A white classic gazebo fencing in your garden space makes your property look elite

The classic gazebo fencing is ideal for your space. Invest in Duramax vinyl fencing durability and strength of your fence line. Get a quote now.

A gazebo is not a new concept; it has existed since the late 19th and early 20th century. There has been ample development and modernization now. As a result, you get classic gazebos that have a modern touch. A gazebo is an open garden structure that is free-standing, and comes in an octagonal or hexagonal shape. Gazebos are made of wood, metal and vinyl. A beautiful gazebo can become the focal point and can be worth envying. Do you know that adding this structure to your outdoor space should be planned carefully or else it could look out of place? When you plan a garden structure, try incorporating classic gazebo fencing and the architectural elements or the features of your property for continuity and harmony.  

Install a classic white gazebo in your garden

Do you wish to own a classic white gazebo in the garden area? A vinyl gazebo will not turn yellowish with time and due to environmental factors. A white vinyl gazebo can make the outdoor space look amazing. We also offer colored gazebo fencing that would not require re-painting. Wooden gazebos are difficult to maintain because they are exposed to climatic conditions. The colorful wooden gazebos require repainting and a lot of maintenance. 

Explore the DuraGrain range 

Duramax has introduced a range of vinyl fencing that looks similar to a wooden finished fence. Explore the DuraGrain range for rustic-looking vinyl fences. The wood-grained vinyl fence has the cellular structure of vinyl, making them durable, waterproof, weather-proof and stainproof. In addition, these fences do not rot, degrade, attract termites or peel off easily.

The fences do not need daily cleaning or maintenance

Wipe the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and detergent to keep them clean for a fortnight or more. Wash the fences occasionally because the panels are waterproof. Vinyl has a soft surface without any creases. The fence panels do not attract impurities or bacteria on their surface. 

Interlocking panels for easy installation

Duramax fences use thicker, premium sheets to manufacture high-quality fences. As a result, the fences do not bend, warp, breakdown or crack. The fences have no visible parts and have a thick routing system. In addition, there are interlocking panels for quicker installation. Hire a local contractor for a gazebo or fence installation. 

Why choose Duramax Fences?

Duramax has offered premium vinyl fencing and gazebos in the USA for the last 20 years or more. Our panel’s fences are waterproof and have an anti-mold coating on their surface. The fences are ASTM-certified and the products are quality checked before it is shipped to your site. The fences are environment-friendly and do not contain any toxic elements making them safe for kids and pets. The fences are other vinyl outdoor structures manufactured inside our factory in the USA. We manufacture fences of various styles, including scallop fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy, pool, classic, perimeter, picket, etc.

Explore our inventory

Are you looking for classic gazebo fencing? Our fences are beautiful and offer a carefree performance. You can customize a fence to make it stand out from the rest. Book a free consultation session with Duramax fencing experts. Talk to the professional manufacturers about your choices and preferences to get expert advice for a customized vinyl fencing. Request a free quote.

Safeguarding your fences from the scorching heat of the South-west Sun

Get the low-maintenance vinyl fence from Duramax. The USA-made vinyl fencing is strong, durable, waterproof and weather resistant. Request a quote now.

Are you curious about finding out what material is ideal for a yard fence to ensure the hot Southwest temperature? Fences are made of various materials like wrought iron, steel, chain-link, aluminum, wood and vinyl. Hot and humid weather tends to have a negative impact on the fences. A fence that gets the hot, scorching Southwest sun deteriorates faster. Excess humidity on the fences can cause rotting, rusting and breakage. However, when the temperature soars high during the summers, the fence should endure the extremity. Installing USA vinyl fencing can be the solution to owning a long-lasting fence. 

Vinyl is used to manufacture fences of various styles, including scallop fences, classic fences, privacy, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, ranch rails, and many other types. Duramax is specialized in designing vinyl fences using the unique Duraresin formulation. The fences are made of the 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which protect the fences from the UV Rays and offer resistivity from snowfall, high wind, high pressure and impact. As a result, the fences stand tall, enduring the Southwest sun and all other weather conditions. 

