Make a Style Statement With Custom Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

You would desire to keep the developments within the abode private, and it is natural for any individual. Moreover, home security is something that you perhaps cannot afford to ignore in this era of rising crime graphs. It can be a dreadful experience if any mischief-monger has been able to come close to your home. You need to prevent these developments at all costs, and a fence in place can be the ideal solution here. This will help to prevent free access for trespassers on your piece of land.

Vinyl-based custom fencing

You will have to contact a fence manufacturer and place the order for installation. This bit should be easy because most of them have a presence on the net. However, the key here will be to identify the best fencing material. There is scope to install fences made of pure wood and aluminum. However, if you are searching for the best option, we would like to say that it is undoubtedly the vinyl fences. 

Some features of a vinyl fencing

As you look around homes in the immediate neighborhood, one will feel that plenty of homes have opted for this mode of fencing. This is because the custom vinyl fencing has certain inbuilt features, which homeowners prefer, and hence they are placing the orders for installation. 

We want to say that it is a strong, durable product, and mischief-mongers will find it hard to break in. We would like to say that vinyl is even stronger than wood. 

This product should not decay or decompose after constant exposure to nature. Certain safe ingredients are included in the product, preventing this decay.

This product requires very little maintenance, and huge volumes of dirt can be cleaned up effortlessly. 

Exterior house decorations

You can see that vinyl fencing is strong and durable. It is not a surprise that plenty of the manufacturers are ready to offer a lifetime warranty on the product. We want to say that the benefits do not end here. If you choose these fences carefully, they can improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. We spoke with experts, and they all agreed that installing a vinyl fence is the perfect way to send the perfect style statement to the world. On a rainy day, are you bothered by mud stains that dull the color of your fence? We’d like to point out that simple soap and water can remove even the most stubborn stains. If you carefully select such fences, the home exteriors are safe, and simultaneously the property looks beautiful. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples. Claim yours today.

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5 Reasons You Need a Pool Fence

pool fence

We all worry about our loved ones. Parents especially want to know they’ve done everything to make their homes and yards safe for their children. A vinyl pool fencing is a vital part of that safety measures. Whether you have moved into a new home with a pool already installed or plan to install a pool, you must get a pool fence. You will find a lot of options to choose from, a wide variety of styles and designs, and they all have one thing in common: security. In addition, a pool fence can give you peace of mind, and its other benefits are simply bonuses.

A Pool fence adds safety and privacy

It cannot be overstated how important it is to have a fence around any pool. If you have young children or pets or anyone who does not know how to swim in your home, you must have a pool fence. Pool fences provide an extra layer of security, relieving you of the worry. You cannot afford to wait if you have an unsecured pool. Furthermore, a pool fence can provide the privacy you may be lacking. If your backyard is open to the public, installing a pool fence can help prevent neighbors from viewing your pool area. This can be advantageous for those who are self-conscious in their bathing suits or who do not like their neighbors being able to watch them while they swim.

Vinyl pool fencing by law

Because of the safety risks associated with having a pool that is not protected by a pool fence, many municipalities are now making it a requirement that if you have a pool, it is protected by a pool fence. Depending on where you live, you may be required to build a fence around your pool. As a result, you should check to see if there are any pool fence regulations in your area. However, even if it is not law, installing a pool fence around your pool would be highly beneficial. Buy vinyl pool fencing from reputed vinyl fence companies in the USA to get a virgin fence at affordable rates.

A Pool Fence is Convenient

Using a pool net or cover is not always simple. You must remember to replace them after each use, and they can be cumbersome to operate. On the other hand, a pool fence requires almost no effort to be effective. All you have to do to provide security is ensure that it is locked. Choose a lock that is high on the fence and completely child-proof.

Furthermore, there is no need to remove the pool cover, and there is no downtime after entering the pool area. Depending on your situation, you may believe that a pool and fence must be built together. On the other hand, our expert installers work around almost everything, including sloping hills, grass, and landscaping, to ensure your pool fence looks impressive and functions even under the toughest circumstances.  

Buy vinyl pool fencing from Duramax

Vinyl fences are weather-resistant, but not every fence gets made with the Duraresin formulation. Duramax manufacturers use the unique Duraresin formulation to manufacture high-quality fencing resistant to weather damages. UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide get used for building weather-resistant fences that don’t warp in heat or crack in the winters. The Duramax fences are extremely famous in the USA for having the highest UV stability and weather resistance. In addition, the waterproof fences have wind resistance of 105mph, which makes them exceptionally strong to stand tall against heavy rainfall, ice storms, and thunderstorms. Duramax vinyl fences are the most durable among all others. It’s because the manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets to manufacture the fencing. Thicker vinyl eliminates issues like sagging, warping, breaking, and cracking of the fences. Thicker quality vinyl enhances the durability and sturdiness of the fences.

Along with that Duramax, manufacturers do not use external brackets and unsightly screws for manufacturing the fences. Instead, the fencing has a sturdy routing system and interlocking pattern that holds the fence panels together. Regarding durability, Duramax fences are the first to be mentioned by most USA property owners.

