Here’s Why Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels Might Be a Boon for You

Vinyl privacy fence panels

Since time immemorial, fences have been widely used to protect people from wild animals and to protect gardens from outsiders as well. Thus, they can be said to be a great security tool. US homeowners, especially from rural and suburban areas, have considered Duramax Fencesvinyl privacy fence panels an essential part of their home. Urban citizens are no exception, and in urban areas, fences are often seen in properties with ample space. So, it can be safely said that fencing has now grown to become an integral part of home renovation or construction needs.

But here is a catch. Many people are often faced with the dilemma as to which fence material they should opt for and which would be the best fit for their property. Here, we will be taking a look at what makes Duramax vinyl fences a good option for all your home requirements. So, let’s start.

The Good Ones

Vinyl Fences Stay White: Our vinyl fences will never turn yellow and are fade-resistant. Thus, they can retain their white color for many years. White privacy vinyl fences can offer a rustic finish to your entire property. Moreover, our vinyl fences do not call for a lot of maintenance and can be cleaned easily with mild detergent and water.

Vinyl Fences Stay Strong: Our vinyl fences are much stronger than wooden fences in more ways than one. Wooden fences absorb moisture and thus allow the growth and multiplication of mold and mildew, which can destroy them from the inside. These fences also dry and chip over time, thereby hindering their structural integrity. On the other hand, our supremely engineered vinyl fences are 100% waterproof and thus do not allow moisture seepage inside them.

Vinyl fences are Flexible: One of the most important things to be considered while choosing a fence material is its flexibility quotient. The proprietary DuraResin vinyl formulation ascertains that our fences can hold up against harsh weather conditions, especially in the intense southwest sun, and ensures a longevity of 25 to 30 years. Also, the smooth, seamless surface ensures no animals get hurt or injured if they accidentally run into the fences. This becomes especially important if you have pets on your property. Our vinyl privacy fence panels have exceptional flexibility, making it the one to go for animal owners.

Vinyl Fences Look Exquisite: Vinyl is a fencing material that allows fence manufacturers to innovate and experiment with unique styles. Besides boosting the security of your property, our vinyl privacy fence panels can augment your landscape like none other. If you want to sell your property after some years, keep in mind that the fences will create the first impression in the minds of potential buyers. The good thing about our fences is that you can customize them to suit your tastes and preferences in the best way possible.

Vinyl Fences Are Economical: Vinyl fences are a lot cheaper when compared to their contemporaries. The upfront cost might seem to be a bit higher. However, the fact there is no maintenance cost involved balances out the cost in the long term. You can also ask for a free quotation for our fences before placing your order.

Vinyl Fences are Easy to Install: We offer vinyl fences as DIY kits that can be installed effortlessly. This not only saves you the labor cost but can be installed in no time as well.

Vinyl Fences Boost Privacy: Our vinyl privacy fence panels are so designed that there are not many gaps between the panels. You can reduce the space between the two panels. This ensures the highest degree of privacy in your property, making vinyl privacy fences the right way to go.

A Wide Array of Fence Designs and Styles: You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to vinyl fence styling options. You can opt for our vertical or horizontal privacy fence, our ranch rail fence, or even our traditional white picket fence. Whether you want to create a perimeter around your property or fence your pool or yard, we offer different fence styles to cater to your purposes in the best way possible.

Final Take:

So, you see, the aforementioned factors clearly advocate the fact as to what made our fences take the US by storm over the last few years. If you are looking for ways to boost privacy around your property, Duramax Fences’ vinyl privacy fence panels might just be the thing for you. The good thing is that we offer our fences at factory-direct rates, making them much more affordable. The experts here will address all your queries and doubts in the best way possible. Book a free consultation now.

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Fencing?

Best Vinyl Fence Panel

Do you have a dilapidating fence or an unfenced yard that needs security? If you plan to convert the yard into a private space, now is the perfect time to consider installing a fence. While there are several fencing options in the market, vinyl is the most popular choice among residents who are interested in low-maintenance and durable fences. Wood, iron, and chain-link fences are very common, but nothing supersedes the durability of vinyl. Duramax Fences come in various colors, designs, and styles – from lattice top to pasture; a vinyl fence design caters to the preferences of one and all.

Duramax vinyl fences made from 100% virgin vinyl ensures maximum strength, durability, and UV resistance. Our vinyl fences are 5x times stronger than wood and 4x times more flexible. Even better, our range of customized vinyl fences is backed with a limited lifetime warranty, and this is transferable to the next property owner if you plan to sell the estate. This means vinyl fences are a great investment to protect your space and increase property valuation.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Duramax vinyl fences and how our fence products stand apart from other ordinary ones:

Our fences can withstand weather extremities

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of vinyl fences is that they are long-lasting and strong. Vinyl fences are weather resistant and heavy-duty – perfect for places that are susceptible to heavy rainfall and high winds. Our fences have passed a wind test of 105 mph and can stand tall for years without breaking, cracking, warping, or sagging. Our fences are resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and fading. You will never find Duramax Fences warping in summers or cracking in winters. Our vinyl fences have looked great for years and can stand the test of time.

