Are You Planning To Invest In A Vinyl Gate Around Your Property? 9 Reasons Why It’s The Right Decision

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Making your house a safe haven is a priority. The first line of defense is a fence and gate. Therefore, choosing a strong and durable material for your gate is important. While iron and steel might look durable and strong, they are not weather- resistant and can start rusting easily. A rusted iron or steel gate is a big turn-off. That’s why we recommend investing in vinyl gates manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl. Wooden gates are out of the question as wood is not durable and will start rotting easily. Vinyl gates come with numerous benefits and are an excellent choice in the long run. Duramax Fences can assist if you plan to get a vinyl gate that complements your fence line. We offer customized vinyl gates for your property.

Here are 9 reasons to invest in a vinyl gate rather than  steel, iron, or wooden ones.

Low maintenance

Vinyl gates are considered the best choice for outdoor gates. This is because they are easy to maintain. You do not need to spend extra money painting or repairing vinyl gates. The vinyl gate can remain fresh for years with little or no maintenance. Occasional washing with a garden hose ensures the gate looks fresh and retains its luster. Vinyl gates are waterproof, scratch- resistant, and do not fade easily. Therefore, if you want to avoid putting in the extra effort to maintain your outdoor gate, invest in a vinyl gate now!


Vinyl gates are forever. They can last 20 to 30 years easily as they never rot or rust. They appear fresh and new right from the first day of installation and retain their charm forever. Vinyl gates manufactured at Duramax are made with thicker sheets of vinyl. The thicker material ensures the gate doesn’t warp, sag or crack. While thinner materials can make the gates more prone to damage, thicker vinyl sheets ensure more durability and sturdiness.

Strong and impact-resistant vinyl gates

Vinyl gates are engineered for durability, and high blows or heavy impacts won’t break the gate. These gates are 5 times sturdier and 4 times more flexible than wooden gates. The vinyl gates are made from raw PVC resin, stabilizers, and special additives, all enhancing their strength and sturdiness. 

Lead-free and non-toxic

Wooden and metal gates need special treatments for maintenance. Most of these involve chemicals that might trigger respiratory distress in kids and pets. However, vinyl gates are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) manufactured from natural hydrocarbons and salt. This makes the gates free from chemicals and safe for kids and pets. Vinyl gates are a great choice as they can give you peace of mind, especially if you have pets or kids around. 

Waterproof and weather-resistant gates

Unlike wooden gates, vinyl gates are waterproof and do not get affected by heavy rains. Furthermore, Duramax manufactures vinyl gates with our unique DuraResin vinyl formulation, making them extremely weather- resistant. Our range of vinyl gates can withstand the scorching southwest sun without warping in the heat or fading and losing its luster. Our gates never turn yellow and have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability.

Design options

Do you know you can build any type of fence gate with vinyl? At Duramax, we can customize your gate to complement your fence line. Swinging or sliding gates are made from high-quality vinyl, and our designs are simple yet sophisticated to complement the aesthetics of your property. If you have a budget for the vinyl gate, we can manufacture the beautiful gate of your dreams that lasts long and looks beautiful for years with zero maintenance. Vinyl gates can work on your existing fencing or be customized for a larger fence package. It does not matter what the layout or preferences are, a customized vinyl gate can easily adapt to your property.

Increases home value

Potential buyers of vinyl gates seek a secure gate that’s attractive and strong. Since vinyl gates can maintain their appearance for years, they are  a great investment. You do not have to worry about the gates becoming ugly if you plan to sell the property. Since the vinyl gates are durable and strong, it provides enough security to keep thieves and strangers at bay. A vinyl gate can be a beautiful jewel for your home and upscale the property’s value in the market.

Affordable price point

Vinyl gates are durable, strong, and a one-time investment. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and offer extreme durability, and minimal upkeep is necessary. In the long run, a vinyl gate is a better investment becauseas you don’t have to spend money on repairs and maintenance. There’s noNo need for repainting, staining, or expensive treatments for a vinyl gate, which is why these gates are highly recommended in the market.

Ease of installation – A DIY method

We all know that vinyl fences are super easy to install, but so are vinyl gates! Measurement plays a vital role in vinyl gate installation. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while installing a vinyl gate. Maintain space between the ground and the vinyl gate to ensure it’s easy to close and open. From lining up gate posts to drilling holes and securing hinges, installation is a breeze if you follow the DIY installation guide. For more information about this, you can book a free consultation now.

Final Words

Vinyl gates are highly popular and have taken over the market by storm. If you want to enjoy the vinyl gate benefits and have a beautiful one that complements your property, come to Duramax. Request a quote now.


Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Fencing Over Wood Fencing

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There are advantages and disadvantages of both vinyl and wood gates. Wooden gates thrive in some areas, while vinyl fencing gives priceless qualities. Based on these criteria, let’s contrast our two fencing options. Let’s get going!


