Choose Duramax Vinyl Fences to Add Sophistication to Your Property

A fence serves as a deterrent to both people and animals; it can also restrict access or regulate movement to a building or region. A fence that has been installed around a property looks incredible, exquisite, and very lovely. However, a fence also increases the property’s security, making it a crucial component.

Since everyone is concerned with investment and its value, quality is the major issue. High-quality fences from Duramax are composed of 100 percent virgin vinyl; they are waterproof, resistant to mold and bacteria, and a long-lasting solution. Let us know if you really think your property needs fencing, but your budget is limited. We are here to provide specialized solutions while taking into account your needs and price range. In terms of quality, cost, and durability, vinyl distinguishes itself from the competition.

Installation of a vinyl fence is simple and doesn’t call for any special tools or materials. The fences require little maintenance once erected; they do not require routine cleaning or repair. As a result, you can actually save time and money on cleaning.

Buy vinyl fencing from Duramax because they have outstanding resistance; they are coated in a special DuraResin formulation that can endure the rigors of the southern sun. The UV stability and weather resistance of the fences are increased by the producers using 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors. As a result, the fences can survive all types of extreme weather, including cold, heat, light, and storms. The greatest vinyl fence in the US is what we offer.

Duramax Vinyl Fences include a strong routing system and a reliable locking mechanism. They are constructed from thicker vinyl sheets. We focus on high-quality, and our team of professionals provides quality solutions and checks the quality.

The fences are ASTM F964 approved, which is exceptionally high compared to the fencing industry. In addition, the fences are tested for toughness at 105-mph wind speed.

Duramax Fences are environmentally- friendly, completely recyclable, and with a lifetime limited warranty. Vinyl fences are not painted, chemically treated, or covered in harmful materials for termite and insect resistance. In addition, we now have a better website that is easier to use and makes it simpler to order fences online. Do you already have a vinyl fence installed in mind? For the installation of a vinyl fence, use a nearby contractor.

Many types of fences are available, but the increase in vinyl fencing is unavoidable.

The best vinyl fencing items available can be found at Duramax, which has been producing vinyl fences in the US for decades. For individuals who want the classic appearance of wood but the durability of vinyl, it also provides its brand of DuraResin vinyl products (unique to Duramax).

Why choose vinyl fencing? Consider vinyl fencing for a variety of reasons:

  • Its exceptional durability is perfect for people searching for vinyl fencing that can endure strong sunlight. Additionally, UV inhibitors are included in our goods for this purpose.
  • It is amazing for families and businesses wishing to save time and money because it requires little maintenance.
  • Additionally, vinyl fences provide a modern look that some people find attractive. Additionally, it comes in a variety of designs and colors.
  • Compared to iron or aluminum fences, vinyl frequently provides more seclusion.
  • Compared to other solutions, it is simpler to install.

Vinyl fences with a limited lifetime warranty

Installing Duramax Fencing is simple and affordable. Strong routing and safe locking systems are features of our fences. As a result, there are no visible brackets or screws on the fences, making them perfect. Additionally, a quality check is performed on each of our fences before they are delivered to you to make sure they are in good condition.

This pandemic did cause significant damage; we recognize the necessity to conserve funds; whenever you’re ready, contact us for an online consultation. Our vinyl fences would last for practically a lifetime once constructed. Our website is simple to use, making online shopping more convenient. Obtain a short warranty for our goods. Online orders are now possible.

Invest your money on custom vinyl fencing

A decent fence may do more than increase home security. Buy a custom vinyl fence if you want a fence that will improve the look of your property. If your house is traditional, a perimeter fence might not fit in. A beautiful picket fence would be more elegant and add refinement to the old estate. Making your fence distinctive is a great way to quickly and easily improve the appeal of your entire home. By customizing the fence line, suppliers of Duramax Vinyl Fencing make sure you obtain sturdy and long-lasting fencing for your property.

Make your decision unique

Numerous types and kinds of vinyl fencing are available, but you must match the type with your property. For instance, premium vinyl fences are stylish and perfect for contemporary homes. On the other hand, the ancestral property would shine with Duragrain picket fences or a wall topper. Semi-private fencing strikes the perfect balance between privacy, security, and beauty, while privacy fences are wonderful for seclusion.

Fence with Duragrain

It’s impossible to overlook Duragrain fencing when discussing custom vinyl fencing. A variety of wood-grained fences that feel and look like wood have been created by Duramax Fences, a custom vinyl fence maker in the US. The only distinction is that the fences are made of incredibly robust, resilient vinyl and require little upkeep. Although they don’t appear like vinyl fences, the Duragrain fences have all the qualities of vinyl fences. Anyone can be struck by the majestic appeal of a Duragrain fence and be in awe of the environment’s attractiveness. However, if you prefer a wooden fence, spend your money on sturdy Duragrain fences that are relatively low maintenance and don’t decay, discolor, or attract termites. To keep the fence in good shape for years, rinse it with a garden hose.

Last words

Are you trying to buy vinyl fencing manufacturers? Choose Duramax Fences and schedule a consultation to go over your needs with us. All our Duramax Vinyl Fences come with a limited lifetime warranty if you order today. You may also read reviews and testimonies from numerous satisfied customers who adore our fences on the website. In addition, for a limited time, Duramax Fences is giving away free samples with every order.

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Benefits you Get from Investing in Duramax Vinyl Fences

Would you like to build a lovely, secure vinyl gate at your home without having to worry about maintenance? If so, spend money on a vinyl fence to maximize its benefits. A stylish vinyl driveway gate may give your property tight security. If you drive through a residential area, you will find many vinyl gates put outside of residences. Gates can be produced from a variety of materials, but vinyl is the most popular. With vinyl, trendy and fashionable gates can be created and added to any fence.

Duramax Vinyl Fence is renowned for its incredible strength and durability, and it can withstand wind gusts of up to 100 mph. The finished product is an unique fusion of good looks and practicality, with a competitive price based on superb results. In addition, it is available in a number of colors to mix in with the existing decor.

Installing a Duramax vinyl gate

The US is home to numerous firms that produce vinyl gates.

One of the well-known Duramax Vinyl Gate manufacturers in the US is Duramax. We create premium-quality gates with a few benefits. First, creating gates that improve the appearance and feel of your property is something we’ve been doing for more than 20 years. To combine the aesthetics and security of your residential home, our experts advise putting up both a sleek and fashionable front gate and a strong black gate. Each side of a vinyl fence gate has a single post, and a sturdy anchor is fastened to the ground to support the gate’s weight.

DuraResin composition provides resistance and durability

Vinyl is a good material for improving the outside of a house. Because Duramax Vinyl Fences are produced entirely of virgin vinyl, they are strong and long-lasting. Our high-end gates and fences are completely weatherproof and unaffected by other environmental factors. The strength of the southern sun does not harm the gates. High-end design gates are used in the DuraResin formulation. This special mixture increases resistance and strengthens the gates. To make gates, we mix UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide.

