Here’s Why Vinyl Fences Are Ideal for Hot Weather Climates

Do you want to know the best fence material to withstand hot temperatures and sun? Then keep reading and find out.

A wide variety of fence materials are available on the market. Fences can be made from wood, vinyl, chain link, or wrought iron. Now, this begs the question, what is the best fence material that can withstand the summer season? It is no secret that hot weather can have a detrimental effect on a fence.

A fence subjected to the sun 365 days a year will deteriorate quickly. In summer, the temperature can get extremely high. However, vinyl is the ideal fence material, amongst others. So, when you are on the market to buy affordable vinyl fencing, the fence you choose should be made from a material that can withstand this extremely hot weather. Choosing 100% virgin vinyl fences is ideal as they don’t warp, break or crack.

However, if you are still skeptical, we will help you zero in on the fence materials that can hold up best during brutally humid conditions.

Elements in a fence material that are paramount to combat hot weather

The fence material should have some basic elements to tackle the steamy summer season. The elements or factors are:

  • During the summer, the fence material should not get so hot that it might become a safety risk if anyone touches it.
  • The fence material should be such that the summer rain does not affect the fence.
  • Moreover, the fence material should only expand a little during summer.

Duramax’s vinyl fences tick all the boxes

Duramax’s state-of-the-art vinyl fences are the right way to go when you are looking for a fence material that can withstand the scorching heat of the summer season. Here, we have mentioned some reasons that make our vinyl fences the most sought-after today.

  • Our vinyl fences are designed to be non-resistant to temperature changes. What that means is that our vinyl fences will hardly expand during the summer season or contract during the winter season. The expansion of a fence is always damaging to them. So, our vinyl fences can be great material in such hot climates. Made with a DuraResin vinyl formulation, our fences can withstand the scorching southwest sun without fading and warping.
  • If you plan to buy affordable vinyl fencing and something long-lasting, you know we are the ones you should approach. Our fences can last 30 years or longer without needing professional repairs or maintenance.
  • Vinyl is not a natural material. Rather, it’s a man-made material. Being a manufactured material, it has no downsides that natural materials bring to the table. This means vinyl fences are rot-free and will not easily sag, break, or be discolored.
  • As previously mentioned, a fence must not get too hot in summer. Our vinyl fences do not conduct heat, making theman attractive proposition. Even if the temperature is extremely hot, our fences will only feel warm from the outside. Thus, you can rest assured that people around the fence will be safe.
  • Compared to other fence materials like wood, our fences only require little maintenance. Just wash the vinyl fence with a garden hose, and it’s good enough to serve you for years.
  • Unlike wooden picket fences, our vinyl fences are impervious to weather. The elements can be severely detrimental to the woods, but vinyl will maintain its pristine look for years.
  • When wood is not given proper maintenance or when it is not treated, it can suffer from cracking, splintering, and warping. There is no such case with vinyl fences.
  • Our vinyl fences will bring out the beauty of the outdoor landscape. With other fences, what happens is that the lustrous experience you had during the initial installation of the fence gradually starts to fade away. But that is not the case with our vinyl fences. These fences are made from a 100% raw virgin PVC material that won’t fade or chalk over time, even in the most intense heat conditions.
  • When you buy affordable vinyl fencing from Duramax, you can get them in any personalized look you want. We offer a wide range of colors and styles so you can pick one that matches your outdoor aesthetic in the best way possible.
  • On tremendously hot summer days, you may witness that most fences can start buckling. The rails would gradually start warping, and the overall structure of the fence gradually could start weakening. Then eventually it can get to a point where the fence can’t support its own weight. Our vinyl fences will never buckle or warp though. You might feel that the scorching summer heat might wear down the fence, but it will always stand straight and be secure. When you buy affordable vinyl fencing from Duramax, you get longevity like none other.
  • Our vinyl fences are virtually untraversable to pests. Many of the pests have little to no interest in this material. The low porosity of our fences, the same quality that safeguards vinyl from humidity, keeps pests away from making homes inside the fence. The fences’ strength makes it virtually impossible for the pests to build their homes.

Final Take:

So, you see, these were some of the many reasons why Duramax’s vinyl fences are the ideal material for hot weather climates and some other reasons that advocate in its favor. We offer various vinyl fence colors and designs to cater to every taste. Explore our website to take a glimpse at the amazing vinyl fence designs, and pick one that suits your needs and preferences best. Then, get in touch with Duramax to buy affordable vinyl fencing today and take the security of your home to the next level. One thing that we can promise is that you won’t be disappointed with any of our products. Request a quote now.

