Buy Perimeter Vinyl Fencing to Add an Aesthetic Appeal Along the Perimeter of Your House

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

A fence enhances the property’s beauty and ensures the home is secured. You should spend money on a fence provided by a reputable and trustworthy fencing manufacturer. For over a decade, Duramax Fences has been one of the top vinyl fencing providers, offering fencing solutions. The business offers tailored services and specializes in all kinds of fences. Due to its superiority over all other materials in terms of durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation, vinyl is currently the most widely used material.

Perimeter vinyl fencing can be made of metal, wood, and durable vinyl. A fence is installed mainly to keep your pets inside. People install various types of perimeter fences with different purposes in mind. When it comes to kinds of fences, there are many, and to choose yours, it’s great if you have an understanding of fencing requirements. Planning your fence is crucial, so keep style and functionality in mind. 

Why Should You Opt For Vinyl Fencing?

There are many fencing options, but after considering the product’s durability, nothing beats vinyl fencing. Security is the main requirement; thus, choosing something as resilient as vinyl is vital. A vinyl fence manufacturer might provide installation, but there will be extra charges. However, if you enjoy doing things yourself, you can install them easily. The idea of fencing was once used to demarcate property, but nowadays, homeowners are also opting to erect a fence for security reasons. Living safely at home with close family members is something to keep in mind when shopping. Vinyl fencing is made of sturdy material and is difficult to penetrate. You can speak to homeowners in the US who have installed vinyl fences, and most will say there is no need to worry about a burglary or even basic trespassing. Perimeter vinyl fencing made with thicker vinyl sheets is robust. No one can enter without your permission

Level up the Aesthetic Appeal

The custom vinyl fencing is known to bring beauty and style to your home exterior. However, the benefits of vinyl fencing go beyond aesthetics because this type of fencing material also ensures that privacy is completely maintained. Outsiders or nosy neighbors will at no stage get a peek into your private life. For property distinction, you may have installed this fencing, but you can see that there are many more benefits to gain over time. Therefore, we can feel why homeowners in the US select vinyl as their fencing option.

Certified Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a material that comes with a range of characteristics. The majority of vinyl fences are made from thin vinyl sheets, which causes the material to sag and weaken with time. However, Duramax makes fences and wall toppers out of thicker vinyl sheets that are more robust and resistant to breaking, drooping, and cracking. DuraResin vinyl is used to construct Duramax perimeter vinyl fences so they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Vinyl wall toppers that can stand the test of time are made from UV inhibitors and have more than 12 parts of titanium dioxide. perimeter vinyl fences by Duramax Fences are extremely strong, durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand the harsh heat from the southwest sun. The fences do not warp in heat or develop cracks during the cold months and do not fade over time. In addition, they do not get yellowish and can keep their color intact for the longest time without repainting.

Customized Fences

Harsh weather conditions might cause the fences to undergo wear and tear. But, Duramax Fences builds high-quality vinyl fences that are not damaged due to the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Duramax fences remain resistant to the scorching sun rays and heat. As a result, their vinyl fences are extremely durable and don’t deteriorate, rust, stain, or attract termites, ensuring longevity. For your property, you can opt for customized perimeter vinyl fencing by the Duramax vinyl fence manufacturer, as you can select the fence according to your taste and style. In addition, Duramax offers you various options since they are a top-notch vinyl fencing manufacturer. So, upgrade your home exactly how you want without worrying about your house’s security.

Eco-friendly Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is an eco-friendly material and does not react to any chemical ingredients or contain harmful components. The durable perimeter vinyl fences are fire-resistant. They do not turn yellowish over time. If any of your vinyl fence panels break, they can be recycled. They will not invite termites or bugs, even in damp weather. Duramax Fences is offering free samples on every purchase for a limited period. Contact Duramax today and claim this offer.


You and your family feel secure knowing the home has a perimeter fence. Working out some vibrant color combinations might produce the ideal décor for your home’s exterior if you can exercise. After purchasing a home, you can look online for the best vinyl fence from vinyl fencing manufacturers. In order to ensure a fence of the highest quality, it is crucial to purchase from a reputable US fencing manufacturer. At Duramax, we manufacture vinyl fences made from vinyl with a wooden look and feel; you can also order our elegant white picket fences that look majestic standing on your property. We manufacture vinyl perimeter fencing in the US, a substitute for metal fences. Perimeter vinyl fences look amazing, and compared to metal, vinyl is highly weather-resistant and does not require much maintenance. 

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Add a Touch of Sophistication to Your Yard with Duramax Vinyl Fences

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

Are you considering a home improvement project? For example, you can replace your old iron or wooden fences and install a new environment-friendly one. So, are you looking for an improved and unique solution? There are various types of fencing materials available on the market. But vinyl has the maximum benefits when compared to all other fencing materials.

Duramax produces custom vinyl fencing; our fences are strong and composed of the best vinyl available. Vinyl fences stand out from the competition because they have a refined touch. The majority of homeowners adore this home improvement addition. Connect with Duramax Fences, one of the top vinyl fencing manufacturers, if you are unfamiliar with vinyl fencing but are interested in it and considering installing one. The use of vinyl fencing is a very prevalent trend among homeowners.

