Installing a Vinyl Fence: A Foolproof Guide

Have you already got yourself the most sought-after custom vinyl fencing from Duramax? With the project mapped up and the materials in order, you are now ready to transform your backyard and give your property a new look. First, however, you need to know why Duramax vinyl fencing is preferred over traditional materials. Whether you are choosing a strong fence or planning to install one, knowing the nitty-gritty details of vinyl fence installation is paramount.

There are a lot of things that can cause a conundrum when you are setting up vinyl fences. So, here we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts you must read before installing a vinyl fence. This will ensure that the DIY project is executed as skillfully as what a pro might have done. 

Do! Go through the zoning law:

Before building the fence, you need to make sure that the fence meets the specific requirements laid down by your city. Every city has its laws regarding fence zoning. You can check them on their website. Go through your city laws carefully, and then you should do your work.

Do let the neighbors know, too:

Let’s face the challenge. It’s you and your neighbor who shares the property line, right? You should maintain that relationship in good spirits. So, inform the neighbors about your plan beforehand. They will often not have a big issue with the fence, as it would mean enhanced privacy without the work. 

Don’t set up fences very close to each other:

Once acquainted with the laws of building your fence, you must demarcate its exact look. You can do this by placing stakes where the end posts and corners will go. After that, tie a string joining each stake. Then, place the stakes in between, marking where the post will go. Make sure to install the fence posts only a short distance from each other, as this can make the fence look stiff without any room for flexibility. However, vinyl fences made from 100% virgin PVC material are flexible yet strong. Flexibility is important for better durability, and the fences can withstand bad weather. 

Do! Locate a litter-free area:

Before digging holes for Duramax’s custom vinyl fencing installation, mark the perimeter where the fence will be installed and pull out anything in the way. We suggest you carefully walk along the perimeter and bring out any rocks, plants, or litter that could hinder installation. 

Don’t dig shallow holes:

Always do the opposite. Shallow holes will only help weaken your fences, and they will be more susceptible to blowing over during high winds. When digging holes for Duramax’s Fences, we suggest you dig holes six inches deeper than recommended. This will give you enough room to backfill the hole with gravel, making your post stand stronger. 

Do! Install corner and end posts first:

Remember that the first post you install should be towards the fence end. The second one should be the corner post, and so on. After this, you can tie a string that attaches the corner post to the end post. This will serve as a reference for setting up our custom vinyl fencing in a straight line.

Don’t! Treat gate posts like regular posts:

Always dig holes six inches deeper than required. And when you are setting up the gatepost, dig another six inches deeper. The total area occupied by the fence will call for extra strength to lodge the gate’s movement. When you dig an extra half foot, the fence gets the extra strength it needs. 

Do! Use a level:

One of the most important tools you would need while constructing a fence is a level. An eyeball test is insufficient to check whether the fence posts planted in the ground are straight. We suggest you execute the leveling process twice before installing the panels, once after planting the post and the second when you pour the concrete. 

Don’t! Beat the material:

We understand that setting up fences without a hammer is impossible, but use it carefully. You should never sway the hammer directly on the vinyl fence. Instead, get a 2×4 wood plank and hammer the wood while it’s on top of the panel. 

Duramax Vinyl Fences – Engineered keeping longevity in mind 

You will come across many vinyl fences and companies with tall claims about their quality, excellence, and expert customization. However, not all fences are created equal, and Duramax is a cut above the rest. We ensure you get high-quality fences made from 100% virgin vinyl. Our fences are made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, and are resistant to heating warping, and can survive extreme temperatures without breaking or sagging. Duramax Vinyl Fences are designed to last generations and are non-toxic, lead-free, and impact-resistant materials. Ideally, Duramax Fences can last for 30 years without requiring any repairing or repainting. The fence materials are recyclable and pet-friendly. Duramax Fences are low maintenance and exceed the ASTM F964 standards. These fences never need repainting; and you don’t have to deal with rotting, termite infestation, staining, or rusting. Duramax Fences do not turn yellow, and the strong routing system ensures that the fence stands strong for years. The fire-resistant Duramax Fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and have passed the wind test of 105 mph, which proves their sturdiness and resilience. 

Final Words 

Get the high-quality Duramax Fence within two weeks at factory-direct rates. Our fences are heat resistant and have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability. By choosing Duramax Fences rather than ordinary fence material, you can save 29% on fencing and labor. For over 20 years, Duramax has provided contractors, homeowners, and property owners with high-end fences nationwide. Request a quote today. Book a free consultation now.


Some Fun Facts About Vinyl Privacy Fence

vinyl privacy fence panels

Once you have decided that it’s time to replace your old fence, the next step is to decide the type of fence and style you want to install. Now, that’s a big decision, to be honest. You need to consider quite a few factors like the longevity of different fences, the type of fence that would suit your style and property, which fence would mean low maintenance, whether you should go for a wooden fence or a vinyl privacy fence, etc. 

