sun and the toughest weather conditions.

Low Maintenance:  Our fences require little to no maintenance and would never corrode or rust like other fencing materials.

Variety: We offer vinyl fences in various patterns and designs. We can also customize the fences to suit your specific requirements.

Affordability: Our vinyl fences are long-lasting, affordable, and available in different styles and sizes to cater to your needs and preferences in the best way possible.

Where Can You Use Our Vinyl Fence Panels?

Vinyl fences are flexible, allowing them to be used in various household applications. Let’s take a look at some of its most common uses. 

Picket Fence: Want to add an intuitive touch to your yard? Vinyl picket fences fit the bill like none other.

Privacy Fence: If you want to craft a secure border around your garden or home, you just cannot afford to overlook Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence panels. Our privacy fence panels offer complete privacy, which is particularly important when you have kids or pets in your home.

Pool Fences: If you have a swimming in your house, fencing around them is mandated by law. You can install our vinyl pool fences for an additional layer of safety.

Which Vinyl Fence Panel Would be the Best Fit for Your Home?

You must consider certain factors while shopping for vinyl fence panels around your home. Here are a few useful tips that will help you pick up the perfect vinyl fence for your dream house:

Finalize a style: We offer vinyl fences in a wide range of styles and sizes. Select one that matches the existing décor of your house.

Figure out your requirements: Find out why you are installing the fence or what purpose the fence would serve. This will help you pick a fence that suits you best.

Determine your budget: The budget will determine the features you can afford in vinyl fences.

Think about the maintenance aspect: Our vinyl fences do not call for heavy maintenance, making them much more sought-after. On the other hand, other fencing materials, like wooden fences, require heavy maintenance, like staining, to maintain its upkeep.

Maintenance of Our Fences

Our fences require little to zero maintenance. They are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. So far as maintenance is concerned, all you need to do is clean the panels with water and mild detergent annually. Power washers can also be a good option if you want easy and quick results.

Final Take:

So, as you can well understand, Duramax vinyl privacy fence panels can not only ensure top-notch security and beauty of your home but ameliorate your landscape as well. You will find many vinyl fence options here, available at extremely competitive prices. The best part is that we offer a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty on all our fence products. Place your order now, and we will ensure shipping directly from our factory within two weeks, and that too, at factory-direct prices. Request a free sample now.

Are You Planning To Invest in Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels? This Is a Must-Read!

vinyl privacy fence panels

Investing in a fence is an excellent choice to protect your property and also enhance a sense of seclusion and isolation in the backyard sanctuary. Don’t forget, the vinyl privacy fence panels add value to your home and enhance curb appeal. A fence around the property is a win-win situation as it provides extra protection and stops trespassers and strangers from entering the property. Moreover, you can keep the nosy neighbors at bay and discourage them from peeping into your property.

A vinyl fence is a great investment for a homeowner as it’s beneficial for the property and ideal for families with pets and young children. However, when you are planning to buy vinyl privacy fence panels, a few things need to be considered before kick starting the project.

Make sure you adhere to the fencing laws

Before making any purchases from a local fence dealer, you need confirmation that the fence complies with the requirements of the local county and that you have permission to install a fence in your yard. You don’t necessarily need a permit to install a fence, but a good understanding of the boundary line of your property is essential. If you are unsure about something, our experts can help you. With over 20 years of experience, Duramax is one of the leaders in the fencing industry and can provide you with high-quality fences that adhere to the requirements of the local county. However, depending on your location, there might be height restrictions and standards for fence boundaries that you need to adhere to.

It’s a good idea to check with the local Homeowners Association (HOA). Some places have strict rules and regulations about the types of fences as well as colors and materials allowed for construction on your property. It is always better to ensure that the fence complies with the criterion and you have permission for fence construction rather than waiting for later.

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Mark off the locations of the utility lines

If you don’t have a fence enclosing your yard, you need to mark the exact locations of any utility lines before installing a fence on your property. This is important because if you fail to mark off the utility lines while installing a fence, you can accidentally hit pipes and wirings buried beneath the ground. Additionally, it is not advisable to have a fence directly installed on top of any utility wiring because if the county undertakes any maintenance work, the new privacy fence might need to be uninstalled again, and you will have to build a new fence right from scratch

Determine the grade of terrain and land area

Now that you have delineated the location of the utility lines, established the property line area, and received the green light to construct a fence, it’s time to decide exactly where you want to install the fence on the land. Townhome communities prefer you to have illustrations of the land divisions drawn to scale. After mapping the land, with the help of a fencing calculator, you can determine the number of fencing materials necessary to construct a fence.