Waterproof vinyl gates from Duramax have passed a 105 mph wind test, proving they can withstand tremendous rainfall, stormy weather, snowfall, and ice storms. The vinyl gates do not warp or fracture in hot or cold climates. Our goods are quality-assured, and Duramax Gates are ASTM-certified.

Vinyl fences and gates with a long lifespan

One of the leading Duramax Gate manufacturers made of vinyl in the US is Duramax. You can have your gates and fences customized to your specifications. On Duramax items, you would receive a limited lifetime warranty. Duramax Gates are built of non-toxic, recyclable materials. Vinyl is a strong material, which contributes to the durability of our gates. Our gates and fences have an extremely long lifespan of about 20–25 years. The thick vinyl sheets used to make the vinyl gates provide increased longevity and exceptional strength. Our gates don’t need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

No decaying, fading, or rust

Vinyl gates are not susceptible to corrosion, decay, or termite infestation like metal and wooden gates. The 100% virgin vinyl used to make the vinyl gates is lead-free, fire-resistant, and highly recyclable. The vinyl fences and gates require little maintenance. They must be washed with a garden hose or a sponge to make them seem brand new. The rust-proof vinyl gates do not require regular care, although periodic cleaning is required to keep them looking nice. Various colors enhance the gate, and high-quality gates don’t fade, peel off, lose their color, or become yellowish over time.

Outstanding weather resistance

The tremendous heat from the southwest and northwest sun can be withstood by vinyl gates thanks to engineering. The DuraResin vinyl formulation, which contains over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and strong UV inhibitors for better weather resistance, is used to make the gates. The DuraResin formulation guarantees the highest rankings for UV stability, toughness, and weatherability for the gates. Duramax Vinyl Gates Manufacturers provide waterproof vinyl gates that have passed a 105 mph wind test, guaranteeing they can withstand torrential downpours, stormy weather, snowfall, and ice storms. In addition, the vinyl gates do not split or deform in extreme cold or high temperatures. Because they surpass the ASTM criteria for quality and excellence, Duramax’s Vinyl Gates are impact-resistant and of the highest quality.

Customize your gate

A variety of gates are both visually appealing and useful. But be sure the gates complement the design of your fence. For instance, if you have a picket fence but no parking space, you can spend money on a “single walk gate.” If your driveway has enough room, a swing gate will look fantastic. The sliding gate is a fantastic solution when you want security with a classic air of beauty. But wait before making your choice of gate and ordering it. Contact us to check and access the property to identify the best gate solution.

Why Duramax?

As the only vinyl gate manufacturer to offer a limited lifetime warranty and custom gates for the property, Duramax separates from the competition. The strong, non-toxic, chemical-resistant vinyl gates are pet-friendly and very long-lasting. Duramax Gates don’t need to be replaced or repaired and last for years. The thick vinyl sheets used to make the vinyl gates provide increased longevity and exceptional strength. The easy-to-maintain gates don’t discolor and don’t let dirt, debris, or residue build -up at the edges or corners. Duramax Gate manufacturers provide aesthetically beautiful and very functional gates, and they require no external hardware. Schedule a free consultation with our professionals.

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Six Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Fencing

Are you seeking a high-quality fence that won’t require much maintenance and can last for a long time? Then choose vinyl fencing from Duramax. Although vinyl fences can be customized and provide the aesthetics that boost curb appeal, wooden fences still have a traditional and attractive appearance. Fences made of vinyl combine durability with aesthetic appeal. Install low vinyl fences all around your home to improve its appearance and value. Additionally, these fences can be made to order in a variety of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose the best vinyl fence at an affordable price from a reputable backyard vinyl fencing manufacturer.

Choosing a fence for your home that fulfills your needs and enhances the beauty of your outside area is critical. Vinyl fencing is significantly stronger and more resilient than wooden or other types of fencing. They are considerably less prone to collapse and are five times stronger than wood fences. In addition, vinyl fencing is as strong and long-lasting as steel and aluminum fencing. 

Before buying the kit and constructing the fence line, you should understand a few things about vinyl fences.

Six reasons for investing in vinyl fencing


Duramax Vinyl Fences are handcrafted in the US from superior quality vinyl and are the most durable fences available. While metal fences rust quickly, wooden fences disintegrate within a year. The only fences that last for a long time and are in good shape are vinyl fences. It is not necessary to make any repairs or replacements unless the vinyl fence is deliberately destroyed. Vinyl fences are made of DuraResin, which makes them resistant to the elements and able to survive severe weather. The fences are good at withstanding the scorching heat of the southwest and northwest sun due to their UV protection. The high-quality vinyl fences can withstand extreme weather and are resistant to heat, fire, and rain. Extreme heat, cold waves, powerful winds, hailstorms, and lots of rain won’t harm the weather-resistant vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are strong, durable, and require no special installation techniques. The vinyl fences made in the US can be installed without the use of unsightly external brackets or screws. They provide a great routing system that interlocks the fence panels for increased durability and strength. One of the most amazing advantages is that the US-made vinyl fences are entirely waterproof and won’t decay in the event of heavy rain or contact with water. They won’t, fade, shatter, fracture, or delaminate because the vinyl fences are made entirely of virgin vinyl.

Minimal maintenance

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a resilient plastic with a long lifespan, is used to make vinyl fencing. Vinyl doesn’t break like a wooden fence’s slats might after some wear and tear. There are no ongoing maintenance expenses, which increases the overall affordability and long-term advantages. It is a one-time investment. Vinyl fencing from Duramax is low-maintenance. The fences are therefore reasonably priced for US property owners. Over twelve parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are present in Duramax Vinyl Fences. As a result, Duramax manufactures the most weatherproof and UV-stable vinyl fences.

Increases the value of your property

Installing a vinyl fence on your property should be viewed as an investment. You can create a stunning curb appeal that matches your taste and improves the appearance of your home and its surroundings by selecting from a wide range of styles and colors. Prospective buyers will be aware that vinyl fencing is one item they won’t have to worry about maintaining or replacing when it’s time to sell their house because it is made to last a lifetime. As a result, your home’s overall property value will increase. In addition, you can alter your fence to meet your privacy demands by choosing private or semi-private fencing options. Furthermore, you won’t ever need to bother about changing your lattice.

Don’t lose quality over time

Due to its weather resistance, the fence won’t rot, so you won’t have to worry. While vinyl fences last for many years, wood fences corrode and decay with time. Insects never infest vinyl fencing. Carpenter ants or bees won’t attempt to build a nest in your fence, so you won’t need to be concerned about them. Insect damage is not an issue with PVC fencing. Your property gains style and value as it keeps its tidy, polished appearance over time. A sturdy, high-quality fence increases curb appeal and your overall profit when you try to sell your house.

Lifelong guarantee

It’s true what you just read! When you purchase fencing from reputable backyard vinyl fence manufacturers like Duramax, they typically give a limited lifetime warranty. Vinyl fencing can last up to 25 years before they need to be replaced with very little upkeep. The average US household stays in one place for 15 to 30 years as families grow and circumstances change. Vinyl fences will endure for many years with little to no maintenance. A lifetime warranty is offered on all of our vinyl fences. Because of this material’s extreme flexibility and durability, the producers feel confident in providing you with a warranty of this length.