Speaking about fencing, one cannot simply ignore the advantages that Duramax’s vinyl fences have to offer. Besides being highly durable, our fences are sturdy and flexible. These are some factors that make our vinyl fences the talk of the town. Not just that, they are low maintenance and environmentally-friendly as well. 

Here, we will briefly examine the most important fun facts you need to know about our vinyl fences. 

Vinyl fences are low maintenance fences:

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence is impermeable to moisture, does not peel or chip, and is pest-free. The fences are non-porous and can be cleaned easily. If your vinyl fence has got dirty, spraying it down with a hose is enough. 

And if you find any staining from mold, algae, or mildew, start spraying the fence as that would wipe out most of the stains, and then you can scrub it off with the help of dish soap and water. Normally, one more rinse would be enough for the stain to come out. 

Vinyl fences are pet-friendly:

Many homeowners invest in a vinyl privacy fence to keep their pets secure and within the boundaries of their property. Our fences do not require regular staining or painting. Some dogs tend to chew the fences. Our vinyl fences do not contain any harmful material. So, you can rest assured that your dog won’t be chewing anything harmful. Our vinyl fences also have a smooth finish, so there is no risk of getting any splinters if they rub their body on it. 

Vinyl fences are fire safe:

Vinyl’s flashpoint is 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Our fences are designed to be self-extinguishing and would not ignite easily. Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence might be the way to go if you enjoy fireworks, barbeques, or evening fires. If our fences have to catch fire, the vinyl will melt instead of embers and flames popping around and causing further havoc. 

Vinyl fences are available in different sizes:

Unlike wooden fences, Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. Thus, as a homeowner, you have plenty of choices on hand. Semi-privacy and privacy styles are the most popular ones out there.

DIY installation:

Setting up a privacy fence right for the first time can be a task. This is why we have crafted our fences to be DIY-friendly, and we also ensure that you are geared with the support that is paramount to get the job done effectively. 

Vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood fences:

You might be on the hunt for a fence that is strong and resistant to the elements and breakage alike. And if you have a small pet in your home, you would require a fence that cannot be easily impaired. Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence might be a good option if you are looking for a strong fence. Its tensile strength is about five times stronger than wood. Do you need clarification about what tensile strength is? It’s the resistivity of material to breakage, which means Duramax’s high-tensile fences are better than wood for innumerable reasons.

Besides being strong, our fences are designed to be flexible, which is an added advantage. Yes, no fencing material can indeed be completely damage-resistant during a natural disaster. However, Duramax’s vinyl privacy fence is designed to be flexible, making it resistant to wind damage. So our vinyl fences will flex a bit instead of undergoing breakage. 

Vinyl fences are recyclable:

If you care about the environment, it’s obvious that you would want to shift towards purchasing a metal fence or a natural wood fence. But as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t overlook vinyl fences owing to their environmental concerns. Our vinyl fences are 100% recyclable. When taken to a recycling plant, vinyl fences can be recycled in two ways. They can be either mechanically designed, which means they can be broken down into small pieces and melted, after which they can be used to form any other fence material, or they can also be broken down into their chemical components, which mainly consists of carbon and chlorine. These chemicals can then be reutilized in different ways.

Vinyl fences are available in various colors and shapes:

Have you seen a vinyl fence, and the appearance did not appeal to you much? Or, you might have thought that this type of fence might not fit the bill. Well, fret not. You can let your imagination fly with a wide plethora of vinyl privacy fence colors and designs, available only at Duramax. The most popular vinyl fences among homeowners are the vinyl picket fences. Other designs, like lattice fences, privacy fences, and fences, imitate the appearance of other materials like brick, natural wood, or stone. These fences can be tall or short as per your specific requirements. 

Not just that, when you purchase a fence from us, you can choose one that caters to your needs and preferences in the best way possible. 

Vinyl privacy fences from Duramax are customized and the color options you get are virtually endless. You can choose a design that includes two or more colors or something that imitates the appearance of other materials like wood. 

Final Take:

So, if you have decided to install a new fence around your residential area, pay attention to vinyl fences and ditch the misconceptions about the design options or the material. We offer various vinyl privacy fence designs and color options to cater to every taste, and you can get one that meets your needs and preferences in the best way possible. Happy fencing! 


Do You Live in a Coastal Climate? Here’s Why Duramax Vinyl Fences Might Prove To Be a Boon for You

Duramax’s Vinyl Fences

Do you know the biggest threat that backyard fences face in coastal areas? Well, it is the coastal climate. There are many homeowners out there who are confronted with the same problem. Duramax, a leading vinyl fencing supplier, offer premium-grade vinyl fences to help overcome this roadblock. 

You would be happy to know that the erosion that the coastal climate causes to steel, wood, and cast-iron fences can never affect our state-of-the-art vinyl fences. 

