Why is the white vinyl picket fence better than wood?

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Wooden fences are traditional, beautiful and have an old-world charm. The appeal of wooden fences is ageless. Wooden fencing has a huge fan following, but of late, Americans are searching for better options. In the USA, durable fences with aesthetic beauty are something that’s fascinating to the masses. The vinyl picket fence is a traditional fencing style that delivers the vintage look and is becoming extremely prevalent for its durability and low maintenance qualities. Duramax fences are customized and made to look better with increased strength and resistivity. The white picket fences have the ethereal beauty that will turn heads and also protect the property. Here are a few reasons why the white vinyl picket fence is better than the traditional wood.

Vinyl fences are stronger and definitely more flexible than wood

The vinyl fence is five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood. The strength of vinyl is in its flexibility. The vinyl fences are impact-resistant and don’t rot, crack, break or fall over. The fences can withstand heat and are waterproof, which makes them a better alternative to wood. You will find the wooden fences fading and losing their charm after a few months due to heavy rainfall, excess heat and other external factors. The stiff wood breaks down with sharp edges, which might injure pets and children. Wooden fences are not pet-friendly, while vinyl is a durable fence that’s kind towards pets and children at home.

Weather-resistant makes vinyl sturdier than wood

The weather-resistant vinyl fences are stronger than wood. When the wooden fences start to rot at the slightest weather torments, vinyl fences still stand tall with pride. Duramax’s vinyl picket fence goes a notch higher in weather resistivity. The Duramax fence uses the Duraresin formulation to build high-quality fences with optimal weather resistivity. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors get used to manufacture fences that can withstand intense heat and don’t warp, crack or break down under harsh weather conditions. The waterproof fences can survive heavy rainfall and with a wind resistivity of 105mph, the fences can also withstand wind uplifts and high impacts.

Can’t move on from wooden fences? Try Duragrain fencing

Wooden fences are the first fence-love for many Americans. However, there are still some who can’t get over the appeal of the wooden fence. For them, the Duragrain fencing would be a new and interesting change. The Duragrain is a wood-grained fence that looks identical to wooden fencing. However, Duragrain is not a wooden fence. It has the cellular configuration of vinyl, which makes these fences durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. Duragrain fences get customized in different designs, colors, shapes and sizes. The high-quality fences have no external hardware and get built with a strong routing system with panels interlocked with each other.

Duramax – The king of good fences

The white vinyl picket fence has a traditional beauty and comes in different designs. There is the Straight Spade Picket, the Straight Dog Ear Picket and Scallop Spade Picket, to name a few. If you are looking for a decorative picket fence with a twist, then opt for customized versions. Duramax experts offer free consultation sessions. Request a quote now.

Why replace your fence easily and waste money? – Install a vinyl picket fence

vinyl picket fence

Do you wish to replace your fence only after a few years? There is no point in spending money on installing a new fence within just a few years. The fencing material you choose plays a major role in deciding whether your fence would last for many years. Wooden and metal fences were the most common materials available until vinyl fences emerged in the market. People who installed a vinyl picket fence or any other style have accepted no better material. What is so good about vinyl that others do not possess? Vinyl is a popular material used in home improvement to make pipes and coverings, but now it is also used to make fences.

The different types of vinyl fences

The recent fencing industry has undergone a massive change with so many types of fences available now. There are plenty of styles, types, and colors of fences available in the market. Some vinyl fence types include privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, scallop fences, vinyl picket fences, pool fences, perimeter fences, ranch rails, and more Vinyl fences are waterproof and resistant to moisture, heat, cold, snow and high-speed wind. Fences from renowned manufacturers are made from 100% pure vinyl, which strengthens the fence panels. Vinyl fences can endure the scorching effects of the Southwest sun. The fences do not crack or get damaged by the heat of the sunrays.

Invest in a vinyl picket fence

Duramax manufactures fences that have a strong routing system. Our fences look flawless with no visible screws on the fence body. You can try a vinyl picket fence which is a must-have for those planning to beautify the yard. We have classic picket fences and also modern ones that offer flawless beauty. If security is not a big factor, install low picket fences. These are usually not very high fences, though.

Why choose Duramax fences?