Tips to Buy Affordable Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl has turned out to be one of the most versatile materials when it comes to designing fences. However, it is important to keep in mind that buying vinyl fences should not turn out to be a haphazard purchase. It is because your new fence will influence the look of your property, checkbook, and future.

Therefore, before you buy affordable vinyl fencing, do not forget to compare the other available options. But, if you are new to vinyl fencing, you might not know the tips for buying vinyl fences. Vinyl holds up quite well, and the maintenance hassle is almost zero. Therefore, before you commit a mistake, here are a few tips you need to consider.

Things to look for while buying vinyl fences

Although you will come across various manufacturers offering affordable vinyl fence, choosing a quality option is necessary. When looking for vinyl fences, there are certain qualities and features which need to be considered.

Affordable price

Nothing is more important than buying an affordable fencing option within your budget. However, it is better to be aware of extremely low prices and deals that look too good to be true. Low cost is only possible if the build quality of the fences is not up to the mark. After all, you get what you have paid for.

Enough wall thickness

When you buy affordable vinyl fencing, you need to check the wall thickness of the panels. If the fence you bought is thin, it might not be good quality. It also means that the company you chose to buy the fence is not using enough materials, resulting in lowering the fence’s strength.

Interior reinforcement

If you want durability and sturdiness, buy affordable vinyl fencing having interior reinforcement. For example, pickets or interior ribbing is a good feature. Alternatively, if your fence has galvanized steel reinforcement, especially in the bottom rails, it will help the fence to stand straight in harsh weather conditions.

Secure and fortified design

Looks can be deceiving. Therefore, when buying a vinyl fence, do not forget to ask the manufacturer about the fence ingredients. For example, ensure that the fence you plan to buy is made of virgin vinyl, stabilizers, and UV inhibitors. Also, it should be a professional grade. These are a few vital ingredients that you must look for if you buy affordable vinyl fencing.


A new fence will look as good as new for a few months. However, if something happens you will require a warranty to cover the repair charges. Therefore, when buying a fence, ensure that the company you chose offers a warranty on its products.

A reputed manufacturer

Before purchasing an expensive product, do not forget to check the review of the manufacturer. Check for how long they have been doing business, whether they offer great and reliable service, etc. Besides, do not forget to check whether you can easily contact them or not.

Hassle-free installation

Do you want to buy affordable vinyl fencing and install it yourself? First, search for a fencing system that is easy to install. Luckily, vinyl is one such material, which is easy to work with compared to other materials like wood and steel. In addition, hiring installation experts will reduce installation charges even if you don’t want to install it yourself.

Designs and colors

Designs and colors are important tips that you must focus on while buying vinyl fences. Check the designs, sizes, and colors available. You can choose a fence based on the look of your backyard. Go for a timeless style that will complement your backyard.

Therefore, these are a few tips to keep in mind when buying vinyl fencing for your property.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Convert to Vinyl Fencing Today

One of the most important decisions to make when remodeling a home is the type of fencing to install. Homeowners generally want something low-maintenance and long-lasting. Duramax excels at producing vinyl fencing designed for the extreme heat of the United States. Vinyl distinguishes itself from wood or iron because it is more resistant to weather and maintains its appearance with little effort.

Less maintenance and expenditure – A wood fence needs to be painted and can rot or have termites. This recurring maintenance can be expensive upkeep that will happen consistently. Iron can also rust and look outdated after a few years. Choosing wood or iron can eventually decrease property value or require expensive renovation sooner than necessary. On the other hand, vinyl will stay looking new for years. The only maintenance that may be needed is spraying the fence down with a hose. To keep it clean, you can wash the fencing with a garden hose once every two weeks.

UV inhibitors – Not all fences are manufactured equally. Duramax doesn’t take shortcuts when supplying the highest quality resin to extrude vinyl that won’t yellow overtime. As a result, not all vinyl fences are strong enough to resist heat. Most vinyl fences warp in heat and fall over. Buy affordable vinyl fencing from Duramax made with the DuraResin formulation. More than 12 parts titanium dioxide and active UV inhibitors are combined to create weather-resistant fences. These vinyl fences can resist the sweltering heat from the Southwest and Northwest sun and have the best rating for UV stability. Even after being exposed to heat for many years, Duramax fences do not deform. The weather-resistant fences are sturdy, durable, and resistant to severe rainfall, thunderstorms, and other weather-related events. They are waterproof and have passed a wind test of 105 mph.