Here, we will discuss the three major elements that hinder the longevity of fences in coastal climates and why you should consider installing Duramax’s vinyl fences. 


The beauty of the ocean brings a dynamic of its own, but poor fencing can spoil the view. Saltwater or brine, whatever you call it, is transported on the breeze, after which they are spattered on the shore. You can hardly avoid this natural phenomenon by installing fences in the surrounding area. 

Wooden fences soak up the salt water, and that causes rotting, swelling, and decomposition. As a result, you will often witness these fences collapsing and mosses and other vegetation start growing on them. 

Brine causes the rusting of metal fences, and eventually they fall apart. 

Duramax, a reputed vinyl fencing supplier, decided to overcome this roadblock and came up with something that was revolutionary in the fencing industry. Our vinyl fences won’t rust, splinter, decompose, peel, or crack. Our vinyl fences are sturdy and can maintain their clean and beautiful look for years. 


 Like brine, rain can also cause many problems. Wooden fences call for additional protection every six months to stand up to the persistent bombardment of falling rain. Wooden fences will gradually give in to the rain, and you will see them warping, swelling, decaying, and cracking. This might take some years, but you will be surprised to learn that the process begins right from day 1 when you install the wooden fences.

Cast iron and steel also react similarly as they react to brine. As a result, they rust and call for exorbitant maintenance to remain functional and exquisite. 

Duramax’s vinyl fences are designed to combat heavy rainfall without rusting, corrosion, peeling, or cracking. There is no need for any treatment with vinyl fences to safeguard it from adverse weather conditions. So, with our fences, you get a maintenance-free beauty that would long outlast your wooden or old metal fence. 


The secret ingredient that damages metal and wooden fences when added to brine or rain is heat. Brine-soaked wood is responsible for warping, swelling, and ultimately cracking. These things weaken the wooden fences, which ultimately destroys them. 

On the flip side, during the summer months, steel and wrought iron fences are too hot to touch. And again, the chances of erosion and corrosion increase in gargantuan proportions when brine or rain combines with heat. The evaporation catalyzes the oxidation process, making the entire wearing out of your fences occur much faster. 

Duramax, a reputed vinyl fencing supplier, manufactures fences with a special formula that makes them much stronger than vinyl or regular PVC. Our fences of 12 parts of titanium dioxide along with other inhibitors. This ascertains that our fences will also combat the heat and prevent peeling, yellowing, and cracking. You will be astonished to know that our fences are designed to combat the scorching heat of the Arizona summer in direct sunlight without becoming too hot to touch. 

We promise that if you install our vinyl fences in your yard, you need not worry about coastal rain, heat, or brine a second time. 

So, you just witnessed the three major elements that hinder the longevity of fences in coastal climates and how Duramax’s vinyl fences emerge as the unmatched warrior combating all these elements. But that’s not the end. Our specially designed vinyl fences bring other advantages to the table as well. Let’s take a look at them. 

The good ones 

The different types of fence materials available on the market are not the same. While some offer added privacy and security, others offer a monarchical look and an extraordinary curb appeal. 

Duramax, a reputed vinyl fencing supplier, designs vinyl fences that come with several benefits. 


Our vinyl fences don’t warp and are scratch-resistant. They do not call for staining or painting while also being easy to clean. 

Vinyl is a non-porous material. So grime and dirt won’t embed in them. Speaking about cleaning our vinyl fences, they need little to no scrubbing. A garden hose would be enough to clean most of the dirt away. 

Design options 

We offer vinyl fences in various sizes and shapes. We have vinyl fences that resemble wood. You can also construct a strong privacy fence. Also, you can buy  fencing that resembles iron fences. 

You also have the option of customized designs. Personal touches and flairs like post caps and lattice are quite effortless. You also get a wide variety of color options for vinyl fences.  

No degradation

Wood fences will rot and splinter over time. A metal fence will chip and rust. Our vinyl fences are designed to tolerate time and weather. They won’t degrade like wooden or metal fences. That means even with minimal care, our fences will look great. 

Final Take

So, you see, vinyl fences are the unsung heroes of the entire fencing industry. If you are looking for a reputed vinyl fence supplierDuramax is a good option. They are a true juggernaut in the vinyl fencing ecosystem and offer a variety of fence styles and designs so that you can choose one that meets your needs and preferences in the best way possible. So, get in touch with us today, bring home vinyl fences, and take security to the absolute next level.  

Here’s Why Constructing a Fence Around Your Pool Is Paramount

pool fence

Have a pool at home? If so, of course safety should be the priority with little kids and pets around the place. As a parent, you have always aspired to do your best to make your home a safer and better place to live in. And a critical part of that safety plan is a pool fence. You can easily source these fences from Duramax, a reputed vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer in the US. 

Whether you are preparing to install a new pool or relocating to a home with a pre-installed pool, getting Duramax’spool fence is paramount. We offer various designs and styles to cater to every taste. 