Keep your pets safe

Your kids aren’t the only ones who need to be kept safe by a pool fence. Some dogs, for example, can swim, but not all. The same is true for cats and other animals. You can customize a special pool fence for pets by using more durable vinyl resistant to biting or clawing. Vinyl pool fences can also be 5 feet high or taller to eliminate any chance your family dog or cat can jump over.

Final words

Duramax pool fencing meets industry standards to keep your children and pets safe. Unfortunately, there are larger gaps between posts and other pool fencing types, such as ornamental aluminum fences or chain links. However, a vinyl pool fence can be a wise way to add much-needed privacy around the in-ground pool of your house. It will even help create a little getaway in your backyard. Log on to the Duramax website to know more about Duramax vinyl fences. Want to buy vinyl pool fencing at an affordable rate? Then, book a consultation call now and get a quote! Duramax Fences is now offering free samples for a limited time. So try the vinyl pool fencing before you buy from us. You can choose from our wide range of designs and colors of vinyl pool fencing.

Buy Durable Vinyl Fences From Duramax for Your Backyard


There are numerous fencing options available on the market. Wooden fences have a large fan base, but they are losing favor due to their high maintenance and low durability. As a result, Americans approach vinyl fence manufacturers searching for high-quality fences that require minimal maintenance and last for years without hassle. Duramax is a top-tier backyard vinyl fencing manufacturer in the United States. The professionals will provide you with high-quality, weather-resistant fences that are customized to improve the aesthetics of your property. Here are a few reasons you should work with reputable vinyl fence manufacturers to personalize your fence line.

Reputable vinyl fence manufacturers to personalize your fence line

Have you heard of the DuraResin formulation?

Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers get premium-quality fences made with the DuraResin formulation. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and activated UV inhibitors are used to manufacture weather-resistant fences. These vinyl fences have the highest rated UV stability and can withstand the intense heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun. Duramax fences do not warp even after years of heat exposure. The weather-resistant fences are waterproof and have passed a wind test of 105mph – they are resilient, strong, and immune to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, etc.

More durable than others

Did you know why Duramax backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers claim to provide you with the most durable fences? It’s because the fence line gets manufactured with thicker vinyl sheets that are made from 100% virgin vinyl. The thicker vinyl is more durable and resilient, so the fences don’t warp, sag, or break cracks easily. Duramax fences are extremely durable as no external hardware gets used in the manufacturing process. The Duramax fences don’t have unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences have a seamless appearance with a strong routing system and interlocked fence panels holding the fencing firmly together.

Great for homes with pets and animals

Wooden fences are not durable and break with sharp edges, injuring small kids and pets at home. Even the metal fences are strong but detrimental for children and domesticated animals. However, the lightweight vinyl fences are pet-friendly, chemical-resistant, non-toxic, lead-free and flexible. The strong fences are resistant to high impacts and blows. These vinyl fences don’t break easily and can last for years. Duramax fences exceed ASTM quality standards and are regarded as one of the finest in the market. The fences don’t rust, rot, fade, stain, or attract termites. Duramax fences don’t require whitewashing as they can retain their color for the longest time without fading or turning yellowish. You can also get a free sample from Duramax for a limited period.

Customize at Duramax

A custom-made fence is ideal for your property. It renders a unique style and sets the look of the space apart from all others. Duramax provides custom-made DIY fences that are extremely easy to install. In addition, the fences have a limited lifetime warranty and are recyclable. Book a free consultation today.

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Know Why You Should Choose Vinyl Fence Over Others

USA vinyl fencing

Fencing is a traditional fence that looks elegant and offers exceptional privacy. Homeowners prefer to install fences in the backyard to stop stray animals and trespassers from venturing into the area. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to renovate the place and break down your existing wall or the stone block on your property. A fence can easily adapt itself, and one doesn’t need to rebuild the wall footings to accommodate a new fence. Fences get customized according to their surroundings. However, wooden fences are a traditional favorite. The wooden appeal is eye-catching and seems strong. Nevertheless, the lightweight vinyl is five times stronger and a better option in reality. Here are a few reasons why the USA made vinyl fencing is ideal for building a sustainable and long-lasting fence.

DuraGrain vinyl fence – Better than the wooden one

The wooden fence is not long-lasting. Wooden fences and fences tend to rot, stain, attract termites and degrade with time. It’s better to invest in a vinyl fence. However, some property owners are fond of wooden fences. The traditional appeal tugs the heart with its vintage vibes. Yet nothing is lost as DuraGrain is a great alternative to wooden fences. DuraGrain is a wood-grained material with the cellular structure of vinyl but looks exactly like real wood. The DuraGrain fences are waterproof, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and last for years without attracting termites or staining. Wash the DuraGrain vinyl fence with a hose or wipe with a sponge. The DuraGrain fence is extremely durable and can last for more than 20 years with minimal upkeep. The USA made vinyl fence gets customized in various styles, designs, and colors. However, your preference, space, size, and other requirements must also be considered for manufacturing the perfect DuraGrain fence.