Low maintenance vinyl fence is made of long-lasting, premium plastic called PVC that has a smooth surface. The fences have a crease-free surface that does not attract mold, bacteria, and impurities. Wipe the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and soap.You can wash the fences without worrying about any damage due to water absorption. 

Vinyl fences are long-lasting. They have a shelf life of about 20-25 years. Post-installation, the fences do not require repairs, repainting, or any other revamping. Duramax fences are easy to install, and no additional material charges are required. The fences have a strong routing system with no visible screws. The fences have an interlocking pattern for flexible installation. Hire a local contractor for an affordable fence installation.                 

Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl fences for more than 20 years. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl; they are waterproof and have an anti-mold coating on their surface. Our fences are made inside the factory in the USA, and they are affordable too. In addition, our fences are non-toxic and recyclable, making them safe for kids and pets. 

Shop for vinyl fences online by sitting at home or anywhere else. Our fences are affordable and we offer seasonal offers and discounts. We have an inventory of stylish, modern as well as traditional fences. The fences come with a limited lifetime warranty when you order your fences from Duramax. Discuss your specifics with our experts. Duramax Fences in the USA has a selection of unmatched fences of various styles and colors. We design white vinyl fences that look elegant and classy.

Are you interested in USA vinyl fencing? Request for a quote and get started with your project. 

Get the USA made vinyl fencing before you sell the property

USA made vinyl fencing can increase the valuation of your property. The USA made vinyl fence is aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Get a quote now.

Are you planning to sell the house, then why not seek to get a better price at a faster pace? Many property owners start home improvements to ensure that they get a better deal. However, remodeling the bathroom and installing kitchen cabinets might not get you a lucrative deal. Instead, the game-changer would be investing in the new USA-made vinyl fence. Duramax fences are affordable, custom-made and come in a variety of styles, designs and colors. However, it’s important to understand why you should settle for USA-made vinyl fencing before taking the plunge.

It’s affordable and easy to maintain

While a wooden material might be cheaper, installing a USA-made vinyl fence is much more cost-effective. It’s because the vinyl fence installation is a relatively simple process. It’s a DIY installation that requires very little labor and time. Wooden fences might take an entire day and it’s a cumbersome process. However, USA-made vinyl fencing is extremely coveted in America because of its low upkeep and maintenance. If you want to attract people to buy your property, then you can easily claim that these fences do not only protect the property, but get manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl and Duraresin formulation, making them extremely durable, weather-resistant and termite-repellant – much unlike the wooden fence. If your fence is an added asset to your property, the valuation will shoot up overnight for visual aesthetics and more.

Duragrain fence – The eternal beautiful fence

An ancestral property would look lovely with a wooden fence. Don’t worry, we won’t force you to compromise with vinyl. Instead, Duramax offers the Duragrain fence. It’s a wood-grained material giving out the look and feel of real wood, but having the cellular configuration of virgin vinyl. The traditional beauty of the Duragrain fence helps you get the royal look of a wooden fence, but with the durability, strength, weather-resistivity and other qualities of vinyl. These fences don’t stain, are resistant to termites and most of all, are easy to maintain. Just wash the Duragrain fence with a garden hose and it looks fresh as new. The Duragrain fences easily get customized in different styles, colors and designs. The paints don’t fade or peel off for at least 10 years. These fences are non-wired without any external hardware that makes them pet-friendly too.

The right fence can increase marketability 

Don’t just install any kind of fence and expect to increase your home value. The fence should highlight your home and the landscape. American homeowners indeed prefer the USA-made vinyl fencing, but they would also want the fence to be non-toxic, lead-free and chemical-resistant for the safety of pets and kids. Duramax fences exceed ASTM quality standards and enhance the curb appeal of the property. The fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and are recyclable too. A potential buyer would always prefer a USA-made vinyl fence for its durability and sustainability in the long run.

