What Purpose of Fencing Do Ranch Rail Fence Serve?

ranch rail fence

The concept of property demarcation should also be applicable for animal farms, and the needs are multiple here. A fence in place around the home serves two basic objectives. First, it prevents trespassers from entering, and street onlookers do not get a peek into their private life. The animal farm owners have another object to fulfill via the fence installation. They desperately need to prevent animals from escaping, and hence a ranch rail fence installation is a must for animal farms.

Exploring the Versatility and Purpose of Ranch Rail Fences in Agricultural Settings

The rail ranch version is a special variety of the fence

The animal farm owners normally install the ranch rail fence, and that is to cater to the security needs of animals. The fencing with a round rail will ensure no injury to the horse or the cow. However, lately, one will also witness an interesting trend in this variety of fences. The animal farm owners are still ordering the rail ranch variety, but there is a preference for some special ingredient in the fence composition. Earlier, these fences were made of pure wood, but lately, the trend has been to book such fences made of vinyl.

The advent of vinyl into the fencing industry

The use of vinyl as a fencing material is common these days, and vinyl has replaced wood as a fence material. Vinyl is a valuable material for fencing, and here are some reasons why animal farm owners need to install only the vinyl fence.

The animal farm fencing needs to be a lot stronger than private homes. In a private home, there will rarely be attacks on the fence. However, an animal farm fence must be ready to bear attacks from inmates. The horse blows falling on wooden fences will break it, and as an alternative, vinyl is much stronger. It will not be impacted even by the use of brute force.

One must note that vinyl can last in all weather conditions. No one can control the weather, and the fence will have to bear the wrath of nature. There will be hot sunshine, rain, and snow falling on the material, and despite such diverse impacts, the vinyl-based fences will show no signs of decay.

For commercial purposes, you are running an animal farm, and there is a need to select a fence, which offers very little maintenance hassle. One should note that vinyl also falls in this category, and some basic rinsing with water can clean plenty of dirt.

Vinyl is an artificial fencing material, yet it is eco-friendly. Vinyl does not react with chemicals and is recyclable.

When you install a vinyl ranch rail fence around your yard or stable, you can be assured your animal will not get any harm from the fence as the fence panels are interlocking. You do not need any screws or brackets for installation.

One should also realize that plenty of vinyl fence manufacturers can offer a lifetime warranty. It is after the installation; one need not have to worry much.

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Ranch Fences Makes Your Home Secure Without Blocking The View


You may not have a fence around the home, but certainly, the animal farm needs this material around the boundary walls. So, buy 3 ranch rail fences for their security.  The reasons are threefold, and if you’re in the animal business, you’ll know how important security is. First, you will want to prevent the mischievous elements from constantly entering the farm and walking away with animals unchallenged. In addition, the fence in place can prevent the theft of animals. This is just one reason, and we would like to give another reason for you to plan a fence installation. There is a possibility that your animals may wander into the roadside and lose their way. So, you will have to prevent your animal from escaping, and the ranch rail fence in place can help a lot.

Fences for animal farms

Animal farms have a different type of vinyl fencing than households, and the rail ranch fence is popular in these areas. We would advise you to choose materials made entirely of vinyl if you consider this type of fencing. This is the current fencing trend, and vinyl is gradually but steadily replacing traditional wood as a fencing material worldwide. Your first thought would be that vinyl is pricey, and we agree. However, there are other reasons why this material is so popular for fencing.

Vinyl fences can last lifelong

We spoke with some farmers who had constructed a 3 rail ranch fence made entirely of vinyl, and the majority of them stated they never had to look at it again. According to them, several vinyl fence manufacturers are willing to provide you with a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, finding a wood fence manufacturer who is confident in his product is difficult. As a result, even if the installation expenses are considerable at first, it is a one-time investment that should be sufficient. The main selling point for wood fence producers was that their product was long-lasting. Vinyl is far more durable than wood, according to experts.

Are there horses in the farm area? In such instances one must only look to install fences made of vinyl. This is a product known to take horse blows and yet show no signs of damage. 

