Choose a reliable fence company for vinyl semi-privacy fences – Duramax are the leaders in the Western USA

Are you looking for some more privacy in your yard? You can install a privacy fence to enjoy seclusion from your neighbors. Although privacy fences offer tight security, these fences do not allow any air or light to come in due to the tight security factor. So, if you want more privacy and also some air and light to go in, you can opt for semi-privacy vinyl fences. There are so many fencing contractors in the Western USA, refer to the internet to search for fencing contractors in your area. 



Did you find Duramax, and you wish to have a consultation with our fencing experts? We get a lot of calls from clients who are interested in installing vinyl fencing. They have known that vinyl fences have too many advantages and are incredibly long-lasting. We are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl fencing in the Western USA. We have also noticed a steep rise in the selling of semi-privacy fences. We have received some positive testimonials from various customers who have already installed these fences and are happy about it. 


When you are in a fix about choosing a privacy fence or a semi-privacy one, come over to our experts and talk about your requirements.


 Generally speaking, we have seen a lot of homeowners are satisfied with semi-privacy fences, but if you require more privacy, you can invest in the privacy fence. These fences are also beneficial for keeping kids and pets safe. Duramax fences can endure the intense Southwest sun due to the improved technology and our unique DuraResin formulation. Due to this formulation, our fences can absorb a lot of heat and remain strong and stand tall. The vinyl fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and specific active UV inhibitors. This offers ample UV stability and weather ability to the fences. 


Quality is one of the most important factors, at Duramax, we ensure that all our fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards. Install Duramax vinyl fences and get a lifetime performance along with traditional beauty. We use thicker vinyl sheets, a secure routing system, and a proper locking mechanism. 


Vinyl semi-privacy fences are available in various designs, heights, and colors; you can choose any shade to make your property exterior look interesting. We have so many clients who have installed colorful fences and have shared pictures with us, thanked us, and are thankful to our clients. So, go for the color that suits your mood and matches your property exterior. We also manufacture white color vinyl fences that have an aesthetic appeal and needs no repainting. Our white color vinyl fences remain white even after years. Do you wish to install a vinyl fence? Get in touch with Duramax vinyl fence company for reliable fencing solutions. We also design pool fences, picket fences, rail ranches, and other decorative fences. Once the fences reach your doorstep, you can hire a vinyl fence installation expert within your budget. Our fences are made in the USA; this adds to its affordability. Order your fence now and get a limited lifetime warranty.



Install a vinyl fence from Duramax and it will last for a lifetime

Fencing these days is very modern and among different types of fencing materials, vinyl fencing is gaining a lot of popularity. Vinyl fences are exceptionally durable and can last for almost 25-30 years in excellent condition without any maintenance. These fences add to the beauty of the property and also add security. 



If you are looking for one of the most reliable vinyl fence manufacturers in the Western USA, explore the Duramax website for a whole range of exclusive fences. We manufacture picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, pool fences, rail ranches, and more.  


Today in this blog, we would discuss vinyl fencing used for beautification. If you have a pool area that is not very aesthetically pleasing, you can choose to add some more life to it by installing a vinyl pool fence. Are our fences suitable for all types of weather conditions, but are you worried about the fences’ health when exposed to strong sunlight? Our fences are manufactured to endure the intense heat of the Southwest sun. Our fence manufacturing experts use the DuraResin formulation, which protects the fences from harsh rays of the sun. The fences are reliable and offer a high amount of resistance is made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and unique UV inhibitors. 


While shopping for vinyl fences, quality is an essential thing that you should keep in mind. Duramax never compromises quality; we use thick vinyl sheets, the fences have a robust routing system and a proper locking mechanism. All our products are certified, and the fences exceed the ASTMF964 standards, making sure that quality is the first and the last thing. 


These fences come in different sizes, height, and colors. We design modern fences of various colors; these look incredibly vibrant and needs no repainting. The colors do not fade away with time, so your fences look as good as new forever. Did you ever consider a white color fence? White color fences were a popular trend years ago; it looks very classy and can make your property stand out. Recently a lot of customers are taking an interest in installing white color fences. All our fences have a luxurious look and feel, also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. All our fences are made in the USA; we have our manufacturing unit; thus, the products are very affordable. 