Massive variety

Vinyl fences are far easier to install and sturdy. A standard vinyl fence can be purchased from Duramax. Additionally, Duramax provides a variety of fences to meet your requirements and tastes. Vinyl, a lightweight, flexible, waterproof material, is used to make Duramax Fences. You can contact us at Duramax Fences if you’re seeking a vinyl fence.

Last words

You can knock on the door at Duramax Fences if you’re seeking a vinyl fence. We are among the most reputable and well-known backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the US.

So, before choosing your fencing material, take a look at this mini-guide. Do you still have some doubts or concerns about the fence? Then, contact us to speak with our fencing specialists, and don’t worry because we always want to assist you.

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A Traditional Vinyl Fence will be the Best Addition to Your Property

Fencing is a very important property accessory; it safeguards the property from outside threats and increases its appeal. A properly-installed vinyl fence can last a lifetime; it’s more than 5 times stronger than all other fencing materials. In addition, these vinyl fences do not absorb water, so there is no chance of developing blisters, peeling, or getting damaged. Installing a new fence is a smart way to give your property a facelift, and it would stand out. Modern fencing is the present-day requirement, while traditional fences have been here since the ’60s. Recently, fencing has undergone a lot of development; specifically, there have been many changes in style and material. Duramax is designing vinyl fences made from the highest quality vinyl sheets. Our fences are beautiful and offer perfect security. Buy traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax that is incredibly durable; once installed, it can last for 25-30 years. We are now one of the US’s most reliable vinyl fence manufacturers. We manufacture various fences, including privacy, picket, semi-private, rail ranch, pool fences, and more.

The fences can endure the Southwest sun

Duramax has understood the concerns; most people are worried about the fences affected by the Southwest sun. Our fences are exceptional, with 100% virgin and high-quality vinyl sheets. The fences remain unaffected by heat or sunlight as they stand strong in the blazing sun. The fences can withstand all kinds of weather because of the special DuraResin formulation. The fences receive adequate strength and durability thanks to this mixture. In addition, we provide the ideal combination of 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, which gives the fence the strength to withstand any weather and the sun’s UV rays. Duramax Vinyl Fences are used for beautification, but are you worried about the sunlight affecting the fences? Our vinyl fences are manufactured to withstand the Southwest sun. You can choose your fence according to your requirements; if you cannot choose, we are here to offer a consultation.

Quality and certified fences

Duramax is constantly concerned with quality; we provide certified fences, and each product is examined for quality before being put on the market. Our fences are the best in the fencing market and surpass the ASTM F964 certification. The barriers also resist outside weather, including heat, cold, fire, and impact. Do you fear that the strong wind may sweep the fences away? However, when tested in a strong wind with a velocity of over 105 mph, Duramax Fences perform as expected. They might bend under high wind pressure but never break or get uprooted. Our multicolored fences give your house more life, but you can’t ignore the opulent white fences. Duramax Fences is offering free samples with every purchase for a limited period. Buy traditional vinyl fencing from Duramax today and claim this offer.

No regular maintenance

While all other fencing materials demand maintenance, vinyl is exceptional. Vinyl fences are absolutely low maintenance and do not require regular cleaning. Because of their smooth surface and ease of cleaning, fences do not tend to collect dirt. Every two weeks, it’s a good idea to wash the fences with mild soap and water. Our vinyl fences take a few minutes to be cleaned, and you do not need to do that regularly. You can easily wipe or wash off the fences using a hose. Our fences offer immense beauty and superb performance. Once installed, our fences do not require repairs or replacement. Duramax Fences are made in the US in our factory, making them affordable. The fences would sparkle again after washing, removing any surface dirt. By installing vinyl fences, you can avoid paying high upkeep fees.

Hire an expert contractor for installation

Duramax Fences are non-toxic, kid-friendly, and no harmful elements like lead are present. Our vinyl fences are affordable and made in the Duramax Fences factory in the US, so there is no excess shipping cost involved. Installation is simple, provided you hire an expert contractor for the task. Only Duramax Fences can offer the best price of vinyl fences in the US and lucrative discounts.

Duramax never compromises quality

Quality is essential while shopping for vinyl fences; Duramax Fences are robust and have a secure locking mechanism. All our fences are certified and checked for quality before they are delivered to the clients. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which exceeds other manufacturers’ fences’ quality. The fences can endure excessive pressure; the fences are resistant to fire, heat, storm, and cold weather. The vinyl fences do not crack even in freezing temperatures. The fences can also endure high-speed wind; our fences are tested for strength by blowing wind at a very high speed through the fences, about 105 mph.

Vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors

Duramax manufactures a variety of fences that are available in various colors, sizes, and heights. Our fences are very modern, and the colored ones look extremely vibrant and need no repainting. Also, we manufacture white color fences that are very trendy and in fashion. So if you invest in our white color fences, you can be assured that our fences won’t turn yellow or fade away.

Final words

If you are looking for attractive fences, visit Duramax and explore our products. You can choose our fences, look at the specifications, and order online. We are one of the most experienced vinyl fence suppliers in the US, catering to many clients’ fencing requirements. You can book a consultation and discuss your requirements. Now that you have decided to buy traditional vinyl fencing, get in touch with Duramax for a consultation. Order and get a limited lifetime warranty. Request for a quote.

Every Fence Contractor’s First Choice is Vinyl Fencing

There are numerous possibilities for fencing. You have a duty to your customer as a contractor to identify the best course of action. When you are hired and paid to install a fence, the client expects the material to have numerous benefits and features and not let down or run up additional costs. Vinyl is now the best fencing material available. Wood is its most formidable rival among the numerous other alternatives. It has a long history of use in fences, and lots of people still adore the way it looks. So what is stopping you from making this choice now that you can install valuable and useful vinyl materials into a fence that resembles wood? Buy vinyl fencing from only top fence manufacturers to be sure of its quality.

If you are still having your doubts, let us make a short comparison of the two: vinyl vs. wooden fencing. In the late 1900s, manufacturers developed a new, innovative creation for fencing and other building purposes – vinyl, since vinyl has been the favored material for building among contractors and clients. Vinyl fencing is preferable to wood since it lasts longer, takes less upkeep, and won’t break beyond repair right away. Here is a more thorough rundown of the advantages vinyl has over wood.

Durability – Vinyl fencing is preferable to wood since it lasts longer, takes less upkeep, and won’t break beyond repair right away. With vinyl fencing, you can forget fungus, dry rot, termites, and fire. So it’s a win in every possible way regarding durability. Although some manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fence line, it’s not a good method. External hardware causes the fence to weaken over time due to external damages or rusting of the screws. Therefore, buy vinyl fencing with a strong routing system with interlocking panels that securely hold the fence line together. Vinyl fencing with no external hardware is extremely durable and looks visually pleasing for its seamless appearance.

Cost – Yes, a vinyl fence may cost your client more than wood at first, but if you calculate all the costs for installation, maintenance, and most importantly, constant replacements, vinyl wins once again. In addition, thanks to the durability of this material, it won’t have to be reinstalled and replaced as often as wood. Therefore, you should expect no angry customers or call-backs if you pick vinyl, while wood will have common issues and lead to more frequent replacements.

