Duramax vinyl fencing is a sure and sheer choice for your property

Do you want to install a new fence that could make your property stand out? Durable yet stylish fencing can offer much-needed security and give a facelift to your existing home or a new home. Fencing is something that has existed since the ’60s and homeowners love to install it. Now that there are so many fencing styles and materials available, it’s overwhelming to choose the one you want.

Choose the fencing material wisely:

vinyl fence panels are greatly influential because they stand tall outside your home. If you have the experience that compels you to think that fences do not last for a long time and you fear reinvestment, you should conduct adequate research about fencing materials. Now you have vinyl fences that top the fencing materials list due to numerous advantages that others do not possess.

Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl:

Now that you are interested in vinyl fences, you should look for a trusted manufacturer. All vinyl fences are not similar because they all depend on the fencing company. Duramax has a good reputation because we have been offering fencing solutions for a long time and our customers are very satisfied with what we offer. All our fences are made from high-quality vinyl, which means 100% virgin vinyl without any adulteration. If you make up your mind to do online research, you can find us there too because we rank on the top of search engines.

Do you wish to know Duramax better?

Our fences are easy to install and are 5 times stronger than any other fencing material. The vinyl that is used to manufacture the fences is thick, which ensures its durability. This material does not absorb moisture or water, which results in its long-lastingness. Fences made from other materials show signs of damage, but vinyl does not.

Fences that are unaffected by climatic conditions:

Our fences can beat the heat, which most fences cannot; they are not affected by even the scorching Southwest sun. Can you imagine that? We have a manufacturing team and a research team that spends more time fine-tuning their knowledge and tries to implement newer technology. A lot of things are to be considered when modern fencing is concerned. We use the remarkably effective Duraresin formulation and this safeguards the fences entirely. The products are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer UV stability and weather ability. 

A vinyl fence is for a lifetime:

Were you looking for an all-weather fence and you are still researching? Well, nothing can beat Duramax fences because our fences are resistant to immense heat, fire, sheer impact, cold, and a gust of winds. Also, our fences do not lose their shine after years of being installed. Nothing can break what we make, and with a little maintenance, it can last for a lifetime.

Who worries about maintaining vinyl fences?

If you are trying to get rid of the chore, it is ideal for you. Vinyl fences do not require much maintenance. Wash with a light detergent or wipe to keep the fences clean. A shining fence means a smiling face; you do not have to clean it regularly. A vinyl fence’s surface is extremely smooth; this ensures no dust or debris can sit easily on it.

Certified vinyl fences by Duramax, the best vinyl fence manufacturers.Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which means exceeding the standards that prevail in the fencing industry. Affordability is the key because the products are manufactured, quality-checked, and packed inside our unit, USA. Get the best price vinyl fence from Duramax, order online, and get a limited lifetime warranty. 

A new fencing can uplift your property – Neil installed one from Duramax

Neil wanted to add a new fence around his new home before he got married. He was doing the interiors and exterior, all very excited because he was getting married in a few months. Neil wanted everything to be just perfect before she arrived. He had a list of expenses, so he was on the lookout for an affordable and long-lasting fencing option. He started asking his acquaintances and also spent considerable time researching the internet for various fencing options. The more he studied, he discovered that vinyl fencing is the latest thing and a big thing indeed. This is what he told us when he spoke to us for the first time.

Vinyl fences from Duramax – 5X stronger:

Anyone who searched the internet for vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA would find us immediately. Neil wanted to consult with our experts because he had a lot more to know about the fences. Our vinyl fences are made of 100% virgin vinyl sheets that are thick and have superior quality. Fencing can uplift your property, make it look pleasing, and offer a sense of security. A vinyl fence, if installed correctly, can be 5 times sturdier than any other fences. Vinyl fences do not absorb water or moisture; this ensures that there won’t be peeling, blisters, or any other damage signs.

Our fences can beat the heat for sure:

Neil was worried about how a vinyl fence would react to the sun because all other materials cannot stand harsh weather conditions. Duramax ensures that the fences are made in a way to endure the heat of the Southwest sun, which is tremendous. The fences are not prone to fading or cracking. The magic lies in our Duraresin formulation, which acts as a barrier against the fences. The vinyl fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer UV stability and weather ability. Also, Duramax fences are highly resistant against any impact, fire, and extreme cold temperatures. Our fences are also tested under a high-speed wind, which is 105 mph, and it has been seen that the fences remained unaffected.