Our fences can endure extremely high pressure; these are resistant to heat, fire-proof, not affected by impact and does not show cracks in freezing temperature. The fences also remain safe if there is a storm blowing, we assure because the fences are tested by blowing a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. 


Your search for vinyl fencing manufacturers ends at Duramax. Choose us for your next project, discuss your requirements with us, book a consultation. Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences. 


Vinyl fences are very easy to clean and does not need any serious maintenance. The fences can last for a lifetime without any repairs or replacement. You can wipe or give an excellent wash to take off the dirt. Duramax vinyl fences are known for offering traditional beauty and seamless performance. 



Installing a vinyl fence – Know the advantages of Duramax vinyl fences

Excellent and durable fences mean happy homeowners; the popularity of vinyl fencing is on the rise. When you choose a perfect fencing material, it means you derive ample enjoyment from your yard. At Duramax, we get so many calls from customers who are interested in vinyl fencing. Some are choosing to install fences for the first time, and some wish to discard their old fences and install a new vinyl fence all over again. If you are also planning to install a vinyl fence in Los Angeles, it’s time to know all the advantages of installing one. 



Extreme durability:

Vinyl fences are very durable. If you feel that your fences would get damaged being exposed to prolonged sunlight, it’s time to invest in Duramax fences. Our vinyl fences are manufactured so that they can withstand the Southwest sun, which is known for emitting scorching heat. We use the DuraResin formulation during the manufacturing process, which helps the fences to beat the high amount of heat. Our fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, which offer a high amount of UV stability and weatherability. 

Easy maintenance: 

Vinyl fences do not require such rigorous maintenance; you can wash it with a hose or wipe to clean it. The fences are very smooth, which makes the cleaning process more comfortable. These do not require any repainting or repairing. This material does not expand or contract with weather and humidity alterations. 

Extended lifespan:

With little care, a vinyl fence can easily last for about 20-30 years; you can consider it almost for a lifetime. You do not have to worry about repairing or replacements, and our fences also come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our fences are top quality and easy on your wallet. 

Variety is the spice of vinyl fences: 

Vinyl fences are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, textures, toppers, and heights. You can choose a fence that expresses your taste and personality and reflects the style of your property. Vinyl fencing is pretty inexpensive, and you are left with more design choices. Our vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors; you can install any of your choicest color and make your property look interesting. A white color vinyl fence looks aesthetically pleasing; many are interested in installing one. You do not have to worry that the white color fences would turn yellowish with time. The white color fences remain white even with time. 

No cracks or breaks:

Our fences are resistant to heat, fire, any impact and also do not crack under freezing temperatures. The fences are incredibly flexible, it could bend a little, but the fences would not crack or break. The fences are also not affected by the storm, before installation, the fences are passed through a strong wind, which is blown at 105 mph. 

Trust Duramax:

Our fences are very safe; kids can touch it while playing as it does not contain any toxic elements like lead; the fences are recyclable as well. Now you can order fences online, get a free limited lifetime warranty.



Duramax offering custom vinyl fencing in the Western USA – We do not compromise quality

Fences are an essential part of beautification; people are looking for durable fencing solutions because most fencing material tends to get damaged very soon. Duramax can take you to a land of beautiful and aesthetic fences; we have a huge collection of various types, an ideal store for all your fencing solutions. We are the experts in vinyl fencing in the Western USA catering to custom vinyl fencing solutions. We mainly supply picket fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, pool fences, rail ranches, and more.



If you wish to install a decorative fence around your entire home or the garden area, it is ideal to choose a vinyl picket fence. Vinyl fence from Duramax remains unaffected by the Southwest sun. So, if you fear the fences getting damaged due to the intense sunlight, its time you stop worrying. Our experts implement such technology and designed fences that can endure the intensity of the Southwest sun. We use the DuraResin formulation that acts as a barrier against the sunlight. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that gives immense UV ability and weatherability. The products also pass through a wind test where the fences are passed through a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. 