Vinyl gates are at least twice as durable as wooden gates. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is frequently included with vinyl gates. While vinyl fences built using DuraResin vinyl formulations last for decades, wooden gates have a limited lifespan and can only be repaired frequently for roughly 20 years. Duramax is one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers in the US.

Moisture is the main reason why wooden gates are less durable. Sadly, wood is vulnerable to deterioration from moisture. In the worst situation, this causes wooden gates to absorb water, sag, and rot. Similarly, not all types of wooden fencing are resistant to termites and insects. To stop wood from deteriorating, you can use paints or preservation sealants. It might, however, require refinishing every few years. On the other hand, vinyl gates are resistant to high moisture and pests. As a result, they do not undergo decay or deteriorate, increasing their longevity by decades.


Both vinyl and wood gates function admirably in terms of appearance. Gates appear beautiful because of the distinct grain on each picket and the warm, natural texture of the wood. Additionally, you can choose any color you like to have painted on your wooden gate. Wood gates come in various designs, from scalloped picket gates to full-privacy vertical board gates. Wood and vinyl gates both compete in this market. You are mistaken if you believe that installing a vinyl gate on your property meant installing a conventional, dull gate in white. Vinyl gates are now available in a variety of designs that resemble wood and stone. You can also choose DuraGrain fence gates from Duramax Fences, one of the leading producers of vinyl gates, which feature a vinyl cell structure yet appear like wood. DuraGrain fences can resemble wood without the maintenance required.

Property value

Both wood and vinyl gates can increase the value of your home as long as they are kept clean and well-maintained. However, if you have a wooden gate, you must ensure that it is not rotten or decayed.

Make sure the vinyl gate is clean and in good working order. Many buyers prefer the traditional wooden appearance of gates, especially in their ancestral homes. But if you think about it all in the long run, then buy the best-selling vinyl fence from Duramax.

Maintaining and cleaning

Nobody typically has the time or energy to regularly clean the outdoor area, including the gate, as maintaining the house is already stressful. Therefore, it makes sense that most individuals would go toward a fencing system that needs less maintenance and is simple to clean. The good news is that vinyl gates require remarkably little maintenance. And an occasional rinse with a garden hose accomplishes the task brilliantly. On the other hand, cleaning a wooden gate could be more difficult. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining your wooden gates home because wood is prone to moisture and mold. In addition, to clean the wooden gates, you might need to scrub them using cleaning agents.

Additionally, wood gates require periodic repainting and resealing with preservatives. In comparison to vinyl gates, the overall maintenance cost for wood gates is more expensive due to this refinishing expense. Although a white vinyl gate will look stunning, you should know that it will get dirty much more quickly than a wooden fence will. It might therefore require more frequent cleaning. Additionally, choose a vinyl gate in another color or pattern if you want to prevent this issue.

Replacement and repair

Both the wood and vinyl gates require occasional repair. For instance, vinyl fencing may break under extreme pressure, and wood gates may require board replacement after damage. But the majority of people can repair vinyl fence gates themselves because they are generally simple to do so. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about sagging or decaying pickets because these gates are pest and moisture-resistant. However, because vinyl gates are typically made of prefabricated panels, if a few pockets are damaged, the entire panel needs to be replaced, which can be expensive. If you need to replace a wood gate, you can easily do so by just replacing the damaged portion, which will be considerably less expensive. However, if the homeowner lacks carpentry expertise, they will have to pay an expensive professional.

Installation simplicity

Typically, homeowners can construct a wooden gate rather than pre-made panels. Prefabricated wood panels can now be installed. After that, you can use brackets and nails to attach them to posts. However, if you choose to construct one but lack the required equipment and knowledge, you will need to employ professionals, which is costly.

However, vinyl gates are simpler to install because most of them are prefabricated panels. If the posts don’t have notches to secure the panels, brackets can be used to attach the panels. Therefore, installing a vinyl gate is relatively simple, and with the right instructions and tools, homeowners can easily install these gates themselves.

Last words

Wood gates are wonderful if you want a wooden look for your gates and don’t mind routine maintenance. However, choose Duramax Vinyl Fences if you don’t want to make an effort for such demanding maintenance. Duramax is one of the topmost vinyl gate manufacturers in the US. Free samples are presently available from Duramax Fences. Claim yours right away and test the vinyl fencing material before choosing the style and design for your property.

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Vinyl Vs. Wooden Gate: Which One Should You Choose?

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Vinyl and wood gates come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl fencing offers priceless properties, whereas wood gates excel in other categories.

Let’s compare our two fencing options based on these categories. Let’s get started!

