Buying Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers? Here’s What You Need to Know

vinyl wall topper

Are you searching to add a touch of privacy and style to your existing fences? Duramax vinyl wall toppers are the ideal solution for you. These multifaceted additions can enhance the appeal of your fences, increase the height, and offer extra privacy for your property. You can get all of these benefits without replacing your existing fence. Vinyl has become very popular among customers for wall toppers due to its strength, durability, low maintenance, and many design options. In this blog, we will be checking out the different styles and types of wall toppers, along with their benefits to consider before buying one.

What is a vinyl wall topper?

A wall topper is a specially-designed addition attached to the top of an existing fence for various purposes. They can be added to increase the height of your fence, which helps enhance privacy, or they can be used as a decorative item for your fencing design. These are a great way to ensure that your pets and your family are safe and secure. The wall toppers act as a blockade for onlookers and trespassers from causing any damage to your property.

Why choose the Duramax wall topper?

Low Maintenance: Duramax wall toppers do not require high maintenance. Our fences are manufactured with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors, making our products high quality. The products are ASTM-certified and are passed through intense quality checks to offer you the finest quality available in the market.

Durability: Many people opt for colorful wall toppers but fear that their color might fade away. Duramax vinyl wall topper is the ideal solution for your worries. Our highly durable wall toppers won’t lose their sheen or color and will last you for a long time. We focus on our customer’s feedback and ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers. The fencing material used to manufacture our wall topper is free from harmful chemicals and lead. They’re completely sustainable and recyclable.

Privacy: A wall topper is a great option to ensure privacy from nosy neighbors and the neighborhood. Once you install the toppers, you can safely enjoy quality time with your family and friends without trespassers interrupting you. These are ideal for blocking the view of outsiders and trespassers, thereby providing you with optimal privacy.

Cost-Effective: Wall toppers come with so many features one might think that the products are really expensive. But that is not the case. These are budget-friendly options as compared to other toppers available in the market. With various pricing and different styles, it enables you to find the right option for you easily.

Pet Protection: If you have pets in your home, short vinyl fences can’t keep them in your yard. The wall toppers act as a roadblock to prevent them from leaving your property. They are also great for keeping other animals out of your property. These toppers protect your garden and your pets.

Can you buy a wall topper according to your tastes and preferences?

You can install a vinyl wall topper over a new fence or on your existing fence wall. These wall toppers are available in many styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your new or pre-existing fence. They are available in a variety of different colors and sizes. At Duramax Fences, we provide customization options that allow you to tailor your wall topper to your requirements. You can conveniently customize the wall toppers following your preference for design and color. We offer free consultation sessions to help you customize your wall topper.

How to maintain a wall topper?

One of the salient features of installing a Duramax wall topper is it does not get stains or turn yellow with time. They’re designed to be impact-resistant. The wall topper can be pressure cleaned using a garden hose. If you mind mildew growth, you can use vinegar or bleach to clean it. Thus, maintaining a wall topper takes much less time and effort.

Final take

Duramax offers top-notch privacy and safety for your near and dear ones with a vinyl wall topper. Our high-quality toppers come with high weather and UV resistance. Our products are easy to install, and you can save 29% on labor and fencing costs compared to others in the market. To know more, book a free consultation. Request now for a quotation.

Duramax’s Vinyl Wall Topper: What Makes It Worth Buying?

vinyl wall topper

Duramax’s vinyl wall topper is typically an extra part of a fence installed on the top to amplify vinyl fences’ beauty. These toppers help increase the fence height, thereby ensuring top-notch privacy of your property. They are a great way to ensure your pets’ and your family’s safety and security. Not just that, they act as a roadblock for the trespassers and onlookers from causing any harm to your property.

Can you purchase a vinyl wall topper as per your taste?

You can install wall toppers both with old and new fences. We offer a wide range of wall toppers so that you can easily get your desired type that would match your pre-existing vinyl fence. They are available in different sizes and colors. We highly suggest measuring your fence properly, which will help you pick out an exact fit.

What are the benefits of installing our wall toppers?

Installing a brand-new vinyl fence is not only expensive but time-consuming as well. So, you should never ditch a brand-new fence just because you have to increase its height. This is where a vinyl wall topper comes in. You can purchase a wall topper from us that matches your fence style. It also helps to increase the height of your fence. We manufacture different types of wall toppers to match the fences.

Why buy Duramax wall toppers?

Durability: Do you like colorful wall toppers but fear they might fade with time? The color will gradually lose brightness rendering a shabby appearance to your property. This won’t be the case with Duramax’s wall toppers. Our state-of-the-art wall toppers won’t lose their color or sheen and can last a lifetime. We do not use lead or other harmful materials during the manufacturing process. Moreover, our wall toppers are sustainable and recyclable.

Low Maintenance: Our vinyl wall toppers do not call for heavy maintenance. Manufactured with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors, we are proud to say that our products are of top-notch quality. Our fences are ASTM-certified and are passed through quality checks to ensure the finest quality in the market.

Privacy: Want privacy from your nosy neighbors and your neighborhood? A vinyl wall topper might be the best way to go. You can now safely enjoy and relax in your backyard without being perturbed by onlookers or trespassers. They block the view of the trespassers, thereby ensuring top-notch safety.

