Duramax’s Vinyl Fences FAQ – Get All Your Questions Answered Here

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Vinyl has become the most popular material for fencing in the U.S. and with good reasons. Duramax’s vinyl fences can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property like never before, sport exceptional durability, and are easy to maintain. While some might complain that the upfront cost is higher than other fencing materials available on the market, the easy maintenance and exceptional longevity our supremely engineered vinyl fences bring to the table balance the cost in the long term. 

Here, we have curated a list of the most trending questions people have in their minds before buying vinyl fences. Let’s take a look at them. 

What are vinyl fences, and how are they different from other fencing materials? 

Duramax’s top-notch vinyl fences are made from PVC, expanded as polyvinyl chloride, and are known for being weather-resistant, fade-resistant, low maintenance, and exceptional durability. On top of that, our vinyl fences do not require regular sealing, painting, or staining and are less prone to rusting, warping, or rotting. The above mentioned features make our fences a far better alternative to metal or wooden fences. 

Here, we have mentioned some key points of differences on how vinyl fences differ from other fencing materials: 

Low Maintenance: Duramax’s vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free. They do not require sealing, staining, or painting. So far as maintenance is concerned, an occasional wash with soap water would be enough. This makes our fences a good fit for commercial property owners or busy homeowners who cannot invest adequate time in fence maintenance. 

Durability: Our fences are known for their durability and UV- and weather-resistant. All credit goes to the UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide used to manufacture our fences. Our fences would not fade, rust, or rot over time, making them a good choice over metal or wooden fences. They are also designed to be insect and pest-resistant, which is a nightmare for other fencing materials. 

Cost: Some might complain that our vinyl fences are more expensive than chain-link or wooden ones. However, our fences do not require heavy maintenance and can last longer than other fencing materials, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run. Also, the fact that we ship directly from the factory all over the US at factory-direct prices reduces the overall cost to a great extent. 

What are the different designs and styles of Duramax fencing available? 

Our top-notch vinyl fencing is available in a wide plethora of designs and styles, including picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, ranch rail fences, pool fences, wall toppers, and more. Each style brings its own dynamics to the table and has various design options such as height, finishing, and variations. 

Here, we have mentioned the most popular types and styles of vinyl fences that are in vogue in 2023:  

Privacy Fencing: This is one of the most popular PVC fencing types that offers an exquisite and seamless finish while ensuring top-notch security and privacy of your property. 

 Semi-Privacy Fencing: This intuitive fencing option offers partial visibility while ensuring the necessary security and privacy of your property. 

Rail and Post Fencing: If you have a large property like a game reserve or a farm, rail and post fencing can be useful. This type of fencing is widely used for demarcating property lines while adding a rustic aesthetic. 

Picket Fencing: Picket fencing can be considered a timeless classic perfect for adding charm and character to your property. This type of fencing also ensures a low level of security. 

 Pool Fencing: Our vinyl pool fences adhere to all necessary safety regulations while being the most durable and enchanting option for any pool area. 

What are some of the most effective vinyl fence maintenance tips? 

As aforementioned, one of the most sought-after benefits of Duramax’s vinyl fences is that it requires very little maintenance compared to metal or wooden fences. Occasional cleaning with soap and water would remove all debris and dirt from it. 

Here are some maintenance tips for vinyl fences: 

 Cleaning: A periodic cleaning with soap and water would remove grime, dirt, and other debris from vinyl fencing. You can use a brush, soft cloth, and mild detergent. 

Inspections: It is advisable to inspect vinyl fences periodically and look for potential signs of damage, like chips or cracks. Should you find anything as such, repair it immediately to prevent further damage. 

Repairs: If any part of the vinyl fence is damaged, it can be easily repaired with a PVC adhesive or other similar materials. However, doing this as soon as possible is advisable to avoid further damage. 

How much would it cost to buy Duramax vinyl fences? 

The cost of vinyl fencing depends on several factors, like the installation style, length, height, and terrain of the site. For your reference, you can get our most sought-after DuraGrain privacy fences for as low as $194.47

Do Duramax’s Vinyl Fences come with a warranty? 

We offer a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty on all our vinyl fencing products. You can rest assured that with proper maintenance, our fences can last for as long as 20 to 30 years. 

Can you paint or customize your vinyl fences? 

Yes, you can paint our vinyl fences in any color you choose. All you need to do is sand the fence down with an 800 to 1000 grit water sandpaper post, which you can apply 3x acrylic roof paint. There is no need to apply multiple layers of paint or use expensive plastic primers. 