Maintenance – Very few people regularly have the time or means to repaint and repair theirwooden fences. They’ll be furious when the wood starts peeling after a short period or even starts rotting. Wood is a material that’s hard to wash and requires a lot of work to make it look presentable. On the other hand, vinyl requires only a hose and some water to clean the built-up dirt, but nothing more. No matter how long weather conditions affect it, it will remain clean and presentable for years.

Repairs And Replacement – Both the vinyl and wood fences need occasional repairs. For example, under extremely heavy pressure, vinyl fencing might come apart, and woodenfences might also need repairs and board replacement after any damage. But repairing vinyl fences is fairly easy, and most homeowners can do so independently. Moreover, as these fences are pest and moisture-resistant, you don’t have to worry about sagging or decaying pickets. Damage to a pocket or two on a vinyl fence, on the other hand, may necessitate replacing the entire panel, which is not that costly. When it comes to wood fence repairs and replacements, you can replace only the damaged section, which will cost you nothing less or maybe more. However, if the homeowner lacks woodworking skills, they will need to hire a costly professional.

Aesthetics – In terms of aesthetics, both vinyl and wood fences perform admirably. The distinguishable grain on each fence panel and wood’s natural texture and warmth look fantastic on fences. Furthermore, you can have your wood fence painted any color you want. Wood fences are available in various styles, ranging from scalloped picket fences to full-privacy vertical board fences. Vinyl fences compete with wood in this category as well. If you thought installing a vinyl fence on your property meant installing a plain white boring fence, you are mistaken. Instead, buy vinyl fencing that now comes in various patterns that mimic wood. You can go for Duramax Fences, the top vinyl fence manufacturer in the US, and DuraGrain fences that look like wood but have the cell structure of vinyl. Duramax DuraGrain Fences can mimic wood but without its high maintenance.

Property Value – Wood and vinyl fences increase your property value as long as they are kept clean and maintained. However, if you have a wooden gate, you must ensure that it is not rotted or decayed. Likewise, ensure the vinyl gate is spotless and in good working order. The classic wooden aspect of the gates, especially when paired with ancestor homes, may be preferred by many buyers. But if you think about it all in the long run, choose vinyl.

Summing up

When wood and vinyl are compared, the results are clear: vinyl wins by a landslide. Our DuraResin formulation allows for high durability and low maintenance, two perfect solutions for your clients. So, without worries about call-backs or complaints, please pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation today. You can now also get a free sample when you buy from Duramax Fences. So, contact us today and buy vinyl fencing of your choice.

Install Vinyl Perimeter Fencing, a Blend of Aesthetics and Security

A boundary wall or fence has to endure a lot, like bad weather, dust, pollution, handling, and much more. Beyond enhancing security, fencing can be an interesting way to update your property. Although rotting and decay are ubiquitous, they are inconvenient. While metal is not bad, rust can make it look old. Fencing is the best way to add protection from trespassers and nosy animals. In the world of fences, the main options are vinyl, metal, and wood. 

Rusted Metal Fence

Some of the properties in your neighborhood have rusty metal fences, which you can see if you drive by. The problem with metal is that it starts strong but weakens over time. Rust can reduce the value of a home and make a fence look unsightly. Additionally, moisture from a pool in the backyard may hasten corrosion. Vinyl could take the place of metal in the long run. Vinyl fences made from thicker vinyl sheets require very little upkeep and always look brand new since it lasts a lifetime. A vinyl perimeter fence would provide the perfect security, privacy, and modern style.

Chipped Wooden Fence

Wood fencing would be the most maintenance-intensive choice. For a long time, homeowners have adored the classic appearance of wood, and some still pick it solely for aesthetic reasons. The problem is that wooden fences require multiple coats of paint and defense. In addition, the material can be destroyed by termites or dried up by extreme temperatures. Wood fences require ongoing maintenance. Our DuraGrain product would be a good replacement for wood. DuraGrain is a vinyl fence that mimics the look of wood while being made of durable vinyl. In essence, you can achieve beautiful appearances without performing any maintenance.

Do you wish to install vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing is preferred because it won’t block the view of the outside surroundings, and your yard would have a cooling breeze flowing through it. Duramax offers durability and quality to all its customers. When the US population was looking for an alternative, Duramax came up with their innovative vinyl fencing in the US. 

Buy perimeter vinyl fencing for its classic all-American appeal. It looks elegant, adds style, and protects your property from random trespassers and stray animals. Of course, not all vinyl fences are good enough. Some last longer than others. However, Duramax has had a clean reputation for many years for manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful fences that are a treat for the eyes. 

Now let’s check out the reasons that make Duramax Fences a class above the rest.

Stain-resistant and easy to maintain

The 100% virgin vinyl used to create Duramax Vinyl Fences prevents stains. The fence’s smooth surface prevents dirt, filth, or other particles from adhering to it or building up at the corners. The fences allow dirt and debris to slide off without leaving behind difficult-to-remove stains. As a result, the fences require little upkeep. To maintain the fence, wipe it down with a sponge or water it. For Duramax Fencing, neither thorough cleaning nor expert maintenance procedures are required.

Fade-resistant and doesn’t turn yellow

American citizens adore white fences. They are hesitant to install white fences because of the maintenance though. What if the white perimeter fences start to fade or turn yellow after a few washes? They appear timeless and otherworldly. Purchase perimeter vinyl fencing only from Duramax for this reason. DuraResin composition prevents yellowing, fading, and loss of luster in weather-resistant fences for the longest period. Unfortunately, the weather can end up harming the fences. The color of the fence line might be ruined by the sun’s heat and frequent rain. The DuraResin vinyl formulation from Duramax solves the issue, making the fencing resistant to severe weather and safeguarding it against harm.

Durable and strong for years 

Did you know that Duramax Fences last for more than 20 years without losing their strength? It is because Duramax employs thicker vinyl sheets to prevent warping, sagging, breaking, and fractures in the fences. When making fences, thinner material is a no-no. The thicker sheets of 100% virgin vinyl result in high-quality fences that stand tall for years without toppling. Strong routing is a feature of Duramax Fencing. There are no intrusive brackets or screws on the fences. An interlocking pattern holds the panels together for additional rigidity along the fence line. Impact-resistant, flexible, strong, and long-lasting Duramax Fences are available.


Many homeowners prefer to buy perimeter vinyl fencing that looks visually appealing and complements the property. Duramax Fences customizes the fences as per your preferences and specifications. The high-quality vinyl fences exceed ASTM standards and are pet-friendly. 

Duramax vinyl fences

Our vinyl fences come in a variety of colors to brighten up your yard. To meet your outdoor needs, we produce vinyl fences in a range of styles and heights. Our exquisite white vinyl fences are very popular, and many clients use them around their pools. Our fences are mostly PVC, combined with UV inhibitors, stabilizers, and other materials. We install fence tops and caps as requested by clients, and our fences are quite beautiful. Utilizing vinyl puts you one step closer to helping the Earth because it is fully environmentally-friendly and very safe. We guarantee that when we sell colored fences, the color won’t fade, the paint won’t chip, and we do not release any harmful VOCs. 