Pet Protection: Is there an active dog in your home? Short vinyl fences and walls can’t just keep your playful pup in your yard. This is where the importance of wall toppers is perceived the most. They act as a roadblock for strong jumpers and thus prevent them from leaving your property.
They are also great for keeping other animals out of your backyard. Neighbors’ pets would not be able to access your property. Moreover, your pet might not like to interact with wild animals. Wall toppers can keep wild animals at bay, thereby protecting your pet and your garden as well.

Visual Interest: We offer premium-quality vinyl wall toppers in various styles and colors. This offers you the golden opportunity to complement your existing fence or wall with a breath-taking aesthetic. If you want to transform the look of an old, bland fence into a captivating fence that you can feast your eyes on, opt for Duramax vinyl wall toppers. Installing them would not just boost the overall appeal of your property but increase its resale value as well.

Increases property value: As aforementioned, installing vinyl wall toppers can greatly increase your property value. Besides adding an extra level of security, they also enhance the visual appeal and take privacy to the next level. So, you see, our wall toppers can greatly boost the overall appeal of your home, thereby increasing its resale value.

How to ensure proper maintenance of the wall toppers?

Wash the wall toppers on a regular basis: Regular washing of the wall toppers is extremely important to maintain its pristine look. A pressure or hose can come in handy. The elements get more intense during the summer and winter months. Regular washing of the wall toppers can prevent the buildup of algae and mold around the fence.

 Remove mold and mildew: Vinyl fences look nasty mainly because of mildew and mold. These can also cause the fences to become eventually weak or splotchy. So, you should take utmost care to remove mildew and mold from vinyl fences.
A scrub brush and soap can come in handy to remove these elements. If the mildew is too deep, consider using a pressure washer. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar or bleach.

Cut any plant branches or overhanging trees: Vinyl fences can get dented and scratched from overhanging branches from plants or trees. This would not only give an ugly look to your fences but can break the fences as well. So, it is always advisable to trim any overhanging branches to avert any damage.

Repair any damage immediately: If you find any damage in the fences, repair it as early as possible. Even a slight wear can lead to a big issue. If you find any scratches or dents in the vinyl fences, fix them immediately using a vinyl fence patch kit.

Final Take:

Installation of vinyl wall topper is simple and hassle-free, provided you follow our instruction manual. Ensure top-notch safety and privacy for your loved ones only with Duramax Fences vinyl wall toppers. Place your order now and get it delivered to your destination within two weeks at factory-direct prices. Ask for a free sample now.

Why invest in Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers?

vinyl wall topper

vinyl wall topper is an additional part of a fence installed on the top to boost the curb appeal of the fence. This increases the fence height, thus ensuring top-notch privacy of your property. They also go a long way in providing safety and security for your pets and your family. Wall toppers are a great way to prevent trespassers and onlookers from causing any harm to your family. 

Can you get a wall topper that suits your tastes and preferences? 

You can use a wall topper with new fences or install them in old ones. These toppers are available in a wide range allowing you to get the ideal match for your pre-existing vinyl fence. Wall toppers are available in different materials like wrought iron, wood, or aluminum. Also, they are available in different sizes and colors. Make sure to measure your fence carefully, as that would help you get the perfect fit. 

How to maintain wall toppers? 

You should always follow the instructions of the manufacturing company while investing in wall toppers. It’s completely up to you to use a single fence material or blend two different fencing materials for your wall topper. Speaking about maintenance, an occasional gentle wash and painting top to bottom with a brush would be enough. The best part of using a vinyl wall topper is that it does not develop a stain or turn yellow over time. They are designed to be flame and weather-resistant while being resilient as well. 

What are the advantages of using wall toppers? 

Installing a brand-new fence is time-consuming and quite exorbitant, nonetheless. You should never throw away a fence in pristine condition to increase its height. This is where a wall topper comes into play. You can always increase the height of your fence by procuring a wall topper that matches the fencing material. Numerous fencing companies in the US like Duramax manufacture different types of wall toppers to match the diverse kinds of fencing materials. 

Why choose a vinyl wall topper? 

Durability: Many people prefer buying colorful wall toppers. A fear always revolves around their mind about whether the colors of the toppers would fade easily or not. If you buy a wall topper that loses its brightness and color in no time, you will again have to buy a new one. We highly suggest procuring wall toppers from reputed dealers with positive customer reviews online – and Duramax is certainly a brand with excellent reputation. We thrive on customer feedback and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. A vinyl wall topper can last for years, making it the right way to go. The fencing material employed in its manufacture is free from lead or other harmful chemicals. Moreover, it is sustainable and completely recyclable as well. 

Low Maintenance: Vinyl wall toppers do not call for heavy maintenance. The products are virtually maintenance-free and do not rot, rust or attract termites unlike metal or wood. All our fences and wall toppers are ASTM F964 certified. Just wash our wall toppers and fences with a garden hose to maintain its shine and color.

Privacy: Vinyl wall toppers are a great way to ensure privacy from your nosy neighbors or your neighborhood. Once you install these all around your property, you can safely enjoy and relax in the outdoor space without being interrupted by onlookers or trespassers. They are perfect for obstructing the view of trespassers, thereby providing you optimum safety. 

Customization: Customization is the biggest factor differentiating a vinyl wall topper from other wall toppers. You can easily personalize these wall toppers to suit the color and design of your property in the best way possible. Book a consultation session with Duramax to discuss customization options and other details.

Environment-friendly: Besides being a durable wall topper option, vinyl wall toppers are planet-friendly. They can be reused and recycled. Thus, we call them an eco-friendly option that goes a long way in lowering your carbon footprint in the world. However, we manufacture the wall toppers with 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin which ensures their exceptional strength and durability.