Vinyl fences need little maintenance 

You need to stain or paint the wooden fence every now and then. However, such is not the case when you invest in a vinyl fence. Duramax vinyl fences are virtually maintenance-free, don’t require staining or regular painting, and are resistant to pests. However, you should occasionally use a mild detergent or hose it down if you wish to keep the vinyl fence looking pristine and new for years. A soft scrub or baking soda can work wonders for tough stains on the surface of the fence.

Vinyl fences are cost-effective

The vinyl fence might initially look like a costly investment, but it’s a long-term asset. Wood and chain link fences are much cheaper than vinyl but are high maintenance and not as durable. You need to stain the wood fence every three years; even the highest quality wooden fence would need to be replaced after ten years. On the other hand, a vinyl fence can last 25 to 30 years without needing repainting, staining, or extensive professional maintenance. Therefore, we can confidently claim that a vinyl fence is much cheaper than a wood or chain-link fence in the long run.

Are vinyl fences graffiti-proof?

While vinyl fences are not classified as graffiti-proof, they are easy to clean, and most paint can be removed with minimum effort. If paint or stain is stubborn, then the specific pieces and parts of the fence get replaced rather than you having to purchase an entire section of fencing.

Choose variety of vinyl fences from Duramax

Duramax vinyl fences come in various styles and colors, and it’s easy to choose a design that fits your personal style and enhances the property’s appeal. Whether you want something modern or traditional with a sleek design, vinyl fencing is the best option that can work wonders for increasing curb appeal.

Vinyl lattice top to enhance the beauty

Consider vinyl lattice top fences to decorate the property’s perimeter. This style is a huge favorite amongst homeowners who desire to maintain privacy while ensuring sophistication. The biggest advantage of this lattice fence top is that it enhances the property’s aesthetic value. These fences are extremely durable as the lattice top is locked directly inside the post to enhance the strength. While the lattice top works well with a solid privacy fence, you can combine the lattice with a semi-privacy vinyl fence for open air and more wind movement.

Vinyl pasture rail fencing – Ensuring lasting durability

Whether you name it a field fence, spilled-rail fence, or cattle fence – the vinyl pasture rail fence provides a tranquil style that can make your property feel like home. This fence is a low-maintenance utility fence that’s impact resistant with a classic ranch design. While vinyl pasture rail fencing is aesthetically appealing and long-lasting, it is also popular to contain horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and other livestock within the property’s boundaries. 

Vinyl picket fences – The timeless beauty

Minimal and classic vinyl picket fences provide a timeless appeal; you do not need to stain or paint individual pickets yearly. It is highly affordable and easy to enhance your property’s yard, making a great enclosure for entry paths and small gardens. The picket fence looks inviting and increases the curb appeal of your home. We also offer scalloped and traditional vinyl picket fence options in variable heights. Consider adding post-cap accents to add a unique flair to the fence line.

For better security, consider a vinyl privacy fence

Vinyl privacy fences are the right choice for creating a private outdoor space. The fence has a solid style and is the most popular and traditional style, adding strength and durability. The privacy fence panels have no gaps, and the yard looks like an oasis as the street sights and sounds are blocked. The privacy fence is a popular choice for pool enclosures and child safety. 

Choose vinyl semi-privacy fences for seclusion with a view

Customization can become challenging if you want a privacy fence that compliments the yard’s appearance. However, Duramax can design and customize a semi-privacy fence that is perfect for home security and doesn’t compromise the yard’s view. The semi-privacy fence features fence boards set in rails, and between each panel, there are fixed gaps that allow airflow and partial visibility. The semi-privacy fences are an ideal choice for front yards and places where high winds are a major issue.

Are you planning to get started?

If you want a durable, stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance vinyl fence, contact Duramax Fences for a free estimate. Book a consultation to learn why we have been trusted throughout the US for over 20 years.

Why Should You Invest In Vinyl Privacy Fences And Not Wood?

vinyl privacy fences

When it comes to fencing, wood is a tough competitor to vinyl. Wooden fences have a long history and many virtues, making them a popular choice in the fencing market. However, the dominance of wooden fencing has been challenged by vinyl privacy fences that offer exceptional benefits and are of great value. Vinyl fencing was introduced as early as the 1980s, and it was found that they last longer than wood and are virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, wood’s archenemies like fungus, dry rot, termites, and fire would not destroy vinyl fencing. The only thing of concern is that vinyl fences are more expensive than wood, but again if you are looking for a long-term fencing solution, then vinyl is the best choice.