Fencing is a common home improvement solution in the USA as most homes are secured with vinyl fences. Duramax is one among many fence manufacturing companies in the USA. We have a reputation for designing beautiful and traditional fences in the USA. We have been designing fences for the last 20 years, so we have many clients who are satisfied with our quality. Our fences are available in various styles, textures, colors, and sizes. In addition, the fences are available with quality seal and ASTM certification. How about having a vinyl fence that looks similar to wood? Explore the DuraGrain range of vinyl fences that have a wood-like appeal. We have received great positive responses on the DuraGrain range. 

USA-made vinyl fences

Duramax designs recyclable and environmentally-friendly fences that have no toxic elements. Our fences are made in the USA and are extremely affordable. Installing one can be inexpensive and a simple process. A vinyl picket fence can last for almost 20-25 years with occasional maintenance. Hence, investing in a vinyl fence is worth it. 

Final words

There is no need to shop for vinyl fences from the store because Duramax has an online portal. Instead, order fences online, we have a secure payment gateway and a flexible exchange policy. Discuss your fencing project with our experts and learn more about vinyl fences via a free consultation. Please visit the Duramax website for more information about a vinyl picket fence or any other.

Request for a quote.

Is your old fence troubling you and destroying the beauty of your property?

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What if you have a fence that will never get old? Sounds intriguing and you can be more than happy installing a vinyl fence. There are so many reasons to install a vinyl fence rather than choosing wooden or metal ones. Fencing is an old concept because it has existed since ancient times, but it has undergone a lot of modernization. With that, vinyl fences were invented.

The fence manufacturers were trying to develop one material that can endure the calamities and still stand strong. You can almost calculate how much fencing costs. So, it gets heavier on the pocket if one has to reinstall a fence within just a few years. A vinyl fence lasts nothing less than 20 years or even more. They require minimal maintenance and worn breaks under pressure. For instance, wooden fences can crack if livestock barges into them, but vinyl won’t. The durability of a vinyl fence is simply remarkable.

If you can recall how hectic it is to repaint fences, you would be scared to do it one more time. Forget all worries of repainting vinyl fences. You are free to choose your vinyl fence color and you do not have to repaint ever. Do you love white color fences or lighter shades? Install a white vinyl fence and do not worry about it turning yellowish.

You have now decided to install a vinyl fence, but finding a renowned manufacturer is of no less importance. This is the reason why you might be interested in Duramax, a fence company in the USA. We have been manufacturing fences for the past 20 years and now we have thousands or even more satisfied clients. Our fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl which helps in designing premium-quality fences. Duramax fences have a solid routing system, and there are no screws visible on the fence body.

Vinyl fences have a smooth plain surface which does not favor mold or bacterial growth. Most homeowners are scared of fence maintenance as they need to put in a lot of effort to clean wooden or metal fences. For vinyl fences, there is no regular maintenance needed. If your fence is not allowing dirt to settle on it, you do not need to wipe or wash it daily. Wipe with a damp cloth and soap once every fortnight to keep the fences clean. You can also wash the fences with water and mild detergent to keep them clean.

Duramax fences are eco-friendly and recyclable. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA so our fences are available at a reasonable cost to the USA customers. Duramax is one of the most experienced vinyl fencing manufacturersin the USA.

Now you do not have to visit the store for a fence or consultation. Now you can order fences online, make a comparison and we have a secure payment gateway. Are you planning to install a stylish vinyl picket fence? Request for a quote.

Duramax has seen a growing trend in demand for privacy and semi-privacy fences

custom vinyl fencing

Privacy fences are mainly for those who are looking for some extra seclusion from their neighbors. These fences can also help to decorate the yard. Fences are made of different materials like metal, wood, vinyl, and there are masonry fences. Choose a fence depending on your budget, requirements and time. Vinyl fences have advantages that other fencing materials do not offer. Vinyl privacy fence panels are available in kits from the fence manufacturers or home and garden centers. Vinyl fences are lightweight, they can be taller than stone and wooden fences and are available in a wide variety.

Homeowners prefer installing vinyl fences

Simple fences that have existed since the 60’s probably or even before, and homeowners love to install fences even now. The fencing industry has undergone immense development, and various types of fences have been designed. Most homes in the USA are equipped with fences, and most are planning to invest in a new one. Homeowners who are eager to install fences prefer installing vinyl fences. Do you know why people plan to invest in the best vinyl fence while they already have one installed? 