Cost-effective: With so many enticing features packed, one might think that vinyl wall toppers are expensive. But that’s certainly not the case. They are an affordable option compared to other wall toppers on the market. With a wide price range and so many different types, you can easily find the design of your choice in a cost-effective range. 

Moreover, a vinyl wall topper is a one-time investment. Once installed, they can boost your property’s curb appeal for many years. The maintenance cost is also reasonable. All these factors make them a cost-effective option. 

Why choose Duramax Fences?

So, you see, the points mentioned above clearly bear testament to why vinyl wall toppers are far better than any other wall toppers available on the market. A vinyl wall topper is one of the best that money can buy

If you are looking for a high-quality vinyl wall topper that stays strong for years and complements your property’s look, then come to Duramax. Our fences and gates are made with titanium dioxide and designed to stand the test of time. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors manufacture high-quality fences that withstand intense sun rays without warping, sagging, or breaking. The fences and gates are impact-resistant and strong. We use a unique DuraResin vinyl formulation to manufacture our fences. Our fences are exceptionally sturdy and weather resistant. 

The best part of investing in Duramax Fences is that our products are engineered considering the material’s longevity and having a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Duramax is ideal, while you might come across many gates and fences in the market. Our high-quality products have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Wind, tornadoes, storms, and hurricanes, nothing can bring down a Duramax fence and gate. Our fence products are easy to install, and you can now save 29% on labor and fencing by opting for Duramax instead of traditional fence products.

To learn more, book a free consultation now. Request a quote now.


How You Can Build a Vinyl Fence- Tips to Support the DIYer quality in you

vinyl wall topper

A vinyl fence is the only option that lasts longer than you could ever imagine. In fact, if you plan to sell your house, you won’t have to think about re-installing the fence. Due to this reason, the vinyl fence helps increase your home’s resale value. In addition, it is one of the most durable and permanent fencing materials you will get in the market.

Unlike wood or other fencing metals, vinyl can withstand various weather conditions. Even after prolonged exposure to sun or snow, vinyl wall toppers won’t get damaged. Another benefit of installing a vinyl fence is that it won’t rot, fade, or rust.

Once your fence is installed, you can enjoy peace of mind for years. So if you have already made up your mind regarding the vinyl fence, here are a few things to know about building a vinyl fence.


Tackling the fence installation process is not a tough task only if you take the help of your friends. However, once you stop pondering the various steps, you will become overwhelmed. Some common steps include checking the zone restrictions, digging the post holes, preparing your yard, understanding the materials you need, etc. It is crucial to understand that even though installing a vinyl wall topper is easy, not having a plan can cause trouble.

Get a local handyman

If you have decided that you won’t do everything alone, it is better to get a local handyman. But, before hiring one, determine whether he has expertise in understanding whether the fence you choose can withstand the weather challenges.

Also, he should be able to assist you with the physical work involved with fence installation. Remember to ask him whether he carries insurance for the service he is offering.

Use a fence calculator

Before starting with the process, make a sketch of the fencing project. Next, you must measure and record the distance between every post. Duramax Fences offer a fencing calculator using which you can determine the things you will need. After that, choose the fence height and style. Next, choose the number and the type of post you want.

If you want to install wall toppers, remember to calculate the length and height of the pre-existing fence. The accuracy of the fencing calculators is not the ultimate. It is a tool to understand the measurements and materials required for the installation process.


Before buying a fence, inquire about building codes with your neighborhood and the municipality. Also, the height, look, and material are vital to consider. Ideally, a fence must be installed 2 to 8 inches from the property lines. Besides, check if your fence project needs a building permit.

Find out the cost of building a fence

According to one of the reports by HomeGuide, vinyl fences cost around $15 to $30 per linear foot. So, a house owner spends about $2,848 to $5,696 for materials and installation charges. However, the final price depends on the length of the fence, type, and other additional elements such as post caps, gates, or other accessories.

Climate is a vital factor

Determining the climate of your area is essential before you install a fence. If you live in a warm and damp climate, choose vinyl over other materials, as they are susceptible to moisture damage. Duramax Fences is a trustworthy zone where you will get expert assistance in choosing and installing fences.

Final word

Fence installation is a good decision, especially if you plan to do it yourself. However, taking help from experts can make things easy. Duramax Fences is one of the reliable fence experts. Therefore, you can take help from the experts if you want complete satisfaction.

What Should You Know Before Buying Vinyl Wall Toppers?

Install Vinyl Perimeter Fence

You need to maintain your fence on a regular basis. The majority of the time, homeowners replace their fences with a new one. However, since replacing a fence with a new one can be costly and time-consuming, you should invest in Duramax Fences which would last for decades. The use of vinyl wall toppers is vital for updating your fence on a budget.

Consider these points while you plan to buy vinyl wall toppers

Fence Appearance

You must first think about the appearance of your fence. Consider whether you want to keep the current appearance or change it. This decision must be made because it will assist you in selecting the best wall topper design. If you want to continue with the same appearance, you must buy a wall topper that is identical to your current fence’s style and design. On the other hand, you can get an entirely new wall topper if you want to alter the appearance of your fence.

Usability and Robustness

Before making a purchase, you must consider the wall topper’s practicality and longevity. Purchase a long-lasting product. It must be able to survive the elements and have a long lifespan. The wall topper should also be simple to install and easy to take down as needed. Reading online reviews is the best possible approach to finding out how well-made and long-lasting a product is.