Here are a few reasons why vinyl privacy fences are better than wood.


When it’s between vinyl and wood, you need to calculate which is stronger, which material can withstand turbulent weather, and which is more durable. And if these are the comparisons you need to make between wood and vinyl, then vinyl wins the match hands-down. Vinyl privacy fencescan withstand harsh weather conditions and not decay or allow fungal growth on their surface. In fact, without much maintenance from your side, vinyl fences can last for several decades. Although a strong wooden fence can last 20 years, it generally starts breaking over time, and you might have to repair or replace the lumber. While some wooden fences are pressure-treated and come with a promise to last longer than others – it’s all a farce. Wood absorbs moisture and cannot withstand heavy storms or rainfall, resulting in decay after a few months.

Moreover, maintaining a wooden fence means you must apply preservative sealants and regularly check for any signs of damage. What a hassle! This is why we recommend investing in a vinyl privacy fence.

Our range of vinyl fences lasts for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance. You will never find our fences rotting, warping, cracking, or falling apart. Duramax vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to withstand the harsh rays of the southwest sun. Our fences have the highest-rated UV stability and weatherability, which makes them a better alternative to wooden fences. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors are used to manufacture UV-resistant fences that won’t warp in heat. The DuraResin formulation makes our fences exceptionally strong and durable. Maintaining vinyl fences isn’t much of a hassle as they can easily be washed with a pressure washer or garden hose. Vinyl fences do not get dirty easily, as the Dirt Guard patented bottom rail design prohibits dirt and debris from building up. 

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When we talk about cleaning a fence, maintenance is a huge topic that must be addressed. Vinyl fences are easier to maintain as they won’t rot or rust and are easy to clean. A garden hose is enough to remove dirt build-up easily, and sometimes the rain can perform this chore! However, a wooden fence needs abundant work if you wish to keep your fencing looking presentable and clean. A wooden fence should be cleaned regularly and stained every year to maintain its aesthetics. However, staining a wooden fence can take time and effort. Not to forget, the wood starts rotting as years go by, which might mean replacing a wooden fence is inevitable.

Duramax vinyl fences are easy to maintain as the smooth vinyl surface prevents dirt or debris from sticking to it. Dirt usually glides down the fence as you wash them with a hose. Our vinyl fences do not turn yellowish or get discolored for years, making them a great alternative to wood.


At the onset, vinyl privacy fences might look more expensive than wood. But it’s a one-time initial investment that you need to make! After purchasing a vinyl fence, you do not need to make extra expenditures for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. On the other hand, a wooden fence might look like a cheaper alternative, but in the long run, you need to pay a lot more to maintain and repair a wooden fence line. A wooden fence might require frequent staining and other treatments to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, wooden fences do not last as long as vinyl, and when you plan to live in your home for longer than ten years, consider investing in a more durable fence like vinyl.

When considering wood or vinyl fences, also consider the project’s size. For example, if you have a large yard and cannot afford regular maintenance, vinyl would be a better option than wood, although the initial investment might be high. 

Wood might cost less upfront, but vinyl offers better value and is ideal for the long run.


Most people prefer the look of a wooden fence. It offers an all-American appeal, but the problem is that a wooden fence breaks down quickly. This is the reason why Duramax has a solution for you. We manufacture wood-grained vinyl fences – DuraGrain. Our DuraGrain fences look like real wood but have the cell configuration of vinyl. Once you install the DuraGrain fence, you don’t have to deal with a termite infestation, rotting, or decaying that you might face with a wooden fence.

Final Words

If you want to discuss this further, then request a free consultation. Our professionals will guide you in detail with your fence project. Get a no-obligation quotation now.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor space this summer with our exciting Summer Kickoff Sale at Duramax Fences. Whether you’re looking to enhance the privacy, security, or aesthetics of your property, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of high-quality fences.

Why Are Vinyl Privacy Fences a Common Choice in Washington?

vinyl privacy fence panels

The weather pattern in the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington is diverse. The climate is mild and moist on the west side of Cascade Mountain Range, and on the eastern side, it’s dry with hot summers and snowy winters. Investing in a wooden fence in such a place would mean extensive maintenance, and you might have to replace the fence every now and then. Wooden fences might initially look affordable, but it warps in heat, rots when in contact with moisture, and is not 100% weatherproof. Extreme weather conditions can damage the wooden fence, so switch to vinyl privacy fence panels. The climate in Washington varies considerably, especially regarding precipitation and wind, which is why investing in vinyl privacy fences is ideal. Duramax vinyl fences are ideal for residential and commercial properties as they are long-term investments that last for years and are highly affordable. 