More durable than others

Do you know why Duramax vinyl fencing manufacturers claim to provide you with the most durable fences? The fence line is manufactured with thicker vinyl sheets from 100% virgin vinyl. The thicker vinyl is more durable and resilient, so the fences don’t warp, sag, break or develop cracks easily. Duramax fences are extremely durable as no external hardware gets used in the manufacturing process. The Duramax fences don’t have unsightly screws or external brackets. The fences have a seamless appearance with a strong routing system and interlocked fence panels holding the fencefirmly together. Get the fence line manufactured from Duramax vinyl fence manufacturers if durability is on your list.

Aesthetically pleasing – An elegant vinyl fence will improve the aesthetic and property value. An apt example wouldbe the white vinyl fencing that combines functionality with modern design. Every home has a different situation, and Duramax accommodates them all. Custom vinyl fencing solutions are available from our team of professionals that can ensure your project has all the right material. Fencing types range from pool fencing  to perimeter fencing, white fences, semi-privacy fencing, and privacy fences. 

Good for your pets – There are plenty of options to choose from when selecting your fencing material. However, if you’re installing a fencing or wall topper to heighten your wall and contain your big dog, you must be more careful about your chosen material. Most large dog breeds are strong and wouldn’t have difficulty getting through a low-quality fence, even if made from durable materials. The best material to use for large dogs would be vinyl. A fence made from high-quality vinyl would be the best option because it is resistant to scratching and chewing. Duramax Fences manufacture their vinyl fences from high-quality pure virgin vinyl. Currently, they are offering free samples of their product. You can contact them to claim yours. Many large dog breeds are surprisingly good climbers, but only if they get good footholds. A chain link fence is bad because your dog will not have difficulty climbing over it. On the other hand, panel fences, or vinyl fences, are ideal because they don’t provide your dog any footholds, which means their only option for escaping the barrier would be jumping. But, providing you’ve built the fence high enough or have installed wall toppers for that extra height, this will not be a problem.

Customization: Buy affordable vinyl fencing for different parts of your property; they are available in colors, heights, and sizes. Fences from Duramax are designed to meet your aesthetic standards, and they’re just as useful as they are attractive. For example, our white vinyl fences are very popular and elegant, and many people install them near the pool area and other places around the property. We have our manufacturing unit where our fences are manufactured with care and do not fail to meet the standards. All our fences are quality-tested. We also produce fashionable fences and wall toppers in addition to fences. We have a team that can assist you in selecting the best fence for your property and walk you through the selection process. You can select the type of fences you want to install from Duramax, and we also provide our clients with custom vinyl fencing options. Please speak with our specialists; we have an incredible, one-of-a-kind solution for you. Additionally, you can readily invest because our vinyl fences are very inexpensive. Duramax fences are renowned for raising property values and enhancing the landscape. We guarantee that you will receive the fencing option of your choosing. When it comes to Duramax, we are a brand that you can trust to maintain quality. If you are looking for one of the biggest vinyl fence manufacturers, choose Duramax, a brand that has existed for decades.


Are you interested in a vinyl fence? Contact our team for vinyl fencing solutions or visit our website. Duramax Fences is the US’s top vinyl fence manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing high-quality fences for decades and offering a limited lifetime warranty with all their vinyl product purchases.

Vinyl Fencing Tips For Pet Owners

As a dog owner, you need an attractive fence that keeps your dog safe and happy in your yard. Vinyl fencing is a better option. Vinyl is durable and well-suited for pet fencing, but it requires almost no maintenance, making it pet-owner friendly.

Here are a few ideas for using a vinyl fence to keep your dog comfortable and safe while outside in your yard.

Manage the view

Dogs’ stress responses to stimuli outside the fence can vary, so you should be familiar with your dog’s nature and how they respond to stimuli from outside your yard.

Solid Panel Fencing

Vinyl fencing is available in designs similar to wooden fences, which means that you can choose between the solid panel and open picket fences. A solid fence panel is a good option if you have a dog who barks or becomes stressed when seeing a stranger. Unlike wood panels, vinyl fence panels typically do not have gaps, so your dog will not see anything on the other side of the fencing that could stress them out. 

Fence With a View

On the other hand, some dogs become more stressed when they hear someone on the other side of the fence but cannot see them. Open pickets or a fence with a view like semi-privacy fencing can solve the problem in this case. 