Duramax manufacturers can help you get a customized vinyl fence that suits your preferences. You can get a perimeter fence, pool fence, post-rail fence, semi-privacy fence, traditional fence, or even wall toppers for your property. Our commercial-grade fences are engineered for maximum durability and come at factory-direct rates.

Why choose vinyl?

When you talk about a fence, the most common choice is a wooden fence. Although wood has immense popularity, it is now becoming obsolete. This is because a traditional wooden fence starts rotting and attracting moisture, which makes them a high-maintenance choice in the long run. In addition, wooden fences start splintering, rotting, and developing cracks after a few months. We all know that a wooden fence is not a durable one, as it is vulnerable to weather and needs extensive repairs and maintenance to retain its pristine appearance.

However, if you still love a wooden fence, we have an alternative.

Choose a DuraGrain fence! This is a wood-grained vinyl fence that looks like real wood but has the cell configuration of vinyl. This fence will not rot, rust, fade or get discolored. Our DuraGrain fence is weather resistant and waterproof. They are easy to clean and can stand the test of time. Ideally, a wooden fence will require regular cleaning, staining, and maintenance, but a DuraGrain fence can be occasionally cleaned with a garden hose, and it stays clean and fresh for a long time. Moreover, Duramax experts can help you customize your fence in different styles, designs, and colors to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Why are Duramax Fences better than others?

Save almost 30% on labor and fencing by choosing Duramax Fences

Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Our fences are weather-resistant and made with DuraResin vinyl formulation

Our DirtGuard bottom rail patented design minimizes dirt build-up and keeps the fences clean

Our fences have thicker walls that eliminate problems like sagging, warping, and cracking

Our fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that helps to hold the panels together, ensuring longevity and peace of mind

Made with raw PVC resin and 100% virgin vinyl, Duramax Fences are resistant to damage and can withstand weather extremities

Our DIY fences are quick to install and are low maintenance


Choosing a fence for your property is not a spur-of-the-moment decision, and you need to research a bit before making the final call. Duramax is one of the most trusted fencing manufacturers in the US and offers high-quality fences that can withstand extremes of temperatures without warping, cracking, or breaking. Our fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and are extremely durable. You can expect a Duramax fence to last 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance, whereas ordinary vinyl fences only last for 10 to 15 years. Book a free consultation with our experts now for more information on this. Request a no-obligation quotation.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space this summer with our exciting Summer Kickoff Sale at Duramax Fences. Whether you’re looking to enhance the privacy, security, or aesthetics of your property, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of high-quality fences.

Why Are Vinyl Privacy Fences a Common Choice in Washington?

vinyl privacy fence panels

The weather pattern in the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington is diverse. The climate is mild and moist on the west side of Cascade Mountain Range, and on the eastern side, it’s dry with hot summers and snowy winters. Investing in a wooden fence in such a place would mean extensive maintenance, and you might have to replace the fence every now and then. Wooden fences might initially look affordable, but it warps in heat, rots when in contact with moisture, and is not 100% weatherproof. Extreme weather conditions can damage the wooden fence, so switch to vinyl privacy fence panels. The climate in Washington varies considerably, especially regarding precipitation and wind, which is why investing in vinyl privacy fences is ideal. Duramax vinyl fences are ideal for residential and commercial properties as they are long-term investments that last for years and are highly affordable. 

Find everlasting durability with vinyl fences

You need to inspect the wooden fence every now and then to check for damages. The wooden fence is vulnerable to weather elements and is not a good long-term investment. Even the best quality wooden fence that’s well maintained will last for ten years at the maximum, after which you need to get the fence line replaced. A wooden fence is chewed by animals, infested by termites, and highly prone to sun damage. That’s why replace wood with vinyl privacy fence panels.