Because of the high quality of our vinyl fences, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading producers of vinyl fencing. No matter what the circumstance, our fences never crack or break. Trust Duramax; if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you your money back. Contact Duramax for all your fencing needs and ask for a free sample.

Duramax 3-Rail Ranch Fences are Made From Virgin Vinyl Sheets

The 3 rail ranch fence is popular in horse stables, farms, and gardens. As a result, many customers are interested in buying durable fencing. But are you aware of the various fencing materials? Different fencing materials are available, but vinyl is preferred due to several advantages.

Why should you buy rail ranch fences?

Rail ranch fences are subjected to harsh weather conditions, so you’d expect them to last a long time. But you also have invested in a fencing solution and do not want your investment to be in vain. Duramax manufactures high-quality vinyl fences; you can choose between two, three, or four rails.

Duramax Fences are constructed of high-quality, 100-percent virgin vinyl. The fences are both inexpensive and long-lasting; vinyl can work wonders. These fences are a great combination of style, quality, and durability. Our fences will make your property stand out while also providing much-needed security. We make certain that our fences are modern in appearance and feel. Many clients who have pet horses in stables choose to install these fences. 

Choose a colored or white vinyl fence

The Duramax collection is the only place to look if you’re searching for colorful fences. We produce colorful fences that may enliven and enhance your yard. The fences won’t fade or change color, so you don’t have to be afraid. As a result, you won’t need to repeatedly spend money on painting. Customizable and maintenance-free once constructed, our fences can last years. We also produce white fences, which are very beautiful, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing, in addition to colorful fences. White fences look beautiful. Environmental variables do not impact our fences; white fences maintain their brilliant white color and do not go yellow.

ASTM-certified fences from Duramax

Customers and product quality are our top priorities at Duramax. We never skimp on quality; all of our fences are ASTM F964 approved and undergo quality and functionality testing before being delivered to clients. Buy 3 rail ranch fences from Duramax that have a strong locking mechanism and routing system. There are no screws or brackets used that can detract from the aesthetics of the fences. Our barriers can withstand wind, storms, frigid temperatures, and blistering heat.

Low maintenance fences 

Duramax Fences require little maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about it if you invest in them. Our fences require very little maintenance; they do not need to be cleaned regularly. Instead, wash the dirt and debris off the fences, and they will remain clean and shiny. Our customers talk about how simple cleaning is and enjoy spending their weekends cleaning with their families and children. Furthermore, the surface of the fences is very smooth, so it does not attract a lot of dirt. Since vinyl is not impacted by weather, your fences would still look brand-new years after they were installed. White fences are in higher demand than ever, and many clients want to build a classy piece. Are you concerned about the vinyl fence’s upkeep? Vinyl fences don’t need daily upkeep or routine cleaning. In conclusion, this saves time and money because it requires only occasional cleaning operations to keep the fences in good shape.

 Get a limited lifetime warranty

Duramax provides high-quality rail ranch fences with a classic appearance and lifetime performance. When it comes to popularity, most of our customers prefer to install a three-rail ranch fence. Since every one of our fences is built in the US, we can guarantee that they are quite reasonable in price. At Duramax, you can get factory-direct fences shipped out within 3–4 days and a limited lifetime warranty.

Attractive fences that are customized

Duramax does not cut corners regarding quality; our fences are made of distinctive 100-percent virgin vinyl. All of our panels are ASTM F964 certified, higher than the rest of the fencing companies. Duramax Fences are vibrant and appealing and can be customized to meet your needs. All fences are quality assured; they are subjected to a quality check before being delivered to clients. Our fences come in various styles, textures, colors, shapes, and designs.

Duramax fences are resistant to the Southwest sun

Vinyl is the only fencing material to withstand the Southwest sun’s intense heat. DuraResin, a composition used in Duramax Vinyl Fences, protects them from UV radiation. In addition, our fences are constructed using UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide for weatherability and UV stability. Duramax Fences are also offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours today.

DuraGrain ranch rail fence

Did you know you can customize the vinyl 3 rail ranch fence to get the wooden appeal? Duramax has come with unique DuraGrain vinyl fencing. DuraGrain is a wood-grained fencing material that gives the appearance of real wood but has the cell composition of vinyl. Therefore, DuraGrain fences don’t rot, rust, stain, fade or attract termites. In addition, DuraGrain is a waterproof fence that’s easy to maintain by rinsing with the garden hose. DuraGrain fences are a visual delight for ranchers who love wooden fencing. However, it’s zero maintenance as the DuraGrain fence has vinyl’s cellular configuration, making it stronger, durable, and more resilient.

Weather-resistant like no other 

Duramax guarantees weather-resistant fences that stand tall for years without warping or falling apart. Made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, the fence has over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to ensure heat-resistant characteristics. These fences have passed the wind test of 105 mph and can withstand heat, rain, snow, winds, and all climatic conditions without cracking, warping, sagging, rotting, or being prone to wind uplifts. Vinyl fences are lightweight yet strong, flexible, and impact-resistant. In addition, the fire-resistant fences don’t attract termites and are extremely easy to maintain. Wash the waterproof fences with a garden hose to ensure their upkeep and maintenance for years.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Convert to Vinyl Fencing Today

One of the most important decisions to make when remodeling a home is the type of fencing to install. Homeowners generally want something low-maintenance and long-lasting. Duramax excels at producing vinyl fencing designed for the extreme heat of the United States. Vinyl distinguishes itself from wood or iron because it is more resistant to weather and maintains its appearance with little effort.

Less maintenance and expenditure – A wood fence needs to be painted and can rot or have termites. This recurring maintenance can be expensive upkeep that will happen consistently. Iron can also rust and look outdated after a few years. Choosing wood or iron can eventually decrease property value or require expensive renovation sooner than necessary. On the other hand, vinyl will stay looking new for years. The only maintenance that may be needed is spraying the fence down with a hose. To keep it clean, you can wash the fencing with a garden hose once every two weeks.

UV inhibitors – Not all fences are manufactured equally. Duramax doesn’t take shortcuts when supplying the highest quality resin to extrude vinyl that won’t yellow overtime. As a result, not all vinyl fences are strong enough to resist heat. Most vinyl fences warp in heat and fall over. Buy affordable vinyl fencing from Duramax made with the DuraResin formulation. More than 12 parts titanium dioxide and active UV inhibitors are combined to create weather-resistant fences. These vinyl fences can resist the sweltering heat from the Southwest and Northwest sun and have the best rating for UV stability. Even after being exposed to heat for many years, Duramax fences do not deform. The weather-resistant fences are sturdy, durable, and resistant to severe rainfall, thunderstorms, and other weather-related events. They are waterproof and have passed a wind test of 105 mph.