Final Words

Want a vinyl fence designed and manufactured by us? Book a free consultation to discuss the project. Then, request a quotation from our experts. We revert within 24-48 hours.

Are you in a hurry to install a new fence for the coming season?

Duramax PVC fencing manufacturers get you 100% virgin vinyl fences. Buy durable fencing that’s waterproof and weatherproof. Request a quote now.

We can pretty much understand that you are slowly gearing up for home interior and exterior renovation before your special occasion or Christmas arrives. Read this blog to help you buy durable vinyl fencing

Do your research well – Install a modern fence

You are overwhelmed while choosing fencing materials because there are so many options. We suggest installing a modern vinyl fence this time and you would not have to probably re-install it in the next 20-25 years. There are different companies in the USA designing various types of fences. Sort your requirements and take time to research the top companies that design vinyl fences. Then, narrow your search, shortlist and make your choice. 

Waterproof vinyl fences

Duramax uses 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture durable vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are waterproof and have an anti-mold coating to safeguard the fences from extreme humid conditions. The fences are also resistant to snowfall, intense Southwest sun, high-speed wind and pressure. In addition, the fences have a sturdy routing system and no visible screws on their surface.

Vinyl fences do not require repainting 

There is no need to fear or worry about repainting when you install a colorful fence made from vinyl. Duramax fences are available in different colors, suitable for your yard. A colorful fence can be a great addition to your property. The colors do not fade and no repainting is required. We have a whole range of white color fences that can add elegance and serenity. Likewise, a white vinyl fence would never turn yellowish as time passes by. 

No costly maintenance required 

A vinyl fencing does not require time-consuming or expensive maintenance. Wipe the fences with a damp cloth and soap to keep them dust-free and you can wash the fences when needed. Vinyl fences do not get dirty or shabby as they have an extremely smooth and crease-free surface. 

It is worth paying the price

The price you pay for a vinyl fence could be slightly greater than other fencing materials. However, you pay it for one time and the fence would require no further repairs or replacements. Doesn’t it feel worth paying more for owning a vinyl fence? Vinyl fences are affordable in the long run. 

Did you ever install a vinyl fence yourself? 

You can do it yourself if you have prior experience. Or else you can hire a renowned local fence installation contractor in the USA. Now you can get vinyl fences online from the Duramax website. There is no need to visit our store anymore and you can choose your favorite fence from the inventory. Talk to the Duramax experts for a consultation related to customized vinyl fences. 

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Duramax is one of the most renowned PVC fencing manufacturers in the USA. We have been designing modern and traditional fences for the last 20 years or more. Some of our fences include scallop fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, pool and various other types of fences. Our fences are beautiful, functional and offer carefree performance. The fences are ASTM-certified and our experts ensure that only quality checked fences are shipped to your site. We have fences in our inventory that suit every budget.Order online to buy durable vinyl fencing and get a limited lifetime warranty.

The worth of a vinyl fence – beautifies and increases the value of your property

Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers can customize fencing to add beauty and value to your property. The strong fences offer great security. Get a quote today.

A vinyl fence can increase the value of your property. If a new vinyl fence boosts the marketability of a property, buyers would be willing to spend more for a property. The ill effects on the economy are slowly fading out that took their peak during the pandemic. It is time to indulge in home improvement. It is time to replace the old fence made from wood or metal and install a vinyl fence. Do you think it is worth investing in a vinyl fence? Vinyl is a long-lasting material. A fence made from PVC can last for at least 20-25 years without heavy repairs and maintenance. The long life of vinyl fences makes it most homeowner’s favorite. 

You can choose to install a vinyl fence and forget about repainting

Wooden and metal fences require heavy maintenance and repainting. Vinyl colorful fences make your property stand out from the rest. You can choose to install subtle white fences that have sheer elegance and look chic. The white fences do not turn yellow or get tinted with time. Only vinyl white fences retain their whiteness and do not require extra cleaning or repainting. Cleaning the fences requires no additional costs because no daily cleaning is needed. Wipe the fence posts occasionally with a damp cloth and detergent. You can wash the fences rarely or whenever you wish because there is no fear of moisture seepage.

