Installing a traditional vinyl fence around your property – Install beautiful Duramax fences

Are you planning to install a new fence around your yard that will remain new for many years? Wooden and metal fences are a good choice, but they do not stand the test of time. Vinyl fences were introduced into the market when homeowners were desperately looking for a long-term solution. Vinyl is a durable material with resistant properties and other advantages that other fencing materials do not possess. This material is heavily used for home improvement that includes making beautiful fences. It could be worth mentioning that vinyl fences require a higher upfront investment. The good news is that you will be saving money in the long run. 

High-quality traditional fences 

Are you looking for a traditional vinyl fence for your front yard or backyard? Quality is the driving factor when you are selecting a vinyl fence. Fencing is a popular solution in the USA; homeowners prefer installing a beautiful fence around their property. Various companies manufacture vinyl fences in the USA. Please do your research well while settling for a company. Go over the internet and various social media platforms to read reviews. Duramax is one of the renowned fence manufacturers in the USA, designing fences for 20 years and more. We are renowned for offering premium fences within an affordable price range. 

ASTM-certified vinyl fences

Our fences include scallop, privacy, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, ranch rails, and more. Vinyl fences are available in different styles, types and color shades. They are made from 100% virgin vinyl so the fences have durability and strength. The fences are waterproof and do not attract mold and bacteria. Our products are shipped with a quality seal, and they are ASTM certified. Duramax manufactures beautiful fences that offer a carefree performance. Vinyl is a synthetic material, and the fences offer longevity and have an impressive appearance; the material does not crack, chip, blister, or peel. Advancement in technology has resulted in introducing tougher fencing materials. You do not have to worry about external conditions because the fences have higher resistivity. Vinyl fences are resistant to the hot sun, snowfall, pressure, impact, and high-speed wind. 

Installing a fence of your favorite color

Did you decide on the color of the traditional vinyl fence you are planning to install? Duramax fences are available in an array of colors. You can choose the shade according to your preference, or we have experts to suggest. You can install an elegant white vinyl fence in your yard, which would be worth envying. A white vinyl fence from Duramax will never turn yellowish. Our fences do not require repainting. 

Easy maintenance and installation

Traditional fences with a modern touch make a style statement. The fences have a solid routing system and have no visible screws. Vinyl fences require extremely low maintenance; a simple dusting or washing occasionally is enough. A vinyl fence can last for almost 20-25 years without any serious maintenance. Installing a vinyl fence is a simple and inexpensive process. Hire a local contractor for a successful and same-day installation. 

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Duramax’s USA-made traditional vinyl fence is an alternative to wooden fences

Want a traditional vinyl fence? Come to Duramax. Our Duragrain white vinyl fence is a great alternative to wooden fencing. Request a quote now.

The wooden fence around your property looks dull and has been infested by termites? Consider disposing of the old fence and explore the alternatives to wooden fencing. Fences are installed around the property. Therefore, they are exposed to the scorching sun, snowfall, rains and other weather conditions. There could be a fencing material that helps the fences to endure more than they can. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic-based waterproof material that is used to manufacture different types of fences. There are plenty of advantages of a USA-made traditional vinyl fence. Today, we will discuss a few pros of vinyl fences and how it has become a popular choice in the USA. 

Explore the DuraGrain range of fences 

We understand that there are clients who love the wooden appeal. However, they are confused as they are fond of wooden fences but find them difficult to maintain. We have introduced the DuraGrain range of vinyl fences that have a wood-like look and a similar finish. The fences look completely akin to wooden ones but have the advantages of vinyl. We have received massive responses from this range. These fences do not require extra care upon installation like anti-termite, repainting, wiping, cleaning, and more. You do not have to bear the cost and pain of uninstalling your favorite fence. 

Choose a white fence or a colorful one 

A vinyl fence around your yard is like a fairy tale. A white vinyl fence adds elegance like no other. The colorful fences have their charm when installed outside. Fences of interesting shades make your property stand out. White is generally a high-maintenance color, but you can be sure that the white will not turn yellowish with time when you install a vinyl fence. Apart from this, the colorful fences do not fade or require repainting. 