Exceptional weather resistivity

The scorching heat of the Sun can damage the vinyl fence. The weather has always been the enemy of fences and fences. That’s the reason why the manufacturing of DuraResin vinyl fences has started. The DuraResin formulation has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to build weather-resistant fences. The DuraResin formulation ensures that the fence can withstand excess heat from the Sun and doesn’t warp due to the scorching rays. Vinyl fences are waterproof and have wind resistivity of 105mph, making them immune to thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and ice storms. High-quality vinyl fences don’t crack in the winters and can stand tall with pride for the longest time without breaking, sagging, or falling over. The impact-resistant vinyl fences can sustain heavy blows and don’t fade or turn yellow. The fences are durable and don’t need whitewashing for at least 10 years. Occasionally clean the fence to maintain its pristine new look. When you consider the maintenance cost for years, you will understand that it is the most affordable option for fencing your property. Duramax Fences offers you affordable vinyl fencing with a limited lifetime warranty.

Thicker vinyl sheets make durable fences

Some vinyl fences are weak because of the thin material used for manufacturing the fences. Reputed fence manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture quality fences that are long-lasting and can withstand weather torments and more. Thicker vinyl ensures outstanding strength and enhanced durability compared to thinner material. However, the USA made vinyl fences with external hardware that can injure pets and children. That’s why fences without external brackets and unsightly screws are preferred. In addition, some top vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA built the fences with a strong routing and interlocking system to ensure the rails, posts, and pickets don’t fall apart.

Choose Duramax fences

Invest in high-quality, affordable vinyl fencing made from 100% virgin vinyl. The fences provide good privacy and protect your property from stray animals and trespassers. The fence made from thicker vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and lasts for more than 20 years without fading, rotting, or staining. In addition, the premium quality vinyl fences are resistant to extreme weather. Now, selecting a vinyl fence for your house is even easier as Duramax offers free samples for a limited period. You can test our product while deciding on your required vinyl fencing design and color. Claim your free sample today. You can also customize your fencing according to your taste and requirement.

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8 Benefits of Vinyl Wall Topper

vinyl wall topper

Do you want to put up a vinyl wall topper on your property? Then you should be aware of some facts about vinyl wall toppers. Vinyl wall toppers are among the best on the market because they are incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and relatively easy to maintain, making them an excellent purchase if you don’t already have one.

Benefits of Vinyl Wall Topper

#1 Strength & durability

A vinyl wall topper that has been correctly installed will last a lifetime. Vinyl wall topper is 5 times stronger than wood, flexible and long-lasting, and resistant to high winds and rain. Have you ever noticed wooden wall toppers that have fallen after strong winds or storms? This will not be the case with a vinyl wall topper. Because vinyl does not absorb moisture, the boards, poles, and accessories will not blister, peel, corrode, or decay. A vinyl wall topper is simply the best material for a home in the United States or any home subjected to a lot of inclement weather. Most reputable vinyl wall topper manufacturers provide a pre-assembled gate for added strength and security. These gates are reinforced with steel sides to keep their shape and provide additional durability in high-traffic areas.

#2 Environment friendly

Most people associate synthetic materials with environmental harm, but this is not the case with vinyl. Vinyl, unlike most plastics, is derived from more natural sources. Ethylene can be found in natural gas, crude oil, and chlorine in table salt. Furthermore, vinyl is a recyclable material. Unlike many other plastic materials, Vinyl is not treated with harsh and hazardous chemicals. Because vinyl is recyclable, it is not treated or coated with such chemicals to protect the environment. Moreover, since the vinyl wall topper is made from natural materials, intense chemicals are not needed for protection, durability, or other reasons. As vinyl is highly durable, it can stand up to pests found in your yard. Unlike wooden wall toppers, insects cannot burrow or scratch through tough vinyl wall toppers. This feature is one of the most important factors which makes vinyl wall toppers last so long.

#3 Low maintenance

Unlike wood or chain-link wall topper, vinyl needs no additional painting or staining to maintain its original beauty and color. If your wall topper ever falls prey to graffiti or stains, most stains will easily come off with some soap & water, household cleaners, and a little cleaning with a garden hose. Your wall topper won’t turn yellow or green like a wood wall topper, and it won’t need pressure washing like other traditional wall topper materials. It is simply the best fuss-free option. A vinyl wall topper is incredibly easy to maintain. In most cases, warm water, a washcloth, and some soap are enough to get a dusty, dirty wall topper looking new again. Adding some bleach or tar remover to your routine can do the magic for tougher stains. For best results, maintain cleaning your vinyl wall topper with a garden hose once every fortnight.

#4 Long-lasting

Your vinyl wall topper can last for decades if appropriately cared for. As a result, most vinyl wall toppers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Vinyl is made by combining ethylene and chlorine. These two elements create highly durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin.

#5 Weather-resistant

In any climate, wooden and iron wall toppers will not last long. Wall toppers will rot and warp if you live near the ocean or in a rainy climate. On the other hand, iron wall toppers can rust and become irreparable. The harsh sun and winds in dry areas can cause wooden wall toppers to become dry and discolored and iron wall toppers to become scratched and blanched. On the other hand, the vinyl wall topper does not have any of these issues. Neither dry nor wet weather will harm or degrade the vinyl wall topper. The strong plastic makes it water-resistant and easy to clean without leaving stains or scratches. 