Shop for fences online – An interactive website for you

Shop for Duramax fences online from our website and you can enjoy shopping sitting at home or from your workplace. We have a whole inventory of a variety of fences that includes scallop fences, privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, semi-privacy fences, ranch rails and more. So invest a little more and choose a beautiful vinyl fence that would require no further repair or replacement costs. 

Consult with our team

Do you wish to calculate the measurement and cost of the vinyl fence that you require to install? There is a fencing calculator on the Duramax website from where you can get an easy estimate. 

Duramax is one of the most experienced vinyl fencing manufacturers in the USA. Discuss your project and customize according to your budget, style preference and considering requirements—request for a quote. 

You deserve installing the best vinyl fence – Choose Duramax Fences

The best vinyl fence is durable, weather-resistant and strong. Duramax’s vinyl fence for sale makes them affordable too. Get a quote now.

Recently, Americans have preferred installing vinyl fences around the front and backyard. There are different fencing materials available in the market. Vinyl has emerged stronger than other materials. Homeowners feel that it is worth investing a little more in getting a vinyl fence and installing the panels. All vinyl fences do not possess similar quality, which is why you should get customized fences from a renowned manufacturer. Your search should go on for the best vinyl fence

Minimum shelf life of 20 – 25 years

Duramax uses thick vinyl sheets to manufacture high-quality fences that do not warp, bend, crack or break down. The fences have no visible parts and have a thick routing system. The fences have a long shelf-life of about 20 years or even more. There are interlocking panels for quick and firm installation. 

A smooth surface allows easy cleaning

The fences are easy to clean and do not require daily maintenance. Wipe the fences occasionally with a damp cloth and detergent to keep them clean for a fortnight or more. Sometimes, you can wash the fences without fearing that the fences would absorb water/moisture. Vinyl has a smooth surface without any creases or crevices. Hence, the fence panels do not attract impurities or bacteria on their surface. 

Do you have a special love for wooden fences?

Undoubtedly, they are chic and rustic. However, you cannot ignore the easily perishable nature of wood. Wooden fences are charming but react to climatic conditions and get infested by termites after being exposed to humidity for a prolonged time. Duramax introduces the DuraGrain range, where we design vinyl fences that look similar to the wooden ones. Indulge in this range for great-looking fences having the rusticity of wood. The wood-grained vinyl fence has the cellular structure of vinyl, making them durable, waterproof, weather-proof and stainproof. These fences do not rot, degrade, attract termites or peel off easily.

Certified Duramax Fences

Duramax Fences, having its headquarters in the USA, manufactures premium-quality fences. The fences are made from 100% virgin vinyl that makes them durable. The fences are ASTM-certified and have excellent resistivity. The vinyl fences endure the scorching heat, snowfall, high-pressure winds and impact. Having passed the wind test of 105mph, they can sustain ice-storms, heavy thunderstorms, and strong winds without getting damaged. We manufacture fences of various styles, including scallop fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy, pool, classic, perimeter, picket, etc. The fences are specially manufactured to endure the Southwest sun. 

Order customized fences

Are you looking for the best vinyl fence? Duramax fences are beautiful and offer a carefree performance. Our experienced team of professionals customizes fences that are visually appealing and functional. 

Reach us for professional assistance?

Duramax is offering vinyl fences for sale in the USA. Book a free consultation session with Duramax? Talk to the professional manufacturers about your choices and preferences to get expert advice for a customized vinyl fencing. Request a free quote.

Securing and beautifying your backyard with a vinyl perimeter fence

Get the vinyl perimeter fence for your property. The backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers at Duramax offer limited lifetime warranty. Get a quote now.