Install a vinyl white color fence

Fences made from any other material other than vinyl that can perish after a few years. Metal fences can rust white wooden fences can rot, but vinyl fences can stand time. What are your experiences with a white color fence? Duramax has connected and interacted with clients who have concerns with white fences. Most of them have complained the fences are turning yellow very quickly. But Duramax vinyl fences that are painted white do not turn yellowish with time. Vinyl is a material that requires the least maintenance and no repainting. If you require installing a privacy vinyl fence, choose from a variety of colors we offer. 

ASTM-certified low maintenance vinyl fences

If you feel that a privacy fence might make you feel claustrophobic, choose a semi-privacy fence from Duramax. We also manufacture perimeter fencing, vinyl picket fence, pool fences, ranch rail fences, scallop fences and more. Duramax fences are ASTM-F964 certified, which is considered higher in the fencing industry. Duramax fences are extremely long-lasting. The fences remain in superb condition for about 20-25 years despite being exposed to all weather and environmental conditions. Vinyl fences do not require daily or rigorous cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning the fences once every fortnight. Vinyl fences have a very smooth finish, so the surface does not attract dirt or bacteria.

Duramax – designing USA made vinyl fences

Are you looking for a USA-made vinyl fence? Now you do not need to visit the store, rather shop online. We have a plethora of 100% virgin vinyl fences in our inventory. Talk to our consultants, and we can help you choose the right kind of fence. We have seen a growing demand for privacy and semi-privacy fences in recent times. You can trust Duramax’s quality seal as all the fences are tested for quality before it is shipped to your site. Order a fence online and get a limited lifetime warranty—request a quote.

Reduce maintenance costs by installing a vinyl fence around your property

vinyl fencing manufacturers

Why do we install a fence around our home? The two main reasons for having a fence are security and decorative purpose. Installing a fence is a serious investment so homeowners try to reduce the maintenance costs. A fence is installed outside the house so it should be able to stand the unpredictable environmental conditions and situation. There are different types of materials used to manufacture fences, wood, metal and plastic. Wood and metal fences existed since the ’60s or even before that. It took many years of research to design a material that is now even more popular than any other fencing material.

Knowing the pros of a vinyl fence

Yes, if you guessed vinyl, then you are right. By now, you might have also installed a vinyl fence around your yard. If you are looking for further improvement, you can add accessories to your fence or customize further. But there are still many who are still looking for durable fencing material. Try installing a vinyl fence around your front or back yard.

Vinyl fences are extremely durable because vinyl can endure heat, cold, strong wind, high pressure and impact. The fences are made of 100% virgin vinyl which makes the fences water and bacteria resistant. Due to the advent of vinyl fences, many homeowners are replacing their old fences with new ones. Vinyl has a set of advantages that most other materials do not have.

Are you already planning to install a vinyl fence around your property?

 The installation process is very simple and requires no additional expenses. Hire a local fence contractor in your area for a seamless installation. You can choose a DIY installation only if you are an expert in it. Vinyl fences are not prone to rust, rotting and discoloration. 

Beautiful fences that offer carefree performance

Get beautiful and modern fences from Duramax that have traditional performance. The fences have a sturdy routing system and a safety locking mechanism. We design flawless fences that do not have any visible screws on its body. Customized Duramax fences have a carefree performance. 

Are you looking for a fence company in the USA?

Duramax has been manufacturing fences for over 20 years. Duramax is a trusted manufacturer in the USA designing a variety of vinyl fences. Our fences include vinyl picket fence, perimeter fences, pool fences. Privacy fences, semi-private fences, classic fences, toppers, backyard fencing, rail ranches, and more.

The sun rays cannot penetrate

Duramax vinyl fences are protected against the extreme northwest and southwest sun. The fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which offer weather and UV resistivity. Duramax uses the special Duraresin coating which gives strength and rigidity to the fences. A vinyl fence can easily last without showing any signs of damage for more than 20-30 years.

Duramax – Get a customized solution

It is time to choose your favorite vinyl fence color shade. Yes, you heard it right. Choose pastel shades or you can opt for white, beige, or tan shades. Duramax is among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Duramax has an interactive website where you can place your order online. The fences come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Everything you need to know about modern vinyl fencing

white vinyl fence

A fence around your property is like a beautiful necklace around your neck. Apart from securing your property from trespassers, a fence can adorn your property’s exterior. Fencing in the USA has existed since ancient times, but now the concept is undergoing a sea change. What are the changes that you notice in modern fencing? They are available in various designs, types, materials, and colors. Modern fencing has more of science and technology in it which reflects in the mechanism. Fencing is a very well-accepted home improvement accessory. Now with the advancement of technology, homeowners are looking for better quality and long-lasting fences.