Affordable custom vinyl fencing

Duramax Fences has been producing vinyl fencing solutions for a long time. Our vinyl fences are made entirely of virgin vinyl. We make a variety of fences, including privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, perimeter fencing, pool fences, rail ranches, and more. We are the experts in custom vinyl fencing in the United States; we design fences to your specifications. Vinyl fences are weatherproof and do not deteriorate with time. Furthermore, the fences last for many years without sustaining any damage.

Fences made of DuraResin formulation

Do you believe a vinyl fence can withstand all weather conditions? Vinyl fences can withstand the harsh southwest sun for an extended period of time. Under any conditions or pressure, the fences do not crack or fade. Duramax Fences are coated with the DuraResin vinyl formulation, which helps block out UVA and UVB rays. Our fences are made of high-quality materials and are manufactured using cutting-edge technology. Duramax fences are constructed with 12 parts of titanium dioxide and specific UV inhibitors, which contributes to UV stability and weatherability. In addition, the fences are tested for durability in a high-speed wind of 105 mph.

Order colorful fences or elegant white ones

Vinyl fences made by Duramax are vivid and colorful, which are great for enhancing the atmosphere on your property. Additionally, there is no need to repaint our fences. Vinyl fences are also resistant to pests and fading . How about putting in a white vinyl fence with a classy appearance? We create elegant white fences in a range of styles. Our fences elevate your yard’s style, luxury, and beauty. Our fences are easy to maintain and have a traditional feel.

Fences with a limited lifetime warranty

Duramax fences are hassle-free and inexpensive to install. Our fences have a robust routing system and a secure locking routing system. As a result, the fences are flawless, with no visible brackets or screws. In addition, our fences are run through a quality check to ensure that the fences that reach your doorstep are not defective.

This pandemic did hit badly; we understand the need to save money, and after you are all set, you can get in touch for an online consultation. Once installed, our vinyl fences would last for years, almost a lifetime. We have an easy-to-use website, making it easier to shop online. Get a limited warranty on our products. Now you can order online.

Invest in Custom Vinyl Fencing

A good fence can add security to your property and do more. If you want a fence that is designed to enhance the appearance of your property, purchase a custom vinyl fence. A perimeter fence can look out of place if you have a traditional home. Instead, a good picket fence would look more attractive and lend the old estate some sophistication. Making your fence unique is a terrific method to instantly improve the appearance of your entire property without much work. Duramax vinyl fence suppliers customize the fence line and ensure you get strong and durable fencing for your estate.

Customize your choice

There are plenty of vinyl fencing designs and styles to choose from, but you need to align the type with your property. For example, the top-quality vinyl fences are elegant and ideal for modern homes. On the other hand, the ancestral property would glow with Duragrain picket fences or a wall topper. The privacy fences are great for isolation, while semi-privacy fencing has the right blend of privacy, security, and beauty.

Try Duragrain fencing

When one talks about custom vinyl fencing, how can Duragrain fencing be missed? Duramax Fences, a custom vinyl fence manufacturer in the US, has developed a range of wood-grained fences that look like wood and feel the same. The only difference is that the fences have the cellular configuration of vinyl and are extremely durable, strong, and easy to maintain. The Duragrain fences have all the characteristics of vinyl but do not look like vinyl fences. The regal look of a Duragrain fence can make anyone stand in awe at the aesthetics of the place. If you want a wooden fence, invest in durable Duragrain fences that don’t rot, stain, attract termites, and are relatively low-maintenance. Rinsing the fence with a garden hose is enough to keep them in good condition for years.

Final words

Are you looking for a custom vinyl fence manufacturer? Choose Duramax Fences, and book a consultation to discuss your requirements with us. Order now to get a limited lifetime warranty on all our vinyl fences. You can also check the website for reviews and testimonials from many happy customers who love our fences. Duramax Fences is offering free samples with every purchase for a limited period. Claim yours today to test our vinyl product before buying the best-selling vinyl fence from us.

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Advantages to Reap When You Buy Vinyl Fencing

backyard vinyl fencing manufacturers

Vinyl fences are becoming a more popular choice among homeowners. They are free of toxic chemicals and have a long lifespan. In addition, you do not have to pay anyone to install a vinyl fence around your home. They also have numerous advantages. 

Vinyl was invented in the twentieth century, and the first vinyl fence was built in the 1980s. They have since become one of the most popular fencing materials. Vinyl fence supplies are available in a variety of colors and textures. They also come with a long warranty and can be easily recycled when no longer in use. 
There are many fence suppliers available online. You can easily contact them and get your vinyl fence installed. These fences have become a popular alternative to wood and iron fences. This is mainly due to their flexibility and affordability. Also, there are many more advantages to installing vinyl fences. Let us discuss them.