 The fences are durable, made from high and thicker quality vinyl with an excellent routing system and a perfect locking mechanism. We do not use any visible screws or brackets that can spoil the look for the fences. Quality is something we never compromise, which has helped us make an excellent client base. All our product does through a rigorous quality check before it is delivered to the clients. The products are heat resistant; it is not affected by any heavy to light impact; the fences are fire-proof and do not show signs of cracking even in freezing temperatures. You invest once, and the fences would last for a lifetime, such as the longevity of a vinyl fence. 


Would you be fascinated to install a fence of your favorite color? Duramax gives you a chance; we manufacture coloful fences that can lift the face of your property and your mood. Our fences, once installed, do not require any repainting. If you love lighter shades or want to install a white fence, go ahead without fearing that the fences will turn yellowish. White color fences made of vinyl do not lose its color or shine even after years of installation. We have a lot of clients who are interested in installing a white vinyl fence, it looks aesthetic and can look class-apart. 


Cleaning is a very easy task, it’s completely hassle-free, and there is no need to maintain the fences regularly. To clean the fences, wipe those, or you can clean using a garden hose. We are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced product while maintaining industry standards. The fences exceed the ASTM F964 standard, which is more than the standard maintained by the rest of the fencing manufacturers. 


Get a limited warranty on our products, now you can order online.



Simon installed a white color Duramax vinyl fence around his farmhouse

Simon wanted to install beautiful fencing around his farmhouse; he was looking for a durable material. He was browsing the internet for fence manufacturers, among the few he sorted, Duramax was one. He gave us a call and told us that he was searching and he found Duramax, took a look at our site now he is interested in our vinyl fences. This is our new website full of relevant information and images of the various types of fences we supply, and you can now also place orders online. He shared pictures of his property with us, the farmhouse is beautiful, and there is a small garden infront. 



First of all, we requested him to book a consultation so that we could listen and revert to his queries. Simon shared with us that he is very concerned about the fences being exposed to sunlight. The front side of his farmhouse gets the maximum sunshine, almost the entire day. Our experts told him not to fear the Southwest sun. Our fences are manufactured using the DuraResin formulation, which helps to endure the scorching sun. The vinyl fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which gives maximum UV stability and weather ability. Simon was convinced and decided to choose a custom vinyl fencing service in San Diego.      


Duramax is dedicated to offering fences of superior quality; we manufacture colorful fences that make your property look interesting. We manufacture various fences as well, including vinyl picket fence; this is the one Simon chose; we also design pool fences, private and semi-private fences, rail ranches, and more. Simon loves tranquillity, aesthetics, peace, and so he wanted to renovate his farmhouse for spending time after hectic weekdays. He chose to install a white color vinyl fence. Our vinyl fences are trendy. We have a lot of customers who love to install the white color vinyl fence from Duramax without worrying about the color getting yellowish or repainting. Duramax assures that vinyl fences do not lose their brightness at all; it looks as good as new even after years.  


It’s very easy to clean the vinyl fences; no regular maintenance is needed; you can wipe to clean it. The fences are manufactured from high-quality vinyl sheets; these have a strong routing system and a proper locking mechanism. Installing a vinyl fence is very simple; hire a renowned contractor, and they can install the fences quickly and efficiently. Post-installation Simon said, “Thank you, Duramax, for a lovely fence, the fence is so durable, cleaning is also so easy. I would recommend Duramax.”        


Duramax fences are resistant to heat, fire, impact, it can withstand freezing temperature and is tested for rigidity by passing a high-speed wind of 105 mph. Duramax fences have exceeded the high standards, and the products meet the ASTM F964 standards.  


Our fences are made in the USA; it’s super long-lasting and affordable.


If you are inspired and feel that you need to install a fence, get in touch with Duramax. The products are free from any toxic elements like lead, thus environment friendly and can be recycled. We are one of the most reliable vinyl fencing suppliers in the Washington. Order and now get a limited lifetime warranty.



