Mathew installed Duramax privacy fence panels around his property

Mathew wanted some more privacy around his new property while discussing with his friends he got the idea of installing a privacy fence. Apart from a fence, he also thought of adding some other accessories to his property to enjoy ultimate privacy. While looking for fences, he was researching the internet for various options. He finally decided to install a vinyl fence and started searching for vinyl fence companies.

He was interested in Duramax fences, Mathew wanted to have a consultation with the fencing company. He reached us because he wanted to know more about the benefits of vinyl fencing before he invested. Our privacy fences are very easy to install; the pricing is affordable. We have so many clients choosing this range of fence from Duramax.

Choose privacy fences or the semi-privacy fences:

We told Mathew about the privacy fence panels, they are very high, which could hinder the outside world’s sight, and the sun might not come in. We have seen that few of our customers did not want to install a full-privacy fence because they might feel claustrophobic. For them, we have semi-privacy fences that are not so tall but area capable of offering the right kind of privacy. Mathew, after seeing both our products, finally got interested in the semi-privacy range. He was happy that he would get some sunshine and fresh air but can enjoy his privacy.

The fences are resistant to heat, fire, impact, and freezing temperatures. We assured Mathew that our fences could stand the strongest wind; they are tested for durability at 105-mph wind speed. Our fences are manufactured from thicker sheets of high-quality vinyl. The fences have a secure routing system and a sturdy locking mechanism. Our fences are certified; all of our products exceed the ASTM F964 standards. Our Duramax fences are checked for quality before they are delivered to the market.

Our fences can withstand the Southwest sun:

Mathew wanted to know about the sun’s effects on the fences as his property faces the sun almost all day. A lot of clients have this same query because sun damages fences. But our vinyl fences remain unaffected by the Southwest sun. The unique blend of DuraResin formulation helps the fences to endure the heat. The manufacturers use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors so that the fences can stand against all harsh weather conditions.

Mathew – The happy client: 

After installation, Mr. Mathew shared images with us; he was delighted with the overall product. He wrote to us, “My family and I love this semi-privacy concept. The fences were installed in no time, and I must mention the superb affordability”. We love to hear customer feedback like this.

Duramax fences are made in the USA:

We have a new and improved version of our website now so it is easy to view the products and finally placing the order. Now you can buy fences at the comfort of your home. All our fences are made in the USA, inside our manufacturing unit. The products are environment-friendly and come with a lifetime warranty. We are among the most reputed local fence companies in the USA.

Please place your order now; you will be happy installing our fences.

Ron made his yard more private by installing semi-privacy fence panels from Duramax

Ron’s primary requirement was to install a privacy fence around his yard. He called Duramax because he was interested in installing vinyl fences as he has heard about a few of its advantages. Privacy fences are installed to make your property more secure and offer seclusion. Many these days are interested in enclosing their property by installing privacy fence panels.


We started enlightening Ron about our products, the privacy fences are very high, and you might not see the sky or get air. We could say that our privacy fences are popular, but our semi-privacy fences are even more accessible. We showed him how the semi-privacy fences work, and Ron was so impressed by the mechanism. He immediately shifted his priority and decided to get a solid semi-privacy vinyl fence. These fences are high, offer the much-needed security but also help you get some fresh air and see the blue skyline. You do not feel all so stuck up inside yet get ample privacy. If you require privacy, which is even more than this, then you can always order our privacy fences.


Now Ron was thinking pretty deeply whether the Southwest sun would cause damage to the fences. We get a call from many interested customers who are worried about the same thing. Duramax fences endure the heat of the Southwest sun. We use the DuraResin formulation so that the fences can sustain the intensity of high heat. These fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and essential UV inhibitors, and this helps the fences to withstand all types of turbulent weather conditions.


After installing a semi-privacy fence from Duramax, Ron was enjoying the privacy, he could also see the sky and feel the air coming in, while sitting in the yard. The fences are available in different colors; we also have different designs that you can choose. Ron installed a colorful fence since he has kids at home; they would find it interesting. Now that he has a new fence, it has increased the value of his property. But do you know that we also manufacture white fences and these are very popular among homeowners? We have so many customers who order white fences; these are elegant and have immense aesthetic appeal.  


Ron thanked us for the durable fences. He said,” Thank you, Duramax, for offering the right kind of super durable fences. We are enjoying the right kind of privacy.” The fences are manufactured from thick vinyl sheets having a robust routing system and adequate locking mechanism. The fences are heat and fire-resistant; it’s also resistant to impact and does not crack in cold temperature. The fences can also stand tall unaffected during storms; it is wind-tested at 105 mph. Quality is a crucial factor; the products exceed the ASTM F964 standards, which is the maximum when compared to other fences from other manufacturers. We check all our products before delivering them to the market. 


The products are made in the USA, environment-friendly, and we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products. Duramax is well-regarded among local fence companies in the western USA. Order your fence online now.


Understanding the Vinyl Fencing Industry and Foreseeing its Future through an industry leader’s perspective—Vram Ohanesian, CFO of Duramax

We asked Vram Ohanesian the CFO of Duramax, a leading manufacturer of building products, where he sees the vinyl industry growing. “I really see it becoming more and more as a normal use product taking more and more market share from wood. It is actually, in my opinion more environmentally friendly because once you install it you don’t have to go back and use stains, or any other tarnishes, or backers to maintain it. I really think is going to take over more and more in most divisions in housing.”