More durable than others

Do you know why Duramax vinyl fencing manufacturers claim to provide you with the most durable fences? The fence line is manufactured with thicker vinyl sheets from 100% virgin vinyl. The thicker vinyl is more durable and resilient, so the fences don’t warp, sag, break or develop cracks easily. Duramax fences are extremely durable as no external hardware gets used in the manufacturing process. The Duramax fences don’t have unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences have a seamless appearance with a strong routing system and interlocked fence panels holding the fencefirmly together. Get the fence line manufactured from Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers if durability is on your list.

Aesthetically pleasing – An elegant vinyl fence will improve the aesthetic and property value. An apt example wouldbe the white vinyl fencing that combines functionality with modern design. Every home has a different situation, and Duramax accommodates them all. Custom vinyl fencing solutions are available from our team of professionals that can ensure your project has all the right material. Fencing types range from pool fencing  to perimeter fencing, white fences, semi-privacy fencing, and privacy fences. 

Good for your pets – There are plenty of options to choose from when selecting your fencing material. However, if you’re installing a fencing or wall topper to heighten your wall and contain your big dog, you must be more careful about your chosen material. Most large dog breeds are strong and wouldn’t have difficulty getting through a low-quality fence, even if made from durable materials. The best material to use for large dogs would be vinyl. A fence made from high-quality vinyl would be the best option because it is resistant to scratching and chewing. Duramax Fences manufacture their vinyl fences from high-quality pure virgin vinyl. Currently, they are offering free samples of their product. You can contact them to claim yours. Many large dog breeds are surprisingly good climbers, but only if they get good footholds. A chain link fence is bad because your dog will not have difficulty climbing over it. On the other hand, panel fences, or vinyl fences, are ideal because they don’t provide your dog any footholds, which means their only option for escaping the barrier would be jumping. But, providing you’ve built the fence high enough or have installed wall toppers for that extra height, this will not be a problem.

Customization: Buy affordable vinyl fencing for different parts of your property; they are available in colors, heights, and sizes. Fences from Duramax are designed to meet your aesthetic standards, and they’re just as useful as they are attractive. For example, our white vinyl fences are very popular and elegant, and many people install them near the pool area and other places around the property. We have our manufacturing unit where our fences are manufactured with care and do not fail to meet the standards. All our fences are quality-tested. We also produce fashionable fences and wall toppers in addition to fences. We have a team that can assist you in selecting the best fence for your property and walk you through the selection process. You can select the type of fences you want to install from Duramax, and we also provide our clients with custom vinyl fencing options. Please speak with our specialists; we have an incredible, one-of-a-kind solution for you. Additionally, you can readily invest because our vinyl fences are very inexpensive. Duramax fences are renowned for raising property values and enhancing the landscape. We guarantee that you will receive the fencing option of your choosing. When it comes to Duramax, we are a brand that you can trust to maintain quality. If you are looking for one of the biggest vinyl fence manufacturers, choose Duramax, a brand that has existed for decades.


Are you interested in a vinyl fence? Contact our team for vinyl fencing solutions or visit our website. Duramax Fences is the US’s top vinyl fence manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing high-quality fences for decades and offering a limited lifetime warranty with all their vinyl product purchases.

The Characteristics of Vinyl Makes it Perfect for Your Fencing Needs

Are you in search of a fencing material that will not rot as quickly as your wooden fence? Vinyl is the most recent innovation, a material that is five times more durable than wood, extremely flexible, and weather-resistant. If you walk around the neighborhood, you will notice a lot of houses with vinyl fences. Fences were originally designed to add security to a property, but they are now used as home improvement accessories. Vinyl fences have recently become extremely popular due to the advantages it has that no other material offers. Adding a vinyl fence to your home is a great idea, especially if you want an affordable yet appealing option. Thanks to vinyl’s durability and longevity, it has become the material of choice for fencing. In addition to power, attractive looks, and low maintenance, vinyl has other characteristics that offer a host of benefits. Here we will discuss some traits that make vinyl ideal for your fencing needs.

If you plan to install fencing, explore Duramax, one of the US’s top vinyl fencing manufacturers. Here are some reasons why vinyl is considered ideal compared to any other material:

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Making vinyl products has a low carbon footprint when compared to other materials. Because vinyl is made of salts and natural gas, it does not require as much processing as iron. Also, if you have to remove your fencing, the entire fence can be recycled, saving you from adding to the already overburdened landfill. But the same cannot be said about wood or iron, as they must be covered in paint or coated in some chemical. Because vinyl is natural and UV-resistant, it does not require additional coatings or chemicals. This is what makes it completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Resistant to fire

Vinyl, unlike other fencing materials, can self-extinguish. This means that if a flame is present, the plastic will burn, but the fire will not spread. Furthermore, this is one of the most appealing features of vinyl because it provides a safety advantage to homeowners. So with vinyl fencing, you can safely host barbecue parties and fireworks displays. Again, you are completely safe because the flames will not spread.

Long lifespan

The USA made vinyl fencing last the longest compared to other materials like wood and iron. On top of this, Duramax vinyl fences have a lifetime warranty. Vinyl can withstand any impact and does not require much maintenance or upkeep. Vinyl fencing has 5 times the tensile strength of wood and 4 times more flexibility. So, vinyl fencing is your best solution if you live in areas with a lot of high winds or storms. In addition to that, USA made vinyl fencing does not come with the issues of breaking, rusting, rotting, or pests. With vinyl fences, the idea of no maintenance becomes a reality.

Vinyl is evergreen – What comes to mind when you hear the word “evergreen”? You may believe you are flawless and beautiful. Yes, vinyl ages gracefully and does not deteriorate over time. Installing vinyl panels is a good idea if you want your landscaping to stay beautiful and increase the value of your property. You don’t have to worry about the paint chipping off; there’s no mold or rust, and it’s extremely weather resistant.

Does not need staining – Some paints emit VOCs, which are not very good for health or the environment. Vinyl is environmentally friendly because it does not need staining, sealing, or painting. Vinyl is made of colored material, so the color never comes off. Our fences are maintenance-free.

Very durable – Vinyl fences are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. It is a worthwhile investment because it does not easily break or crack. Because vinyl is extremely flexible, it is extremely durable. Quality comes first, so choose Duramax as your Vinyl fencing manufacturer in the United States.

Weather-resistant goes a long way 

Vinyl fences are resistant to the elements, but not every fence is made with the DuraResin formulation. Instead, Duramax manufacturers use the proprietary DuraResin formulation to create weather-resistant fencing. UV inhibitors and more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide are used to construct weather-resistant fences that do not warp in hot weather or crack in cold weather. Duramax fences are well-known in the United States for their high UV stability and weather resistance. Furthermore, the waterproof fences have 105 mph wind resistance, making them exceptionally strong to withstand heavy rainfall, ice storms, and thunderstorms.

Duramax vinyl fences are the most durable of all fence types. This is since the fencing is made from thicker vinyl sheets. Fences with thicker vinyl are less prone to sagging, warping, breaking, and cracking. Thicker quality vinyl improves the fences’ durability and sturdiness. Aside from Duramax, fence manufacturers avoid using external brackets and unsightly screws. Instead, the fencing is held together by a strong routing system and an interlocking pattern. Duramax fences are the first to be mentioned by most property owners in the United States regarding durability.