Related Cost

Another factor that can be taken into consideration is the wall topper’s price. The price is typically influenced by the type of material, the size, and the design. You have to make a purchase that is within your budget. Keep in mind, though, that being less expensive isn’t always better. You could find an affordable wall topper of excellent quality by doing a lot of research.

The Privacy of Your Property

You should be able to have privacy with the wall topper you purchase. This is especially crucial if you live in a neighborhood with nearer homes. You must get a wall topper that is high enough to block people’s views into your home. The interesting news is that there are a lot of privacy fence toppers on the market. Finding one that satisfies your unique requirements and preferences is key.

Think about your pet’s safety

When choosing a wall topper, you should also consider your pet’s safety. This is because some animals are known to jump fences. If you own a pet like this, you should get a wall topper that is tall enough to keep it from jumping over. Additionally, the wall topper should be made of pet-friendly materials.

Why Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers?

Without totally reinstalling your wall topper or spending a lot of money on a new one, you can use wall toppers as a great method to boost its height. Since many of these toppers are made of vinyl, you may paint them to match your current fencing, and they will be quite strong and long-lasting. Vinyl wall toppers are a great option to increase your wall’s height without worrying about how you will pay for a brand-new wall topper. In addition, vinyl toppers may help you quickly increase the overall privacy in your yard so that you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or onlookers seeing you. They are quick, effective, and attractive. Meanwhile, you can relax in your outdoor space. The correct wall toppers can significantly increase your garden’s privacy and match or complement your current wall toppers.

Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers are certified and need minimal maintenance

Duramax manufactures vinyl fencing, including picket wall toppers, pool wall toppers, privacy and semi-privacy wall toppers, perimeter fencing, rail ranch fences, and more. Our wall toppers are ASTM F964 approved, carefully made, and of uncompromised quality. Vinyl wall toppers from Duramax are claimed to be extremely low maintenance. It doesn’t take long to clean the wall toppers. We are pioneers in providing the highest-quality vinyl wall topper in the US.

12 parts of titanium dioxide composition in Duramax Vinyl Toppers

Are you concerned that the vinyl wall toppers would be negatively impacted by the southern sun, as it formerly did with any other fencing? There is nothing to be stressed about since our vinyl wall toppers are made with DuraResin to withstand the harsh southwest sun. The wall toppers are made up of 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors, giving them a significant amount of UV stability, durability, and weather resistance. The wall toppers can also withstand high pressure, cold, wind, hail, and other climatic and environmental circumstances. They also are impact-resistant, high heat-resistant, and fire-resistant.

Vinyl wall toppers can be customized

Undoubtedly, not all vinyl wall toppers are created equal; the manufacturer determines the quality of each one. Our wall toppers are composed of sturdy, virgin vinyl sheets. Duramax offers ASTM F964 certified wall toppers that have been quality assured before delivery because we never compromise on quality. Clients love us because our wall toppers can be customized. There are many different textures, styles, designs, colors, and shapes of Duramax Wall Toppers.

Our wall toppers are incredibly eye-catching and vivid, and they do not lose their appeal over time owing to environmental factors, particularly sunlight. Since the wall toppers don’t require painting, there are no associated fees or hassles. Your wall toppers would still seem brand new years after installation because vinyl is not damaged by weather.

100% virgin vinyl sheets – a guarantee of quality

Duramax Wall Toppers don’t need much cleaning; washing them will remove the dirt. Our wall toppers are created entirely from virgin vinyl. In addition, we make use of premium vinyl sheets. The wall toppers have a strong locking system and a great routing system.

Bright wall toppers can raise the value of your home

Many customers seek bright wall toppers but worry they might lose their color. Duramax Wall Toppers are guaranteed to retain their color and brightness. Due to their attractiveness and lively appearance, many customers purchase our colorful wall toppers. However, if you love white, we don’t mind because we have a wide selection of gorgeous white color vinyl wall toppers. You need not be concerned because your white wall toppers won’t turn yellow over time. Vinyl wall toppers retain their color even after years of installation since external factors do not cause them to fade.

Non-toxic vinyl wall toppers from Duramax

Duramax Vinyl Wall Toppers have a pretty long lifespan. Our wall toppers are also devoid of lead and other toxic materials. They are therefore completely recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Duramax Fences is now giving away free samples. Get yours right now.

Heighten Your Boundary Wall With Duramax Wall Topper to Increase Privacy


We all enjoy spending time outside, enjoying our yards, and taking advantage of the sun and warmer weather. However, there comes the point when your typical wall may not provide enough privacy from neighbors, passing cars, and others who have come outside to enjoy the sun. Don’t worry. A complete renovation of your wall is not required. Instead, you can solve this problem and increase yard privacy by using wall toppers.

Is your yard private?

Adding height to your fence or block wall is the best way to create privacy in your yard. A typical wall or fence is only 6 feet tall, which means anyone taller than that, anyone with a higher vantage point or anyone who is in any way above that mark can still see and be seen. This also means that if you have an elevated deck in your backyard, for example, those below the 6-foot mark will be able to see you because you are now above that mark.

So, what can be done? Installing a taller fence or re-building your wall is always an option, but it is expensive and time-consuming. If you already have a perfectly good vinyl fence in place, wasteful. The best and easiest one is to have a vinyl wall topper installed on your existing vinyl fence. So, what is a topper? This short wall topper is added to the top of your existing wall topper to give it more height without removing the old wall topper and replacing it with another. 