Here we will be looking at why you should install a pool fence around your property and how doing so can take privacy to the next level. 

The law makes installing vinyl fences essential:

The laws governing private inground pools differ from state to state. Some cities even have their own set of rules. So, before you get started, you must acquaint yourself with the local government’s regulations. 

Common in-ground pool regulations:

Private dormitory pools have specific barrier specifications that the government may choose to adopt and execute. The IRC rules that come under these regulations include:

Fences must be at least 4 feet high above the pool sides. 

Gaps in the fence cannot be more than 4 inches. 

The fence bottom can be 2 inches off the ground. 

The gates should feature self-latching or locking. 

There are even more specifications that you need to adhere to. However, if you are considering whether you should purchase a pool fence from a vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer or not, you should focus on the four things mentioned above. 

And even if you find no specific laws regarding a barrier, you should also consider installing our pool fences around your property. Install our fences and ensure better privacy for yourself and your family members. 

Gain better privacy: 

Installing a vinyl fence is a great way to boost privacy near your pool. Besides ensuring privacy, you will also feel safe once you know that you are keeping away unwanted strangers. These unwanted strangers may cause damage to your pool, and you might have to burn a hole in your pocket to repair it. A vinyl fence can also keep animals and pets from strolling into your pool area without you knowing about it. Some of the many benefits Duramax’s pool fences bring to the table are enhancing privacy and preventing damage. There are other safety implications, too, that make installing a vinyl pool fence an enticing proposition. 

Cost-effective Duramax pool fences: 

An average-sized inground swimming pool will cost you around $35,000 minimally. This cost does not consider add-ons like a free-standing pergola or pool deck chairs. However, by choosing Duramax Fences, you can cut down on 29% of the costs as you save thousands on fencing and labor. Moreover, our fences are available at factory-direct rates and are economical.

Secure the backyard:

 It is no secret that private pools are incredibly relaxing and a place to have fun. However, the matter of the fact is that they can be downright dangerous. As a swimming pool owner, you are expected to go that extra mile to ensure the safety of those who might come to have the time of their life in your private pool. You will be dumbfounded to learn that, as per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), children aged between 1 to 4 die from drowning more than any other disease. Drowning injuries can result in brain damage and even long-term disability. Inability to swim, missing or ineffective fencing, and lack of supervision are the main causes of such fatal accidents.

You can play your part in reducing these accidents by procuring a vinyl fence pool fence fromDuramax, a leading vinyl fence wholesale manufacturer in the US. It is also advisable to install a vinyl fence gate, thereby ensuring that the kids cannot break in.

Say goodbye to liability and risk

Are you aware of the fact that you can still face trouble with the law if someone accidentally hurts themselves in your pool, even if they happen to be intruders? Protect yourself from these types of charges by installing Duramax’s vinyl pool fence today. Our fences come at factory-direct rates within 2 weeks. Request a quote now.


10 Misconceptions About Vinyl Fencing Believed As True by Californians

Vinyl Fencing

If you live in California, a fence is a great addition to your space for elevating the look of your home and offering adequate privacy from passersby and neighbors. Of course, choosing custom vinyl fencing is ideal, but many homeowners are hesitant when it comes to vinyl fencing. That’s why Duramax is here to dispel the common misconceptions about vinyl fences and enlighten you on why vinyl fencing is perfect for your yard.

Myth #1 – Vinyl fences are not as strong as a wooden fence

To give you a reality check, the vinyl fence is five times stronger than wood. Vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl are much stronger and more durable than wood. A vinyl fence is impact resistant and does not break, warp, or crack when subjected to weather extremes. Moreover, while a wooden fence is prone to rotting and decaying, the vinyl fence is moisture-resistant and does not rot, decay or fall apart. 

Myth #2 – Vinyl fences can’t be repaired 

While vinyl fences are robust, they do suffer from damage by regular wear and tear. However, the vinyl fences are easily repaired and repainted, and there is no need to redo the entire fencing line. Fortunately, Duramax Fences do not require repairs or repainting for years. Made with thicker vinyl sheets, our fences last for 30 years without requiring professional upkeep and maintenance.

Myth #3 – Vinyl fences are extremely expensive 

Vinyl fences are a one-time investment, as you do not need to get them repaired often. Moreover, durable vinyl fences last for years, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Duramax Vinyl Fence installation is easy, affordable, and fast. You can save thousands of dollars on fencing and labor by choosing Duramax Vinyl Fence. Cut back on 29% of your savings by installing Duramax Fences rather than other alternatives. 