Final Take: 

We hope the aforementioned FAQs have given you a fairly good idea of the various nitty-gritty of Duramax’s vinyl fences. If you are looking for state-of-the-art vinyl fences in the US at pocket-friendly rates, look no further than Duramax. We offer different styles and designs of vinyl fences at highly competitive rates.

Choose a fence option that suits your needs and preferences in the best way possible. Ask for a free quotation now


Here is How You Can Choose a Reliable Vinyl Fence Manufacturing Company

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Fencing is a mind-blowing investment for domestic and commercial properties. It not only adds security to your house but also enhances curb appeal. Most fencing companies in the US created a position in the market, especially after the fencing needs became diverse. While some want a fence for temporary reasons, others want prolonged security and create noise barriers. 

If you are planning to install a fence on your property, choose from a few renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers. Although the services you get from everyone are the same, experience in this field matters. You must consider a few factors before choosing a reliable fence manufacturing company.

  • Work quality matters

You need a fence to add security, privacy, and beauty to the property. For that purpose, you don’t want to install a fence that will shatter after one or two storms or can be vandalized by any stranger. Choose a fence expert that manufactures quality output. Go through their project portfolio so you can have an idea if their standard matches your expectations. Asking for feedback from people who opted for the same company is also useful. 

  • Reliable service

Service reliability matters when hiring a fence manufacturing company. You will meet many well-known manufacturers for producing quality USA-made vinyl fencing, but the services are unreliable in terms of customer care or meeting deadlines. Besides checking the work quality, consider how the manufacturer engages with the clients. Check the customer feedback and testimonials for a better idea.

  • Ask for license

A license acts as a sign of legitimacy for the customers. Before hiring any USA-made vinyl fencing manufacturer, ensure that the company has a license for serving in the US. 

  • Warranty

Always ask the manufacturer about the warranty policy on the product. A good fence manufacturing company will always offer a warranty on the products. Although the vinyl fence is resistant to extreme weather conditions, it is always better to get a warranty since it covers the repair or maintenance cost.

Why choose Duramax Fences as the most reliable fence contractor in the US?

Fencing is undoubtedly a smart and beautiful concept. With so many vinyl fence manufacturing companies in the market, choosing a reliable one is tough. Duramax Fences is a reliable fence manufacturing company in the US. The fences you get here are built to last and specially engineered to withstand the Southwest sun, heavy rain, or chilly winds. Furthermore, our vinyl fences are eco-friendly, low maintenance, and 100% recyclable.

Why is USA-Made Vinyl Fencing Highly Recommended?

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To deter stray animals and intruders from entering the area, homeowners prefer to install fences in the backyard. That doesn’t imply you have to tear down your existing wall or stone block on your property and renovate the area. In order to make room for a new fence, one does not need to rebuild the wall pilings. Instead, a fence may readily adapt itself. Fences are altered to fit their surroundings. Wooden fences are a time-honored favorite. The wooden appeal is striking and appears to be sturdy. However, lightweight vinyl is a better choice and five times stronger in practice. Here are a few explanations why using USA-made vinyl fencing is the best option for building a fence that will last for a long period of time.

Choose a DuraGrain vinyl fence over the wooden fence

The wooden fence doesn’t endure very long. Wooden fences tend to rust, discolor, draw termites, and eventually deteriorate. Investing in a vinyl fence is preferable. Wooden fences, however, are preferred by certain property owners. The nostalgic vibes of the traditional appeal prick the heartstrings. However, nothing is lost because DuraGrain is an excellent substitute for timber fences. DuraGrain is a wood-grained vinyl substance with a cellular structure that perfectly replicates genuine wood’s appearance. The DuraGrain fences are weatherproof, easy to maintain, watertight, and long-lasting without attracting termites or discoloration. You can clean the DuraGrain vinyl fence with a hose or sponge. The DuraGrain fence can last more than 20 years with very little maintenance. The USA-made vinyl fences from Duramax can be customized in several different ways. For the appropriate DuraGrain fence to be manufactured, however, your desire, area, size, and other needs must also be taken into account.

Outstanding weather resistance

The scorching heat of the sun could harm the vinyl fence. This is why DuraResin vinyl fence production has started. The DuraResin formulation includes more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to produce weather-resistant fences. The fence can withstand extreme heat from the sun and won’t warp from its harsh rays thanks to the DuraResin formulation. Since vinyl fences are impermeable and have a 105 mph wind resistance, they can withstand thunderstorms, torrential rain, and ice storms. The longest-lasting vinyl fences that won’t shatter, droop, or topple are those made of high-quality vinyl. In the cold, they don’t crack either. The impact-resistant vinyl fences can withstand significant hits without fading or becoming yellow. The fences are strong, so painting won’t be necessary for at least ten years. Cleaning the fence on a regular basis will keep it looking new. When you take into account the expense of continuing upkeep, it is the most economical option for fencing your property. Duramax Fences offers affordable vinyl fencing with a lifetime warranty.

