Kizzie installed a 3-rail ranch fence around the horse stable in her country home

Kizzie owns a stable just beside her country house, and this year before the season changes, she is planning to revamp the stable area and her property exterior. She loves spending time here with her family, its located on the outskirts from the main city where her parents stay. She searched the internet for different fencing types and the various materials available in the market. She was looking for a durable and affordable solution, a fence that would last longer.

She wanted to have a consultation with Duramax to know more about the fences we design and manufacture. By now, she knew that vinyl fences are very long-lasting, and she could see on search engines that Duramax ranks on the top among other fence manufacturers. We told her that our fences are manufactured with special care to withstand the scorching sun of the Southwest. Our fences are made of Duraresin formulation, which helps the fences stand strong in this intense heat and all other weather conditions. The manufacturing team uses 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that give UV stability and weatherability to the fences.

Now, since Kizzie was looking for fencing around her horse stable, we suggested installing a 3-rail ranch fence. When she got it installed, she wrote to us, “My horse stable looks fine now; my horses are happy with the new fencing.

Vinyl fences are easy to install, and the process is quite inexpensive. It would be best if you looked for a reputed fencing contractor in your locality. Kizzie hired one of the renowned fencing contractors who were very much used to installing Duramax fences. The Ranch rail fence comprises thick vinyl sheets and a secure routing system with proper locks. The fences are seamless and perfect to look at; there are no visible screws and brackets on the fence body.

Vinyl fences are highly resistive against heat, fire, high-speed wind, and cold temperatures. Vinyl fences are very colorful; you can choose according to the mood and taste. We also have white color fences that look soothing and peaceful. None of our fences, be it colorful or white, lose the color, so our fences do not need any repainting. Cleaning the fences is very easy; our fences demand low maintenance. Vinyl fences are easy to clean; you can wipe out the dirt with a hose. 

Duramax fences are classic; they have a traditional beauty and offers traditional performance. We boast of a huge inventory of fences, and we also provide customized solutions. All our fences are made in our factory in the US; thus, affordability is there; the fences are also free from all toxic elements. 

We have an improved website; you can look at the details of all the types of fences we manufacture, and now you can also order online. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our products. 

Installing vinyl privacy or semi-privacy fence from Duramax – Enjoy seclusion as per your requirement

When you hear about fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is privacy. Fencing has been there for ages, but it has gone through certain developments and advancements. Now, fences are not only used for offering security but also for decorative purposes. How do you choose a fence? There are so many types of fencing in recent times, different materials used as well. Choose the best vinyl fence according to your preference from the Duramax store.

But are your primary requirements still privacy and security? What sets Duramax apart is that we have a whole range of privacy fences that you can order based on your needs. It’s good to mention that we now have our revamped website to be a lot more user-friendly, the products highlighted along with a description, you have information about all types of fences we manufacture and order online. It’s easy and secure; you do not have to step out during this pandemic and still have your fence delivered to your doorstep.

Are you living close to a busy street, but you or a noisy neighbor wants to enjoy maximum privacy? If you’re saying yes, a vinyl privacy fence is your ideal, go-to solution. Our privacy fences are very high and it blocks the complete view of the outside world, giving you a feeling of separation. Yes, many customers are interested in this type of fences, but if you feel that a high fence could give you a feeling of disconnection from the rest of the world, we have another solution for you. Have you heard of semi-privacy fences? This is a Duramax invention for those who do not wish to install a complete privacy fence. A semi-privacy fence is not that high that it would cover up the view of the blue sky and get to feel some air flowing in from outside. We have many customers who have installed this fence around their property and have some excellent reviews. We have come to know that our customers love our semi-private fences; they get privacy and can relax and feel good that they are not disconnected from the rest of the world. 

