Do’s and Don’ts of Installing a Vinyl Fence in Your Property

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If you consider adding fences to your property, consider installing vinyl fences. Fences, in general, are a great addition to your residential or business property. Wooden fences can rot, and metal fences catch rust; therefore, vinyl is your ideal option. Have you got your vinyl fences from the famous vinyl fence manufacturer Duramax? With the project plan mapped and materials in place, you are now ready to amp up your backyard and enhance its aesthetic appeal. There are a lot of things that can cause hindrances when you are setting up your fence. This blog will share a list of do’s and don’ts of installing a vinyl fence.

Do’s of installing a Vinyl Fence

Check the local laws: Before installing the fences, you must ensure that your fences meet the requirements laid down by your city. Every city has its laws on fence zoning. Check them and then start your fencing work.

Inform your neighbors: You and your neighbor share the same property line, so you should maintain a good relationship with them. So, informing your neighbors about your fencing plans beforehand would be best. Usually, neighbors don’t have issues installing fences as they get privacy without doing anything.

Prepare the yard: Before installing fences, it is important to prepare your yard. Check the areas where you want to install the fence. If there are any plants present, then it should be removed. Before digging, you should inform the authorities to avoid digging into cable and phone lines.

Install the corner and end fence first: It is important to remember that the first post that you install should be the one towards the end. The second post that should be installed is the corner post. Post this; you can attach a string at the end and the corner post that will work as a reference for installing the rest of the fences.

Use a level: A level is one of the most important tools for installing fences. You can only partially understand whether the fences installed are straight just by an eyeball test. It is important to execute the leveling process before you install the panels. Once you have planted the post, then you can pour the concrete.

Install one panel at a time: Once the posts are in the ground, you should install one panel at a time. This will ensure that the panels are evenly placed. Once the panel installation is complete, it is important to check it with the level that it is installed straight.

Don’ts of installing a Vinyl Fence

Install fences close to one another: Once you know the local laws for installing fences, you should plan their placement and how you want your fence to look. You can put stakes and add a string to join them to make a mock structure. While installing the fences, you should remember that your fences shouldn’t be placed too close to one another. But when you get fences from a reputed vinyl fence manufacturer like Duramax, they offer durable and flexible fencing. Flexibility is crucial for fences.

Dig shallow holes: Always dig deeper holes. Shallow holes don’t properly support your fence and weaken it. In case of strong winds, there are chances for your fences to fall. It is recommended to dig a 6-inch deep hole for Duramax vinyl fences. This will give you enough space to fill the hole with concrete and gravel to strengthen your post.

Gate posts shouldn’t be treated like regular ones: In the case of gate posts, you should always dig 12 12-inch deeper holes as the gate post will always require extra strength to tackle the gate movements. Thus, when you dig deeper, the fence gets extra support.

Hammer the fence: Setting up a fence without using a hammer is pretty impossible, but you should be careful while using it. It would be best if you never used a hammer directly on your vinyl fence. If you need to hammer the panel, then place a piece of wood on top of the panel to hammer it.

Final Words

Get high-quality vinyl fences from the popular vinyl fence manufacturer Duramax at factory direct pricing. Our fences are shipped within two weeks of the order being placed. We shipped our product all across America. Duramax vinyl fences have high UV stability and are resistant to heat and extreme weather conditions. You save 29% on labor and fencing by opting for a Duramax vinyl fence. Our fences are durable and long-lasting, lasting up to 30 years. For more information, book a free consultation today!

Why is Vinyl Fence a Good Investment Option for Property Owners?

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Many options, like metal, wooden, and vinyl fences, are available when choosing a fence for your property. Property owners are focused on property enhancement and aesthetic landscaping; thus, they seek a fencing solution that balances cost-effectiveness and functionality. Vinyl fences are among many property owners’ most popular and smart investment choices. This blog will explore why vinyl fence are a popular and smart investment option.