  • Strength: Vinyl fences are about 5 times stronger than wood fences. Thus, if you wish to destroy a vinyl fence, you must put in a lot more effort. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences can withstand exceptionally harsh weather conditions like wind storms and rain.
  • Will not erode: Vinyl fencing is the best option to use around seaside homes as it will not get corroded by coming in contact with saltwater. Besides, it is advisable to use the vinyl fence for pets as they will not be able to chew the fence or injure themselves if they run through it.
  • Easy to Maintain: You can keep your vinyl fence clean and sparkling by simply cleaning it with soap and water. Also, you will be free from the hassle of getting the fence repainted as the color does not wear off. Since it does not get rusted, there is no need to put on a primer. Besides, you need not worry about your fence rotting due to attacks from termites and insects.
  • Easy to install: You can easily install the vinyl fence. You must insert the rails into the posts and fasten these posts firmly to the ground. This does not take much time. Thus, you will not require any professional to do your work. A great DIY project, and your vinyl fence is ready.
  • Economical: Vinyl fencing is less expensive compared to wood and iron fence. You do not have to pay any extra cost other than buying the product from the vinyl fence suppliers.
  • Non-Toxic: No toxic chemicals are used to make vinyl fences. The vinyl is made using chlorine derived from salt and natural gas. Hence, you need not worry about polluting the environment.

With the benefits mentioned above, it can be said that the vinyl fence supplies are ideal for homeowners who wish to put a fence around their house and forget about taking care of them.

Why Choose Duramax Vinyl Fencing

Good fences protect your property and add aesthetic value to the dull and drab place. A customized fence instantly changes the ambiance and makes the yard more welcoming and serene. However, not all vinyl fencing manufacturers offer quality fences for protecting the yard. All fences are not durable, and some are fragile, lasting for only two years. Therefore, getting in touch with reputed and experienced vinyl fence manufacturers to install high-quality fences is essential. Durability is an essential element that makes vinyl fences unique. The highly durable fences have certain features that make them more robust. However, the manufacturers use their skill and expertise to get you custom-made fences that last for ten years or longer. Let’s find out the key features of quality fences and the manufacturing expertise to make the right choice.

DuraResin vinyl formulation – The vinyl fence manufacturers know that the sun is the greatest enemy of the fences. However, the waterproof fences don’t rot and are resistant to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, while weak vinyl fencing warps in the heat. High-quality vinyl fences made with DuraResin formulation have the highest-rated UV stability and don’t get ravaged by the sun. DuraResin fences do not warp in excess heat and can sustain the intense rays of the Southwest sun for a long duration without showing signs of dilapidation. The premium quality vinyl fences are resistant to stains and don’t fade. The vinyl fence doesn’t need whitewashing and can maintain its true shade for at least ten years or even longer.

Duramax Fences is also offering free samples for a limited time only. Order today to get your freebie.

Use of thicker vinyl sheets – Thick fences can last longer than thinner and weaker ones. Don’t invest your money in low-quality vinyl material. Instead, research and let the vinyl fencing manufacturers know that you need fences made with 100% virgin vinyl and thicker vinyl sheets. In the US, certain reputed manufacturers with years of experience and expertise use thicker vinyl sheets to provide you with customized fence panels. These thick fences don’t warp, sag, break or fall over time. Vinyl is a lightweight material, and thicker sheets would enhance durability and ensure greater strength and resilience.

Strong routing system – Vinyl fences have a strong routing system. The fence panels are interlocked, offering exceptional strength and resistance to external factors that might lead to fences breaking. Invisible hardware for vinyl fences makes them stronger and is more pet-friendly and great for families with small kids or four-legged domesticated animals.

Final Words

Are you looking for a non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant customized fence line for your property? Then opt for Duramax Fences. The premium fences have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and are recyclable too. 

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Beautiful Outdoor Area Increase the Value of Your Home

Vinyl Fencing

Have you been debating whether to make investments in your outdoor living space? Unmistakably, the answer is yes. The fact that it will raise the worth of your home is among the finest justifications for doing so. No matter how big your house is, we could use a little more room. A stunning outdoor living area might also influence a buyer’s decision to submit an offer while you’re trying to sell your house.

Here are some reasons why outdoor living space increase your home’s value:

  1. Landscaping is a long-term value: Even if you have no immediate plans to sell, landscaping has lasting value. An improved outdoor space will start working for you right away, and what’s better than a beautiful-looking fencing? Buy semi-privacy fencing in the hue and texture of your choice that will increase the value of your property over time, provided you maintain the new landscaping and exterior elements. The neighborhood as a whole benefits when a single home’s value increases. The value of the nearby houses also increases with it.
  2. Create the backyard of your dreams: You can create your outdoor space to express your individual interests and decor style, which is another strong incentive to upgrade them. There are countless options, from flowers to water features to fences to gazebos. Maybe it’s time to build the English cottage-style backyard with climbing roses and a vinyl gazebo you’ve always wanted. Maybe you want to highlight the Mediterranean-style design of your home with a custom vinyl patio and lots of bougainvilleas. There are countless design possibilities, and they all raise the value of your house. 
  3. Entertain friends and family: You’ll be more inclined to host gatherings for friends and family if you improve your outdoor areas. Why not host the festivities outside and enjoy the pleasant weather? When you upgrade your outdoor living space, you’ll use the yard more frequently all year. And as your yard will be well-secured with Duramax semi-privacy fencing, you need not worry about trespassing. The heat-resistant semi privacy fences made from 100% virgin vinyl are excellent for keeping intruders out. The vinyl fences are 5 times stronger than wooden ones and don’t rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. 
  4. Improve the aesthetics of your home exterior – The tell-tale signs of an old fence are warping, rotting, cracking, and breaking. It’s time to install a new fence if your current one exhibits deterioration or wear and tear symptoms. But have you decided on the type of fence you’ll put in? A picket fence, for instance, would look fine on a traditional-style home. The perimeter fence is perfect for a contemporary home. While a densely populated area could necessitate the purchase of semi-private fencing, this would allow you to keep good neighborly ties while ensuring a safe distance for maintaining your own private space. Due to its exceptional strength, resilience, and longevity, Duramax Fences are among the best on the market. Different colors, styles, and designs can be added to the lovely Duragrain fence. The fences are simple to maintain and watertight. Rinse with a garden hose or use a sponge to wipe the fence line.