Stronger vinyl sheets are used to manufacture fences

Most companies use very thin vinyl sheets to make vinyl fences, which is why their vinyl fences are very weak. Using thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl, reputable vinyl fencing manufacturers build strong fences that can withstand adverse weather conditions and other circumstances. Thick vinyl guarantees great strength and increased longevity in comparison to thinner vinyl. However, outside hardware used in US-made vinyl fences poses a risk to children and animals. Therefore, it is ideal to have fences with no external brackets or visible screws. Some of the greatest vinyl fencing manufacturers in the US constructed the fences with a durable routing and interlocking system to guarantee that the rails, posts, and pickets don’t break apart.

Choose Duramax Fencing

Invest in virgin vinyl fencing that is high-quality and reasonably priced. The fences provide good seclusion while protecting your property from stray animals and trespassers. The thicker vinyl fence lasts for almost 20 years without fading, rotting, or staining and requires almost no maintenance. The top-notch USA-made vinyl fencing is resistant to adverse weather. The availability of free samples from Duramax for a limited time now makes deciding on a vinyl fence for your property even easier. You can test our product before deciding on the required vinyl fencing design and color. Grab your free sample now. You can also modify your fence to meet your preferences and requirements.

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The Characteristics of Vinyl Makes it Perfect for Your Fencing Needs

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Are you in search of a fencing material that will not rot as quickly as your wooden fence? Vinyl is the most recent innovation, a material that is five times more durable than wood, extremely flexible, and weather-resistant. If you walk around the neighborhood, you will notice a lot of houses with vinyl fences. Fences were originally designed to add security to a property, but they are now used as home improvement accessories. Vinyl fences have recently become extremely popular due to the advantages it has that no other material offers. Adding a vinyl fence to your home is a great idea, especially if you want an affordable yet appealing option. Thanks to vinyl’s durability and longevity, it has become the material of choice for fencing. In addition to power, attractive looks, and low maintenance, vinyl has other characteristics that offer a host of benefits. Here we will discuss some traits that make vinyl ideal for your fencing needs.

If you plan to install fencing, explore Duramax, one of the US’s top vinyl fencing manufacturers. Here are some reasons why vinyl is considered ideal compared to any other material:

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Making vinyl products has a low carbon footprint when compared to other materials. Because vinyl is made of salts and natural gas, it does not require as much processing as iron. Also, if you have to remove your fencing, the entire fence can be recycled, saving you from adding to the already overburdened landfill. But the same cannot be said about wood or iron, as they must be covered in paint or coated in some chemical. Because vinyl is natural and UV-resistant, it does not require additional coatings or chemicals. This is what makes it completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Resistant to fire

Vinyl, unlike other fencing materials, can self-extinguish. This means that if a flame is present, the plastic will burn, but the fire will not spread. Furthermore, this is one of the most appealing features of vinyl because it provides a safety advantage to homeowners. So with vinyl fencing, you can safely host barbecue parties and fireworks displays. Again, you are completely safe because the flames will not spread.

Long lifespan

The USA made vinyl fencing last the longest compared to other materials like wood and iron. On top of this, Duramax vinyl fences have a lifetime warranty. Vinyl can withstand any impact and does not require much maintenance or upkeep. Vinyl fencing has 5 times the tensile strength of wood and 4 times more flexibility. So, vinyl fencing is your best solution if you live in areas with a lot of high winds or storms. In addition to that, USA made vinyl fencing does not come with the issues of breaking, rusting, rotting, or pests. With vinyl fences, the idea of no maintenance becomes a reality.

Vinyl is evergreen – What comes to mind when you hear the word “evergreen”? You may believe you are flawless and beautiful. Yes, vinyl ages gracefully and does not deteriorate over time. Installing vinyl panels is a good idea if you want your landscaping to stay beautiful and increase the value of your property. You don’t have to worry about the paint chipping off; there’s no mold or rust, and it’s extremely weather resistant.

Does not need staining – Some paints emit VOCs, which are not very good for health or the environment. Vinyl is environmentally friendly because it does not need staining, sealing, or painting. Vinyl is made of colored material, so the color never comes off. Our fences are maintenance-free.