Reasons to Invest in Vinyl Fence

Longevity and Durability

One of the salient features of a vinyl fence is its unmatched durability. Unlike its alternatives, like metal and wood, vinyl fences are exceptionally strong and sturdy. Duramax vinyl fences have a reputation for being extremely strong and durable, making them an ideal choice for property owners. Wooden fences can rot, get termite infestation, and even decay, resulting in longevity and durability. Vinyl fences are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl, making them durable and resistant to water, fire, and termite damage. Our fences resist extreme weather conditions like strong wind, heavy rain, and harsh snowfall. Our superior fences do not split, crack, or warp in extreme heat or cold climates. They hold their structure for years.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fences do not call for heavy maintenance, giving a significant advantage to property owners. Unlike wooden fences that need regular staining and painting, even metal fences require a coating to prevent them from getting moisture exposure. In contrast, Duramax vinyl fences do not require staining or painting. To keep your fences clean and maintain their pristine look, occasionally pressure washing with a garden hose with mild soap is enough. Our fences do not turn yellow with time. These fences save you time and money on maintenance.

Versatile Usage

Vinyl fences are used not only as boundaries for residential and commercial properties but also for various purposes. They are used as pool fencing, landscape decor, and property dividers. Its versatility makes it an ideal option for various applications around your home or business property.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Vinyl fences offer different colors and styles, allowing property owners to choose the one that complements their property’s architecture. At Duramax, you can customize your fence according to your requirements. Vinyl fences can stay pristine and hold their aesthetic appeal for years, even after regular maintenance. These fences have seamless and uniform surfaces that make them resistant to stains. This ensures that your vinyl fence will hold its appearance for up to 30 years. So whether you buy a traditional vinyl fence, perimeter fence or a privacy fence, our aesthetically appealing vinyl fences are the best option to enhance your property’s curb appeal. The color of vinyl fences is integrated into materials, so it does not peel or fade away, ensuring that the fences hold their look for years.

Privacy and Safety

Vinyl fences are known for being durable and strong, thus making them a great option for enhancing the security and privacy of your property. Unlike its alternatives like iron fences or chain link fences, vinyl fences can be customized to have any gaps to offer full protection and privacy. Given their strength, they are a good option for households with children and pets to create a secure barrier. Duramax privacy vinyl fences are your ideal option if you want full security. These fences are robust and rigid, making them an ideal barrier choice. They protect you from trespassers and intruders and ensure peace of mind. Your pets can roam freely without getting distracted or disturbed by outside animals. These fences ensure you and your loved ones enjoy your privacy without any prying eyes on you. Vinyl fences are ideal for pool fences; they protect your kids and pets and prevent accidents.

Easy Installation

The installation process of a vinyl fence is very easy and convenient, making it a favorite choice for all DIY enthusiasts. However, you want things to be done diligently. In that case, it’s better to get professional help to ensure the fences are installed correctly, adding to their performance and longevity. You can install the DIY Duramax Fence all by yourself. There are no extra screws or brackets that need to be installed. Thus making the installation process quick and easy.

Cost Effective Investment

The initial cost of vinyl fence installation is higher than other alternatives like metal and wood. But given its low maintenance cost and longevity, vinyl fences are a cost-effective choice for homeowners. Vinyl fences are durable, making them less prone to replacements and repairs. Vinyl fences are a great investment. They increase the value of your property. The beautiful and aesthetic appeal of vinyl fences enhances the curb appeal of your property, making it more appealing for buyers. A well-protected and secured house is a good real estate investment for many potential investors.

Final Take

So Duramax’s traditional vinyl fence is the best option if you are searching for a fencing option that is a good investment for your property. These fences not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also contribute to its valuation. Our fences are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl, resulting in their durability. These fences last for years with minimal maintenance requirements—our fences balance style and functionality, offering privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. 

When you buy traditional vinyl fence from Duramax, you get a transferable limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your fences are covered. Opt for vinyl fencing as it offers hassle-free DIY installation, and we shipped our products across the US within two weeks of the order being placed. To know more, book a free consultation today!

How To Keep Vinyl Fences Clean With Household Products?

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Did you know you can clean vinyl fences and regain their pristine look by applying certain household products like bleach and vinegar? Duramax’s supremely engineered vinyl fences are designed to be low maintenance, look great to boot, and DIY installation is affordable. However, just like any other fence materials, vinyl fences tend to get dirty and call for occasional cleaning. The good news is that you need not spend a fortune on cleaning and maintaining vinyl fences. Your household cleaning products are enough to keep your fences looking fresh and new for months.