Buy certified and quality-tested fences:

Neil wanted to know more about how we ensure quality, so if you wish to know the same thing, keep reading. All our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which means exceeding the standards that prevail in the fencing industry. All our products are quality-checked before it is delivered to the market. We have a dedicated team working for that in our unit. If you are looking for a long-lasting and modern fence in the USA, buy a Duramax vinyl fence. 

Best price vinyl fences in the USA:

Our fences are free from any toxic element, also eco-friendly. Our products are affordable; they are made inside our factory in the USA. We are dedicated to offering the best price vinyl fences, and also grab our seasonal discounts. Keep an eye on our website. You can also order our fences online, and get a limited lifetime warranty. Request for a quote. 

Best price vinyl fence from Duramax – A great addition to your property

A fencing is a very important accessory of a property, it safeguards from outside threats and also increases the appeal of the property. A properly installed vinyl fencing can last for a lifetime, it’s more than 5 times stronger compared to all other fencing material. These fences do not absorb water so there are no chances of developing blisters, peeling or getting damaged easily.  Installing a new fence is a great way to make your property a facelift and it would stand out. Here are the things you must know before you buy a vinyl fence.

The fences can endure the Southwest sun:

Duramax has understood the concerns, most of the people are worried about the fences being affected by the Southwest sun. Our fences are exceptional, made of 100% virgin vinyl sheets, and high-quality vinyl. Our fences stand tall enduring the scorching sun and no matter what, the fences are not damaged due to heat and sunlight. It’s due to the unique Duraresin formulation which helps the fences to endure all types of weather conditions. This formulation gives ample strength and durability to the fences. We offer the right mix of 12 parts Titanium and powerful UV inhibitors that gives the strength of the fence to endure all weather conditions and the UV rays of the sun.

Quality and certified fences:

Quality is something that Duramax is always concerned about, we offer certified fences and all our products are checked for quality before they are delivered to the market. Our fences exceed the ASTM F964 certification and are considered the highest within the fencing industry. The fences are also resistant from heat, cold, fire, impact and all other external weather conditions. Do you worry about the fences being blown away by high-speed wind? Duramax fences are tested under a high-speed wind, almost at a speed of 105 mph and they remain unaffected. Our fences are colorful adding vibrancy to your home but you also cannot ignore the luxurious white color fences.

No regular maintenance:

While all other fencing material demand maintenance, vinyl is exceptional. Vinyl fences are absolutely low maintenance, they do not require regular cleaning. It does not take much time to clean and the surface of the fences are very smooth so these do not attract dirt. Washing the fences with light soap water every fortnight is a good idea. Washing takes off all dirt from the surface and the fences would shine again. Installing vinyl fences means you do not have heavy maintenance costs.

Hire an expert contractor for installation:

Duramax fences are non-toxic, they are kids friendly and there are no harmful elements present like lead. Our vinyl fences are affordable, made in our factory in the USA so there is no excess cost involved. Installation takes the least time it’s a very simple process provided you hire an expert contractor for the task. Only Duramax can offer best price vinyl fencesin the USA, offers and lucrative discounts.

Final words:

Now that you have decided to buy vinyl fencing, get in touch with Duramax for a consultation.  Our fences are now available online, order and get limited lifetime warranty. Request for a quote.

Install a vinyl privacy fence from Duramax – Our fences offer traditional fences

Vinyl fences are incredibly trendy when you compare it to other fences in terms of looks and functionality. There are various types of vinyl fences; you can choose according to your requirements. Vinyl includes perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, privacy fences, and semi-privacy fences. Duramax fences offer security and a decorative touch to your property. Now, are you looking for tight security because you have a noisy or busy surrounding? In such a situation, a vinyl privacy fence is ideal.

Certified and colorful vinyl fences:

 Duramax does not compromise the quality; all our fences are ASTM F964 certified. All our products are tested for quality before they are delivered to the clients. Our fences are extremely resistant; they can endure heat, cold, impact, and other water conditions. Our fences are colorful; they can add life and vibrancy to your property. We also manufacture white color fences that look so elegant and aesthetic. Duramax vinyl fences offer traditional beauty and carefree performance.