Let’s compare our two fencing options: Vinyl Vs. Wooden Get

#1 Durability

Vinyl gates last almost twice as long or even longer as the wooden gate. In addition, many vinyl gates often come with a lifetime warranty. Wooden gates have a shorter lifespan and can last about 20 years with proper maintenance and frequent repairs, buy vinyl fences made with DuraResin vinyl formulations last for decades.

The major culprit behind the lessened durability of wooden gates is moisture. Unfortunately, wood is susceptible to moisture damage. As a result, wooden gates absorb water, sag, and rot in the worst-case scenario. Similarly, not every brand of wood fencing is resistant to insects and termites. However, you can use paints or preservative sealants to prevent wood damage. However, it may need to be refinished every few years. On the other hand, a vinyl gate has no issue with moisture and pests. As a result, they do not rot or decay, and this fact alone boosts their lifespan by decades.

#2 Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, both vinyl and wood gates perform admirably. The distinct grain on each picket and the natural texture and warmth of wood look fantastic on gates. Furthermore, you can have your wood gate painted any color you want. Wood gates are also available in various styles, ranging from scalloped picket gates to full-privacy vertical board gates. Vinyl gates compete with wood in this category as well. If you thought installing a vinyl gate on your property meant installing a plain white boring gate, you were mistaken. Vinyl gates now come in various patterns that mimic wood and stone. You can also go for Duramax Fences, one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers, DuraGrain fence gates that look like wood but have a cell structure of vinyl. DuraGrain fences can mimic wood but minus its high maintenance.

#3 Property Value

As long as the gates are clean and well-maintained, both wood and vinyl gates help improve your property value. But, of course, you have to make sure that the wood gate should be rotten or decayed if you have one.

In the case of vinyl, ensure the gate is clean and doesn’t need any repairs. However, many buyers might prefer the gates’ traditional wooden appearance, especially with their ancestral home. But if you consider the whole thing in the long run, go for vinyl.

#4 Cleaning And Maintenance

Since the home’s upkeep is already draining, we usually don’t have time and energy to often clean the outdoors, including the gate. So, it’s natural for most people to be inclined towards the fencing system that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. But, the good news is that vinyl gates are incredibly low on maintenance. And, a periodic rinsing with a garden hose does the job with brilliance. On the other hand, it might need more effort to clean a wood gate. As wood is susceptible to moisture and mold, you will need to spend considerable time and effort maintaining your wooden gates at home. You might need to scrub the wooden gates using cleaners to clean the wooden gates.

Wood gates also need repainting and resealing with preservatives every once and then. This refinishing cost makes the overall maintenance cost for wood gates costly compared to vinyl gates. However, if you choose a vinyl gate in the color white, it will undoubtedly look fabulous, but you need to keep in mind that it will look dirty much faster than the wooden fences. So, you might need to clean it more frequently. And, if you wish to avoid this problem, get a vinyl gate of other colors and patterns.

#5 Repairs And Replacement

Both the vinyl and wood gates need occasional repairs. For example, vinyl fencing under heavy pressure might come apart, and wood gates might also need repairs and boards replaced after any damage. But the repair of vinyl fence gates is fairly easy, and most homeowners can do so on their own. Moreover, as these gates are pest and moisture resistant, you don’t have to worry about sagging or decaying pickets. However, because vinyl gates are frequently prefabricated panels, damage to a pocket or two may necessitate replacing the entire panel, which can be costly. In the case of wood gate repairs and replacements, you can easily replace only the damaged part, which will cost you much less. However, if the homeowner is not skilled in woodworking, they will need to hire a costly professional.

#6 Ease Of Installation

Usually, homeowners must build a wood gate instead of installing pre-made panels. That being said, you have an option of installing prefab wood panels these days. Then, you can connect them to posts using brackets and nails.

However, if you decide to build one but lack the necessary tools and expertise, you will need to hire professionals, which can be expensive.

On the other hand, Vinyl gates are very easy to install because most of them come as prefabricated panels. Posts have notches to hold in and lock the panels in place, and if they don’t, one can attach the panels using brackets. So, it is relatively easier to install a vinyl gate, and with proper guidance manual and tools, homeowners can DIY install these gates easily.


Wood gates are fantastic if you want that wooden look for your gates and don’t mind the periodic maintenance. But if you don’t want to put in the effort for such hectic upkeep, go for Duramax vinyl fences. Duramax Fences is currently offering free samples. Claim yours today and test the material while deciding on the design and type of vinyl fencing for your home.

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What Type of Material is Best for My Entrance Gate?

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The entrance gate is a crucial part of the structure of a house or any other property. In ancient times, architecture paid detailed attention to the entrance gate design by carving it with patterns. Today, we have made immense progress in technology, helping us use different types of materials to create entrance gates. Every material provides its advantages and drawbacks, especially depending on the purpose of the entrance gate. The entrance gate for the home has quite different fabrication needs than an industrial complex.