Vinyl has attractive properties making it the perfect choice for your fencing needs. It is low maintenance, durable, and available in various styles and hues. Vinyl is also an environmentally safer option than any other fencing material. As a US fence company, we can customize a vinyl fence to suit your specific requirements. All vinyl fences are not created equal; quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and when it comes to fencing in the US, only Duramax is trusted. We are the pioneers in providing high-quality, low-cost vinyl fencing that will last a lifetime. Duramax is a well-known Vinyl Fence manufacturer in the United States, having been in business for over a decade.

Buy Perimeter Vinyl Fencing to Add an Aesthetic Appeal Along the Perimeter of Your House

A fence enhances the property’s beauty and ensures the home is secured. You should spend money on a fence provided by a reputable and trustworthy fencing manufacturer. For over a decade, Duramax Fences has been one of the top vinyl fencing providers, offering fencing solutions. The business offers tailored services and specializes in all kinds of fences. Due to its superiority over all other materials in terms of durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation, vinyl is currently the most widely used material.

Perimeter vinyl fencing can be made of metal, wood, and durable vinyl. A fence is installed mainly to keep your pets inside. People install various types of perimeter fences with different purposes in mind. When it comes to kinds of fences, there are many, and to choose yours, it’s great if you have an understanding of fencing requirements. Planning your fence is crucial, so keep style and functionality in mind. 

Why Should You Opt For Vinyl Fencing? 

There are many fencing options, but after considering the product’s durability, nothing beats vinyl fencing. Security is the main requirement; thus, choosing something as resilient as vinyl is vital. A vinyl fence manufacturer might provide installation, but there will be extra charges. However, if you enjoy doing things yourself, you can install them easily. The idea of fencing was once used to demarcate property, but nowadays, homeowners are also opting to erect a fence for security reasons. Living safely at home with close family members is something to keep in mind when shopping. Vinyl fencing is made of sturdy material and is difficult to penetrate. You can speak to homeowners in the US who have installed vinyl fences, and most will say there is no need to worry about a burglary or even basic trespassing. Perimeter vinyl fencing made with thicker vinyl sheets is robust. No one can enter without your permission

Level up the Aesthetic Appeal

The custom vinyl fencing is known to bring beauty and style to your home exterior. However, the benefits of vinyl fencing go beyond aesthetics because this type of fencing material also ensures that privacy is completely maintained. Outsiders or nosy neighbors will at no stage get a peek into your private life. For property distinction, you may have installed this fencing, but you can see that there are many more benefits to gain over time. Therefore, we can feel why homeowners in the US select vinyl as their fencing option.

Certified Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a material that comes with a range of characteristics. The majority of vinyl fences are made from thin vinyl sheets, which causes the material to sag and weaken with time. However, Duramax makes fences and wall toppers out of thicker vinyl sheets that are more robust and resistant to breaking, drooping, and cracking. DuraResin vinyl is used to construct Duramax perimeter vinyl fences so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Vinyl wall toppers that can stand the test of time are made from UV inhibitors and have more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide. perimeter vinyl fences by Duramax Fences are extremely strong, durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand the harsh heat from the southwest sun. The fences do not warp in heat or develop cracks during the cold months and do not fade over time. In addition, they do not get yellowish and can keep their color intact for the longest time without repainting.

Customized Fences

Harsh weather conditions might cause the fences to undergo wear and tear. But, Duramax Fences builds high-quality vinyl fences that are not damaged due to the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Duramax fences remain resistant to the scorching sun rays and heat. As a result, their vinyl fences are extremely durable and don’t deteriorate, rust, stain, or attract termites, ensuring longevity. For your property, you can opt for customized perimeter vinyl fencing by the Duramax vinyl fence manufacturer, as you can select the fence according to your taste and style. In addition, Duramax offers you various options since they are a top-notch vinyl fencing manufacturer. So, upgrade your home exactly how you want without worrying about your house’s security.

Eco-friendly Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is an eco-friendly material and does not react to any chemical ingredients or contain harmful components. The durable perimeter vinyl fences are fire-resistant. They do not turn yellowish over time. If any of your vinyl fence panels break, they can be recycled. They will not invite termites or bugs, even in damp weather. Duramax Fences is offering free samples on every purchase for a limited period. Contact Duramax today and claim this offer.


You and your family feel secure knowing the home has a perimeter fence. Working out some vibrant color combinations might produce the ideal décor for your home’s exterior if you can exercise. After purchasing a home, you can look online for the best vinyl fence from vinyl fencing manufacturers. In order to ensure a fence of the highest quality, it is crucial to purchase from a reputable US fencing manufacturer. At Duramax, we manufacture vinyl fences made from vinyl with a wooden look and feel; you can also order our elegant white picket fences that look majestic standing on your property. We manufacture vinyl perimeter fencing in the US, a substitute for metal fences. Perimeter vinyl fences look amazing, and compared to metal, vinyl is highly weather-resistant and does not require much maintenance. 

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Add a Touch of Sophistication to Your Yard with Duramax Vinyl Fences

Are you considering a home improvement project? For example, you can replace your old iron or wooden fences and install a new environment-friendly one. So, are you looking for an improved and unique solution? There are various types of fencing materials available on the market. But vinyl has the maximum benefits when compared to all other fencing materials.

Duramax produces custom vinyl fencing; our fences are strong and composed of the best vinyl available. Vinyl fences stand out from the competition because they have a refined touch. The majority of homeowners adore this home improvement addition. Connect with Duramax Fences, one of the top vinyl fencing manufacturers, if you are unfamiliar with vinyl fencing but are interested in it and considering installing one. The use of vinyl fencing is a very prevalent trend among homeowners.

Affordable custom vinyl fencing

Duramax Fences has been producing vinyl fencing solutions for a long time. Our vinyl fences are made entirely of virgin vinyl. We make a variety of fences, including privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, rail ranches, and more. We are the experts in custom vinyl fencing in the United States; we design fences to your specifications. Vinyl fences are weatherproof and do not deteriorate with time. Furthermore, the fences last for many years without sustaining any damage.

Fences made of DuraResin formulation

Do you believe a vinyl fence can withstand all weather conditions? Vinyl fences can withstand the harsh southwest sun for an extended period of time. Under any conditions or pressure, the fences do not crack or fade. Duramax Fences are coated with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, which helps block out UVA and UVB rays. Our fences are made of high-quality materials and are manufactured using cutting-edge technology. Duramax fences are constructed with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and specific UV inhibitors, which contributes to UV stability and weatherability. In addition, the fences are tested for durability in a high-speed wind of 105 mph.

Order colorful fences or elegant white ones

Vinyl fences made by Duramax are vivid and colorful, which are great for enhancing the atmosphere on your property. Additionally, there is no need to repaint our fences. Vinyl fences are also resistant to pests and fading . How about putting in a white vinyl fence with a classy appearance? We create elegant white fences in a range of styles. Our fences elevate your yard’s style, luxury, and beauty. Our fences are easy to maintain and have a traditional feel.