Vinyl fencing is gaining popularity because of its numerous advantages. You spend money once in purchasing and installing a vinyl fence. A vinyl fence panel is long-lasting which can go up to 20-25 years even when the fences are exposed to various weather conditions. All fences are not of the same quality, and it all depends on the raw vinyl that a manufacturer uses. Duramax in the USA uses 100% virgin vinyl to design high-quality vinyl fences. We are manufacturing fences for the past 20 years and now we are renowned in the market.

Why are vinyl fences so long-lasting?

The fences are designed using the Duraresin formulation. This is a unique formulation that facilitates more durability to the fences. The 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors offer excellent resistivity to the fences. This acts as a layer barring the UVA and UVB rays from harming the fences. Our fences are weather resistant and can endure the scorching Southwest and Northwest sun. All our fences are wind-tested for durability. The fences are passed through a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Our fences are beautiful and offer a carefree performance.

Vinyl fences have solid routing systems

We design various fences, including vinyl picket fence, scallop fences, classic ones, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more. We have many clients who are satisfied with our fences. If you cannot decide which fence to invest in, we have a team for a consultation. We also offer customized fences according to your requirements. For instance, some fences are tall, some short, some have many rails, while some have a lesser number of rails. Duramax fences have a solid routing system, and there are no screws visible on the fence body. Vinyl is a tough material that can endure heat, cold, impact and pressure. 

Easy to maintain vinyl fences

The vinyl fences boast a very smooth surface that does not attract impurities. Bacteria cannot survive on the smooth surface, so the fences are not affected by mold. The fences are easy to clean as daily maintenance is not required. Wipe with a damp cloth and soap once every fortnight to keep the fences clean. You can also wash the fences with water and mild detergent to keep them clean. Duramax fences are free from toxic elements. This makes kids and pets safe.

Install a beautiful vinyl fence

Our fences are eco-friendly and can be recycled. We have our own manufacturing unit in the USA so our fences are available at a reasonable cost to the USA customers. Are you looking for vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA? Duramax fulfills your fencing dreams. Install a fence of any color, or it could be a white one.

Shop online from our website and request a quote.

Duramax vinyl fence panel is becoming more popular in the USA – Know the reasons behind it!

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

An ordinary vinyl fence panel can instantly change the look and feel of the front yard. Why not add an extra edge by purchasing a well-designed vinyl picket fence from Duramax? The fence does not only add security to your yard. The fence is also responsible to add beauty to the otherwise dull space. The picket fences are traditional fences suited for old homes. The vinyl picket fence adds the traditional old-world charm. However, if you are fond of privacy and want to protect your yard from unwanted observances, then the Duramax vinyl privacy fence should be your ideal choice. With the option for customization, homeowners can now choose the fence style, type, size, shape and color.

Maintain your privacy with a vinyl privacy fence

Privacy is a priority and that’s the reason why fences are so popular. The vinyl privacy fence can be customized as per your specifications. There are plenty of fencing designs available at Duramax. The lattice fence, the dog-eared fence, the convex fence, the shadowbox fence and the list goes on. Have a design in mind, then talk to the Duramax experts to fix a customized design that would complement the look of your property and at the same time offer you complete privacy. Duramax offers privacy fencing in all customized styles for upgrading and beautifying your property.

Picket fences – Designs galore at Duramax

The traditional vinyl picket fence comes in a variety of design. Surf the Duramax website and pick the design of your choice. The white vinyl picket fence has a classic appeal. The Duramax white fences are popular as they don’t lose their color for years. No need to repainting the fence and no staining makes Duramax white fences a top favorite. Easy to install, waterproof and corrosion-free, vinyl fences have become America’s favorite.

Get the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability

Duramax fences are famous for their durability. The vinyl fences are formulated from DruaResinTM vinyl that’s designed to withstand the scorching Southwest sun. The vinyl fence panel gets its durability feature as it’s manufactured with 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Duramax has been manufacturing fences for 25 years in Southern California. The line of vinyl products manufactured by Duramax can sustain extreme weather conditions and last for decades battling the scorching heat from the Southwest and Northwest Sun.