This blog lays down the popular materials used in main entrance gate fabrication and considers them when choosing an entrance gate.

Different types of materials for entrance gate

Entrance gates are long-term structures that aren’t replaced much regularly. Can you remember when you installed the entrance gate of your house? We bet it was long ago. Material that you use for the entrance gate directly impacts the design and life of the gate structure. Hence, let’s look at the different materials that can be used for gate fabrication work suitable for your needs.

Metal Gate – When using metal gate materials, you can ensure a balanced gate structure and the benefits of different metals. Some manufacturers give you an option to have a gate with combined features of different materials like iron, steel, aluminum. Further, you can even have brass, gold, and silver materials for the coating. Due to such a combination, these gates are highly customizable. Though these gates may not cost as much as high-end wooden gates, they are still a bit more costly than other options. However, with experienced fabricators, you can have a metal gate that provides way more value than its cost.

Iron Gate – Iron has been the favorite material for building structures with strength from ancient times. But with time and further development, a better version of this metal was invented. Wrought iron is flexible and less brittle than the original iron in its traditional version. Moreover, it provides higher protection against corrosion. As a result, it is presented as one of the best materials for entry gates. However, while the main iron gate provides all the pros of metal on the other side, it’s a bit heavier than other materials.

Among all these options, you can choose the best material for entry doors based on your location and the type of building that requires gate installation. In addition to this, some other factors need to be considered to make the right choice.

Wooden Gate – When choosing an entrance gate, aesthetics are the main focal point for you. Then a wooden gate might be a good choice. You can also combine them with metal parts to strengthen them simultaneously and provide an exotic look to your property when used correctly. However, a major drawback of the wooden gates is their durability and cost. These gates require frequent maintenance and cost on the high end when looking for a replacement. So, if you are looking for something durable, let’s move ahead to the next option.

Vinyl Gates – Vinyl is a far more durable material than wood or aluminum fences. It does not come with any recurring yearly costs. Duramax Fences’s vinyl gates are made from 100% virgin vinyl and thicker than most other vinyl available. Duramax vinyl has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors and has the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. Duramax vinyl gates are non-toxic and pet-friendly, making them completely safe for your kids and furry babies. The routing system is strong and locks with each member. The vinyl gates do not require brackets and screws that are unsightly. Vinyl gates are ideally easy to maintain. They are made from DuraResin formulation that doesn’t require painting or staining. Their surface doesn’t scratch easily. Vinyl is nonporous, so you can spray it with a hose to clean the surface if you find your fence dirty. Contact a vinyl gate manufacturer to install vinyl fencing at your home. Vinyl fences and gates generally come in a kit of interlocking pieces. Duramax manufactures low-maintenance vinyl fences and gates which need cleaning every fortnight or a month. The Duramax team offers a limited lifetime warranty and easy installation. We are also offering free samples for a limited period of time. Contact us to claim and enjoy your freebie while you decide a fencing design for your home.

Customized vinyl gate manufacturers

Gates with similar designs might protect your property, but you can only get the unique and exclusive feature if youget them manufactured by custom vinyl gate manufacturers. Customized gates are visually appealing but can also be manufactured with other requirements to ensure durability and serve you better. If you want to upgrade the old property, you need to choose a custom vinyl gate. An old property might make you think that the wooden gate would be an ideal fit, but did you know that wood is prone to rotting, staining, and attracting termites. A better alternative would be to pick DuraGrain gates that look like wood, have a similar texture, and have the cellular configuration of vinyl. The DuraGrain gate is wood-grained and looks ethereally beautiful, like a real wooden gate. You won’t distinguish between the two, and such is the quality of premium-grade DuraGrain gates. The cell structure of vinyl is waterproof, easy to maintain, weather-resistant, durable, and strong. In addition, they can easily get customized in various designs, styles, and colors according to your fancy.

Not all vinyl gates are built alike, and some are stronger than the rest. The vinyl gate manufacturers use thicker vinyl sheets to make the fences and gates strong and more resilient. Thicker vinyl sheets eliminate warping, sagging, cracking, and breaking issues. However, a thinner vinyl sheet is not good as your gate will not last long. Reputed vinyl product manufacturers build the gates using a strong routing system, and the fence panels are interlocked to give greater strength and a seamless appearance.

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Brief Guide on Finding The Right Vinyl Gate for Your USA Home

Vinyl Fence

Today, vinyl is the second largest-selling plastic globally, and the industry employs more than 100,000 people in the United States alone. Vinyl’s low maintenance cost, versatility, and performance make it the material of preference for dozens of industries. Opt for vinyl gates from a reputable vinyl gate manufacturer if you want the best for your house. Read on to know why it is considered the best.