Myth #4 – Vinyl Fences are not as aesthetically pleasing as wood

Your vinyl fence can look and feel like real wood yet have the durability and sturdiness of a vinyl fence. This is possible with DuraGrain vinyl fences. The wood-grained fence has the cellular configuration of vinyl but looks and feels like real wood. The DuraGrain fence is aesthetically pleasing and can be customized in different styles, shapes, and designs. Duramax Fences offers DuraGrain fencing with a limited lifetime warranty. The good news is that this Duramax wood-grained fence will not rot or attract termites like a wooden fence and is available in white, tan, and adobe colors. Durable and low-maintenance DuraGrain fences will complement every home in California. 

Myth #5 – Vinyl fences will discolor or fade over time 

Many vinyl fences do turn yellow, but not Duramax Fences. Ordinary vinyl fences can turn yellow, but when you get 100% virgin vinyl manufactured with DuraResin vinyl formulation, the fences won’t fade or get discolored or turn yellowish. Duramax Vinyl Fences are resistant to UV rays and are 100% weatherproof. These fences can withstand the southwest sun and won’t warp in heat or break from high impacts or blows. 

Myth #6 – Vinyl fences can’t stand up to weather extremes

California experiences tropical weather conditions from hurricanes and storms off the pacific coast. Synonymous with the beach culture, major cities like San Francisco, L.A., and San Diego have hot but pleasant summers. However, the climate becomes continental as you go further inland to national parks and mountains. Higher elevation means you experience cooler winters. Installing a wooden fence or a metal one isn’t worth the money as they would require heavy maintenance post installation. Vinyl fences are ideal as they can withstand weather extremes without rotting, rusting, warping, breaking, or sagging. 

Myth #7 – All vinyl fences look alike

When someone talks about a vinyl fence, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘white picket fence.’ However, vinyl fences are customized and are now available in various designs, styles, and colors. When you order custom vinyl fencing from Duramax, you can expect high-quality fences molded to mimic other fence styles like stone and wood. White might be a dominant color, but you can have your fence line designed to complement your property by choosing to get custom-made fences from Duramax.

Myth #8 – Vinyl fences look plastic and cheap

Made from plastic, this is another common misconception about vinyl fences. Not all fences are created equal, and Duramax Fences are better than other ordinary vinyl fencing available in the market. Our fences are made from the highest-quality vinyl, and thicker sheets are used to ensure strength, durability, and aesthetics. The customized fences look great for years to come and do not need repainting to look great. With more than 25 years of expertise and experience, Duramax Fences are known to provide high-quality fences that increase the curb appeal of the property. 

Myth #9 – Vinyl fences are not durable

The biggest misconception of all is about the durability of vinyl fences. Vinyl fences can last for a long time, depending on your area’s temperature levels and climatic conditions. Moreover, Duramax’s custom vinyl fencing has a lot of give in case of a mishap and would not easily break, all thanks to its incredibly flexible nature. Our fences are sturdier than wood fences, and if you want added durability, you can choose one pre-treated with UV protectants. 

Myth #10 – Vinyl fences are harmful to the environment

There is a common misapprehension that vinyl fences are detrimental to the environment. However, the real truth is that  vinyl fences are great for the environment. Duramax Fences are made from recycled materials, and you can clean them with just a hose. Not just that, our fences do not call for regular staining or painting and do not need to be replaced for years. So, if you care about the environment and wildlife, our vinyl fencing options may be the right way.

Final Take:

Installing vinyl fences around your property can give your property a new dimension. Duramax Fences is a good option if you are looking for custom vinyl fencing options for your property. Get in touch with us, explore our vinyl fence options, and select one that suits you best.

What Makes Vinyl Fences Rule As Supremo?

traditional vinyl fencing

When discussing a fence, the traditional choice is metal or wooden. However, the fencing industry has revolutionized, and vinyl fences are an excellent alternative to wood and metal. The vinyl fence offers more durability and is easier to maintain, making them a cost-effective choice for the long run. The privacy vinyl fence is a great investment for security and privacy, and don’t forget that it increases curb appeal. We don’t blame you if you are wary of vinyl fencing, as it’s a contemporary choice, but it’s here to stay. Many homeowners and businesses are happy to have vinyl fences for the immense benefits that come with it. If you already know a lot about vinyl fences, we give you a deeper insight into the amazing benefits of installing a vinyl fence. 

Virtually zero maintenance 

Most fences require heavy-duty maintenance. The traditional metal and wooden fences must be regularly inspected to ensure optimal maintenance. The wooden and metal fence maintenance is labor intensive, and all these costs add up. Even the high-quality wooden and metal fences treated for longevity are vulnerable to weather extremes and start dilapidating over time. These traditional fences might appear cheaper than vinyl, but you must also consider the ongoing budget expenses. 