Multiple benefits 

There are a number of points where vinyl fences score higher over wood or aluminum. A fence made of any other material than vinyl there out in the open and may even decay over time. But the vinyl fence manufacturers include ingredients, which prevent decay. It is of late with the use of technology; one should also run into affordable vinyl fencing. There is a price discount on the product, yet the basic features of a vinyl fence have not been compromised.

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Get to know why a vinyl ranch rail fence is a better choice than a wooden one

Ranch Rail fence

Many people are curious to know about the vinyl ranch rail fence. Are they better than wood? Can vinyl do a similar job as a wooden 3 rail ranch fence? Ranchers might love wooden fences, but now they are aware of the drawbacks. Wooden fences are high maintenance and rot easily under extreme weather conditions. Investing in a vinyl fence is a smart move for ranchers for innumerable reasons. Duramax fences are better than wood for several reasons.

It doesn’t rot, rust, or attract termites 

Duramax vinyl fences exceed ASTM standards and don’t rot, rust, or attract termites. The fences also don’t bend, buckle or start sagging like wooden fencing. Duramax vinyl ranch rail fence made with 100% virgin vinyl are of the highest quality and provide years of top-class service without fading or falling over. The vinyl ranch fences don’t split under pressure, warp in heat, or crack in cold temperatures. The flexible fences are strong enough to stand tall and proud for the longest time. The livestock sometimes bumps and crashes the fence, but vinyl fencing has no external hardware that might injure the animals. Duramax manufacturers don’t use external brackets and unsightly screws to build the fences. The Duramax fences have a strong routing system with interlocked fence panels. The absence of external hardware makes the non-wired fences great for ranches.

Durable and weather-resistant fencing is an asset 

Duramax 3 rail ranch fence is extremely durable. The fence gets manufactured with thicker vinyl sheets that make them exceptionally strong and long-lasting. The thicker material ensures that the fence line does not warp, sag, break, or get discolored easily. Vinyl fences don’t need whitewashing and repainting. The stain-resistant fences don’t fade or turn yellowish under the Sun. Even in the harsh summer weather, the vinyl fences don’t chalk or bleed their color. These fences can look fresh and bright for at least ten years or more.

Vinyl fences are highly resistant to external harsh weather conditions. The hot Sun is the main enemy of the fences. Made with the Duraresin vinyl formulation, the fences develop high resistivity to the intense heat and scorching rays. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors ensure that the fences don’t warp in excess heat or start sagging due to the hot climatic conditions. The heat-resistant fences last for a long time and look new even after several years.

Ranchers love wooden fences – Try Duragrain and never look back 

Ranchers have a soft corner for the beautiful wooden fence line. The Duragrain is a wood-grained fencing line that looks like real wood, but with the cell structure of vinyl. These fences might visually resemble wood, but are durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant – just like vinyl fencing. The Duragrain fencing is ideal for ranches that want rustic appeal, without investing time and money in heavy maintenance, fence treatments and repairs.

Final Words

Are you looking for a custom-made fence line? Then, come to Duramax. Our fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. Book a free consultation. Request a quote now.

Know why vinyl ranch rail fence is the safest type of horse fencing

Ranch Rail fence

Horses being flight animals, are prone to bolting if they get startled. Why pave the way for a potential accident if you can get a good vinyl ranch rail fence to prevent such mishaps. The 3 rail ranch fence is the standard choice for equine operations and ranches in the USA. The vinyl fence is considered the ideal fit for horse farms because of a variety of reasons. In this write-up, Duramax focused on vinyl fences and why it’s the finest fencing material for horse farms.

Flexible yet sturdy fences 

A good fence protects your yard and ensures that the horses don’t venture out into the unknown. However, did you know that horses are independent animals and might try to force their way through such fence barriers? That’s the reason why a vinyl ranch rail fence is a better alternative than wood. The strength of vinyl lies in its flexibility. Vinyl is five times stronger and four times more flexible than the traditional wooden fence. Wood might be stiff and sturdy, but if a horse tries to break a wooden fence, the animal will get badly injured. Vinyl fencing is equally strong, but it softens the blow due to its flexibility.