Choosing the Perfect Vinyl Gate for Your USA Home: A Comprehensive Guide by Duramax Fences

Let’s take a precise look at the material vinyl

Vinyl is the world’s most versatile plastic to make everything from food wrap to auto body parts. Vinyl comprises two simple building blocks: chlorine, based on common salt, and ethylene, from crude oil. The resulting compound, ethylene dichloride, is converted to vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) gas at very high temperatures. Through the chemical reaction known as polymerization, VCM becomes a chemically durable powder, polyvinyl chloride resin. Vinyl is the second best-selling plastic and the most versatile one. Vinyl is used in hundreds of consumable industrial products. More than 10 billion pounds of vinyl are made annually in America. Even after a useful lifespan of decades, vinyl products can be recycled into new applications lasting decades more.

Checklist for choosing vinyl fencing

Vinyl gates are quite popular in the USA. It’s because these gates are extremely durable and strong. The vinyl gate at Duramax is the ideal solution for your property among all the other fencing options. The main reason is that Duramax offers affordable vinyl fencing that does not pinch your pocket, yet the gates aptly serve the purpose. A good fence adds value and beauty to the property. Before you jump into making the purchase, why not check out the list of factors to consider for making the final pick.

Why buy vinyl gates?

Vinyl is a more durable material than wood or aluminum gates. It does not come with any recurring yearly costs. Duramax gates are made from 100% virgin vinyl and are thicker than most other vinyl available in the market. Duramax vinyl has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors and has the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. Duramax vinyl gates are non-toxic and pet-friendly, making them completely safe for your kids and furry babies. The routing system is strong and locks with each member. The vinyl fencing does not require brackets and screws that are unsightly.


Go for a vinyl fencing facility that assures you high durability. Duramax vinyl gates made with 100% pure virgin vinyl are extremely durable. It’sIt’s because these gates get manufactured with thick vinyl sheets that eliminate issues like sagging, cracking, breaking, and warping. In addition, Duramax gates are strongly built with an effective routing and interlocking system. Unlike other manufacturers, Duramax manufacturers do not use external brackets or unsightly screws to build the gates. Instead, Duramax gates have invisible hardware that not only holds the fence panels firmly together but also gives a seamless, beautiful look.

Vinyl gates are weather-resistant, but Duramax adds an extra edge to their high-quality fencing line. Duramax uses the DuraResin vinyl formulation that makes the fence resistant to extreme weather conditions. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and highly strong UV inhibitors get used to manufacture good quality gates that don’t warp in heat or crack in the cold. Passing the wind test of 105mph, the gates are also good enough to sustain heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and ice storms. In addition, the waterproof gates are easy to clean, and using the garden hose is enough for adequate cleaning and maintenance.

Affordability is a crucial factor

Are you looking for affordable vinyl fencing? Then, it’s essential to get Duramax gates that are durable, cost-effective, and strong enough to stand tall for years. Unfortunately, not all vinyl gates are good enough to perform their function. Some gates crack in the cold and warp in the heat. Duramax makes sure that you don’t face any problems with their fade-resistant gates for the longest time. An average Duramax fence can last for 20 years without any complaints. The high durability and longevity of the gates without constant repairs and repainting make the vinyl gates extremely affordable.

Duramax vinyl gates are ASTM-certified

The ASTM-certification covers the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) exterior profiles used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The only material employed in these external profiles is the rigid polyvinyl chloride which compounds in a single homogeneous coextrusion of two or more PVC components in different layers. Therefore, the materials must undergo tests to meet the material and physical property standards, such as dimensional tolerations, extrusion quality, and weatherability. The ASTM methods for testing and identifying exterior profile also provide impact resistance, dimensional stability, warp, and impact test on weathered specimens.

Duramax vinyl gates are made of high-quality vinyl. To maintain their quality, they go through a number of procedures. The ASTM accreditation is one of them. Duramax’s ASTM-certified vinyl gates keep your property safe. Aside from the installation costs, Duramax fencing will not cost you anything else in the future. They don’t require any care other than a cleaning every two to four weeks or once a month. You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty if you choose Duramax fencing.

Final words 

It will not be wrong to conclude that vinyl is the best material for building durable gates that can protect your home as well as make its exterior look appealing. Choose vinyl gates from reputed vinyl gate manufacturers for long-term uses without much maintenance. In addition, you can get them customized at a competitive rate from Duramax. The experts would advise you on the gates’ design, color, and style.