The backyard of your property requires more security, so having a fence of 6-8 feet height would be ideal. Choosing the fence material is something that requires research and understanding. Wood, chain link, aluminum, wrought iron, and PVC are the common types of fences.  If your backyard requires safety and beautification, consider installing a vinyl perimeter fence.

Do you know why vinyl fences are gaining an edge over the others? 

Any homeowners would like to invest in a low-maintenance fence that would look as good as new even after 20 years. Research shows that vinyl has too many advantages. This is why this material is used in home improvement. Vinyl fences are an elite and sensible choice in the present times. Homeowners in the USA prefer to install fences, and there are many backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers in the country. Choosing a reputed company is what you have to do.

Have you done sufficient research before installing a fence?

 A vinyl fence can function in many ways but knowing your priorities is the first step. If you intend to keep dogs away, a chain link is a good option. Privacy or semi-privacy fence is ideal if you desire a private backyard. There are many other types of fences that can be installed according to your requirements. If you have cost issues, you can prefer to mix different fence styles and have an expert to suggest and install. 

Long-lasting and certified fences

Duramax has been manufacturing premium fences for almost 20 years. We are experienced in customizing fences as per client requirements. The fences are ASTM-certified and designed as per standards. The fences are made with Duraresin formulation for durability and resistance. Fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer weather resistivity and UV protection. The fences are made in the USA inside our manufacturing unit. The products are quality assured before it is shipped to your location. The fences are recyclable and non-toxic, free from chemicals. Hence, the posts are safe for kids and pets. 

Are you fond of white fences? 

Choose white vinyl fences, and the posts would not get yellowish in years. On the other hand, a wooden fence would require frequent whitewash and can still turn yellowish with time. What more could one ask for when a white remains forever white and looks as good as new? White fences are elegant and colorful fences are interesting. Duramax vinyl fences are available in different interesting color shades that do not fade with time. 

Simple and quick installation

A vinyl perimeter fence is easy and inexpensive to install. You can do it yourself if you have prior experience. Then, hire a contractor for a successful vinyl fence installation. The fences do not require daily cleaning or washing. 

You can visit our store to explore our inventory, but we have a website where you can explore a wide range of fences. We are renowned in the USA for being one of the most experienced backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers. 

Final words

A vinyl fence installed in your backyard can look amazing. Order customized fences come with a limited warranty. Book a free consultation with our experts—request a quote.

Duramax’s USA-made traditional vinyl fence is an alternative to wooden fences

Want a traditional vinyl fence? Come to Duramax. Our Duragrain white vinyl fence is a great alternative to wooden fencing. Request a quote now.

The wooden fence around your property looks dull and has been infested by termites? Consider disposing of the old fence and explore the alternatives to wooden fencing. Fences are installed around the property. Therefore, they are exposed to the scorching sun, snowfall, rains and other weather conditions. There could be a fencing material that helps the fences to endure more than they can. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic-based waterproof material that is used to manufacture different types of fences. There are plenty of advantages of a USA-made traditional vinyl fence. Today, we will discuss a few pros of vinyl fences and how it has become a popular choice in the USA. 

Explore the DuraGrain range of fences 

We understand that there are clients who love the wooden appeal. However, they are confused as they are fond of wooden fences but find them difficult to maintain. We have introduced the DuraGrain range of vinyl fences that have a wood-like look and a similar finish. The fences look completely akin to wooden ones but have the advantages of vinyl. We have received massive responses from this range. These fences do not require extra care upon installation like anti-termite, repainting, wiping, cleaning, and more. You do not have to bear the cost and pain of uninstalling your favorite fence. 

Choose a white fence or a colorful one 

A vinyl fence around your yard is like a fairy tale. A white vinyl fence adds elegance like no other. The colorful fences have their charm when installed outside. Fences of interesting shades make your property stand out. White is generally a high-maintenance color, but you can be sure that the white will not turn yellowish with time when you install a vinyl fence. Apart from this, the colorful fences do not fade or require repainting. 

Why trust Duramax fence? 