Find everlasting durability with vinyl fences

You need to inspect the wooden fence every now and then to check for damages. The wooden fence is vulnerable to weather elements and is not a good long-term investment. Even the best quality wooden fence that’s well maintained will last for ten years at the maximum, after which you need to get the fence line replaced. A wooden fence is chewed by animals, infested by termites, and highly prone to sun damage. That’s why replace wood with vinyl privacy fence panels.

The vinyl privacy fences can last 30 to 40 years without requiring major repairs or replacement. Vinyl is a recyclable material, making them an eco-friendly choice. Made from 100% virgin vinyl and the DuraResin vinyl formulation, Duramax Fences have the highest-rated UV resistance and weatherability. Initially, the vinyl fences might look pricey, but it’s a one-time investment lasting for numerous years without fading, warping, cracking, or breaking. A vinyl fence is resistant to termites and is 100% weatherproof. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used to manufacture the Duramax Fence for withstanding the intense rays of the southwest sun. You will never find Duramax vinyl fences warping in summer or cracking in the snowy winters of Washington. With a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, Duramax Fences is a great long-term investment.

Low-maintenance vinyl fences

Maintenance is a huge problem with a wooden fence, but when you invest in a vinyl fence – you do not have to deal with expensive maintenance treatments. A vinyl fence is 100% waterproof and washable. The smooth vinyl fence doesn’t stain or collect dirt or debris on its surface. The Dirt Guard bottom rail design is a Duramax patent and minimizes dirt build-up across the perimeter of the fence. All these features make maintaining a vinyl fence a breeze. You can wash the vinyl fence with a garden hose to use a sponge to scrub off any stains.

Moreover, Duramax vinyl fences do not get discolored, fade or turn yellowish, again a boon for residents living in Washington. This is because Washington has four distinct seasons. The different humidity levels in wet and dry months and freezing temperatures during winters call for vinyl fences rather than the traditional wooden fence.

We are not completely dismissing the wooden fence. But real wood won’t last long enough. Moreover, to maintain a wooden fence, you must go for staining, pressure washing, painting, and sealing to ensure proper upkeep. So why not replace the wooden fence with Duramax’s DuraGrain vinyl fence?

What is a DuraGrain Fence?

DuraGrain is a complete wood-grained vinyl fence that feels and even appears like a traditional wooden fence, but it’s low maintenance and durable because of Duramax’s vinyl-formulated material. 100% virgin vinyl and raw PVC resin are used during the manufacturing process of the DuraGrain fence. Unlike wood, the DuraGrain vinyl fence will not attract termites, rot, or pit and is highly resistant to UV rays, preventing discoloration and fading. At Duramax, you will get three brilliant shades of DuraGrain fence that is adobe, tan and white, which can enhance the look of your yard and home. In addition, our experts can help you further customize the fence by allowing you to choose different accent colors for the rails and posts. The wood-grained fences look natural and are highly durable and low maintenance. DuraGrain fence is a great alternative to the wooden fence as it is easy to clean, looks similar to wood, enhances aesthetics, and increases your property’s value. Backed with a warranty, the DuraGrain fence ensures years of trouble-free satisfaction.

Vinyl fences are more expensive yet a one-time investment

If you want a long-term fence investment, then vinyl fences are not expensive. Vinyl fences are costlier than wood, but it’s a one-time investment. In the long run, you will realize that the cost savings makes a vinyl fence much more coveted than a wooden one. Firstly, vinyl privacy fencesare highly durable and don’t require much upkeep, which again means you do not have to worry about getting the fence replaced anytime soon. However, on the other end, a wooden fence is high maintenance and not as long-lasting as a vinyl fence. Investing in a vinyl fence saves time and money as you don’t have to replace or refinish the fence line continuously. 

Ease of installation 

Save thousands of dollars by investing in DIY Duramax Fences rather than spending money on other alternatives. The vinyl fences manufactured at Duramax are stronger than any other fencing. Our fences do not have external brackets or unsightly screws that can break, crack, discolor, or weaken the fence line over time. Our high-quality fences have a strong routing and interlocking system that holds the panels together and ensures exceptional strength and sturdiness. Moreover, you save 29% on fencing and labor by installing DIY fences. On the other hand, installing a wooden fence is a cumbersome task and requires more labor and cost than you have anticipated.

Final Words

The long-term expenses of vinyl privacy fence panels are minimal compared to wood. The vinyl privacy fences, being resistant to elements, can maintain a beautiful sheen throughout their lifetime, making them a better choice for the long run. To learn more about vinyl fences, book a free consultation session now. Request a no-obligation quote.

