Lily Installed a New Vinyl Fence Around Her Property Before Her Newborn Arrived

Lily wanted to install a fence around her home before she welcomes her newborn baby. She was ready for a home improvement to welcome the baby’s arrival and secure her property. Lily searched the internet for fencing solutions in the Western USA; she asked her colleagues and friends about fence manufacturers. Finally, she chose Duramax vinyl fence Company; we are the leaders in offering quality vinyl fencing solutions in the Western USA. 



Lily spoke to the Duramax experts for a consultation, since she would welcome a baby she wanted to install colorful fences. We assured her that our vinyl fences are available in different colors that do not fade and need no repainting. The fences have no lead, thus very safe to touch. We also told her that our fences are incredibly durable and can endure the Southwest sun’s intensity. She need not worry about the durability; various weather conditions do not usually damage vinyl fences. Our fences are professionally manufactured to endure the Southwest sun, its scorching heat. Duramax uses DuraResin formulation, and this gives the fences a lot of heat tolerance. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and specific UV inhibitors; thus, the fences gain the highest UV stability and the ability to endure weather conditions. We added that in case Lily installed a lighter color or white fence, she did not have to worry about the fences turning yellowish. The white color fences remain white for years. 


She completed her home improvement, which included the fence installation, and shared some pictures with us for her pre-delivery photo shoot. Our team felt so good after seeing her so happy and satisfied with our product. Her testimonial said, “These are the pictures I shared from my baby shower, my property looks so vibrant, new, and ready to welcome the new life. Thank you Duramax, you did it within our budget”. 


The fences are made of thicker vinyl sheets having a robust routing system and a proper locking system. Those also look flawless because we do not attach any screws or brackets. Duramax fences have ample resistivity; it is not affected by heat, fire, freezing temperatures, and impact. In case there is a storm, the fences can endure wind up to a speed of 150 mph. Duramax fences promise to maintain its quality; all products go through a quality check before supplying it to the market. The vinyl fences exceed the ASTM F964 certification, and this is pretty high compared to the other fences in the market. 


We also informed Lily that the fences are very easy to clean and need no special maintenance. The fences do not stain, so cleaning is hassle-free. If you are also installing a vinyl fence, rinsing it with a garden hose is enough to take off the dust, and the fences would shine again. Upon installing a vinyl fence, you do not have regular maintenance; this saves time, money, and effort. 


Duramax vinyl fences offer traditional beauty and lifetime performance. Our product is environment-friendly, which means it can be recycled. Order today and get a limited lifetime warranty. Choose among local fencing contractors for an affordable installation.



How to buy Vinyl Fencing—expert insight into buying vinyl fences the RIGHT way through industry expert Viken Ohanesian, CEO of Duramax

Vinyl Fencing found its wide spread acceptance in the U.S in the early 90’s. This was the beginning of a new revolution in the housing and outdoor industry. Vinyl fencing is sold through a variety of different outlets. The main outlets that offer vinyl fencing are home centers, fencing contractors or dealers, and lastly one may also have the option to buy from online fencing retailers.

There are quite a few differences between buying from these different outlets and each has its pros and cons. For example, buying your vinyl fencing from home centers, is probably the most cost-effective solution and would be an option for someone who is looking to buy within a specific budget. The products offered at home centers are typical the lowest-residential grade product there is out there. However, when you focus on budget during a purchase, you give up some other characteristics of the product. For example, durability & strength, functionality, and design elements. The advantage of buying from home centers such as Home Depot or Lowes, is that you are purchasing at a cost that is within you budget and you can use your own resources for the installment. However, the con might be that you may want a professional to install it to ensure it is more securely placed. 

Fencing contractors or dealers, usually offer a more upgraded or prograde product. The products offered by them, might be thicker, more durable, better formulated, and less in the way of recycled materials. The pro for buying from a fencing contractor is that they are offering an installed product. They rarely sell you the materials alone, as the purpose of their business is to sell you their product and installation. Some may see this as too costly or unnecessary. 

In terms of online fencing retailers, if you find the right online store you can get prograde products at a great value, because there are no overheads of warehousing and storing and all that stuff that you find with the home centers.

When buying vinyl fencing it really depends on what you are looking for in terms of price and installation method. If you’re looking for full service then the fence contractor dealer is your way to go. If you’re looking for a good quality product then you can buy it online at the right specialized store and share the instructions with a gardener or landscaper or even a fence contractor, or any contractor to install it for you. If you are looking for something that is within a budget, then you may want to buy it from a home center and go through the challenges of installment with your own resources, whether that’s your gardener or whoever.

