8 Benefits of Vinyl Wall Topper

Do you want to put up a vinyl wall topper on your property? Then you should be aware of some facts about vinyl wall toppers. Vinyl wall toppers are among the best on the market because they are incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and relatively easy to maintain, making them an excellent purchase if you don’t already have one.

#1 Strength & durability

A vinyl wall topper that has been correctly installed will last a lifetime. Vinyl wall topper is 5 times stronger than wood, flexible and long-lasting, and resistant to high winds and rain. Have you ever noticed wooden wall toppers that have fallen after strong winds or storms? This will not be the case with a vinyl wall topper. Because vinyl does not absorb moisture, the boards, poles, and accessories will not blister, peel, corrode, or decay. A vinyl wall topper is simply the best material for a home in the United States or any home subjected to a lot of inclement weather. Most reputable vinyl wall topper manufacturers provide a pre-assembled gate for added strength and security. These gates are reinforced with steel sides to keep their shape and provide additional durability in high-traffic areas.

#2 Environment friendly

Most people associate synthetic materials with environmental harm, but this is not the case with vinyl. Vinyl, unlike most plastics, is derived from more natural sources. Ethylene can be found in natural gas, crude oil, and chlorine in table salt. Furthermore, vinyl is a recyclable material. Unlike many other plastic materials, Vinyl is not treated with harsh and hazardous chemicals. Because vinyl is recyclable, it is not treated or coated with such chemicals to protect the environment. Moreover, since the vinyl wall topper is made from natural materials, intense chemicals are not needed for protection, durability, or other reasons. As vinyl is highly durable, it can stand up to pests found in your yard. Unlike wooden wall toppers, insects cannot burrow or scratch through tough vinyl wall toppers. This feature is one of the most important factors which makes vinyl wall toppers last so long.

#3 Low maintenance

Unlike wood or chain-link wall topper, vinyl needs no additional painting or staining to maintain its original beauty and color. If your wall topper ever falls prey to graffiti or stains, most stains will easily come off with some soap & water, household cleaners, and a little cleaning with a garden hose. Your wall topper won’t turn yellow or green like a wood wall topper, and it won’t need pressure washing like other traditional wall topper materials. It is simply the best fuss-free option. A vinyl wall topper is incredibly easy to maintain. In most cases, warm water, a washcloth, and some soap are enough to get a dusty, dirty wall topper looking new again. Adding some bleach or tar remover to your routine can do the magic for tougher stains. For best results, maintain cleaning your vinyl wall topper with a garden hose once every fortnight.

#4 Long-lasting

Your vinyl wall topper can last for decades if appropriately cared for. As a result, most vinyl wall toppers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Vinyl is made by combining ethylene and chlorine. These two elements create highly durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin.

#5 Weather-resistant

In any climate, wooden and iron wall toppers will not last long. Wall toppers will rot and warp if you live near the ocean or in a rainy climate. On the other hand, iron wall toppers can rust and become irreparable. The harsh sun and winds in dry areas can cause wooden wall toppers to become dry and discolored and iron wall toppers to become scratched and blanched. On the other hand, the vinyl wall topper does not have any of these issues. Neither dry nor wet weather will harm or degrade the vinyl wall topper. The strong plastic makes it water-resistant and easy to clean without leaving stains or scratches. 

#6 Virgin vinyl

Virgin vinyl is the most popular type of vinyl, as it is the type that is developed and used the most. It is made of PVC, polypropylene, nylon, and polythene and is extruded from virgin resin. Recycled vinyl is made from recycled plastics, typically inferior to virgin vinyl.

#7 Vinyl wall toppers Self-Extinguish

The flashpoint of most vinyl wall toppers is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and they don’t easily ignite. It would burn if you held a flame to your vinyl wall topper. It will self-extinguish when you remove the flame from a vinyl wall topper. This is fantastic news for nighttime BBQs, fireworks, and other fire-related disasters! The vinyl wall topper will melt rather than burn if exposed to severe heat, reducing the risk of a long-term fire. 

