A good vinyl fence installation help keep your garden growing and blooming

vinyl fence for sale

Are the stray animals destroying all your plants? Why not opt for affordable vinyl fencing installation to keep away stray animals and naughty kids who might be responsible for plucking the leaves and damaging the plants. The gardener puts in the time and effort to make the flowers blossom and the plants grow. It’s disheartening to see all the plants and flowers gobbled up. Vinyl fence installation can help preserve your plants for years together as they are extremely durable. Duramax fence manufacturers can build a sturdy vinyl gate for you with a fence line to stop people and stray animals from entering your property and accessing the plants.

Determine the fence design and fit for your yard

Although Duramax does offer affordable vinyl fencing installation, but these fences last for a lifetime. The only con about vinyl fences is that you cannot frequently change the design or style. High-quality vinyl fences stay strong for years, giving little scope for change. The durability is an asset, provided you have the right fence design and fit. Therefore, choose the design and style wisely. Remember that smaller animals can wiggle between spaces and dig under the perimeter fences. However, the larger animals can jump over a small fence. Duramax manufacturers provide custom-made fences that cater to your specifications and look great for years. The fences are virtually maintenance-free as they are resistant to staining and fading. Occasionally you would need to clean the fences with a garden hose to ensure their fresh look.

Weather-resistant fences are an asset

A garden with a dilapidating and fading fence would look awful. The entire beauty of the garden would be compromised. That’s the reason why you should invest in premium quality vinyl fence installation. Duramax uses the Duraresin vinyl formulation to build the fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide with powerful UV inhibitors get mixed together to provide you with strong fences that can withstand the heat from the Sun. The waterproof fences can sustain heavy rainfall and do not get warped in heat or crack in freezing temperatures. Duramax fences can withstand thunderstorms and ice storms as they have passed the wind test of 105mph. In addition, Duramax fences have a smooth finishing and retain their color for the longest time. A good fence is like an accessory for your garden, which should not get ignored.

Duragrain – The beautiful wood-grained fence 

Some homeowners love the wooden fences, but have issues with their durability. It’s true that wooden fences rot easily and are high maintenance. The other alternative to wooden fences is the Duragrain one. Duragrain is a wood-grained fence with the look and appeal of real wood, yet it has the cellular structure of raw vinyl. Due to the cell structure of vinyl, the Duragrain fences are waterproof, durable, weather-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition, Duragrain fences can easily get customized to offer you varied designs, colors and styles.

Duramax – The one-stop destination for quality fences

Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards of quality as they get manufactured by experts with 100% virgin vinyl material. We offer customized fencing styles. Request a free consultation session. Get a quote now.


Having a beautiful fence around your home is an excellent idea

vinyl fencing

A home with a fence can increase the resale value of your property by 70%. Recently, most homes in the USA are equipped with vinyl fences. A lot of homes had wooden or metal fences around which looked shabby. Wooden and metal fencing was once a very popular choice but not after vinyl fences gained popularity. This calls for a fence replacement which involves high expenses. A vinyl fence installation can save homeowners and can help you from recurring expenditure. Pure vinyl is now used to make various types of fences. Vinyl fences have a lot of advantages so more and more homeowners are choosing vinyl fences.

The various fence types from Duramax

The fence manufacturing companies in the USA design stylish fences made from vinyl. Now, homeowners are more interested in installing vinyl fences, including privacy fences, semi-privacy, scallop, perimeter, picket, and ranch rail fences. Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for the past 20 years or even more in the USA. We have an experienced research and development team that implements the most modern technology. Duramax vinyl fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. As a result, our fences can endure extreme impact, pressure, heat, and cold.

The DuraGrain range from Duramax

Many love wooden fences because of their rustic appeal. But wooden fences cannot stand all weather conditions and it becomes expensive to maintain the wooden fences. In addition, wooden fences are prone to get infected by termites and require repainting. Duramax has designed the DuraGrain range of fences that are made of vinyl and look like wood. The vinyl fences have the same rustic appeal and unlike wood it requires no maintenance. 

Vinyl fences do not require daily hassle and maintenance

The fences have a smooth surface so it does not attract a lot of impurities or bacteria. Hence, the fences require occasional cleaning or you can wash down the fences once every fortnight. 

Duramax fences are recyclable and eco-friendly; they are not made from any toxic elements. We offer vinyl fences at affordable pricing mainly because we have a manufacturing unit in the USA itself. Choose Duramax for a successful vinyl fence installation by the local experts.  