Why Duramax?

Duramax Fences are extremely weather-resistant. They do not warp, crack, or break down when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also, the fences are extremely strong, durable, and capable of withstanding intense heat, cold, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms, as they are made with the DuraResin vinyl formulation. Furthermore, the heat-resistant semi-privacy fences from Duramax are made from 100% virgin vinyl, which keeps the trespassers away.

If you’re considering getting a new fence, spend your money on Duramax-only fencing that is strong and long-lasting. The barriers are made from thicker vinyl sheets. The high-grade vinyl makes sure that the fences are tougher and more durable than other common ones. Warping, sagging, and fence breaking are all problems that thicker vinyl solves. Additionally, Duramax fencing has no exterior hardware that could detract from its looks or weaken the fence over time. The high-quality fences’ robust routing system provides exceptional strength and resilience, which interlocks the fence panels with one another. Duramax Fences can withstand large strikes and severe impacts and are impact-resistant. Duramax Fences exceed ASTM standards and are considered one of the strongest and most durable among all others. Made from thicker vinyl sheets, the Duramax Fences don’t warp, sag, break, or crack easily. The beautiful fences should resist harsh weather, heat, and fire. The DuraResin vinyl formulation has over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors to ensure optimal resistance against the Southwest heat and the scorching sun’s rays. The waterproof vinyl fences have 105mph wind resistance and can withstand heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and any heavy blows. Vinyl fences don’t crack in the cold weather or warp in heat. Duramax Fences have the highest UV stability and exceptional weather resistance.

Final words

Are you still wondering if your outdoor living areas will boost the value of your house? Whatever your motivation for spending money on your outdoor living areas, rest assured that many renovation alternatives can assist raise the value of your house.

In reality, Duramax Fences sells vinyl fences, gates, patios, decks, gazebos, and deck covers. Whatever your aesthetic and functional objectives, we can assist you in achieving them—purchase semi-private fencing from a top US producer. A limited lifetime warranty is offered with Duramax Fences. The fences don’t turn yellow and are recyclable. The vinyl fences provide maintenance-free functionality for a lifetime. Schedule a free consultation today. Then ask Duramax’s professionals for a free estimate. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Contact Duramax today and avail this freebie.

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Level Up the Security for Your Family with Best Selling Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

Are you planning to increase home security for your family? Fencing is well-known for adding security while improving the look and feel of your property’s exterior. There are many types of fencing material and fence manufacturers, but one should be wise enough to analyze fences thoroughly before installing one. Fencing is an age-old home improvement solution, but it has been modernized now. Fences are very modern home accessories that can lift the look of your property. It has been a few years since vinyl fencing received a lot of popularity. Vinyl is an affordable choice that is being preferred by the majority of homeowners for several benefits. A USA made vinyl fence post-installation can last for almost 25-30 years without rigorous maintenance. These fences make your property look beautiful and provide an additional layer of security

Affordable and durable fences at your doorstep

Have you ever heard of a vinyl fence? If you’ve heard of vinyl, it’s because it has so many benefits. First, anyone would appreciate low-maintenance fences that stand out on the property’s exterior. Affordability is another critical factor that buyers must consider. Vinyl fences do not require routine maintenance, which saves money. Furthermore, vinyl is a durable solution that can last a lifetime once installed. Duramax is a well-known fence manufacturer with a factory in the United States, lowering costs. In addition, Duramax offers USA made vinyl fences that are 100 percent virgin and high quality.

Duramax is the best in the USA

Unfortunately, all vinyl fence panel manufacturers are not the same; the vinyl they use is not the same, nor is the quality and customer service they provide. Duramax manufactures the best vinyl fence in the United States, and you can find a large selection of fences online. We specialize in the production of perimeter fences, picket fences, pool fences, rail ranches, and other similar products. Duramax fences are extremely resistant and have an appealing appearance and feel. In addition, they are unaffected by extreme weather, heat, cold, impact, or high-speed wind.

Vinyl fences can endure all weather conditions

A vinyl fence panel from Duramax can withstand all weather conditions, especially from sunlight that most fencing materials cannot endure. All our fences can be exposed to the sunlight without deterioration. Duramax fences are manufactured to endure the Southwest sun. We use the unique and effective DuraResin formulation, which safeguards the fences from the harsh Southwest sun. The fences are 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This UV inhibitor offers immense UV stability and weather ability to the fences. 

Quality is the priority

Quality is an essential factor when it comes to shopping for Duramax fences. However, we do not compromise on quality; the vinyl sheets are thicker, and the fences have a durable routing system and a secure locking mechanism. In addition, all our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is relatively high compared to the industry standards. 

