Top Advantages of Installing Garden Vinyl Fencing

buy semi privacy fencing

A garden fence combines style with practicality to add security to your garden. Enclosing the yard or garden is essential to keep pests, deer, and stray animals away. Moreover, a customized semi privacy vinyl fence can be a beautiful addition to your property and reflect your personality. Therefore, you should always customize and buy semi-privacy fencing that complements the aesthetics of your home. Duramax Fences is the one-stop destination for high-quality vinyl fences. With over 25 years of experience, the professionals offer premium quality fences that last for years without fading and requiring minimum maintenance.  

When choosing a fence material, the 1st priority is usually wood or metal. However, these fence materials are not 100% weather resistant and start rotting and rusting and need maintenance like chemical treatments and regular clean-ups for general upkeep. Vinyl seems like an unlikely choice, but this fence material is likely to last for years without fading, rotting, rusting, or warping. Vinyl might look like a plastic-based material, but Duramax Fences have thicker walls, and the material can stand strong for years. In addition, our high-quality fence materials come with a limited lifetime warranty and have a reputation for lasting 25 to 30 years without needing repairs or repainting. Want to know more about the benefits of installing a vinyl fence, then read on:

Outstanding durability

Vinyl fences made from 100% virgin PVC material do not scream ‘durability,’ but they last for years. It’s because vinyl fences are stronger than wood and more resistant to damage than wooden pickets. You can easily set up the semi-privacy vinyl fence near your pool or a sprinkler hose and not worry about the water damaging the fence material. Vinyl fences are waterproof and do not rot, rust, or absorb moisture. All Duramax fencing materials feature thicker walls ensuring strength, durability, and resilience. The thick fence walls eliminate problems usually found in thinner fencing materials, like cracking, sagging, and warping. The high-end Duramax Fence products last for many years and bring peace of mind.

Low maintenance

One of the greatest benefits of installing a vinyl fence is that they are extremely easy to maintain. The vinyl fences do not require regular repainting or repair. The fences are scratch resistant and non-porous and do not get dirty easily. If you want to clean the vinyl fences, then wash the material with a garden hose to remove dirt, debris, or stains. Sometimes, mold, algae, or mildew might start to grow on the vinyl fence. If that’s the case, then hosing off the fence with soap and water is ideal. You can also scrub the fence walls with mild detergents to remove stains. The good news is that Duramax Vinyl Fences are virtually maintenance-free and do not require extensive cleaning or expensive repair.

While vinyl fencing products are low maintenance, Duramax goes a step further and looks into things like impact resistance, yellowing of the fences, heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, and other characteristics that make the fences more durable and eases maintenance problems.

Duramax – DirtGaurd Proprietary Bottom Rail Design

The unique DirtGuardTM fence bottom rail design is a patented design to minimize the build-up of dirt, debris, and other waste matter at the bottom rails across the perimeter of the fence line. This design ensures that the maintenance is easier and the fence line remains cleaner for longer. Duramax Fences do not require regular cleaning. However, occasionally you need to clean up the fences to ensure the sheen and aesthetics are preserved.

Pet and kid-friendly fence

One of the most overlooked benefits of installing a vinyl fence is its pet and child-friendliness. The vinyl fences are resistant to chemicals, non-toxic, and lead-free. So even if your pets start chewing the fences or the kids play around the garden, the vinyl fences do not pose any harm. However, while wooden fences might look safe, splinters and rough edges on the wooden material are bad news for kids and dogs who might love exploring the garden and playing around. That’s why the switch from the wooden fence to Duramax Vinyl Fencing that’s smooth, durable, and does not have sharp corners or splinters, which minimizes the risk of injuries and potential accidents.

UV stability and weatherability

Most vinyl fences have a bad reputation for fading and warping under intense heat. However, if you come for Duramax Fences, you don’t have to worry about fading, discoloration, or fences turning yellow. Being one of the leading fence manufacturers in the US, Duramax provides the most durable vinyl fence available in contemporary times. Our perfected line of vinyl fences meets the region’s extreme weather fluctuations and can last several years without falling apart. The proprietary DuraResinTM vinyl formulation strengthens the fences to withstand the intense southwest and northwest sun. In addition, we use a high percentage of titanium dioxide and highly perfected UV inhibitors to offer the fences weatherability and highest-rated UV stability.