Very durable – Vinyl fences are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. It is a worthwhile investment because it does not easily break or crack. Because vinyl is extremely flexible, it is extremely durable. Quality comes first, so choose Duramax as your Vinyl fencing manufacturer in the United States.

Weather-resistant goes a long way

Vinyl fences are resistant to the elements, but not every fence is made with the DuraResin formulation. Instead, Duramax manufacturers use the proprietary DuraResin formulation to create weather-resistant fencing. UV inhibitors and more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide are used to construct weather-resistant fences that do not warp in hot weather or crack in cold weather. Duramax fences are well-known in the United States for their high UV stability and weather resistance. Furthermore, the waterproof fences have 105 mph wind resistance, making them exceptionally strong to withstand heavy rainfall, ice storms, and thunderstorms.

Duramax vinyl fences are the most durable of all fence types. This is since the fencing is made from thicker vinyl sheets. Fences with thicker vinyl are less prone to sagging, warping, breaking, and cracking. Thicker quality vinyl improves the fences’ durability and sturdiness. Aside from Duramax, fence manufacturers avoid using external brackets and unsightly screws. Instead, the fencing is held together by a strong routing system and an interlocking pattern. Duramax fences are the first to be mentioned by most property owners in the United States regarding durability.


Vinyl has attractive properties making it the perfect choice for your fencing needs. It is low maintenance, durable, and available in various styles and hues. Vinyl is also an environmentally safer option than any other fencing material. As a US fence company, we can customize a vinyl fence to suit your specific requirements. All vinyl fences are not created equal; quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and when it comes to fencing in the US, only Duramax is trusted. We are the pioneers in providing high-quality, low-cost vinyl fencing that will last a lifetime. Duramax is a well-known Vinyl Fence manufacturer in the United States, having been in business for over a decade.

Level Up the Security for Your Family with Best Selling Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Are you planning to increase home security for your family? Fencing is well-known for adding security while improving the look and feel of your property’s exterior. There are many types of fencing material and fence manufacturers, but one should be wise enough to analyze fences thoroughly before installing one. Fencing is an age-old home improvement solution, but it has been modernized now. Fences are very modern home accessories that can lift the look of your property. It has been a few years since vinyl fencing received a lot of popularity. Vinyl is an affordable choice that is being preferred by the majority of homeowners for several benefits. A USA made vinyl fence post-installation can last for almost 25-30 years without rigorous maintenance. These fences make your property look beautiful and provide an additional layer of security

Affordable and durable fences at your doorstep

Have you ever heard of a vinyl fence? If you’ve heard of vinyl, it’s because it has so many benefits. First, anyone would appreciate low-maintenance fences that stand out on the property’s exterior. Affordability is another critical factor that buyers must consider. Vinyl fences do not require routine maintenance, which saves money. Furthermore, vinyl is a durable solution that can last a lifetime once installed. Duramax is a well-known fence manufacturer with a factory in the United States, lowering costs. In addition, Duramax offers USA made vinyl fences that are 100 percent virgin and high quality.

Duramax is the best in the USA

Unfortunately, all vinyl fence panel manufacturers are not the same; the vinyl they use is not the same, nor is the quality and customer service they provide. Duramax manufactures the best vinyl fence in the United States, and you can find a large selection of fences online. We specialize in the production of perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, rail ranches, and other similar products. Duramax fences are extremely resistant and have an appealing appearance and feel. In addition, they are unaffected by extreme weather, heat, cold, impact, or high-speed wind.

Vinyl fences can endure all weather conditions

A vinyl fence panel from Duramax can withstand all weather conditions, especially from sunlight that most fencing materials cannot endure. All our fences can be exposed to the sunlight without deterioration. Duramax fences are manufactured to endure the Southwest sun. We use the unique and effective DuraResin formulation, which safeguards the fences from the harsh Southwest sun. The fences are 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This UV inhibitor offers immense UV stability and weather ability to the fences. 

Quality is the priority

Quality is an essential factor when it comes to shopping for Duramax fences. However, we do not compromise on quality; the vinyl sheets are thicker, and the fences have a durable routing system and a secure locking mechanism. In addition, all our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is relatively high compared to the industry standards. 

With the Duramax fence, do not fear the southwest sun

The sun in the southwest is scorching, and few fences can withstand it. Vinyl is such a material that can withstand extreme heat; the texture of the fences does not fade even after years of exposure to the sun. Duramax fences are designed for the Southwest sun. We use the exclusive DuraResin formulation, which provides excellent fence resistance. Our fences contain 12 parts of Titanium and UV inhibitors, providing strength to withstand all weather conditions and UV stability. Our fences can keep their luster even after months of use.