Height Solutions

When you know how high your dog can jump, you can opt for a tall enough fence to prevent them from getting over the top. However, a height extension may not be possible in areas with fence height restrictions. In this case, select a vinyl fence with a separate top panel that can be set at a 45-degree angle to tilt inward over the yard. This slanted panel makes it difficult for dogs to jump over. Because many dogs are skilled at evading the fence and escaping the yard, you may need to modify your fencing to meet this challenge.

Anti-Climb Options

Some dogs can climb and pull themselves up over tall fences. So first, opt for a solid panel fence with no horizontal supports to prevent this. Fortunately, many vinyl fences are designed in this manner. Second, invest in roll bars for the top of the fence. The bars are nearly invisible outside of the yard, but they roll when your dog tries to pull themselves over the top of the fence. The rolling will gently drop them back into the yard.

Stop them from digging out

If you don’t have a jumper, your dog may be a digger attempting to get underneath the fence instead. Buy affordable vinyl fences that can be adapted to meet this challenge. A bottom barrier may be able to solve the problem. vinyl provides a more secure barrier than wood, which a dog may chew through to create an escape route. Your main concern is that your dog may dig into the ground beneath the fence. To reduce digging, bury metal mesh along the fence or install concrete curbing beneath the fence. One benefit of vinyl is that the fencing can extend to the ground, unlike wood which can rot if it touches damp earth.

Landscaping solutions

If your dog attempts to chew the vinyl fence, you can block the pup from accessing the region through careful landscaping. Any vinyl fence can handle close plant growth without any rot or maintenance concerns, setting vinyl apart from wood. A row of low, dense bushes may be all you need to discourage your dog from bothering the fence line.

Duramax Fences benefits

Most vinyl fences claim to be durable, but it’s always not the case. Some vinyl fences are more long-lasting than others. To manufacture high-quality fences, Duramax manufacturers use thick vinyl sheets and 100% pure virgin vinyl. These fences are strong and don’t warp, crack, break or sag under duress. While other manufacturers use external brackets and unsightly screws, Duramax provides sturdy fences with a strong routing system and interlocked panels that hold the fence line together. If you plan to buy affordable vinyl fencing, then come to Duramax for fences that last for more than ten years without repairing, repainting, replacing, or investing in other fencing treatments for longevity. The affordable vinyl fences don’t need repainting and don’t turn yellowish. These fences look new for a long time and won’t stain, rot or attract termites. Currently, Duramax Fences is also offering free samples. Claim yours to test the product before deciding which design to buy.

Vinyl fences from Duramax Fences are extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. It’s because of the vinyl formulation in DuraResin. UV inhibitors containing more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide make the fences exceptionally strong and durable. These fences are resistant to the harsh rays of the Southwest and Northwest Sun and will not crack, warp, break, or sag. Furthermore, the waterproof fences have passed a 105mph wind test and can withstand heavy rainfall, ice storms, thunderstorms, etc. Duramax fences have the highest UV stability and weather resistance ratings, making them the most popular fencing option among Americans.

Customized fences

Vinyl fences are preferable for most people as they can be customized in various designs, styles, and colors. Some want decorative picket fences, while privacy fences are also a sought-after choice. What sets Duramax apart from others is the DuraGain fencing. The wood-grained fence has the visual aesthetics of real wood but the cellular structure of virgin vinyl. The fencing looks and feels like wood but is as durable, waterproof, low-maintenance, and termite-resistance as vinyl. Duragrain fences offer a lifetime of carefree performance and look regal. 

Final Words 

Are you looking for a high-quality vinyl fence to guard your property? Then, invest in Duramax fences for enhanced durability, strength, and easy-to-maintain features. Duramax is also offering free samples now. Get yours today.

Get a quote now for our customized fences.

Advantages of Vinyl Perimeter Fencing From Duramax

Trespassers will always be drawn to a property with adjacent land, and they may approach the living space with ill intent. If there is undeveloped land near your home, the key will be to erect a fence around it. This way, you can keep intruders out of your living space. As you consider fencing themes to separate your property from the street, the best option is to buy affordable vinyl fencing from a reputed fence manufacturer like Duramax Fences in the USA.