A flexible vinyl fence is not easy to break. Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets to manufacture quality fences that don’t warp, crack or sag easily. Duramax fences don’t have external brackets and unsightly screws that would look awkward and also make the fencing weak. Instead, the premium quality fences are fixed together with a strong routing system and the fence panels have an interlocking pattern to offer outstanding strength and durability.

Cribbing Resistant 

Cribbing is an unhealthy habit of horses that’s detrimental to both the fence and the horse. It’s a behavioral disorder where the horse grabs the fence with its teeth and starts pulling the structure while arching the neck and gulping air. Vinyl 3 rail ranch fence is the ideal choice to counteract the cribbing problem. Duramax vinyl fences made with 100% virgin vinyl are lead-free, non-toxic, chemical-resistant and pet-friendly, which makes them appropriate for horse farms. Moreover, vinyl doesn’t wear out easily and also the material itself deters the young horses from developing this habit. Long-term cribbing can result in repairs and replacements, but with a high-quality vinyl fence, you do not have to worry about reconstructing or replacing the fencing.

Weather-resistant vinyl scores over 

Duramax vinyl fences get manufactured, keeping durability in mind. These fences can last for a lifetime and are resistant to harsh weather conditions, especially intense heat. Duramax uses the Duraresin vinyl formulation to provide you with premium-quality horse fencing. Potent UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide make the strong formulation to build fences that don’t wrap in the heat and can sustain the scorching Sun without fading and breaking down. In addition, the waterproof fences, having cleared the wind test of 105mph, can sustain heavy rains, ice storms, thunderstorms and don’t crack in the cold.


Duramax can provide you with custom-made fences as per your preferences. In addition, the fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with the professionals. Ask for a quote now.

Choosing a ranch rail fence from Duramax for your horse farm

Ranch Rail fence

A fence around your property can look amazing; it adds beauty and security. Are you looking for horse farm fencing? There are various types of fences available in the market. A ranch rail fence could be the perfect fence for your horse farm. Choosing the right material is the most important factor because durability depends on it. A ranch rail fence is expensive, so you would want the fences to last long. Wooden and metal fences were extremely popular for centuries. But both were unable to withstand the extreme weather conditions. After continuous research, vinyl fences emerged and all other fencing materials took a backseat. 

Did you ever have a wooden fence that you fell in love with? 

Wooden fences are beautiful but prone to rotting due to excess moisture, especially during the monsoons. Excess sunlight causes the color to fade away and the fences develop cracks. Duramax fences in the USA bring you a range of vinyl fences that have a wooden look and feel. The DuraGrain range offers aesthetic and functional fences that look similar to wooden ones. You get Wood-like stylish fences that are made of vinyl, hence very long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. You can always prefer vinyl fences to wooden ones for the horse ranches. 

The unique DuraResin formulation

A ranch rail fence is seen frequently running around the perimeter of the field. The fences do not get damaged by the intensity of the Southwest sun. These fences contain a mix of the Duraresin formulation, which offers resistivity and durability. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that shield the fences from several weather conditions. The fences are completely waterproof and have a very smooth surface. Vinyl does not attract impurities or microorganisms. 

A vinyl fence costs a little higher compared to other materials. However, it is worth paying the price and not bothering about replacements or repairs. Duramax vinyl fences can remain in good condition for almost 20-25 years. 

Premium vinyl fences from Duramax

Vinyl has lived up to the expectations and has proved to be superior to any other fence material. Duramax is renowned for manufacturing fences for more than 20 years. We have a team that can customize vinyl fencing. You can choose the number of rails, but we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. The fences do not contain any toxic elements; hence it is safe for kids and pets. Our fences are recyclable and made inside our unit in the USA. Duramax offers premium fences made from 100% virgin vinyl at affordable rates. Apart from ranch rail fences, we design perimeter fences, scallop fences, privacy and semi-privacy fences, picket fences, pool fences, and other styles. 