Here, we will discuss six effective methods that will make cleaning vinyl fences a breeze. 

How to Clean Vinyl Fences?

Different household products like vinegar, soap, and even bleach can come in handy for cleaning vinyl fences. 

Our exquisite vinyl fences can boost the aesthetic appeal of your backyard or lawn like never before and are pretty low-maintenance as well. So, far as maintenance is concerned, they only require occasional cleaning, as they don’t tend to get dirty quickly. Here, we have mentioned some effective methods you can use to clean them. Let’s take a look at them. 

Garden Hose: If your vinyl fence is not enveloped with a thick layer of mildew or mold and is only slightly dirty, cleaning the vinyl fences with a garden hose would be wise. A household garden hose would best fit the role. 

The Step-by-Step Procedure Set your garden hose to the spray mode. A high-pressure nozzle fitted in the hose can more efficiently remove grime and dust from the fence. 

Point the jet of the hose towards the fence top and start cleaning it upside down. Doing this will remove any rain, mud discoloration, superficial grime, and dust from the fence. 

Next, use a cleansing cloth to dry wipe the fence and thus regain its pristine look. 

Common Soap and Water: One of the best methods of vinyl fence cleaning among many fence owners is to use good old soap and water to clean them. If applied on a regular basis, soap, and water can remove most dirt stains from our vinyl fences. 

The Step-by-Step Procedure 

Take around a gallon of water and mix one tablespoon of dish soap with it. 

After that, it is advisable to take a hose with a pre-fitted nozzle and gently spray the mixture on the vinyl fence.

The stubborn stains can be easily removed from the vinyl fences by cleaning with a clean microfiber cloth. Post this, rinse it with clean water. 

Vinegar: Vinegar is a very good and effective DIY fence cleaner. This common household material can work wonders in giving your fence a pristine look. 

The Step-by-Step Procedure

Mix 1 ½ cups of white vinegar with about one gallon of water in a bucket. You can also add dishwashing soap to this mixture. This combination can be highly effective if the vinyl fence has little dirt. 

If the vinyl fence has accumulated layers of dust over the years, mix more vinegar into the water. Adding concentrated acetic acid to the mixture can also reap fruitful results. Here, you should note that too much vinegar can damage your vinyl fence. 

Next, take a washing cloth, dip it in the solution, and use it to remove stains from the fence. You can also take a nozzle where you can fill this mixture and spray it all over the fence. 

Now, take a bucket of water and wipe off the solution from the vinyl fence thoroughly. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach: This is another good tried, and tested method of cleaning vinyl fences that do work. However, you should only use bleach on vinyl fences if the stains are stubborn and can’t be removed easily. 

You should always use bleach that is hydrogen-peroxide based and not one that is chlorine-based. This is because the former not just reap better results but is eco-friendly as well. 

The Step-by-Step Procedure 

As per the CDC recommendation, you should use a 16:1 ratio of bleach and water for cleaning purposes. This is the ideal ratio for removing fungus and mold from vinyl surfaces. One cup of bleach in a gallon of water can help achieve the desired ratio. 

You can pour this mixture inside a spray bottle or a pump to clean your fence. Take a brush to remove the stubborn stains. Finally, rinse off the fence with clean water. 

Use A Pressure Washer: If your vinyl fence is spotless, you can use a pressure washer to clean it. This device is known for cleaning surfaces in half the time that is needed for other methods and thus can be one of your best investments. 

You will find different types of pressure washers available on the market. While some run on electricity, some are gas-powered. Choose one that suits your purpose best. 

The Step-by-Step Procedure

It is advisable to use the nozzle-type of pressure washer for water ejection. Begin with a small portion of the fence, and clean it upside down.

Hold the nozzle 3 feet away from the vinyl fence firmly and direct the beam of water in a perpendicular direction.Make sure first to wet the fence, post which you can add cleaning solutions to the washer, and spray the fence with it.

The washing solution should sit on your fences for at least three to four minutes to dissolve the grime and dirt properly. You might have to scrub the fence off with a washcloth if it has stubborn stains.

Using a bristle brush can come in handy. Now, switch the pressure washer to rinse mode and rinse the fence with clean water upside-down. 