Duramax strong vinyl fence panels

If you are looking for fencing material in the United States today, vinyl is the most popular. Individual homeowners and commercial properties are both looking to buy vinyl perimeter fencing. Vinyl fences come with several advantages to offer. The advantage they offer makes them superior to the other fencing alternatives available in the market. Our vinyl fences last longer, and they are stronger and more attractive than the other options. So what say, would you like to go for them? You have time to decide, but first, go through the benefits of using our vinyl fences.

Now, you can get a free sample of Duramax Fences for a limited time. So avail your freebie and enjoy it while you decide on the design and type of vinyl fencing you want to buy.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other varieties of fences available in the market, our fences can be easily maintained. They do not require repainting or staining and manage to look brand new even after several years of installation and use. The only thing you need to do to keep our fences in prime condition is occasional clean-up with water and soap. Our fences do not rust, mold, mildew, discolor, or stain. Therefore, they do not require any maintenance to keep them looking new as the day when they were first installed.

Low Cost

Vinyl fence comes as a boon for the buyers on a tight fence-buying budget. Yes, you heard it right! Despite being of superior quality and easy to maintain, our vinyl fences are reasonably priced. Of course, they might be a bit more expensive than wooden fences, but they do not require any maintenance for years to go. So, this automatically helps the user save a huge amount of money.

Do not require repairs

Also, vinyl fences do not require many repairs and can easily last for more than 20 years. So, as a homeowner, there is no need for you to worry about putting in your money in replacing the fences very often. So, if you want your property to stand out in the neighborhood, but without spending much, you must go for Duramax’s vinyl fences. They will give you services worth the money spent. Additionally, if a vinyl fence panel gets damaged due to any extreme adverse situation, you can always replace that particular fence panel without affecting the rest of the fence.

Get a quote today.

10 Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Are you thinking of installing vinyl fencing on your property? Then, you need to know several facts regarding vinyl fences. Vinyl fences are some of the best on the market, incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and fairly easy to maintain, making them a great purchase if you don’t already have one.

Vinyl Fences Can Last More a decade

If appropriately cared for, your vinyl fence can last up to 20 to 25 years. Most vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty as the product is built to last. Vinyl is made from ethylene and chlorine. Combining these two elements creates a highly durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin.

Strength & Durability

A vinyl fence that has been correctly installed will last a lifetime. Vinyl fencing is 5 times stronger than wood, is flexible and durable, and can weather heavy winds and rain. Have you ever driven around your neighborhood after a big storm and noticed wooden fences that have collapsed? With vinyl fencing, this will not be the case. The boards, poles, and accessories will not blister, peel, corrode, or decay since the vinyl does not absorb moisture. Vinyl fencing is simply the ideal material for a Canadian home or any home that suffers a lot of inclement weather. Most premium vinyl fencing manufacturers offer a pre-assembled gate for additional strength and security. These gates are reinforced with steel sides to maintain their shape and provide additional durability in demanding physical conditions.

Vinyl Fencing is Environmentally Sound

Most people associate artificial materials with environmental harm, but that’s not true of vinyl. Unlike most plastics, vinyl comes from more natural sources. Ethylene is found in natural gas and crude oil, and chlorine is found in everyday salt. In addition, vinyl is a recyclable material. Unlike many plastic materials, vinyl is not treated with harsh and unsafe chemicals. As vinyl is recyclable, it is not treated or coated with such chemicals to safeguard the surrounding environment. Moreover, since the vinyl fence is made from natural materials, intense chemicals are not needed for protection, durability, or other reasons.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike wood or chain link fence, vinyl needs no additional painting or staining to maintain its original beauty and color. If your fence ever falls prey to graffiti or stains, most stains will easily come off with some soap & water, household cleaners, and a little cleaning with a garden hose. Your fence won’t turn yellow or green like a wood fence, and it won’t need pressure washing like other traditional fence materials. It is simply the best low-maintenance option.

Impervious to Pests – 

As vinyl is highly durable, it can stand up to pests found in your yard. Unlike wooden fencing, insects cannot burrow or scratch through tough vinyl fencing. This feature is one of the most important factors which makes vinyl fencing last so long.

Weather-resistant – 

Wooden and iron fences cannot last long in any climate. If you’re near the ocean or in a location that often rains, wooden fences will rot and become warped. On the other hand, iron fences can rust up and become irreparable. In dry areas, the harsh sun and winds can cause wooden ones to become dry and discolored and iron fences to get scratched and blanched. Vinyl fencing, however, does not have any of these problems. Neither dry nor moist weather will ruin or even affect the vinyl fencing even in the slightest. The strong plastic makes it water-resistant and allows dust to be easily cleaned off without leaving stains or scratches.