Simple and quick installation process

Please visit the Duramax Fence website for information about various vinyl fences and an online shopping experience. First, buy our fences online from the Duramax website and feel the difference. Then, hire a local contractor for a hassle-free successful vinyl fence installation. It takes a few hours to complete the fence installation. 

Long-lasting vinyl fences

Duramax fences are pretty long-lasting. They can last for almost 25-30 years without any repairs or additional maintenance. The fences have a better shelf-life compared to metal and wood. Investing in a vinyl fence is like a lifetime investment.

Vinyl is a modern fencing material preferred by the homeowners of the USA. This material has many advantages compared to any other material. Vinyl fences help you get rid of recurring maintenance costs.

Request for a quote

Choose Duramax for custom vinyl fencing solutions and reach us for an affordable vinyl fencing installation. In addition, we offer consultation related to vinyl fences— please request for a quote.

Knock at Duramax for customized, durable, low-maintenance and affordable vinyl fencing installation

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A fence can be the perfect addition to the yard offering aesthetics and security to the property. Weeks of planning go into installing the perfect fence that would last for a long time. Unfortunately, wooden fence owners often complain that even the highest quality of wood isn’t immune to the elements. Rain, wind, sun and snowfall can easily damage wooden fences. Since property owners are on the lookout for a weatherproof fence, the vinyl fence installation has gained much hype. Duramax has been in the news for some time for its high-quality, affordable vinyl fencing installation. Duramax has gone to great lengths for providing good quality vinyl fences that last long. Here are some of the features of Duramax fences:

DuraResin vinyl formulation – DuraMax’s durability secret

Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and weatherability. The credit for such high-quality, weather-resistant fences goes to DuraResin vinyl formulated fences. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide get utilized along with potent UV inhibitors to provide Duramax fences with the highest rated UV stability. The fences can withstand intense heat from the Northwest and Southwest Sun. The engineered vinyl fences do not turn yellow and last for a long time due to their weather-resistant features.

The vinyl fence installation is waterproof, making the fences resistant to heavy rainfall, ice storms and snowfall. The fences have cleared the 105mph wind test and do not crack during winters or warp in excess heat. Duramax’s vinyl fences are eco-friendly and recyclable. The fire-resistant vinyl fences are a necessity to protect your property under all circumstances.

Duramax’s thicker fence walls – A trademark of quality brand

One of the key features of Duramax fences is that they provide thicker fence walls. The vinyl fence materials have thicker walls for enhanced durability and outstanding strength. Thicker walls get rid of problems faced by thinner materials, like cracking, sagging and warping. A few ordinary manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws for fence installation, but that’s not good enough, as they cause the fences to crack, break, and fall over time. Duramax fences have invisible hardware. In addition, the fences have a strong routing system as the fence panels interlocked with one another provide great strength and durability.

Duragrain fencing – Duramax fences that look like wood

The charm of the wooden fences made many homeowners yearn for it. Wooden fences are sadly not durable, but Duragrain fences that look and feel like wood are extremely durable. The Duragrain fences have the cellular configuration of vinyl, yet have the appearance of wood. Duramax’s unique custom-made Duragrain fencing is a wood-grained fence with vinyl’s cellular structure, making them waterproof, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Homeowners looking for affordable vinyl fencing installation will prefer wooden fencing as they are low-maintenance as well. Rinsing the fence with the garden hose is enough to keep them looking new and fresh for years.

Duramax fences have a limited lifetime warranty and exceed the ASTM F964 quality standards. In addition, the high-quality fences are impact-resistant and do not rot, stain, or attract termites. Want a custom-made fence for your property? Ask for a quote now!

Do’s and Dont’s of DIY Vinyl Fence Installation

vinyl fencing manufacturers

The benefits of installing vinyl fencing include the advantage of privacy, an increase in your property value, and an aesthetic design. A lot of homeowners are interested in getting a nice vinyl fence but are looking for a more affordable vinyl fencing installation out there. Many never had the idea to buy traditional vinyl fencing and install it yourself.

As stated above, when you choose to buy traditional vinyl fencing and seek a means of affordable vinyl fencing installation, the cheapest means is that of doing the job yourself. You will assuredly save money in the long run—but only if you make sure to follow the proper procedures for installation.

Unlike traditional fencing of the past, you will not have to deal with difficult brackets and screws on each post. However, it will best serve you to take a look at the job in its entirety before beginning and make yourself aware of some of the most common pitfalls that such an endeavor may have.