The most reliable fencing company

Duramax is one of the most reliable vinyl fence manufacturers offering various fences to suit your requirements. We manufacture vinyl picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, pool fences, rail ranches, etc. Our fences offer immense beautification as they are aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Colorful fences from Duramax

Duramax fences are available in varied colors, sizes, designs, and heights. Our fences are available in various vibrant colors, and the colors do not fade; therefore, our fences do not require repainting. Besides colorful fences, we also manufacture white color fences that can last for a lifetime without turning yellow. We have many customers reaching us for both colored and white fences. White fences are not new. They have existed since the 1960s but are now more modern and last longer.

White vinyl fences are aesthetic

A white fence looks extremely elegant and serene if installed outside the property. Our fences have a rich look and feel, adding a lot of luxury to your property. Duramax offers fences that have traditional beauty and can last for a lifetime. In addition, the fences are very affordable as they are made in the USA inside our factory. We have our manufacturing unit in the country, and there is a huge demand for vinyl fences. 

Durable and certified fences

Duramax fences can withstand high pressure; they are resistant to heat, cold weather, fire, and impact. The fences are tested by keeping them exposed to a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Also, our fences are very easy to clean and do not require heavy maintenance. Wipe the fences or wash with a garden hose to remove the dirt and debris.

Hire a professional installer

Are you looking for a vinyl fence contractor? Hire a local expert, and they will gladly install a Duramax fence for you. Our fences have a lifetime warranty and provide traditional fencing with worry-free performance. In addition, all of the fences are ASTM F964 certified, a relatively high standard in the fencing industry. 

Final words

Are you looking for a vinyl fence panel? First, choose Duramax, and book a consultation to discuss your project with us. Then, order now and get a limited lifetime warranty on all our fences. You can see reviews and testimonials from many happy customers who love our fences. Duramax Fences is giving out free samples for a limited time. Claim yours today to test our product before you buy the best selling vinyl fence from us.

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Duramax is Pioneer in USA Made Vinyl Fencing

Low Maintenance Fencing

Fencing is a crucial home improvement choice which also adds security to your property. Hence, paying proper attention to the fencing material selection can make the biggest difference. The safest bet would be to thoroughly research the quality and features of fencing materials before making the final choice. Homeowners tend to pay a lot of money to find the perfect fence for their homes. While most people like the look of wooden fences for their homes, vinyl is now a more suitable option. Due to technological advancements, wood is no more the only choice; plastic is practically ruling the market.

Having a vinyl fence would assure the people inside that their property boundary is adequately sealed from any outside threats and dangers. Also, there are some advantages of choosing vinyl as the fencing material for homes these days. Vinyl has some excellent features and qualities that make it a better option than wood or metal. These qualities are heat resistance, impact resistance, UV stability, low maintenance standards, and more.

Why do customers prefer vinyl fences?

Here we present more reasons why vinyl fences are more suitable than wooden or metal fences.

Vinyl Fences Are Durable 

One of the key reasons people like Duramax USA made vinyl fencing is its durability. Vinyl fences have withstood a 105 mph wind test, demonstrating their durability. In addition, vinyl fences have a longer lifespan than wood or metal fences due to their lead-free construction and heat-resistant qualities. Aside from these advantages, vinyl fences have excellent UV stability and weather resistance. Because UV inhibitors are included in vinyl fences, these advantages are available. These inhibitors shield the fences from UV radiation, damaging and deteriorating other fencing materials. Our DuraResin vinyl formulation also ensures that vinyl fences can resist the harsh Southwest sun without deteriorating in quality.

It needs very nominal repairs

Some of the most common issues owners of wooden fencing have to face are termites, cracks, wearing, and rotting. The wood used in the wooden fences, how good it may be, will crack with the cold temperature and require frequent repairs. Also, if it is too hot, the wood might start to rot. Termites and rotting are also pretty standard as these spoil the wooden fence and make them lose their qualities. However, vinyl is entirely free from such issues. Your USA made vinyl fencing does not develop cracks, and these fences don’t ever rot and break. Hence, the fence owners don’t have to worry about yearly repairing and upkeeping these fences.


These are some common benefits that make a vinyl custom fence in Ventura the more suitable option for fencing. These fences are filled with qualities, but they are also very easy to install and maintain. This is also an important reason people tend to choose vinyl over wooden fences.