When considering vinyl fencing, brand does matter! There are various brands of fencing available and believe it or not they each offer different grades of quality and performance. For example, some brands are really focused on being in different parts of the country, due to the various characteristics taken into consideration with vinyl fencing. These characteristics may include heat deflection, UV stability, and impact resistance. These qualities are important in order to avoid the fencing from turning yellow under the sun, or cracking when hit with freezing temperatures. This being said, different brands of vinyl fencing offer different grades of products. Various manufacturers really carter to their regions. The nice thing about Duramax is that it’s a Western company designed for the Western Climate, the Southwest sun. The UV resistance, the heat deflection becomes number one on the list of quality characteristics of the Duramax product.

A guideline given by industry expert, Viken Ohanesian, CEO of U. S Polymers, suggests “to look at who the manufacturer is and make sure you have a solid manufacturer’s warranty, because when there is no brand and it’s a generic type of product then you don’t really know what you are buying or who is standing behind it. You want to research the manufacturer, go to their website make sure that you have the confidence that if anything should go wrong you are going to be backed up.” Viken recommends to stick with a brand that is reputable and recognizable in terms of their products and customer satisfaction. 

The best ways to buy Durmax Vinyl fencing, which is a division brand from within U.S Polymers is to go to the Duramax site and find authorized dealers in your areas. If no dealers are present in your area then you have the option to buy the product right then and there.

Duramax helped Tim to find the right kind of vinyl fence for his garden area that gets lot of sunlight

Tim loves sunshine and is fond of gardening so he owns a little space in front of his house where colorful flowers blooms and now he is also into farming a few vegetables. He was looking for a durable fencing solution to safeguard his garden space; he asked friends, looked into the internet and reached to Duramax for a solution. We assured him that he was at the right place for a fencing solution and all he needed was a sturdy vinyl fence. We are a fence company that is catering to clients for more than a decade. So, we are aware of most of the client requirements when it comes to fencing.


There are still so many customers like Tim who love wooden fences, its rustic appeal, the rich texture and the feel. We do not turn them down and this is why we have manufactured vinyl fences that look similar to wood. So, when Tim asked us why vinyl and not wooden fences we assured him that vinyl is an improved solution compared to wood. We have fences that look just like wood but you do not have to deal with the drawbacks of wood like rotting, termite infestation, staining, wearing out and perishing. Instead Tim was happier to have the liberty to choose fences of any color and once installed it would be for a lifetime. We want to tell all of you that now that we have a new website solely for fencing, you can come online to choose your fences and order.

Tim is now stunned by the durability of our vinyl fences, he told the team that the vinyl used was really thick and he did not have to invest in any screws and brackets. We assured him that the routing system of our fences is very strong with adequate locking procedure. Once you choose and order your fence, hire fencing contractors who can complete the installation process and the charges are quite nominal.

Tim did not have to worry about investment because the fences are so durable that it did not need any special maintenance so far and we ensured him that once installed the fences are almost for a lifetime. The products remain unchanged in heat, cold, in high impact and fire which is amazing. Quality is one thing we are very cautious about, we want our customers to rely on our products so all the fences are tested for quality; the fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards which is quite high when compared to the rest of the fencing industry.

White Tim was convinced about getting vinyl fences for his garden space which receives ample sunlight. He was worried about how vinyl fences would react to the sun? So, if you are thinking the same, you should know that we have an experienced team of expert manufacturers and researchers who have created the Duraresin formulation. This formulation is used in manufacturing the fences to make it so sturdy that it can endure the Southwest sun and all other weather conditions.

He chose among the many fencing contractors and they were more than happy to install Duramax fences. Tim is a colorful person so he has chosen fences according to his choice but in case you are planning to install a white fence or any lighter shade, do it without hesitation because we assure that our fences retain their whiteness without showing any signs of turning yellow. All the products are wind tested, free from lead, made in the USA and recyclable. Get a limited lifetime warranty on all our fences, choose yours and order now.


Vinyl fencing has so many advantages – Choose Duramax among vinyl fencing suppliers in USA

The Southwest sun is very scorching so how durable do you think your fence should be? No other fencing material can survive the heat apart from vinyl, the most ideal fencing material. A fence apart from rendering security to the property also helps to increase the appeal. Now, fencing is a home improvement solution that involves pretty much expense. You simply cannot afford to install a fence and redo it all over again in just a few months time. There are various materials that are used for fencing like wood, metal but have you tried vinyl fencing yet? Vinyl is the newest fencing material, a magical innovation.