With the Duramax fence, do not fear the southwest sun

The sun in the southwest is scorching, and few fences can withstand it. Vinyl is such a material that can withstand extreme heat; the texture of the fences does not fade even after years of exposure to the sun. Duramax fences are designed for the Southwest sun. We use the exclusive DuraResin formulation, which provides excellent fence resistance. Our fences contain 12 parts of Titanium and UV inhibitors, providing strength to withstand all weather conditions and UV stability. Our fences can keep their luster even after months of use.

The most reliable fencing company

Duramax is one of the most reliable vinyl fence manufacturers offering various fences to suit your requirements. We manufacture vinyl picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, pool fences, rail ranches, etc. Our fences offer immense beautification as they are aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Colorful fences from Duramax

Duramax fences are available in varied colors, sizes, designs, and heights. Our fences are available in various vibrant colors, and the colors do not fade; therefore, our fences do not require repainting. Besides colorful fences, we also manufacture white color fences that can last for a lifetime without turning yellow. We have many customers reaching us for both colored and white fences. White fences are not new. They have existed since the 1960s but are now more modern and last longer.

White vinyl fences are aesthetic

A white fence looks extremely elegant and serene if installed outside the property. Our fences have a rich look and feel, adding a lot of luxury to your property. Duramax offers fences that have traditional beauty and can last for a lifetime. In addition, the fences are very affordable as they are made in the USA inside our factory. We have our manufacturing unit in the country, and there is a huge demand for vinyl fences. 

Durable and certified fences

Duramax fences can withstand high pressure; they are resistant to heat, cold weather, fire, and impact. The fences are tested by keeping them exposed to a high-speed wind blowing at 105 mph. Also, our fences are very easy to clean and do not require heavy maintenance. Wipe the fences or wash with a garden hose to remove the dirt and debris.

Hire a professional installer

Are you looking for a vinyl fence contractor? Hire a local expert, and they will gladly install a Duramax fence for you. Our fences have a lifetime warranty and provide traditional fencing with worry-free performance. In addition, all of the fences are ASTM F964 certified, a relatively high standard in the fencing industry. 

Final words

Are you looking for a vinyl fence panel? First, choose Duramax, and book a consultation to discuss your project with us. Then, order now and get a limited lifetime warranty on all our fences. You can see reviews and testimonials from many happy customers who love our fences. Duramax Fences is giving out free samples for a limited time. Claim yours today to test our product before you buy the best selling vinyl fence from us.

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Guide To Install The best selling vinyl fence Around The Perimeter Of Your Home

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

Some high-quality vinyl fences are expensive, discouraging property owners from purchasing them. However, remember that your vinyl fences must have certain characteristics to make them the best. For example, if you work out some vibrant color combinations, you can create the best exterior decoration for your home. A beautifully decorated best selling vinyl fence installed around your property can draw attention and make your home the talk of the town. After purchasing a home, look for the best selling vinyl fence from vinyl fencing manufacturers.

Choose the fencing material wisely

Vinyl fence panels have a lot of clouts because they stand tall outside your house. However, if your experience has taught you that fences do not last long and you are concerned about reinvestment, you should conduct adequate research on fencing materials. Vinyl fences now top the fencing materials list due to numerous advantages others do not have.

There are many other fencing options, but when it comes to durability, nothing beats vinyl fencing. The primary requirement is security, so something as durable as vinyl is required. A vinyl fence manufacturer may provide installation but at an additional cost. However, if you enjoy DIY projects, you can easily install them.

The concept of fencing originated with the need to demarcate a property, but more recently, homeowners are looking to install a fence for security reasons. You would like to live safely at home with your loved ones. It is made of strong materials and is difficult to break into. When you speak with homeowners with vinyl fences installed, the majority will tell you there is no need to be concerned about a burglary or even simple trespassing. 

Made from 100% virgin vinyl

You should look for a reputable manufacturer now that you’re interested in vinyl fences. Vinyl fences are not the same because they vary depending on the fencing company. Duramax Fences has a good reputation because we have been providing fencing solutions for a long time, and our customers are very happy with what we provide. All of our fences are made of high-quality vinyl, 100% virgin vinyl with no adulteration. If you decide to do online research, you can find us there too because we rank at the top of search engines. 

Fences that are unaffected by climatic conditions

Duramax fences can beat the heat while most cannot. They are not affected by the scorching Southwest sun. We have a manufacturing and research team that spends more time fine-tuning their knowledge and trying to implement modern technology. We use the remarkably effective DuraResin formulation, which entirely safeguards the fences. The fences are made with over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors that offer UV stability and weatherability. 

No worries about maintaining vinyl fences

It is ideal for you if you are trying to eliminate the chore. Vinyl fences do not require much upkeep. To clean the fences, use a light detergent or wipe them down. A clean fence means a happy face. It does not need to be cleaned regularly. The surface of a vinyl fence is extremely smooth, ensuring that no dust or debris can easily settle on it. Perhaps the need to maintain the fence is already on your mind. However, we would like to point out that you have very little to worry about with this type of fencing. A simple rinse with a garden hose is enough to keep the fences shining like new.

It gives out beauty and style

Custom vinyl fencing themes are well-known for adding beauty and style to your home’s exteriors. The advantages are even greater, considering that this fencing style will ensure complete privacy. Outsiders will never have access to your personal life. You can see that this fencing may have been installed for property demarcation, but there are additional benefits to reap in the long run. As a result, homeowners choose vinyl as a fencing theme.