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Choose Vinyl Gates over Wood for Maximum Benefits

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Vinyl is the most popular gate manufacturing material now. Because of its monetary benefits and resistance to the deteriorating impacts of weather, we consider vinyl the best material to use for gates. Wooden fences and gates are available in various warm colors and design options. Add in the organic texture and distinct grain of each board, and it’s easy to see why so many people adore a wood fence. But, on the other hand, vinyl is giving wood a run for its money these days. This super-durable material, also known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), was introduced as fencing in the 1980s, but the early versions appeared plastic-y and cheap. However, because of the improved composition, PVC fences now look more natural and are stronger and tougher than ever.

Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Gates Over Wood for Maximum Benefits

The type of gates you select will be determined by your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in, among other factors. You can contact vinyl gate manufacturers near you to know details of the vinyl gate and its prices well. Duramax, a reputed vinyl gate manufacturer, makes gates from thicker vinyl sheets, making the gates strong and durable.

Vinyl costs more upfront, but maintaining wood makes it pricier over time

Wood fencing typically costs less, but a wooded gate will require maintenance, such as repainting or replacing as they rot. Vinyl, which runs at a little higher price, is almost maintenance-free. Vinyl will typically outlast wood gates, sensitive to weather, rot, insects, and other debilitating factors. However, it won’t warp or fade. Therefore, it should look the same as when you install the gates. Vinyl gates require less maintenance than wooden and metal gates. Metal gates rust too easily, whereas wooden gates attract termites, rot, and deteriorate over time. A vinyl gate can last for more than ten years without needing to be repaired or replaced. The color of the gates lasts for a long time and never needs to be repainted. A vinyl gate does not need to be cleaned thoroughly. Regularly cleaning the gate with a sponge and garden hose is sufficient to keep the waterproof gates looking new for as long as possible. Vinyl gates are excellent for concealing scratches and dents. Non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant gates are ideal for homes with children and pets. Vinyl is a sturdy and durable material that can remain in good condition for years. Therefore, you can easily save on repairing and repainting costs when installing vinyl gates.

Quality of Vinyl Matters

When choosing vinyl as the material to build your gates, making sure the vinyl is of high quality is step one. Only virgin vinyl should be used to make top-quality fences. Duramax Fences builds high-quality vinyl gates that do not get damaged easily due to the DuraResin formulation. In addition, it has over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which ensures that the vinyl gates remain resistant to heat, cold, and scorching sun rays. You can go for a customized vinyl gate for your home, as you can choose a fence according to your taste and style.

Vinyl fences are easier to keep clean

An occasional rinse with a garden hose is pretty much all it takes to banish dirt from a vinyl gate. Wood gates will likely need a power washing and possibly detergents more frequently as their porous nature makes them sensitive to mold and mildew. But, on the other hand, vinyl does not accumulate dirt that much; it will take less of your valuable time on its cleaning and maintenance. You should also keep the color in mind. White shows dirt more, so vinyl may be your best bet if you want white.

Privacy concern

Gate designs can vary depending on the design and need. Whatever style you choose, make sure your gate matches the style of your fence or wall. Vinyl gates are available in varied sizes and structures. They can be custom-built in the gate manufacturing factory to meet your accurate specifications.

Pet friendly

The non-toxic, eco-friendly, and chemical-resistant gates are great for your homes, especially if you have small children and pets who might run here and there. The vinyl gates do not need screws for installation. In addition, they have interlocking panels which will not harm your pet.

Vinyl is Fire-resistant

When it comes to gates, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it gets. As a result, vinyl gates are an exceptionally versatile and high-performing alternative for exteriors, which is why it is the most common wall material used in today’s new home construction. In addition, the vinyl gate is more difficult than many other construction materials to ignite as it is composed mainly of PVC, which is naturally flammable due to its chlorine base. In addition, PVC has one of the lowest flame spread ratings, meaning that it won’t contribute to the spread of a fire.

Duramax Vinyl Gates

Adding a vinyl gate to the property is important to create a unique look for your home and provide an extra layer of privacy and safety. Duramax gates can be an important part of installing a new fence that wraps the entire landscape and home. The vinyl gates get the most wear and tear out of the fence, and they can endure more abuse than any other part of the fence. It is essential that whatever fencing style you choose, the gate portion must be made of the same high-grade materials and hardware.

Final Words

Are you planning to get a new gate for your property? First, book a custom-made one from Duramax. Then, request a quote to connect with the vinyl gate manufacturers today.

A Guide To Choosing Vinyl Gates


To create a striking look in front of your home and provide an extra layer of privacy and safety, adding a vinyl gate to the property is important. Duramax gates can be the most important part of installing a new fence that encases the entire landscape and home. The vinyl gates get the most use out of the fence and can endure more abuse than any other part of the fence. It is important that whatever fence style you choose, the gate portion must be made of the same high-grade materials and hardware. Duramax, a reputed vinyl gate manufacturer makes their gates from virgin and thicker vinyl sheets which makes the gates strong and durable.