Al vinyl fences are not of premium quality, this is where you need to think about choosing a fencing contractor. If you are looking for vinyl fencing solutions, get in touch with Duramax. If you are in Ventura and searching for the renowned suppliers, you are sure to find Duramax among those. Duramax is very reputed; we have been offering vinyl fencing solutions for more than a decade now. We are leaders in offering all types of fencing solutions including custom vinyl fencing. If you are planning to install a fence for the first time, you should never settle on anything except vinyl, not wood or metal. At Duramax we manufacture affordable and durable fences that can withstand all external and internal factors. We have experts who are manufacturing various types of fences like private fences, semi private fences, white vinyl fences, picket fences, pool fences and more. Here we have a team of experts to guide you about the kind of fencing you need within your budget.

You have so many reasons to invest in vinyl fencing so keep reading the blog. Take a look:

Durability is incomparable:

Vinyl is extremely durable and has immense resistibility; it never loses its shine even if it’s kept in different weather conditions. Vinyl fences are thicker, they have interlocking systems and this makes the fences resistant to all sorts of impact and shocks.

Quality is the key:

At Duramax we do not compromise the quality; all our products are quality-checked before delivery. Our fences are made of superior quality vinyl and these are all manufactured in our own manufacturing unit. Our manufacturing team uses the DuraResin formulation to enhance the quality and we do constant research about improving quality.

Vinyl is a lifetime solution and can be installed DIY:

Do you feel that you should spend a little more money once and be happy for a lifetime? None of us like to spend money on repairs on a recurring basis; this is one big reason why you should install vinyl fences. Vinyl is a little on the expensive side but no other material would be a lifetime solution. Home improvement involves a lot of money and you cannot afford to do it again and again.

Duramax vinyl fence is very easy to install, you can do it yourself and save the labor charges. You do not need to be trained in installing vinyl fences; you can do it alone yourself. Incase you are not comfortable installing a fence by yourself, you can have our team to do it for you, the charges are nominal

 No maintenance:

 It’s wonderful when you install a fence that needs no cleaning and upkeep. Unlike wood and metal, vinyl does not demand any strict maintenance but if you wish you can wipe with dry cloth.

We are one of the most reputed fence contractors in California. For more information about fencing, connect with Duramax, please visit our website and call for a free sample.

Duramax fence company offering low maintenance and high quality vinyl fences in the USA

Fences are installed to enhance the safety and beauty of your property and there are different types of fencing materials that are used for the projects. Fences are always installed outdoor and this is why you need to ensure that that material can withstand certain conditions and your fences are long lasting. If you are planning for a project, choose a reliable and experienced fence company.

Quality plays a major role because the durability depends on it, so investing in vinyl fences is not enough but buying good quality is most important. Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for more than a decade now so we are sure about what we offer to our customers. The vinyl is specially engineered with Duraresin formulation to withstand the scorching Southwest Sun. These vinyl fences are exclusive because they are made of more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Our fences claim to have the highest UV stability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. If your old fences turned yellow, this time your new vinyl fences wont have issues of turning yellowish anytime soon after installation. Vinyl fences do not attract dust, dirt and no environmental factors can change its color.

If you are hunting for fences that would be low maintenance, try installing PVC fences. These fences do not demand much cleaning, no routine cleaning needed and you can simply wash off with a hose pipe or you can wipe off. The fences do not undergo any change due to any sort of impact or heat; even they do not crack under colder temperature.

The fences are manufactured maintaining all types of standards that exist within the fencing industry. Duramax fences go beyond the ASTM F964 standards and this is why you can completely rely on this product.

It’s completely fine if you have a fetish for wooden fences but the challenges that come with installing those fences are plenty. Wood is not very long-lasting if it’s exposed to the outside environment. You do not have to worry because now you can enjoy vinyl fences that look as rustic as wood. But you do not have to repaint; there is no rotting, no termites, no wear, no stains etc. The DuraGrain product is fabulous as it looks similar to wood and is available in a variety of vibrant colors. Vinyl fences are for a lifetime, it’s an investment that is worth.

Why do you think vinyl fences are durable? Duramax vinyl fences are thicker compared to the other manufacturers. The fences also have a very sturdy routing system that locks with every of its members.

Duramax being one of the top fencing contractors ensures that the fences are made in the USA and all our products are checked for quality before it’s released in the market. We manufacture various types of fences which includes the privacy fences, semi private ones, vinyl picket fences, white fences, ranch rails and more. The fences are also fire resistant, this ensures that no fire hazard takes place immediately; its 105 mph wind test passed, lead free manufacturing also enhances the quality. You can enjoy lifetime limited warranty and all the products are recyclable. 

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