The vinyl privacy fences can last 30 to 40 years without requiring major repairs or replacement. Vinyl is a recyclable material, making them an eco-friendly choice. Made from 100% virgin vinyl and the DuraResin vinyl formulation, Duramax Fences have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Initially, the vinyl fences might look pricey, but it’s a one-time investment lasting for numerous years without fading, warping, cracking, or breaking. A vinyl fence is resistant to termites and is 100% weatherproof. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture the Duramax Fence for withstanding the intense rays of the southwest sun. You will never find Duramax vinyl fences warping in summer or cracking in the snowy winters of Washington. With a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, Duramax Fences is a great long-term investment.

Low-maintenance vinyl fences

Maintenance is a huge problem with a wooden fence, but when you invest in a vinyl fence – you do not have to deal with expensive maintenance treatments. A vinyl fence is 100% waterproof and washable. The smooth vinyl fence doesn’t stain or collect dirt or debris on its surface. The Dirt Guard bottom rail design is a Duramax patent and minimizes dirt build-up across the perimeter of the fence. All these features make maintaining a vinyl fence a breeze. You can wash the vinyl fence with a garden hose to use a sponge to scrub off any stains.

Moreover, Duramax vinyl fences do not get discolored, fade or turn yellowish, again a boon for residents living in Washington. This is because Washington has four distinct seasons. The different humidity levels in wet and dry months and freezing temperatures during winters call for vinyl fences rather than the traditional wooden fence.

We are not completely dismissing the wooden fence. But real wood won’t last long enough. Moreover, to maintain a wooden fence, you must go for staining, pressure washing, painting, and sealing to ensure proper upkeep. So why not replace the wooden fence with Duramax’s DuraGrain vinyl fence?

What is a DuraGrain Fence?

DuraGrain is a complete wood-grained vinyl fence that feels and even appears like a traditional wooden fence, but it’s low maintenance and durable because of Duramax’s vinyl-formulated material. 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin are used during the manufacturing process of the DuraGrain fence. Unlike wood, the DuraGrain vinyl fence will not attract termites, rot, or pit and is highly resistant to UV rays, preventing discoloration and fading. At Duramax, you will get three brilliant shades of DuraGrain fence that is adobe, tan and white, which can enhance the look of your yard and home. In addition, our experts can help you further customize the fence by allowing you to choose different accent colors for the rails and posts. The wood-grained fences look natural and are highly durable and low maintenance. DuraGrain fence is a great alternative to the wooden fence as it is easy to clean, looks similar to wood, enhances aesthetics, and increases your property’s value. Backed with a warranty, the DuraGrain fence ensures years of trouble-free satisfaction.

Vinyl fences are more expensive yet a one-time investment

If you want a long-term fence investment, then vinyl fences are not expensive. Vinyl fences are costlier than wood, but it’s a one-time investment. In the long run, you will realize that the cost savings makes a vinyl fence much more coveted than a wooden one. Firstly, vinyl privacy fencesare highly durable and don’t require much upkeep, which again means you do not have to worry about getting the fence replaced anytime soon. However, on the other end, a wooden fence is high maintenance and not as long-lasting as a vinyl fence. Investing in a vinyl fence saves time and money as you don’t have to replace or refinish the fence line continuously. 

Ease of installation 

Save thousands of dollars by investing in DIY Duramax Fences rather than spending money on other alternatives. The vinyl fences manufactured at Duramax are stronger than any other fencing. Our fences do not have external brackets or unsightly screws that can break, crack, discolor, or weaken the fence line over time. Our high-quality fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together and ensures exceptional strength and sturdiness. Moreover, you save 29% on fencing and labor by installing DIY fences. On the other hand, installing a wooden fence is a cumbersome task and requires more labor and cost than you have anticipated.

Final Words

The long-term expenses of vinyl privacy fence panels are minimal compared to wood. The vinyl privacy fences, being resistant to elements, can maintain a beautiful sheen throughout their lifetime, making them a better choice for the long run. To learn more about vinyl fences, book a free consultation session now. Request a no-obligation quote.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Vinyl Privacy Fences

A vinyl privacy fence can serve numerous purposes. It can enhance the property’s aesthetics and prevent the pets and kids from straying outside while you are distracted. However, the primary reason why people install privacy fences is for privacy! The vinyl privacy fence panels are generally tall, and there are no gaps between the posts, making it impossible to view the other side – hence the name ‘privacy vinyl fence’. However, you can get decorative privacy fences with ornamental designs at the top, allowing light and air to come through without compromising your solitude and privacy. The privacy fence is built at the boundary line of the property. These fences are thick, long, high, and impermeable. Made from sturdy and durable materials, a privacy fence from Duramax can last for 30 years without needing professional repairs or replacements.