Duramax has manufactured traditional vinyl fences for the last 20-25 years. We have many clients who have trusted our product and have utmost satisfaction. Cost is a big factor worth mentioning because vinyl fences cost a little more than wood or metal ones. You spend a once in purchasing and installing a vinyl fence which is a long-term investment. Duramax’s fences would last anything for a minimum of 20-25 years without expensive maintenance or repairs. The fences are made in the USA and do not contain toxic elements. The fences are waterproof, simple to clean and require low maintenance. The fence panels are ASTM-certified and the quality is checked before they are shipped to your site. Duramax fences are safe, free from toxic composition, and can be recycled. 

Shop online for traditional vinyl fence

Choose a custom vinyl fence, and you can have our experts help you. Shop for vinyl fences online at our user-friendly website. You do not have to visit the store for products or consultation. We would ship the desirable fence to your location, and then you can have a fence contractor install it within a few hours. You can install a traditional vinyl fence yourself and save more cost. 

Book a free consultation and request a quote.

Adding a vinyl gate to your property – Duramax gates are durable and eco-friendly

A vinyl gate is a nice addition to a fence. The gate has a post on its side and the anchor is attached securely to the ground to bear the weight of the gate. The gate is an opening for the fence that can be set up with latches and hinges. This accessory allows anyone to conveniently open and close the gate. A fence along with a durable gate adds beauty and security to the property. Recently you will come across many vinyl gates that you used to see before. People in the USA are now relying on vinyl exterior home improvement accessories. Vinyl has too many advantages compared to any other construction material. This is ideal if you intend to have durable gates and fences, hence not bother about maintenance. 

Durable vinyl gates that last for 20-25 years

Being one of the top vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA, we suggest choosing vinyl for its durability. These products have an extended shelf life. You invest once in installing a vinyl fence or gate, which would last for at least 20-25 years. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material, and this is why many homeowners are choosing this. They do not require daily cleaning or washing. Although occasionally clean the fences with a damp cloth and soap, you can wash the fences with a hose. Vinyl is a waterproof material that does not soak water or moisture. 

ASTM-certified colorful fences

Duramax offers waterproof vinyl gates that pass the wind test of 105mph, ensuring that they withstand heavy rainfall, stormy weather, snowfall, and ice storms. The vinyl gates do not crack in cold temperatures and do not distort in heat. Duramax gates are ASTM-certified, and our products are quality-assured. How about installing a colorful vinyl gate? Choose a fence and gate of any color from the Duramax store. You can also be interested in subtle shades like white, beige and tan. 

Why not install a vinyl gate this time and explore its benefits?

Many companies manufacture vinyl fences. It is a task to narrow down your search and choose one among those. Read reviews, check the websites, ask people before you make the final call. Duramax is among the most renowned fence and vinyl gate manufacturers in the USA. The quality of the fences and gates varies from one manufacturer to another. We are experienced in manufacturing vinyl fences for more than 20-25 years. 

USA-made Duramax fences

Duramax fences are made in the USA inside our factory unit. The gates and fences are eco-friendly and do not contain any toxic elements, hence considered safe for pets and kids. In addition, we design customized and functional fences and gates. We believe in reaching the masses, and this is why our fences are affordable. 

Search for vinyl fences online

There is no need to visit our store if you intend to have a vinyl fence or gate. Duramax products are now available online, which is a user-friendly interface. You can visit our store any day during the working hours. 

Talk to the experts for a solution—request for a quote. 

Custom vinyl fencing is durable and eye-catching for all the right reasons

Invest in custom vinyl fencing to beautify your home. Vinyl fencing is durable, waterproof and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Get a quote now.

How about installing custom vinyl fencing? This is how your fence can look different from your neighbors’. Choosing the material is no more a challenge because vinyl fences have too many advantages compared to any other material. We recommend installing a vinyl fence. According to a market survey, vinyl is one of the most durable fencing materials in the market. Vinyl fencing is a great choice when you would require new fencing or upgrade the existing fence. Vinyl fences are made from polyethylene materials having high density and that are easily customizable. Duramax Fences in the USA offers an impressive collection of vinyl fencing

How do you clean a vinyl fence efficiently?