Easy Cleaning-

Vinyl fencing is incredibly easy to maintain. For most cases, warm water, a washcloth, and some soap are enough to get a dusty, dirty fence looking new again. Adding some bleach or tar remover to your routine can do the magic for tougher stains. For best results, maintain cleaning your vinyl fence with a garden hose once every fortnight.

Quality assured – 

The most common type of vinyl is virgin vinyl, which is the type that is developed and used the most. It is extruded from virgin resin and is made of PVC, polypropylene, nylon, and polythene. Recycled vinyl is created from recycled plastics and is usually inferior to virgin vinyl.

Vinyl Fences Self-Extinguish –

Did you know that vinyl fences can burn? Most vinyl fences have a flashpoint of 900 degrees Fahrenheit—and they don’t easily ignite. It would burn if you were to hold a flame to your vinyl fence. However, once you take the flame away, a vinyl fence will self-extinguish itself. This is great news for evening barbecues, fireworks, and other fire-related mishaps! If it is exposed to extreme heat, vinyl fencing will not burn but melt, lowering the risk of prolonged fire.

It Looks Nice

It maintains its clean, polished appearance over time, adding flair to your home and increasing its value. When attempting to sell your home, a solid, high-quality fence improves both the curb appeal and the whole bottom line. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles and colors. You might choose a color that complements your home’s trim if you’re adding a fence for privacy. If you want your fence to be decorative, you can use a combination of color and design to achieve your goal.

As you can see, vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for your home. Not only does it look great, but it reduces your carbon footprint extensively, is super easy to take care of, and the vinyl fence won’t succumb to the usual issues of climate and pests. If you already have vinyl fences, you are lucky to save on your yearly fencing maintenance costs. If you’re still thinking of installing vinyl fencing of your own, then consult with vinyl fence experts.

Book your consultation call today.

Affordable Vinyl Fencing – The Best Option To Demarcate A Piece Of Land

Install a vinyl fence panel this winter. Duramax fences are weather-resistant, waterproof and durable. Request a quote.

When buying a real estate property, one can treat it as an investment or even for basic residential purposes. However, if you are buying a home with adjacent land, there is a need to set aside money for fencing needs. A piece of land, if left without a boundary wall, can always invite trouble in multiple ways. There is a scope of disputes arising with the adjacent property owner. As you speak to homeowners without fencing around their property, they will speak about many hassles. It would be best if you had a fence around the home, and in case the budget is a concern, one can explore affordable vinyl fencing options from top vinyl fencing manufacturers of the USA.

Vinyl serves the basic needs of a fence

There are today more reasons for you to plan for a fence. As you check out in the market, one will come across fence varieties of wood and aluminium. All three versions, wood, vinyl, and aluminum, cater to the needs of property demarcation. However, despite that, we would suggest only vinyl fencing. One must note that the need for fencing is now being felt for plenty more reasons. Today, home security is a big reason people order fences, and vinyl is always the perfect material for use here. The experts point out that vinyl is at least four times tougher than wood. You would be eager to install a durable fence, which is tough to break in. Hence, we can say that vinyl caters to just this concern.

The privacy aspect

It can be hugely uncomfortable if your private life is discussed in the public domain or you find people peeping into your home. If your home does not have a fence, there is always a scope of trespassing because the neighbor has a clear view of the living space. It is the presence of a vinyl privacy fence, which can prevent this menace. You can maintain your privacy once you have such specialized fences installed around the home.

It is a long term fencing solution

The use of vinyl is a long-term fencing solution for the property. As you check out the installation quotes for high-quality vinyl fencing, it might just be a tag higher, but there are plenty of benefits to gain. We have already discussed the durability or strength of vinyl as a fencing material. Of late, the manufacturers of vinyl fences include plenty of ingredients, which prevent decay even in cases of extreme weather. It is hardly a surprise that plenty of manufacturers of vinyl fences these days are offering lifetime warranties. Vinyl fences require very little maintenance, and one need not have to spend hours behind them.

Certified Vinyl Fences Of Duramax

Duramax fences are ASTM F964 tested and are impact-resistant or heat resistant. In addition, our fences have the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today. When buying from Duramax, one need not worry about maintenance costs. You can easily clean the vinyl fence panels with a hose. The Duramax fences can last up to 20-25 years without much maintenance.

Go through our vinyl fencing and select a style from them. To talk to our fence experts, book a free consultation call.