Know Why You Should Choose Vinyl Fence Over Others

USA vinyl fencing

Fencing is a traditional fence that looks elegant and offers exceptional privacy. Homeowners prefer to install fences in the backyard to stop stray animals and trespassers from venturing into the area. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to renovate the place and break down your existing wall or the stone block on your property. A fence can easily adapt itself, and one doesn’t need to rebuild the wall footings to accommodate a new fence. Fences get customized according to their surroundings. However, wooden fences are a traditional favorite. The wooden appeal is eye-catching and seems strong. Nevertheless, the lightweight vinyl is five times stronger and a better option in reality. Here are a few reasons why the USA made vinyl fencing is ideal for building a sustainable and long-lasting fence.

DuraGrain vinyl fence – Better than the wooden one

The wooden fence is not long-lasting. Wooden fences and fences tend to rot, stain, attract termites and degrade with time. It’s better to invest in a vinyl fence. However, some property owners are fond of wooden fences. The traditional appeal tugs the heart with its vintage vibes. Yet nothing is lost as DuraGrain is a great alternative to wooden fences. DuraGrain is a wood-grained material with the cellular structure of vinyl but looks exactly like real wood. The DuraGrain fences are waterproof, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and last for years without attracting termites or staining. Wash the DuraGrain vinyl fence with a hose or wipe with a sponge. The DuraGrain fence is extremely durable and can last for more than 20 years with minimal upkeep. The USA made vinyl fence gets customized in various styles, designs, and colors. However, your preference, space, size, and other requirements must also be considered for manufacturing the perfect DuraGrain fence.

Exceptional weather resistivity

The scorching heat of the Sun can damage the vinyl fence. The weather has always been the enemy of fences and fences. That’s the reason why the manufacturing of DuraResin vinyl fences has started. The DuraResin formulation has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to build weather-resistant fences. The DuraResin formulation ensures that the fence can withstand excess heat from the Sun and doesn’t warp due to the scorching rays. Vinyl fences are waterproof and have wind resistivity of 105mph, making them immune to thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and ice storms. High-quality vinyl fences don’t crack in the winters and can stand tall with pride for the longest time without breaking, sagging, or falling over. The impact-resistant vinyl fences can sustain heavy blows and don’t fade or turn yellow. The fences are durable and don’t need whitewashing for at least 10 years. Occasionally clean the fence to maintain its pristine new look. When you consider the maintenance cost for years, you will understand that it is the most affordable option for fencing your property. Duramax Fences offers you affordable vinyl fencing with a limited lifetime warranty.

Thicker vinyl sheets make durable fences

Some vinyl fences are weak because of the thin material used for manufacturing the fences. Reputed fence manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets and 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture quality fences that are long-lasting and can withstand weather torments and more. Thicker vinyl ensures outstanding strength and enhanced durability compared to thinner material. However, the USA made vinyl fences with external hardware that can injure pets and children. That’s why fences without external brackets and unsightly screws are preferred. In addition, some top vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA built the fences with a strong routing and interlocking system to ensure the rails, posts, and pickets don’t fall apart.

Choose Duramax fences

Invest in high-quality, affordable vinyl fencing made from 100% virgin vinyl. The fences provide good privacy and protect your property from stray animals and trespassers. The fence made from thicker vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and lasts for more than 20 years without fading, rotting, or staining. In addition, the premium quality vinyl fences are resistant to extreme weather. Now, selecting a vinyl fence for your house is even easier as Duramax offers free samples for a limited period. You can test our product while deciding on your required vinyl fencing design and color. Claim your free sample today. You can also customize your fencing according to your taste and requirement.

Request a quote today for a custom-made fence.

Get the Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing to Add Aesthetic Beauty to Your Property

Buy Vinyl Fence

The decorative USA made vinyl fence is durable, strong, waterproof, and weather resistant. The USA made vinyl fencing is easy to clean. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose is the only maintenance required. The fences are non-toxic, chemical-resistant, lead-free, and recyclable. High-quality fences don’t turn yellow, stain, rot, rust, or attract termites.

A fence is an essential part of your property for demarcating the boundary line. The entrance of your property guarded with a fence needs to have the visual appeal to make the place look more delightful and beautiful. The decorative USA made vinyl fence can instantly make your property look like a paradise. However, not all fences get manufactured with care. Some USA made vinyl fencing is better than others. It’s not only the design, color, and style of the fence – it’s also the quality of the material and the manufacturer’s expertise to ensure higher strength and durability. You need to keep in mind a few things before investing in vinyl fences.