Final Take: 

The aforementioned techniques can go a long way in maintaining the pristine look of vinyl fences. If you are planning on installing top-notch vinyl fences, you are in the right place. We at Duramax offer a wide range of vinyl fence designs, like vinyl pool fences, vinyl ranch rail fences, vinyl privacy fences, vinyl semi-privacy fences, vinyl wall toppers, and others, at highly affordable rates. Check out the different options available and choose one that suits your needs and preferences the best.

We also take orders for customized vinyl fences. Place your order today, and we will ensure shipping in approximately two weeks. Ask for a free quotation now.

Fence Etiquette: Be A Good Neighbor

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A vinyl fence offers your yard great value, style, and security. If you plan to invest in a new fence, then it’s essential to consider the neighbors. A homeowner needs to carry the weight of being a good neighbor to add value and a sense of community to the neighborhood. Anyone can invest in a fence but don’t be ‘that guy’ within a close-knit society who doesn’t get along with anyone in the neighborhood. Here are a few things you need to note to help you make an informed decision.

Notify the neighbor

While you might not need your neighbor’s approval to invest in a vinyl privacy fence, it’s good etiquette to have an upfront conversation that you intend to invest in a fence. A proper conversation will ensure that your neighbor doesn’t feel offended or upset when you invest in a fence without first consulting them. 

Moreover, if your neighbors already have a great-looking fence in their backyard, they can help you with a few tricks and tips, and lessons learned while maintaining the fence line. However, if the neighbors don’t have a fence, consider investing in one and ask if they would be interested in sharing the fence line via an agreement. If you share the fence line, it’s a win-win situation as you also share costs while maintaining good neighborly relations.

Consulting with the neighbor is important before you decide on the fence color. Vinyl fences come in different colors, styles, and designs. Since the neighbor must look at your fence daily, ensure that your taste and decision don’t repulse them.

Once again, it’s your choice whether or not to inform the neighbor about the new fence. You are solely responsible for choosing the style or color. Still, it’s good etiquette to notify the neighbors and get them involved to ensure both parties are comfortable with the decision.

Establish Property Lines

A vinyl privacy fence can be an excellent delineator for visualizing where your land begins and ends. A fence acts as a clear boundary line between the properties, and once your property line is verified, you don’t have to worry about infringing on another’s property. However, if you are unsure about where your property starts and ends, consulting with an assessor official and local county recorder is essential. You may also hire a licensed land surveyor to stake out the property line before investing in a fence. A property deed with tax description can help explain the boundaries of the land and can even call out natural specific features like rows of trees, etc., which is meant to delineate the land. You can get a copy of the property deed online or request one from the county recorder’s office.

Again, it’s advisable to rope in your neighbors for the property line discussion. This is important because the neighbors might have incorrect preconceived notions about the property line, and it’s better to discuss the issue than get into a quarrel after the fence is installed. First, share the information you get about the property line with the neighbor and then get them involved in the land surveying process.

Maintaining your fence line

A vinyl fence can spruce up the property and increase its aesthetic appeal. However, buying a fence is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It’s a long-term investment, which means rather than investing in a wooden or metal fence, you should consider Duramax Vinyl Fence. A wooden fence might look beautiful, but it can devalue the property by looking unkempt and ugly if you fall back on maintenance. Your unkempt fence can stir up drama with the neighbors as well. 

That’s why we recommend investing in vinyl fences. Choosing a good fence is half the battle won. Vinyl fences are designed keeping longevity in mind and are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike metal or wood, you won’t find the vinyl fences rusting, rotting, or attracting termites. Fence etiquettes include proper fence maintenance, and Duramax vinyl fences require little or zero maintenance. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl and will never need repainting or repairing. Our fences can be washed with the garden hose and never turn yellow, discolored, or lose their luster. Made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, our fences are weatherproof, fade-resistant, and long-lasting. Occasional cleaning is all you need to do to prevent mildew growth and get rid of dirt and debris. 

Moreover, Duramax vinyl fences don’t warp in the heat, crack in cold weather, and are impact resistant. Our fences can stand the test of time and last for 25 to 30 years with minimal care.

Fence style

Are you living in an HOA community? Then you will have a limited number of fence styles to choose from, and you definitely need to check with the HOA before investing in any type of fence. However, if you are not living in an HOA community, then drive around the neighborhood to note the different fence styles before requesting customization. Choose a style that will match your property, and the aesthetics will be in harmony with the rest of the neighborhood. A coordinated fence design and style throughout the neighborhood is ideal for adding long-term value to your property.