When you install a Duramax fence, you can ensure that our fences would endure maximum UV rays and would not feel damaged. Our fences can endure the intense Southwest sun, mainly due to the DuraResin formulation. Our fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that render UV stability and maximum weatherability. Our fences are quality checked and certified; all the fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards. The fences are resistant to heat, fire, impact, wind, storm, and freezing temperature. We manufacture vinyl fences from thicker vinyl sheets. The fences have a proper routing system with secure locking mechanisms.

Are you interested in colorful fences? We manufacture fences of different colors. You can choose the shade according to your property and taste. Your colorful fences can increase the appeal and value of your property. But fear not if you are just looking for a white color fence. A white color fence looks aesthetic, and it has been in style for years. When you install vinyl fences, you do not fear discoloration or fading; the fence remains new for years with little or no maintenance. 

Did you get your fence delivered? Hire an expert contractor for vinyl fence installation. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our products.

Vinyl fences from Duramax give a classic touch to your property

Fencing was and will forever remain one of the prevalent home improvement activities. There are various types of fences available in the market, but if you are trying to find out the most preferred material, its vinyl, and there are so many reasons for it. Who would not love to have flawless and low maintenance fences for years at affordable pricing? This is not all; vinyl fences come with pretty many advantages.

But all vinyl fences are not the same; it differs in terms of quality. There are many Vinyl Fence Manufacturers in Orange County; you have to do a thorough research online and offline. Duramax vinyl fences, when installed around the property, look ornamental and aesthetic. Our fences are not affected by heat, impact, fire, high-speed wind, and freezing temperature. 

Most people worry about the sunlight because a fence is an exterior accessory. Sun and other weather conditions gradually start affecting the fences. But do you think vinyl fences are an exception? Yes, they are. Our fences are specially manufactured for the Southwest sun. Our expert manufacturers use DuraResin formulation during the manufacturing process. This unique formulation helps the fences to endure the intense sun rays. During the making process, the fences have 12 parts of Titanium and UV inhibitors that offer UV stability and weatherability to the fences. The fences won’t lose its shine and strength even after months of installation.

Were you looking for colorful fences, and you cannot find a desirable one? Duramax manufactures colorful fences that look rich, vibrant, and have a flawless texture. You can choose from a whole range of more profound to lighter shades and the colors and permanent. No exterior condition can cause the colors to fade away; thus, these fences do not require repainting.

Now, who aids that white color fences are prone to fading? It could happen in any other material but not vinyl at all. White color fences were popular since ancient times, and there are still so many customers who prefer these. Duramax designs white color fences that are simple yet classy and elegant. Our fences remain white after years of installation. You can wipe off or wash to take off the dirt from the surface. The fences are also not prone to any breakage.

So far, it’s been years we are manufacturing vinyl fences, and we are happy to have so many satisfied customers. They love the quality and everything else about our fences, which has helped us become extremely popular in Orange County. You can visit our website to read the testimonials. Also, we have a new easy website for our customers; you can take a tour, view our products, and every detail about it. There is an e-commerce section from where you can order fences of your choice; we also offer customization services. We are glad that we are among the top vinyl fencing suppliers in Orange County.

Vinyl fences, once installed, can last for a lifetime without any maintenance. Our fences can give life to your property; it offers immense beauty and a carefree performance. Our fences are made in the USA; this adds to the affordability. Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards.

Place your order and get a lifetime limited warranty.

Order a vinyl fence in Orange County from Duramax – Mark is happy installing a new fence around his home

Mark has his new home in Orange County, and now he is busy decorating his property. He spoke to us about his security requirements; we suggested installing a vinyl fence in Orange County. He shared with us that he was also planning to install a fence, but he took some time to choose a reliable fence manufacturer. He asked his friends, colleagues, also researched the internet, jotted down the names of a few of them, and finally chose Duramax.

He was looking for something exclusive, not something that everyone installs. We immediately understood he was looking for customization. Also, we have various types of vinyl fences available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We manufacture colorful fences that look vibrant. The colors do not fade; thus, the fences do not need repainting. We also manufacture White Color Vinyl Fence in Orange County. The white color fences have a lot of demand; many clients are ordering our white color fences that have a lot of aesthetic appeals.