If you want your hard work to turn out the best it can, there are a few dos and don’ts that you will want to follow to make sure that the process runs smoothly and ends successfully.

Prepare the Yard

Before any construction begins, make sure to dial 811 and have your underground utilities marked for safety. Jumping in and digging without knowing what you are digging into is not only unsafe, it can prove to be costly if any mistakes are made.


Space the posts appropriately

Proper installation of vinyl fencing will determine how long it lasts and how well it holds up to the elements. Vinyl fencing is constructed to stand up to high winds and minor impacts because it has the ability to bend without breaking. If you install your posts too closely together, the vinyl fencing panels will become too rigid, which will hamper the panel’s ability to bend and give. This rigidness, in turn, could cause damage to the panels during times of high winds or stress.

Vinyl fencing panels will also expand during the hotter days of the summer. If the posts are set too closely together, there will be room available for the panels to expand adequately—which could possibly cause buckling and warping.


No shallow holes

The most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that your fencing is only as strong and durable as the posts that are supporting it. This factor is why it is vital not to dig your post holes too shallow and to set the posts firmly. If you are in an area that is prone to high winds or has loose soil, this is an even more vital step to remember.

Finding affordable vinyl fencing installation can seem like an arduous task. But, it doesn’t have to if you consider taking the step to installing the fencing yourself. Buy traditional vinyl fencing for the best prices at Duramaxfences.com!

Choosing a custom vinyl fence from Duramax for your property

custom vinyl fencing

A beautiful fence around your home can make your neighbor envious. A fence is an accessory that adds security to your property. There was a time when wooden and metal fences were popular. Soon people discovered that they needed a more durable fence. Gradually after research and development, vinyl fencing was invented. Homeowners discovered that vinyl has many advantages compared to other types of fencing material. Vinyl fences have also undergone more advancements as the manufacturers are trying their best. Vinyl is giving a tough competition to all other types of fences.

Duramax is an experienced manufacturer in the USA

Vinyl fencing is an extremely popular choice in the USA. Many companies manufacture various types of modern vinyl fences. Are you looking for the best vinyl fence in the USA? Reliability is a big factor when looking for fence manufacturers. Duramax is renowned for offering vinyl fences for the past 20 years to USA homeowners. We have a team of expert designers, engineers and customer care executives. Duramax fences stand out because our products have certain salient features.

Does your yard get a lot of sunlight?

The Southwest sun is very intense, which can ruin the fences terribly. So how would you choose a durable fencing choice? Duramax vinyl fences to endure the Southwest sun. Its fences are made of a unique Duraresin formulation, making the fences stronger and more robust. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors. This gives UV stability and weather ability to the fences. 

ASTM certified vinyl fences

Duramax fences are ASTM-F964 certified which is quite high compared to the rest of the fencing industry. We manufacture various fences, including privacy fence panels, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, picket fences, pool fences, ranch rail fences, and more.

Our fences last for many years

A vinyl fence is simple to install. It takes only a few hours to complete the installation in a few hours. Hire a local contractor for a successful vinyl fence installation. Our fences are extremely long-lasting with little maintenance. The fence panels can last for almost 20-25 years without any repairs and maintenance.

No daily cleaning and maintenance is required

The fences do not require daily cleaning. This saves your time and effort. Wash the panels with a garden hose to keep the panels clean. You can use a damp cloth and some soap to clean the fences. Clean the fences every fortnight with mild soap and water to keep the fences shining for the next 15 days.

Are you looking for a privacy fence panel?

Privacy fences are becoming extremely popular to segregate one property from another. There are various types of privacy fences and if you feel claustrophobic, then choose a semi-privacy fence. Duramax can customize a fence according to your requirement. You can choose the height of the fence and other actors according to your preferences.

Request for a quote

Are you already planning to complete your fencing project? Talk to the Duramax experts for a vinyl fence for sale, get in touch for a consultation. Shop for vinyl fences online and place your order. Get a limited lifetime warranty—request a quote.

Install a vinyl fence to enhance the security of your property – Hire a local contractor for a vinyl fence installation

buy perimeter Vinyl Fencing

Do you have kids or pets at home and wish to enhance the security around your property? Adding a fence is a popular solution among homeowners in the USA. There are various types of fencing material available in the market, so do a proper study before you dive into investing in one.

Fences are exposed to external weather conditions, and this is why you need to be wise while choosing fencing material. Fences existed since the 60,’ but now there has been a lot of modernization. You get fences made of other materials apart from wood or metal. Vinyl is the most recent material that is becoming extremely widespread due to the plenty of advantages.