For example, adding a white vinyl fence can work well if your neighbor has a vinyl fence. If your neighbor has a wooden fence, you can surprise him by investing in our DuraGrain Fence. DuraGrain is a wood-grained material that appears like real wood with a cell configuration of vinyl. This means the Duragrain Fence might look like wood but won’t rot, degrade, attract termites, or start developing splinters. Our range of DuraGrain Fences is weatherproof, water-resistant, strong,durable, and doesn’t need repairs or repainting, unlike a wooden fence. 

Lastly, if your neighbor has a fence, consider matching the fence height to maintain uniformity and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Being a good neighbor is similar to being a good friend, and communication is vital to fence etiquette. Fence disputes create a lot of tension between friendly neighbors, and the main cause of the trouble is not communicating fencing plans with one another or ignoring courtesies that should be followed. While a good fence can offer privacy from the neighbor, a wrong fence can affect your neighbor’s lifestyle and lead to heated discussions.

Choose the right fence here. Book a free consultation with us to discuss your fencing needs.


What is so Special About a Vinyl Fence?

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PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used to make vinyl fences. Pipe, windows, and other construction components are made of PVC. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a widely used synthetic plastic polymer in construction. Roughly three-quarters of all vinyl produced is used in construction and building projects. Vinyl is mixed with additional elements to create a sturdy, strong, and long-lasting fence material in best selling vinyl fences. Titanium dioxide, UV inhibitors, and acrylic impact modifiers are all included in our vinyl fence composition. Exposure to the sun and the environment causes discoloration and yellowing, which titanium dioxide inhibits. In addition, the impact modifiers prevent the vinyl from cracking or breaking unless it sustains a remarkable impact.

Pros of vinyl

USA made vinyl fence has many features that make it an ideal building material, particularly for fences:

  1. It’s durable and strong. It has 5 times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood.
  2. It’s low maintenance. You will never need to paint or stain it. It simply needs to be washed with mild detergent and water if it gets dirty.
  3. It’s long-lasting. Our vinyl fence comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  4. Vinyl offers a clean, streamlined look that matches numerous exterior decoration styles.


Vinyl has some disadvantages as a fence material, depending on your budget and style preference. When compared to pressure-treated wood, the best selling vinyl fence is a more expensive building material. Although you can repay the expense over time by reducing maintenance costs, the higher up-front cost may deter some homeowners. In addition, vinyl fence repairs are more expensive and complex than wood fence repairs. Furthermore, some people prefer the appearance of a natural product to that of a synthetic one.

Vinyl is stronger than wood

The vinyl fence is five times stronger than wood. Although the material vinyl is polyvinyl chloride and regarded as plastic, its strength and endurance are impeccable. Affordable vinyl fencing made with 100% virgin vinyl is resilient and stronger than wood, as Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets to manufacture the fences. Thick vinyl material eliminates problems like warping, sagging, and cracking of the fences. However, the strength of the vinyl fences is enhanced due to their strong routing system and interlocked panels that have the tongue and groove intertwining system. The invisible hardware makes the fence panels stronger and ensures an aesthetic appeal that’s matchless in beauty.

How do manufacturers cater to the best price of vinyl fences in the USA?

Are you eager to level up the security of your property? If so, get in touch with top vinyl fence manufacturers. Their professionals have extensive knowledge of fence manufacturing, and they ensure to create durable vinyl products that will last at least a couple of decades. 

Here are some benefits of vinyl fencing :

  • Easy maintenance – After the fittings are carried out, you can remain guaranteed that no further painting is required and no further inspection would be required. If you have an obsession with white fences, you can stay confident that these fences will not turn yellow. Unfortunately, there are numerous materials available in the markets prone to breaking in extreme cold. Still, our fences will remain sturdy and never allow you to complain about the applied materials.
  • Vinyl being applied is thick – The type of vinyl being applied is thick. The thicker vinyl sheets are ideal for making the panels last longer. Duramax Fences ensure that the panels remain durable for a long period without getting exposed to major damage. They are also resistant to cracking or breaking. The fences may bend during storms but will get back to their original state once it subsides.
  • Fences are tested before it reaches customers – Our fences are ASTM F964 tested and ideal to withstand high-pressure situations. Being heat resistant & impact-resistant, our fences are highly in want by homeowners. In addition, their durability allows the vinyl fence manufacturers to offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products.