Certified Vinyl Fences

Most vinyl fences are made from thinner vinyl sheets, which causes the material to sag and break down. But, Duramax uses thicker vinyl sheets to create fences and wall toppers that are more durable and resistant to sagging and breaking. Duramax best selling vinyl fences are constructed using the DuraResin vinyl formulation to withstand harsh weather conditions. Strong vinyl wall toppers made from more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors can withstand the test of time. The most popular vinyl fences from Duramax are extremely strong, durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand the harsh heat of the southwest sun. The wall toppers do not warp in hot weather or crack in cold weather. They do not fade over time or get yellowish and can keep their color intact for the longest time without repainting.

Sturdy Customized Fences

Harsh weather conditions can cause fences to deteriorate. Duramax manufactures high-quality vinyl fences that are not harmed by the DuraResin formulation. Furthermore, more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors ensure that the fences remain heat and sun-resistant. As a result, the fences are long-lasting and do not rot, rust, stain, or attract termites. You can get customized vinyl fences for your home because you can choose the fence based on your taste and style. They may offer you various options when buying from a top-notch vinyl fencing manufacturer. So, do your home exactly how you want without worrying about your house’s security.

Eco-friendly Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is an eco-friendly material that does not react to chemical ingredients or contains harmful components. Vinyl fencing is fire-resistant and does not turn yellow over time. If any of your vinyl fence panels break, you can recycle them easily. Get flat 25% off on your shipping charges. Plus, you can get an extra 5% off your total cart order. In addition, all buyers can avail of Duramax Fences deals.

Limited time Summer Deal

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Benefits of Getting Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

Buy Vinyl Fence

Perimeter security has existed for as long as there has been property to protect. A perimeter delineates a property boundary and is typically distinct from the main building outline or footprint. A wall, fence, hedge gate, or other perimeter marking provides a clearly defined boundary. It serves as the first line of defense against any trespassing while also beautifying your house exterior.

What is perimeter security?

Throughout history, securing the perimeter of your house consisted of walls, barriers, and trenches. The more valuable your property is or the higher the building occupier’s social standing, the larger and more complex the security would have been. Its purpose is not only to serve as a defense against attack but also to express power and dominance. As the menace of attack from adversaries diminished in more recent history, the requirement for massive and stronger perimeter security was replaced with more modest walls and fences.

With the invention of the burglar cum intruder alarm in modern times, western society has dramatically shifted away from perimeter security and internal building security. Instead, domestic and commercial property owners have relied on electronics to secure their buildings internally, which has reduced property owners’ and residents’ reliance on perimeter security over time. However, regardless of the effectiveness of the equipment, internal electronic security operates on the validation that a trespasser is inside your building or disturbing the building’s windows, doors, and any other entry points. In addition, doors and windows must frequently be broken or opened before the alarm will sound.

Why choose vinyl perimeter fencing?

Duramax vinyl perimeter fences are the most durable fences made in the United States from high-quality thicker vinyl sheets. Wooden fences rot in a year, and metal fences rust easily. Only vinyl fences are long-lasting and maintain their appearance. Unless the fencing is intentionally damaged, good-quality vinyl fences do not require repairing or replacement. The special DuraResin formulation of Duramax vinyl fences ensures that the fences are more weather resistant and can withstand torment. Because of their high UV resistance it is ideal for surviving the scorching heat of the Southwest Sun’s sun rays. Vinyl fencing is also weather resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl fencing does not require any external brackets or unsightly screws to be installed. For increased strength and durability, the fence has an excellent routing system with interlocking fence panels. One of the best features of a vinyl fence made in the USA is that it is completely waterproof and will not rot even if it rains heavily or comes into contact with water. Duramax vinyl fences are made of 100 percent virgin vinyl, which means they will not rot, fade, break, crack, or delaminate easily.


The ASTM certification applies to exterior polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles used for agricultural, commercial, and residential fencing and railing. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds in a single homogeneous extrusion, or two PVC compounds coextrusion in different layers are the only materials used in the fences’ external profiles. The materials must go through dimensional tolerances, extrusion quality, and weatherability tests to meet the physical property standards. Impact resistance, dimensional stability, warp, and impact testing on weathered specimens are among the ASTM methods for exterior testing. Duramax, a well-known vinyl fence manufacturer, creates fences from high-quality vinyl. They go through several processes to maintain their quality. ASTM certification is one of them. Apart from installation fees, Duramax fencing requires no maintenance other than cleaning. 


Duramax vinyl fences are long-lasting because the vinyl walls are thick, and the installation procedure is flawless. Vinyl fences are extremely durable in any situation. They will not rot, blister, or allow the fungus to grow, and you will not have to worry about the vinyl perimeter fence cracking due to weather or age. Even extreme heat, cold, strong winds, storms, and heavy rain will not be able to breach these weather-resistant barriers. Furthermore, vinyl fences are fire-resistant and pest-proof. The type of vinyl being applied is very thick. Thicker vinyl sheets are ideal for making the vinyl fence panels last longer, even for decades or a lifetime. We ensure that the fence panels remain durable for a long period without getting exposed to major damage. The fences are buried in the ground. So you do not have to worry about the fence being uprooted. The fences may bend slightly during a storm, but they will return to their original position once the wind stops.