Will privacy fences block noise?

A privacy fence is the best configuration to reduce noise pollution. The sole purpose of a privacy fence is to ensure isolation and block outside noises, and to soundproof the fence; you need to take a few preparatory steps. Firstly, the vinyl privacy fence panels should not have gaps or spaces between them. Secondly, you should build the fence higher to block more noise. If your property is near a busy street or school, consider planting shrubs and trees in your yard to block the noise. Lastly, Duramax Fences have thicker walls, ideal for blocking noise and keeping your home serene. Book a free consultation with us to learn more about privacy fences and how they can help you to block noise.

Does the homeowner’s insurance cover vinyl privacy fences?

According to Allstate, the homeowner’s insurance covers damages to your fence. The only catch is that the insurance company will request to have a look at the cause of the damage. For example, insurance covers fences broken or cracked by a fallen tree or storm. The insurance companies cover the damages even for vandalism and home break-ins. However, for floods and earthquakes, you need separate policy coverage. Most insurance policies refuse to cover such costs for routine damages like a landowner scraping the fence, peeling paint, warping the fence or  lack of maintenance.

The company can also try to recover the damage costs from third parties based on the circumstances. For example, if the neighbor’s tree falls on the fence or the driver dents the fence while parking, the company files a claim against the driver or the neighbor’s insurance policy to cover the cost. However, even if the fence damage is covered, there is a limit. You need to check with the insurance provider and know the specific policies for more details.

Will the fence increase my property’s valuation?

Installing a fence is an individual preference, but if done correctly and maintained well, it can increase your property’s valuation. Other factors can influence this, including the location of your house, the material used, the type of neighborhood, and the fence design. A classic vinyl or wood fence is highly desirable as they require little maintenance and is a valuable add-on to any property. However, a wooden fence is a comparatively higher maintenance than a vinyl one. The wooden fence requires special attention to combat moisture, whereas vinyl is almost maintenance-free. That’s why installing a high-quality, low-maintenance, and durable fence is a smart move to enhance aesthetics and increase the home’s valuation.

How much does a vinyl privacy fence cost?

Many factors can influence the fence cost, and it’s quite challenging to give you an exact estimate of the potential cost of installing the fence. Everything ranging from the topography and size of your yard labor, fencing materials, and location can affect the final price of the fence. However, if you are looking for affordable vinyl fence installation, then Duramax Fences is ideal.

At Duramax, we give you an accurate estimate using a fencing calculator. Then, we examine the yard and consult with you on materials and designs to determine a final cost. It takes around 2 weeks approximately for the fences to get delivered to your location.

Why choose Duramax vinyl privacy fence panels?

You will get many vinyl fences in the market, but all are not created the same. Duramax Fences are a notch higher because they are built to last and engineered with the highest-grade materials. Made from 100% virgin vinyl, the high-quality fences are durable and don’t rot, rust, warp, crack or sag. In addition, the manufacturers use the DuraResin vinyl formulation to ensure that the fences can withstand the southwest sun for the longest time without showing signs of damage.

With more than 25 years of experience, Duramax Fences is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-grade vinyl fences. Our fences have the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability and won’t turn yellow or fade for years. In addition, the fences come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty and are impact resistant and strong. We focus on providing you with vinyl fencing products that are resistant to heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, yellowing, staining, and sagging. Built with a strong routing and interlocking system, the fences will never fall apart and provide peace of mind.

Final Words

Duramax Fences are easiest to install, taking only four days, and with the help of 2 laborers, the job gets done. Duramax Fences are better than other alternatives in the market, especially from what you get from big-box stores and other retailers. Request a quote now. Order your fences online. Our live chat will connect you with a real live person to guide you about everything related to fencing.

Want To Install Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels? Knowing About Proper Fence Etiquette Is a Must!