Duramax Fences, one of the top vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA, manufactures and supplies vinyl fences, gates, wall toppers, and more throughout the USA. Duramax is offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours today and test their product before buying.

Choosing a ranch rail fence from Duramax for your horse farm

Ranch Rail fence

A fence around your property can look amazing; it adds beauty and security. Are you looking for horse farm fencing? There are various types of fences available in the market. A ranch rail fence could be the perfect fence for your horse farm. Choosing the right material is the most important factor because durability depends on it. A ranch rail fence is expensive, so you would want the fences to last long. Wooden and metal fences were extremely popular for centuries. But both were unable to withstand the extreme weather conditions. After continuous research, vinyl fences emerged and all other fencing materials took a backseat. 

Did you ever have a wooden fence that you fell in love with?

Wooden fences are beautiful but prone to rotting due to excess moisture, especially during the monsoons. Excess sunlight causes the color to fade away and the fences develop cracks. Duramax fences in the USA bring you a range of vinyl fences that have a wooden look and feel. The DuraGrain range offers aesthetic and functional fences that look similar to wooden ones. You get Wood-like stylish fences that are made of vinyl, hence very long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. You can always prefer vinyl fences to wooden ones for the horse ranches. 

The unique DuraResin formulation

A ranch rail fence is seen frequently running around the perimeter of the field. The fences do not get damaged by the intensity of the Southwest sun. These fences contain a mix of the Duraresin formulation, which offers resistivity and durability. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that shield the fences from several weather conditions. The fences are completely waterproof and have a very smooth surface. Vinyl does not attract impurities or microorganisms. 

A vinyl fence costs a little higher compared to other materials. However, it is worth paying the price and not bothering about replacements or repairs. Duramax vinyl fences can remain in good condition for almost 20-25 years. 

Premium vinyl fences from Duramax

Vinyl has lived up to the expectations and has proved to be superior to any other fence material. Duramax is renowned for manufacturing fences for more than 20 years. We have a team that can customize vinyl fencing. You can choose the number of rails, but we suggest installing a 3-rail ranch fence. The fences do not contain any toxic elements; hence it is safe for kids and pets. Our fences are recyclable and made inside our unit in the USA. Duramax offers premium fences made from 100% virgin vinyl at affordable rates. Apart from ranch rail fences, we design perimeter fences, scallop fences, privacy and semi-privacy fences, picket fences, pool fences, and other styles. 

Final words

Are you looking for a vinyl fence? First, explore our inventory online for durable and exclusive vinyl fences. Then, please browse through the Duramax website to explore our fences with their specifications and images. 

Get a limited lifetime warranty and request a quote.

A ranch rail fence is a popular fence style in the USA – Trust Duramax vinyl fences

Ranch Rail fence

Leaving behind wooden and metal fences, vinyl fences are becoming more and more popular. A rail ranch fence is a traditional fence style usually installed around horse ranches and farms. A rail ranch fence is seen frequently running around the perimeter of a field. Vinyl ranch rail fences offer a clean and sophisticated look to the field or ranch. This is a very popular fencing style chosen by the farmers and horse owners. Read this piece to know why vinyl fencing is gaining an edge over the other materials.

Vinyl fences have a lot of resistivity and endurance

What happens to a fence that ensures the sun, wind and rain every day? Most of the time, the fences do not even last for many years because they lose their strength and durability. Vinyl fences have incomparable resistivity. The fences can stand strong enduring the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made by mixing the Duraresin formulation which gives durability to the fences. Also, the fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This makes the vinyl fences resistant against UVA and UVB rays. Now, what happens to a ranch rail fence when a livestock barge into it? Any other fence apart from a vinyl one would break or crack. Duramax can endure shocks, impacts and pressure, which is an advantage.

Do you have a fetish for wooden fences like many other property owners?