Heightening your wall

Wall toppers are an excellent way to increase the height of your wall topper without having to completely reinstall it or spend a lot of money on a new wall topper. Many of these toppers are made of vinyl, which means they will be extremely durable and long-lasting, and you can paint them to match your existing fencing. Vinyl wall topper toppers are an excellent way to obtain a taller wall without worrying about how you will afford an entirely new wall topper. Vinyl toppers are quick, efficient, and attractive, and they can help you quickly improve the overall privacy in your yard so that you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or passersby seeing you. At the same time, you relax in your outdoor area. The right toppers can blend in with or complement your existing wall topper and significantly improve privacy in your backyard. 

Low maintenance and certified vinyl wall toppers

Duramax manufactures various types of vinyl fencing, including picket wall toppers, pool wall toppers, privacy, semi-privacy wall toppers, perimeter fencing, rail ranches, and more. Our wall toppers are manufactured with care, do not compromise quality, and all our products are ASTM F964 certified. Duramax boasts of offering vinyl wall toppers that demand very low maintenance. The wall toppers take only a little time to clean. You can use a hose to wash them off the wall toppers. We are the leaders offering the best quality vinyl wall topper in the USA. 

12 parts of Titanium Dioxide do all the magic

Are you worried that the southwest sun would severely affect the wall toppers as it used to happen with any other fencing? There is no need to worry because our vinyl wall toppers are manufactured using the DuraResin formulation to endure the intense southwest sun. The wall toppers are composed of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which give the wall toppers a lot of UV stability, durability, and wall toppers to stand strong in all weather conditions. In addition, the wall toppers are impact-resistant, can withstand a lot of heat, are fire-resistant, and can withstand high pressure, cold, wind, hail, and other climatic and external conditions. 

Certified and customizable wall toppers

All vinyl wall toppers are surely not the same; they all depend on the quality, which again relies directly on the manufacturer. Our wall toppers are durable and made from 100% virgin vinyl sheets. Duramax does not compromise quality and offers ASTM F964 certified wall toppers checked for quality assurance before delivery. Our wall toppers are also easily customizable; this is why clients love us. Duramax wall toppers are available in textures, types, designs, colors, and shapes. Our wall toppers look very attractive and vibrant and do not fade away due to climatic conditions, mainly due to sunlight. The wall toppers do not need repainting, which means no repainting costs or hassle. Even after years of installation, your wall toppers would look new; vinyl is not affected by weather conditions. 

100% virgin vinyl sheets – Quality assurance

Were you looking for low-maintenance wall toppers? Your search comes to an end at Duramax. Simply washing the wall toppers to take off the dust is sufficient, and your wall toppers will remain clean. Our wall toppers are made from 100% virgin vinyl. We use high-quality vinyl sheets. The wall toppers have an excellent routing system and a secure locking system.

Colorful wall toppers can add to the value of your property

Many clients look for colorful wall toppers but fear that the color could fade away. Duramax assures our colorful wall toppers won’t lose their color and brightness. Many clients invest in our colorful wall toppers as they look vibrant and appealing. But if you love white, we don’t mind because we have a whole range of white color vinyl wall toppers that look amazing. Do not worry because your white wall toppers will not become yellow with time. Vinyl wall toppers do not lose color due to external factors; your wall topper would look new even after years of installation. 

Non-toxic vinyl wall toppers – Order now

Duramax vinyl wall toppers, once installed, can last for a lifetime, pretty many years. In addition, our wall toppers are free from lead or any toxic elements. Therefore its environment-friendly and 100% recyclable. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples. Claim yours today.

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6 Reasons Why Vinyl Wall Toppers and Fences are Great for Houses with Dogs


Having a fenced-in yard makes life as a dog owner additional convenient. You’ll let the dog out into the yard without fear that they’ll escape or antagonize the neighbors, and also, you don’t have to shiver outside while holding the tip of a leash late at night.

Some dog homeowners use chain links or wood to create their dog fences, and while these materials aren’t dangerous choices, they’re not the premier choice, either. Once it involves dog fencing, you simply can’t beat vinyl or PVC fencing. Here’s why:

Enhancing Home Life: 6 Reasons Vinyl Wall Toppers and Fences Are Ideal for Dog-Friendly Houses

Privacy fence designs limit visibility

There are many various forms of vinyl fences. Whereas post-and-rail and picket-style vinyl fences may fit well for a few homeowners, solid privacy fences are significantly useful for dog owners. In contrast to chain-link and picket fences that you will see through, vinyl privacy fences limit visibility in and out of your yard. This will help keep your dog from being distracted by individuals walking past your yard and the road. It conjointly helps keep passersby from seeing your dog and doubtless antagonizing him. You don’t gotta worry about kids feeding your dog through the fence or sticking out their hands and getting bitten.

Planting shrubs along the fence without damage

Homeowners frequently fear puppies digging below the fence. Planting shrubs or trees alongside the inside of the fence can deter this behavior. However, planting too near a wood or metallic fence can lure moisture in opposition to the fence, perpetuating rot or rust. This isn’t a problem with vinyl. You can plant shrubs without delay in opposition and save you digging without annoying approximately moisture damage.

Reduces danger of your dog leaping over and escaping

As you raise the height of your boundary wall or fence with a wall topper, it will be difficult for your dogs, even the larger ones, to leap over the wall. You can leave them to play in the yard without worrying about them escaping.