DIY affordable fence installation

While some inexperienced fence manufacturers and installers will suggest installing the fence with external brackets and unsightly screws – it’s not ideal. The brackets and screws make the fences weak and prone to cracking, breaking, and falling apart. Duramax Fences are built with a strong routing and interlocking system which doesn’t fall apart. The DIY installation is easy, and you might only need a gardener or a local contractor for assistance. Moreover, when you choose Duramax Fences over other fence companies, you save at least 29% on labor and fencing during the installation. Not to forget, Duramax Vinyl Fences come with a warranty and are shipped within approximately 2 weeks at factory-direct costs. If you plan to buy semi-privacy fencingget commercial-grade products from Duramax – engineered for maximum durability!

Final Words

Our vinyl fences are made from plastic but don’t look garishly man-made. Instead, we customize the fences just the way you want. You can ask the manufacturers to mimic the classic wooden look or opt for something bolder and more striking. Book a free consultation today if you plan to redesign your home and install a semi-privacy vinyl fence in your garden. Our fences are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to fall in love with! Request for a no-obligation quote!

Why Should You Install a Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence?

buy semi privacy fencing

Do you wish to make your yard more private and secure, yet you are not comfortable completely blocking the outside view? Then, you need to invest in a semi-privacy vinyl fence. The semi-privacy fence stands true to its name and offers significant privacy but doesn’t completely block the view like a privacy fence. The semi privacy vinyl fence has slender spaced panels that allow some natural light in yet creates adequate privacy to guard your personal space against prying eyes. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vinyl fences. If you want to buy semi-privacy fencing that complements the aesthetics of your property and has all features of functionality, then Duramax is the one-stop destination in the US. We install a wide range of vinyl fences to solve your problems related to safety, security, and privacy. Our fences enhance the aesthetics of the space as we customize the style to fit your requirements.

The versatility of Duramax semi privacy fence

The high-quality semi-privacy vinyl fence comes in various versatile clean designs to match any home. The semi-privacy fencing style is a perfect balance between airflow and privacy. The semi-privacy fences offer you privacy without complete isolation. Duramax Semi-Privacy Fences provide the right amount of seclusion and are ideal for those who find privacy fences suffocating. This kind of fence has approximately ½ inch spacing between the pickets for allowing light and air to enter the property while at the same time offering the right amount of seclusion and privacy. The limited visibility of a semi-privacy fence creates a feeling of comfort and openness. The semi-privacy fences look similar from both sides and are made up of 2 fence lines running parallel to one another, and the slats are attached to the same posts and rails, making them a neighbor-friendly fencing choice. Duramax Semi-Privacy Fences come in the standard size of 3ft to 6ft high x 8ft wide, but you can now opt for customization and choose various styles, sizes, and colors to add security, privacy, and aesthetics.

The real reasons why Americans prefer to buy Duramax Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

A vinyl fence does more than add safety and security to your home. It’s a long-lasting choice that adds beauty to your space. Duramax Vinyl Fences are ideal if you need to install the fence for your yard, pool, acreage, or farm. Here are a few reasons why people buy semi-privacy vinyl fencing rather than other alternatives.

Highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Ordinary vinyl fences often come with complaints of yellowing and fading. In addition, these fences are not UV resistant and highly susceptible to heat warpage. Duramax has addressed all these problems and offers a highly durable fencing solution. At Duramax, we have perfected our line of fencing products to meet extreme weather conditions and withstand the intense heat of the southwest and northwest sun. At Duramax, we use the proprietary DuraResinTM vinyl formulation that’s designed to withstand the southwest sun and protect the fence from warping and fading. In addition, highly-perfected UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of titanium dioxide are used to make the Duramax Fences UV resistant and weatherproof than any other vinyl available today.

Low maintenance

Vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. The smooth vinyl surface prevents dirt or debris from sticking or building up over the rails. Vinyl is a waterproof material that makes cleaning easier with a damp mop and soap. You can also use a garden hose to wash the fence panels clean. While all vinyl fences are easy to clean, Duramax looks into greater details like impact resistance, yellowing, heat warpage, cold temperature cracking, and other durability factors during the manufacturing process to ease any maintenance problems. Duramax Fences are a one-time investment and can last for 25 to 30 years without much repairing.