Mark also discovered a few benefits of vinyl fencing, and he wanted to know more about it. It is all there in our website, we have a new portal now that has all information about the various types of images, you can take a look at the products, view specifications, and order online.

We told Mark that the vinyl fences are incredibly durable. Also, the fences can endure the intensity of the Southwest Sun. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation that helps the fences withstand the sun’s high intensity. All our fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and specific inhibitors that offer the fences UV stability and weatherability.

Mark was happy to hear, in fact, quite relieved to hear that it’s easy to clean vinyl fences. You can wipe it or use a hose to clean it with water. He did post a few pictures of him and his kids doing a fun weekend cleaning activity. The vinyl fences do not attract much dirt and grime; thus, cleaning is super simple. We boast of offering low maintenance fences to the customers.

Mark wanted to ensure the fences’ quality, so we told him that the fences are top quality. All the fences have very high standards; the products exceed the ASTM F964 standards. All the fences are made in the USA, have no toxic elements, and have no lead.

The fences are very durable, resistant to impact, fire-proof, heat-resistant, and do not crack in freezing temperatures. The fences can also withstand high-intensity storm or wind blowing at a very high speed. The fences are tested at the wind blowing at a speed of 105 mph.

Mark posted such positive reviews; he was very happy with the quality of the fences we offered. He wrote, “Thank you, Duramax, for offering such awesome fences.” We would like to hear more such positive reviews. 

Order your fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our products. 

Protect your farm installing a vinyl fence – Read how happy Lucas was after doing the same

Lucas has his own little farm which is attached to her home and its located in the country-side. He was not farming for quite some time, and now he wishes to start it all over again. He is now very excited, Lucas is buying crops, seeds, the nutrients, and all fertilizers. Now to protect the farm from grazing animals, he is planning to install a new fence. He started researching fences and also heard that vinyl fences are the most long-lasting ones. Lucas began to look for vinyl fence manufacturers in the US. 

He found that Duramax was among the top-ranking companies she chose to have a consultation with the experts. Since he owned a farm, a ranch rail fence would be ideal for the property. We manufacture different types of vinyl fences; our fences come in different shapes and sizes. Duramax boasts of offering quality fencing solutions, extremely long-lasting fences. 

Vinyl fences are becoming immensely popular; the benefits are plenty; thus, all other materials are now not preferred by customers. Lucas, through that, the fences would be affected by the sun, and he expressed his concerns. We assured him that our fences are manufactured to endure the Southwest sun. The fences are made using DuraResin formulation, and this helps to endure the intense sun. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that give UV stability and weatherability to the fences.

You can choose the number of rails; we suggested Lucas that he installed a 3-rail ranch fence, which would be enough for his fence. Post-installation, he shared pictures with us; the farmhouse looked so perfect. He wrote, “Thank you, Duramax, for bringing back life to my farmhouse, I am in love with the fences, and my friends love them. I have recommended Duramax to all those who need fences.”

Vinyl fences boast of lifetime performance, and it has excellent resistivity against heat, fire, wind, and freezing temperatures. The fences do not have chances of cracking, do not need repainting. We manufacture colorful fences that can lift the mood of your property. But we also manufacture white color vinyl fences that look so aesthetically pleasing. We have a huge demand for white color rail ranch fences. Now you do not have to worry anymore about installing a white color fence; the fences would retain their white color and not turn yellow even after years. This is the specialty of vinyl fences. 

Our fences are very easy to install; you can hire an expert contractor in your locality for a successful installation. The fences look perfect, having a secure routing system and suitable locking mechanisms. There are no brackets and visible screws, and this gives a classic touch. 