Because of its economic benefits and resistance to the deteriorating effects of weather, we believe vinyl is the best outdoor material to use for gates. Adjustable vinyl gates are available. We employ techniques to keep them from sagging or bowing. Hardware is an important component of a gate because it holds everything together. If you have a low-cost gate that falls apart or rusts at the joints, you haven’t saved any money.

Understanding Vinyl Gate Options

The best advice for a homeowner to install Duramax vinyl gates is to investigate all available options.

Quality: If you choose vinyl as the material to construct your gates, making sure the vinyl is of the highest quality is step one. Only pure virgin vinyl should be used to make top-quality fences.

Durability – Duramax builds high-quality vinyl fences that do not get damaged due to the DuraResin formulation. In addition, it has more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which ensures that the vinyl fence panels remain resistant to heat, cold, and scorching sun rays. As a result, the vinyl fences are extremely durable, and they don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. You can go for customized vinyl fencing for your home, as you can choose a fence according to your taste and style.

Maintenance – Vinyl gates are comparatively low maintenance compared to wooden and metal ones. Metal gates rust too easily, while the wooden ones would be attracting termites, rotting and breaking down with time. A vinyl gate can serve you for more than 10 years without any complaints about repairing and replacing. The color of the gates remains fresh for the longest time, and no repainting is ever needed. A vinyl gate does not require deep cleaning. Occasionally one can clean the gate with a sponge and garden hose, and it’s enough to ensure the waterproof gates look fresh for the longest time. Vinyl gates are good for hiding any scratches or dents. The non-toxic, lead-free, and chemical-resistant gates are great for houses with children and pets. The only con about vinyl gates is that they are durable, and you will have to stay with the same gate design for a long time to come. On the contrary, durability is an asset as you don’t have to worry about your gate for at least 15 years or even more.

Fence designs can vary depending on the style. For example, a solid style provides the greatest privacy, whereas a basket weave or picket style does not. Whatever you choose, make sure your driveway gate matches the style of your fence. Our gates are available in varied sizes and construction; and are custom-built in our factory to meet your exact specifications.

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Buy the Right Vinyl Gate for your Yard

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A good gate is the first impression you throw on your guests. A wooden gate might be the first thing that comes to your mind, but do you know how high-maintenance wooden fences and gates are – it’s truly a costly affair and the repair work is also pretty expensive. A much more cost-effective and durable option would be to invest in vinyl gates. Vinyl can look beautiful and add a touch of elegance to your place without the pocket pinch. In addition, vinyl gate manufacturers can customize the gateway’s style, design, and color to make your property look ethereally divine.

The Vinyl Gates Don’t Fade Rot and Are Resistant to the Weather

The gate stands outside and protects your property from trespassers and intruders. The gate needs to be strong and durable. While wooden gates might look stiff and sturdy, they are not weather resistant and would rot after a few months. That’s why you need to switch to vinyl, which is five times stronger than wood. Vinyl gates are made with 100% virgin vinyl, and the DuraResin formulation ensures outstanding weather-resistivity and strength. The gates made with over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors do not warp in the intense heat of the Sun. The waterproof gates might be lightweight but have passed the wind test of 105mph, making them strong enough to withstand heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunderstorms, ice storms, and the like. The fade-resistant gates don’t stain or lose their colors for years together, making them an ideal choice for the long haul.

Still, love the look of the wooden gate? Choose Duragrain

Some property owners can’t get over the look and feel of the wooden gates. That’s why the Duragrain gates and fence line is the ideal choice for them. The Duragrain material is wood-grained, which gives the impression of a wooden gate but has vinyl’s cellular structure. Since Duragrain has the cell structure of polyvinyl chloride, the fences and gates are durable, waterproof, easy to maintain, and have all the other attributes of vinyl. Unlike wood, these gates don’t rot, stain, or attract termites, but they have the typical wooden appeal. The traditional beauty of the Duragrain gate is much loved by many. The vinyl gate manufacturers customize the Duragrain gates to suit your preferences.

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Easy to maintain and pet friendly

Vinyl gates are comparatively low-maintenance when compared to wooden and metal fences. Metal gates will rust too easily, while the wooden ones attract termites, rot and break down with time. But a vinyl gate can help you for more than a decade without any complaints or repairing and replacing. The color of the vinyl gates remains fresh for a long time, and no repainting is needed. A vinyl gate does not require any deep cleaning. Occasionally you can clean it with a garden hose, and it will be enough to ensure the gates look fresh, like new. Vinyl gates are good for hiding any scratches or dents. The non-toxic and chemical-resistant gates are great for houses with children and pets.