Vinyl fences require no painting

Not having to paint your fence does not simply prevent time. As a canine owner, it also ensures your pet’s safety. Dogs are infamous for licking and chewing on matters they definitely shouldn’t. If you deal with a wood fence with a stain or waterproofing agent and your canine licks it, they will get sick results from the chemical compounds within the product. No damage will come to them if they appear to lick or bite the vinyl.

Dogs aren’t tempted to scratch vinyl

While your canine might not emerge as sick if he decides to lick the fence, maximum puppies are not interested in doing so. They’re additionally now no longer interested in scratching vinyl fences. Vinyl simply no longer has the identical attractive texture as timber! This approach, you might not address unsightly, scratched-up fence forums or fear approximately making maintenance as you will with a timber fence.

Vinyl fences don’t have sharp components

Chain link fences are comparatively safer for dogs when they are new, but as they age, the metal becomes rusty, they can even sometimes develop sharp edges. Similarly, a few sharp nails or screws can be uncovered from a wood fence, and your dog can suffer damage. On the other hand, Vinyl fencing now no longer includes any sensitive components, so you do not need to fear slicing or scraping your canine. It’s a secure preference even for active puppies who might also come across it.

In addition to these benefits, vinyl fencing has a long life span. You can choose your fencing style, color, and height based on your needs.

Choose vinyl wall toppers from Duramax Fences

For hassle-free and low-maintenance in upcoming years, you can choose wall toppers from Duramax made of vinyl material. Vinyl wall toppers are valued for money as they are recyclable and come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Duramax wall toppers are resistant to heat, cold, and water, making them suitable for all seasons. In addition, they are of good quality and do not become yellow with time. Finally, cleaning the wall toppers is extremely easy. Use a garden hose to clean the fences every fortnight, and you are good to go.

Duramax Fences has established its price over the years by supplying quality merchandise to its customers. It’s a 20-year-old company noted for producing high-quality, sturdy fences. The Duramax fences have relatively thicker walls making certain the fences don’t break, deform, break or fall off over time. Sadly, the fences with thinner walls typically fail to take a look at time. That’s why Duramax fences have thicker walls and a robust routing system to interlock the fence panels together. Are you finding it tough to work out what will fit your purpose? Worry not. Our team of specialists can assist you with a customized vinyl privacy fence when checking your criteria for fencing. Google our website and choose between a large style of fences. To get hold of your Duramax vinyl fence, book a briefing soon. After you purchase a Duramax vinyl fence, you get a limited-time warranty!

Are Vinyl Wall Toppers Better Than Wooden Ones?

vinyl wall topper

The wall topper is a traditional fence style that is still much-loved by several property owners. Properties with an existing stone wall or a block can easily add the wall toppers instead of rebuilding the wall footings. You would hate trespassers coming too close to the living space and also getting a peek into their private life. The wall topper increasing the height of your boundary wall can prevent all of it. Hence, as you plan to buy a home, connecting with the US’s top vinyl wall topper manufacturers is essential. However, although wooden wall toppers are quite common and pleasing to the eye, a new trend is most favoring. It’s the vinyl wall topper from Duramax. Vinyl wall toppers have become a trend and surpassed in popularity for a few reasons. Read on to know why vinyl wall toppers are the ideal option for your property.

Comparing Vinyl Wall Toppers to Wooden Ones

Vinyl is weather-resistant, unlike wood

Vinyl wall toppers are weather-resistant due to the DuraResin vinyl formulation used for high-quality manufacturing fences. Duramax Fences uses UV inhibitors with over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide to get you the highest-rated UV stability and weather-resistant wall toppers and fences. As a result, the vinyl wall toppers and fences can withstand the sun’s harsh rays and scorching heat for the longest period. The wall toppers made from vinyl also do not wrap in excess heat or develop cracks when subjected to cold temperatures. Duramax fences have passed the wind test of 105 mph, and therefore, wall toppers can withstand stormy weather and heavy rainfall without getting ravaged. However, wooden wall toppers are not sturdy and can easily be damaged due to harsh weather conditions. A good quality wooden fence or wall topper would only survive for a few years, whereas the vinyl one can last for more than ten years without repairs or replacements.

Vinyl lasts longer

The vinyl material has a greater durability quotient than wooden wall toppers. When exposed to moisture, the wooden wall toppers can easily attract termites and rot. Maintaining wooden wall toppers can drive a hole in your pocket as the upkeep is difficult. Wooden fences and wall toppers fade easily and need constant repainting. Wooden fences can easily start looking dull and drab due to various reasons. However, the vinyl wall topper made with thicker vinyl sheets is extremely strong and can last for ages without rotting, degrading, or attracting termites. The non-toxic, chemical-resistant, and lead-free vinyl material is fire-resistant and prevents the spread of fire to a large extent. Last and the most important point, wooden wall toppers break easily, leaving behind sharp edges that can be detrimental to animals and children. Vinyl made from plastic material is strong and flexible, ensuring that they don’t break easily. Even if vinyl breaks, they don’t have sharp edges and are usually more pet-friendly than wood.