Duramax fences offer traditional beauty and lifetime performance. We have a huge stock of fences, so choosing one can be pretty overwhelming. Now you can order fences online; our products are environment-friendly. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our products. 

Affordable Vinyl Fencing from Duramax – Julia chose to install a pool fence

Selecting the right kind of fencing material is the most important thing. There are various types of materials available in the market, but you need to decide patiently if you aim to install a fence made of the most durable material. A right fence makes a better living, gives enhanced security, and increases your property’s value, selling it, later on, would be more comfortable. Be wise and choose your ideal fence from one of the top manufacturers in the US, Duramax. We have various stock types of fences for property exterior; you can install picket fences, rail ranches, pool fences, privacy fences, and more.

When it comes to improving your property exterior, there are too many possibilities. You can revamp your landscape, lawn, pool area, and more. If you are looking for a decorative piece surrounding the garden area, you can always choose a vinyl picket fence from Duramax. For all those who love privacy, you can choose to install a complete vinyl privacy fence. But if you feel that a privacy fence would make you feel very claustrophobic, invest in semi-privacy fences to allow some air and light to come in. Now let’s consider the pool area, you can always install a vinyl pool fence to keep your pets and kids safe.

Now we will share a small story of a client named Julia who wanted to install a new fence around her pool. She has a naughty toddler, and she could not keep the kid away from the pool. So, she decided to install a fence around the swimming pool. She got in touch with us for a solution. She was worried that the fences would be damaged due to the Southwest sun. Talking to us, she was assured that the fences are made to withstand the sun’s intense heat. The fences are made of DuraResin formulation that makes the fences durable. We add 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which makes the fences endure all harsh weather conditions and gives a lot of UV stability. After she got a pool fence installed, she was so happy with the result; the fences are sturdy, low on maintenance, and easy to clean. 

We also told her that our fences are impact-resistant, fire-proof, resistant from heat, and do not crack in freezing temperatures. All our fences go through a quality test before its delivered to the market. The products are ASTM F964 certified, which is more than the rest of the fencing industry. We do not compromise on quality at all, so we have so many satisfied clients. If you are looking for affordable vinyl fencing, Duramax is here for you. 

Now that you have already made up your mind to get a fence installed, talk to the Duramax team. We are the fencing experts, and its been years we are catering to client requirements, offering customized solutions. We offer quality fences at the most affordable rates. You can hire a renowned contractor for installation; they find it easy to install Duramax fences. We have our new website now from where you can order fences online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Get in touch with us, request for quotes.

Duramax manufactures the best vinyl fence – Hire a contractor for vinyl fence installation

Kate is renovating her home, it’s that time of the year when they celebrate their wedding vows. This year, she wishes to get rid of the old rusty fences and install a new one. Her property would acquire a new look, and the security would be tighter. Old fences can make the property look very clumsy; sometimes, it is good to choose modern and stylish fencing rather than repainting the old ones.

She was not happy with the rust of the iron fences, and this time she was searching for a durable material that would also retain its look. Discussing with her friends, she came to know about the popularity of vinyl fences. Now she looked up the internet and started researching vinyl fences to discover that it had plenty of advantages. She made up her mind about installing the best vinyl fence from Duramax. We are glad that many clients rely on us, we rank on the top of search engines because of the amount of trust and satisfaction the clients have. We have offered so many types of vinyl fences to plenty of clients. 

Kate came to our office for a discussion; she shared the fence she is looking for. She wanted a decorative piece with a lot of security; her primary focus was to make her property look aesthetic. Duramax manufactures fences from the best quality vinyl sheets. The fences are durable, having a proper routing system and a locking mechanism. 

Kate wanted to know what would happen to the fences as they would be exposed to various weather conditions. The Southwest sun is scorching, so she was worried that the fences would not stand. We assured that our fences use the DuraResin formulation, which helps to fight the intense sun. The fences do not show signs of discoloration and cracking. The expert manufacturers use 12 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer a lot of UV stability and the ability to withstand all weather conditions. We offer a vinyl fence for sale that is resistant to heat, fire, impact and does not crack in freezing temperature. 