Fond of wooden fences – Check out the Duragrain fencing from Duramax

The wooden fences have a traditional appeal. The only problem is that wooden fences are not durable and high-maintenance. Shift to the vinyl fence panel to get durability and more resistance against weather damage. Duramax offers the Duragrain fencing option. The Duragrain fences are unique and an ideal alternative to the wooden fence. The Duragrain fence is a vinyl fence that looks and feels like wooden fences. Although the Duragrain fence appears like wood, the strength, resistivity and durability are of vinyl.

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Save on money by directly buying from the manufacturer. Duramax is the manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vinyl fence panels. To get the best value for your money, contact the experts today. Ask for a quote and request a free consultation.

Installing a vinyl fence is like installing your favorite accessory around your property

custom vinyl fencing

A fence installed around a home is like installing an accessory. Fences were used as a styling element since ancient times. Homeowners use various types of fences to make their property secure. There are various types of fences available in the market. Wooden and metal fences always existed but now vinyl is the most modern fencing material. Homeowners in the USA have accepted vinyl fencing because of its numerous advantages. Installing a fence involves certain expenses. Hence, homeowners are generally looking for an affordable yet long-lasting option.

Duramax fences are made of Duraresin formulation

Usually fences cannot endure extreme weather conditions consistently for many years, demanding a re-investment which is not worth it. Vinyl fences have helped homeowners overcome this problem. A vinyl fence panel is resistant to water, heat, cold and other extreme weather conditions. Most homeowners are worried due to the intense Southwest sun. Feel the difference by installing a vinyl picket fence around your yard for security and beauty. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation which gives durability and strength to the fences. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This gives UV and weather- resistivity to the fences. This is the specialty of Duramax fences. This acts as a layer barring the UVA and UVB rays from harming the fences.

100% pure vinyl fences

Duramax in the USA is dedicated to manufacturing vinyl fences from 100% pure vinyl. A lot of customers have relied on our fencing and they are satisfied. We have been manufacturing fences for more than 20 years now. Our vinyl fences are beautiful, sleek, and have a traditional touch. Duramax manufactures fences of various styles, and they have a carefree performance. Some common vinyl fence types include vinyl picket fence, scallop fences, classic ones, private fences, perimeter, ranch rails, pool fences, and more. Get customized solutions if you have planned to install a fence.

Non-toxic fences that need regular cleaning

Duramax fences have a solid routing system, and there are no screws visible on the fence body. Our engineers take care to ensure that the fences retain their beauty. The fences can ensure pressure and impact. They are tested by exposing the fences to a wind blowing at 105 mph.

Vinyl fences do not attract dirt or impurities. The fences have a very smooth surface which does not allow bacteria to thrive on them. Also, the fences are not made of any toxic elements. Duramax vinyl fences do not need regular cleaning and rigorous maintenance. Wipe with a damp cloth and soap once every fortnight to keep the fences clean. You can also wash the fences with water and mild detergent to keep them clean.

Install a colorful vinyl fence or a white fence

Install a colorful vinyl fence from Duramax and make your neighbors envious. You can also choose colors like white, tan and beige. Duramax fences are manufactured inside our factory in the USA. This ensures affordability. The fences are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, designs, and heights. The fences do not require repairs or repainting.

Are you planning a fencing project soon?

Choose to have a consultation with the Duramax experts. We are among the most renowned vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Shop from the Duramax online store and get good discounts. Request for a quote.

Vinyl Fencing: Trusted By Families Across The Nation

Many people build a fence on their property to get some privacy from the outside world. Even if you love to socialize with your friends and family, having your own space shielded by a vinyl fence will give you a sense of security. Depending on the fencing style you choose, you can get a gapless screen built around your yard. The following points highlight the benefits of vinyl fencing:

Provides Privacy

Often people will plant hedges or bushes around their house, not for their aesthetic value but for maintaining privacy. By installing a vinyl fence instead, you can beautify your property and secure it. Unless you install a traditional vinyl picket fence, there will be no holes, gaps, or cracks in your vinyl fence. With vinyl fencing, you will not require blinds or curtains to maintain your family’s privacy.