#6 Virgin vinyl

Virgin vinyl is the most popular type of vinyl, as it is the type that is developed and used the most. It is made of PVC, polypropylene, nylon, and polythene and is extruded from virgin resin. Recycled vinyl is made from recycled plastics, typically inferior to virgin vinyl.

#7 Vinyl wall toppers Self-Extinguish

The flashpoint of most vinyl wall toppers is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and they don’t easily ignite. It would burn if you held a flame to your vinyl wall topper. It will self-extinguish when you remove the flame from a vinyl wall topper. This is fantastic news for nighttime BBQs, fireworks, and other fire-related disasters! The vinyl wall topper will melt rather than burn if exposed to severe heat, reducing the risk of a long-term fire. 

#8 Aesthetically appealing

It keeps its clean, polished appearance over time, adding flair and improving the value of your home. A substantial, high-quality wall topper increases both the curb appeal and the bottom line when trying to sell your property. The vinyl wall topper is available in various styles and colors. If you’re adding a wall topper for privacy, choose a color that complements your home’s trim. If you want your wall topper to be decorative, you can use a combination of color and design to achieve your goal.

A vinyl wall topper can be an excellent choice for your home. It looks great, and reduces your carbon footprint extensively, is super easy to take care of, and the vinyl wall topper won’t succumb to the usual issues of climate and pests. If you already have vinyl wall toppers, you are lucky to save on your yearly wall topper maintenance costs. However, if you’re still thinking of installing a vinyl wall topper of your own, then consult with vinyl wall topper experts. You can also claim our free sample before buying.

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Vinyl Vs. Wooden Gate: Which One Should You Choose?

custom vinyl fencing

Vinyl and wood gates come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl fencing offers priceless properties, whereas wood gates excel in other categories.

Let’s compare our two fencing options based on these categories. Let’s get started!

Let’s compare our two fencing options: Vinyl Vs. Wooden Get

#1 Durability

Vinyl gates last almost twice as long or even longer as the wooden gate. In addition, many vinyl gates often come with a lifetime warranty. Wooden gates have a shorter lifespan and can last about 20 years with proper maintenance and frequent repairs, buy vinyl fences made with DuraResin vinyl formulations last for decades.

The major culprit behind the lessened durability of wooden gates is moisture. Unfortunately, wood is susceptible to moisture damage. As a result, wooden gates absorb water, sag, and rot in the worst-case scenario. Similarly, not every brand of wood fencing is resistant to insects and termites. However, you can use paints or preservative sealants to prevent wood damage. However, it may need to be refinished every few years. On the other hand, a vinyl gate has no issue with moisture and pests. As a result, they do not rot or decay, and this fact alone boosts their lifespan by decades.

#2 Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, both vinyl and wood gates perform admirably. The distinct grain on each picket and the natural texture and warmth of wood look fantastic on gates. Furthermore, you can have your wood gate painted any color you want. Wood gates are also available in various styles, ranging from scalloped picket gates to full-privacy vertical board gates. Vinyl gates compete with wood in this category as well. If you thought installing a vinyl gate on your property meant installing a plain white boring gate, you were mistaken. Vinyl gates now come in various patterns that mimic wood and stone. You can also go for Duramax Fences, one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers, DuraGrain fence gates that look like wood but have a cell structure of vinyl. DuraGrain fences can mimic wood but minus its high maintenance.

#3 Property Value

As long as the gates are clean and well-maintained, both wood and vinyl gates help improve your property value. But, of course, you have to make sure that the wood gate should be rotten or decayed if you have one.

In the case of vinyl, ensure the gate is clean and doesn’t need any repairs. However, many buyers might prefer the gates’ traditional wooden appearance, especially with their ancestral home. But if you consider the whole thing in the long run, go for vinyl.

#4 Cleaning And Maintenance

Since the home’s upkeep is already draining, we usually don’t have time and energy to often clean the outdoors, including the gate. So, it’s natural for most people to be inclined towards the fencing system that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. But, the good news is that vinyl gates are incredibly low on maintenance. And, a periodic rinsing with a garden hose does the job with brilliance. On the other hand, it might need more effort to clean a wood gate. As wood is susceptible to moisture and mold, you will need to spend considerable time and effort maintaining your wooden gates at home. You might need to scrub the wooden gates using cleaners to clean the wooden gates.

Wood gates also need repainting and resealing with preservatives every once and then. This refinishing cost makes the overall maintenance cost for wood gates costly compared to vinyl gates. However, if you choose a vinyl gate in the color white, it will undoubtedly look fabulous, but you need to keep in mind that it will look dirty much faster than the wooden fences. So, you might need to clean it more frequently. And, if you wish to avoid this problem, get a vinyl gate of other colors and patterns.