Duramax is a reliable fence manufacturer

Plenty of clients have relied on Duramax vinyl fences for the past 20 years for modern fencing solutions. We manufacture high-quality design fences and help you by offering free consultation. The Duramax fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. We use the purest form of vinyl, and this makes our fences waterproof and extremely durable. The fences are recyclable and free from toxic elements. Our vinyl fences are budget-friendly for the USA customers mainly because we have our factory in the USA.

Low maintenance and simple cleaning

Vinyl fences are ideal for those who are looking for long-lasting yet low-maintenance fences. Vinyl fences do not absorb moisture like humidity or dew, so they are damaged due to dampness. Also, the fences are resistant to heat, cold, impact, pressure, and high-speed wind. Regular cleaning is not mandatory as vinyl fences do not attract much dirt. Wipe off the fences once in 15 days with light soap and water. Our fences can last for a lifetime; they can remain in great condition for many years.

Solid routing system and secure locking system

The fences have a solid routing system and a secure locking system. There are no visible screws, so the fence remains flawless and beautiful. Our fences are available in various attractive colors; choose a fence color that matches your property’s shade. But you can also order white color fences that look classy and elegant. We also have colors like tan, beige that look beautiful when installed around your garden, yard, or poolside. Our fences do not fade, do not turn yellowish, also do not rot, warp or bend due to any external conditions.

Shop for fences online

You can refer to the Duramax website for shopping fences online. You can take a look at the images, specifications and place your order online. The payment gateway is very secure so that you do not have to worry about safety.

Simple and hassle free installation

Installing a vinyl fence is the least time-consuming and inexpensive. Hire a local fence contractor for a successful vinyl fence installation. Most installation experts find it easy to install a Duramax fence. Do market research before you hire an installation contractor for an affordable vinyl fencing installation.

Explore our inventory

Duramax fences offer you an inventory full of vinyl fences. Our fences are available in various colors, textures, types, and styles. We are the experts in manufacturing perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, rail ranches, etc. The fences are beautiful and offer a carefree performance. Our vinyl fences are all quality-tested and then shipped to your location.

Request for a quote, get a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are on the lookout for the best vinyl fence – choose Duramax Vinyl Fences

buy perimeter vinyl fencing

A fence can make your property beautiful and extremely secure. A lot of homeowners in the USA take an interest in installing a fence around the property. There are so many fencing material types, but this blog discusses why you should choose a vinyl fence? Wood and metal fencing existed for ages, but they come with certain drawbacks that vinyl can overcome. Homeowners have installed vinyl and can trust this fencing material. Read the blog to know more about the benefits of vinyl panels.

Install a vinyl fence

Why do you think people are trying to discard any other fencing material and choose vinyl? Home-improvement is an expensive affair. When you install a fence, you expect it to last for a pretty long time. This makes you feel that the investment is worth it. Vinyl does not let you down; it can live up to the expectations. Vinyl is extremely long-lasting; it’s not prone to rotting, rusting, getting affected by dampness, etc.

The types of fences we design

Now that you have decided to choose are the best vinyl fence. It is very important to look for a trusted manufacturer. There are many fence companies in the USA. All vinyl fences do not have the same quality. Duramax is a trusted vinyl fence manufacturer offering the best vinyl fence. We have been designing various types of vinyl fences for many years now. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures superior quality as we use the purest vinyl. Our fences include picket fences, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more.

Vinyl fences have a smooth surface

Investing in the vinyl fence is worth it as it can last for many years. The fences are not affected by climatic or environmental conditions. They have a very smooth surface that does not attract dirt, dust, or debris. Also, the fences do not attract dirt, dust, or bacteria. The fences can remain in very good condition with very little maintenance.

NO daily cleaning and maintenance required

Vinyl fences do not require daily cleaning or regular maintenance. This ensures cost and time saving and very least headache post-installation. Also, the fences are simple to install. You require hiring only one local contractor for an affordable vinyl fence installation.

Flawless fences

The fences have a strong routing system and a secure locking mechanism. There are no visible screws, as we keep in mind not to spoil the fences’ look and feel. The fences offer a carefree performance having a traditional look.

Do you love to make your backyard or poolside colorful?

Duramax colorful fences are amazing. Choose your shade, and do not worry about the colors fading out in years. We have a whole range of white vinyl fences that do not turn yellow even after being exposed to the weather.

