Choose Vinyl Fences Over The Wooden Ones

virgin vinyl fence

Wood is a formidable opponent. Wood once dominated the fencing market due to its long history, numerous benefits, and popularity. However, it now has to compete with technologically advanced materials, many of which provide exceptional benefits at a low cost. For example, vinyl fencing lasts much longer than wood, requires little maintenance, and is resistant to termites, fungus, and fire). Vinyl, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive than wood. In addition, a good fence can improve the security and privacy of your yard.

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Vinyl Fences Over Wooden Ones

On the other hand, the wooden fence requires a lot of upkeep. A better option would be to buy long-lasting  virgin vinyl fencing. So, if you’re going to build a new fence, should you go with wood or vinyl? Stay tuned to find out!


Which product is stronger? Which one can withstand turbulent weather? Vinyl wins this debate hands-down. Vinyl can withstand harsh weather, pests, decay, and fungus. Although wood fences can last around 20 years, they will break over time, and you will have to repair and replace them. Also, the type of wood will affect the fence’s durability, as some wood species are more structurally robust and resistant to rot and decay.

Not all vinyl fences are strong enough to sustain extreme weather conditions. Some fences warp in excess heat. Want to avoid this happening to your fence? Then, get the DuraResin vinyl formulated fence. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors create the ideal fence with the highest rated UV stability and is highly resistant to extreme weather. Such fences don’t warp in heat or develop ugly cracks for the cold weather. Vinyl fences are waterproof, making them resistant to heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms. The fences have cleared the wind test of 105mph and can easily withstand heavy ice storms, harsh winds, and so on. No matter how terrifying the weather conditions are, a good fence should be able to stand tall and not fall over.

Duramax is a one-stop destination for buying premium quality vinyl fences. To fabricate great fence boards, Duramax Fences manufacturers utilize thick vinyl sheets and 100% unadulterated virgin vinyl.

No-fuss maintenance

Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance. You may want to use a garden hose on it from time to time to remove built-up dirt, but that chore will not be required to perform often. On the other hand, wood requires an abundance of maintenance if you want it to look clean and presentable and last for years to come. It will need cleaning periodically, treated, and stained almost every year, and unfortunately, staining can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition, wood rots as the years go by. Finally, as it warps and begins to fall apart, you will need to replace the damaged lumber.


Vinyl is briefly more expensive than wood. However, you will not be required to pay anything after your initial investment. Except in extreme weather conditions, your vinyl fencing should remain secure and beautiful for many years to come without the need for costly maintenance or repairs. While wood is less expensive initially, it necessitates frequent treatments and stains. Because it does not last as long as vinyl, if you have lived in your home for more than 10-15 years, you will most likely need to replace the fence at some point. Consider the size of your project when deciding between wood and vinyl fencing. If you have a limited budget but a large yard, you may want to go with wood. However, if the area you will be fencing in is small enough to afford the upfront cost, choose vinyl.

Provides aesthetical enhancement To Your Home

Many people prefer the elegant look of a real wood fence. It is traditional and offers an all-American appeal. However, wood also breaks down pretty quickly. Although it will arrive in good condition, it will decay, rot, and perhaps even be consumed by termites over time. So, if you want your fence to remain pristine and beautiful, choose vinyl. Then, you will not have to worry about paint chipping, stain treatments, termites, or weathering. Whichever material you choose, be sure to go for quality fences and install them correctly, as these factors influence the fence’s aesthetic appeal as well.

Some houses are exceptionally beautiful, but having a good fence can further enhance its appeal. Buy vinyl fences from Duramax that you can customize to suit your taste and help enhance the visual aesthetics of your place. Vinyl fencing is captivating to the eye yet extremely enduring. Duramax Fences customizes vinyl fences in various designs and colors. 

Vinyl fences are easier to keep clean

An occasional rinse with a garden hose is pretty much all it takes to banish dirt from a vinyl fence. Wood fences will likely need power washing and possibly detergents more frequently as their porous nature makes them sensitive to mold and mildew. But, on the other hand, vinyl does not accumulate dirt that much. Therefore, it will take less of your valuable time on its cleaning and maintenance. You should also keep the color in mind. White shows dirt more, so vinyl may be your best bet if you want white.

Weather-resistant fences

Harsh weather can cause your fences to undergo wear and tear. Nowadays, vinyl fence manufacturers build high-quality vinyl fences that are not damaged by heat because of the DuraResin vinyl formulation. In addition, there are over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors in them, ensuring vinyl fences are resistant to heat and sun rays. As a result, the fences are extremely durable and don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites, ensuring strength for the longest time.

With its long life, lack of maintenance, formidable strength, and beautifully versatile appearance, vinyl should be your preferred choice for fencing. Although vinyl is more expensive up front, it provides a better return on investment and will not require regular maintenance like wood fencing.