This is one of the reasons why a privacy vinyl fence is preferable. Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. You don’t need to stress over maintaining the vinyl fence after installation. Many vinyl fences come with lifetime warranties, and Duramax definitely offers a transferable warranty on all fence products. Made with 100% virgin vinyl, the smooth surface will not scratch easily, and the fence doesn’t need any painting or sealing to retain its sheen and luster. By installing a vinyl fence instead of wood, you don’t need to worry about splinters or the fences rotting before time. The sturdy vinyl fences don’t need repainting as the paints do not peel over time. Being non-porous, the vinyl fences don’t get dirty easily, and you can clean them by spraying them with a hose. Occasionally, mold, algae, or mildew might develop on a vinyl fence, but it can be easily cleaned with a scrub and soapy water.


Vinyl fences are unbeatable if you want beauty that lasts for years. You can now get your privacy vinyl fence in a wooden look. Duramax Fences can be designed in different colors, sizes, and shapes. DuraGrain is a great alternative to a wooden fence as it looks like real wood but has all the qualities of vinyl. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fence with a cell configuration of vinyl. The DuraGrain vinyl fences do not rot, attract termites, and can sustain weather extremes with minimal upkeep. These fences are washable and can stand the test of time. Unlike a wooden fence, the DuraGrain vinyl fence doesn’t have external brackets, unsightly screws, or visible hardware. At Duramax, you can get different styles and configurations like pickets, lattices, solid panels, horizontal rails, and many more. Every option has a different color and height. Remember, a great fencing style can accentuate the property’s exterior appearance. 

Durability and strength 

A good fence should last for a lifetime. Wooden and metal fences are durable, but the heavy-duty maintenance is a huge financial stress. Rather, choose vinyl fencing. Duramax vinyl fences are durable and weather-resistant. Made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, the high-quality fences are UV-resistant and will not warp in heat or crack in cold weather. Duramax Fences have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability, which makes them an ideal choice for places facing weather extremes. All Duramax Fences meet and exceed ASTM F964 standards and have thicker walls for enhanced durability and strength. The fences have a strong routing and interlocking system and are engineered for maximum durability. Duramax Fences are specifically designed to withstand the hot southwest sun. UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of titanium dioxide are used to manufacture the fences. Our fences do not warp, break, crack, or get discolored at all. Duramax Fences do not sag, fade or turn yellow. The impact-resistant fences can last for years without any maintenance hassles. 

A well-manufactured vinyl fence can last for 30 years straight without any heavy-duty repairs or repainting. Get them now from Duramax shipped within 2 weeks at affordable factory-direct rates.

Ease of installation 

Vinyl fence installation is more of a DIY job. You don’t need to hire professionals to install a privacy vinyl fence. Talk to the manufacturers for a customized fence, and we will ensure the fence kits reach your location within 2 weeks. After that, you can get the local handyman or the gardener to help install the Duramax Fence. It takes only four days for two people to install the fence. While other fencing manufacturers ask for contractor fees and taxes, for Duramax Fences, you need not pay any of those – which means you save 29% on labor and materials compared to other alternatives. 

To learn more about Duramax Fences, request a free consultation today! 


All You Need To Know About Vinyl Fences and Gates

vinyl privacy fence panels

A fence with a gate system is ideal, especially if your neighborhood isn’t very safe and there are security issues. Again, a fence with a gate works well when you desire privacy for your family and pets. People have relied on wooden fences and gates for years as they are affordable and look great. Wood is the first material preference for fencing projects, but they have grave drawbacks. Firstly, wood is a material that won’t last long enough as it can’t handle weather extremes. A wooden fence and gate need heavy-duty maintenance, otherwise they would start decaying, and there is no recourse other than replacing the entire fence line along with the gate. This fencing gets very expensive as you must replace the entire thing within two to three years. The best alternative is to use a vinyl fence gate instead of wood or other material. If you are thinking about metal gates and fences, then again, be prepared for them to rust and the paint chipping off. Vinyl fence gates are an excellent choice for numerous reasons.

Vinyl fence gates are better than metal or wood, and here are a few reasons why vinyl material is more coveted for fence gates.


A vinyl fence gate is a one-time investment. Although wooden materials are more affordable, the heavy-duty maintenance and lack of durability make them a costly choice in the long run. Vinyl gates do not rot, rust, warp, or crack. You can expect a vinyl gate to last 30 years or longer with minimal maintenance. Made with thicker vinyl sheets, these high-quality gates are exceptionally strong and do not need frequent repairs or replacement. Moreover, vinyl gates made from 100% virgin PVC material are recyclable, which makes them a more cost-effective choice than any other alternative. Duramax manufactures these high-end products keeping in mind longevity, which makes them an affordable choice compared to other ordinary vinyl fences and gates.

DuraGrain vinyl fence – Replicating wood

If you are fond of the aesthetics of a wooden fence, then the DuraGrain vinyl fence gate can do the trick. The DuraGrain vinyl gate is a wood-grained material that looks exactly like real wood but has all the characteristics of vinyl. This means you get the style and allure of a wooden gate, but this gate will not rot, decay, attract termites, or lose its luster due to weather extremes. The strength and resilience of the DuraGrain vinyl gate comes from its cellular configuration – 100% virgin vinyl. As a result, this gate is weatherproof, waterproof, easy to maintain, and can be installed within a few minutes. DuraGrain vinyl fence gates are selling like hotcakes as Americans love the low maintenance feature coupled with the wooden aesthetics.