Vinyl is the trend these days for fencing

The use of vinyl today is the trend for fencing, and the material has long replaced wood as a fencing object. As you look around homes, it is common to bump into a vinyl fence and wall toppers installed around properties, and one can order such wall toppers from top wall topper manufacturing companies. The vinyl material has replaced the wooden variety, and there are reasons for it. It is perhaps for the durability and strength factor of popular wooden fences. A simple comparison will tell you that vinyl is four times tougher than wood. It can sustain blows from storing animals. The US manufacturer of vinyl fences selects the ingredient material carefully. This is precisely why the vinyl wall extensions show no rot and decay after constant exposure to nature. The lack of maintenance hassle once again makes the vinyl fence popular. The basic soap water rinsing can clear off extensive dirt from the fence body.

Easy installation

The vinyl wall topper is easy to install, and one can complete the installation without any professional help. These wall toppers arrive with a guide clearly stating the installation details, and one can follow the instructions. However, if one cannot install it, the fencing installation experts will look into it. The installation will be done soon, and you can live securely behind it. As you are placing the order for the installation of vinyl fences, the focus must be on the quality and design of the wall topper. This will prevent street onlookers from getting a peek into your private space.

DuraGain wall topper

If you are still in awe of the wooden wall toppers? Then why not get the DuraGrain one. The wood-grained material looks and feels like real wood. DuraGrain is 100% cellular vinyl that functions quite similarly to wood but without drawbacks. DuraGrain is a low-maintenance material that will never decay. Even in high dampness or humid settings, it can last for years. The DuraGrain material can be cut, nailed, and painted just like wood. But the good part is it is devoid of the natural flaws and blemishes of wood. DuraGrain insulates 70% better than wood and is better than aluminum fencing when it comes to energy conservation, not only for cost but also for environmental reasons.

DuraGrain vinyl wall topper is chosen for its affordability, low environmental impact, easy maintenance, established performance, and reliability. Duramax has the latest designs, styles, and colors of fences and wall toppers. If you are looking for a custom-made one, book a free consultation with the experts today. Request a quote now.

How Do I Increase the Privacy of My Home?

privacy fence panel

Just because you’re friends with your neighbors doesn’t mean you want them watching every moment of your daily life. Unfortunately, most homes have not been designed with privacy in mind, so, commonly, some privacy updates need to be taken care of. But, whether you need a little privacy while you relax in the backyard or don’t want your nosy neighbors to stare at you through a window, there are many easy ways to increase your home’s privacy.

Let’s take a look at these 3 ways that can help you to maintain privacy

Add curtains, blinds, and shutters

Installing curtains and blinds inside your home is probably the simplest and cheapest way to increase your privacy. If you have lived without them for a while, your neighbors will thank you for finally putting them up. It is completely up to you whether to use curtains or blinds. You can choose the appropriate fabric or material for your windows based on how much light you want to block out. Consider installing shutters if you don’t like the look of curtains or blinds (which is why you waited so long to cover your windows). Shutters are another great option for concealing what’s going on inside while still allowing light and air into your home. 


Windows are a great way for brightening up our homes during the day, but they can make you feel exposed and vulnerable at night. In addition, some of your windows could be awkwardly placed, so blinds and curtains might not be the perfect solution for you. While you can’t really alter the placement of your windows without undertaking a major renovation, some updates can be made to the current ones. Frosting and glazing are the options that allow light to enter your room while removing visibility into the interiors. Applying a tint to your windows can be fairly inexpensive and is a great solution for any window you want privacy.

Install a wall topper

Wall toppers are great for borders, but they also help conceal what’s on the other side. A privacy wall topper is a perfect option to keep your neighbors’ eyes off your backyard activities. Be it relaxing in your hot tub on a summer afternoon or simply gardening at your leisure, and privacy fence panels let you carry out your activities in private. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that complements your décor and provides you with a little more privacy. Please see this article for some of our favorite styles. Also, consult a fence expert about specific height requirements to ensure that your fence is tall enough to keep prying eyes out.

Many property owners appreciate the wall topper’s exquisite traditional style. If your property already has a stone block or a wall surrounding it, a wall topper can readily adapt to it, saving you the trouble of rebuilding the wall footings. Wooden wall toppers have been popular in the past, but if you’re looking for something more lasting, the Duramax vinyl wall topper is a great option. A vinyl wall topper is a decorative component mounted on top of a fence or wall to add elegance to an otherwise plain wall while boosting your property’s seclusion. Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers can personalize your wall topper to meet your needs. In addition, you can choose from a varied range of styles that toppers come in so wide that you can find the type that fits into your project easily.

Install a Trellis

While a privacy fence and shrubs may be ideal for some homeowners, others may not have the necessary space. Not everything is lost if you have limited options or space. You can install a trellis that takes up very little space while still providing privacy. It will also add natural beauty to an outdoor space, especially if you add some climbing plants to grow along with the structure. This will also help increase privacy and decrease the amount of watching your neighbors do.

Increasing your home’s privacy will give you peace of mind that your neighbors aren’t watching your every move. In addition, you’ll be able to carry out your daily activities in the privacy of your own home.

Duramax vinyl wall topper specialties

Most vinyl wall toppers are manufactured with thin vinyl sheets that can lead to cracking, sagging, and breaking of the fences. Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets when manufacturing wall toppers that are much more durable, sturdy, and resistant to cracking, sagging, and falling over. To sustain extreme weather, Duramax Fences makes a vinyl wall topper with the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide mixed with UV inhibitors make strong wall toppers that stand the test of time. Duramax wall toppers are sturdy, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding the harsh UV rays from the southwest sun in the USA. The vinyl wall toppers do not develop cracks in the cold or sag or warp in heat. They don’t fade over time, keeping the color intact for the longest time without the need for any repainting.