Final words

Are you looking for a vinyl fence? First, explore our inventory online for durable and exclusive vinyl fences. Then, please browse through the Duramax website to explore our fences with their specifications and images. 

Get a limited lifetime warranty and request a quote.

A ranch rail fence is a popular fence style in the USA – Trust Duramax vinyl fences

Ranch Rail fence

Leaving behind wooden and metal fences, vinyl fences are becoming more and more popular. A rail ranch fence is a traditional fence style usually installed around horse ranches and farms. A rail ranch fence is seen frequently running around the perimeter of a field. Vinyl ranch rail fences offer a clean and sophisticated look to the field or ranch. This is a very popular fencing style chosen by the farmers and horse owners. Read this piece to know why vinyl fencing is gaining an edge over the other materials. 

Vinyl fences have a lot of resistivity and endurance

What happens to a fence that ensures the sun, wind and rain every day? Most of the time, the fences do not even last for many years because they lose their strength and durability. Vinyl fences have incomparable resistivity. The fences can stand strong enduring the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made by mixing the Duraresin formulation which gives durability to the fences. Also, the fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This makes the vinyl fences resistant against UVA and UVB rays. Now, what happens to a ranch rail fence when a livestock barge into it? Any other fence apart from a vinyl one would break or crack. Duramax can endure shocks, impacts and pressure, which is an advantage. 

Do you have a fetish for wooden fences like many other property owners? 

Duramax has created a unique creation where we design vinyl ranch rail fences that look similar to wood in terms of look and feel. We have a lot of customers coming up to us and ordering for the DuraGrain range of fences. We have got excellent responses from customers who have installed this range and we are excited to offer more amazing designs. 

Duramax fences come with quality seal

Duramax is here when you are looking for quality-assured fences. Our fences are ASTM-certified and our team does a quality check before it is packed for being shipped to your site. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. Also, they have a tough routing system with no visible screws for a seamless look. Vinyl is a waterproof material, so it does not allow mold and bacteria growth on its surface upon being exposed to moisture. You do not have to worry about the health of your fence during the monsoons or when it is snowing incessantly. The fences are extremely tough and immovable, which is proven by passing a gust of wind at 105 mph through the fences.  

Shop online and request for quote

Are you planning to install a vinyl fence around your property? You can choose the number of rails like it could be 2, 3 or 4. But generally speaking, we suggest installing a 3-ranch rail fence. 

Duramax fences are non-toxic, safe for kids and pets. The fences are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Get a limited lifetime warranty and request a quote. Now you do not require to visit our USA store for fences but place your order online. 

Everything you need to know about installing a ranch rail fence

Ranch Rail fence

A ranch rail  fence is commonly seen around farms, fields, and horse stables. A rail ranch fence offers a stylish and clean look which adds charm and sophistication to the enclosed space. This is a reasonable fencing solution in the USA and is mainly used for securing agricultural areas. There are different fencing materials, but vinyl is the most durable among those. A lot of people complain of broken rail ranch fences which calls for reinvestment. Wooden fences seem to crack and metal fences suffer dent if any livestock barges into the fences. Vinyl fences are extremely durable so it is now one of the most popular fencing materials in the USA. 

Duramax fences – endures the extremities

Most USA homeowners install ranch rail fences for long-lasting fencing for a durable fencing solution. A fence is a pretty expensive home improvement accessory. Frequent repairs and reinvestment are a sheer headache. This is where vinyl ranch rail fences play the most important role. Duramax fences have extreme resistivity; they are designed to battle the Southwest and the Northwest sun. The fences have DuraResin formulation which gives great toughness and redundancy to the fences. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which give resistivity against extreme weather conditions and sun rays. 