You can choose to install a new vinyl fence around your new home – Read how Sara and Jones did

Now that this couple Sara and Jones, have their new home in Ventura, they got busy with home improvement. We got a call from their end because they were looking for an affordable fencing solution and a reliable fence manufacturer. Since Sara is an interior designer herself, she was very interested in installing a vinyl fence in Washington for its exclusiveness. 



They wanted to know more about vinyl fencing, they took suggestions from their friends and settled for this. They researched the internet and our website to discover all the benefits of vinyl fencing. 


We showed them testimonials and pictures of fences our clients shared with us. We had experts to respond to their queries during the consultation. After knowing all the goodness of vinyl, they were worried about how the fences would react to the Southwest sun. A lot of people feel that the intense heat would affect the vinyl fences and would get damaged. We assured them that Duramax fences are manufactured to endure the Southwest sun. We use an exclusive formulation of Duraresin, which helps the fences to stand tall in the scorching heat. Our products are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that give the fences complete UV stability and weatherability.


The fences are superbly durable, resistant to heat and fire, not affected by low or high impact, and do not crack in freezing temperatures. The fences can also withstand stormy wind at a very high speed; the products are wind tested by a strong wind blowing at 105 mph. 


After this couple installed the fence, we got such fantastic reviews in a couple of months. They wrote this “Thank you, Duramax. We see that vinyl is such an amazing solution, the fences can endure all, and these are such low maintenance products. We would recommend Duramax vinyl fence to all” Yes, Duramax fences are very low-maintenance, once installed, you do not have to worry about replacement and repairs. They were satisfied with the quality and durability of the fences. 


Do you wish to make your property look prettier? Our fences are available in various colors, designs, and types. We have so many clients to date who have installed colorful fences, and they did not have to deal with lots of color or repainting. This couple believes more in serenity and aesthetics; they chose to install a white color vinyl fence in Washington. We promised that the white would never turn yellow, vinyl fences retain their color for many years. All you need to do is wipe off or wash off the fences to remove the dirt from it. 


Now cleaning is something that comes last; the fences do not require regular cleaning or maintenance. Sara and Jones posted a funny video showing how they spent their weekend cleaning the fence. The video shows both of them use a hose to rinse off the fences. 


If quality and certification come to your mind, you can be rest assured that Duramax fences have higher standards. We use thicker vinyl with a reliable routing system, and our fences have the right locking mechanism. The fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards, and the fences are made in the USA.


Order your fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our products.



Maria installed a vinyl picket fence to improve her home before her baby’s first birthday

Maria is a new mom, and soon she is going to celebrate her baby’s first birthday. Now that she wanted to renovate her property, she considered installing a new fence around her house. It would serve two purposes; her home would look appealing, and Maria could also add security to her property. She asked her friends and colleagues for a fencing solution. She also spent time researching residential fencing and the various materials and types available in the market. Now that she stayed in Washington, she was searching for the best local fence company, and she discovered the Duramax website. By the time she called us, she had gathered pretty much information from our products and was also planning to invest in a vinyl fence in Washington


She called Duramax for a consultation; we listened to her requirements and suggested installing a vinyl picket fence, ideal for security and decoration. Our fences are affordable and, once installed, can be a long-term solution. Maria was worried because her home faced the sun, and like her, a lot of clients feel the fences would get damaged due to the scorching sun. Duramax fences are manufactured to withstand the scorching heat of the Southwest sun. We have a unique Duraresin formulation that keeps the fences protected from sunlight. Thus, there is no fading, cracking, and discoloring of the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that increase the UV stability and the ability to withstand all weather conditions. Our products are resistant to heat, fire, freezing temperatures, and any impact. 


We also told Maria that she could install colorful vinyl fencing in Washington and not worry about the color fading away. She could also install lighter shades or white color fences that look aesthetically pleasing and so elegant. The white fences do not turn yellowish, remain white even after years. Since she was installing a fence for her baby’s special day, she chose to install colorful ones, and she shared pictures with us post-installation. She also wrote to us, “Thank you, Duramax, for making my baby’s birthday even more special, and now my property looks so amazing. Most of my friends and neighbors have asked me where I have installed the fence from. Thank You, Duramax.”