#5 Repairs And Replacement

Both the vinyl and wood gates need occasional repairs. For example, vinyl fencing under heavy pressure might come apart, and wood gates might also need repairs and boards replaced after any damage. But the repair of vinyl fence gates is fairly easy, and most homeowners can do so on their own. Moreover, as these gates are pest and moisture resistant, you don’t have to worry about sagging or decaying pickets. However, because vinyl gates are frequently prefabricated panels, damage to a pocket or two may necessitate replacing the entire panel, which can be costly. In the case of wood gate repairs and replacements, you can easily replace only the damaged part, which will cost you much less. However, if the homeowner is not skilled in woodworking, they will need to hire a costly professional.

#6 Ease Of Installation

Usually, homeowners must build a wood gate instead of installing pre-made panels. That being said, you have an option of installing prefab wood panels these days. Then, you can connect them to posts using brackets and nails.

However, if you decide to build one but lack the necessary tools and expertise, you will need to hire professionals, which can be expensive.

On the other hand, Vinyl gates are very easy to install because most of them come as prefabricated panels. Posts have notches to hold in and lock the panels in place, and if they don’t, one can attach the panels using brackets. So, it is relatively easier to install a vinyl gate, and with proper guidance manual and tools, homeowners can DIY install these gates easily.


Wood gates are fantastic if you want that wooden look for your gates and don’t mind the periodic maintenance. But if you don’t want to put in the effort for such hectic upkeep, go for Duramax vinyl fences. Duramax Fences is currently offering free samples. Claim yours today and test the material while deciding on the design and type of vinyl fencing for your home.

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Buy Vinyl Perimeter Fencing From Top Vinyl Fence Manufacturer in the USA

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

A vinyl perimeter fencing around your home provides security for you and your family. If you can work out some lively color combinations, you can make the best decoration for your home’s exterior. A beautifully decorated vinyl fencing installed around the property’s exteriors can draw attention and make your home the talk of the town. So, after purchasing a home, you can conduct an online search to find the best vinyl fence from vinyl fencing manufacturers. Always purchase your perimeter vinyl fencing from a reputable USA fencing manufacturer to ensure a high-quality fence.

Some high-quality vinyl fences are prohibitively expensive, discouraging property owners from purchasing. However, keep in mind that vinyl fences must have certain characteristics. If you want to save money, don’t go for low-quality items. Don’t jump for cheap quality if you can get a quality fence at an affordable rate.

Why Choose Vinyl Perimeter Fencing?

There might be many other fencing options, but nothing can beat vinyl fencing after considering the product’s durability. The primary need of fencing is security, making it necessary to opt for something as durable as vinyl. Installation may be available from a vinyl fence manufacturer, but it will be at an additional expense. If you enjoy DIY projects, though, you can easily install them. The concept of fencing began with the necessity to demarcate a property, but more recently, homeowners have been eager to erect a fence for security reasons. You’d want to be safe and comfortable in your own house, surrounded by loved ones. It is made of sturdy materials and is difficult to break into. When you talk to homeowners that had vinyl fences erected, they will tell you that they don’t have to worry about burglaries or even simple trespassing. No one is allowed to enter without your consent.

Hassle-free maintenance

However, we would like to point out that you have very little to be concerned about this type of fencing. Let’s talk about an extreme condition, and you’ll get an idea of it. You might have installed a white vinyl perimeter fence, and these fences are unquestionably attractive. However, there will certainly be rainy days, and you may find yourself with severe mud stains on your fence. It does not appeal to the eye, and you would like to get rid of it. However, there is no need to be concerned; the stains may be removed with just soap and water. As a result, you can conclude that this type of fencing requires very little upkeep.

Enhance your outdoors

The bespoke vinyl fencing themes provide beauty and charm to the exteriors of your property. As we have already stated, the advantages are numerous, as this fencing style will ensure perfect privacy. Outsiders will never get a glimpse into your personal life. You can see how this type of fencing distinguishes one’s property, but there are other advantages to reap over time. As a result, we can understand why homeowners choose vinyl as a fencing material.

DuraResin formulated

Vinyl is available in a variety of qualities. Most vinyl fences are made from thin vinyl sheets, which causes the material to sag and break down. On the other hand, Duramax makes fences and wall tops out of thicker vinyl sheets that are more durable and resistant to cracking, drooping, and breaking. Traditional Duramax vinyl fences are produced with the DuraResin vinyl formulation to withstand harsh weather. Vinyl wall toppers made with more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide, and UV inhibitors are durable and long-lasting. Duramax vinyl fences are incredibly robust, durable, and weather-resistant, and they can survive the scorching heat of the southwest sun. In the summer, the fences do not stretch, and they do not fracture in the winter. They also don’t fade with time. They do not get yellowish and can keep their color intact for the longest time without any repainting.

Customized fences

Harsh weather conditions might cause the wear and tear of the fences. Duramax manufactures high-quality vinyl fences that are unaffected by the DuraResin formula. Furthermore, more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors ensure that the fences are resistant to heat and UV rays. As a result, the fences are highly long-lasting and resistant to decay, rust, staining, and termites. Furthermore, you can choose bespoke vinyl fences for your property since you can modify the fence to your liking and style. When purchasing vinyl fencing from a reputable company, you may be given a variety of choices. So, decorate your property whatever you want without worrying about its security.