Gorgeous looking exterior

Although the primary function of a fence is to provide a barrier, it is not a sin to admit that an attractive barrier that complements the surrounding structures would be preferable. Vinyl fences are available in white, tan, and gray colors and do not require painting. Furthermore, vinyl fence manufacturers provide a variety of styles with matching decorative caps. Duramax vinyl fencing also comes in a simulated wood grain look known as DuraGrain vinyl fencing. It has the appearance of wood without the additional maintenance costs.

Fences are tested before it reaches the customers

Duramax vinyl perimeter fences are quality certified and ideal for withstanding high-pressure situations. As they are heat and impact resistant, Duramax vinyl fences are high in demand by homeowners in the USA. If you still have any doubt regarding any of our products or service, you are always welcome to give us a call or drop in at our physical location in Montebello.


Do you want to improve the security of your property? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are a professional fence manufacturer available to assist you as needed. Our experts have extensive knowledge of fence manufacturing, and we guarantee to build stable structures that will easily last at least a couple of decades. In addition, you can now test Duramax Fences products before you buy any fencing of your choice and need. Yes, Duramax is giving out free samples for a limited period. Claim yours today.

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Buy Certified 3 Rail Ranch Fence from Duramax Fences


Rail ranch fences are becoming more and more popular because plenty of customers rely on this kind of fence for their farms or horse stables. People look for quality and style when buying a vinyl fence, and Duramax fences have both. You can choose rail ranch fences with 2 rails, 3 rails, and 4 rails. Duramax fences are made from the highest quality virgin vinyl, affordable, and easy to maintain. There are many fencing materials, but a vinyl fence has gained immense popularity due to its numerous advantages. 

Why should you buy a 3 rail ranch fence?

Rail ranch fences are subjected to harsh weather conditions. Therefore you should expect them to last a long time. You have, however, made an investment in a fencing solution, and you do not want it to go for naught. Duramax makes high-quality vinyl fences with a variety of rail options, including 2, 3, and 4 rails. Duramax fences are composed of 100 percent virgin vinyl of the highest quality. The 3 rail ranch fences are inexpensive and long-lasting; vinyl can work wonders. Style, craftsmanship, and longevity are all present in these fences. Our fences can make your home stand out while also providing much-needed security. We make certain that our fences are contemporary in appearance and feel. Many customers who have pet horses in the stable choose to install these fences. 

Choose a colored or white vinyl fence:

Fences increase security while also changing the look and feel of the area where they are installed. If you have a small farm or a stable, surround it with a rail ranch fence. Duramax creates fences with unique color combinations; colorful fences stand out. Vinyl fences do not fade or discolor over time. Repainting is not necessary; once colored, the fences can last a lifetime. If you’re looking for colored fences, look no further than the Duramax collection. Duramax sells 3 rail ranch fences. Colorful fences to make your yard look vibrant and beautiful. You don’t have to be concerned about the fences fading or discoloration. As a result, you will not have to invest any recurring funds in repainting. Our fences can be customized, and once installed, they can last for a year without any maintenance. In addition to colored fences, we manufacture white fences that are extremely elegant, pretty, and aesthetic. White fences are stunning. Our fences are not affected by environmental factors; white fences remain super white and do not turn yellowish.

ASTM certified fences from Duramax

Our customers and product quality are our top priorities at Duramax. We never cut corners on quality; all of our fences are ASTM F964 approved and thoroughly inspected for quality and performance before being delivered to clients. Our fences contain a durable locking mechanism and a powerful routing system. There are no extra screws or brackets that could detract from the appearance of the fences. Our fences can withstand extreme heat, cold weather, wind, and storms.

Low maintenance fences – simple cleaning

Duramax fences are low maintenance, so you do not have to worry about regular maintenance when you invest in Duramax fences. Our fences require extremely little care and do not need to be cleaned regularly. Wash the dirt and debris off the fences, and they will stay clean and shiny. Our customers rave about how simple cleaning is and how much they like doing it with their families and children on weekends. In addition, the surface of the fences is very smooth, so it does not attract too much dirt. With vinyl fences, you won’t have to worry about routine maintenance. Ours is a low-maintenance option; vinyl fences do not need to be cleaned frequently, and dirt and debris can be washed away with a garden hose. Clients have shared photos of their fence cleaning sessions with us, and they have enjoyed them. We’re delighted that our fences may make you smile.

Duramax vinyl fences do not care about the southwest sun

Only a vinyl fence can withstand the scorching sun of the southwest. Duramax fences are designed for the southwest sun, and we employ a proprietary DuraResin formulation to withstand the strong heat of the sun. The fences are made up of 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors to provide maximum UV stability and hold up to all weather conditions. Our fences are also resistant to freezing temperatures, wind, and storms. We investigated whether the fences could withstand a severe wind of 105 miles per hour. The majority of the clients want to invest in certified fences. This certification is quite important. The fences are ASTM F964 approved. Thus Duramax lives up to the hype. Vinyl fences don’t rot, crack and are not infected by termites, and are easy to maintain. Vinyl fences, once installed, can last for a lifetime. 

Get a limited lifetime warranty

Duramax Fences offer premium rail ranch fences; our fences provide a lifetime performance and traditional look. If you ask us about the popularity, we would say that most of our clients prefer installing a 3 rail ranch fence. In addition, all our fences are made in the USA; this ensures our fences are extremely affordable. 