Vinyl manufacturer

Before you lay your hands on Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence panels, it is extremely important to reflect on fence etiquette. You should also pay attention to the HOA rules that your neighborhood follows and think about the neighbors on either side of your property. Besides adhering to the local zoning regulations that are in place, it’s important to follow some fence etiquette so that you keep yourself away from any future issues.

You should note that while your primary purpose of constructing a fence is to keep the wildlife away or contain your pets within your property, your neighbors viewthe fence line regularly from their driveways and from indoors. Here, we will look at some fence etiquette points you should consider before a fence installation.

Deciding on where to construct your fence

Knowing your property’s starting and end point is extremely important. Of course, anyone can make assumptions when building a structure like a fence line, but still, you need to ensure precision and accuracy. Therefore, we at Duramax thoroughly inspect your house’s plot before laying our hands on the installation process. Duramax uses a fencing calculator for ensuring accuracy and precision. This will go a long way in avoiding any property encroachments and arguments in the future. A plot is typically an outline of your land, which you can easily obtain from your city’s county records office. And if you are still in the dark regarding the exact boundary lines, you can avail the services of a surveyor who will demarcate the boundary before vinyl privacy fence panels are installed.

Do you have to inform your neighbors before installing a fence?

No law advocates that you must notify your neighbors about your intentions to install fences around your property. If your fence design adheres to the neighborhood rules and your plans are strictly inside your property line, you can start with your project without any worries whatsoever. However, it is an act of respect to make the neighbors aware of your plans beforehand in case they have issues or want you to avoid building vinyl privacy fence panels. The best scenario will be if your neighbor wants to cooperate with you in the fence installation that lines dual properties, as that would include splitting expenses. We suggest you always remain upfront to prevent misunderstandings and protect yourself from legal challenges. After all, conversing with someone is not bad, even if you are on bad terms with them.

Is the cost of constructing a fence shared with the neighbors?

The next big thing you need to focus on, as far as fence etiquette is concerned, is who will bear the cost of a fence. In most cases, the homeowner who wants the fence and on whose property the fence will be established will have to pay the bill. This involves the costs of constructing vinyl privacy fence panels and their long-term maintenance. So, when you speak with your neighbors before starting the installation process, you receive their valuable feedback and can also come to an agreement.

Placement regulations and height of fences on property lines

In several localities, there is a rule to place your fences minimally six inches inside your property line. The professionals here at Duramax Fences will extensively inspect the regulations before installing the fence. Though every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations, in many places, the tallest height allowed for fences is 6 feet. However, according to Spruce, vinyl privacy fence panels built for the front yard, within 15 feet of the street line or where traffic signals are impaired, have lower fence height limits, and in such cases, the fences should not be higher than 4 feet.

Do your neighbors have the right to tear down your fence?

As per the law, your neighbor cannot tear down your fence unless they have a court order. When you get your vinyl fences installed by the professionals here at Duramax Fences, you can be rest assured that the manufacturers will ensure that you get the right fence for your property that adheres to the city’s regulations. If your neighbor demolishes the fences on your property, you can drag them to the court to replace or repair the fences at their cost. To avoid these uncalled-for situations, strictly follow the fence etiquette and do not provoke your unfriendly neighbor to react negatively.

Can I construct a fence just next to my neighbor’s fence?

Generally, vinyl privacy fence panels that are not meant to serve as boundary fences should be constructed at a minimum distance of two feet inside your property line. If your neighbor already has a fence installed, then in most cases, you will find that the fences are installed two feet inside their property line. You can build another fence on your property, but it should be within two feet of your property line. And if you find that there is not adequate space for executing the task, you might get into a conflict for easement rights between the yards. So, checking the city’s easement rights laws before starting the project is always wise.

Final Take

Follow these easy fence etiquette rules and enjoy an easy time with your neighbors. Properly installed vinyl privacy fence panels can take the privacy and security of your house to astronomical heights, and don’t forget the value it adds to your property. If you are looking for top-notch vinyl fences, you should check out Duramax Fences. We offer many choices to cater to every taste, and our fences can be customized extensively. Visit our website to catch a glimpse of our amazing vinyl fencing options, and choose one that meets your needs and preferences in the best way possible.

Our fences are waterproof, weather-resistant, low maintenance, and come at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. The high-quality fences are engineered keeping longevity in mind and do not warp, sag, break, or crack. Request a quote now. Book your free consultation today.