A perfect fence gate should blend with the property’s design and provide a layer of security. A fence offers good security; but the gate adds more privacy and protects the entire family. Completing the fence with a gate is a great idea, and when you choose vinyl gates, you can decide on various designs and colors to make your property look more beautiful. The versatility of vinyl makes them a huge favorite among residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. You can now book an appointment with Duramax experts to discuss the variety of designs and styles available. In addition, the gates come in all sizes and can be painted to match the color that will complement your property.

Ease of installation

Installing a vinyl fence gate is like a snap. For installation, you need a string line, gravel, post hole digger, fence system, and spray paint.

Determine the property line and the legal code, then mark the exact location. You need to keep at least an 8′ gap between the posts.
After this, you can temporarily use the hole digger to set the posts. You can also add a few inches of gravel right at the bottom holes to ensure good drainage.
Then, get a string line to run from the top edges to the corner posts. You need to ensure the string line is leveled and only after that the remaining line posts can be installed at the same height.
Next, assemble the fence panels as per DIY instructions from the DIY guide that comes with the Duramax Fence kit. Make perfect post holes with similar widths at the bottom and top of the hole, then permanently set the posts. Lastly, apply PVC cement on the insides of the post caps to install the top posts.

The bottom of the gate should be aligned with the fence line. In the end, you need to mount the hinge to the gate and mount the gate to the post – then, finally, attach the latch. You can even attach accessories by applying vinyl adhesives at the top of the posts and holding the attachments for ten seconds.

Security Tips

If you want enhanced security, then here are a few things worth considering:

  • Install an alarm near the vinyl fence gate
  • Elevated cameras near the fence are a good idea
  • Install lights on and around the fence gate
  • Lay a log or cement at the entrance of the gate so no one can burrow anything underneath
  • The fence gate should be of the same height or taller than the fence line
  • For added privacy, install the fence panels tightly next to one another

Final Words

To learn more, you can request a free consultation today. Our fence gates come customized within two weeks at factory-direct rates. Get a no-obligation quote today!

Planning To Buy a 3 Rail Ranch Fence? Read This First

3 rail ranch fence

Fences play a decisive role in confining and safeguarding crops and animals. But, here arises the question, which type of fence is best for a ranch? Well, before you decide what type of fence you should go for and whether to buy a 3-rail ranch fence or a 2-rail ranch fence, let’s take a look at some of the features that make them exceptional for ranches. 

First up, a ranch fence should be economical and robust to secure a large area. Also, the style of the fence you choose, be it a 3-rail ranch fence or a 2-rail ranch fence, can significantly improve the look of a ranch. Unfortunately, with so many options, choosing the right fence for your property becomes difficult. Here, this article will look at the different types of fences based on color, material, design, and use and the numerous advantages they bring to the table, which will help you make an informed decision.

The Different Types of Rail Ranch Fences

Wood Ranch Fence: When it comes to ranchers, wood ranch fences are quite popular, yet there are several drawbacks that are often overlooked. Many top-notch wooden fences are affordable but aren’t robust and don’t last long. As far ranch fencing is concerned, cedar is a great option, but again they are high maintenance and not worth it for the long haul. The primary use of a rail ranch fence is for agriculture and decorative fencing. Cedar might look  aesthetically pleasing, but the only catch is that these fences are high maintenance and pricey in the long run.

Metal Fence: Metal Fencing is an immensely popular option among ranchers. Their strength, resilience, and weather resistance make these fences beneficial on a ranch. Chain link fences, owing to the installation and cost benefits they bring to the table, are an excellent choice for ranches. However, the metal fences start rusting within a few months and require heavy-duty maintenance, making the fence a huge financial burden on the ranchers.

Vinyl Rail Ranch Fence: If you want an economical fence solution, vinyl rail ranches fences might be the right way. These fences are made from a low-maintenance, plastic-based material known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The good thing about these fences is that these fences would never crack or splinter. Also, unlike wooden fences, these won’t rot. Vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl are UV-resistant and do not warp, fade, or rust. High-quality vinyl fences can last for 30 years and are easily maintained with a garden hose. In addition, vinyl fences seldom stain or get discolored and retain their white sheen for years without requiring repainting, unlike other fencing alternatives.