Vinyl wall toppers are much more durable than wooden wall toppers. Vinyl’s ease of maintenance is a plus point it gets from people while buying. Unlike wooden wall toppers, vinyl toppers do not fade easily and can maintain a fresh appearance for a long time. The vinyl wall toppers from Duramax Fences have withstood a 105mph wind test, and it takes a lot of struggle to break or destroy a vinyl wall topper made of pure, virgin vinyl. Duramax uses non-toxic, lead-free, and pet-friendly vinyl for manufacturing its wall toppers and fences. The wall toppers meet or exceed ASTM quality standards and are considered the highest quality and design.

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Buy the Ideal Wall Topper for Your Home

vinyl wall topper

Choosing the Perfect Wall Topper for Your Home: A Guide from Duramax Fences

What Are Fence Toppers?

Wall toppers are extensions attached to the top of an existing wall or fence to make it taller. Sometimes they are also referred to as fence extensions. Wall toppers may be decorative or increase privacy by adding a solid panel that raises the wall height. In addition, Wall toppers may match the existing wall or create visual interest by incorporating different designs and materials. Adding a wall topper is like changing your boundary wall without repairing and rebuilding. Apart from increasing your wall’s height, it can cause a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal of your house exteriors.

Why Choose a Wall Topper?

A strong wall topper can prevent unnecessary trespassing and protect the place from potential threats. However, have you chosen the material of the wall topper? A strong wall topper should not be blown away by winds and stand tall to the weather and other heavy blows and impacts. Duramax Fences’s vinyl wall topper is one of the most preferred choices in the USA.

Here are some reasons why homeowners add wall toppers

Privacy – A fence topper can extend an existing privacy fence by one to two feet. That might not seem significant until you consider you might see your neighbors over a six-foot fence.

Kids safety – If you have toddlers in your home, it will be wise to put up a fence to keep them inside. As a result, you will not have to worry about your kid running here and there or some mishap happening.

Having a shade – Suppose you have a favorite sitting area in your backyard. Adding a wall topper to even a small section of your wall or fence can block the sun and extend your enjoyment of the backyard entertainment area.

Visual appeal – Wall toppers come in various designs and materials. You can choose and create contrast by adding a wall topper in a different pattern or style than the existing wall or fence. Even a simple lattice can add visual interest to a backyard or patio, creating a focal point for plants, sitting areas, or other decorative elements.

A change in the exterior – Your current fence may be in good condition, but you’re ready for a change. Without spending a fortune, you may transform the design of your fence and increase the attractiveness of your garden with fence toppers.

The vinyl wall topper is decorative and durable, and it adds a layer of seclusion. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. To enhance contrast the vinyl wall topper can be put to a vinyl fence or affixed to a wooden, brick, or concrete block fence. Screws and anchors can be used to secure most varieties to an existing fence.

Vinyl wall toppers made with DuraGrain resemble wood

Did you know the vinyl wall topper can get easily customized by professionals? A wall topper made from 100% virgin vinyl can have a wood-grained appearance. It is the DuraGrain material. The DuraGrain wall topper has the cell structure of vinyl but looks like wood with the same feel of smoothness. The DuraGrain wall topper is strong, durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof. They are extremely easy to maintain. A good rinse with the garden hose is enough to maintain the fresh look of the wood-grained wall topper with the cell structure of vinyl. These wall toppers don’t rot, stain or attract termites. Duramax’s wall toppers have exceeded the ASTM standards and don’t need constant whitewashing, treatments, and maintenance. If you want a wall topper that’s low maintenance and offers a lifetime of carefree performance, then Duramax is the manufacturer to connect.

Durable and weather-resistant

Duramax wall toppers have cleared the wind test of 105 mph, making them resistant to wind uplifts. The waterproof wall topper can withstand strong winds, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms without breaking, sagging, cracking, or falling over. Made with the DuraResin formulation the Duramax Fence’s wall topper can withstand intense heat from the Southwest Sun without warping. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors ensure extreme weather resistivity. As a result, Duramax wall toppers have the highest rated weatherability and UV stability. Opt for Duramax vinyl fencing if you are looking for enhanced durability and strength. Made with thicker vinyl sheets, the wall toppers don’t sag, break, warp or dismantle easily. Duramax does not use any external hardware that makes the wall topper smooth and seamless appearance. The wall toppers have a strong routing system, and the interlocking fence panels ensure greater rigidity than other ordinary ones. Unsightly screws and external brackets can damage the wall toppers sooner or later, through blows or high impacts, or even sabotage. That’s why Duramax wall toppers have invisible hardware for security and aesthetics.

Duramax wall toppers

The vinyl wall topper will not rot, stain, fade, discolor, weather, warp, attract termites, or wear out over time because it is made of long-lasting vinyl that has been specially formulated to withstand the rigors of the southwest sun. Furthermore, Duramax’s privacy fence is constructed with a strong route-and-lock system that ensures the pickets, rails, and posts will never pull apart. This design eliminates the use of unsightly nails, screws, and glue, all of which can fail over time. Improve the look of your property with an elegant privacy fence that is extremely durable, almost maintenance-free, and will last a lifetime. Duramax privacy fencing is manufactured in the United States and comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Are you looking for a wall topper with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty? The pet-friendly, non-toxic, lead-free, fire-resistant wall toppers are ideal for providing security and privacy. Customized wall toppers add beauty to your dull backyard.

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