Duramax has created a unique creation where we design vinyl ranch rail fences that look similar to wood in terms of look and feel. We have a lot of customers coming up to us and ordering for the DuraGrain range of fences. We have got excellent responses from customers who have installed this range and we are excited to offer more amazing designs.

Duramax fences come with quality seal

Duramax is here when you are looking for quality-assured fences. Our fences are ASTM-certified and our team does a quality check before it is packed for being shipped to your site. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which is the purest form of vinyl. Also, they have a tough routing system with no visible screws for a seamless look. Vinyl is a waterproof material, so it does not allow mold and bacteria growth on its surface upon being exposed to moisture. You do not have to worry about the health of your fence during the monsoons or when it is snowing incessantly. The fences are extremely tough and immovable, which is proven by passing a gust of wind at 105 mph through the fences.

Shop online and request for quote

Are you planning to install a vinyl fence around your property? You can choose the number of rails like it could be 2, 3 or 4. But generally speaking, we suggest installing a 3-ranch rail fence.

Duramax fences are non-toxic, safe for kids and pets. The fences are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Get a limited lifetime warranty and request a quote. Now you do not require to visit our USA store for fences but place your order online.

Installing a custom vinyl fencing can be a unique idea – Consult Duramax

vinyl fences

All fences do not look alike; this is where custom vinyl fencing plays a major role. Imagine every home in your neighborhood having different fences around. Duramax in the USA is working towards making your fencing dreams come true. The value of your property increases after installing a vinyl fence. There are various types of fencing materials available in the market. You should choose the material according to your requirements. The very common requirement of fencing is a fence that can endure all weather conditions. A fence is installed outside the property and the investment is no less. So, there could be a material that can make extremely durable fences within your budget.

Choose vinyl over any other fencing material

This is the reason why metal and wooden fences are now taking a backseat. Vinyl fences are ruling the market now because of various advantages. All fencing material other than vinyl gets damaged very easily within a short period. For instance, wooden fences look appealing but they can get damaged due to rotting and termites. Metal fences are prone to rust and discoloration. Many have a passion for wooden fences. Duramax brings a solution for those who wish to install wooden fences but are looking for durability. Invest in the DuraGrain range, where we manufacture vinyl fences that look similar to wood in terms of look and appeal. 

Why should you install a vinyl fence?

The Duramax fence can endure the intensity of the Southwest and Northwest sun. The fences are made from Duraresin formulation, which gives resistivity to the fences. The fences are manufactured by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives ample resistivity to the fences against heat, cold, impact and pressure. We have been manufacturing fences for the past 20 years that are ASTM-certified. We are offering premium quality custom vinyl fencing in the USA. Vinyl is a modern fencing material that helps to overcome the drawbacks of any other material. Our fences are available in various styles, types, and colors. We are leaders in designing privacy fences, scallop fences, pool fences, perimeter, picket fences, and rail ranch fences…etc. 

Duramax vinyl fences are simple to maintain and easy to install. One expert contractor can install the fence in a few hours. Choose a vinyl fence of any color and let your yard look vibrant. 

Eco-friendly fences from Duramax

Duramax vinyl fences are recyclable and free from any toxic elements during the manufacturing process. This makes the fences safe to touch for kids and pets. It also does not matter if they lick the fences by any chance. Duramax contributes to making the environment greener by manufacturing recyclable fences. 

Shop online from Duramax

Please visit the Duramax website for an online shopping experience. Buy custom vinyl Fencing online from Duramax by sitting at home or from anywhere else. We have a seamless website and a secure payment gateway. It is good to make informed decisions and not repent later after investing a lot of money. Book a free consultation with us. You can ask our experts if you cannot decide what fence to install. Request for a quote.

Everything you need to know about installing a ranch rail fence

Ranch Rail fence

A ranch rail fence is commonly seen around farms, fields, and horse stables. A rail ranch fence offers a stylish and clean look which adds charm and sophistication to the enclosed space. This is a reasonable fencing solution in the USA and is mainly used for securing agricultural areas. There are different fencing materials, but vinyl is the most durable among those. A lot of people complain of broken rail ranch fences which calls for reinvestment. Wooden fences seem to crack and metal fences suffer dent if any livestock barges into the fences. Vinyl fences are extremely durable so it is now one of the most popular fencing materials in the USA.

