Duramax Semi-privacy Vinyl Fences: a Perfect Blend of Elegance and Security

Semi-privacy vinyl fences

You are looking to enhance the security and privacy of your home yet don’t want to wedge the outside view and air completely. Then, Duramax is the perfect choice for you. Semi-privacy fencing is one of the top choices for customers for their property. Duramax offers the right mix of style and privacy for your property. These fences are highly durable, strong, and long-lasting. Vinyl products are designed in a manner that allows air to flow through without completely guarding the outside view. These allow lots of privacy to enjoy quality time with your near and dear ones. In this in-depth guide, we will discuss the features and benefits of the Duramax semi privacy vinyl fences for your comprehensive understanding.

Overview of Duramax Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences

Duramax is renowned in the fencing market. These durable and stylish fences are a great choice for your house. As the name suggests, the products are designed to offer you mild privacy while allowing minimal visibility through them. The semi-privacy vinyl is an in-demand product as it provides a clean look that suits almost every property’s infrastructure. These vinyl items are professional-grade and are manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl thick sheets. Our products come with a limited lifetime warranty and have low maintenance. They are extremely strong and secure.

Features of Duramax Semi-privacy Vinyl Fences

Duramax is an expert in offering a perfect blend of style and privacy. Let’s see how it does both:

Privacy of Outdoor Space: These fences are designed to seclude the outdoor space of your property, enabling you to enjoy your time without the prying eyes of intruders or neighbors.

Aesthetic Appeal: Duramax provides privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your property, helping you balance both style and privacy.

Duramax is focused on using superior-quality vinyl for manufacturing its products. Here’s how vinyl stands out:

Highly Resistant: Duramax fences are highly durable and robust due to their superior choice of materials. They are wind-resistant, water-resistant, termite-proof, and resistant to wear and tear.

Endurance to Weather: The superior quality of vinyl items is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. From harsh south sun to high-velocity winds, it does not get damaged by weather.

Options for Customization

Duramax offers options for customizations suiting the requirements of the property. You can tailor your design according to your preference for color, pickets, and height variations.

Low Maintenance fences

One of the significant features of Duramax semi-privacy vinyl fences is that they require minimal to zero maintenance. Unlike wooden products that require seasonal maintenance, like painting, to keep up their appearance, Duramax products do not require such things. Even cleaning this vinyl is hassle-free; just pressure cleaning with a garden hose is enough to make them all shining and clean. Thus, Duramax saves your effort, time, and money by reducing maintenance costs.

Protection and security

While the semi-privacy vinyl primarily offers seclusion of your property, it also provides protection and security. These fences act as a barrier for intruders, and they’re designed to define your private space effectively. Whether it’s your garden area, backyard, or front yard, they help create a boundary. This product is a favorite choice for property owners.

A few benefits of Duramax Semi-privacy vinyl fences:

Amplified Aesthetic Appeal: Semi-privacy fences amplify the overall appeal of your property. The large variety in the style, along with the customization options available, enables you to create a design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home’s infrastructure. 

Semi-Privacy: If you want to enjoy your backyard space while not feeling completely guarded, then Duramax is the right choice. They provide a certain level of privacy while allowing visibility and air to pass through.

Easy and quick installation: Duramax semi-privacy fences are very convenient and easy to install, making them an ideal option for property owners. They’re DIY items, so you can choose to install them by yourself or even hire a professional. The process of installation is hassle-free and quick.

Longevity and Durability: Duramax’s commitment to quality ensures that the products are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl material. This ensures that the product will retain its appearance and integrity for a long time. The virgin vinyl material induces strength and durability in the product, making it resistant to weather, water, UV rays, and even termites.

Environmentally-friendly and pet friendly:  The products are free from harmful elements such as lead and toxic chemicals, making them safe for your pets. The semi-privacy rails are environment-friendly as they can be recycled easily.

Popular types of Duramax semi-privacy fencing

The Lattice: If you want a decorative privacy fence, choose a lattice design for your vinyl fences. In this design, thin slats are installed in a crisscross format. This design ensures a high level of privacy with sufficient airflow and also boosts the aesthetic appearance of your property.

The Shadowbox: If you want to make your backyard private, then shadowbox privacy fences are functional. In this design, the boards are fixed on opposite ends of the central rail, making an alternate positioning.

Final Take:

Duramax semi-privacy vinyl is a versatile option for property owners looking for the right blend of style and privacy. These fences are highly durable, have low maintenance, and can be customized. They offer several benefits to your property, both aesthetically and in terms of security. If you want a fencing solution that helps maintain visibility and gives protection, opt for Duramax fences. Get Duramax semi-privacy vinyl fencing. Call now for a free quote.