Best Vinyl Fence Installation Process

It’s important to know that vinyl fencing is installed using interlocking techniques. As a result, double-check that all of the components are present while purchasing. It is impossible to begin if the ground remains frozen. It will be difficult for you to drive anchor pipes and dig holes. Some tools will be necessary, such as post-hole diggers, wood stakes, tape measures, and a bubble level. You’ll also need a sledgehammer, circular saw, and filler gravel. These tools should be straightforward to set up, allowing the installer to focus on the task at hand. The setup is simple; align all vinyl fence panels according to their method, and your best vinyl fence is complete!

Eco-friendly fencing

Vinyl is an eco-friendly material. Neither it reacts to any chemical ingredients nor contains any harmful components. The durable vinyl fences are fire-resistant. They do not even turn yellow over time. If any of your fence panels break, they can be recycled. It won’t invite termites or bugs, even in damp weather. Duramax Fences is currently offering free samples for you to test the product before you buy their fences. Claim yours today.

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4 Reasons to Invest in Best Vinyl Fencing

Buy Vinyl Fence

Do you want to look into alternatives to traditional wood fencing? A vinyl fence might be the solution for you. Vinyl fencing has both advantages and disadvantages. This polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based plastic material is low-maintenance and will not crack or splinter like wood. In addition, buyers appreciate that it does not rot, attract insects, or require refinishing. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles, ranging from short picket fences to tall privacy fences. It can also be textured to look like natural wood. However, the initial installation costs can be prohibitively expensive, and extreme weather can warp or otherwise damage the material. Nonetheless, for many people, the benefits of the best vinyl fence outweigh the drawbacks due to the following reasons :

Benefits of the best vinyl fencing


The average cost of vinyl fencing in the United States varies depending on size, height, and current material costs. Labor costs will also differ. Fence post caps, lattice effects, and gates are examples of add-ons that will raise the price. Furthermore, the price is affected by the thickness of the material itself. Cheap vinyl fences are typically thin and easily dented or otherwise damaged. Therefore, it’s usually worth it to splurge on thicker vinyl for a more durable fence that requires less maintenance over time. If you want to save money, choose a simple design over a low-quality material.


The average cost of any vinyl fencing in the USA varies depending on size, height, and current material costs. Labor costs will also differ. Some extras that will raise the price of vinyl fences are typically very low-maintenance. You will never need to paint or stain vinyl fences, their surface does not scratch easily, and they are simple to clean. Because vinyl is nonporous, spraying it with a hose to clean the surface of your fence becomes dirty. It’s also a good choice if you have pets or children because it won’t splinter as a wood fence would.

On occasion, algae, mold, or mildew will grow on a vinyl fence, particularly if the fence is located near a sprinkler that keeps the area moist. However, it is usually not difficult to remove this staining. Simply hose down your fence to remove the majority of the stain, then scrub it with a water-and-dish soap solution. After rinsing the fence with water, the stain should be gone.

Repairs can be difficult with a vinyl fence, but they shouldn’t be necessary with such a strong material. If a vinyl fence section breaks, you may have to replace the entire fence panel depending on how the pieces fit together. You can usually replace just one broken board or post with a wood fence rather than the entire panel. The typical cost of repairs varies greatly depending on what is damaged.


Vinyl fences are available in a variety of styles. Tall privacy fences with slats close together to block sightlines are available. There are also different types of picket styles with more spaced-out slats. Accents such as lattice on the top of the vinyl fence, decorative post caps, or a scalloped top can also be added. Even vinyl fences look like ornamental iron fences, with narrow, rounded slats and pointed tops. Though taller and shorter options are available, most people choose a fence in the 4- to 6-foot range. Before beginning your project, check for local restrictions, as residential fencing regulations are common. Vinyl fencing is typically available in a variety of colors.

There are neutral colors, such as white, tan, brown, gray, and black, and some in bolder colors, such as red, green, and blue. In addition, the material vinyl can often be textured to look like other materials like natural wood. Vinyl fencing can be installed wherever you need to divide a section of your yard. For example, you can use a tall fence to provide security and privacy in your backyard. Alternatively, you can place one around a pool for safety. In addition, you can use short vinyl fencing to accent garden beds or other areas of your lawn.

Vinyl Fence Installation

It is possible to install a vinyl fence yourself; however, it usually requires intermediate skill. Vinyl fencing is typically sold in the form of a kit of interlocking pieces. Short picket fences are less difficult to build than tall privacy fences. Picket fences are typically constructed by pounding anchor pipes into the ground with a sledgehammer, inserting fence posts over the pipes, and fitting the rails and pickets together. However, a special post-hole digger and quick-set cement are frequently required to hold the posts in place for a taller installation. That task is frequently best left to professional fence installers.

If the ground is frozen, this is not a fencing project to undertake, as you will be digging into it. Depending on the size of the area to be fenced, the project should take one to two days. First, ensure that you have all the necessary permits and utilities marked. Working around the utility lines and other existing structures, such as trees, is one of the most difficult aspects of erecting a fence. That’s why it’s critical to plan out the exact path your fence will take before you start. There is no shortcut when it comes to installing a vinyl fence. You’ll be more efficient if you take the time to double-check that all of the components were included in your kit before proceeding with the instructions. Making do with what you have can get you into trouble and result in an unstable fence.