Why trust Duramax fence? 

Duramax has manufactured traditional vinyl fences for the last 20-25 years. We have many clients who have trusted our product and have utmost satisfaction. Cost is a big factor worth mentioning because vinyl fences cost a little more than wood or metal ones. You spend a once in purchasing and installing a vinyl fence which is a long-term investment. Duramax’s fences would last anything for a minimum of 20-25 years without expensive maintenance or repairs. The fences are made in the USA and do not contain toxic elements. The fences are waterproof, simple to clean and require low maintenance. The fence panels are ASTM-certified and the quality is checked before they are shipped to your site. Duramax fences are safe, free from toxic composition, and can be recycled. 

Shop online for traditional vinyl fence

Choose a custom vinyl fence, and you can have our experts help you. Shop for vinyl fences online at our user-friendly website. You do not have to visit the store for products or consultation. We would ship the desirable fence to your location, and then you can have a fence contractor install it within a few hours. You can install a traditional vinyl fence yourself and save more cost. 

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Why take interest in a white vinyl fence from Duramax in the USA – Discover the various advantages

The white vinyl fence is durable and fade-resistant. Duramax offers a traditional vinyl fence that’s customized to suit your purpose. Get a quote now.

Most homes in the USA are equipped with a decent fence that looks as good as new for years. Vinyl fences have been a boon to the homeowners, and now the vinyl fence industry is booming. A lot of companies are manufacturing vinyl fences to meet the demands of the property owners. Vinyl is a rigid material that is being heavily used for home improvement. It is time that you choose a vinyl fence in case you still haven’t. This blog will help you overcome the challenges that buyers face while choosing a traditional white vinyl fence company. 

On what basis would you choose a fence manufacturer? 

Quality is the driving factor while choosing a fence. A renowned company like Duramax is operating for more than 20-25 years, offering perfect fencing solutions. Go over the internet and various social media platforms to read reviews. A traditional vinyl fence is beautiful and offers carefree performance. We offer various fence styles, including scallop, privacy, semi-privacy, perimeter, picket, classic, ranch rails and more. Our products are shipped with a quality seal and they are ASTM certified. Duramax is renowned for manufacturing fences made from 100% pure vinyl. 

No more fearing the intense sun

Most homeowners who are planning to get a new long-lasting fence complain of the scorching Southwest sun. The sunlight during the summers is extremely scorching which gradually affects fences made from any other material other than vinyl. Unfortunately, not all vinyl fences have similar resistivity. Duramax fences are made of the Duraresin formulation, and the fences gain resistivity. The Duramax fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which offer maximum UV stability and weather ability. 

The fences remain unaffected by moisture 

The monsoon is damp, and homeowners are again worried about mold and mildew. But Duramax fences are water-resistant, which prevents moisture from seeping into the fences. The products go a long way compared to any other fence materials like wood or metal. Apart from that, vinyl fences are resistant to pressure, impact and high-speed wind. 

A white vinyl fence stands tall like a diva

Duramax fences are available in various styles, textures, colors, and styles. Choose a shade that stands out and is a perfect match with the rest of your property. We have noticed an increase in the sale of colorful fences. But we also have plenty of clients who are extremely satisfied with installing a white vinyl fence. White fences usually lose their white color and get a yellowish tinge within a few years. A white vinyl fence from Duramax will never turn yellowish. This is a very big advantage for the homeowners as it avoids excessive cleaning and maintenance. 

Easy breezy maintenance and installation

Vinyl fences are easy to maintain because they have a smooth, flawless surface that does not attract micro-organisms and impurities. They do not get dirty easily, and this calls for occasional washing down or wiping. Washing a fence made from any other material is risky, while vinyl fences can be washed down without worrying about moisture absorption. Duramax follows a simple and inexpensive installation process. Hire a local contractor for a successful and same-day installation. 

Final words

Traditional fences with a modern touch can still make a style statement. Explore our online inventory and order a vinyl fence.