Privacy Vs. Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence: an in-depth Look

semi-privacy vinyl fences

A perfect balance between privacy and style is of utmost importance when fencing any property. Duramax’s privacy and semi privacy vinyl fence are great for ensuring top-notch security while boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal as well. If you love enjoying the outdoors, our supremely engineered vinyl fences can be a great addition to your property.

But which one should you opt for, a semi-privacy or a privacy vinyl fence? Well, here we will be taking an in-depth look at both these types of fences, which will help you decide the right fit for you. So, let’s start.

What are privacy fences?

Do you want complete security and privacy around your yard? Then, Duramax’s privacy vinyl fences might be your best bet. These fences do not have any divisions or slats, thereby ensuring security that’s on a different level.

Privacy fences are also good for keeping peeping animals and animals at bay. Kids and pets cannot escape your yard while you are busy with other things.

What are the perks of installing privacy fences?

Ensures privacy and clear property boundaries: The biggest benefit of installing our privacy vinyl fences is that they offer privacy like none other. It creates a solid barrier, thereby completely blocking the view of your property from passersby and neighbors. If you have a bathtub or a pool in your backyard, installing privacy fences is a must.

Privacy fences are used for demarcating property boundaries and preventing animals, outsiders, and objects from encroaching on your property.

Our supremely engineered vinyl fences are noninvasive and quick to install, making them the most sought-after among US homeowners. Moreover, it’s not just about security and privacy, but our fences provide shape and consistency to any unstructured space, thus boosting your property’s visual appeal.

Boosts safety and security: Do you have pets or young children in your home? Our supremely designed privacy fences offer no room to escape and thus can keep them safely within your yard. Wild animals or neighbors’ pets also can’t get access to your property, thereby boosting safety and security.

You can also find privacy fences with locked gates. This makes accessing the yard a breeze. The gate can serve as an entrance if you plan to entertain outdoors.

Privacy fences can also act as a roadblock for intruders trying to enter your property.

Weather protection: Privacy fences can act as a good windbreak and thus can protect your outdoor furniture and backyard from strong wind gusts. They can also act as a good shelter for potted plants. Not just that, if you opt for a longer fence, it can provide shade to your patio area as well.

What are the different types of privacy fences?

Lock Board: In this arrangement, the boards are tightly held together in a tongue and groove style. Thus, a solid panel is created that prevents trespassers from peeping in. Lockboard arrangement can block airflow, thereby safeguarding your property from strong wind gusts.

Stockade: Stockade is the most popular fence style. In this arrangement, the vinyl fence panels are placed side-by-side with no gaps between them. You can also add a horizontal rail for a sleek finish.

What are semi-privacy fences?

Do you not like being trapped in your yard and looking for something that would offer partial privacy? Well, Duramax’s semi-privacy vinyl fence fits the bill like none other. The best part about semi-privacy fences is that there are small gaps between the planks, closely resembling conventional fencing.

Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are about 5 to 6 feet tall. You can opt for different plank heights and widths to create mind-boggling designs.

What are the perks of installing semi-privacy fences?

Allow more airflow: Do you want better air circulation in your house? Then, you can go for semi-privacy fences without a second thought. These fences allow you to enjoy the cool breeze on a humid day while relaxing on your patio. Semi-privacy fences can also ensure a more welcoming and inviting feel to your home. These fences allow you to stay in touch with the outside world while valuing your privacy as well.

Allow more sunlight: Do you enjoy gardening? Then, semi-privacy vinyl fences might be your best bet. Flowers, herbs, and shrubs need sunlight, which privacy fences block. Most herbs and plants love thriving in shady areas, which our semi-private fences can particularly ensure.

What are the different types of semi-privacy fences?

Lattice: If you want a decorative privacy fence, you can opt for lattice vinyl fences. In this arrangement, thin slats are installed in a crisscross pattern. This semi-privacy fence type ensures top-notch privacy, adequate airflow, and can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property like none other. All these things play a significant role in increasing its overall value.

Shadowbox: If you want a private backyard, shadow box privacy fences might just be the way to go. In this arrangement, the boards are fixed on opposite sides of the central rail, thereby crafting an alternate positioning. This symmetrical design will look astounding both from your and your neighbor’s sides.

Though the boards are placed near each other, there is still enough space for airflow.

How does the cost differ for privacy and semi-privacy fences?

The cost of semi-privacy or privacy fences mainly depends on the size of the area that you plan to fence. However, semi-privacy fences are a bit cheaper than privacy fences.

You can get premium-quality vinyl privacy fences from us for nearly 159$. On the other hand, you can get semi-privacy fences at only $141.21.

Final Take:

So, you see, both privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fences bring their own set of advantages to the table. So, the one you opt for would depend on your specific purposes. We offer high-end privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fences at highly competitive prices. Check out our products page for the different fence options available and choose one that suits you best.

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