Kate cared about vinyl fence installation, but we did let her know that it’s very easy and affordable to install a fence. Find contractors in your area/locality and hire an expert for the installation. Our fences are available in many colors and designs, so now you can choose according to your taste. You do not need to worry about the color; it does not require repainting. Also, white color fences are very popular; many customers are taking an interest in our white color fences. These remain white for years, so there is no need to worry about the fences turning yellowish. 

The fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards; the fences are easy to clean and have low maintenance. If you also wish to install a picket fence like Kate, get in touch with us. Our fences are made in the USA; the fences are environmentally friendly and free from lead. Book a fence now and get a limited lifetime warranty.

A perfect vinyl fence adds on to the beauty and offers security to your property

A fence can add beauty and security to your property; you can choose your own fencing material. But these days, people are looking for more durable and long-lasting fences. There are different types of fencing materials, but no other has proved to be more lasting than vinyl. If you are looking for a vinyl fence, Duramax can be the solution. We design various types of vinyl fences, including picket fences, pool fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, rail ranches, and more. All our fences are professionally designed and made of high-quality vinyl sheets having a secure routing system and proper locking mechanism.

Sunlight can be harmful to the fences, but vinyl can endure it all; when you install our fences, you do not have to worry about the fences getting affected by sunlight. Our fences are manufactured using the DuraResin formulation, which helps the fences to endure the intense Southwest sunlight. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and active UV inhibitors; this gives the fences the highest stability and weatherability.

A vinyl fence is a sensible investment again because now, when you are planning to cut costs, a low maintenance fence is an ideal choice. These fences are easy to clean, you can rinse off with a hose, and the fences would shine again. Vinyl is a material that is known for excellent resistivity; therefore, the fences are not affected by impact, heat, does not crack in freezing temperature, and never needs repainting. While searching for vinyl fences, quality is a primary concern. Duramax has lived up to the expectations of the customers, visit our website to read what the clients have to say about the fences. Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards, which are high compared to the rest of the fencing industry. The fences are extremely durable; we have also kept in mind the look and feel; therefore, we have added no screws and brackets that look unsightly.

Recently colorful fences have a lot of demand, mainly because colors of personal taste and choice add life to a property exterior. Duramax manufacturers colorful vinyl fences of various types and designs, fences that look beautiful. Duramax fences offer unparalleled beauty and lifetime performance. Are you looking for a white color fence? A white color fence has been popular for a long time. We have a range of white color fences that look classy and very aesthetic. Due to the rising demand, we are manufacturing more and more. If the white color fence were made of any other material, you would have to worry about the fences turning yellowish with time. 

Duramax fences are made in the USA in our factory, and this is what makes our fences affordable. Vinyl fences are recyclable; it’s environmentally friendly. Now that we have a website, you can choose fences online, the products are clearly visible and come with a limited lifetime warranty. We have been reputed for being among the well-reputed vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Place your order today.

How beneficial can privacy vinyl fence panels be if installed around the property?

Are you planning a home improvement or wish to add some more privacy to your property? You can consider installing a fence that would also offer a face life to your property. There are various types of materials that are used for fencing. Probably all have taken a backseat due to the numerous advantages of vinyl fences.

Lara is a painter, and she is also someone who loves peace and solace. Therefore, she was planning to install privacy fence panels around her home and wanted to enjoy more security. She was searching the internet for fencing solutions; she came across Duramax. She also heard about Duramax from a few of her friends. So, she called us to discuss the requirements with our experts. 

We recommend installing solid fences for complete seclusion, the privacy fences are pretty high, which can hinder some air and the outdoor view. Lara did not have a problem with that; she also wanted to get rid of her noisy neighbors. But if you feel that a privacy fence is offering extreme seclusion, you can always choose to install a semi-privacy fence, which is something less than the former. We have a huge demand for privacy fences, but many customers are opting for the semi-privacy fences as well.