DuraGrain Fences – The unmissable wooden appeal

Vinyl fences look great but are you missing out on the appeal of wooden fencing? You can now get the best of both worlds. Duramax has come up with the DuraGrain fencing that offers the virtues of both wood and vinyl. The Duragrain fence looks and feels like real wood but has a cell configuration of vinyl, which makes the fencing line durable, low maintenance, termite-resistant, rot-free, mold-free and strong.

Install Duramax Fences and save 29% on fencing and labor

Duramax Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence comes at factory-direct prices and is shipped within 2 weeks. The hassle-free DIY installation can save you thousands on fencing and labor. In addition, Duramax Fences are affordable and tax-free, and the 4-day installation requires only two people for the job. Overall, while your local fence supplier can charge you $9,474.48 to install a 160 ft Fence Project, Duramax charges only $7,176.92 for the same. Request a quote now. Book a free consultation.

Beautiful Outdoor Area Increase the Value of Your Home

Vinyl Fencing

Have you been debating whether to make investments in your outdoor living space? Unmistakably, the answer is yes. The fact that it will raise the worth of your home is among the finest justifications for doing so. No matter how big your house is, we could use a little more room. A stunning outdoor living area might also influence a buyer’s decision to submit an offer while you’re trying to sell your house.

Here are some reasons why outdoor living space increase your home’s value:

  1. Landscaping is a long-term value: Even if you have no immediate plans to sell, landscaping has lasting value. An improved outdoor space will start working for you right away, and what’s better than a beautiful-looking fencing? Buy semi-privacy fencing in the hue and texture of your choice that will increase the value of your property over time, provided you maintain the new landscaping and exterior elements. The neighborhood as a whole benefits when a single home’s value increases. The value of the nearby houses also increases with it.
  2. Create the backyard of your dreams: You can create your outdoor space to express your individual interests and decor style, which is another strong incentive to upgrade them. There are countless options, from flowers to water features to fences to gazebos. Maybe it’s time to build the English cottage-style backyard with climbing roses and a vinyl gazebo you’ve always wanted. Maybe you want to highlight the Mediterranean-style design of your home with a custom vinyl patio and lots of bougainvilleas. There are countless design possibilities, and they all raise the value of your house. 
  3. Entertain friends and family: You’ll be more inclined to host gatherings for friends and family if you improve your outdoor areas. Why not host the festivities outside and enjoy the pleasant weather? When you upgrade your outdoor living space, you’ll use the yard more frequently all year. And as your yard will be well-secured with Duramax semi-privacy fencing, you need not worry about trespassing. The heat-resistant semi privacy fences made from 100% virgin vinyl are excellent for keeping intruders out. The vinyl fences are 5 times stronger than wooden ones and don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. 
  4. Improve the aesthetics of your home exterior – The tell-tale signs of an old fence are warping, rotting, cracking, and breaking. It’s time to install a new fence if your current one exhibits deterioration or wear and tear symptoms. But have you decided on the type of fence you’ll put in? A picket fence, for instance, would look fine on a traditional-style home. The perimeter fence is perfect for a contemporary home. While a densely populated area could necessitate the purchase of semi-private fencing, this would allow you to keep good neighborly ties while ensuring a safe distance for maintaining your own private space. Due to its exceptional strength, resilience, and longevity, Duramax Fences are among the best on the market. Different colors, styles, and designs can be added to the lovely Duragrain fence. The fences are simple to maintain and watertight. Rinse with a garden hose or use a sponge to wipe the fence line.

Why Duramax?

Duramax Fences are extremely weather-resistant. They do not warp, crack, or break down when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also, the fences are extremely strong, durable, and capable of withstanding intense heat, cold, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms, as they are made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Furthermore, the heat-resistant semi-privacy fences from Duramax are made from 100% virgin vinyl, which keeps the trespassers away.

If you’re considering getting a new fence, spend your money on Duramax-only fencing that is strong and long-lasting. The barriers are made from thicker vinyl sheets. The high-grade vinyl makes sure that the fences are tougher and more durable than other common ones. Warping, sagging, and fence breaking are all problems that thicker vinyl solves. Additionally, Duramax fencing has no exterior hardware that could detract from its looks or weaken the fence over time. The high-quality fences’ robust routing system provides exceptional strength and resilience, which interlocks the fence panels with one another. Duramax Fences can withstand large strikes and severe impacts and are impact-resistant. Duramax Fences exceed ASTM standards and are considered one of the strongest and most durable among all others. Made from thicker vinyl sheets, the Duramax Fences don’t warp, sag, break, or crack easily. The beautiful fences should resist harsh weather, heat, and fire. The DuraResin vinyl formulation has over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to ensure optimal resistance against the Southwest heat and the scorching sun’s rays. The waterproof vinyl fences have 105mph wind resistance and can withstand heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and any heavy blows. Vinyl fences don’t crack in the cold weather or warp in heat. Duramax Fences have the highest UV stability and exceptional weather resistance.