Duramax fences – endures the extremities

Most USA homeowners install ranch rail fences for long-lasting fencing for a durable fencing solution. A fence is a pretty expensive home improvement accessory. Frequent repairs and reinvestment are a sheer headache. This is where vinyl ranch rail fences play the most important role. Duramax fences have extreme resistivity; they are designed to battle the Southwest and the Northwest sun. The fences have DuraResin formulation which gives great toughness and redundancy to the fences. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which give resistivity against extreme weather conditions and sun rays.

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Vinyl fences have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on the fence body. The fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. Our fences are made from premium quality virgin vinyl. The fences are waterproof and have a very smooth surface that does not attract mold and bacteria. You cannot question the toughness because the fences are tested against a very high-seed gust of wind blowing at 105 mph. 

Easy-to-customize vinyl fences in the USA

Our ranch rail fences are beautiful, stylish yet have a traditional touch. The fences are usually installed around the perimeter of the fields. You can customize according to your requirement and choose the number of rails. It could be 2, 3 or 4 rail fences, anything of your choice. But, if you take our suggestions, we generally recommend installing a 3-rail ranch fence. Duramax fences are adjustable and customizable. We have experts that modify fences according to your requirements. You can select the height and width of the posts according to the total area that needs fencing.

Our fences are extremely long-lasting

The fences are exposed to exterior weather conditions, yet they can last for 20-25 years without any maintenance or frequent repairs. Also, the vinyl fences do not require daily cleaning, which includes wiping or washing. Wash the fences with water and detergent without worrying about humidity. 

Request for a quote

Duramax vinyl fences are popular in the USA, and now you can shop online for high-quality ranch rail fences. We are among the most experienced vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. Duramax fences are recyclable and do not contain any toxic elements, hence safe for kids and pets. Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing solutions because we have our factory in the country.

Vinyl fences are the perfect choice for the present century homeowners

vinyl fence for sale

A fence is not just a boundary and segregates spaces, but it also helps to connect. Fencing is simply a reminder that two spaces are located just next to each other. A fence can be made of wood, metal, and plastic; it can be opaque, permeable, and allow visual contact. In all, a fence not only secures but enhances the overall appearance of the immediate property exterior. Every homeowner has different reasons for installing fences. But everyone looks for a durable and beautiful fence.

Vinyl fencing – The modern concept

Fencing is no new concept, it existed for ages, but with time it has undergone advancement. People in the Bronze age used stone for fencing, the Anglo-Saxons preferred zig-zag wooden fences, the Victorian era installed wrought iron fences, and now various materials are used. The fence manufacturers were trying to invent a new material that would surpass wooden and metal fences. Hence, vinyl is used as a fencing material, and these fences are durable than any others.

These days homeowners are most interested in home improvement, which is also an investment. Vinyl fences are long-lasting because of the properties that vinyl possesses. This is one reason among many why vinyl fencing enjoys a good market. There are so many fencing materials, but none of them have advantages like vinyl. Your selection speaks about your taste.

Vinyl fence is worth the investment

Many homeowners are ready to pay a little more for fencing material which will go a long way. Are you among those who are worried about the cost? Vinyl fences are slightly more expensive than wood, metal or any other. A vinyl fence is a one-time investment, so paying a little more for the long-lasting factor is wise. But any other fencing material would require repairs and renovation but will still not be as durable as vinyl.

A vinyl fence does not require daily cleaning or washing. Little maintenance is needed to keep the fences in great condition. You can wash down the fences every fortnight with soap and water or use a garden hose to wash. Vinyl fences have a very smooth surface that does not attract dirt or impurities.

Vinyl fences are versatile

They are available in different styles, sizes, types, and colors. Some common fences are picket fences, perimeter fences, scallops, privacy, semi-privacy, ranch rails, and more. A fence can have different heights, and the width depends on the total area that needs to be fenced. Customization options are available based on your requirements. Discuss with a fence company if you cannot decide which fence to install. You choose to install a fence of any color or install a white vinyl fence.

Duramax is a renowned fence manufacturer in the USA. Our fences are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal. Duramax fences are recyclable and non-toxic. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA; this makes the products more affordable to the USA clients. Shop Vinyl fence for sale online and checkout via a secure payment gateway. Book a consultation with Duramax experts. Request a quote.

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