When thinking of investing in fencing, go for vinyl fencing. Duramax Fences, one of the top fence manufacturing companies, manufactures and supplies fences at affordable rates. Currently, Duramax is offering free samples. Claim yours today to test the product once before you buy. 

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Vinyl Fencing Tips For Pet Owners

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

As a dog owner, you need an attractive fence that keeps your dog safe and happy in your yard. Vinyl fencing is a better option. Vinyl is durable and well-suited for pet fencing, but it requires almost no maintenance, making it pet-owner friendly.

Here are a few ideas for using a vinyl fence to keep your dog comfortable and safe while outside in your yard.

Few Ideas for Using a Vinyl Fence to Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Safe

Manage the view

Dogs’ stress responses to stimuli outside the fence can vary, so you should be familiar with your dog’s nature and how they respond to stimuli from outside your yard.

Solid Panel Fencing

Vinyl fencing is available in designs similar to wooden fences, which means that you can choose between the solid panel and open picket fences. A solid fence panel is a good option if you have a dog who barks or becomes stressed when seeing a stranger. Unlike wood panels, vinyl fence panels typically do not have gaps, so your dog will not see anything on the other side of the fencing that could stress them out. 

Fence With a View

On the other hand, some dogs become more stressed when they hear someone on the other side of the fence but cannot see them. Open pickets or a fence with a view like semi-privacy fencing can solve the problem in this case. 

Height Solutions

When you know how high your dog can jump, you can opt for a tall enough fence to prevent them from getting over the top. However, a height extension may not be possible in areas with fence height restrictions. In this case, select a vinyl fence with a separate top panel that can be set at a 45-degree angle to tilt inward over the yard. This slanted panel makes it difficult for dogs to jump over. Because many dogs are skilled at evading the fence and escaping the yard, you may need to modify your fencing to meet this challenge.

Anti-Climb Options

Some dogs can climb and pull themselves up over tall fences. So first, opt for a solid panel fence with no horizontal supports to prevent this. Fortunately, many vinyl fences are designed in this manner. Second, invest in roll bars for the top of the fence. The bars are nearly invisible outside of the yard, but they roll when your dog tries to pull themselves over the top of the fence. The rolling will gently drop them back into the yard.

Stop them from digging out

If you don’t have a jumper, your dog may be a digger attempting to get underneath the fence instead. Buy affordable vinyl fences that can be adapted to meet this challenge. A bottom barrier may be able to solve the problem. vinyl provides a more secure barrier than wood, which a dog may chew through to create an escape route. Your main concern is that your dog may dig into the ground beneath the fence. To reduce digging, bury metal mesh along the fence or install concrete curbing beneath the fence. One benefit of vinyl is that the fencing can extend to the ground, unlike wood which can rot if it touches damp earth.

Landscaping solutions

If your dog attempts to chew the vinyl fence, you can block the pup from accessing the region through careful landscaping. Any vinyl fence can handle close plant growth without any rot or maintenance concerns, setting vinyl apart from wood. A row of low, dense bushes may be all you need to discourage your dog from bothering the fence line.

Duramax Fences benefits

Most vinyl fences claim to be durable, but it’s always not the case. Some vinyl fences are more long-lasting than others. To manufacture high-quality fences, Duramax manufacturers use thick vinyl sheets and 100% pure virgin vinyl. These fences are strong and don’t warp, crack, break or sag under duress. While other manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws, Duramax provides sturdy fences with a strong routing system and interlocked panels that hold the fence line together. If you plan to buy affordable vinyl fencing, then come to Duramax for fences that last for more than ten years without repairing, repainting, replacing, or investing in other fencing treatments for longevity. The affordable vinyl fences don’t need repainting and don’t turn yellowish. These fences look new for a long time and won’t stain, rot or attract termites. Currently, Duramax Fences is also offering free samples. Claim yours to test the product before deciding which design to buy.

Vinyl fences from Duramax Fences are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. It’s because of the vinyl formulation in DuraResin. UV inhibitors containing more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide make the fences exceptionally strong and durable. These fences are resistant to the harsh rays of the Southwest and Northwest Sun and will not crack, warp, break, or sag. Furthermore, the waterproof fences have passed a 105mph wind test and can withstand heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms, etc. Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and weather resistance ratings, making them the most popular fencing option among Americans.

Customized fences

Vinyl fences are preferable for most people as they can be customized in various designs, styles, and colors. Some want decorative picket fences, while privacy fences are also a sought-after choice. What sets Duramax apart from others is the DuraGain fencing. The wood-grained fence has the visual aesthetics of real wood but the cellular structure of virgin vinyl. The fencing looks and feels like wood but is as durable, waterproof, low-maintenance, and termite-resistance as vinyl. Duragrain fences offer a lifetime of carefree performance and look regal. 