Final words

Are you still wondering if your outdoor living areas will boost the value of your house? Whatever your motivation for spending money on your outdoor living areas, rest assured that many renovation alternatives can assist raise the value of your house.

In reality, Duramax Fences sells vinyl fences, gates, patios, decks, gazebos, and deck covers. Whatever your aesthetic and functional objectives, we can assist you in achieving them—purchase semi-private fencing from a top US producer. A limited lifetime warranty is offered with Duramax Fences. The fences don’t turn yellow and are recyclable. The vinyl fences provide maintenance-free functionality for a lifetime. Schedule a free consultation today. Then ask Duramax’s professionals for a free estimate. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Contact Duramax today and avail this freebie.

Now, you have a chance of getting 25% off your shipping charges and an additional 5% off your total cart order. Hurry and order today. Use the code SUMMER5OFF to get the benefits.

Get a New Fencing For Your Property

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

The tell-tale signs of an old fence are warping, rotting, cracking, and breaking. If your fence shows signs of damage or wear and tear – then it’s time to install a new fence. However, have you decided what kind of fence to install? For example, a picket fence would look good if you have a traditional property. For a modern home, the perimeter fence is ideal. While a clustered neighborhood might require you to buy semi privacy fencing that would enable you to maintain good relations with the neighbors yet ensure a safe distance for maintaining your own private space. Duramax fences are among the finest for their high durability, resilience, and strength. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying fences that last long and cater to your needs.

Transform Your Property with Durable Elegance: Explore the Best Fencing Options

Invest in a more durable fence – Thicker quality vinyl

If you plan to buy a new fence, invest in durable fencing made exclusively by Duramax. The fences get manufactured using thicker vinyl sheets. The thick quality vinyl ensures that the fences are more durable and stronger than ordinary ones. Thicker vinyl eliminates issues like warping, sagging, and breaking of the fence. With that Duramax, fences don’t have external hardware that can spoil the aesthetics and make the fence line weak over time. The high-quality fences have a strong routing system where the fence panels are interlocked, offering outstanding strength and resilience. Duramax fences are impact-resistant and can sustain heavy blows and high impacts.

DuraGrain option

Customize and buy semi-privacy fencing for your property. The DuraGrain fence is a great alternative to wooden fencing. The Duramax fence does not rot, stain, fade or attract termites. The beautiful DuraGrain fence gets customized in various styles, designs, and colors. The waterproof fences are easy to maintain. Just rinse with a garden hose or get a sponge to wipe the fence line. The semi-privacy fence is ideal for homes that want isolation yet need some open space to get a peek at the outside world.

Weather-resistant fencing

If you get a new fence installed in your yard, opt for Duramax Fences’s DuraResin vinyl formulated fences. The beautiful vinyl fences should be resistant to weather, heat, and fire. The DuraResin formulation has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for ensuring optimal resistance against heat and the scorching Sun’s rays. The waterproof fences have 105mph wind resistivity and can withstand heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, etc. In addition, vinyl fences don’t crack in the cold or warp in heat. Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and exceptional weather resistivity. Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours here.


Buy semi-privacy fencing from the leading manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. The fences are recyclable and don’t turn yellow. The vinyl fences offer a lifetime of carefree performance. 

Book a free consultation today.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Semi-Privacy Fencing

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

You may be considering installing a fence for privacy and security. However, there has recently been a decorative aspect to these objects using vinyl fencing material. Purchase semi-privacy fencing and install the appropriate fencing material around your home. A beautiful customized fence can send the perfect style message.

Unlocking Tranquility: Discover the Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Semi-Privacy Fencing

Keep a boundary with the outside world

Trespassers are deterred by strong USA vinyl fencing made of 100 percent virgin vinyl. The impact-resistant fences are 5 times stronger than wood, and they do not rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. In addition, the fade-resistant fences do not require whitewashing and can look new for an extended period. Duramax fences outperform ASTM standards and are among the strongest and most durable. Duramax fences are made from thicker vinyl sheets and will not easily warp, sag, break, or crack. Duramax fences are exceptionally strong because they lack unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences are constructed using an efficient routing system, and the fence panels are interlocked.