Fences with a limited lifetime warranty

Duramax fences are hassle-free and inexpensive to install. Our fences have a robust routing system and a secure locking routing system. As a result, the fences are flawless, with no visible brackets or screws. In addition, our fences are run through a quality check to ensure that the fences that reach your doorstep are not defective.

This pandemic did hit badly; we understand the need to save money, and after you are all set, you can get in touch for an online consultation. Once installed, our vinyl fences would last for years, almost a lifetime. We have an easy-to-use website, making it easier to shop online. Get a limited warranty on our products. Now you can order online.

Invest in Custom Vinyl Fencing

A good fence can add security to your property and do more. If you want a fence that is designed to enhance the appearance of your property, purchase a custom vinyl fence. A perimeter fence can look out of place if you have a traditional home. Instead, a good picket fence would look more attractive and lend the old estate some sophistication. Making your fence unique is a terrific method to instantly improve the appearance of your entire property without much work. Duramax vinyl fence suppliers customize the fence line and ensure you get strong and durable fencing for your estate.

Customize your choice

There are plenty of vinyl fencing designs and styles to choose from, but you need to align the type with your property. For example, the top-quality vinyl fences are elegant and ideal for modern homes. On the other hand, the ancestral property would glow with Duragrain picket fences or a wall topper. The privacy fences are great for isolation, while semi-privacy fencing has the right blend of privacy, security, and beauty.

Try Duragrain fencing

When one talks about custom vinyl fencing, how can Duragrain fencing be missed? Duramax Fences, a custom vinyl fence manufacturer in the US, has developed a range of wood-grained fences that look like wood and feel the same. The only difference is that the fences have the cellular configuration of vinyl and are extremely durable, strong, and easy to maintain. The Duragrain fences have all the characteristics of vinyl but do not look like vinyl fences. The regal look of a Duragrain fence can make anyone stand in awe at the aesthetics of the place. If you want a wooden fence, invest in durable Duragrain fences that don’t rot, stain, attract termites, and are relatively low-maintenance. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose is enough to keep them in good condition for years.

Final words

Are you looking for a custom vinyl fence manufacturer? Choose Duramax Fences, and book a consultation to discuss your requirements with us. Order now to get a limited lifetime warranty on all our vinyl fences. You can also check the website for reviews and testimonials from many happy customers who love our fences. Duramax Fences is offering free samples with every purchase for a limited period. Claim yours today to test our vinyl product before buying the best-selling vinyl fence from us.

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Advantages to Reap When You Buy Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are becoming a more popular choice among homeowners. They are free of toxic chemicals and have a long lifespan. In addition, you do not have to pay anyone to install a vinyl fence around your home. They also have numerous advantages. 

Vinyl was invented in the twentieth century, and the first vinyl fence was built in the 1980s. They have since become one of the most popular fencing materials. Vinyl fence supplies are available in a variety of colors and textures. They also come with a long warranty and can be easily recycled when no longer in use. 
There are many fence suppliers available online. You can easily contact them and get your vinyl fence installed. These fences have become a popular alternative to wood and iron fences. This is mainly due to their flexibility and affordability. Also, there are many more advantages to installing vinyl fences. Let us discuss them.

  • Strength: Vinyl fences are about 5 times stronger than wood fences. Thus, if you wish to destroy a vinyl fence, you must put in a lot more effort. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences can withstand exceptionally harsh weather conditions like wind storms and rain.
  • Will not erode: Vinyl fencing is the best option to use around seaside homes as it will not get corroded by coming in contact with saltwater. Besides, it is advisable to use the vinyl fence for pets as they will not be able to chew the fence or injure themselves if they run through it.
  • Easy to Maintain: You can keep your vinyl fence clean and sparkling by simply cleaning it with soap and water. Also, you will be free from the hassle of getting the fence repainted as the color does not wear off. Since it does not get rusted, there is no need to put on a primer. Besides, you need not worry about your fence rotting due to attacks from termites and insects.
  • Easy to install: You can easily install the vinyl fence. You must insert the rails into the posts and fasten these posts firmly to the ground. This does not take much time. Thus, you will not require any professional to do your work. A great DIY project, and your vinyl fence is ready.
  • Economical: Vinyl fencing is less expensive compared to wood and iron fence. You do not have to pay any extra cost other than buying the product from the vinyl fence suppliers.
  • Non-Toxic: No toxic chemicals are used to make vinyl fences. The vinyl is made using chlorine derived from salt and natural gas. Hence, you need not worry about polluting the environment.

With the benefits mentioned above, it can be said that the vinyl fence supplies are ideal for homeowners who wish to put a fence around their house and forget about taking care of them.

Why Choose Duramax Vinyl Fencing

Good fences protect your property and add aesthetic value to the dull and drab place. A customized fence instantly changes the ambiance and makes the yard more welcoming and serene. However, not all vinyl fencing manufacturers offer quality fences for protecting the yard. All fences are not durable, and some are fragile, lasting for only two years. Therefore, getting in touch with reputed and experienced vinyl fence manufacturers to install high-quality fences is essential. Durability is an essential element that makes vinyl fences unique. The highly durable fences have certain features that make them more robust. However, the manufacturers use their skill and expertise to get you custom-made fences that last for ten years or longer. Let’s find out the key features of quality fences and the manufacturing expertise to make the right choice.

DuraResin vinyl formulation – The vinyl fence manufacturers know that the sun is the greatest enemy of the fences. However, the waterproof fences don’t rot and are resistant to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, while weak vinyl fencing warps in the heat. High-quality vinyl fences made with DuraResin formulation have the highest-rated UV stability and don’t get ravaged by the sun. DuraResin fences do not warp in excess heat and can sustain the intense rays of the Southwest sun for a long duration without showing signs of dilapidation. The premium quality vinyl fences are resistant to stains and don’t fade. The vinyl fence doesn’t need whitewashing and can maintain its true shade for at least ten years or even longer.

Duramax Fences is also offering free samples for a limited time only. Order today to get your freebie.

Use of thicker vinyl sheets – Thick fences can last longer than thinner and weaker ones. Don’t invest your money in low-quality vinyl material. Instead, research and let the vinyl fencing manufacturers know that you need fences made with 100% virgin vinyl and thicker vinyl sheets. In the US, certain reputed manufacturers with years of experience and expertise use thicker vinyl sheets to provide you with customized fence panels. These thick fences don’t warp, sag, break or fall over time. Vinyl is a lightweight material, and thicker sheets would enhance durability and ensure greater strength and resilience.

Strong routing system – Vinyl fences have a strong routing system. The fence panels are interlocked, offering exceptional strength and resistance to external factors that might lead to fences breaking. Invisible hardware for vinyl fences makes them stronger and is more pet-friendly and great for families with small kids or four-legged domesticated animals.

Final Words

Are you looking for a non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant customized fence line for your property? Then opt for Duramax Fences. The premium fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and are recyclable too. 

Here is your chance to get a 25% discount on your shipping charges for a limited time. Plus, an extra 5% off your total cart order. Hurry! Order today. Offer valid till July 5th, 2022 only.