Know Why Vinyl Fences Are the Perfect Choice for Commercial Properties

Do you own a commercial property? The first and foremost thing that might be on your mind is preventing other people from getting access to your property. However, you must ensure privacy so people cannot peek into your property. 

Duramax’s vinyl privacy fences are well–suited to do just that, thereby taking privacy to the next level. Here we will be discussing some of the pointers as to why installing privacy fences has become of paramount importance in commercial properties in this day and age. 


Commercial property has to be protected at any cost. And this is where our privacy fence steps in. This can also be a great way to conceal hideous-looking areas like the trash bins. You can purchase vinyl privacy fences and get them customized in different heights, sizes, shapes and so on. 


One of the primary reasons for installing a fence is to create a secure boundary around your property. Our privacy fences ensure security like none other. The fact that it is toughened with DuraResin vinyl formulation makes it five times stronger than wood. Unlike chain link fences, our supremely designed fences cannot be cut easily. Our fences are lightweight, making the installation a breeze. 

Stay away from legal liability issues:

You are responsible for taking adequate steps to ensure that no visitors are injured on your property. And if anyone is injured inside your property, you need to bear the cost that goes into their treatment. You can install our vinyl privacy fences to signal a potential hazard and prevent intruders from gaining access to your property as well. 

Property Value:

Our fences are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. This, in turn, increases your property value to a great extent. 

The aforementioned are some of the pointers that advocate why installing privacy fences have become an absolute necessity today. Now, we will be discussing what makes our vinyl fences better than their contemporaries and why you should opt for one too. 

Why make our vinyl fences stand out from the rest? 

Low Maintenance:

Metal or wooden fences must be periodically stained and painted. Our vinyl fences call for minimal maintenance. UV inhibitors and 12 parts of titanium dioxide give our fences the highest-rated weatherability and UV stability of any type of vinyl available today. So, there is nothing to worry about fence yellowing or color fading. Speaking about maintenance, you need to wash off the grime and dirt with a power washer or garden hose sometimes. 

Aesthetically pleasing:

Although the primary purpose of installing our vinyl privacy fences is to provide a barrier to your property, our fences feature an exquisite look sure to boost your property’s curb appeal. You can get them in several modern and classic color options alike. We offer many designs enabling you to shortlist one that complements your property’s exterior in the best way possible. 


Another big advantage our vinyl privacy fences bring is their durability. While rust is common in metal fences, rot, cracks, or splits are common in wooden fences. On the flip side, Duramax’s vinyl fences are designed to protect against excessive moisture, are pest-resistant, and won’t succumb to mildew or mold. Our fences are also designed to be fire- and heat-resistant, making them that much better. 

Easy installation:

Our vinyl fences have interlocking panels, making the installation a breeze. So, Duramax vinyl fences might be the best way to go if you are a DIY enthusiast. 

Safer for pets and kids:

Our vinyl privacy fences are lead-free and completely non-toxic. This is a great choice if you have kids or pets or are building fencing on ranches and farms. Also, the fact that wooden fences are treated with chemicals to protect them from weathering renders them toxic. Our vinyl fences do not call for chemical treatment and, thus, are non-toxic. 

How much will our vinyl privacy fences cost? 

The upfront cost might be slightly higher when it comes to vinyl fences. But the durability that our fences bring to the table balances out this cost in the long term. The short or mid-height fences are the cheapest, but again you need to consult with an expert to get an accurate estimate.

If you want to install a new privacy fence, you can expect to pay around $3,600 on average. And if you are not opting for DIY, you need to add up the installation cost. In addition, some add-ons like wood grain textures, gates, and other decorative elements will also drive up the cost. Finally, you also need to consider the costs of any essential permits before estimating your total investment. However, Duramax Fence installation is the most affordable. Firstly, our fences are available in 2 weeks at factory-direct costs. Secondly, the fences have a limited lifetime warranty like no other. Lastly, by choosing to install Duramax Fences you save 29% on labor and fencing compared to other alternatives.

Get A FREE Sample

Why choose us? 

Here, at Duramax Fences, we have crafted our exclusive formula vinyl that offers durability at the next level, and you purchase fencing at highly competitive rates as well. Our vinyl privacy fences are manufactured from an amalgamation of raw PVC resin and vinyl along with several special additives like twelve parts of titanium dioxide which makes them fade-resistant, UV inhibitors that prevent chalking and sun damage, stabilizers that combat temperature changes, and impact modifiers which supercharges the fence’s durability, making them an absolute beast in the fencing sector. 

We also offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that our fences will have greater longevity when compared to their contemporaries. Our fence kits also have easy-to-follow DIY instructions, making the installation a breeze. Our products are manufactured in the US and can last for 30 years or longer without needing any professional maintenance or extensive repair work. Place an order now, and you will be good to go. Happy fencing! 