High-performance vinyl fences

We never compromise quality. Our vinyl is thick and has a robust routing system. The locks are very firm, and we also offer our clients a custom routing system. In addition, you will not require any brackets or screws so that the look of your vinyl fences is not hampered. If you are looking for rail ranch fences from Duramax Fences, we suggest installing a 3 rail ranch fence. Our fences are loved for their traditional look and lifelong performance. Order factory direct fences. We ship within 3-4 days and get a limited lifetime warranty. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples for a limited period. Claim yours today and test our product before buying.

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Heighten Your Boundary Wall With Duramax Wall Topper to Increase Privacy


We all enjoy spending time outside, enjoying our yards, and taking advantage of the sun and warmer weather. However, there comes the point when your typical wall may not provide enough privacy from neighbors, passing cars, and others who have come outside to enjoy the sun. Don’t worry. A complete renovation of your wall is not required. Instead, you can solve this problem and increase yard privacy by using wall toppers.

Is your yard private?

Adding height to your fence or block wall is the best way to create privacy in your yard. A typical wall or fence is only 6 feet tall, which means anyone taller than that, anyone with a higher vantage point or anyone who is in any way above that mark can still see and be seen. This also means that if you have an elevated deck in your backyard, for example, those below the 6-foot mark will be able to see you because you are now above that mark.

So, what can be done? Installing a taller fence or re-building your wall is always an option, but it is expensive and time-consuming. If you already have a perfectly good vinyl fence in place, wasteful. The best and easiest one is to have a vinyl wall topper installed on your existing vinyl fence. So, what is a topper? This short wall topper is added to the top of your existing wall topper to give it more height without removing the old wall topper and replacing it with another. 

Heightening your wall

Wall toppers are an excellent way to increase the height of your wall topper without having to completely reinstall it or spend a lot of money on a new wall topper. Many of these toppers are made of vinyl, which means they will be extremely durable and long-lasting, and you can paint them to match your existing fencing. Vinyl wall topper toppers are an excellent way to obtain a taller wall without worrying about how you will afford an entirely new wall topper. Vinyl toppers are quick, efficient, and attractive, and they can help you quickly improve the overall privacy in your yard so that you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbors or passersby seeing you. At the same time, you relax in your outdoor area. The right toppers can blend in with or complement your existing wall topper and significantly improve privacy in your backyard. 

Low maintenance and certified vinyl wall toppers

Duramax manufactures various types of vinyl fencing, including picket wall toppers, pool wall toppers, privacy, semi-privacy wall toppers, perimeter fencing, rail ranches, and more. Our wall toppers are manufactured with care, do not compromise quality, and all our products are ASTM F964 certified. Duramax boasts of offering vinyl wall toppers that demand very low maintenance. The wall toppers take only a little time to clean. You can use a hose to wash them off the wall toppers. We are the leaders offering the best quality vinyl wall topper in the USA. 

12 parts of Titanium Dioxide do all the magic

Are you worried that the southwest sun would severely affect the wall toppers as it used to happen with any other fencing? There is no need to worry because our vinyl wall toppers are manufactured using the DuraResin formulation to endure the intense southwest sun. The wall toppers are composed of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which give the wall toppers a lot of UV stability, durability, and wall toppers to stand strong in all weather conditions. In addition, the wall toppers are impact-resistant, can withstand a lot of heat, are fire-resistant, and can withstand high pressure, cold, wind, hail, and other climatic and external conditions. 

Certified and customizable wall toppers

All vinyl wall toppers are surely not the same; they all depend on the quality, which again relies directly on the manufacturer. Our wall toppers are durable and made from 100% virgin vinyl sheets. Duramax does not compromise quality and offers ASTM F964 certified wall toppers checked for quality assurance before delivery. Our wall toppers are also easily customizable; this is why clients love us. Duramax wall toppers are available in textures, types, designs, colors, and shapes. Our wall toppers look very attractive and vibrant and do not fade away due to climatic conditions, mainly due to sunlight. The wall toppers do not need repainting, which means no repainting costs or hassle. Even after years of installation, your wall toppers would look new; vinyl is not affected by weather conditions. 

100% virgin vinyl sheets – Quality assurance

Were you looking for low-maintenance wall toppers? Your search comes to an end at Duramax. Simply washing the wall toppers to take off the dust is sufficient, and your wall toppers will remain clean. Our wall toppers are made from 100% virgin vinyl. We use high-quality vinyl sheets. The wall toppers have an excellent routing system and a secure locking system.

Colorful wall toppers can add to the value of your property

Many clients look for colorful wall toppers but fear that the color could fade away. Duramax assures our colorful wall toppers won’t lose their color and brightness. Many clients invest in our colorful wall toppers as they look vibrant and appealing. But if you love white, we don’t mind because we have a whole range of white color vinyl wall toppers that look amazing. Do not worry because your white wall toppers will not become yellow with time. Vinyl wall toppers do not lose color due to external factors; your wall topper would look new even after years of installation. 

Non-toxic vinyl wall toppers – Order now

Duramax vinyl wall toppers, once installed, can last for a lifetime, pretty many years. In addition, our wall toppers are free from lead or any toxic elements. Therefore its environment-friendly and 100% recyclable. Currently, Duramax Fences is offering free samples. Claim yours today.

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