You can keep your privacy without feeling suffocated

Friendly neighbors aren’t necessarily bad, but keeping them at a safe distance to protect your privacy is. As a result, privacy fences that provide complete isolation are not recommended. Instead, invest in semi-private fencing that will give you privacy while not completely isolating you from your neighbor. Vinyl fences are inexpensive to maintain. A rinsing with a garden hose is required to keep the fences looking new. However, you can use a sponge to remove debris and dirt from the surface of the stain-resistant fences. The fence does not warp, crack, or break down when exposed to harsh weather conditions. The Duramax vinyl fences are extremely durable and can withstand intense heat, cold, and heavy rainfall, as they are made with DuraResin vinyl formulation.

Beautifying Your House’s Exterior

Vinyl fencing is strong and durable, so vinyl fence manufacturers like Duramax Fences offer a lifetime warranty on their products. If you can select these fences strategically, they can boost up the exterior home decorations. We spoke to experts, and they had to say that by installing a semi privacy fence, you can add a bit of personal touch to your home exterior. Are you bothered about mud stains dampening the color of your fence on a rainy day? We want to say that basic soap and water can remove the darkest of such stains. If you carefully select such fences, the home exteriors are safe, and simultaneously, the property looks beautiful. Duramax Fences is also offering free samples now. Contact today to claim yours.

Easy Installation

No brackets and screws are required on these white vinyl fences as they can be installed easily. It is to be noted that these fences are heat resistant and impact-resistant, and after the installation, there are no chances of falling apart. Even during strong winds or rough weather conditions, you can remain assured that your fences will remain in perfect position. Being ASTM F964 tested, our fences reach the minimum required for installation.  

Get a quote today.

Variety Of Fencing Themes To Try Out In Your New Home

Duragrain Privacy

Fencing around a piece of land was initially introduced for demarcation purposes. However, the land was often the source of conflict with the adjacent property owner, and hence to address this problem, the concept of fencing came into being. However, today the world has changed significantly, and these days the importance of fencing is being felt for more reasons. It is common to drive around town, and you should stumble upon the vinyl range of fences installed around many homes.

Exploring a Diverse Range of Fencing Themes for Your New Home

Utilities of having a semi privacy fence

These days the utility of fences is more and surely demarcation of property is still a big reason. However, the security aspect has also made it necessary to have a vinyl fence installed around your home. Unless you live in an apartment, there is a need to have a fence installed. Even an apartment needs a fence, but that is the lookout for every apartment owner within the community. Another key reason for fences to be popular is that they help maintain privacy. The last thing you would want is your personal life discussed in the public domain. Buy semi privacy fence and install it around your house to prevent all of this. 

What are the options to install a fence today?

You could feel that the need for fencing goes beyond basic property boundaries and is an essential part of modern homes. As you explore the various fencing options, you will feel that there is a lot of variety to try out. There are fences made of pure wood, aluminum, and also vinyl. Lately, fences made of pure vinyl are being preferred by most homeowners in the United States. We would insist that one can narrow down to the product range on offer from the best vinyl fence manufacturers for your fencing needs. 

An insight into the benefits of vinyl fences

The advent of vinyl as a fencing material has been a revolutionary development in the industry, and people love it. It is the security and durability factor to look out for as you install a fence. The vinyl material is much stronger than wood, and we would like to offer an industry-specific update. There has been a demand for vinyl fencing among horse farm owners. A horse will attempt to break the fencing and stray onto the roadside. However, most of these farm owners have to say that the attempts have been unsuccessful. Therefore, you could see that it is a durable and much stronger product than wood. 

Multi-utility fences

The careful installation of privacy fence panels will ensure that outsiders do not get a peek into private life. These fences also serve decorative purposes, and your home should look special from the street. You can also decorate the backyard of your house by installing a patio cover and use that place to spend some relaxed evenings with your family there or play games with your kids. When your yard is secure, you can use it for outdoor parties and bonfires too. The initial installation cost of vinyl fences is a bit more than its wood variety, but that is it. These fences can last a lifetime and require negligible maintenance.

Contact us to buy semi privacy fencing today.

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