Vinyl Fences- What Makes It Suitable for Colder Climates?

vinyl privacy fences

Residing in a colder climate means dealing with snow, sleet, and fluctuations in temperature. You generally take precautions like insulation and cover the entrances to protect the interiors of your house from the cold weather. What about the exteriors, especially the privacy system of your house? Are you overlooking the fencing system?

Did you know the vinyl fence can withstand weather extremities? Yes, the hype of vinyl fences is increasing among Americans due to their durability and ability to withstand extreme heat or cold. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be customized in unique styles and designs. 

While some search for the traditional fence, others prefer stylish vinyl privacy fences with a hint of timeless design. Duramax Fences is one of the leading fencing solutions where you will get unique and customized fences suitable for the US climates.

No frequent paint jobs

If you need a low-maintenance fencing solution, nothing can beat a vinyl fence. Unlike wood, vinyl fences from Duramax are waterproof and won’t peel, fade, or chip. Even after years, the vinyl fence looks as good as new and does not turn yellow or show signs of aging. External factors like hailstorms, rain, and snowfall can’t damage the appearance of the fence. These things make vinyl privacy fence panels a perfect alternative to wood or wrought iron fencing. This, in turn, saves money on repainting and repairing the fence. 


Vinyl fences from Duramax are extremely weather-resistant, enhancing the material’s longevity. Duramax uses 100% virgin vinyl material that offers fence strength and makes the fence panels more resilient. Other materials like wood, steel, and wrought iron decay or rust when they come in contact with moisture, while vinyl stands scratch-free. Duramax Fences are UV resistant because of the unique DuraResin formulation. Over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and UV inhibitors are used in the formulation, which makes the fence UV resistant and weatherproof. The weather-resistant fences offer peace of mind to homeowners.

DuraGrain fence – Vinyl fence with the wooden appeal

Americans love the classic wooden and rustic feel when it comes to fencing. At Duramax Fences, we understand that sentiment, and that’s why we manufacture DuraGrain fencing. The wood-grained Duragrain Fence has the cell structure of vinyl. The mind-blowing combination of wooden aesthetics combined with vinyl’s durability has made Duramax Fences a favorite for Americans. 

The Duragrain fence is durable, sturdy, and low maintenance. Duragrain has all the virtues of vinyl and wood, which makes them an ideal alternative for wooden fences. Our Duragrain fences are available in brilliant colors like tan, white, and cedar. Therefore, you can flex your creative muscles to get a suitable design that aligns with your personal preference and your home’s architecture. 

Duramax uses thicker vinyl material – Exceptional strength and durability

Just like most plastics, vinyl is flexible. Unless any catastrophic event or unusual heavyweight drops on the panels, it won’t break. Duramax Fences use thicker vinyl sheets that make the fences durable. While ordinary vinyl fences fall short and warp easily, Duramax Fences are better. The thicker walls of the fence panels eliminate any weaknesses and ensure that the product lasts for years. 

Vinyl fences – One-time investment

Compared to wood or iron fences, vinyl privacy fence panels are easy to maintain. They don’t need frequent chemical treatment to keep their shine and appearance intact. All you need is soap and water to clean the tough stains, which makes it an affordable choice. Moreover, the vinyl fences are waterproof and will never rot, warp, crack or sag. The vinyl fences are highly durable and last for 25 to 30 years with minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run. 

Pet-friendly, non-toxic, and lead-free

Vinyl is pet-friendly, which means that even if your pets have the habit of licking the fence, it won’t cause any harm. Vinyl fences have a high-tensile strength and are resistant to scratches. Vinyl is more flexible and stronger than wood, making it difficult to break. The chemical-resistant fences are non-toxic, lead-free, and have no external brackets or screws – which means the pets are completely safe from any external injuries and toxicity. 

Easy to install

Installing Duramax Fence is a hassle-free job. The DIY installation is easy and comes with a handy installation guide. The fences are engineered to last for years and are resistant to damage. The impact-resistant Duramax Fences come with a fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty and are easy to clean. You can now wash the fences with a garden hose; the high-quality material doesn’t rot or get discolored easily. 

Get the unique DirtGuardTM Proprietary Bottom Rail Designed Fence

The vinyl fence is the easiest to maintain, but Duramax has simplified things. Firstly, the smooth surface of the vinyl fences does not allow dirt, debris, or dust particles to reside on them. Secondly, Duramax has a patented DirtGuardTM Proprietary Bottom Rail design that minimizes dirt build-up and doesn’t let debris accumulate at the bottom rails. If you want this design for your privacy fence, ask for customized vinyl fences from the manufacturers. 