The fences are made of thick vinyl sheets and have a secure routing system and a proper locking mechanism. Our products exceed the ASTM F964 standards; they’re high compared to the rest of the fencing industry. The fences are easy to clean and demand low maintenance. After purchasing the fences, she searched for local contractors to choose one among them, the company is an expert vinyl fence installations. She informed us how seamlessly the process happened. Now she feels more secure after installing a vinyl picket fence. If you have the same kind of plans as Maria, get in touch with Duramax, book a consultation with us. We are the most reputed manufacturers of modern fencing in the Washington. Our fences are made in the USA, free from toxic elements like lead and environment friendly. Book a fence now and get a limited lifetime warranty.


Wilson installed a 3 rail ranch fence from Duramax to beautify and protect his garden

Wilson has an attractive garden and he loves maintaining it, so he wanted to install a vinyl fence around it. He did not have much idea about installing a fence, so he kept asking his friends and colleagues for a suggestion. He started researching the internet for fence manufacturing companies and finally got in touch with Duramax. We suggested he install a 3 rail ranch fence that is ideal for a residential garden. Duramax manufactures various types of vinyl fences that make your property beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.



Vinyl fencing is now a trendy choice; it offers ample durability and is also a long-lasting solution. Wilson asked Duramax whether the fences would be affected by heat. Our fences are engineered to withstand the scorching Southwest sun. We use the Duraresin formulation that helps the rails to endure the hot sun. The fences are designed using 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors; this renders a high amount of UV stability and weather ability. 


 Our ranch rail fence in Colorado can endure heat, freezing temperatures, and all kinds of impact. The fences can withstand wind at a very high speed; all our fences have been tested by wind blowing at a 105 mph speed. Now, if you have an old fence already installed, we have a team of experts that offer custom routing. We perform the task with a lot of care to ensure that the new fence matches the one that is already installed. Our rail ranch fences have become increasingly popular; we are getting enquiries from so many clients about the same. You can choose the number of rails you want to install; we also offer custom vinyl fencing. All our products are checked for quality, the products are ASTM F964 certified. 


Wilson was very content after installing Duramax’s rail ranches; he was satisfied that the fences are made of thick quality vinyl sheets. The fences have a robust routing system and a sturdy locking facility. The fences also look perfect, as there are no visible screws or brackets. Duramax vinyl fences after installation offer unparalleled beauty and lifetime performance. Wilson shared pictures of his garden post ranch rail installation; it looked amazing and he wrote a thank you note to the team. 


 Vinyl fences are available in different colors and designs, but white color fences are also becoming extremely popular. If you love white color and worry it would lose its brilliance and shine; do not be tensed because vinyl retains its color no matter what. White fences remain white for years. 



He did not have to clean the fences regularly; he washed the fences with a hose to retain the shine and the color. Our vinyl fences do not contain lead; it does not have any toxic elements and is environment friendly. All our products are durable, cost-effective and low on maintenance. If you have similar plans like Wilson, order a fence of your choice from Duramx and get a limited lifetime warranty on all products. 

All you need to know about privacy fence panels – Install Duramax vinyl fences around your property

Recently, there has been a rising trend of shopping for privacy fences, so the fence manufacturing companies have started designing various privacy fence panels. There are semi-private ones too which is a little more accessible, you can choose anyone because it all depends on the amount of privacy you desire. These fences also lend a decorative touch to your property. 

If you are tired of peeping or noisy neighbors, then a privacy fence is the right solution.

A privacy fence offers adequate protection from the outside world, and only then it qualifies to be called by its name. These fences are minimum 4-6 feet tall, and the rest depends on customization options. There are no gaps between the fences for ultimate privacy, so the sky is not visible, and you do not feel the outside air. These fences are appealing because you can seclude the yard, which is mainly installed between property lines and swimming pools. Apart from adding isolation, it can also keep the kids and pets in your home safe and trespassers out.