Enhance Your Property with Decorative USA Made Vinyl Fencing

Customize the DuraGrain fence

Are you in love with wooden fences and can’t get over them? The wooden fences might be visually pleasing, but they are so high-maintenance that they would not be a great choice in the long run. Instead, a better alternative for wooden fences is the Duragarin one. The DuraGrain fence is a wood-grained fencing style that visually looks just like real wood. The only difference about DuraGrain is that its inner cell structure is virgin vinyl making the fences waterproof, weatherproof, and extremely easy to maintain. The DuraGrain fences are so beautiful that it would be difficult to tell them apart from a wooden fence. In addition, the DuraGrain fences don’t rot, stain, or attract termites, making them more precious and long-lasting than wood.

You can customize the DuraGrain fence in any color, design, or style that would complement the look of your property and increase its visual aesthetics. In addition, DuraGrain fences last for many years and don’t lose their color or fade over time, unlike wood.

DuraResin – The weather-resistant formulae

The USA made vinyl fence is weather-resistant, but at times weak fences cannot withstand the sun’s heat. To counteract the problem of intense heat, some fence manufacturers have used the DuraResin formulation. The formulation uses over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture strong fences that don’t warp in the heat and can withstand the sun’s scorching rays without suffering damages or getting depilated. Vinyl fences have passed the wind test of 105mph, which ensures that they can survive wind uplifts and high impacts even though they are lightweight. In addition, the waterproof fences don’t rot or rust during heavy rainfall or thunderstorms. DuraResin’s weather-resistant formulation acts as a magic potion for vinyl fences to make them strong and more durable.

Seamless installation and no external hardware

Although some manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws to install the fence line, it’s not good. External hardware causes the fence to weaken over time due to external damages or rusting of the screws. Therefore, USA made vinyl fencing has a strong routing system with interlocked panels that securely hold the fence line together. Vinyl fencing with no external hardware is extremely durable and looks visually pleasing for its seamless appearance.

Deciding on Duramax Fence

Vinyl fencing manufacturers advocate utilizing the DuraResin formulation if you want robust fences resistant to heat and the sun’s searing rays. Duramax makes weather-resistant vinyl fences with over 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. For maintenance, wash them with a garden hose or a sponge now and again. The barriers are designed to endure severe rains and bad weather. The fences are heat resistant and can withstand exceptionally hard climatic conditions thanks to the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Weatherability and UV stability are the highest ratings for Duramax fences.

Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers ensure that you obtain a one-of-a-kind, robust, and sturdy fence. That’s why making vinyl fences with thicker vinyl sheets provides more strength and long-term durability. High-quality fences do not warp, crack, bend, or break in the heat. These fences, unlike wood, are heat and water-resistant, which means they won’t decay, corrode, or attract termites. In addition, Duramax fences are fire and high-impact resistant. The lightweight fences include a sturdy routing system and linked fence panels to keep the fence line. When it comes to the maintenance factor, nothing beats the vinyl fences’ affordability. It is cheaper than any other type of fencing material like iron, wood, or FRP. As a result, it offers additional savings whenever it comes to maintaining the fencing system in your property.

You will be even more excited to know that you can now get a free sample of our product. Yes, we are currently offering a freebie for you to try our products. So contact us today or walk into our store to avail this free sample for a limited time.

The Final Words

Choose Duramax, the only vinyl fence service supplier you can trust. Installing a beautifully designed vinyl panel in your home will not only improve the look and feel of your architectural structure but will also provide a new sense of life. Whether it’s for your home or company, the high-rated vinyl fences will provide you with the best beauty and durability that no other fencing material can match. If you want a custom-made fence for your property that’s decorative and chic looking, then contact Duramax manufacturers. The high-quality fence has a limited lifetime warranty and is fire resistant too. Book a free consultation with the Duramax experts today—request a quotation.

Installing a Vinyl Fence In the USA? Keep The Following Points In Mind


Proper demarcation was always required, and the presence of a boundary wall prevented encroachments. You can communicate to the world that this bit of land is rightfully yours. In this modern era, there is another need to install a fence: home security. You cannot allow mischievous elements to come close to living space. It invites a major security lapse, and this is one more reason to install a fence right at the outer areas of the property.

The fence must be strong and durable

Through a fence installation, you are eager to prevent unauthorized entry, and hence the product must be strong and durable. The best solution here will be to explore the range presented under the USA made vinyl fencing. Unfortunately, today, there is yet to be any fencing idea that can beat vinyl in terms of strength and durability.