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Benefits of Getting Vinyl Fencing at Your Home

Vinyl Fence

Time and age have made vinyl fencing the most popular in the contemporary situation. There are plenty of advantages to choosing vinyl fencing. The wooden fence is not enough to offer optimal protection, but vinyl fences can do the security job well. Go for custom vinyl fencing if you want fencing to reflect your stylishness. It will also allow you to add a personal touch when choosing the fencing style for your home.

Discover the Advantages of Incorporating Vinyl Fencing into Your Home with Duramax

Why choose the USA-made vinyl fencing?

Duramax vinyl fences are the most durable fences that are locally made with high-quality thicker vinyl sheets. The wooden fences will rot within a year, and metal fences rust pretty easily. Only the vinyl fences are durable and stay in good shape for the longest time. When you buy good quality vinyl fences, it needs no repairing and replacement unless intentional damage is caused to the fencing. The special DuraResin formulation of the Duramax vinyl fences ensures that the fences have a higher degree of weather-resistivity and can endure torments. The high UV resistance makes them ideal for surviving the scorching heat from the sun rays Southwest Sun. Vinyl fence is weather-resistant as well and can survive extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl fencing does not need any external brackets and unsightly screws for installation. The fence has an excellent routing system with interlocking fence panels for increased strength and durability. One of the supreme qualities of a USA vinyl fence is that it’s 100% waterproof and does not rot even if it rains heavily or comes in contact with water. The Duramax vinyl fences are made with 100% virgin vinyl, ensuring that it does not rot, fade, break, crack, or delaminate easily. 


The Duramax vinyl fences are durable as the vinyl walls are thick, and the installation procedure is perfect. Vinyl fences stand strong under any circumstance. They won’t rot, blister, or allow fungus growth, and you will not have to worry about them cracking due to weather or getting old. Even excessive heat, cold, strong winds, storms, and heavy rainfall will not be able to break these weather-resistant fences. In addition, vinyl fences are fire-resistant and impenetrable to pests. The fences are fixed deep in the ground. So, you need not take the stress of the fence getting uprooted. Even in storms, the fences may bend slightly, but they will return to their original state once the wind stops.


Installing vinyl fencing is a long-term fencing solution for your property. Installation quotes for vinyl fencing might seem just a tag higher, but there are many benefits to gain. Now, after debating the durability or strength of vinyl as a fencing material, you can comprehend why these fences hardly encounter rust or decay. The manufacturers of vinyl fences include DuraResin vinyl formulation that prevents decay even in extreme weather. This is why plenty of manufacturers of vinyl fences can offer lifetime warranties. Furthermore, it is a fencing product that requires very little maintenance, and one need not have to spend hours behind it. There is hardly much to do after the installation.

Attractive Appearance

Although a fence’s primary function is to provide a barrier, there’s no shame in admitting that an attractive barrier complements the surrounding structures would be preferable. Vinyl fence is available in several colors, including white, tan, and grey, which don’t need to be painted. In addition, vinyl fence manufacturers offer a wide range of styles with decorative caps to match. Duramax vinyl fencing is also available with a simulated wood grain look known as DuraGrain vinyl fence. It gives you the look of wood without all the extra maintenance cost of it.


The ASTM certification applies to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) exterior profiles used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The only material used in the external profiles of the fences is the rigid polyvinyl chloride compounds in a single homogeneous extrusion or two PVC compounds coextrusion in different layers. The materials must undergo dimensional tolerances, extrusion quality, and weatherability to meet the physical property standards. The ASTM methods for exterior testing include impact resistance, dimensional stability, warp, and impact testing on weathered specimens.

Duramax, a reputed vinyl fence manufacturer manufactures fences out of high-quality vinyl. To maintain their quality, they go through several processes. One of them is the ASTM certification. Apart from the installation charges, Duramax fencing does not need maintenance except a cleaning once a fortnight or a month. By choosing Duramax fences, you will also get a limited lifetime warranty.

The Vinyl Being Applied Is Thick

The types of vinyl being applied are very thick. The thick vinyl is ideal for making the panels last longer. We ensure that the panels remain durable for a long period without getting exposed to major damages. We cater to the best vinyl fences in the USA, and we can assure you that you will not have to spend anything extra in the days to come.  

Fences Are Tested Before It Reaches Our Customers

Our fences are quality certified and ideal to withstand high-pressure situations. Duramax fences are high in demand by homeowners as they are heat and impact resistant. If you still have any doubt regarding our product or services, you are always welcome to call us up or drop in at our physical location.

How Duramax makes the best custom vinyl fences in the USA

Are you eager to increase the security of your property? If so, get in touch with us. We are a professional fence manufacturer ready to help you out as and when required. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of fence manufacturing, and we ensure to create durable structures that will last at least a couple of decades. Before you go ahead and buy custom vinyl fences from Duramax, let us discuss some advantages that you can avail yourself of from us. Read it on and learn about the benefits you will get from us.

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