Beat the heat with Duramax

Sun is the best friend, and now the fences do not fear the heat of the Southwest sun. Duramax’s Duraresin formula helps the fences to bear the heat. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives UV stability and weatherability to the fences. The fences are ASTM certified and tested for quality.

Choose us

Are you looking for a vinyl fence for sale? Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty.

A vinyl fence from Duramax in the USA can make your property stand out from the rest

vinyl fence for sale

A fence around a home or a ranch looks complete and stunning. It seems exquisite and adds a great deal of security. It is possibly the most energizing property exterior enhancements you can enjoy. However, all the cost you put in ought to guarantee that the fence introduced is enduring. 

Reinvestment is a significant issue. When a fence is set up, property owners grumble about the fences being influenced by natural variables. Anyway, is there an answer for it? Present-day vinyl fencing is more solid than any other fencing solution.

The vinyl material has loads of favorable circumstances contrasted with any remaining materials. Vinyl fences are strong; the material is extremely durable, and any climatic or different elements don’t influence it. In this manner, it has gotten a mainstream decision for homeowners; vinyl is now a well-known fencing alternative in the USA.

Presently, there are so many fence manufacturers. However, it’s still critical to pick a reputed one. Duramax offers you the best vinyl fence in the USA. We thank our customers for confiding in us and our fences. We have been fabricating fences for countless years now. We have received appreciation from many customers, managed different issues, and proposed introducing a vinyl fence. 

As its name proposes, Virgin vinyl is the most flawless and the purest quality vinyl accessible on the lookout. Not all makers utilize a similar quality vinyl to make a vinyl fence. We use virgin vinyl for planning different kinds of fences. We have our plant in the USA, where the fenced are designed and manufactured.

Are you looking for a vinyl fence for sale? Duramax fences can withstand the Southwest sun; our fences are made of Duraresin detailing. Duramax is made of 12 pieces of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. The fences are shielded from the warmth and every climate condition. Duramax fences don’t need hefty cleaning and upkeep. Cleaning the fences is simple and bother free; the fences have a smooth surface, guaranteeing that very little soil and trash adhere to the surface. You can utilize a hose to wash down the earth, clean the fences with a light cleanser.

What about introducing a beautiful vinyl fence? Visualize introducing a bright yellow fence in your nursery where red blossom sprouts and green grass develops. Indeed, we make brilliant fences that look stunning, add vibrance to the yard, and make your home look so fiery. Additionally, we also design white shading fences that are no less famous. White fences look very elegant and don’t turn yellow with time.

Duramax fences are classy, stylish, and look beautiful; they likewise have a conventional touch. We are specialists in proposing the correct sort of fences for your yard, pool, or ranch.

Additionally, a vinyl fence upgrades the estimation of your property. All in all, does your yard need another fence? Have a meeting with our specialists; we are offering vinyl fences available to be purchased. Get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences. Hire a local and reputed vinyl fence installation company for a quick installation.

Should I Upgrade to a Vinyl Fence?

A lot of fencing options are offered in the market today, varying in form, color and style – specifications a lot of property owners are looking at when upgrading their fences at home.

Most people see wood as the best material for their fences albeit its diminishing quality in the long run. However, if you are talking about “upgrading” your fences, you want to, of course, level up on the quality, and its design, while acquiring them at a reasonable price – vinyl fence is something you are looking for.

Vinyl fence has many benefits over standard wood fencing. Not sure whether vinyl is right for your property? Let’s check out some of the basic things you need to know about vinyl fences:

Fresh Appearance

Choosing vinyl over the traditional wood fence for your home and property updates the look and feel of your space that won’t go away over time. Vinyl is a modern-day fencing material, durable and easy to clean. On the other hand, using wood as fence might even cost you more as it will weather and rot over time.

Less Maintenance

The old-school wood fence your neighbors might be suggesting you requires a lot of maintaining – painting, staining and wiping of chemical to stand outside conditions. Vinyl Fences doesn’t. It is virtually maintenance-free – meaning, no staining every year, no sealing, or any special upkeeping to maintain its quality. Definitely, it will last longer that any wood fence.

Longer Lifespan

Installing a vinyl fence would mean installing a fence that will last. It can literally last as long as the home it surrounds. Why? Because vinyl doesn’t rot, doesn’t become brittle, or break down over time. Now, it’s possible to get a fence that you’ll never need to replace.


Along with being the most durable type of fence, vinyl fences are also stronger in enduring damage and abuse compared to wood fence. Vinyl’s natural flexibility helps it shrug off impacts and pressure that would damage a wooden fence. Vinyl is also lighter and more temperature-stable than wood. Meaning, it won’t sag, lean, or swell and contract with temperature changes outside your doors.