Vinyl beats wood on multiple factors

The USA made vinyl fence beats wood on multiple factors and one can start with the costs. As you seek a quote from a manufacturer, one will feel that wood is the cheaper version. Initially, wooden fences are cheaper to install, but you must consider the replacement costs. One must note that vinyl will not need replacement in your lifetime. However, the wooden fences will require a replacement a few years later. Once you consider the multiple replacement costs, one will feel that it is vinyl, which is cheaper. It is better to install a fence, which you need not have to look back on for a lifespan. Vinyl fences are just a variety, and it is not a surprise that manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty.

There is no need to worry about vinyl fences

Vinyl fencing is a unique fencing type that does not require much maintenance.  When you choose vinyl fences, you need not worry about staining. Cleaning the fence with a hose is enough to clean any stain. You can even install a traditional white vinyl fence without worrying about its maintenance. Duramax vinyl fence is made of thicker fences that do not break or sag or crack. Years will pass, but there will be no rotting or decaying of the fence. It will remain in the same condition as it was at the installation time. In addition, when you buy a fence from Duramax, you also get a limited lifetime warranty.

Specialties Of Duramax Fences

Duramax vinyl fences are made in the USA from high-quality virgin vinyl. Duramax Fences uses DuraResin formulation making them strong enough to bear the intense Southwest sun. The fences have over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors and the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. Their fences are heat, cold, water, and fire-resistant, which means the fences won’t crack or break under extreme temperatures. Duramax exceeds ASTM F964 standards, while the fencing industry only meets minimum requirements. The fences do not crack, break or sag under extreme weather conditions. They may bend a little under high wind pressure but will return to their normal state as the wind stops.

Talk to our experts to know more of our vinyl fence range and ask for a quote now.

Install USA Made Vinyl Fencing Around Your House

vinyl wall topper

The vinyl fencing is becoming a big favorite because of its durability. The strong USA made vinyl fences protect property and look good. You can protect the front yard by installing locally the USA made vinyl fencing. However, the backyard fence also needs adequate attention. The backyard is the most neglected place, and often, the vinyl fencing manufacturers prefer you get a strong fence to protect that part of the property. Vinyl fences have certain qualities that need special mention. Here is a list of traits of vinyl fences that make them a big favorite among Americans.

Why choose the USA made vinyl fencing?

No other fence is as durable as the Duramax vinyl fences that are locally made in the USA with high-quality vinyl. The wooden fences rot within a year, and the metal fences rust pretty easily. It’s only the vinyl fences that are durable and stay in good shape for the longest time. The vinyl fences need no repairs and replacements unless intentional damage gets inflicted on the fence. The DuraResin formulation of the vinyl fences ensures that the fences have a high degree of weather-resistivity and can endure weather torments. The UV resistance makes the fences ideal to survive the scorching heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. The fence is weather-resistant as well and can survive extreme weather conditions. Excessive heat, cold waves, strong winds, hail storms, and heavy rainfall will not break the weather-resistant vinyl fence.

 The fences are durable because the vinyl walls are thick, and the installation process is perfect. Vinyl fences do not need external brackets and unsightly screws for installation. They have an excellent routing system that interlocks the fence panels together for increased strength and durability. One of the supreme qualities of a USA-made vinyl fence is that it’s 100% waterproof and does not rot if it rains heavily or during contact with water. The vinyl fences are made with 100% virgin vinyl, ensuring that it does not rot, fade, break, crack, or delaminate easily.

Study and low maintenance fencing

One of the biggest reasons to get vinyl fencing is to install a fence that protects your property. Vinyl fences are ideal as they are resistant to fire, bacteria, molds, fungus. Vinyl is non-toxic and does not react to strong chemicals. The vinyl fence is also sturdy and strong enough to withstand heavy blows and impacts. Breaking down a vinyl fence requires time and hard labor. Invest in vinyl to get the fence that protects your property and keeps away strangers.

Are you still worried about the recurring maintenance cost that may be there? Put it aside. You do not need to wash the fences daily. Routine washing is enough to remove dirt and debris. The vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty, and you need to rinse the fence with a hose for proper maintenance.

Final words

Duramax manufactures superior quality vinyl toppers and fences in the USA. Our products are made from Duraresin formulation that gives better durability and flexibility to the fences. The fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. In addition, the wall toppers and fences can endure extreme weather conditions that include the scorching sun rays, snowfall, high pressure of the wind and fire. Duramax products are ASTM-certified and contain a quality assurance seal. They are recyclable and do not contain toxic elements. We have our own manufacturing factory in the USA, which is an advantage. 

Final words

If you want the USA made vinyl fence for your house, contact reputed fencing manufacturers like Duramax. The high-quality fences meet the ASTM requirements ensuring optimal security. To discuss in detail, request the fencing manufacturers for a free consultation with the experts.

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