The fences can endure the Southwest sun:

Duramax offers reliable fencing solutions; our fences are designed for the Southwest sun. Our fences are made of Duraresin formulation; this helps in enduring the heat. Our fences have more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer immense stability against the UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Low maintenance vinyl privacy fences:

Duramax fences are low maintenance; the fences take less than 5 minutes to clean and need no routine maintenance. Simply use a hose to rinse off the fences to wash the dust and debris. There is no bearing any extra cost or effort on cleaning and maintenance privacy fence panels.

Why Duramax vinyl fences?

 Vinyl simplifies the manufacturing process of vinyl fences; here, spacing is not a significant issue when dealing with privacy fences. Vinyl is not prone to any sort of expansion or contraction. Our privacy fences are a minimum of 4-6 feet tall. Our fences have a lot of customization options. Our privacy fences offer adequate protection from trespassers. There are no gaps in the fences, our fences provide privacy, and there is no scope air can pass inside. These fences offer complete seclusion; your yard gets immense privacy. Privacy fences are sometimes installed between swimming pools and property lines. Duramax fences keep pets and kids safe inside the property.

Building codes and permits – get it all right:

 Have you made final plans for installing a privacy or semi-privacy fence? It’s essential to determine your property line, and you can discuss your plans with your neighbors. For building codes and permits, you can get in touch with your local building inspector. Are you staying in a community? It’s important to check the guidelines. For installation, get in touch with a local fence contractor for a flawless installation.

Fences made in the USA:

Our fences are made in our factory in the USA; it is free from toxic elements like lead. Our fences are environment-friendly, 100% recyclable. Choose Duramax for your fencing project; we are among the most reputed fencing companies in the USA. We are offering the best price vinyl fence in the USA within your budget. 

Now you can order fences online, get a limited lifetime warranty.

Best price vinyl fence from Duramax – Vinyl fences can make your property stand out

Do you know that fence around your property could look amazing? Installing a vinyl fence can help you to make your dream backyard. If you are looking for fencing that would last for years after installation, a vinyl fence is ideal. There are various types of fencing materials available in the market, but vinyl’s benefits overshadow all others. Do you wish to buy a vinyl fence?

Low maintenance and certified vinyl fences:

Duramax manufactures various types of vinyl fencing, including picket fences, pool fences, privacy, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, rail ranches, and more. Our fences are manufactured with care, we do not compromise quality, and all our products are ASTM F964 certified. Duramax boasts of offering vinyl fences that demand very low maintenance. The fences take only a little time to clean; you can use a hose to wash off the fences. We are the leaders in offering the best price vinyl fence in the USA.

12 parts of Titanium Dioxide does all the magic:

Are you worried that the Southwest sun would severely affect the fences as it used to happen with any other fencing? There is no need to worry because our vinyl fences are manufactured using the DuraResin formulation to endure the intense Southwest sun. The fences are composed of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which give the fences a lot of UV stability, durability, and fences to stand strong in all weather conditions. The fences are impact-resistant, can withstand a lot of heat, fire-resistant, can withstand high pressure, cold, wind, hail, and other climatic and external conditions. 

100% virgin vinyl sheets – Quality assurance:

Were you looking for low maintenance fences? Your search comes to an end at Duramax. Simply washing the fences to take off the dust is sufficient, and your fences would remain clean. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl; we use high-quality vinyl sheets. The fences have an excellent routing system and a secure locking system.

Colorful fences can add to the value of your property:

A lot of clients look for colorful fences but fear that the color could fade away. Duramax assures that our colorful fences won’t lose their color and brightness. A lot of clients invest in our colorful fences as they look vibrant and appealing. But if you love white, we don’t mind because we have a whole range of white color vinyl fences that look amazing. Do not worry because your white fences would not become yellow with time. Vinyl fences do not lose color due to any external factors; your fence would look new even after years of installation. 

Non-toxic vinyl fences – Order now:

Duramax vinyl fences once installed can last for a lifetime, pretty many years. Our fences are free from lead or any toxic elements, therefore its environment-friendly and 100% recyclable. Duramax fences are made in the USA in our factory, which makes the fences very affordable. We have launched our new website that is very user-friendly, so take a look at our products, view specifications, and order online. Buy vinyl fencing from Duramax, book now, and get a limited lifetime warranty. 

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