#8 Aesthetically appealing

It keeps its clean, polished appearance over time, adding flair and improving the value of your home. A substantial, high-quality wall topper increases both the curb appeal and the bottom line when trying to sell your property. The vinyl wall topper is available in various styles and colors. If you’re adding a wall topper for privacy, choose a color that complements your home’s trim. If you want your wall topper to be decorative, you can use a combination of color and design to achieve your goal.

A vinyl wall topper can be an excellent choice for your home. It looks great, and reduces your carbon footprint extensively, is super easy to take care of, and the vinyl wall topper won’t succumb to the usual issues of climate and pests. If you already have vinyl wall toppers, you are lucky to save on your yearly wall topper maintenance costs. However, if you’re still thinking of installing a vinyl wall topper of your own, then consult with vinyl wall topper experts. You can also claim our free sample before buying.

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How Do I Increase the Privacy of My Home?

Just because you’re friends with your neighbors doesn’t mean you want them watching every moment of your daily life. Unfortunately, most homes have not been designed with privacy in mind, so, commonly, some privacy updates need to be taken care of. But, whether you need a little privacy while you relax in the backyard or don’t want your nosy neighbors to stare at you through a window, there are many easy ways to increase your home’s privacy.

Let’s take a look at these 3 ways that can help you to maintain privacy –

Add curtains, blinds, and shutters

Installing curtains and blinds inside your home is probably the simplest and cheapest way to increase your privacy. If you have lived without them for a while, your neighbors will thank you for finally putting them up. It is completely up to you whether to use curtains or blinds. You can choose the appropriate fabric or material for your windows based on how much light you want to block out. Consider installing shutters if you don’t like the look of curtains or blinds (which is why you waited so long to cover your windows). Shutters are another great option for concealing what’s going on inside while still allowing light and air into your home. 


Windows are a great way for brightening up our homes during the day, but they can make you feel exposed and vulnerable at night. In addition, some of your windows could be awkwardly placed, so blinds and curtains might not be the perfect solution for you. While you can’t really alter the placement of your windows without undertaking a major renovation, some updates can be made to the current ones. Frosting and glazing are the options that allow light to enter your room while removing visibility into the interiors. Applying a tint to your windows can be fairly inexpensive and is a great solution for any window you want privacy.

Install a wall topper

Wall toppers are great for borders, but they also help conceal what’s on the other side. A privacy wall topper is a perfect option to keep your neighbors’ eyes off your backyard activities. Be it relaxing in your hot tub on a summer afternoon or simply gardening at your leisure, and privacy fence panels let you carry out your activities in private. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that complements your décor and provides you with a little more privacy. Please see this article for some of our favorite styles. Also, consult a fence expert about specific height requirements to ensure that your fence is tall enough to keep prying eyes out.

Many property owners appreciate the wall topper’s exquisite traditional style. If your property already has a stone block or a wall surrounding it, a wall topper can readily adapt to it, saving you the trouble of rebuilding the wall footings. Wooden wall toppers have been popular in the past, but if you’re looking for something more lasting, the Duramax vinyl wall topper is a great option. A vinyl wall topper is a decorative component mounted on top of a fence or wall to add elegance to an otherwise plain wall while boosting your property’s seclusion. Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers can personalize your wall topper to meet your needs. In addition, you can choose from a varied range of styles that toppers come in so wide that you can find the type that fits into your project easily.

Install a Trellis

While a privacy fence and shrubs may be ideal for some homeowners, others may not have the necessary space. Not everything is lost if you have limited options or space. You can install a trellis that takes up very little space while still providing privacy. It will also add natural beauty to an outdoor space, especially if you add some climbing plants to grow along with the structure. This will also help increase privacy and decrease the amount of watching your neighbors do.

Increasing your home’s privacy will give you peace of mind that your neighbors aren’t watching your every move. In addition, you’ll be able to carry out your daily activities in the privacy of your own home.