Now that Lara was tensed that her fences would be exposed to direct sunlight, and the Southwest sun is extremely scorching. We assured her that our fences could endure the intensity of the sunlight. We use the DuraResin formulation, which helps the fences retain its durability even when exposed to direct sunlight for days, months, and years. The fences are manufactured from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and particular UV inhibitors; this helps the fences to have UV stability and the strength to withstand all weather conditions.

Lara wanted to know more about the benefits of Duramax fences. If you also want to know the same, the fences are made of very tough and thick vinyl with a sturdy and secure routing system and a safety locking mechanism. The fences are resistant to heat, impact, and freezing temperatures. The walls exceed the ASTM F964 standards; this ensures the quality of our products.

Lara was stunned to experience the fences’ durability; she shared pictures with us and was very satisfied with the installation. Post-installation, the fences endured a big storm; she was assured because we told her that the fences had been passed through a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. The fences could deflect a good amount of rain and the wind that could have otherwise caused substantial damage to her property. Also, the privacy fences can provide ultimate security to your property and keep trespassers away. 

The fences are made in the USA; the products are environment-friendly and recyclable. Now, like Lara, if you wish to install a vinyl fence around your property, get in touch with us. You can also order online; we have our new website where you can view products and look at specifications. Order and get a limited lifetime warranty. We are among the top local fence companies in the Western USA.

Install a vinyl fence from Duramax – Hire an expert fencing contractor for installation

We got a call from a client who wanted to install a fence for his new property, a nice cozy home. He was looking for a new fence, constantly searching the internet for fence manufacturers in the Western USA. Spending a lot of time over the internet, he got in touch with Duramax fence company. Though there are various types of fencing material, we suggested installing vinyl fencing around his home. Duramax is now one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl fences in the Western USA. 

We called him for a consultation since he wanted to know more about our product before placing the order. While he was doubtful whether the fences could endure sunlight, we assured him that our fences are manufactured to withstand the intense heat of the Southwest sun. Our fences are manufactured with the unique DuraResin formulation that helps the fences bear the heat all day long without getting damaged. The fences use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that render weatherability and UV stability to the fences.

Our client was very interested in colorful fences, but he feared that the fences would lose its color, and the investment would not be worth it. But when it comes to vinyl fences, these are available in an array of colors, and the colors can last for years without any repainting. Also, we supply white color fences that look aesthetically pleasing and have a beauty of its own. A lot of customers wish to install white color fences but fear it would not remain white, but vinyl fences can be magical. Our white fences would stay white for a lifetime.

Duramax fences are manufactured using thick vinyl sheets, the routing system is extremely robust and a suitable locking mechanism. The fences are resistant to heat, fire, impact, and do not crack in freezing temperatures. The fences can endure wind up to a speed of 150 mph. Our products exceed the ASTM F964 certification, which is pretty high compared to the other fences in the market.

We are happy to get positive feedback from clients, and most of them are pleased with the fences, the quality, durability, affordability, and ease of installation. You can refer to our website to check our testimonials. Same way, this customer installed the fence and shared images with us, writing, “Thank you, Duramax team, now my property looks complete, and the fence is superb.”

Do you know that vinyl fences are easy to clean and needs no maintenance? You can wipe the fences or wash with a hose to take off the dirt, and the fences are not prone to staining. Once you wash the fences, it would shine for long. Installing a vinyl fence saves money, time, and a lot of effort. Our fences are known to offer ultimate beauty and lifetime performance. The products are environment-friendly; it’s recyclable. We have a new website; you can visit, take a look at the products, specifications, and information, and also order online. Place your order, and you would be entitled to a limited lifetime warranty. Choose among one of the local fencing contractors in your area for installation. 

Get in touch with us today.

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