It is a relief that the fences do not require rigorous or expensive maintenance. There is no need to clean the fences every day. Instead, wipe the fences with a damp cloth and detergent occasionally. Wash the fences with a hose sometimes to keep them clean. The fences are easy to install and can be managed DIY if you have prior professional experience. Some local fencing contractors find it easy to install vinyl fences at affordable rates. 

Fence colors that will never fade away or get tinted 

You can add color to your front and backyard by installing a colorful and vibrant vinyl fence. A colorful fence looks beautiful and offers carefree performance. You do not have to worry about the color fading and no repainting is required. Duramax designs elegant white vinyl fences that do not turn yellowish even after exposure to the environment and weather conditions. The white color remains intact even after many years. We have many clients who are fond of white fences but fear installing one. They are satisfied with a beautiful white vinyl fence that does not attract impurities. Vinyl fences have a smooth surface that does not attract bacteria and impurities. 

Trust Duramax solutions in the USA

We are among the most renowned vinyl fence manufacturers in the country. We have been designing various types of traditional and contemporary fences for more than 20 years. The products are waterproof, have ASTM certification and do not promote mold growth. In addition, the fences are made from vinyl that does not contain any toxic elements and can be recycled completely. We design a wide range of fences that include classic, scallop, privacy, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket and more.

Why rely on Duramax fences?

Duramax vinyl fencing uses 100% virgin vinyl to manufacture premium fences. The fences are made from Duraresin formulation that offers durability to the fences. The products are made by mixing 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors for strength and resistivity. The fences are protected from the UV rays; hence they can endure the intense Southwest sun. The fences are resistant to extremely cold weather, strong wind and storms, high pressure and impact. They have a strong routing system with interlocking grooves for easy installation. The fences are checked for quality before it is dispatched to your site. 

Order a custom vinyl fence online 
Are you looking for custom vinyl fencing within the budget? Please book a consultation with the fencing experts and discuss your project with us. We will help you choose an incredible vinyl fence—request a quote.

Know why vinyl ranch rail fence is the safest type of horse fencing

The vinyl ranch rail fence is ideal for horse farms. The 3 rail fence is a great style to protect the animals inside the farm. Get a quote now.

Horses being flight animals, are prone to bolting if they get startled. Why pave the way for a potential accident if you can get a good vinyl ranch rail fence to prevent such mishaps. The 3 rail ranch fence is the standard choice for equine operations and ranches in the USA. The vinyl fence is considered the ideal fit for horse farms because of a variety of reasons. In this write-up, Duramax focused on vinyl fences and why it’s the finest fencing material for horse farms.

Flexible yet sturdy fences 

A good fence protects your yard and ensures that the horses don’t venture out into the unknown. However, did you know that horses are independent animals and might try to force their way through such fence barriers? That’s the reason why a vinyl ranch rail fence is a better alternative than wood. The strength of vinyl lies in its flexibility. Vinyl is five times stronger and four times more flexible than the traditional wooden fence. Wood might be stiff and sturdy, but if a horse tries to break a wooden fence, the animal will get badly injured. Vinyl fencing is equally strong, but it softens the blow due to its flexibility.

A flexible vinyl fence is not easy to break. Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets to manufacture quality fences that don’t warp, crack or sag easily. Duramax fences don’t have external brackets and unsightly screws that would look awkward and also make the fencing weak. Instead, the premium quality fences are fixed together with a strong routing system and the fence panels have an interlocking pattern to offer outstanding strength and durability.