Duramax Fences – Customized privacy fences at factory-direct costs

Vinyl fences have numerous benefits and are a huge asset to the property. The lightweight fences get customized to enhance the aesthetics of the property. With a sturdy route and lock system, the fences stand strong for years and have outstanding durability and strength. With over 25 years of experience, the experienced manufacturers at Duramax provide premium-grade fences for both residential and commercial spaces. The long-lasting fences are shipped in 2 weeks. Save thousands on fencing and labor by installing a Duramax Fence. In addition, you can cut down on 29% of the costs by choosing Duramax Fence over other ordinary ones. To learn more about Duramax Vinyl Fence, book a free consultation today. Request a quote now.

A Detailed Guide on Vinyl Privacy Fence Colors for Your Property

Vinyl Privacy Fence

A vinyl fence has triple benefits: attractive looks, low maintenance, and durability. Due to this reason, many people these days are choosing vinyl fences instead of other fencing materials. Wood might be the traditional route for homeowners, but vinyl privacy fences has multiple benefits.

With time, vinyl fences evolved, especially in terms of looks. Initially, fences were available in white. As a result, homeowners used to think that if they choose a vinyl fence for their property, they have to settle for a white color.

Although white is still available, it is the tip of the iceberg. You will get other options like tan, wood grain, gray, and many more. Here is a guide to designing a great outdoor style for your house.

White- The classic color

White vinyl fences have been the classic color for most American houses. A classic fence will look great with a light or dark-colored outdoor design of your house. Many install vinyl privacy fences to add a traditional touch to their houses.

Another great part of installing a white vinyl fence is that it won’t block the view, especially if you have a garden. You can choose any color as the accent using a pair-able color such as white for vinyl fences.

Dark color fences- An essence of elegance

Dark colors are used for interior design for building contrast and a calming environment. Breaking the myths, it is better to invest in dark-colored vinyl privacy fences due to their elegant look and forgiving shade. Besides, these colors are also used to represent luxury. These reasons are making dark-colored vinyl fences popular after white fences.

Do dark colors vinyl fences fade in heat and sunlight?

A common myth about vinyl fencing is that these colors will fade when exposed to sunlight for longer periods. However, it was true a few years back. Today, vinyl fences are made using smart technology. Duramax Fences manufacture vinyl fences having long-lasting color. They have been the go-to source for fence dealers in the US.

The vinyl privacy fences manufactured by Duramax Fences are heat-resistant. Also, keeping in mind the customers’ requirements, they have come up with many dark-colored fences. Besides, don’t you agree that people can get tired of watching the same boring white fences on their property?

Tan- A Versatile and Neutral Fit

When choosing a vinyl fence, go for a tan color to add a hint of contrast to your property. People now choose white posts with a tan fence to add a subtle contrast.

Wood grain- Wooden Fence Without the Hassle of Maintenance

The benefit of wooden fences is they look aesthetic, but the hassle of maintenance makes it the least preferred fence option. With a vinyl privacy fence, you won’t have to let go of the rich look of a walnut wood grain. Duramax Fences is one of the modern fence manufacturing companies that create vinyl fence panels that look similar to a wooden fence. Thus, you can enjoy the aesthetics of wooden fences and the benefits of vinyl fences.

Gray- The Understated but Beautiful Fence Color

Gray is not the first color that comes to mind when discussing vinyl fences, but is a hallmark color for many interior designers. Light gray is often paired with dark colors to improve the aesthetics. Whether you are buying a vinyl privacy fence or a railing fence, choosing a gray fence with bold color will give your property a custom appearance.

Mix fence colors for an extra pop

If you are getting so many options in fencing, why choose a single color? Duramax Fences provide countless color options for vinyl fences that look absolutely gorgeous. A few common color options that you can get include tan, white, wood grain, and more. 

How can you buy the best vinyl fence?

Buying the right vinyl fence is a cumbersome task, especially if you are new to vinyl fencing. The first thing that you need to do is say no to the big box stores. The next thing you must decide while buying a vinyl privacy fence is the color. While white is a versatile option, experimenting with other colors is never a bad idea.

Another vital thing that you must remember is the cap design. Ask for free samples from the supplier. Ask them about the most popular products. Take their opinion, keeping in mind your preferences.

Final word

Duramax Fences pursues quality in all the products it manufactures. You will get quality assurance if you need privacy or a picket fence. We want the products you buy from us to match your home’s decoration. Therefore, when you invite guests, they will enjoy a memorable experience in your outdoor areas. If you need help buying a fence for your house, Duramax Fences experts will help you.