Ensures Safety

Children love to play and climb. They can easily scale chain links or get hurt by the splinters of your wooden fence. As vinyl fencing has no splintering or footholds, it is safer to have pets and children around it. Dogs like to explore as well, because of which they will chew on, dig, and scratch your fence if it gets in their way. Constant scratching by pets will wear down a wooden fence. However, vinyl fences do not get damaged because of rain or the sun and do not have any gaps in between them. As there are no weak spots in the fencing, your or your neighbor’s dog cannot damage it.

Adds Style

Some people also install a fence to increase the value of their homes. People do not usually consider chain-link fences attractive. Vinyl Fencing comes in numerous styles and is easy to maintain. A white vinyl picket fence can help your yard achieve the classic American look. You can also have a higher vinyl fence with decorative work at its top and a solid base built around your property. Vinyl fencing will help you make a style statement for your guests.

Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing offers attractive fencing solutions and plays an essential role in livestock operations. A 3 rail ranch fence is almost five times stronger than traditional wooden fencing. Wooden fences wear out a lot more easily than split rail vinyl fences.

Whether it is intense heat, dense snow, or heavy rains, a vinyl ranch rail fence can take on all the elements without warping, breaking, fading, or bending.

The excellent design of Duramax Post and Rail Fences ensures function and form to enhance your business or home’s visual appeal while providing durability for years to come. Your animals will not get hurt in their attempts to run through your vinyl fence. Additionally, they will not be able to chew through the fence as well. Our fences do not require repaints and will not splinter, crack, or chip with time. Contact us today to get a vinyl fence installed on your property.

Install a vinyl fence panel to make your property secure and beautiful

buy traditional fences

A fence is a modern home improvement accessory. It is mainly installed for two main purposes: security and beautification. A fence can be made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Fences have been available for a long time, but have improved throughout the years. Previously, fences were mostly made of wood or metal. But both the materials are durable yet cannot retain their look and feel for a longer period. As advancements took place, vinyl fencing started gaining popularity. 

Forget repairs and replacements with vinyl fences

Duramax experts suggest installing a vinyl fence. Vinyl is a very long-lasting material, ideal for outdoor installations. You can imagine a fence installed outside has to endure the harshest weather and environmental conditions. Also, installing a fence is an expensive project. A vinyl fence can help you get rid of repairs and replacements early. We have a team of experts to offer online or offline consultation. 

Beautiful and have a traditional appearance

Duramax is one of the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the USA. We rank high on various search engines. Our fences are made from virgin vinyl, ensuring that the products are durable and 100% water-resistant. Our fences are perfect for your outdoors. They look traditional and render a carefree performance. Post-installation, the fences can last for many years. This relieves homeowners from the stress of spending excess money on repairs. This is why a vinyl fence panel is affordable in the long run. It is worth spending a little more money while investing in a vinyl fence. 

The different types of fences we offer

Do you want to explore the various fence types and styles we offer? Our inventory includes privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, vinyl picket fences, perimeter fences, classic fences, ranch rails, colored and white fences, etc. Do not worry about quality when you shop for Duramax vinyl fences. We use sturdy vinyl sheets; the fences have strong routing systems and secure locks. Our engineers have also taken care of the look and feel. There are no visible screws or joints that can spoil the beauty of the fences. Our products are ASTM F964 certified.

No daily cleaning or maintenance

A vinyl fence panel does not require daily cleaning or expensive maintenance. Vinyl does not attract dirt, dust, debris, or bacteria. Clean the fences with light detergent and water occasionally to keep them clean. 

Vinyl fences have extreme resistivity

Duramax fences can withstand high pressure; they are resistant to heat, cold weather, fire, and impact. The fences are exposed to a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Duramax vinyl fences in the USA can withstand the Southwest sun’s intensity, which most fencing material fails to endure. 

Give your yard the color it needs 

Duramax vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, etc. We have fences of different vibrant or lighter colors that do not fade away due to external factors. We also have white color fences that are elegant and soothing to look at. The white fences do not turn yellow with years. 

Shop online today

Shop for Duramax fences online from our user-friendly website. We give you a chance to gather a lot of information from our website, explore the various fences available and customize as per your requirements. The fences are eco-friendly and have no toxic elements. We have our manufacturing-unit set-up in the USA. This makes our fences very affordable compared to other manufacturers. 

Order online and get a limited lifetime warranty on our fences.

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