Cribbing Resistant 

Cribbing is an unhealthy habit of horses that’s detrimental to both the fence and the horse. It’s a behavioral disorder where the horse grabs the fence with its teeth and starts pulling the structure while arching the neck and gulping air. Vinyl 3 rail ranch fence is the ideal choice to counteract the cribbing problem. Duramax vinyl fences made with 100% virgin vinyl are lead-free, non-toxic, chemical-resistant and pet-friendly, which makes them appropriate for horse farms. Moreover, vinyl doesn’t wear out easily and also the material itself deters the young horses from developing this habit. Long-term cribbing can result in repairs and replacements, but with a high-quality vinyl fence, you do not have to worry about reconstructing or replacing the fencing.

Weather-resistant vinyl scores over 

Duramax vinyl fences get manufactured, keeping durability in mind. These fences can last for a lifetime and are resistant to harsh weather conditions, especially intense heat. Duramax uses the Duraresin vinyl formulation to provide you with premium-quality horse fencing. Potent UV inhibitors and over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide make the strong formulation to build fences that don’t wrap in the heat and can sustain the scorching Sun without fading and breaking down. In addition, the waterproof fences, having cleared the wind test of 105mph, can sustain heavy rains, ice storms, thunderstorms and don’t crack in the cold.


Duramax can provide you with custom-made fences as per your preferences. In addition, the fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with the professionals. Ask for a quote now.

Buy traditional vinyl fencing for your ancestral property

Buy traditional vinyl fencing for your yard. Duramax provides affordable vinyl fencing that’s long-lasting, waterproof and easy to maintain. Get a quote now.

Your ancestral property might need a good fence to demarcate boundaries and keep trespassers away. The only catch here is that the fence should complement the property’s look and protect the space for the longest time. Unfortunately, many property owners have complaints that fences don’t last long and are high maintenance. A great way to deal with the situation is to choose Duramax’s affordable vinyl fencing. Our high-quality fences made with 100% virgin vinyl are a permanent solution as they are engineered to provide maximum durability. If you plan to buy traditional vinyl fencing, then here are some prerequisites that you need to make a note of:

Weather-resistant picket fences are highly durable 

Vinyl fences are durable, but weather-resistant fences don’t fade, stain and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Duramax fences are one of the most sought-after affordable vinyl fencing in the USA for their weather resistivity. The waterproof fences can withstand heavy rainfall and don’t get damaged, rot or delaminate easily. With the use of the Duraresin vinyl formulation, the fences are resilient, durable and have the highest rated weather resistivity and UV stability. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and effective UV inhibitors are used in the formulation to provide you with robust fences that can withstand the intense heat of the Southwest and Northwest Sun. Having cleared the wind test of 105mph, the vinyl fences are also good enough to stand tall during thunderstorms, ice storms and other weather calamities.

Duragrain picket fences have an extraordinary charm

Many ancestral property owners buy traditional vinyl fencing, but they miss the charm of the wooden fence. If you are one of them, then we have the Duragrain picket fence for your fancy. The Duragrain fences look and feel like real wood and give out natural vibes. The only difference is that Duragrain is a wood-grained fence with the cellular configuration of vinyl, making them durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. Duragrain fences lend a traditional look to the garden and are much more durable than the typical wooden fence. You install a wooden fence and within a year, there would be complaints of the fences rotting, cracking and breaking down. Such a case will not happen with Duragrain fencing as they have vinyl’s durability, weather-resistivity and strength.

Custom-made vinyl picket fences 

The traditional picket fence is much in demand for its beautiful and decorative look. Vinyl picket fences are relatively affordable and much easier to maintain than wood. The stain-resistant fences don’t attract termites or turn yellow for the longest time. No matter what color of fence you have, the vinyl fences don’t need repainting or touch-ups. Duramax manufacturers can customize the fence as per your preference and the spacing of the yard. Duramax fences surpass the ASTM F964 quality standards and are one of the finest quality fencing available in the USA.

Final Words

Did you know Duramax offers quality fences with a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty? It’s true, and also our recyclable fences are non-toxic, pet-friendly, chemical-resistant, and lead-free. Request a quote today. Get connected with our experts now.