Duramax is your gateway to accessing modern and functional vinyl gates

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An attractive gate helps to create the first impression on your neighbors and guests. A good gate should be beautiful and help to offer security. Installing a gate is an expensive project and people would not like to repair those frequently. Various materials are used to manufacture gates like metal, wood and vinyl. Vinyl fences and gates are durable and classy. Vinyl fences and gates are elegant and have many other advantages. Recently, there have been many homes equipped with vinyl fences. The fences and gates are modern and stylish that can add spark to your property.

Gates made from 100% pure vinyl

Vinyl is a suitable material for exterior home improvement. Duramax vinyl gates are made of 100% pure vinyl, making the end products durable and long-lasting. Our premium gates and fences are 100% waterproof and not affected by other weather conditions. The gates are not damaged by the intensity of the Southwest sun. The Duraresin formulation uses top-quality design gates. This unique mix makes the gates stronger and gives more resistivity. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to manufacture gates.

ASTM-certified and weather-resistant gates

Duramax fences are low maintenance; they do not stain or allow dirt or impurities to settle on them. Hence, the fences do not require regular or rigorous maintenance. You can wipe the fences with water and soap for super cleaning. You can also wash the fences without fearing that the fence panels would absorb water. Duramax offers waterproof vinyl gates that have passed the wind test of 105mph, ensuring that they can sustain heavy rainfall, stormy weather, snowfall and ice storms. The vinyl gates do not crack in cold weather and do not warp in heat. Duramax gates are ASTM-certified and our products are quality-assured.

Colorful vinyl fences from Duramax

Vinyl fences are available in various colors like red, blue, green, yellow and other attractive shades. Install a fence of any color that matches the color of your property. You can also install white color fences that look serene and elegant.

Long-lasting gates and fences

Duramax is one of the renowned vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA. We customize gates and fences according to your requirements. Duramax gates are recyclable and made from non-toxic materials. Hence, the fences are safe for kids and pets. The gates are extremely durable; they can last for almost 20-25 years. Gates are fences installed outside the property. Hence, top-quality vinyl is used to manufacture sturdy fences. The vinyl gates made with thick vinyl sheets ensure greater durability and outstanding strength. Duramax fences and gates are manufactured inside our factory in the USA.

Final words

Investing in a vinyl gate is worth it; it is for the long term. Vinyl gates and fences are a little expensive but they can last for an extended period without repairs. Talk to our experts for a customization option so that your gate stands out from the rest. Request a quote now! Book a free consultation session with our professionals today.

Adding a vinyl gate to your property – Duramax gates are durable and eco-friendly

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A vinyl gate is a nice addition to a fence. The gate has a post on its side and the anchor is attached securely to the ground to bear the weight of the gate. The gate is an opening for the fence that can be set up with latches and hinges. This accessory allows anyone to conveniently open and close the gate. A fence along with a durable gate adds beauty and security to the property. Recently you will come across many vinyl gates that you used to see before. People in the USA are now relying on vinyl exterior home improvement accessories. Vinyl has too many advantages compared to any other construction material. This is ideal if you intend to have durable gates and fences, hence not bother about maintenance.

Durable vinyl gates that last for 20-25 years

Being one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA, we suggest choosing vinyl for its durability. These products have an extended shelf life. You invest once in installing a vinyl fence or gate, which would last for at least 20-25 years. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material, and this is why many homeowners are choosing this. They do not require daily cleaning or washing. Although occasionally clean the fences with a damp cloth and soap, you can wash the fences with a hose. Vinyl is a waterproof material that does not soak water or moisture. 

ASTM-certified colorful fences

Duramax offers waterproof vinyl gates that pass the wind test of 105mph, ensuring that they withstand heavy rainfall, stormy weather, snowfall, and ice storms. The vinyl gates do not crack in cold temperatures and do not distort in heat. Duramax gates are ASTM-certified, and our products are quality-assured. How about installing a colorful vinyl gate? Choose a fence and gate of any color from the Duramax store. You can also be interested in subtle shades like white, beige and tan. 

Why not install a vinyl gate this time and explore its benefits?

Many companies manufacture vinyl fences. It is a task to narrow down your search and choose one among those. Read reviews, check the websites, ask people before you make the final call. Duramax is among the most renowned fence and vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA. The quality of the fences and gates varies from one manufacturer to another. We are experienced in manufacturing vinyl fences for more than 20-25 years.

USA-made Duramax fences

Duramax fences are made in the USA inside our factory unit. The gates and fences are eco-friendly and do not contain any toxic elements, hence considered safe for pets and kids. In addition, we design customized and functional fences and gates. We believe in reaching the masses, and this is why our fences are affordable.

Search for vinyl fences online

There is no need to visit our store if you intend to have a vinyl fence or gate. Duramax products are now available online, which is a user-friendly interface. You can visit our store any day during the working hours.

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