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Vinyl fences have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on the fence body. The fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. Our fences are made from premium quality virgin vinyl. The fences are waterproof and have a very smooth surface that does not attract mold and bacteria. You cannot question the toughness because the fences are tested against a very high-seed gust of wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Easy-to-customize vinyl fences in the USA

Our ranch rail fences are beautiful, stylish yet have a traditional touch. The fences are usually installed around the perimeter of the fields. You can customize according to your requirement and choose the number of rails. It could be 2, 3 or 4 rail fences, anything of your choice. But, if you take our suggestions, we generally recommend installing a 3-rail ranch fence. Duramax fences are adjustable and customizable. We have experts that modify fences according to your requirements. You can select the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Our fences are extremely long-lasting

The fences are exposed to exterior weather conditions, yet they can last for 20-25 years without any maintenance or frequent repairs. Also, the vinyl fences do not require daily cleaning, which includes wiping or washing. Wash the fences with water and detergent without worrying about humidity. 

Request for a quote

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality ranch rail fences. We are among the most experienced vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements, hence safe for kids and pets. Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing solutions because we have our factory in the country. 

Are our vinyl fences worth investing in? Hear what Duramax says

affordable vinyl fencing

Here is an answer to the question of why vinyl rail ranch fences are popular in the USA. An American-made, modern ranch rail fence is made from the highest-quality vinyl and offers top-class service for years. The fence will not crack or split under any pressure or impact. Fences made of other materials might wear out or break if livestock bumps against the railing but a vinyl fence can stand tall. 

Are our vinyl ranch rail fences long-lasting? Are they better than wood or metal and do the same job? These are some of the common questions we get from our clients. Reading this blog will be an answer to all your queries.

Duramax fences and its endurance 

A vinyl ranch rail fence can endure the external weather conditions which include the intense Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made by formulating Duraresin which helps in making the products durable and resistant. Our engineers also use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and a unique range of UV inhibitors that protect the fences from UVA and UVB rays and external weather conditions.

We customize with your budget

Duramax specializes in manufacturing various types of vinyl fences, and we believe in offering customized solutions. Duramax fences include perimeter fencing, picket fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, and scallop fences…etc. If you cannot decide which style fence to install, talk and consult with our experts. Talk to us regarding your choices, requirements and budget. If you are looking for a fence around your farm or stable, we recommend a 3 rail ranch fence.

DuraGrain – Vinyl fences having a wooden look

Our products and client reviews speak louder about the quality we deliver. We are into manufacturing the finest fences for the past 20-30 years in the USA. By now, we have seen so many homeowners choose vinyl fences to replace old wooden or metal ones. We have also dealt with a client who is fond of wooden fences and cannot make an easy decision. We care for your passion and emotions because a fence is a home improvement solution. A beautiful fence installed around your property or farm makes you happy and secure. Duramax has the DuraGrain range of products where we design vinyl fences that look similar to wood. These fences guarantee no rotting, no termites, no painting, and extreme durability, 3 times more than timber. 

Affordability is one of our USP

Duramax fences are checked for quality and manufacturing defects before it is shipped to your location. The fences are ASTM-certified and have a fire rating. It is your destination for low-maintenance and affordable vinyl fencing.

The cost factor depends on the design, the number of rails, the style and the craftsmanship. Shell out a little more in installing a vinyl fence which can last for 20 years or more. Duramax vinyl fences have a secure routing system and a flawless look with no visible brackets or screws. One contractor is enough for an affordable vinyl fence installation.

Duramax – top-class vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality PVC fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. We are among the top-class vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. Reach us for a consultation and request a quote. 

Duramax ranch rail fence – It is a mix of traditional and modern fencing

Ranch Rail fence

If you are in love with traditional fencing, a ranch rail fence is ideal for you. Modern fence manufacturers have also kept in mind that many people still prefer not panels but rails. Homeowners say that traditional fences are easy to install but modern fence panels are not complex. It is important to design fences based on the taste of the homeowners.

A rail ranch is a traditional style fence

Duramax brings to you traditional and modern fences that have a carefree performance. It has been over 20 years that we are catering to the fencing market. We have seen people accepting vinyl fences because of the advantages that metal and wood do not have. But we have also seen how homeowners are fond of wooden fences, their rich look and style. For instance, we would never let you down. We bring to you the Duragrain range which is vinyl fencing that looks akin to wood.