What Makes Duramax Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels the Best Privacy Solution for Your House?

vinyl privacy fence panels

Fences are available in different materials, shapes, and styles. Before you buy a fence, you must decide its purpose. While some purchase it for security reasons, others buy it to add aesthetic value to the property. Whatever your reason is, it is vital to find a reliable fence manufacturer for your needs.

Of all the options available, vinyl privacy fence panels are quite flexible in their intent, size, and shape. Due to this reason, vinyl is a good option for every scenario.

Why is vinyl a great fencing option?

Vinyl fences are undoubtedly a go-to material for privacy fencing. Duramax Fence’s vinyl privacy fence panels are a wonderful option for optimum privacy. It is a standard blank wall fence, which helps block your property from trespassers. In addition, unlike other fencing options, vinyl is durable and looks attractive.

Also, privacy fence panels are useful, especially if you have kids or pets. Talking about the strength of privacy fence panels is unmatchable. In addition, unlike other fencing materials, vinyl fences need no maintenance. Vinyl is scratch-resistant, non-porous, doesn’t require painting, and is easy to clean.

Benefits of Duramax Fence Privacy Vinyl Fence

Although deciding on the fence installation is easy, choosing the material can be challenging. Here are a few reasons behind choosing vinyl privacy fence panels for your property.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining a vinyl fence takes work. But once you install it, you won’t have to worry about servicing. Unlike other fencing materials, you won’t have to think about splintering wood, rusting metal, or staining. All you need is a garden hose to clean them.


Vinyl is comparatively stronger than wood. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about quality deterioration or pest infestation. These materials hold up better in places where weather patterns change. It can withstand wind gusts up to 100 mph. Not only that, these fences don’t expand or contract in extreme temperatures. It helps in preserving the integrity of the fences.

Above all, if you live near the coast, vinyl privacy fence panels are great since salt water can’t damage the fence. At Duramax Fence, you will get reliable materials since the fence panels are made with virgin vinyl. Thus, it won’t peel, chip, or discolor even after years of usage.


Vinyl fences are available in different colors and fashions. You can choose traditional, classic, semi-private, or privacy styles, which don’t fade like wooden fences. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about repainting them every time.

The stately appearance of the vinyl fences makes them look like metal fences. Besides, you can customize the fence height according to your needs. Due to its beautiful aesthetics, you can install it on your property to increase its value.


Vinyl fences are perfect for those who want to protect their property under a budget. It is useful for bordering bigger properties like apartment complexes, stadiums, schools, and more. 

Unlike other fencing materials, the maintenance cost of vinyl privacy fence panels is quite less. Once you install them, the hassle of painting or doing the rust removal job can be reduced. Vinyl fences don’t come with the hassle of frequent painting.

Added value

Only some fences give the advantage of enhancing the marketability of your house. When buying a property, buyers search for well-maintained, low-maintenance, and attractive fences. In addition, the demand for fences is high among families having kids or dogs. Vinyl privacy fence panels can increase the desirability of your house since they are beautiful and long-lasting.


Compared to other materials, vinyl is super-durable and is five times stronger than wood. The problem with wooden fences is it soaks up water and cracks due to harsh weather conditions. However, vinyl fences are made with titanium dioxide (an effective UV inhibitor). Hence, you won’t have to worry about damages due to sun exposure.

Extensive warranty

Vinyl privacy fence panels last at least 20 to 30 years. Duramax Fence provides a warranty on all its products. As vinyl fences have no issues with rotting, rusting, or termite damage, rest assured, your fence will stand strong even in severe weather conditions. With extensive warranties, you can enjoy the beauty of the fences for a lifetime.


Vinyl fences are resistant to water and insects, so you won’t require toxic chemical treatment or paints after installing them. Not only that, vinyl is recyclable. So even if you think about changing the fences, dump the scraps in the landfill.

Final word

At Duramax Fence, you will get the best fence installers in the market. The company manufactures and sells premium quality vinyl fences. These fences are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl. If you want to get the best for yourself, Duramax Fence is your one-stop destination.