Vinyl vs. Wood- Which one is Better?

privacy fence panel

Are you looking for some privacy around your house? You might need a durable fencing option for your backyard and front yard. When it comes to selecting fencing, you will come across multiple options in the market. It can be an overwhelming decision.

Among all the other options, wood and vinyl are great options. However, vinyl privacy fences are great if you need something functional and attractive. Vinyl is a long-lasting and durable material and is referred to as PVC. Choosing fencing depends on the budget, maintenance, and the desired aesthetic value. Here are a few reasons for choosing vinyl over wood as your fencing material.

Vinyl fences are durable

Vinyl, in general, lasts longer than wooden fences. The reason behind this is that wooden fences come with a lifetime warranty. For perspective, vinyl fences on average last for 100 years with proper maintenance. However, wooden fences have a short lifespan and last for 20 years. But you have to take proper care of them.

The primary reason behind the reduced durability of wooden fences is the high moisture content. As a result, wooden fences retain water, rot, and sag in most cases. In addition, not all brands come with a warranty on their wooden fences. Not only that, you don’t even get termite or insect resistance.

However, vinyl privacy fences have no issues with pest infestation and moisture. Besides, vinyl fences do not rot or decay. With that factor alone, automatically the lifespan of fences increases.

Vinyl looks attractive

Honestly, wood and vinyl fences do the job brilliantly, especially regarding aesthetics. Since wood gives a rustic appearance, people prefer this option. In addition, wood has a unique grain texture on the pickets, and the natural texture of wood looks outstanding. Not only that, wooden fences are available in different designs.

However, vinyl privacy fences give huge competition to wood in this field. If you plan to install a vinyl fence but think it will look boring, then you are mistaken. You will get various patterns like wood or stone patterns, etc.

Not only that, you can choose posts and picket caps. Therefore, vinyl fences are undoubtedly the best option. You only need to clean your fences to maintain them, and vinyl fences don’t need major repairs.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining your house is a hectic task, and no one has the time and energy to clean fences regularly. As a result people are automatically inclined towards a fencing system that needs minimal maintenance.

The good part about vinyl privacy fences is that they are low maintenance. You will need a garden hose to clean the fence properly. However, wooden fences require more effort to clean. Since wood catches moisture and mildew, it takes extra effort to clean. You have to scrub your fence using cleaners.

Additionally, wooden fences require maintenance throughout the year, like repainting or resealing using preservatives at frequent intervals. These things make the overall maintenance of a wooden fence a difficult task.

This isn’t a good thing as it makes vinyl fences high maintenance. Therefore, it is best to get vinyl privacy fences in different colors to avoid this problem.

Repair or replacement

Both vinyl and wood require occasional repairing. Under heavy pressure, vinyl fence panels can come off their posts. Similarly, wooden fences need board replacement and repairs for damaged posts. However, repairing a vinyl fence is comparatively easy, and you won’t need expert help. Besides, these fences are moisture-resistant as well as pest-resistant. These fences won’t sag or decay like wooden fences.

Easy to install

Normally, homeowners should build wooden fences and not opt for installing pre-made panels. You can choose to install prefab wooden panels, which would require connecting posts with brackets and nails. But if you don’t have the necessary tools as well as expertise, you might have to call experts. It can be a costly affair.

Vinyl privacy fences are simple to install and come with prefabricated panels. Also, the posts have notches for holding and locking the panels. After that, you just have to attach the panels. Therefore, installing vinyl fences is easy.

Cost matters

Based on the style and quality, vinyl and wood are available in both cheap and costly options. However, vinyl fences are expensive compared to other options. Nevertheless, in the long run, vinyl privacy fences are durable. Not only that, they are budget-friendly.

Before installing a fence, it is vital to consider your yard’s size. Also, don’t spend too much on your house unless you are planning to stay in the house for ages. Vinyl is a durable option but can be costly for a one-time investment.

Sustainable option

Harvested woods are undoubtedly an eco-friendly option. Also, tropical hardwoods are the best options. However, wood is becoming more rare, and it takes time to grow. Due to this, vinyl privacy fences made with recycled vinyl are a sustainable option.

Vinyl fences are quite durable, and you won’t have to replace them every year. This fact automatically proves the sustainability of vinyl fences. Therefore, a vinyl fence is the best option if you need a sustainable fencing option.

Average lifespan

Following these various steps can help protect your vinyl privacy fences. Compared to wood, which lasts for twenty years, vinyl fences last longer. Moreover, the maintenance of vinyl is hassle-free. In addition, many companies provide guarantees on vinyl fences.

Hence, coming to the final decision, buying something long-lasting and durable is best. In this case, vinyl fences win the game since they are durable, easy to clean and last a long time. Also, you cannot ignore the attractiveness of vinyl fencing in different designs and colors.

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