Install a ranch rail fence if you want to introduce a traditional touch to your property, be it a farm or a country home. Ranch rails are very commonly installed around horse stables. These fences usually run around the perimeter of the field. You can install the number of rails as per your requirements. We can install 2, 3 or 4 rails, but we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. 

A vinyl fence panel is beautiful and durable

They can withstand extreme pressure and impact. The fences do not split or crack if any cattle barge into the fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Our fences can also endure the intensity of the Northwest and Southwest sun.

Simple hassle-free cleaning

The fences have a strong routing system and there are no visible screws that can mar the look of the fences. A vinyl fence panel has a very smooth surface. Vinyl is not prone to accumulating impurities and bacteria. You do not have to clean the fences regularly; occasional cleaning is good. You can wipe the rails or panels with a damp cloth and detergent or wash the fences every month.

Installing a vinyl fence is a very simple procedure that can be completed within a few hours. One experienced contractor is sufficient to complete the installation in a few hours.

Install a beautiful vinyl fence

Are you planning to install a vinyl fence around your property? Duramax offers adjustable and customized fences. It is easy to modify every rail of a ranch rail fence as per your requirements. You can also choose the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets because they tend to touch or lick anytime. Duramax fences are affordable to USA residents. We have a manufacturing unit in the USA where we can design solutions at a lower cost. Connect with the Duramax team for a consultation if you wish to invest in vinyl fencing—request a quote.


Adding a stylish and sophisticated vinyl rail ranch fence to your yard from Duramax

USA made vinyl fence

A rail ranch fence possesses a very clean and stylish look which adds sophistication to your property. A vinyl ranch rail is also called the split rail fence, which is ideal if you plan a reasonable fencing solution. It can be across the USA in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Duramax in the USA designs different types of fences and the ranch rail fence is one of them. Our fences are designed to battle the Southwest elements and can last for many years. Vinyl is a modern fencing material that is now widely accepted due to its advantages. In the countryside, these fences are mainly installed around farms for protecting livestock. Wooden and metal fences existed for ages, but these materials have certain drawbacks that a vinyl fence fulfills. 

Why are vinyl fences extremely popular?

Duramax is an expert fence manufacturer in the USA. We have been designing modern fences for more than 20 years. We manufacture high-quality vinyl fences that are made from 100% virgin vinyl fences. The fences are waterproof and have a very smooth surface that does not attract mold and bacteria. Our vinyl fences can withstand the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest weather condition. Duramax vinyl fences are designed to implement the Duraresin formulation. This offers durability and strength to the fences. Also, the fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors. This ensures UV stability and protection against weather conditions..

Install a 3-rail ranch fence 

These fence rails are horizontal adherents that connect the fence posts and sustain the vertical picket or the privacy fences. You can initiate the project by installing square fence posts 8 feet center or apart. Two parallel rails are enough if you prefer fences shorter than 4 feet. You can choose the number of rails; it could be 2, 3, or 4. But, if you ask us the ideal number of rails to install, we would suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. 

Customized Duramax vinyl fences

Duramax manufactures fences that are available in various colors, sizes, and textures. Duramax fences include perimeter fencing, picket fences, privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, and scallop fences…etc. If you cannot decide which style fence to install, talk and consult with our experts. We would offer you a customized solution within your budget and requirements. 

ASTM certified vinyl fences

Duramax fences are ASTM-certified and resistant against all weather conditions. A vinyl fence can last for 20-30 years. Hire a local contractor for an inexpensive vinyl fence installation. No regular cleaning or maintenance is necessary; wipe with a damp cloth and wash with soap and a hosepipe.

Shop for vinyl fences online

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality fences. The fences are tested against a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. We are among the most experienced vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements. The fences are safe for kids and pets. Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing solutions. Buy vinyl fencing online and get a limited lifetime warranty—request for a quote.

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