Eleven Vital Aspects to Keep in Mind when Buying Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels

Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels

Fences are gradually becoming a vital component while buying or building a house. People are becoming more concerned about installing privacy fences as they come with multiple benefits. Vinyl privacy fence panels are used for marking property. While designing walls, it is important to choose the right design as well as the right material.

Various styles, materials, and techniques must be accounted for while designing your fence. Property owners always choose fences that match the surrounding features. Listed below are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing fence panels.

The functionality of the fence panels

Before buying vinyl privacy fence panels, it is necessary to understand the purpose of the fences. It should be done before starting the design process. The main intention of installing a fence panel is to prevent small animals or unwanted people from entering the property. However, it also serves the purpose of enhancing the look of your property. Therefore, before choosing the panels, decide on the structure’s functionality.

Check the materials and the designs

Just like the functionality of the vinyl privacy fence panels, never forget to check the materials as well as the design. Since it is a huge one-time investment, it is better to focus on durability and looks. Vinyl fencing is durable, and with minimum maintenance, it will look as good as new for years.

The reason behind this is that these fences are made with virgin vinyl. So over time, the color and the design do not fade. Out of all the fencing materials, vinyl is a durable option.

Do not ignore the basic maintenance routine

The maintenance of the vinyl privacy fence panels differs based on the material and the location of the structure. Of all the maintenance tasks, one of the most significant is removing mildew growth from the areas where sun rays don’t reach. Another vital maintenance routine is cleaning the fences with a garden hose.

Use mild bleaching to clean the stains if you notice tough stains on the fence. Also, the frequency of your maintenance depends on the fence’s location, design, color, and other things.

Privacy matters

Before choosing vinyl privacy fence panels, do not forget the privacy factor. Privacy depends entirely on the chosen design. There are various options for vinyl fencing. However, before installing the fences, you must decide how much privacy you need.

For example, if you choose semi-privacy fences, you will get privacy and airflow space. In addition, semi-privacy fences reduce the heating cost, especially during summer.

Similarly, if you choose a privacy fence, you will have a fence that is opaque and blocks light and airflow. During the daylight, this fence will make the surroundings dark.

Check the durability

No choice can be better than vinyl privacy fence panels if you want a durable fencing material. It is because these are resistant to environmental factors and decaying. In addition to that, vinyl will not be damaged by sun, rain, or storm. Besides, you won’t have to worry about repainting the fences annually.

Protects your pets

Apart from keeping the trespassers away from your house, vinyl privacy fence panels are great for protecting your pets. Since these fences do not have gaps, your pets cannot crawl through them.

Neither can they jump over the fences since these panels have enough height to prevent such mishaps. Also, intruders won’t be able to enter your yard by jumping over the walls.

The fence panels must meet the functionality requirements

Before installing any vinyl privacy fence panels, ensure that they meet the panel design’s functionality requirements. For example, a low length fence might keep unwanted animals from entering your area. But it won’t provide enough privacy.

If you need a formal setting, get a decorative fence that offers proper privacy. This will prevent trespassers from breaking into your property. Apart from that, fence panels also protect you from nosy neighbors.

Aesthetics matter

The aesthetics of a fence panel range from design to texture and color. Moreover, a fence wall is vital to the property’s design. Therefore, you must choose the design wisely before the beginning of the installation process. In addition, the color you choose should match the other elements present on the property.

Check the view

The facade of the vinyl privacy fence panels affects the overall functionality and the design of the fence. The view of your house is surely appealing, so you won’t want to cover the entire view. 

Instead, you can install semi-private fences to get protection and enjoy the view. Besides, these fences allow light and air to flow freely.

Price of the fence panels

It is vital to remember that the initial cost of the fences is a significant part of the home project. However, there are other prices that you need to consider, and that includes labor, materials, permits, etc. Therefore, while comparing the calculation of the fencing quotes, you must keep these costs in your mind.

Decide the fence size

The property lines decide the fence size that you want. You will get these information while purchasing the property. Even if you don’t have the information, the city or the county website where you reside might have it.

Before deciding on the vinyl privacy fence panels and their starting point, deciding on the primary purpose of the fence is essential. If you want a fence for security, six-foot fencing is great. Similarly, a four-foot fence is a good option if you want to protect your pets.

Hence, if you plan to install a vinyl privacy fence around your house, consider these factors beforehand.

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