When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

Still wondering how to tell when you should upgrade from your old fences to a vinyl one?

Generally, standard wood fences last about a decade with cedar lasting a little longer than pine and other softwoods. If yours is getting close to that age, you should consider upgrading to a new fence. You don’t want to wait until it needs repair or worst, rots and degrades in your backyard, right?

If you currently have wood fences, you might notice signs of damage such as bent, sagging, or rot even before the usual decade is up. When you repair large sections of your fence you’re just prolonging the inevitable. You also could end up with a fence that looks half-new and half-weathered, which is never a good look. Repairing wood fences is possible, but choosing to upgrade might be a better option.

If you are planning to sell your property, considering fence upgrade can also be a good way to increase its value and curb appeal. It will improve the overall look of your home, and you can use vinyl’s advantages as selling points to help your home stand out. Contact our Duramax Fence Experts today for a consultation. Call us at 844-965-0164 or visit www.duramaxfences.com.


Most often than not, customers reach out to us at Duramax Vinyl Fences because they want privacy from their neighbors and passers-by. In the process, the supposed concern to be solved can be more problematic if not properly coordinated with the right channels. You need not worry because there’s always a way, and we hope to help you map-out the things you need to do at a neighborhood level.

We’ve put together some tips for a problem-free fence installation

Check the Property Lines

It is important that property lines are properly checked before you proceed with the installation of your new fences. Your old fences might not be an accurate reference for this. We suggest that you hire a surveyor so you can plan the fence location. Installing the vinyl fence within the property line can also be an option, and it’s safer in the long run. You’ll never have to worry about a neighbor running after you, because you unintentionally stepped in on their property.

Obey Fencing Regulations

Not knowing what the local rules are isn’t an excuse for a wrong fence installation. Our team at Duramax Vinyl Fences can help you out on this but always remember to double check on your town or city’s local code and fencing regulations. You don’t want to end up being forced to tear it all down, redo it, and pay the fine to your local authorities. Additionally, non-conforming fences can also affect your neighbor’s property value too!

Share Fencing Intents Beforehand

One good idea that will help smooth over any potential fencing disputes is to let them know about your plans to install a new fence before you begin the installation. You don’t necessarily have to show them your plans – the fence is on your property, after all – but it can help if you think your neighbor might be interested in paying for part of it. However, you should show them where you intend to place the fence and let them know if there are any property line problems you discovered when you ordered the survey.

Respect Your Homeowners Association (HOA)

Apart from the local fencing regulations, you also need to check on your neighborhood if there are existing HOA rules that you need to consider. You’ll need to either provide the HOA with plans or run the design with them to ensure it fits within their statutes. It’s much easier to get the proper clearance first than to deal with all the headaches after due to non-compliance. In addition, there are a few other things you can do that, while not strictly required, are definitely nice gestures to your neighbors and to your community.

Ensure Your Fence Doesn’t Stand Out

We all want a stand-out design, of course! But if you install a fence that looks out-of-place that might be a problem. Ask us why? While the main goal is to provide security and a touch of aesthetics in your property or backyard, it might be serving the opposite outside your fences. It pays to strike a balance between the design you want and the style of the houses in your area to keep the neighborhood looking good. Using Vinyl fences is a great way to keep your property looking nice season after season since they don’t break down or rot over time. They also come in a variety of colors and styles to match the look of any neighborhood.

Install it the Right Way

Apart from choosing a fence design that matches the look of your neighborhood, you should also install your fence so that the fence rail (if your design includes one) is on the inside. One benefit of vinyl fencing is that the panels often look the same on both sides, making it easy to get a neat look on both the inside and outside of your fence. With vinyl fences, there’s no “bad side” to worry about – every side is perfectly nice!

Maintain your Fence

It is your duty to take care of your fences, and make it look good. After all, it forms part of your property, your home. When you install a fence, make sure to choose a material that is low on maintenance, something that doesn’t need heavy cleaning or staining time after time.

Apart from building a fence, you also want to make sure that you observe the right neighborhood etiquette before deciding to put-up one. After all, your property belongs to a bigger picture – the community where your house is situated. Doing the right thing doesn’t cause any harm, it can even help you avoid unwanted instances if done properly.

Schedule a consultation with our Duramax Fence Experts now! Call us at 844-965-0164 or visit www.duramaxfences.com. We would love to provide you with more information and help you decide the best fence for you.

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