Vinyl is commonly used when designing a private fence mainly because the spacing is not a big issue when dealing with vinyl. This material is not prone to any expansion or contraction. 



If you are looking for a reliable fence company in Washington, choose Duramax. We have so many types of fences: privacy fences, semi-private, pool fences, picket fences, rail ranches, and more. All our products are designed to endure the Southwest sun. We use the unique DuraResin formulation, which helps in sustaining the heat. The fences have more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer the highest rated stability against the UV rays and various weather conditions. 


Quality is our priority; all the fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards, and all our products are tested for quality assurance before it’s supplied to the market. The fences are heat resistant, not affected by any impact, and do not crack in freezing temperatures. Duramax fences are available in a variety of colors ideal for giving a facelift to your property. Apart from colorful fences, you also get white color fences that do not turn yellowish with time. These fences offer elegance, beauty, and carefree performance. Vinyl fences are easy to clean, does not need any regular maintenance. You can rinse off with a hose to keep the fences clean. 


Now that you have planned to order Duramax privacy fence panels, you must determine your property line. It’s not mandatory to discuss plans with your neighbors, but you can do that as a courtesy. Get in touch with your local building inspector for a building permit. If you are residing in a community, check the guidelines. Get in touch with a local fence contractor for a successful and affordable installation.  Duramax fences are made in the USA; it’s lead-free and environment-friendly. We are among the most well-regarded local fence companies in Washington. Order Duramax fences online and get a limited lifetime warranty.


Lily Installed a New Vinyl Fence Around Her Property Before Her Newborn Arrived

Lily wanted to install a fence around her home before she welcomes her newborn baby. She was ready for a home improvement to welcome the baby’s arrival and secure her property. Lily searched the internet for fencing solutions in the Western USA; she asked her colleagues and friends about fence manufacturers. Finally, she chose Duramax vinyl fence Company; we are the leaders in offering quality vinyl fencing solutions in the Western USA. 



Lily spoke to the Duramax experts for a consultation, since she would welcome a baby she wanted to install colorful fences. We assured her that our vinyl fences are available in different colors that do not fade and need no repainting. The fences have no lead, thus very safe to touch. We also told her that our fences are incredibly durable and can endure the Southwest sun’s intensity. She need not worry about the durability; various weather conditions do not usually damage vinyl fences. Our fences are professionally manufactured to endure the Southwest sun, its scorching heat. Duramax uses DuraResin formulation, and this gives the fences a lot of heat tolerance. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and specific UV inhibitors; thus, the fences gain the highest UV stability and the ability to endure weather conditions. We added that in case Lily installed a lighter color or white fence, she did not have to worry about the fences turning yellowish. The white color fences remain white for years. 


She completed her home improvement, which included the fence installation, and shared some pictures with us for her pre-delivery photo shoot. Our team felt so good after seeing her so happy and satisfied with our product. Her testimonial said, “These are the pictures I shared from my baby shower, my property looks so vibrant, new, and ready to welcome the new life. Thank you Duramax, you did it within our budget”. 


The fences are made of thicker vinyl sheets having a robust routing system and a proper locking system. Those also look flawless because we do not attach any screws or brackets. Duramax fences have ample resistivity; it is not affected by heat, fire, freezing temperatures, and impact. In case there is a storm, the fences can endure wind up to a speed of 150 mph. Duramax fences promise to maintain its quality; all products go through a quality check before supplying it to the market. The vinyl fences exceed the ASTM F964 certification, and this is pretty high compared to the other fences in the market. 


We also informed Lily that the fences are very easy to clean and need no special maintenance. The fences do not stain, so cleaning is hassle-free. If you are also installing a vinyl fence, rinsing it with a garden hose is enough to take off the dust, and the fences would shine again. Upon installing a vinyl fence, you do not have regular maintenance; this saves time, money, and effort. 


Duramax vinyl fences offer traditional beauty and lifetime performance. Our product is environment-friendly, which means it can be recycled. Order today and get a limited lifetime warranty. Choose among local fencing contractors for an affordable installation.



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