Final Take:

Several factors go into choosing the perfect ranch fencing. We suggest that you choose vinyl fencing over other alternatives. Duramax Vinyl Fences are manufactured with the DuraResin vinyl formulation to ensure the fences stand strong and can withstand the harsh UV rays of the southwest sun. Made with thicker vinyl sheets, the high-quality Duramax Fences do not crack in cold temperatures and don’t warp in excess heat. Duramax offers all kinds of residential and commercial rail ranch fences, and that too, at highly competitive rates. Additionally, the Duramax Fences are easy to install as it takes only 4 days to install the fence line with the help of 2 people. The factory-manufactured fences are shipped within 2 weeks to your location and are better than others as they have the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability. In fact, by installing Duramax Fences, you save 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives in the market. To learn more, you can request a free consultation session. Get a no-obligation quote today.


Choosing the Right Fence for Your Commercial Property

vinyl fence

Fencing is a decisive factor for any property. A good fence can protect your commercial property from trespassers and stray animals. It’s a pragmatic approach to ensuring the optimal safety of your employees. However, choosing the right fence is a challenging decision. There are countless fencing alternatives in the market, but you need to know what suits your current business estate requirements. Durability and functionality are the two key elements that you shouldn’t ignore while installing a fence. Budget and location are the other two parameters that need to be taken into consideration for choosing a fence. Although there are numerous fencing options in the market, a vinyl privacy fence is among the most durable and sustainable choices.

Types of commercial fencing

Wrought iron fences – A highly stable and durable choice, these fences are ideal for any business. The heavy-duty metal material is sturdy and durable and can boost the aesthetic appeal of the estate. In addition, the fences are low maintenance and highly suitable for your business. The only problem is that these fences start to rust and need heavy-duty maintenance. Moreover, you need to consider purchasing high-quality wrought iron fences from established manufacturers as the low-grade materials might be prone to damage from the slightest weather extremes or other elements.

Chain-link fences – This cost-effective fencing is an excellent choice for business start-ups who wish to save money on fencing. The chain-link fence resolves security concerns and is tough enough to withstand weather extremes. The chain-link fences are easier to scale than ordinary aluminum ones, and for optimal performance, you can install slats to reduce the impact of wind, dust, and noise. Slats can also give commercial property much-needed privacy. Adding bottom rails and increasing the height of the fence can beef up security.

Moreover, you can incorporate a razor wire and peen all bolts to ensure greater protection from the fence line. The only problem with chain-link fences is that they do not offer enough privacy. You might have to install slats to keep the spectators at bay, but again by doing so – the installation costs will soar up.

Wooden fences – The wooden fence is versatile and visually appealing. The wooden fences come in many layout options and are a natural choice for many businesses. The wooden fences offer great protection by keeping noise and dust out of the commercial estate. The main drawbacks of wooden fencing are that they are susceptible to collapsing and can’t survive weather extremes. After a few months, the wooden fences start to rot and degrade, needing extensive repairs and maintenance. The high-maintenance wooden fence is again a major factor which is the reason why commercial properties prefer installing vinyl.

Vinyl fences – If privacy is your top priority, then consider installing a vinyl privacy fence manufactured by Duramax. Our standard vinyl fences offer exceptional security to your commercial space with 6 to 8-inch panels and zero spacing between the boards. This fencing is highly durable and lasts for 30 years with minimal maintenance. The vinyl fence panels are corrosion-free, don’t rot, and are unaffected by moisture. In addition, Duramax Vinyl Fences are UV-resistant and can withstand weather extremes without warping, cracking, or breaking. Due to their exceptional durability and excellent performance, vinyl fences are preferred over all other alternative fencing options. While some may consider vinyl fences an expensive choice, it’s a one-time investment. High-quality vinyl fences last for years and are virtually maintenance-free.

Factors to consider before purchasing a commercial fence

Aesthetics – Do you want to upgrade your property’s security game and maintain optimal aesthetics? Then, a vinyl fence should be the right choice. Vinyl fences are highly versatile and can get customized in various styles, designs, and sizes. However, if you want to go a step further, then choose the DuraGrain fence material. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained material that looks like wood but acts like vinyl. The DuraGrain fence doesn’t rot or rust and is 100% weather-resistant. The DuraGrain vinyl fence looks like real wood but won’t rot or attract termites. Easy to clean and quick to install, DuraGrain fencing is the perfect alternative to a traditional wooden fence.

Privacy matters most – The vinyl privacy fence can keep your business hidden from prying eyes. The fences add a layer of privacy and security to your space. Duramax Fences have varied fencing designs that can ensure you 100% privacy without ruining the aesthetics of your property. Book a free consultation with the Duramax professionals for a custom-made vinyl privacy fence.

Building Codes – The building codes dictate the type of fencing to install on the commercial estate. While wrought iron and tubular steel are common, vinyl fences are catching up as businesses seek a durable, low-maintenance choice that’s easier to install and offer cost-effective maintenance. Moreover, only vinyl fences can offer 100% privacy and last for years with minimal maintenance requirements.

Final Words

Duramax Vinyl Fences have a limited lifetime warranty and deliver in approximately 2 weeks direct from the factory.

Request a quote now. Book a free consultation session at the earliest.


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