Final Words

Are you looking for a high-quality vinyl fence to guard your property? Then, invest in Duramax fences for enhanced durability, strength, and easy-to-maintain features. Duramax is also offering free samples now. Get yours today.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Perimeter Vinyl Fencing for Your Property

Low Maintenance Fencing

The hype over the classic all-American perimeter fence cannot get overlooked. For many property owners, the classic fence is the first line of defense mechanism to protect the property from trespassers and stray animals. Fences act like an internal security system for the property. Vinyl fence manufacturers may customize fences to meet the needs of various properties. Vinyl perimeter fencing is available in various styles and designs based on individual preferences related to the fence’s purpose. Some people prefer a functional fence to protect their property, while others want a fancy one to make the property appear breathtakingly beautiful. Buy a vinyl perimeter fence from Duramax if you want premium quality fence panels with divergent design options. Perimeter fences styles get decided based on the location, preference, and purpose. 

Why you should get a perimeter vinyl fence for your property listed below

#1 Durability and security

The majority of fences are built for security reasons. In addition to providing security, perimeter fences are also quite durable. Duramax fences have thicker walls and are therefore more durable. The larger walls prevent the fences from sagging, cracking, warping, or breaking down. Fences with thinner walls don’t endure as long and aren’t as robust or resilient. Other fence manufacturers employ ugly screws and external brackets, whereas Duramax fences are created with a powerful routing system, and the fence panels are tightly and solidly linked. The lack of exterior hardware means that the fences remain sturdy and do not collapse with time. After passing the wind test of 105 mph, the vinyl fences become impact-resistant, and they do not fall over during stormy weather. These waterproof vinyl fences are perfect for the rainy season as they do not rot or attract termites. Duramax Fences last for years without any need for repairs or repainting. At least for 10 years, a good quality fence would not give you any issues and will not fade or look dull. The only maintenance needed is to wash the fences, occasionally with the garden hose.

#2 Control the points of entry with perimeter fencing

To keep your land safe and secure, all you need to do is contact a professional vinyl fencing manufacturer and supplier. Fencing around the property improves both the aesthetic appeal and the security. Colorful paints and enticing décor are always appreciated but don’t forget to install long-lasting fencing throughout your property. Fencing creates a prominent entry point for the property. Trespassers and strangers are kept out of the property by perimeter fences that focus on the entry points. Also, stray animals are kept at bay. However, not all vinyl fences are created equal and do not endure as long as others. Although vinyl is a weather-resistant material, the DuraResin vinyl formulation used to make Duramax’s high-quality vinyl fences boosts weather resistance. To achieve the best-rated UV stability and weatherability, DuraResin vinyl-designed fences use over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide with highly potent UV inhibitors. These fences can endure the tremendous heat of the Northwest or Southwest Sun and will not warp or fracture due to excessive heat or freezing conditions. 

#3 Aesthetic appeal

Duramax provides custom-made fences that get tailored to meet the aesthetic expectations of the property owners. The artistically designed fence gates and the smooth vinyl surface with no external hardware add to its charm. The customized fences have their practical features, but they are also a work of art and can reflect the personality of the property owners. Fences can look welcoming, like a chic garden fence, or might give the appearance of secrecy, like a privacy fence. Perimeter fences look welcoming and provide an ample amount of privacy to your property.

Vinyl fences are available in a variety of styles. Tall and compact privacy fences with close slats block sightlines. There are also picket types with more spaced-apart slats. You will also be able to add accents to your fences, such as a lattice at the top, a scalloped top, or decorative post caps. Vinyl fences, too, are designed to resemble ornamental iron fences, with narrow, rounded slats and pointed tops. Most people choose a ranch rail fence with three rails, though taller and shorter options are available. Before beginning your project, check for local restrictions, as residential fencing regulations are common. Vinyl fencing is typically available in a variety of colors. You can find neutral colors, such as white, black, tan, brown, and gray, and some designs in bolder colors like green, blue, and red. In addition, the vinyl material can often be textured to look like other materials, including natural wood.

The vinyl supremacy

Wooden fences can rot in a year, and metal fences rust in the same amount of time. Only vinyl fencing is more durable and maintains its appearance for the longest time. Vinyl fences do not need to be repaired or replaced unless intentionally damaged. The DuraResin formulation of Duramax vinyl fences ensures that they are weather-resistant and can withstand weather torment. The vinyl fences are ideal for withstanding the southwest sun’s scorching heat and UV rays due to the UV inhibitors. Heat, cold, storms, or heavy rain will not harm the vinyl fence. The vinyl walls are long-lasting and durable, and the installation is flawless. There are no unsightly screws or external brackets needed for installation, and the vinyl fence panels are interlocked using a fantastic routing system.

Duramax fences

To buy high-quality, robust, durable fences, get in touch with Duramax. Many homeowners prefer to buy perimeter vinyl fencing for their yard as they are elegant, chic, sophisticated and a protective shield for the property. Duramax Fences is here to help you with all fencing needs. With quick dispatch and delivery, they provide you with high-quality fencing products. Currently, we are offering free samples for you to test the material before you buy. Avail yours today.

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