Vram also claims that there are distinct differences between different manufacturers of vinyl fencing based on quality of materials being used and specific quality control checks the manufacturers undergo. As time goes on more and more competitors will be joining the market and options will become unlimited. However, the main players in the game, such as Duramax, are not intimidated. If you’re wondering what sets Duramax apart, it is really the quality of the product that they produce. Duramax adheres to the highest ASTM standards. All of their formulations are created in house to meet stringent requirements of the South West. Duramax is extremely careful about the materials that they use in their products, they are currently using virgin materials to produce their products. Duramax strongly believes they are the best supplier out there for vinyl fencing with a large selection of product offerings. “We are the best ready to service this growing market”, (Vram Ohanesian).

Furthermore, we asked Vram what he thinks are the benefits of Vinyl as opposed to other fencing choices. The ultimate benefit of vinyl is based on the longevity or lifetime of the product. How well will the product react to nature? Whether it be high or extremely low temperature. Unlike other materials, Vinyl fencing will not deteriorate or need replacing. Vinyl does not need to be maintained to the extent of wood or other materials and therefore proves to be a true lifetime product and solution.

Simona Shared the Benefits That She Was Enjoying after Installing Duramax’s Privacy Fence Panels

Fences installed around the property give security, privacy and improves the look and feel of the surrounding. Till now, people have been using fences made of various materials but now due to the use of vinyl, those have taken a backseat. Enclosing your property gives a deep sense of security and apart from this privacy fence panels have a lot of other benefits too.

Simona, called Duramax for a vinyl privacy fencing solution because privacy was her primary requirement. Since she was living very close to the busy street, she wanted seclusion. She was looking for a high complete privacy fence so that she gets ample privacy. But a high fence can block the view so you might not be comfortable with one like Simona, so you can shift your priorities and install a semi-privacy fence as well. While she was sharing her experience she thanked the team because now she can relax and feels so good after getting rid of the noisy neighborhood.

She was worried whether her fences would last long being exposed to the Southwest sun; we assured her that it would be almost a lifetime solution. The fences are manufactured with DuraResin formulation keeping in mind the high heat of the Southwest sun. The fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, thus the products have maximum UV stability and the ability to withstand all weather conditions.

Now that she has installed a fence around her property, it has increased the aesthetic appeal of her property. Our privacy fences come in an array of colors and designs so you have so many options to pick from so that the fences match the style of your home. And a good fencing actually increases the value of a property and now the customer is so contended.  

Simona was looking for durable and sturdy fences, we assured her that our privacy fences are made from thicker vinyl that uses a very strong routing system and proper locking. Vinyl fences do not rot, show no signs of wearing, any termite infestation or stains. You never have to repaint our fences and this saves cost and time.The products are heat, fire, cold and impact resistant and go beyond the ASTM F964 standards.

Perhaps Simona discovered one of the essential benefits of vinyl fences, its shelter and protection. She shared with us that after installing she faced two storms and she was amazed at how the fences could deflect quite a considerable amount of rain and wind which could otherwise damage her house. Yes, our fences are 105 mph wind test passed and free from any lead. Also, like any other fencing, a privacy fence could also protect the property from trespassers like buglers and thrives.

The products are made in the USA, can be recycled so advantageous for the environment and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Finally, there are various reasons why customers choose to install privacy fence panels.

Duramax is very popular among local fence companies in the western USA. Please visit our new website, take a look at the variety of fences and order online.

Install privacy fence panels from Duramax and enjoy complete seclusion – Let your neighbors envy you

Fencing is mainly installed to protect, seclude and to improve the look and feel of the property. There are different types of fences like pool fences, privacy fences, semi-private, white fences, vinyl picket fences and a lot more. If fencing is on your mind, look for a reputed contractor. There are local fence companies but among them you can choose Duramax.  Can you believe that Duramax has been offering fencing solutions for more than a decade, customizing fencing requirements for the clients?

Now that fencing has become a common factor, a lot of customers are interested in initiating their project. If privacy is what you are looking for, investing in vinyl privacy fence panels. The privacy fences are manufactured to offer optimum privacy and you can avail these fences within your budget. These fences are made from durable and high quality vinyl which is formulated to stand the heat of the Southwest Sun. When you install these privacy fences that have a lot of curb appeal, you can be assured that you are entirely excluded from your immediate neighborhood. At Duramax, you get privacy fences of different measurements so that it’s easier to choose and install. When you wish to shield your property, nothing else but privacy fences can serve the purpose. Now, if you are thinking why you should choose vinyl, you must know that wooden privacy fences will wear out within a few years, your purpose won’t be served unless you reinvest.

Privacy fence panels are completely different from other fencing mainly in terms of design. The build ensures that there is a barrier between your property and your neighbor’s. These fences are usually 4-8 feet in height, have solid infill which means minimal gaps between the slats. If you wish to make your fences attractive, you can add decorations that match with your backyard décor. For some visibility there is a crisscross material at the top of the fence but that does not cause any distraction. At Duramax we have a team to do the installation and we ensure that our fences would maximize privacy.

Not only privacy fence but all our products are durable, made of thick vinyl and the routing system is very sturdy and locks with every member. You do not need brackets or screws due to the smooth locking mechanism. There is no fear of rotting, termite infestation, wearing and staining. To make your fencing project interesting Duramax designs fences that come in interesting colors.

Once you install vinyl fences, it’s for a lifetime and you do not even have to worry about your fences turning yellow. When you install vinyl fences, there is no need to maintain regularly. Vinyl fences are easy to clean, you can wash off with a hose. The fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards which mean quality is something that is a priority. All the products are impact, heat and fire resistant, also recyclable and made in the USA. Upon buying Duramax fences you are entitled to lifetime limited warranty on all the products.

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